The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 7
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, lose. BLTfTHEVILLE (ARK.) CQl&tER NEWS you m/i GET WHAT YOU WANT WANTAM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecu- lOo . 08c Mo . 05c . 60c We Business Directory Coal & Wood Mrs. 1.1. Davfc — Sptrvcer CorseUere Call 421-W for Appointments live Insertions: One time per lin« Two limes per lino iwr day Three times per Duo per day Six times per Sine per day Month'rate per line Cards of Thanks 50c ' Minimum chai'je Sfic Ads ordered t»t fr«i <* f 01X /nics niul *cP>-;d Before ( X|nra- lion witt ~- charged for the nun- ber C< times l»« atl aPlWKl aim ertyijlmcnt of bill ::u;te. "Art Classified Advertising copy kibmiltert by persons residing out- Bide of the cily must, be accompanied bj eash. Rales may Ix; easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for in Insertions takes Ihe one lime rate. No responsibility will be taken j for more than one incorrect inser-| tion of any classified ad. Plate Glass WE CAN MAKE DESK. & TIVE PRICES. Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 BARGAINS!! 1935 CHEVROLET PICK UP 1032 V-8 FORD SEDAN Delta Implements, Inc. TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos tl up. PHONE 9«4 For Kent 5 room Miller Apartment on Wal-j mil. 2 bedrooms. Arcola licnl,] modern. Pcisc-lilcn lnunedlritcly.| Ike Miller, Phone 889. 29c klf Double garage, concrete floor. Rca- sonabte. 721 VV. Main. Call 45. 29-ck-3 USED COAI. STOVES 55 AND IIP 1 Hardaway Appliance Co. ! MAIN ' & 2ND - - PHONE 23'; I EXl'EKT KADIO REPAIRING RADIO BATTERIES & TUBES COAI; BUSINESS Location clmngcd from Maban oin to S. 5th & ll.R. BEST PRICES—CALL 244 I*. I. RICE Gel Uio benefit of summer prices Fill Up Now "My Coal Is Bhick—' But I Treat Yon White" I.OCAI. li.MIMNU JOHN BUCHANAN —PilONU 107 Eggs, Poultry BABY CHICKS—Blood Tested Barred Rocks, Willie Rocks, R [ Reds, While Leghorns, $7 per hundred, P->stpald. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Unbn, Mo, Wanted 1 room house tor negro,couple who work out. Call 250-W. GOOD. CLEAN RAOS-Will pay good price for good, clean rags Must be (ree of billions. C'ourlei News. dh If Nicely furnished bedroom, 1017 Walnut. Call after 4:30. 27-ck-U W A R M BEDROOM, adjoining bath. 115 W. Ash. . 2Bp kl Modern FURNISHED BEDROOMS. 1009 W. Walnut St. H-ck-tf 3 room Furnished Apartment, 600 N 5lli St. Mrs. W. S. Crowder. 19c-ktf Nicely Furnished Front Bedroom, steam heat, garage. Phone 5(50. Ic k 10-1 Unfurnished apartment, 4 rooms * oath; newly decorated. 125 W. Kentucky. F. Simon, call 764. 11-c-k-lf For gale Hotpoihl Electric Stove. Good condition. Allycc Nelson, phone 223 Goad used . WRITER, Call 537. Underwood TYPE- late model. Cheap yi-ck-l CROSLEy.4tjblc dition.'"cn'Ci\p. after 7 P. M 1 . radio, good con- Call -300"or :792 Close Oat Prices ' On All Paint TO prepare for new stock Sherivln-wniluins line. Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. Phone '& - - Wee Delivery Male Help Wanted Personal FIIEE! STOMACH ACID, CIAS 1'AINS, INDKIESTION relieved ciiilck. Get free sample doctor's prescription, Udga, at KtrUy Dios. Drug Co. AUTO LOANS Cash Adviuiscd—Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED No co-signers.'Just bring car and respiration card along U. W. MULLINS Sudlniry niiig-. 1'honu 405 Medicine on market 20 years, rc Istercd in U. S. Pal. Oltlcc. 30-day treatment $5.00 Oirtce over Blytlicvllle Biibcry II. C. CAMI'BKLL CHEMICAL CO. l!ux 813, •Illyllievlllc, Ark. MAN, reliable, to become an automobile and accident claim adjuster in your territory. Insurance experience unnecessary. No .selling. Write Associated Adjusters, Milwaukee, WIs. Truetonc Jr. 5 Tube Auto Radio completely Installed $27.50. Truelono Radios for home at tremendous savings. Guaranteed Tubes & Batteries. Tubjs tested free—Radio Service. Western Auto Associate Store. JllNK WANTED—AM/ KINDS . $5 to SG Per Ton Aluminum. lOc Ib. Brass. 2c to 4 lie Ib. Copper Wire, 4 lo 5c Ib. Radiators, 41ic Ib. HIDES & FURS WOI-F AHIAN PHONE 176 120 E. MAIN l-_ O'BRIEN'S CAFE, completely equipped. Doing E«xl business f^r past 1G years. BARGAIN. Brunswick POOL TABLE, complete. CHEAP. JORDAN SEDAN, in good condition. At give Jiway price, p. SIMON, Call 104 Do You TCemeniber— LAST WINTER? Coal was scarce and hard to get But Harry Bailey's Coal Co. never failed to supply the demand their customers. Don't Forget HARRY BAILEY • -.--This Winter! ...'^....Rcljab.le Service.- Illinois Coal - - Good Prices Phone 1505 F-<I Room and Board Mrs. ROOM A: BOARD J. E. Crook - Call 433-W Explorers Find Dying Remnant ol Mayan Race SAN FRANCISCO (UP)— Within Ihe nest 50 years one of Hie old- esl pure-btoodcd 'mccs In tliu wcild will disappear entirely from existence, according lo Francois Ocelliey de ciiaume and Bernard de Colmoul of Ihe University of Pm is. The l\vo scientists completed an exhaustive study of . the La Camion tribesmen who live In Hie Junglu near (ho Mcxlcan- Cluatcmalan fronllcr. The tribes that rcnmln we considered by rlluiologlst.s to be Ihe last dosccndnnts ol the Mayns, tbe mysterious Central American nice. Scientists believe the Mayan civilization, which corresponds roughly with lhat of ancient Egypt, was one of the most advanced lit the world. 'Ihe French suviints found that only 'JOO of the pure-blooded L;i Guidons are nlivc and arc rapidly dyins from the mvniics o( lubor- culosEa. "Once a year," Do Clinmno reported, "they mccl In lliu ruins of (he temple of Yachllu and sacrifice to the sun Boil. Appur- onlly their ceremonies are the s-aiui' Mini were carried out by Hie Mayas thousands of years nuo." The men.outnumber Ihe women In the Iribe, according lo the- U p o Krcnchmen, but nevertheless polygamy Is practiced. They are declared to light Homily over their women, nnd it- Is the stronif- <f,t men who Imvc several wives, while the weaker have none. YOU GET BOTH The I'rotfdlwi you have a I'hjhl to expect iind Hit I'l'ire you want to pay in tmy otic of our RevflU- tllllomd Uwd Cars. Terms To Suit Your Purse', Pt-acock unlucky. fenllicrs arc' considered CIIKVIIOLKT COUP*;. M A S T K K Wrecker Service - Gu OPEN AM, NIGHT PHILLIPS SDRVICB CENTER Phones IT", - SIS GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed -• I'lfONK 70 Uciscs I'lcnllful In ,]>;ikula FAUGO, N. D. (UP)'—North Dakota Is one of the few slates l will have a .surplus of horses iliiljlc for sale between now mil lime farm work opens In 1937, according to Gcorjjc J. Unk- cr, extension anhhal InislKindnuin of the North Dakota 'Agricultural ORDERS TAKEN KIR "nERNAT" yARK INSTRUCTIONS FR1B Mrs, Uslte Hoooei Mrs. A.' 0. H»!ey , . 1109 Chickuawba Phone 783 '34 CHKVKOI.KT M A S T K K COACH 53a:i '31 K OKI) V-8 FOIlll'OK SUDAN *350 '31 FOIll) V-8 TDUOR ?3W "M CMKVKOI-KT SK11AN .... S 95 —TRUCKS— 'M CHKVKOI.KT IK TON TlllX.-K. Dual whrrls, ml ^oclor. Tires KtMwl as mw. JVMor A-l i '34 C H K V K <) I, i: T 1ST inrli Wlwlhasu TltllCK. Dual wheels, good tires. Motor '35 KOHl) V-8 riCK-lll'. A Easy Ci. M. A. C. Terms TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. I'llONK <!33 RADIO REPAIRING A Comptefe IJin W TibM and Ymrtt HVBRARD TIRE * UATTUT Cft 1 IION« tH Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRIStS Over Jo« liases' Ston 1 TVE MAKK 'EM SE«" • ' Phone 640 ELECTKIO * ACETTLENl WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 18 I HEAR! HEAR! of •If yiui have a biirinl association ccrlilicnlc liny kind .on j'our loved ones wlion they awny; we will uticept it at full vtiltic on the fuhmil, lirovitlcd you buy as much as ?50 oi' more in merthanclise. COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONE 26 FOR SALE We, have on hand now and ready for delivery -new crop of Alfalfa Seed for retail or lo dealers. It Interested sec us. L.R. Matthews Gin Co. Cotton, C'ollon Snd »ud Coal Tel. 1511-3 YarLro, Ark. COLD WAVE COM1MC WARNING ' ,;_, Vi>u rcnu'intxr tliw« jnaoy 'wftjni* i(h nnd (Itn Kf\cra culd fu find Jnct \vlntfr. It IK iy nniny unlliorU^A, that Itlwi coming vlntcr \\\\\ ho nvon colder »nd ivHl» HI t'Lirly. Thy im|«ni tiffori thai hoy :iro ulroiiily nhtyrinic und t*n»w •its fulli-n In lift Northwettt, I ist u filter Hljllioillio WHS ulth* In u Svw tlujs of u cowl furnti^. Thin sensor; Ilio t'Oul'fnlit^ni contract l^s iiinl (h,- Kullroads anfl lnre« unlrli's will ; store hoavtly 'and >\llh u rolil wlntvr, we ure morfi Itki'ly in have a t-oal famine ^tht» Inter, UM.KSS u Inrge iHTcMitufiC r iH'Ople Rlorc their coal NOW. j Thcro irnuilni only a Khort iinfa to tLkko mlMintueo uf Our low Humr prices (in our;Suivt>rii>r Quality < flirts. Ooti't put It off. The' COA! iHiiiifn^ Ni'UMjin I* uditottt h?rn. Ord«r NO\V from UK uivl lie uNKurod ttt Superior (Junllty,' Ejrrvlca witl : Fric«, Vff liLtTiillti only tho Superior (Jnitllly of ull ilia kHtUoic br«ndft of Hlf>U (Irudo C'uHlfi, ' ' •-*•* \Vo A|MO -.Hell SAND-ft GUAVF.L Superior Coal & Mining Co. A *** liucntiua. "So-: K A S V " - l»u h t ran r vvllU eucli urdcr. fur u ton or mure. All Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIHVAKIIS, 1'roprU tor nukcT ot llrlnillt TjiMsnrltcni, Adding Rlachlnfs ana rakuhtfors—Kcpalilng— Paris AI-LEY O01 A TYKANNOSAUit! DANCE AT THE GREEN INN CAFE IN CONNECTION Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith, formerly ot Blytheville, ne\v owners Your feet will be at ease KING GUZZLE.OF MOO-ANCMDIE? WHADVA MEAN! QUEEN UMPATEEDLE-AH,\DIE? JUST BE- 1 AAV FRIENDS-I AM INDEED \ CAUSE OF A HONOKED-HONOKED TQ /FEW MEASLY DIE IM SUCH ROVAU ) OL' DINOSAURS? COMPANY- X SHUX" DlNOSAURS y EH?-r,SUP- POSE..VOU EAT DINOSAURS'' | IF THAT'S TME CA9B-WXJ WILL! HAVE FOOD APLENTV-&IJT THE} REST OF U9 FAC£ STARVATION ; WE ARE WITHOUT ~ WATER.— —— 7 —~* Sclby's Styl-ccz Shoes, $8 & $6.bO O TRAILER cheap f \ > to $550 Blytheville Maeliine Shop. 7c ktf 3ofld used LOG T C Kit ] FOR SALE B room house, bath. Large Across from liigh and grade | schools. Cheapest taxes In town. Could be made Into apartment *oa Cliickasawb dh tl ;;lNew Economy Shop Real Estate Bargains for Sale! FOB CASH 117 S. Third, store, $301. 2C3 Doiisan, bungalow, $1,100. Dougan, bungalow, $1,577. $1,335. 301 310 Dongan, bungalow, Douean, bungalow, $1,325. New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK STOVES, OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OH, 1LSATERS SEE Liberal OUR NEW STOCK Trade-in Allowance Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. PIANO STUDIO REOPSNINO MRS. L. N. MATHIS Piano - - - Harmony. 025 W. Main Call 217-J 314 518 chickasawba, bungalow, $1,052. 2221 Carolyn (Pride Add'n.) $175. 2237 Carolyn IPride Add'n.) $1,327. I- Complclc course In lyplns, shorthand, bookceping. Also icviciv shorlliand class. Prices very reasonable. Mrs. L. M. Burnett* Call 824 W. ,^2315 Dell Rood, ' \ SI.225. stucco bungalow, 1501 lo 1513 Chickasawba, ^ 5C5, $2,755. lion- Buy your Hardware, Dclco Radios, Bicycles, Batteries Hubbard Hardware Co. Terms To Suit You £00 Chickasawba. bnngaio\vr $1,050. Thomas Land Co. FOR SALE | Several thousand acres southeasti Missouri rirti alluvial collon & corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKE RENT'. Everett B. Gee, lilythcville. , Call Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service Want to rent about 250 acres good land near Blythevillc. liox "FA" Courier News. 22-pk-29 SOUTHEAST MISSOURI LAND Improved or Partially improved GOOD LAND—LOW PRICES EASY TERMS (!. M. SMITH Sr., ft W. J. 1'KCK, MAI-DEN', MO. Tailor Shops Good allowance for your old suit on now laltorcd suil. I..- Mini:, T.iiior Laundry UUHDRY WORK, can do mod >*ork nnd need the Job. Mrs. Lc- tha Mick, GIG Lake St. WK PAY CASH FOR 2ND HANI) FURNITURE Phone 5031 Huhbard 2nd llantl Furniture Store. FOR PERMANENT WELDING & IMMEDIATE SERVICE—CAU, Blylhcville Machine Shop PHONE 803 or 848 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co, 301-303 E. MAIN Batteries .BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J.. B. dune At Tom Jackson's Service Station (A TVRAKINOSAUR.!- HISHNEK- A GREAT MONSTER HA9 SCALED TH' CLIFFS-WE COULDN'T STOP IT—OUR SPEARS ONLV BROKE OR GLANCED OFF ITS HOR.MV HIPE —WEteE POOMED MER.CV ON US' IF-THAT THING GETS UP HERE, WE'LL PIE LIKE FLIES.' 5EE- 7HERE I&NO STOPPING =— _© I93S BY NEA SERVICE, INC , \~\e - OH votvx PteOOX VO\)t '•' t.T) 1916 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. 7. M. PEG. U. S. PAT. Off. WASH TUIJI5S -JUNIOR RIGHT, PET, THERE'S MO FUTURE IN TOOTIN' ATCAPFIC WHISTLE .'WE-AH- MUST CONSIDER THE LACfe FUTURE. IT AINT FAIR/PAPA. 3. WAMTA LEAliN HOW TO TTZAClt DOWN DES PERADOES AMP COSMETIC THIEVE THERE'S A FELLER WHO'S PEDDUN' STOLEN COSMETICS, WASH. I WAMT VE TO INTERVIEW ALL THE PRETTV felRLS IM TOWN AN' SEE IF VE -v KIM GIT A LINE ON HIM. HEY, MAMA, CAN 1 INTERVIEW p Kerry L&,TOO? ONE DEPUTY'S ENOUGH JUNIOR .V£ KIN DIRECT TRAFFIC DOWN AT5KUMKI AMP MAIN. SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC U. S. PAT OFF. I'M PPETIY SURE I CAKI GALLOP TD TOUCH- WO OKIE OF IMPORTANCE! MOST OF THE KIDS KWOW1 HA>/E rr CIWCHED! owty A FELLOW MAMED Tl PLEV IS SILLY DID^rOU GET SHOTS OF HIM, GEORGE DIDWT TRY! HIS HEAD IS GETTIK1S SO LARGE I WAS AFRAID ~ COULDMT GET fT (MTO THE PICTURE .' AUTTHISiGTb S/W ABOUT WHAT AMYOKIE ELSE TRr'- IKIG CUT FOR QUARTERBACK? KIMDA LOOKS TO ME I AS IFHE'SA LITTLE ' SURE OF HIMSELF.' ^ I THWK HE EXPECTS L/OT YEAR'S PRESS' CLIPPIMQS TO CARR/ THE BALL FDR HIM ! YOU EXPECT TO MUCH TROUBLE.' THE QUARTERBACK PO- smow is WAITING FDR ME.' DO THIS YEAR, FRECK ? EK'OUGH .TO TRY Tires, Dclco Accessories at

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