Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 8, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1942
Page 1
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NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS,;,; WEQNESfP^y, .JU^Y 8, 1942, Roosevelt and Churchill Are Eighth Cousins FRANCIS COOKE : ' ( •, ,* .» • • . ' JOHN COOKE RICHARD WARREN SARAH WARREN Th»y rrwirrl«<l Thom*» 1 I KLUABETH COOKE m«rrl«d D«niel Wllicox KSTHKR TABKR m Sjirnue) P«rry 1 SARAH COOKE nurritd Arthur' H«th«w«y DANIEL WII.LCOX, JR m, Hannah Cook* JONATHAN HATHAWAY m. Suwmrnh Pop* KBKNK2KK PKRKY m Abjnil Pemndtn 3AMUKI. PKRKY m. SuiftAnah Swift coumn) DANIRL WILLCOX, m. Sarah ,,. unkr>own) i —" i DEBORAH HATHAWAY m. Jirah Swih WILLIAM WJLLCOX m Oorothjr SUSANNAH SWIFT m. SamuVi P«r,ry <her couiin) . ''' I DKOORAM PKRRY m. otfh Church WILLIAM WILLCOX, JR. m Sarah This Ua« endt whh marriage of cou»in§, DRBORAH CHURCH m. Warfrn Dtlano DAVID WILLCOX m. Anna Bah«r WARREN DKLANO| m. CfifK«r(n4 U»a»»m l>. «...! • m -~~- KLANCH tyrt^an J SARAH DELANO CLARISSA WILLCOX m. Ambrote Hal) •• ' • PRKSIDKNT FRANKLIN &KLANO KOO8KVR1-T CLARISSA HALL m. Leonard W J«fOm4 • ~ JRNNIE JEROME m. Lord Randolph Churchill I PRIMK MINlSTfcK WINSTON CHURCHILL Preildent Roo««velt and Prime Churchill lth.Cou»m» oncf rfmovfd ,11m Karley, I hat maker of kings', who bus 1 been busily boosL- J'rieiul, NIC attorney-general, ib .beyond 1 (juestlon. HoWcvoi 1 tiic .ydqng Du-mo'cr^ts of New York ""&lty* showe'd a sound instinct irt 6nV direction. Jl'm Farley ' would bo u much more appealing candl- Gasoline illing stations In. Great Britain have b6en sharply' fe'dfftTecl to'" ma'Jco 1 it more 'difficult for mvatl- \td Obtain ing bis I'rlend, Attorney General j date than tho somewhat colorless John J. Hennott, Jr., tor Mm J)emo- Uii«. Bennett. And the Democrats orallo nomination for .governor of NoSv Yorky and who has ]jis oan- diilat(! w.oll out in front at t.his.nio- rnent has just been faced with the »amo kind of quc.stion' tho,t PrisoU- la Mulllns gave L6 • J.'ohn-Alclen: "Why don't you speak I'Or youi 1 - solf? 11 The YouYis Domocratlc club of New York city has called, .upon Karley to 1'iiiV for governor, Jn a i-csolutlon extolling Parley's quail- 1 , lloatlons and aiming, to start a "draft Farley" nipvenient. ,/.;. , : The struggle i'br Vh'e govoi'no,iv r ' : ship of America's largest .popiilat- eel state promises t'o be•interpstlhs'v Attorney dongral /John j; Bennett, Jr.,' Is To'garded' : by Defnbcrats as a depenflnble r 'pai;ty :r man' bijf.' Js not loo k e d' u p o n ' y\ ! i tli 'f(i\ o r i n t h o White House. ;; :'' ; '''"•£:•?.•. :..; ' • On tlie other ••'s'Wb.Vp.f! tlid.•'i'eijo'c,;'; Po in D ewoy 'u n dp u b tejl J-y':\'l s,' In tti oi* mid for the 'nomination; u'nloss' h'' plans are upset by^anQther VVlllkio" mo;vqi'pQntv;Wh1(!lv is •assiduously promoted/by tlve same Democrats are going to 1 need a good- candidate to boat Tom Dowey .who •cyanic so nqar to beating the popular ,Governor Lehman four tigo. ' persons who engineered ; \Villkio's laiulidaey for the presidency; . " ' ,7Im ( Krti'loy 'has .never indicated' that h'n wanted to ,run i'or governor of N o \v Y o r k , a n'd Ills 1 a>\i 1 ty t o ,.-.,.„ H, of course, unless the WlIllvre' ; ,enthusiasts upset the ap- ? and "throw" tlic electi'on 1 own party. •» » » . 'Jorlugal and Spain'account for ' 70" per cen-t. of the annual 1 , of cork, says the' of Commerce.' . lo~ t'he Department of Commerce, LEG-AL NOTICE -• annuiil meeting of -the lot ojwriers b,f the Grove : Cemetery As LEGAL NOTICE District of Naugatuqk, ss. Probalo Court, July 7, 1942.' •Estate of Manga ml Donnelly, late of NaugnUick, hi sa'irt District, deceased: The Administratrix having exhibited her ad<m in Is I/ration account wilh said estate to I his Cou<rt for allowance, it is ORDERiSD-^T-h-nt the 10th day of July, A. D. 1942, • at. 2:00 'O'clock in tlie afternoon at the Probate Office in Naugatuck, be ami the same ; is assigned i'or a 'heading ; 'On. J/Ji<& allowance -of. -s-oJd.: Administration Ac- cou.n-t with" said • EsJ&tc, /and' ibis C o u r t d i r e.cts l.h e Adn>i nistra.trix . to cite -all'- pe'rscms i, in terestecr\ therein l-o appear ; ol- sakl•/time'.and;,.place, pu'bliisbi'iig"'.'this'",' pi'der, v In some scorrs SCRAP BOOK *4. SCOTT] kk.- -I .i.'-t j * . * i | "•- i • i , , i .. -.. 'I ' J il I-* V-l *.f I JK3 J J i I I'« iJt I t & , *J t. \.l\sJ III *3 W f 1 I <-> ^(a|;jon .will be-held at Ihe.Nau'ga- n cwspailer publish Irv'New ]faven : tuck.Rational .Bank at 2 p. m. W. S; couMy arid .huvingJai^irculnUoii. in T.V on Monda.y, July--13,--J942. ,-The ^a pi^niet, and pfeliirigVcopyJ.OTI annual meeting of the. Trustees of said / Assoei'aliioii.; will be held 'at 2':15 p. in. W/'S.,T.'p'n tlie same date, at,the Naugatuo'k National Bank. EM.JL MANNWICILfEB, . - ; .' President. '. • , V 7-3dC> . ,. the putoi'ie : .'Vsign'' post J'^ tlie.,'..tpwn •of Naiigatiick. .wjVere'^llie; last dwelt, at least .-^twoy fore said, day as I sg-ii ed.' .'"'•"• ° D. RMMET SHRA; • Judge. CORX LEGS FRY A CLASSIFIED AD '-W THE DAM NEWS.... RESULTS ARE CERTAIN! ETTA KETT By PAUL ROBINSON Franklin D, Koouovolt urn? Prlnt« MlnUtor Wln«tort Ohiirohlll arc eighth cousins, once removed, according to Conklln Munn, ^dnonloglat nnd editor ot the Now York Clonealotflcal and Biographical Record. «h*»t, worked out by Mann, ehows tli« llnoa of closcont of tho two famed leaders from JohnjCpoke, who arrived in th* U, S, on tho Muuflower in 1020, Consult Classifications Below For Profit. Watch Them Daily Announcements f.o«t uml found Merchandise LOST — A wnllol, MiuiHny, III I'.i-iitt'r nl 1 town, aMH oon|,(M-t John. Crown Mtn»rl, Union (Illy. 7-7-<l\ix — Tiro mid rlin, Krlduy holwiM«ti KalN ami NaiiKalnnk, lln- ward. Phono [HilHl VVaM-chiiry. 7-ri-dMx. >*OIINI>— A brown i<nd tun Hl/od doM, l-'rhlay nlglili fKvn- fr>ay havn Harnn l»y (ialllllK «WWM, Proving propiu'ly and paying I'or thin mlvorliMfMnMol. 7-i>.flM. WICK MM MAIIY CAIlhlAUKS .. HADUOY'H ANN MX EASILY LNWALLKI) Slip Joint Kuvw ThrmiKh I0t» fool Pipe ,.,IO(i foot luklri'H , ...from $W,50 up JOHN. J, CJAIUltifdi A S(»NH, INC. MONHMKNTM Special prlucM 0(1 AH i\ W. nrOHAflhS yi'O Ho. Main St. Gf.USINM fiU'l 1 ALL "ANDKHSON" (1 A S H A N (I I'! H Th«! only rango I hat r.ookH on retained boat 1 nOMKSTir, AIM'LIA.NCK (inllP. 'id (h'und St., Wnlnrliury. Din I U-8«-1 ['ARTS & 8IOIWGIO FDH A 1,11 MAKMS HK WAHHTN'O AFAOniN'KS' DOMKSTIU APP/.IANCIW CIOHP, Ornncl SV, SVutorbury. Dl'il 3-WM8 Nai'Kf Stoi^k M K, Main, Cor, Golf, nl, ,'WMJO g MattrnH.^8 KUIIiNMTUHK COMPANY Authorlxwl Slatlnn BMNDIX f,At.lN|)HY . tOVINIO JOf/WCJTRIO CO, 8 Church Sti'oot Dial 502/i For Prompt Hot-vino nuidy for work, 7:flO a. in. tools, Nc.w IncrooMK In pay with yearly IIOIHIM. No Nhortatfo of \vork, Wo inl'K. our own (nalurlalM, SIM) Mr. llimlo.y, Tllo fioollnx Co,, 427 Haw I Main, Walnrbury, 7-Hd!l — Sdloollon or hrnakfanl room woln, oooaHioiifil tahli'M, rnapln and mahogany, J.OWOM!. prlcuin In Iho (Jlty, 't\\Q \\M\\H Shop, IMO Oi-firul HI., Anlo.s un<l TrnokM KOI* Halt* 1030 H In to* .Poll oo Car, Tudor ,,,,,,,,.,<«. 1040 1940 Btudnbakor Hodan,, JHIfi.OO 1J»iO K6P(» 1-Ton KxrM'f'MM ^f>72.W) il>W Kord l-Ton Slnko,,, ,$5IO.(K) ; Many othor fj.vooptlolnal, Low I'r loud OarH, . TIIK NAlK4.ATt/(!K m«I. OO, 17 (llnifoh Hi, IMiono r>2 SKf.h TO J PAUTY ,'l rooinn of iMjaiitlful, nrw, modern I'MJn.NITDMM, nuvor du'llvurwl or usnd; HUdd«,'n i'Vf:nl.H uaumul a '•liafiK* 1 of pi.uiM, so y.ou oan buy llil^ .'J-plooo, living room wllh lamps, tabloM, oto,; modern wnlVil bodrooin and fi-pliwo kllolHin M\ I'or only $150 liTO dnpOHlt and $M wnokly WIIIInK to HO|| .separately, May bo aoon at your oonvi'nlnnnu at Albort'H l' 1 uni, Co,, AVthy, VIJH South Main SI. Phono 4-JHM Car, Train or HUH nxpoimt'fl rofundod 7-71 r Employment OH,"-* YOU STILL THEREXA SOLDIER/ HOWD you, MEET 1ALL, BLOND I rOLOVou I WAS WAITING FOfZ MN DATE/ ANVO5JECTIONS Df^OOP SECRET AGENT X9 By ROBERT STORj Mim .Wanted U'AN'I'KD —lloy.s for (MiiTlor 'routes. Ap|)ly Mr. Dilloni C'.lrcnlatlo-n Nfanager, NuiiM'atuck D/iify News. 18 Women Wanted WAN'I'IOD—•S oi 1 doslrb.H ];OHlllon, Ton ypnrs' dlvtirHlflud uxpuriunuo, To I, Nuuga- luck 2718, 7-U-dft, WANTIOO—Capa hi-fi \voinan \Vould Ilkn poMlMon doing Ughl housn- work am^ oookliig. Tol. ,'I1W Tor appolnitrnonl. at'UM 1 0 p. m. Musi M'o homo nlKhlia, 7-7d,'lx Business Service ONE OP AIRMEN, YOU WILL APPRECIATE MAT you ARE ABOUT TO. SEE INSIPZ THI& , LIEUTENANT' RUDOLF! CAREFUL you DON'T JACK5, PRINCE HIM—' MAJOR THAT MAN! AND ABOUT INTERRUPTING ?. BOMBER* By WILLIAM RITT ami^lLAIlENCE GRAY Wanted to llcndor Service in f/ood nso<l ,radios, pi'ic.ed at $II-$r)-$iO. New MiiKland Music Shop, .102 Grand St., Waturbury. Dial 4-7193. • C-23-t'.f. ;i,i:cini(,\L AND KAIHO l*i'lw i .s CO. ToK SWAiN^ 5 Church Street M ID-WICK.K JUhVSil'WOIALS Card Tabl'iH Tablo harupH HrldK" Odd MaHroMHOM Il-Kh China fl-po, LlvlriK lUiorn Sulto UKhflOOM, LIVING MOOM, KITOIIKiV ., $ ,!W 'J.Ofi M.Wi $79 II)') OTIfKH TIIIIII'T ITKMS TO SKhKCT KHOM! HK VHttW'fY - '- - SHOP ATTm.O ANNI'iX JfAIM/IOV'S ANNIOX 10,1 Muadow Slrcoh Watcrhury On nil and I'ACKAIU) (1 CONV, . Cif^UB CIM'l ,,,, 10,'Ki PAf',K/\KI) H ChUM StiT>/W ,.., CffHYSfJ'lll, HO VAN $625 $345 $690 ,.> ., . — OM«HJ K1 Pacicard-Wnfcorhury, Tnc, "A HAI-'IO PLAfJM TO W»Y" Avonun Dlril 4-Hll cjrU&nt ('findl'timi; gm/d UHw, fluid dN^i. ftarllo, ulp <ir>frdl|.ffM, hciif- «'r.''C?ftll a|ff.«r T) p, rn, N'utlM'nlurk 47«a. < 7-8-rlfl. 10—Anlo l'»*rt«< * SiH i"?»?tr.u^^V-^'^'-.'. 'J?i\ ^ i/ r*ivj^'»- JT*,V-" f , t^f : r /jl'liyi |riHUfioUr/M -S ' Tiro St., VVtby, of ro inO(|nratr> prlonn, NKW RNdliAiViJ MUSIC! SHOP Oniurl St, Dial a-7JO» NOW »M the llino to s your fur ooal. . Pick up and ilollvftry soi'vlc.o. Also foi* (ho hiKst dry uletmiiiij, tolc- phono iJOliU KIKVM'AN'S 73 Chiit-iiii Sli«c(, NniMjntuok IJOT MJs Put Yiiiik 1 Lawn Mower In Hhapo for tho sonson, Mowers shnrponod, ropalrod, othi'pail for and delivery goryloo.. Melbourne's Sorvloo Station, jUibbbr avenue. Tolophono 3420, " 4-7-tf 1UIHINKS.S SFJKVICIC Kloolrolux Cleaner; Sorvlfjo and ro- Called for ancl ! delivered. Phono 1. NIsHon, 4822, '• • 0-0-1 mo.x AUTO hAnio MKPAIU s flUAVhJSON A SJMS ' 28C, Soiilir Main St. Walorbiiry Dial «-2Wiri... „ , 1)1 VITQ'ft- MUSIC) ^ HMGOlUXiNG STUDIOS All InHtTiirnniitM TtiUKht, Nfarlf) AM Low AM (VK 2r,7 So, Mftln St. "'nl, Mot at Ooilin^'ri OuttnrH, lidndurn, Tinning, Hoofing and Kurnano Work JAM m BAK1CR, Hradlny St, NntiKaluolt, norm, 71 Wnnt(ul~- Honrrt or I.<Mlf|ln(|M TO HtOiN'l'—Onn riirni.shfMl, donldo room, Kllnbon prlvllogoH, If du. Apply 200 Scott Htrunt, 7-0-d(J.v, TO IlKNT— .Nicely HUl'tab.lo for (mf! i>j mmi. AM (uwve or room, I wo Apply at 7-8-U3X SAI.K—An ll-i'ooni two-famlly hoiiHo,- ono-nnH K<irago, extra largo lot, A-l uoiullllon, located i/i Union Rl-ty, Price $(5,000, Also boatitlful building lot with, nil 'Imyrovomnnlfl 'and collar ah'oady dug. H harguln at $700. donated on North lloadley Hlrnet. If you want to buy or sell or build, soo Patsy Lubrlola, Realtor, Phono fMSS or B8.14. 'OH .SAI«l<:~-liun(lalo\v of 5 rooms, all Improvements Including hot water hoat and oak trim, $'i.500. Now /i-rooin' modni-n bungalow, ^,000. Hranrl new modern /i-room hoiiHo with 2 extra rooms unfinished, $0,000, I'Mvo-room modern onu-fumlly IIOUHO, 2 lots, $0,500, iri-i'ooiii U-famlly IIOUHO. A-l con dltlon. (Joint-ally located, $9,500, A Sheplny, Telephone 2/»M,'}. For Rent Real Estate 712 uncl Tenements TO HKNT—A riirnlMhiMl .-room, for 1 or 2 por.Hons, all oonvcmlonocs, wnst fjklo of town. Gall 2547 bo- IWIHJII (5 and 7 p, m. . 7-«-tlG. 'l ( 0 01' MNT—li'or IIH-II only, doiililo »inKl«" t'urnlfthftfl -rooms. All Phono.47.%. 7-8-d/i TO IIKNT-T KurnlHhod room I'or J o poi-HonH, Apply at J07 Moadow ! 7-7U3x BRADFORD AS THE ELDER BROTHER FIGHT THIS STRANGER ARRIVED AT TME FIELD OF DUELS, BRICK FACES THE TWb BROTHERS WHO HAVE VOWED HE MUST DIE THEY OWOSE WEAPONS UARNEY aOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH opr. 1942, King PLMiurcs Syndiwi*."inc., Worl^J nglits ' BIG SISI'ER By LES FORGRAVU TO pisrutt.8 you TMlS rtbURVSlRj BUT MOOSE JUST BURGLARIZED BURGLARS/ IM HOUSE? •I'VE- NOTHING A BURGLAR' WOULD WANT.' I CAN'T IMAGIWE-WHAT IT COULD BiE ! COME COME VOU P- WAD. _ TABLE LAST GONE! ~ ByWALLY (30SR MOT! I SISTER. 1 OS "TO BEAT ...AMD SHE .THEN CLEAN GOT CEL.L.AR 1 . TO MOW THE ' ASK THEM .KJn« Fctturci Syndicate, trie.; .World riitlili reserved

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