The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1939
Page 4
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, ? AGK POUR ; (ARK.) COURIERNEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' • f • THl COURIER' NEWS CO. ' 'H. W. HAINES, Publisher 1. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor 'SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Advertising Msna«« -Sole N»Uon»I Admitting nepresentatlves: A'rkamts Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. PuMlshed Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered 83 second class matter at Hie post- office at Blytheville, Arkansas, under act of Con- jress. October i, 1917. ' Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES &)•< carrier In the City of Blylheville, 15o per seek, or 65c per month. By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, ?6o for Uuee months, by mail In postal zonw two to six Inclusive, |fi.50 per year; In zones seven aiid elglitt $50.00 per, payable in advance. America Wanl Their Washing Americans ate, in some ways, an oven fuhnicr race than the J'Ycncli nrc alleged to be in Hie words of the old song, Come war or revolution, coino \veal or woe, they want their creature comforts. * The complfiinls of some o! the passengers on the IWHUiob that the puss- age hohiewiird from Europe was rougli alid the service terrible makes ns think of one of the greatest of the sliort stories of W. Somerset Maugham, W h i c h lie called "Sir. Harrington's Washing." Mv. Harrington was an American in Russia at the time of ,the revolution, seeking certain contracts. So Ihoi eligibly, inculcated iii him wore his midwest- em ways, that he had no understanding whatever of what was going on around him. lie saw everything in lehus of hib own life and home surroundings. A meek enough man, Mr. Harrington stood by until he got his contract, from a cynical official who finally signed it knowing that his gov- * crnmcnl was doomed ami thai il meant nothing. As revolution lowered overhead, Sir. Haniiigioii WHS linally persuaded to'leave the city, but insisted that no decent person would do so without proper "clean 'shirts. His laundry had been stilt out, and (hose slovenly Kussiana,'who never seemed to do anything right, had not returned it. That the talk of'revolution could really be serious nc\er entered My.^lavrihg-., toil's head. Such things simply dktii'l - hapjien. So he went out into Ihc dark streets to pel his washing. But the patrols of irresponsible soldiers and ievolut;ionarics roaming the streets-weie intelil on other things than Jir. ttarringlon 'mid his laundry. The next morning anxious Iriemis found Mr. Hurrigton sprawled ifi a gutter, riddled with bullets, a futile and pathetic package of laundry still grasped in his cold hand, A few of the Americans, in Europe for tho summer holidays seem to havs a little of Mr, Harrington's spirit. They resent thai Europe .should inlprrnpl their holidays with a mere war, and they do not propose to be bothered by it. And when ships are sent to bring them home, there are some to complain that the ships did not ride smoothly in a storm, and thai cabin accommodations and Service \\cre pretly pooi. Th6 State Dopartnicini has now announced officially that "each American citizen in belligerent countries desiring to como back Vias had an oppoi-limily tu return." Ambassador Kennedy has twice warned Americans in England lot go home unless their business-was urgent and necessary. Six weeks of'actual war have followed at least two weeks of urgent crisis, Yet ships returning from Europe come in half-loaded. There js a war going on in Europe. Europeans arc serious about it, eVen if a few Americans seem not to be. Will the lime com? when the United Stlites is asked tb go to war to defend the rights of American summer, trippers tb travel through Vvar zones in staterooms with private baths? SIDE GLANCES by Cajbraith Up or Down? "if we 0)1 ly had some ham, we could hiive some ham and eggs, if we only had some eggs," goes the old 'saw. California seems on the verge of lind- iiig out nboiit.Uiat. Whether it will get ham and eggs or will wind up without either ham' or eggs, remains tb be seen. This means Simply that the $30 J.OV- ery Thursday piaii of old-age pensions payable in warrants retired by a weekly tax, seems to have a chance of adoption, Nobody seems satisfied with these proposals.until they are tried but, and fried out'at home. Alberta's experiment 'with a similar plim does not seem to have' worked very well, but people arc such that they like to know for themselves. The rest of the country will be obliged to California if it shows whether or not such a inagic-.soniKling scheme will work. Of course it may be hard on California it' it fails, but after all, it'is her own decision. The .theory. of the individual stales as laboratories for the trial of experiments before; they are; attempted on a nation-wide scale still holds good. r > '/' J uy, Joo Tlic highest aiiil iliimecJiate cosls of live Enropeim «>j\ r ;i'i ; c paid, of cam-so, in Europe. Bui \vc pay, too', iii lesser degree. : ' --Is iMikely, .roi-.itisliViH!'o; thiit if .lirt- ropu- word, ill'any. sort of -V-e'^s'bl(aljlc state of peace two'Wouid be fiicing a naval budget for the coming fiscal year of itljbvc S900,OffO,tfQoi Would'tM iiViiiy just Have-placed orders: for ?25,00(),000 worth of rifles and immilioii.s? And would an assistant secretary of war-lie talking ab'oiil ii stniuliiig army of COO,-' OOdf. ll.ish'l likely. ''. ' Tlie United' States iias a stake; ii) \vhal cuines bf the European War, and. liati an Interest in a'liy hmVugeiiients that give a hope.for rear peace at its conclusion, That is by no means the same thing as saying- that it has a slake in (ho military outcome. The attitude of the,United States toward a Em-ope dominated by a military alliance, and its 'attitude tiward a Europe seeking to unite in a system which promises honest. peace in the iViUire"" must necessarily be two clitTeVeii't things. "If we hadn'l got inlo (lie habil of yivin" 'oni mini's could part with 'cm and have sbinc roast pork."'. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Fefgusbn fN|CDR?AAAf- GONDITIOtNJS, '- KJul-s ofwu ABOUT CO PR. 1319 BY MX 5ERVICC I'IC. T. H. E[G 0. S. "ft. LIVE SEVERAL VBAES ONLy TO AND DIE AFTER -A PEW . &AVS- IN THE . 'OW MANY COLOR'S ARE'NECESSARY St AAAP& SO THAT NO StATES COLORE& TH'E SAME WILL. HAVE A--COMMON BORDER LINE? ANSWF.H: Four. II is impossible lo draw five tilstricls on a map livsuch 11 milliner lhal criL-h One is touched by a!! the others albii- • ° A slate of extremes. Even If (he disaster bt \vnr should ijcfali us • . - the neople shoulrt not relinquish conlrol of the government to any group or oligarchy, whelher o( Justness men. military men br ek- HatoU! U Ichcs, -secretary ot interim'. i \\mik \Vs great tlVal l-.erc iii New Yrtik w-e are liafing a week of music nnct not n week ot wartime horrbr.-Fovmer Mnyor hi\\K 3. Walker bl New York Oily. OUT OUR WAY (Divorce Mill Charged \ By Pittsburgh Judge I PITTSBURGH (UP)'-- Dfastic changes Hi Pennsylvania's divorce laws lo break She "divorce mill" lie'charges Is being ci'ieratpei .here ait 1 being urged" by Allegheny • Comity cominori Pleas Jutirc f H. SinUli. Judge Smith is p forested In forcstolHnrr (i r divorce r\rtibi<s fix which the umlauts ami respondents havr ,-isrecd 16 present ht- lopposilion in court .'SATURDAY,;OCTOBER ;W,->.1939'| .•SERIAL STORY ; '•'•."; JOAN OF ARKANSAS COPTMOHT, l>>». NIA SERVICE, Kellk make, a iits tu *hyw Joan tks vumiiB*. Wfeek »ke KO«H *9 pHy her <te», Joan meet* Han. 'I'kttt'i* K Jokjr lliie Hhrnil ol ihfja nt tfce oiBcfr. JUEIK coll* ft wici*iifriiK«r lioy i« ;<«ke Her place, pur ker ti "Vou're too damned, olever/' te)l« fct'r, MM fce \v«lk« nVva ' Un 'CHAPTER :v 'T'HE hie'sEenger boy arrived 10 riilhules later and Jbah hailed him. He dismounted anil • 'approached, head cocked to one side, brie eye sqlnting in silent ap praisal. She ha'd tb Jaugli, "I suppose they've told you what you're tb do for me." "Uli-huh, aiid believe toe, Jady, \ve get some strange assignments, but this la the payoff." She handed him her ice cart) and a checlc. "People around here just lack lihuginalibii, that's all." He ibblicd at the line; "Wish I could imagine there were 200 less people iu there," ho said mournfully. TOAN JOHNSON had never been kept .watting by a mail in all her lite, and when Keith Klibdea hadn'l shown up by 10:15 she be* gau to feel annoyed. Just as she decided lo leave at 10:20 he drove lip. 1 She sauntered to the car. "I was just about tb pack you in for the day, Mister iihb'cies," she informed hiin. "Come tb think ot it, I'm slill toying with the idea." lie held the door open. "Quit squawking and get in. Didn't you ever os'ei'sleep?" he asked with a grin. "Fine excuse," she jeered. "Verrrry funny.-. You'll have to wprk overtime lo square this bhb. But you're forgiven for the time being, so.let's get going'on that Cook's tourV.'-', They swung lazily around thei outer campus 'drive. . "Library-." 1 •He..'nodded- .toward n graceful limestone building to the left. "How man y volumes?" she asked facetiously. papers on everything irbra. the eugenics of a beetle to the irhpbrt* ance of the -Labr'ador Current-" j "Fortunately iofr you," she inui- imii-e'd. •''•-. ; ; : . : " "Why not?" And then continuing: /'Over 'there, the law* building Nejit'to it is Mehiey Hall,- "seat of the'(ihe arts, that's .where s'orh'e bf the clatsiest domes oh campus hangout Always a half huhared bf 'em draped around, .the steps whenever you go past. Tfoffic always snarls at'that •point." ' ' Jle Ehbweci lief the commerce College, vet lived, me.Hlcnl arid dental schools, and the hospital. "Spent a weeV there laH year,' : "Broken heart?'' "Hardly . . , a Michigan' tackle tried to bite my ankle oft." ""Wouldn't knb bhly step in Ihq joint to get out bf 'the rain/' "What do you do for term papers and stult?" "young lady, Hie Gamma house has ihe iinesl-:and .most complete fraternity file oh the. campus. Departed scholars have left us term "What happened to himi" "I think .Web hit him sb hard oh the next play he was but the rest of tlie season"." "Web . . . i bji, you mean Bail. He doesn't i-un with the ball, does lie?" . "Nope. . , . baii'Cfln't carry the ball from here to there." • They, rolled down to a small lake. "Crystal Lake," he told her. "They used tb toss freshmen iii here .before they put in a cement bottom." He took her over Uib entire campiis--showed her all the buildings and exptained what they housed. -He took'her to the university experimental "farms, the stadium, baseball field, and women's athletic grounds. Joan liked the way lie described things. There was a'certain eager- liess about him, an enthusiasm for living which told her Keith Rhodes was .a spirit which 'never could jo dampened. .•.There was ii charm, about him that., was unmistakable arid .slie understood, why every girl on the Tech "campus was attracted tb him. "You. iilce it here very niucli, don't you?" she asked. He iiortded. "You'll like it,'too. "in going to take it upon myself o lhake sure of'tlia't." ' - Joaii smiled.' "Looks like I have something to look lot-ward to." •"I'd say so," v he replied as they Hilled.up. in -front ot Ihe Alpha ^u house. "Anil .just to start things[ out riglil I'm going to. switched" that three-h'oia- history course you're Unking at 3. Web tried to lalk me iiito it when-.we were making ouf.oUr. Scliedules, but I didn't know 1 you'd-be around then. Walt fbr'Us'it you 'get \herc early.,...;.' we'll find three seats together." '•(... . .'.,-'. t ,«, ,*'; pLASSES started day! ^ and the .tli'rec-houv course irii Histo'ry -of European immigration! waS Joaix's first.-Keith and Dan were wailing for her on the steps. :; Kcit!i she greeted with a smile. ,-»>•>,.»*. ""v e 11 ^ 1 '.^ wun a i-iimc. 1 'Hi,; sbur-puss/ 1 she said tb Dan.' happened io mention to Pan that I overslept," ..They tramped up to room 302, Joan in the middle. "Don't look now," the stage-whispered, "but why any I being stared at2'' "Maybe your ears don't match," Dan suggested. "You'd be'surprised how folks] sense h pretty newcomer even in fliis big school," said Keith. -,. "Especially, when she's walking* with Keith Rhodes," Dan vblun-'l ieerea. Keith whacked him i)lay-l 'fully with his notebook. if They entered room 30'2. keillr Ipblted around, whistled. "Happy day, 1 ' lib chortled. "This is going: 16 be a cinch." _ • . Dr. Eibert's course was a popu-- iar one and the room was p.rac-1 tically filled. Tliey found three! adjacent seats halt-way down and rieai- the windows. And then, on)y ; after Keith asked another boy to' do hto a faVbf and move iii the row behind. "took," said.Keith. "This class is fop big for old mail Elbert lo take'aHe'naance every day, And it's strictly a iec'lure course. So,' here's where a little co-operation can go a long way." "Hold tight," Webber muttered.' "I crin feel .this 'oixe coming oh. Rhodes .is - off on nhblher of'] wbrki'dodgihg brainstorms." ."Meaning wha(,?>!'•.jgaii inquiretl. j . .'.'.'Meaning. lHis,"..;^!5plaihc'd. Keill(i "\yiiy '.."do thitigs 'the hard .way'/l You show "lip oii'Monday, I gel here Wednesdays, and I'll ,,.,^, Ih'b^Friday sessions. Then all we,' liayc io do is exchange iistcs. This { courscAvas Just cut o"iit ! for its." i D,i'n" eraaqe'd. "I should have- kiiowii- better. Just imagine—me 1 gelling , anything biit of your! ribtcs."•--' ._••'.'. ,' • v JO'iix "sighed iii iiipck resignation; •' 'Aiid to tliink; t once said people i around .here-lacked 'imagination. 1 Rhodes, -pick ;.iyi1iie - marbles, 1 you're Mie winnBr." > : ' , ."And then "in a;m.6re seriousione.; 'You .can do. wljat .ybii wnnl, Keith: .I'iii : goirig,;'to'. enjoy' this. course, I tliinlc, .arid I'll probably. • check iii/quiic 'regulariy/ .If you i want :to,"copy'my notes once in ,;i; Vhile—okay---^but. I .waiix .ybii;; don't try tb'iniike a habit of it." i ". Sji'c. looked'hinx.,stniight iii : tlic j eye' when she 'spbk'e, and he kriiv/ ; she meant it." ; «:';'•'"'.' (To Be 'Gontunicd), THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. i Britain Charts First Aid Treatment For Fractures Suffered in Air Aaids First of two articles 01 first air in war times. • • * KY [)R. MOIllilS FISHUiilN Editor, .loiirnal of the American Medical Astncr.iliun, nhrt of iijgtiiij the Health Magazine In connccUin v'.itii the establishment of first nirt posts throughout Great, Britain to ctire for einer- Behcles orielng frbrii bbnrthigB ci would: other war Incidents, the Ministry His divorce amendments wou: oer war ncens, the Mnistry 1. Require h one-year lapse be-(of Health in Great Britain has tween Uie. filing of. cilvorce action j Issued some funclameiiln) • princl- timl the final graiiilng or refusal of the ttlvcrce. . , 2. Attach a -S50 fee to thfi-'plain- tiffs nii<i riefehriant's petitions to cover cost or cbiirt lnvesLigati6i\ <cr the iiersor.s concemcd. In making his "divorce Mill" in-1 charge, judge Smith '"nAlntcd cut. l-' L.n.i 5 ... ^t.\.l^-j OUtlUI }]U1I11UU *-Ul. d that county courts here 'handle nil i 0 ( > n large porcnnlagc of Sihicli are ot Ihe iiiicontciieil variety, be siiitl. .PE ROOP HE'S LEAK-, DE PLE5TER HE'S FALL ON D6 :HERP) DE PIPES HE'S BUST, t>e -.-.- •„ ce SENT TEEU HE'S POOR OL' 'OAVE- HE sAVEP M SKIMPED to „„, A COUPLE OF HOUSES TO REMT SO H6 COUIP 6ET CUT OF TH' WORKING CLASS , •-VlE'S MORE |N / IT THAN EVES By I. R. Willmma OUR BOAJRBING^QUSE ".' ;vith Sfajor Hoople ^ v-,-,^ ,^ FIX THE OTHER; BECAUSE HE'S Np MORE THEU WITH ONE THAA) THE.OTJ-IER NEEPS TH' SAME ; TWO DAV6 .W VOL) ll^JEM'-,- 1 =T > i iM\itrsrto in iv ? YOU TOLD v.i Y6UV> tW\)tMnov').V 1 Gi;i.b Pui UO-;. OP LTi IM Hit qUML-OM-'loAcji - BV.VCVUTS.' ^^ , _, pies retetlre lo the treatment of injuries of Hie bones ami jrliitf. Injuries to the bones Biid joints may occasionally result in . otje'ri wounds. When these cccur, treatment shoillcl l>e given for Hemorrhage, short; and \ the ice of iGUm'iK antitoxin is 'demnuded. \Vhen hones B're fractured or: b'r:ken. nil motion of. Lire joints! jho\ilri hi: prevented with, as much gciiMeiic&j ;is posslhlc. tills nieuiis the application of i\ brncc or su'linl Uiol 'will hold the parts, still. ; to make cerUur, the ' turns 61 iuu Memor|: Lane , 10 Years Aid . ' .,. ' Bethany raught,'James Smother! man "ami Robert •'•Shirley, stiidS al, Blythcvllic,, \ibii in.-! Itt.lslelh caUle jiiclglng- bliampioVi' ship of Ihc'Uhi'tcu Stales at llr National Dairy Shb'vv -in'St: Lbiiii bandage' above the -fracture arc yesterday. not . so tight they will 'interfere i' • Virc Years with the'circulation of the blood. ' Carney Laslies _ NKXT: Menial cllca of liomb- asaw.s met their first l,i g test bf r 0! ! I11BS " season last night iind finlsh'cd a'hea.i of the.JFdrrest Cily.'Tiizrptiihbrtid"' 21 lo 13. • - \ , 3ilr-. nii'd Mrs. Hohry Smith '6, Hoiistan,'Tex-'oSi arrived tRst h|i|,i .(of 'fieveral daj's elay with Sif_ Siiilffis pkreiiti, Mr. and Mis..''/J P. Sriilth-. ,. -; Mf. asa MVg. GVilVf, rte Khis will moVe sb;h to one 'c? Miiid Yoitr Manners Test, ybiir Knowledge of cdr'rcct «:clal iisii'ge by aiisVerlhg Ihe fol- Ibv.'iiig question's, illeii .ciieckllig the aiiUibrKatlre' answers 1. Is it im|Wrtah't tb lift aS tour WHS when you are iii a r.vovd iis r O f J5 i,' n ~, '•'ticii^ i'oi! arc v,-ilh people you enrollment 2. Is it goes inanriers ( 0 hdnk our horn whcii n. air ahead ot on Btails nhd' hoids xip ttaOicV 3. Wfifii a.cletk VnisiakciU.v of-, to 'wait b'h 'you—th'oBgh tiierc. the hew J.'W. Slioiisc'apardneiVtw One Year Ago Trie .riiral elCstric prbject, - A ,„•.-,, is to be iiVauguratc'Q in this cbu'mV ^itnbut- any ."expense .tb tl\ era except fir the farm' . —. No atlcinpl should ever be inailc i ls a cuslomer who has been "waik- ' ••-•••-•'• -• - - '' ' 11 nitLiupv hrioino ever ue uiadp;-; *• ^i.Muumi \>no nng oecn ot the fracture at the tirst aidi"^ loi'igcV—shottld ycu nichtion the i:n. Too much manlptiiution ' slc ^ rjpidly.. Pioneer Co-Ed, Now S?2, I Recalls Tomahawk Day| , V MST5R....,.|1CS}.' liA BILLdf-5ALl : / >•• •, MM ;MM — SUPPOSE t REIMPAJS6E VCU VWl H VGUR cWjIMM *5O r.tnti ...._ can easily convert n aimplo fracture Into, a compound fiaclxvrc. A slinpic Iracliirs Is biic iii which the bones have hot bYbj;cii through Ihe skin., in crmpouiid cnscs. HID .=harp edge.1 6f the brme picrre tlic skin, hia'kln'g the palicht iiibjAl hoi ontj- to a I)rckcn hoiic but also, t; a serious wciuhi;!. Moving of tlic 'ports of the broken bone may tear itcrrtis .h'utt | othci- dcllcntc tissue utid'cVtir'atti I the skin. WlicncVer thrrc lisis been f B fracture pcuBlrallii?. into the [ soft (Issues and brriikiiig (he skin, i the si!'.mli:n i-. miicli mo'rr acrlbi):,. i At tlj« Hn,! sid clBllbu. ft is rrtr.'Wnry lo stop \ m \ n by the Injection' ot j\ ririi!;. 'nic clotliftig mu.vt be ciil h.way. j Any «itcin|il to bke bf' n rort! i tv tfthovc troiRcrs K lilcely io ! • move \hc joints niul make the I uour.d nnicli worsc^ The liijuvttf :-boliUl Eir 7. rji^]>eO in f lo \v kept vaVm.". and Ehovild avoid )!iiiisre5sory'exp:sutc; .Eoin'sllme* muclt hnfm is dons i by mntitpiilatiivt iilc tissues li'i tlife i find 'out 'wheihcf or >iot '. IE j{. good manner* ^Hiking 'oti (i crowded s •AiVIHBRST. 5. lUC) -^ Mn? Ciiarfe C. Earl, 93. (he bldcst,."rS U you bViiixp iitto aiiotiicr I ' 8clvl1 *^ re al \ ci o»e of phlt-'s pit in a crowd shbiild yoii sav, nc ,i c ° icds '"--Ihc'aaVs w\tei\' • -- ' • collcgc-educakd wnxrin . sists •''.. raVIt.y-iic'cnjls how . a afuhkciv iii: dlaii lirtorfecd a clnta b( sliidciiij wUjV'a tbmahftv.k, . : •, ^ "t was jiVst R lllUe girl -Ihrni.]) she •'•satd. "The tfiublc ' staitci* v.'lien" Iwo of Ihi- rctlmrn lxT,;5/ nghliiig m .the slvcet-. Oije . alnnif; the ether, with a •tcmahav-A." .'Mb/ "'EiVrl's t'alhcV, -Bchja'n..- jqy, nlShM .oW. .ami «i:»rnlc'd Hi', 1 fiehlers. • '.' : " ., n Tjti cl t,ttfi»MtU. Oli(Cr>til/ lb lb:k v,here you'a re going? What vicwl'd you rlo if^Y«!i slrfc walking ci07, p u. the street u »l> n iiumter of friends: Woiitd you— — : • ' • <••» Walk." ahreast, rt'\bnbpoiizing the '!» Not v.elk more lhi)n tlucc o If .there nrd tn the 'side* ! i£- ..:':.:. t : >- Yes, . • • I •!. Yc.s. .'••' . '. ! ". No.'If you w\iiit to look at i anj'tlitns. Mnpftntl look nt. A.-DoiVt • walk willi .yoiir'linad-hiiiiod." J HeM "V/hnt. Would You Uo'-sBiii- noli- -ib), / '' '-' ' . gri-frt >i|)-tc).the Isnchf-r's desk. Bti few. t-saclich JfihS CoYiy, 1 faied liiti bravely, offered, .him' n .trxfbooV. »hc : y.'ns iiolciiiig 'nud tolcl hiiii ih.'J had no •flrey.atbr 1 • t: ot!cr him •' " The 1 sraxdlttg Intiiah. Mrs. Bar' said,- then, left the room. - ' . tlterfi Is a fracture present. "plfnt !<; (o '(real Mt C'XpruRt WAS X MADE AT. • 3:0;f A.Al The us if II s\ si fracture »ii(i' tlic Alliertia StlrviVor Fifts for broUcn holios (i'Oiii in:v- f ,!trmall .Co-ed Eiitolb , BETHANY, W. Va. (UP).- A' strandw qei-iftan ; co-ed will be pcfntittcd lb study this-year at Betliany college as'u foreigner tel- Uwship stiidehl. according to Ueaii Forest. It. Kirkiiati'lck.'Mlss'Aiiiia . ..., t . . .. Wojno\v*ka. wlioso home Is lu'llic (• Goius nWoaiil lo rencn- •'- MIA'Mi, . Fla. lUP) .- thrcugh Mlaiii! on his-'way-home.! M. Q. Mendsz, .ot Jamaica, R sur-t vivpr ..of : the- ; Alhenia disaster' learucrt .that :lhe- yacht' Souther),Cross, ;• \vhli-h • i-efcu'cd him, wit,4 hevc. ;, u'arllcuhir cure must ue taken broSc' oul. . — j-.« ,-\-ntll V.MVCiV; IIUIIIV. "O III v,ll Polish coiridor. was -unable io re luin t; EiuoiX! \\lion Ihe vvnV tanccs. he loniic] a pair of iho?s luj| hart lost- a month, rarllsr dtiriu^l :. .the rescue .off .the^t..

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