The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 8
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i PAGE,EIGHT, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) 'COURIER NEWS Sutherland Also Believes Tulane Will Lose; Dodges L. S. U. Issue BY JOCK.SUTHERLAND PHU^urjrhV Head Coach PITTSBURGH Sept. 29.—Twenty-six football games, nine of an .Interactional character' draw the attention of the country at large this week, not to nienlon Innumerable bailies of more or less Eectloal Interest, Notre Dame and Carnegie Tech Jaunch Ihe campaign at South Tlie 1>r " i "s behind '"'"•' In a contest that nlles lo - -, formidable, but It perhaps, is harder lo defeat the •Irish at. home.- This fact alone gives them somewhat of an edge. foi the contest is being plajcd on their campus Notre Dame will have to watch, Carnegie Tech, however. Wally Steffen and Howard Harpster have one of the biggest lines In the land Behind this will be large sophomore backs of great promise. Notre Dame again has a wealth of manpower The line Is experienced While Elmer Layden may miss kicking and passhij; strength of 1935, lie will Held a flne team. J pick Notre Dame to win by a Xlghl mat gin Plenty will happen when Iowa Invades Evanston to once more liave It out with Northwestern The superiority of the Northwestern line tinight be counted upon to hold Iowa hi check. It figures to be a titanic tussle, which may liave a decided bearing on the Western Conference champ- ionshlp N. V. U. lacks Manpower lo ^™- With Ohio SUt« Ohio Slate, again rated by many as the No 1 array In the country, leads oft with New YOIK University in Columbus The Violet had a good season lost fall until it struck JYjrdham, but Mai Stevens lost several splendid backs, Including the phenomenal Jasser, Ed Smith II will be the Buckeyes, vcrv probably by a decisive margin On the night of Oct 2 there are two engagements that mean much to the schools Involved Temple entertains Mississippi In Philadelphia Duquesne plajs host to Rice in Pittsburgh Under the circumstances, I rather^ ^avqr, Temple over Ole MJSR bit ihe'Quwer Citj, oils had best keep a close check on an ex- hcre In conference over a play Hend Coach Fred C. Thomsen ins hatched up for use against Southwest conference and other Arkansas opponents, with Thomsen, a 'former Nebraska University grid star, are assistant coaches George Cole, ex-backfk'ld of Arkansas, and aie:i r Hose, former . , hey were In a (ootbiill game. Washington Slate' draws Stanord at Pullman., -Because, they're lome, I give the'. Cougars. n' slight dge An excepllonal 1 /' well bal- 1 anced Oregon team may give "Southern California some trouble, ut I look for the Trojans to come ut on top. .'.'•'. r ,. , ™me.,Ray, j lapei , ,- , .Up ' Kolng to lielp Rice but the Houston Owls must be given u slight edge oyer Duquesn" Chicago will find the aerial circus put on by Vanderbllt' at the Midway a little loo much Clil- Detroit, journeys to Vlllnnova Clipper Smith is making his bow at^Villonova with a veteran team The chances are he will be able to send the Titans' back home without a vlclorj It would be n B«xl start for, him In his new job 'The featured intersectlonal battle -of the southwest' finds Texas and Louisiana State meeting nt Austin The Teitans have the advantage of a home Held, but the Loulslanans have a more consistent record and one tough game under their belts Bo McMlllin's Indiana varsltv should have little difficulty with «s coach s alma mater, Centio college Oklahoma's Sooners, possibly the surprise team of the Big Six ought to win from Colorado much as they please Auburn Over Tulane; Tennessee Is Favored In the south the two leadlni; sectional battles bring together Auburn and Tulane, and Tennes see . and ". North' .' Carolina. Lowell Dawson, making his debut as head coach at Tulane, Is going to nnd Auburn a little more than his Green Wave can handle. Nortl Carolina again is strong, but -nil be minus three flne backs, and also meeting a Nev land- coached Tennessee team I like the Volunteers Duke should nnd South Caro lina vastly Improved, but — Heie's Razoiback Brain Tmst RECEIVES STO JLaslie aiui Puckett Put KS rin'ouGJi Stren- Practicc Session ; BY FKIKND , Harry Gray so 11 NEW. YORK—Tony' Caibonerl and Jimmy McLarnln are about lo .do n. flne Job. cf rounding cut their, careers and heels at the same time. ...Their return JO-roimd' match nt Hie Oorden; Ccl. 2, furnishes additional proof that fighting men seldom . knew when' thoy ' have had enough.-. Ordinarily, beak busters stick We memory of their one great tattle. They have all Uiclr marbles now, but, may not be able to count them If tlicy take a few rnore beallnjs such as ihcy administered lo each oilier hi the sprlns. Somebody .should dp them off. it | S obvious that, their avaricious managers won't. JTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER. . 29j ,.1935 lliiif Kayo Enhances Dniwliif Powfr ' fact that Joe Louis no Is regarded as Invincible since being, belted out by Max Schniellng has enhanced rather than curbed his money-making Louis' - 'flie longer Had the Detroit negro flattened Schmeling, there would liave ben: Cox_C KOSC . the University ol Arkansas gridiron team ace Hap.orbacl: tackle and Jiirt who now tutors the' Arkansas line, Coach .Thomsen Is be- ilmilng his eighth season as head coach nt Arkansas, which sm- MSECS the previous record here of Frnncis"A; Sclimlcll, now :it Ohio Slate, nose Is beginning his fourth ycnr nnd Cole his third year on liie Razorback coaching stair. v taaUn. Tmv lll ° 11 ] n-i » M!? , St ^' e Sea ° headlock but'Clsen held on. iliu-y's. The ' Wclcl> |1K «" 1C ' overbalanced M "»ee,, Welch, Olsen . and and will know Canadian Defeats Swede; Von Luclwig", Outroughs . Buck Lawson .to Win nv'j. p. FRIEND' ' ' : Uoy Welch spoiled Ihe' "homo- coming" net of.' Ole '• Olscn by defeating the . Swede Inst nlsht n tlie feature ' match of the vecldy American Ugloii 'ivreslling card Welch weighed 193 la mo tor Olsen. , . ••'..:.. Referee Mlke,.lv'leroiiey unwlt- Inglv' llsureil r :ln, Ihe winning fall. Both U'grappjers '! had taken one and" had wrestled; oh pven terms 'or '15 mlnntcs for, the: final full. OKch had 'ciampc'd oil his fifth consecutive headlock rtnd Welch was In pretly.,;bad : shape when ic maneuvered plb; Into'.a corner wljli the Official.- ; vyelch picked Uil-'Oben to .forced\lilin'•• to break _ cat on the bottom. C',scn , scrnmbled- quickly Into the ' who stunned Detcijnlncd to ollml]i£>'.c iin- Ordinarily, beak busters stick Schmeling, there would have been satisfactory phases of the Blv ' lo . tllclr V wearing ; hade for the! 110 °» e 'eft for him to tackle but " ' '• • d wife nnd. kiddles or coffee and| tlle champion. James J. Braddoc' i CftkCS. hill. }lPl'^ U.'n Imi in i tin TllP /Mmtnmaro u.mii.i t.«> f e have , the thovlllc Chicknsaw play revealed wlfc nmi - kl<Wles ° r In the opining game with Corn- , es ' b "- L llcre *' Ing Friday, Coaches Carney I/is-f- !'? c s ! )cclnclc of two of die lie and James Puckett sent their' wrallhles t' Products of pugilism < hargcs through the mill ycster- l lollndln « cnel > other for no rea- day afternoon. It was Ion" after son al a11 olhei 1 ,, than .more , «"ni, , ml; -—•**•*..,v».» ttuimi Ililvl two of die toughed off such obviously mcdi- .., ocre opponents as the Jack Shar- money.' day afternoon. H was loii!> after (iaik, nrcessllndni' the luralng on 1 '""''^- , . I"" '""' of Ihe llcodllyhls, before they were' c ' llK0 ^ erls spectacular victory Schmeling demonstrated Hint. excused and sent to the drcsslne over McLftrl)l11 last spring r :still Louls cnn be hit, hurt and star. ' 4-OOIIJg HI«K. lltiil^ll,. J.^ ' *!,„ .__...., _ ^ _ /lhfl/1 Kf4L.n l^^^l... 11. _ . , . . > . I nsllo n ii ,,i i Ycrk rln 8. an ie "•'""'"p* »a:>i .spring 'still *•""'•* < -<> 11 w JIAI., nun. ami siar- idly In .the minds of New l:hei1 ' M "te Jacobs, the old ticket ln 8Wc.rins and die second sca| l ! «'. »i«Is that he can malcii Dcstr »5'er with almost rougli siwts before the Joiies- fcoro Clolden Hurricane comes to niythevtlle. October 9. Of course, he Isn't losing sight of the" Pig- uolt Mohawk Invasion, here Friday, either. --.„ — _ j. ,,., , u , lla Louis Is to engage one George nddliiR anything to their records, P rts « ltt - a young Argcnlinian, at the scrap means nothing ii ' """' Hcular lo either. Holli have h... ward from the best days. Piintliifr continues lo be a prpb- McLarnln was relegated to llstl m ' em. nusscll Moslcv lm s sl ana's scrap hea , Jacobs' New York Hippodrome. nur. °ct. 9. and so far no one lias nirtled rapidly down- ste l J P e <l forward to proclaim It lie plnacle' of their the ridiculous match thsit It Is. Plenty of opponents are bobbing up, rrarty to lake a crack at Ihe Loni."." dental work. Elton 1 , while knocked out. further Illustrated that Louts can be erl his count over the Welch. At tlie count . of fourteen .Welch reached the edge of the ring. Olscn was anxious 16 get to him while Ihe referee was trying lo keep him away nnd nl (lie snme lime corn- (ilclo his count. At cracked Mike back of die neck 18 Olsen sending him across the . ring on his face. Evidently the Wildcat luul figured something like Hint. Cn telling- the Swede unaware, he suddenly , hurled himself over the ropes, knocking Olscn to the door niul pinning him before he could recover.- u was Boino time Ini'ore the- rcfcnfi could figure out wlml It was all tlbouL • In the siipiwrtlng, malch, Otto Von Liidwlg, a rough young Teuton, proved ton strong nntl handy with his mitts (or Duck Lavvson, of Tesf;. ha>v(li','i a kayo on Buck's brltlgcwork for : lhe winning fall.- Lawijon sub- sti tulort. for Don MoNuughl, tlie . hantlsomc Scot, received a Ing. For a week or Iwo he 'wasI and. all but knocked him out In lncr "'"strated that Louts can be gelling off long, high spirals that! ihe memorable unset of .several «"'»*«!, und a lot of the boys traveled SO, 60, and ns much us] months ago. 'Camoneri himself IefL I'l'HmlelphlR's Munldinl 3la- 7ft vnrils. nut now lie Is getting would have fallen down in'-aii- llium wl!n the impression Hint the neither distance nr i,ni,,i,l. r^ Dn ,, cll ,e r collp i c O f'rounds, ami :iiiore D " r k. Angel wasn't loo keen about tTTfnMv (imifMirjirl i ln.n* I.', n.t r- •'-'.. It ftl\l\ f lir\rf. ll ftf\ Ilin l\l/Mi^l ll;il - -.. .... ... - , . t ...*...., ..^^ neither distance or height. eny ring, followed by Meroney.I "Broncho" Brown puts a mean ''"- 1 " " - "- foot Inlo the pigskin but lacks consistency. Going down under liunls and tacklim; are also gcl- UiiK special attention. Tlie Chicks didn't look Impressive in those depaitincnls. . .' The scrimmage that 'followed Ihe Individual line, and backfleld drills yesterday gave the coaches recently npueurcd destined forire- tireinenl after being shorn of "his lightweight wreath by Lou Ambers. ; 'Time nnd Tou»Ji' l!n((!("; 'I'ake Inevitable Toll Time and tough battles inevitable loll n [] from Can- l , nil opportunity to see what pro- .?.* "•?","' nn " M^«"l». Can- Kres.^ was made. The line was 1 nfl ''" | " IC | T' " lore .shopworn ' °' °' Hc lms bccn to -' the backs up tremendous holes 'and holes 'and ,, ' ,„ o -.''» . o ,. gaons. Is scampering "lore, often. He slopped more being built here to overcome Hie 1n!1<lc "l'ts- Imrd "aner ot a g Ihraiiirh. nicely. The • tnckllrig. wns ,,, „ , 1 , n!1<lc "Bl'ts- I nollcnbty sharp aiid accurate : }'• ' , ? '• ' cllld lmvc bcen ' C apcura'to. Dick-Burns, guard, Alvin Justice, Inckle, Jav Smith, end, Leon "Tar-Kan" 'Smith, center, and - Evercltc for him.'. Catreonerl. .uiyl McL?,rnln. are both past, 30 and have been hurl. r e ... stringers nre playing a prominent part In the devclopmerii'-'of Hie Chicks. It has reached n point that nt 'almost any time Uisllc 'nmy bc : nble lo reach out and promote any one of them lo n starting berlli wlthr ,- . . mem to u huiruns uer severe, knee Injury In his last ollt WC akeuin B his team, match. All three falls came via 1 the •.punch., method. Jnck Lucy yavo awny three pounds and dished out'n licking lo, Hooper Miller/ in five rounds. Lucy registered knockdowns lu Hie third' and fourth sessions, but neither .showed .much light. However, ,'Mlkc .Webster nnd M. J. Parsley, sk'ccterwcjglils. -iiut on u slugging bee for the fnns squad As a whole the enllirc is in pood shape. Alfred'!.,„„„ ^fe[edilll. back. Ls suffering froin a bruised- hip but was out land went through all the routine'eki- cepl scrimmage and ' blocking. Oncil Craig's ankle is still stiff but is Improving, as In Stnrllnj Bunch's bum knee. ;;;' Read Courier News Want Ads. fore , dethronement Wallace , quilt enough lo Veep Wade's team In check i Texas Christian, with Sammy Baugh doing the firing, is the choice against Arkansas , Yale and Cornell provide Ihe most Important game In the cast Cornell, with its sophomore team under Carl Snavely, is going to te [mproved, but the Bulldog has too much experience and should win » close game. Pennsylvania's veteran backBclrt gives. It an edge over a sophomore eleven -at Lafayette, where Ernie Neers is making his start. West Virginia comes to Pills- burgh, and we expect the usual game with the Mountaineers Trusty Tollman's outfit battles every inch 'of the way and, should his passing, attack click, Is likely to cause us several headaches We should prevail by a comfortable margin, however. Htrry, Stuhldither at Wisconsin couW wish lor »n easier foe than Marquette as he tries to get the B»<i«ers , moving. Marquette, be- c«u»e • oj experience, might be close, also, at Michigan, but Harry KIpke's speedy backs' are due to owcome, th»t. . Michlaw SUU , Nebraska outht to M* out 'to 93 PROOF-STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY NATIOIUL DISTILLCTS TOODIOTS CORPORA!I0> .. ^. %». tiiiuiimuciii, ».•> 11 "lit- weight leader'by his move youthful and .vitriolic Italian rival? Ambers. : s It .should be the last shot for both, but. you never can ten. "" McL'nrnln figures lo win' tliis trip; perhaps .by n knockout:''The Irishman won't be ciulte ns rusty as he was the last" timu'out,, iimi will have his usual;Velgiit iVntid!-' cnp of eteht or ntiie iMiinds. He' nearly, finished -Canzoneri iii.'Jlie first'round of their inllinl meetlug: 'Since they ; last beat • each olh'cr Pup, Cnnzoneri 'hns 'absorbed lhc ^ shellacking by Ambers. H Is ' IOD bnd (hat Caivzo'ilcri nnd MoLnrnlh cpuMn't let ;?the lioxing ynme rest wilh the alike.. Jwtone JMDS THE LEAGUE ! TT's performance that counts-in a ball player •*• as well as n whiskey I On Jeiiioiulralctl performance, you'll find Windsor a lender among popular-priced straight bourbon whiskies. It may look like others in the bottle, hut on the palate ils championship quality cannot be mistaken. It has just that kind of rich, robust, round- bodied deliciousness you would expect of a whiskey expertly distilled and aged by National Distillers. •HOW 18 MONTHS 01 D I '""fflf ,/ ,„ ,-* (,*•»' The cuslotners would have of 1930 and (he Al Etlorc ol lime, and remained away in vast numbers. However, since that, had die blond Italian packed any kind of a punch, the story might have been decidedly dllfcrent. Any way you look at him, Louis is a potential thrill-maker—siif- fenning somebody or being stiffened himself. London Gets Water CHINGFOHD, Eng. Kcscrve (UP) — A vast new storage reservoir, with u rapacity of 3,OCO.OCO gallons. "anger ot a water shortage London. ' Before Yon Buy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE 2 H. P. ' <R/|C; . Single CyL W-IJ (Other Sizes to 10 H. p.) HU3I5ARD TIRE & BATTERY CO. COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN TONIGHT IS $125 BANK NIGHT! I list week Sir. Geor'c W. I!;rrj WDS" called for lhc $t»3.0C^]Ie was 'i't present cither Maliivc or Ni-hl—Makim; HANK .DEI'OSIT TONIGHT—S125.M! ' On the Screen Charley Buggies and iMary Hointid in 'Wives Never Know' Wiih Adolphe Menjou Voice of Gxiierlenre and Comedy —Admission— M:iliiicc—10 & 25c—WItli Ic Tax NiRllt—10 Jt 35c—With Ic Tax Weds. - Thurs. 'SWING TIME? 1'aramounl News and Novelty Sliorts —Admission— a'iiiEC—10 A 25t— Willi Ic Tn- Nljllt—10 &.35c—Wilh Ic Tax ROXY Adm.—Alwiys 10 A 25c—ic Tax Show E'ury Night Madnfes Friday, Salnnlay, Sunday Friday & Sunday Matinees—2:15 .Saturday Matinees—1:00 Tiie. - Wed. - Thur PAL NIGHTS! 2 Adults Admitted for Trice of All Children—10c Champagne Charlie With I'aul Cavnnnugh, Helen Wood, Thomas Heck, Minna Gombeil and Herherl Mumlin The candid drama of a slr.imlccl romance the whole world \vn\v ered abont. Selected Shorts Football Injuries Keep Osceola Boy at Home OSCEOLA, Ark.-Harry pate Is confined, to his home fro,,, slight injuries received in the Osreola- Hulber football game played here last Friday. One tooth was knock- cd out and another loosened to the extent It wilrbe pulled. He also got a cut on the right cheek from n shoe dent and is being given Ict- nnus serum, Although the injuries occurred early | n the game Harry played .until the finish ' JACK JACKSON Aristocrats of Kylhni. M Piece Colored Orchestra Now Playing ;,l the SILVER MOON NITE CLUB Will broadcast e v ? : v Friday from 2 to 3 [' M. over Station KBTM Jonesboro. School lo Train Brlrtp« HSINKIira, Manchukuo m Establishment, of a'school to Japanese brides for colonh- 'if- li> Marchukuc is hew ,„,, sldcrcd by the Jnpan-ManclVn i Scclal Affairs Society. ° ll Plant Winter Legumes Increase yield 250 Ibs. bf see<I cotton per acre by planting Hairy Vetch. We have tlie only planter equipped to plant Vetch in cotton and corn middles. We cnn furnish Duplex Hoppers nnd Legume attachments 10 convert your Shtuvnee Cotton and Cora planter to Legume planter nt nomlnnl cost. PaulByrum Blytlievilk, Ark. FOOTBALL CONTEST Win A Prize For Picking the Winners Each Week Kach Svcek tlijnjnir fh^c football season 1'lip R.'D. Hughes, and Cnppiiny will K iv; 0 . two prii'fis : to" the person arriving ribitri'Sl Ihe. .correct scores (if (en t'iimcs"scheduled "diiWi'-V6eft by local, sliilc'-'anil' outstanding national (earns, thai every sporf fan is interested in. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY All you have to do is visit our store,' secure ;\ ballot containing the sclicdulc for Ihe week and drop it in the ballot, box. All ballots must bo in by ' Friday preceeiling each- week's games. Two Valuable Prizes Each Week First Prize—ARROW SHIRT Second Prize—Arrow or Wilson Tie Last 'Week's Winners: ' ' Jimmie Hell, First I'ri/e Dixie Crawford, Second Prize TEAM Bl.vthovil.lo I'iggott .... SCORE Jonesboro ... JMiiylicltl, Ky. Pine Bind 1 .. Fort Smith Forrest City North Little Rock Paragould Catholic High Arkansas U. T. C. U Alabama Clcmson Tennessee N. Carolina U. Auburn Tulane . I,. S. U. . Texas U. R. D. HUGHES & CO.

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