Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 9, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1942
Page 1
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k^ucfflmTOW^^BiiiBW'gffijqaHgag ^tiw^m^iiiKfwmwBiKmf*!f*sm , ^T t ' ; v -, •; .-, ->* ; ! ':-i>>"' ,- v- NAUaATtrCK DAILY.NEWS,. TRURISDAYi JULY 9, 1942 Three Women's Activities :. Personal arid Social Favored Frock MINNIE T, AHERN, EDITOR * Beatrice Stankiewicz Is Recent Bride ,1m Wimiil nITIolnted a in* Ueatrl^u Stan ' Mt\s, Marlon lk svnhlin* "1 ' Ml H,./. <l;<HKM<'i' ,,„,,,< YursullK son of Mr. am J r in«'ls Yiipsullls oC Soull ,'l 'siriM'l, Walt'rluiry, whiol '...,,„, 'in SI, ik'dwk's oluiroli Mra/lokl, a 'OOUflln ol ju'inos Oarncy, friend worn Iho iilitwiflm was soloist and sung who was given lii'olliMi-, lihcMt ,'kirl In. i via I'- ir Slan- il in muriliilsell-n gown, slyloil i|i|ilti|iir(l mu'.kllno, full train ami Uuw Htlod II,.c riiwi'-ll|> voil wus ii ;i ('Ml'nnct Ol' S(M'(I pClU'lS, rd a tnuniuet of white hlil-i and sf(!|'li'«noU«, MM' ma'Id-oMionoi . With HWlMJtlUJ mvkllnr anil full skirl.- Her horse ','},? i.h-nirr hai or Nit- sumo • ool ', )ll( | .in iipfri crown. Pink MOSO ! lrt il il.'fulllllllllM C.'iMllpOSlHl 'lUU' J)OU ,UV i ' « . . . , , n i,iilnT "I ilM 1 brldo won? while iTojm drrss, nav,\ and an ordilil inolhor was u,l a nisi- mlorud was hull, Ai'lor ro- wofidliiK li'i Viirs-illlH will rrslcln al f riu» lu-lilo'.s s\as made of ac(|ita- With It, she lcs and aa or- IIKTCII.V r/U'-H NT, 1.01/I.S ,\li,-i .Af.irlr AfcMuIrn ami AflsH (jt>iii'vl"Y" i.,\iii|»ln'll <>r North Main slnrt liavi- n-lunird from a visit uitli fri'-iKlH In Sf. f/oiil.s, Afo, Knitted Articles r Must JBe Finished Tho Red Cross /workers who are knitting army and navy artkilos are kindly requested' to .finish thorn and return thorn to tho chapter Mouse as soon as possible, Tho tfuota IM due to he '.shipped very soon and Mrs. Mary Mansfield, cult ting chairman, l« anxious to get them together and n.roparo tho various articles for packing, Cotton Party Frocks Lovely Ifol weather never kept a IHter- I'rom clanoln-g, 'but -IMI» aurri'me! danolng- can ho done in gawns so (iool as to 'ho almost alr-oondlblonod, Sho 0[ . j>ai'ty Crooks were never love- llor, sMeoroi 1 , or niorc) 'becoming From I'alry-liko 'flower prints of I'tvlntwa hue »to vivid (rojKleal ool or», c-ollons glvo a girl demurenosH or dash, depending upon the effect wants. Sunday - School f Picnic Saturday .T-ho iinhual, Sunday, solioo^ plc- «'lo of the I'lnmanu-al Lutheran; Sunday school will be : .(lield on Sunday, July 1:1. The pupils ; wMl meet at the corner bi Oak and Maple, streets at 1 p.-m.; to receive, their pass 'to the Alcussui 1 theater. After ihe. parforin- anco , the -pupils will como to the tth-urcli grounds 'for ewiies. and a 'P>iun'ic.-supper,, ; • All pupils' lesson books sliould bcj returned before Saturday, Sunday •soli-ool will 'bo recessed until Sept. MOODS OF A MODERN MISSUS soil being cool, a collon ] dross givey- Its woarur a oar mind, [f Hie -hemline gathers I'rOTii tho fl-oor, or "If porspir, filtorn inito tho underarni sooMon, tlio dress ro'quilros only ag.oodlaun- lo make It clean and /frnsli No worry lost a dirty ,hom-' lino pul, A floo-r-loiigl'Ii droaa oul' of .ooiivmlsHlon, for with washable ollon a I lit I o soap and water provides the remedy. 'n 'Is nnothnr thrifty angfo. to oolton gowns. If nrndc simply, I'M modest, neckline anrl •cap • sleeves, -Win cotton gown cnn-bo cut o si root length and worn as an «f- rlrcss -wlion Its 11 To as a lar-ty drtws is 'over. Material cut norn Mio skirt may'boused to make n extra blouse, or n short Jaoko!. Is Pledged To Fraternity •Brunswick, Mo., J-uiyi'o—The Bow- loin- oo I logo, o-hap tor or, the Kappa Sig-ma. f Paternity: announ'oed today hat among- its pledges from -thD ii'mmcr section, of t'fre class of 194(1 wns William R .HIll^Ji-., son of Ai<" and /Mrs. William .-13, l-rJH of : -150 Meadow street.-..'Because >pf the"iia- •turc of the -summer 1 schedule, -his inl'tiali.on will bo'deferred- until next 'fall. •• • , • VISITING RELATIVES Mrs. Cecil Grunt, .Robert Grant and Miss Coolly' Grant-'oft Mlllvilta ttvonuo aro visions relatives in Ply. mouth, Mass. .','.-.. , ALARMED!-Sudden fear I — in ,the midst of blitzkrieged London •—-Greer vGarson expresses it' all with,,the lift of her shapely brows and .o.y'alled- mouih in the new sensatiopal film, "Mrs. Miniver," at Loe^s on"Friday, co-starring Walter Pidgeon. r ^ CONTEMPLATIVE!.In a quiet moment; Mrs. Miniver relaxes and reads a book. Serenity lies upon her bro\y-though there is a question behind jt-^fwhat new development, might at any moment disturb ;the ; liyeist ? pf herself, v ' RED .MEN TO 'INSTALL. Henry BulUn,' newly elected Sachem of Nalatuo Triibe,'l. b. R. M., wlWi other new : -officers will be offl'oially "installed -at a regular mooting of they tribe Mils evening (vt 8 .o'clock fn Pythian Jiall. The •Installation will bo In charge of ••Deputy Great Saohom Albert O. Kii.stner and staff -of. Mlddletown. Tlio •meet- Ing will bo fallowed 'by . u social ho 111- and 'refrcb-hmcnts will be served. ON VACATION Tho ' Mlssca ,',no(,l;.y Haokntt" of Spring street ; ancl Mnry•, Daikus ol Lowls siroct.-ftrc sponding tlicjr vU- ,' nations .«,!-, fcnkoii^ugcnVe, N. \V BREEN GAY! A beautiful interval of pure joy—for despite. everything, husband Walter Pidgeon is back from Dunkirk again safe and souriti. Radiantly; alive, Mrs. Miniver is like the glpwing rose which is named for her in the film story, j! Only cnougri sasoline is needed to start the motor and got it, \varm- ed up. '-Vandiveer estimates that a commercialyl built generator would cost about, $40. War expenditures by tlie government wJl'l total approximately $47,000,000,000 this year, -the Department of Commerce reports. 'Deslruciion of lires or tubes or other rubber product, except by permit, Is illegal in Canada, says the Department of Commerce, - Try a Class!fled. Ad odds and ends. to dispose ol OBITUARY •o CARD OK THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks to all those \vho helped lighten the burden of..oui' grief with iheir expressions of sympathy, kind-** ly acts and floral tributes . at tlio death of our father, Patrick McGroary. > ' ' '^Mi TIH3 McGROARY FAMILY, MK, AND MRS. T. E. BROPHY, • MR. AND MRS. IV. C. HAMILTON. WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU — -NEWS. FROM HOME — THE THRILL THEY WAIT FOR — WRITE TODAY'— AJVW EVERY DAY. ' TO GET A LETTER — WRITE A LETTER! SHEAFER - PARKER - PENS Airmail Stationery Saves Postage NEW STYLES — COLORS If It's Writing Paper — Come Here SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIONERY STORE NATIONAL COMFORTABLY AIR-CdNDITIONED Plenty oi ? bargains in all departments, even in these days of ceiling prices and restricted merchandise— and all of course Brcen's quality merchandise to insure you maximum service for your investment. Sorry, but all sales are cash and no exchanges. Here are listed just a few July Sale outstanding values. DRESSES Mr !. -S't.K Snlc I, ^,!l S.ili- Snlc Snlc Hi-fi, sn.!»,i in Snlc H'-H, *l!»,,"0, • Stile s;i.!)r». $3.95 $4.95 $6.95 $7.95 •.$11.95 i $14.95! EXTRA SPECIAL!! Women's ONE OROUP OF WOMEN'S ALL-WOOL SUITS Womens- Women's Sports Wear Spring- Ooats $14.95i $15.95 i $19.50 i ~v 20% off 20% off Solo $1.49i M.25i WORRIED! War or no war did a lady ever buy a hat without the tug of anxiety seen :on Mrs. Miniver's face above? Question, One: Is the chapeau a luxury or will it contribute to morale? Question Two: Is hubby realty going to like ifc? ITHRILLEDT What a beautiful ;sky .this May morning! Wars ,may come and ware may go but- in this moment Mrs. Miniver realizes that love will-last forever. Nothing can daunt the spirits of the most gracious lady ever .to come to the screen. 1 July Clearance •r • ''• - - '.•fg'- DRASTIC STORE-WIDE REDUCTION*! Bluebird Quilt MADE AGAINST MONEY INTERESTS DON'T MISS THE JULY SALE $1,00 BARGAIN TABLES IN OUR Men's $2,00. Wliitnoy Slilrls, Snle Shli'ls,- Sale MKN'S Sale 35cj ,«.> (Jt Pulps" $1.00) . MBN'S SUITS .--r-"20%-OPP Washington, July 9—.(UP)—Son- George >D. Aiken•• charges that big iri'Oncy inlO'CGsts .are Jjoliincl tho to ." preven-l Mic . g-ovor.h.mehl i'rom sol Hug grain at prices below pai-il.y. Ver.nionL acpuhlioan- clock res ,ha-l, ab.senitpo .landlords, . with ox- .ensiyo I'ann - 'holdings, .stand lo nuke big profits il- f.hoy o-an block .'he govoi'miTcnt pl-an,' Aiken says, /hat iheir gain ^^vill ho ilio av6ivi#e armor's loss, A 'baUlo over •tlio •ub-pariLy sale 'Of: grain ••Is-.-h-ol-ding ip. eongrostiional action on 'Lhe iigriuuiLura} appropriation. Wo luivc jnst <hc dress you need i'or spoi'ls or formal wear, DORIS SHO: I I I «;OUTH STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 PARK PLAGB : STEAKS — SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR PATTERN - 1G3«-K The • favored S'hirLwaisi fashion conies-'to you today in Pattern No. 1630-13. This frock, .with its tailored collar 'and lapel's shaping 1 a universally becoming (and convertible) neckline, the easy bodice and the sJimmi.ii'g 1 panelled skirt is o'ne of the easiest and most siUlsfcax;- t€ry ever designed for homo sewing 1 H looks well in all fabrics, all sixes! Here's a pattern you'll use ngiaiu and agviin, always with the best of results. Paltern ^ 7 o, loja-rt Is d^si^ned for sixes 14, -16, IS, 20; 40, 42 and 44,, ' Coirrespomijair bus!; moasu n o- mcnls 32, 34, ;j3; ;"]&, 40, H and -ii. Size. 16 (34) wif/h short sleeves re- q'Uir.2s 3 3-4 yoivls 3D-Inch matej-ial. Select olhsr dnsiyus you need fur home sewing in, ih^ completely Sl- lusl-ra'lcd PivS'hion Book wjiiu-h will bd ma.iled to you l-or 15o. Or, order tlie Fashion Boole with a IGc pattern.-at 25c plus Ic for postage. For ithis altraclivo pattern send 16cv pjus le for nq«5la.p,e, in coins with your nam^," Addres-i, pai.fern number and'.size wanted to Barbara 33ell, NaugaLuck D.iily N-3WS, Post Office 'Box 75, SLation 0. New York, N. Y. ENTEHTAINING SISTER ' •Mrs. Arthur F. Bvon of Soulh Main street is eutcrta'ining Jier sis- ler, Miss Minnie -Moore >of Mishaw-aka, Jnd, SEWING CIUCIJC PARTY The members of Evergreen Sewing Oircle arc the guests today of Mrs'. W. J. -Megin .of the New. Haven .roatj al 'lier.s-iwnmer colta-ge at bake Quassflpaug. A luncheon w-as- served, iJhis noon at 12:30 and the afternoon was devoted l/o playing. . COTTONS Regularly $3.98 to $8,98 $2.98 $3.98 $5.981 { 2-PIECE Dresses II1RTII OF DAUGHTER A daughter,--Stella Ann, was born to Mr/and Mrs, Glenn -Arnold No- bJc of Prospect on Monday, Jul-y 0, iit the Waterbury JiospilaJ. GAS PROBLEM Seersucker, Chambray, Butcher Linen Formerly $3.98 to $8.98$2.98 $3.98; $4.98 $5.98 j SPRING CEEPES Print, Navy & Pastels Kegular $8.S^8 to $14.98 $3.00 / $5.00 $6.00 »*s».»*v»^ ^»»^^^<* SUMMER Linejl & Shantung Pormerly $14.98 to $22.98 $10.98 $13.98 Formerly $16.98 -to $22.50 $10.00 $12.00 Coats I Bo> Coats & Fitted Coats. All Pastel Shades. Formerly $19.98 to $22.50 $12.98 w*»»**.<r-»'^-»^***»* s *' +++++++++< NAUOA^TU'CK, CONN. - - ''• •'- '•'' '" on cor- No 'priority I (food flotiro ! Our oxpoi't sctieiTs will you nl lain one . . . \\VK arc air-condi- -tiohcd. CORSET],; SHOW I MAIN STJJ TMSIl'S ST. DIAL GLASSWARE PATTERN No.^736 This Is ti ynar for economy, when iinlhing* shouJU -bo wnsl'nd and so a cry] li Hi a I/ uses' up pieces 'of jo ovwr 1 v Hl)rics Is Meal for patriotic well ( as economical rcnsons. Oul \vqn\cn wan I, lo feel tftf»t they can o W n' al,l,ra.ofivo v liomo furnishings \vlwlc they are fuJWJlin^ Miclr pa- rJolic duty. .Tliak is one good reason , for- malting the lovely bluebird i'li, above. Anoiher rorxson is that jl-neblrds arc symbols of heppiness n'd whether you aro superstitious on Mm!,] point oi i . not, the bright oqijnt'onanco of Uils« quilt- should .keep you in ^ood spirils, Patttern envelope contains cutout; dcslgnfc.for each paicn or pal- tei'n;' a°sd fiill 1 dlr6ol,ibn^. f Send 'Jlc. (ooJn) f'o^ 1 above pattern niimbor to Xiuq;atuek Daily Kows, Needle Arts Dep't, P. 0. Box 172, Si, 1 1! on 0, Nlsv York, X'. Y. ' Profits' of- American corporations rluVJns .»Llfor first .quarter of 19-i2, ,aHpr reported tax deduolions, were nh'oul f 8«ipGr f oent jess J/han in the last qufii'tjCr -of 194.1 on a seasonally adjusted basis. ' Memphis, Tcnn., July 9—(U P/) Charcoal doesn't look much like gasoline—but it'might'solve the gas shortage. .',. . A big six-wheeled truck, using a charcoa-1 generator instead of gasoline, was demonstrated in Memphis It hit speeds as high "as. 40 miles an hour..A Memphis chemist, John C Vundlvecr," who: helped design the generator, says carbon monoxide is created by the charcoal fire and .sucked into the engine. From then on it works much--'the same as gasoline. ' According to Vandiveer, the generator, was-buiH mostly from junk and cost only $10. Ninety cents worth;of charcoal will run the truck for two days. SUMMER TERM Starts Monday, Juno 29. Sliort- -T.vjM!wi'tyinff, Business Jirn'cliines,. Etc. JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 24 CENTRAL AVENUE POST CLEARANCE! BEACHWEAR Slacks — Slkck Suits Play Suits — S'wim Suits x ' Shorts '— Jumpers Culottes — Overalls +++++++•** CHARGE OR BUDGET NATION 20% OFF OPENS JULY 6 Summer Business -Workshop-, v lrnin v YOU for' business. DFPDV r .Clm I BUSINESS OROWN DUILOINC PASTEL H SETS SCHNEER c ^^ CREDIT JEWELERS ^^ 162 South Moin Sf. — 4-2206 I Life-saving Suits are torpedoed sailors another chance. SAVE A LIFE — CONSERVE RUBBER United States Rubber Company ratuck Footwear Division

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