York Daily Record from York, Pennsylvania on June 17, 1921 · 14
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York Daily Record from York, Pennsylvania · 14

York, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 17, 1921
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i 14 THE GAZETTE AND DAILY. YOKK, PA.. FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 17, 1921 i r CHOOL BTUDT BPORT GAZETTE-DAILY E MK WORK PULT Delight of Children Qyg ANp QlRLS NEWSPAPER I PleaTe o PoIl 7 ha Bia UttU Papa ia tha Warid. Copfniht, 11X1. Edllad br XdlUrad V. Dacfear u4 Jaka H. SUSQUEHANNA TRAIL TO OPEN TO PUBLIC TOMORROW MORNING The Old Home Town !iuj iunsr TODAYS GREAT PERSON 1 Jim 17 Your Birthday? Harrison Cody, well-known illustrator of magazines and books. He was born on Sunday, July 17, 1877. His home is in Brooklyn, N. Y. lOCM TOUCHING 8TORY TOLD OF A LITTLE GIRL Pauline Auchey. Spring Grove. B. 1. 4. sends the following atory and awko its publication : There in a touching story told of a little glii who wus to undergo an operation. The physician said to her. ns he was about to place her upon the operating-table, "Before we can make you well we must put you to sleep." The little girt looked up and. smiling, mid, Oh, if jou are going to put me to sleep, I must say trt? prayers first!" Then she knelt beside the table and sdld: "Sow I lay me down to slectp, I prav Thee, Iord, my soul to keep If I should die before 1 wake, 1 pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take. The surgeon said afterward that he prujed that night for the fn at time in thirty years. This little girl was only about her Fat inn 's business, , us Christ was when He was listening ! and asking questions. No one is so I small but he can attend to the bus.- 1 ness of prayer. Thank God that j tlutre are little prayers, little bur- j dens, little words, deeds and songs , adapted to little children, for shall they not lead us? Record of Christian Work. BIGf.AND LITTLE CONTINUE ; TO JOIN TH E BOYS AND GIRLS BIRTHDAY CLUB Tieblg and little Boys and little and big Girls Big-Little Newspaper extends a hearty welcome to the new big and little members of the Birthday club, whatever size they may be. Our mall brings coupon for the following new members: Char Its A. Flaharty Lester L. hove grave Mildred Flaharty Margaret Bennett Louelia Bennett Edna Snyder Ashmer Snyder Bewiice Valtland Annie M. Altland Oladya V. Rainer Marie E. Hamer Janet Lentz Jeanette Pickel Oleita Jamison Eiuard F. Jamison Mary Ida Mummert Ray K. Mummert Ethel R. Stambaugh Roman E. Stambaugh Freda F. Grim Lewis Birehall Gertrude M. Mummert Maiy Viola Flaharty Ruth E. Mummert Donald Brandt William S. Grim John A. Falkenatein Esta Corinna Grim Eerett E. Ehrhart Dorothy Trimmer Inez L- Thomas Verna Newhaus Edith E. W'iley Belda G. Neuhaus Arthdt E. Haugh Ada G. Neuhaus Mai f 3 A Wilson Treva L. Rohrbaugh W. Lewellyn Wilson AUean E. Brenneman Arthtf L. Wilson Earnest Rodemer G. leegrove, Jr. Luther A. Strajer, Jr. Pauf C. Lovegrove Edgar R. Myers Marii F. Lovegrova George Myers George 3. Wilson MONTH OF THE PEARL GOOD ONE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY EVENT June, the Month of the Pearl! How fortunate ard those members of the clut who celebrate their birthday this month, for one of the choicest gifts that can be given is a pearl in any setting. Heres hoping that the following members of the birthday club who celebrate their anniversary today, may receive a beautiful pearl: Kenneth S. Alwine, New Oxford K-D. 3, Clearvicw school, 12 years old. Ellen Nora Little, Dover, Pa., Dov-r school, 10 years old. John H. Ruff, Whiteford, Hd Enterprise school, 8 years old. Mildred Irene Lentz, 622 West York avetnue. Pacific Avenue school, 13 years old. Harold Eugene Lentz, York R. D-0, Gladfelters school, 8 years old. Carl E. Seitz, Felton, Pa, Felton schol, 7 years old. Ralph S. Flaharty, Delta R. D. 4, 6 years old. Frances E. Root, 1508 Second avenue, Elmwood, Elmwood school, 10 years old- J. Edwin Ruff, Delta. Pa., Bryans ville school. 6 years old. Warren G. Kline, York R. D. 3 Wills school, 8 years old. Valeria A. Stein, Red Lion, Red Lion school, 8 years old. Mary E- Warner, Woodbine. Pa Mt. Pleasant school, 11 years old. Gladys H. Orwig, New Freedom Pa., Keenys school, 11 years old. Beatrice B. Kauffman, Mt. Wolf R. D. 1, Starview school, 14 years old- Charlotte F. Krebs, Glen Rock, Pa., Krebs school, 11 years old. Louis Chester Kauffman, Laurel, Pa . 5 years old. Paul Bixler, 30 West 8th avenue. North Yoork, Eagle school, 13 years old. Millard Bartel. Pylesville, Md Highland school, 14 years old. Gerald Hildebrand, 621 Courtland street, Plank Road school, 7 years old. Warren G KllnG, York R- D. 3, Wills school. 8 years old. Morton Williams. 666 West Philadelphia street, was five years old yesterday. Biff- Diary SOFT DRINKS Theres money in them for you if you will go after it- Summer is the rush season for the soft drink vender. "But, you ask, "how am I, a mere boy (or girl, just as you happen to be) sell soft drinks when the field Is already crowded with people who make their living that way? The field isnt crowded. Is there a soft drink man at tho club or school baseball game? Baseball fans usually consume no little amount of liquid and if there isnt any one already there to supply the drinks (as there usually isnt at amateur games),. why dont you step in and make some money? There are various Other occasions where soft drink men are needed but arent to be found. The picnic grounds out in the woods Is one good place. DAILY HARDKNOT (Make one up and send it in.) This is the name of a professional boxer we all know. Contributed by Marie and Ed. Answer to yesterdays: Richmond A G-W.AVW fMSTAKW -PAV. ICoVW Com MSHeB Rcrrrtw. MtD Tbs Susquehanna troll. & road ef concrete extending from the city limits ef York to the Maryland line, will b4 thrown open to traffic on Saturday, It was announced yesterday by C. E. Cole, superintendent of the local district of the state highway department. There will then be a continuous hard surface road from York to Baltimore, all In gtod con dition. except a stretch ef about three and one-half miles between the Maryland line and Parkton. This email section Is rough, but is free of mud. That part of the road In Maryland which has not been rebuilt. It la reported, has been ordered placed ia passable condition by the Maryland road commissioner. EarUer la the year it had been piaaaed to complete this section to join with the Pennsylvania highway, but a lack of funds has compelled a delay in the work, it la. said. FISHER NOT AT STATE HOSPITAL rellowing & chi which led her ta believe that Oliver Fisher, Kffl of Mr. Mary PUher. 47 Wert Jackson street, who has been miastag since March, is sot Inmate ef the stats asylum at Harrisburg. Mra. Miller, sister to the missing man. Invert igsted the matter and found that be had not been admitted there. No other information .concerning FU-bev' a whereabout has been received. . . MINDS THE COWS MORNING AND EVENING William S. Grim, Winterstown. 1 am a boy fourteen years old. I live on a large farm near Winterstown of about 40 acres. WP have two cow, which I milk and mind every morning and evening. I go to Hake school. My teacher was Mr. Georgia Stabley. 1 like her very much, and she was a good teacher. 1 go to Sunday school e ery Sunday at the' U. B. church of Winterstown, and 1 like my Sunday school teacher, too. SO 'T WAS Said the hero in the story: "He threatened to throw me over the cliff but it was only a blufl. "Is it going to rain today?" asked Bert. I'm not sure, replied Hairy, "but I feel the change in my pocket. A RIDDLE ANSWERED By R. Alvsun Baker. Dear Editor: Having noticed in the paper a riddle that you want answered. I will give you the answer. What is as big as a cow and as light as a feather? Ana. A cloud. HARD JOB FOR JIM "Have you brought the number of your housel for our directory, Jim?" asked the tencher. "Yes'm, I've got it, b-ut I had an awful time getting it off -it was nailed on so tight." TO CELEBRATE THE FOURTH ANNUAL DAY FOR GIRLS TOMORROW Tomorrow is the fourtfh annual Girls Day. Girls Day was founded by the Camp Fire Girls. It is the time, "knee deep in June, when girls all over the country will get out of doors and make merry. Camp Fire Girls throughout the country have planned suitable celebrations for tomorrow. Singing, hiking, pageants all to express the spirit of the occasion. Through the official organ of the Camp Fire Girls, members of that organization have been urged to make Girls Day a gift day, too. It was suggested that they go into the fields for daisies and into their gardens for roses and other flowers, and then give these to some one who is unfortunate and cannot be out in the lovely June weathor. Tomorrow is to be a day of real happiness. NUTS TO CRACK (Make up one and send it in.) What kind of a goody is it that has for the first part of its name the sound a cork makes when it is pulled out of a bottle, and for the last part, a product of the fields? Contributed by G. H. Yesterdays: What kind of a fish would be useful in a lumberyard?" Sawfish. WHAT SHALL I WRITE ABOUT? Special for girls: Do you like being a girl? Why? Or would you rather be a boy? Why? MY HOBBY John L. Kable, Jr., York High school, 1013 North George St. For the past year I have been greatly interested In wireless. A few months ago I put up my aerial, which was considerable work. 1 had to get on our house roof to put it up. Previously I had. fastened two poles to our two chimneys and then I pulled the aerial up between theee poles. My aerial is composed of four solid copper wires, No. 14 gauge, spaced about two feet apart. At each end of these wires there is an lMulator. That is an object made of porcelain that looks like ar ball, with a hole in each end. The object of these insulators is to prevent any energy which is either being received or transmitted to escape. At each end of the aerial 1 have a spreader or piece of wood about eight feet long, to which the insulators are fastened. In the middle of each of the four wires I have another wire fastened. Theae four' wire leading from the aerial are fastened together and brought down to the lightning switch. These wires form what is known as the lead in. The lightning switch looks like any Other switch, only it is much larger and capable of standing 600 volta. 100 amperes. I also put a six foot pipe in the ground and brought a wire from this up to the lightning switch. The lightning switch afford capable pro tection against lightning. I connected my receiving set with my aerial and ground, and have since been receiving daily time and weather from the government station at Arlington, Va. Some of my friends are wireless bugs and we frequently exchange ideas through the air. HAVE 13 HEAD O P s CATTLE ON HIS FARM C- Gilbert Kilgore, Delta, Pa. I live on a farm near Delta. We have 13 heiad of cattle of which six are milk cows. We go to the creamery at Bryansville. 1 attend school at Mt. Holly. Mr. Wise was my teacher last year and I am glad he will be my teacher this year. I like to read the Boys and Girls newspaper in the Gazette. JUST LIKE A GIRL She stood before her mlrror With her eyes closed vary tight. And tried to see Just how she looked When fast asleep at night. O, THAT PATCH Dora Elva Gohn, Felton, R. D. 2. Little Johnny Is the bright son of a poor downtown family. He goes to school every da, and is a model in h.s studies and conduct, but lie Is QHlch ashamed that his clothes are not as good as those of the other boys His teacher was (txplaining the points of the com pub the other day She said: "Now, Johnny, you have in front of you the north, on ouv light tile Cast and Johnny on your lft the west. Hut, Johnnv, tell me whnt you have behind you Johnny turned sky blurt pmk and, after a moment' hesitation, bald. "I've got n patch on my hack; I just knew oud see it. 1 told Dad you would" Catharine Pauline Melhorn, York R. D. No. 8. Big at the bottom, little at the top, something in the middle goes flippety flop? Ans. A butter churn. What part of your ear would be the most essential for a martial banc? Ans. The drum. W iat Is the keynote of good man-ne,? Ans. Aj, man, Elmer L. Smith, Glen Rock R. F. D. 1 What is it-that a man never wants but after he has it he does not want to lose it? Ans. A bald head. A POEM Fiom Raul W Buckingham, eight years old, Red Lion, R. L. No 1 Up, up, In the sky, the little btrds flv, Down, down in the nest, the little birds rest . With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right. The dear little birds sleep all the long night. SURE, EARL. WRITE AND SEND IN SOME NEWS Earl K. Cooper, Delta R. D No. 3. I am a boy fourteen years of age. I live near Slatevlfie church We moveVi to this place last fall and last winter I went to Slateviiie school. My teacher wu Mrs- Mary Jonas. 1 1 k-ed her very much. She took such an interest in her scholars. She was the best teachetr 1 ever had. I am working on a farm for N. B. Cooper. I will write some nows for the Boys and Girls newspaper if you will care to have it. I was in the sixth grade last winter, but I pojssed for the seventh. in examination. My birthday is July 18, when I will be fourteen years of age. I love to read and have read a good many books through.. Girvin Shelley, Felton. From a number thats odd cut Off the head, It then will even be. Its tail, I prav, next take away, your mother then youll see? Ans. Seven, even. Eve Why does a fat man when squeezed compliment the ladies? An.' Hocnuse the pressure makes him flatter. Evelyn R. Kraft, York R. D. 7. As I was going to my chamber Window, I heard something fall. I sent m maid to pick it up but she could not pick it all? Ans. Snuff. Dolores E. KesBler. 329 S. Queen St. Why doesnt Santa Claus come down .the chimney? Ans. Because he is afraid of the flu Mabel Deitz, Hellam R. D. No. 1. When is a baby not a baby? Ans. -When it's a little dear. Margaret Spahr, Dover. What has three feet and cannot walk? Ans. A yard stick. Kenneth H Haugh, Broguevllle. What is the difference between an oak tree and a tight shoe? Ans. One makes acorns and the other makes cordis ache. What is the difference between a ma se and a young lady? Ans. One wit res to harm the cheese, and the other to charm the lie's. What is the difference between a farmer and u seamstress Ans. One gathers what he sows and the other sews what she gathers. IDlRorbaCjt BILLS NOSE Aftr reading the article About day modeling that Was printed last week, I Wa Inspired. I went Dowii'iown and bought some Clay. Then I made the tools And wo Boon ready to start On a statue when a friend Of mine dropped in. Of oourse, He wanted me to make a bust of Him, so I did, or rather, I Tried. Somehow I couldnt Get the nose on right. It Wanted to lean either to the Right or to the left and l juet couldnt get It straight. Rut the finished product, not Counting the nose, wasnt bo bad. Only Bin said it didnt Look much like him. Contributed by "The Modeller. IS VISITING GRANDFATHER'S home in SHREWSBURY Lewis Birchaii, 570 Madtedn Avenue, Y ork. Pa. 1 little hoy eight years old, and I live in York, but I am at my grandfathers at Shrewsbury. I am having a good time. I dont know when I am going home. Evelyn R. Speck. Wellsville, Pa. Why is n the gayest letter in the alphabet? Ans. Because it is al ways in fun. When is a young ladys cheek not a cheek? Ans. When its a little pale (pail). Melva S. Enfield, Laurel, Pa.'' Why Is Christianity like the letter G. Ans. Because it makes the lad Klad. 2 Y -Y U R, 2 Y Y U B. I C U R 2 Y Y 4 Me? Ans. To wise you are, to wise you be. 1 see you are too wise for me. Eltr Ebaugh, Glen Rock R. D. No. 4. fhat shape is a kiss? Ans. A lip tickle. Wlhen Lots wife turned into a pillar of salt, what did he do? Ans. He got a fresh one. James M. Curran, Jr., Laurel, Pa. Why is a kiss like gossip? Ans. Because it goes from mouth to mouth. Salome Louisp Melhorn, 8, York, Pa. Why is a horso a curious feeder? Ans. Because he eats best when he has not a bit in his mouth. What is the hardest thing to deal with? Ans An old deck of cards. Bessie E. Richardson, Woodbine, Pa. If a bushel of corn Is worth $2.00, what will a horse come to? An. A bushel of oats. Witmer, up Russell What goes down? Ans.-What has Ans. -A corn R. Windsor and I A kite. ears and cant stalk. D. 1. pull it hear ? Paul D. Bubb. Dover, Pa. What do women do that most men dont? Ans Wear a dress. Why should girls not wear corsets? Ans. It makes them too tieht. Rosella I. Krebs you know how to make Do coat last? Ans. Make and vest first. Why does a hen lay an egg? Ans Because she cannot lay a brick. Why is a policeman like a rainbow? Ans. He rarely appears before the storm is over. Why are the tallest people the laziest? Ans. Because they are longer in bed than others. Edna G. Routson. Why is an ugly man like ered rose? Ans- Because likes him. a with-nobody J. Clyde Weight, 30 North Water St. Why Is a cloud like a man driving a horse? Ans. Because they both hold their reins. Why is twenty to twenty like knot. AnsK Because its tied. When is a number like an apple? Ans. "When its eight. When is a salmon like a cigar Ans. When its smoked. Why is a book like the inside of a watermellon. Ans. Because its red. George A. Beck, York, Pa., R. F. D. No. 4 Why is the letter F of such great value? Ans. Because it makes beef out of bee. Anna L. Daron, Dover, Pa. There was a girl in our town, Silk an satin was her gown; Silk an gold an velvet. Guess her name. Three times Ive told it Ans. Ann. Georget Garrett, York, Ta. Why ia a steel trap like smallpox? Ans.- Because it is catching. What is the difference between a coat and a baby? Ans The one I wear, th other I was. Whv is it right that B comes before C? Ans. Because we must B before we can C. Charles Silk, Felton R. D. 3. If & farmer raises sixty bushels of wheat on a dry day, what will he raise on a wet day? Ans. Umbrella. Miss Florence A. Bums, Jacobus, Pa. If a carpenter builds a new house, how many nails does It take to finish the house? Ans. The lat nail he ha in the house. Mary M. Stewart, 150 S. Albemarle St., York, Pa. Why is a pair of skates like an apple? Ans. They have occasioned the fall of man. What does a man first fall against when he falls out, of a three-story window? Ans. Against his WllL Grace E. Taylor, Castle Fin, Pa. A, woman in a hoarding house wanted to divide twelve apples adfong five children and divide them enly. How could she do so? Ans. lake apple sauce. t tanche J. Mergenthaler, Yorkana. What fruit is on a cent? Ana A date. What is that which often return, yet never borrow ? Ans. Thanks. What kind of wild animals are allowed on the lawns of th public parks ? Ans. Dandelions, Elmer S. Sechrlst, Yoe, Pa. Why do men wear large watches and ladies small ones? Ans Because men like to have a big time. Why cannot the man in the moon get married? Ans. Because he gets only a quarter a week and he needs that to get full on. Lester C. Neff, Red Lion. Pa. Luke had it before, Paul had it behind, Matthew never had it at all; all girls have it once, boys cannot have it, old Mrs. Mulligan had it twice in succession. Dr. Lowell had it before and behind and had it twice as bad behind as before. Ans. L. Mary Sheffer, Red Lion, Pa.. Upon a hill there is a mill, by this mill there is a walk, under tins walk there is a Key? Ans. Milwaukee What fruit is a lady like when settling a bill? Ans. A pear (payer), Reed Marshall, Stewartstow n, Pa On the river is a boat, in the boat is a girl. If I say her name I get the blame, for I said her name three times? Ans. The girl's name was I HAS TWO SHEEP PET8 Bertha M. Grim, R. F. D. 10. I live on a farm of about thirty-eight acres. We have four cows and three) heifers. I take them to the water to drink every day. We have two horses and One colt. I have two Sheep. Ones name is Maggie and the others "Pete." I f,ed them oats and corn- Maggie eats out of my hands. Pete is a little wild but will get better acquainted with me. I have four bantam hens and two roosters. Two of the bantam hen lay. The one is getting on the nest now. We have lots of old chickens and peep, geese and ducks. A CLOVER SONG FOR JUNE Helen Louise Gross, Mt. Wolf. R. D. 1 I wonder what the clover thinks. Intimate friends of Bob-o-links, Lover of daisies slim and white, Walltzes with buttercups at night; Kper of inn for traveling bees. Serving to them wine-dregs and lees. Left by the royal humming birds. Who sip and pay with fine-spun words; Fellow with all the lowliest. Peer of the gayest and the best; Comrade of winds, beloved the sun, Kieed by the dew drops one by one; Prophet of good luck mystery By sign of four which few may aee. Oh! Who knows what tha clover thinks? No one! undes the Bob-o-Unk. VIOLA HELPS HER MOTHER DO THE WORK Viola Swartz, New Freedom. Pa. R F. D. 1. I live on a small farm We have a lot of chickens. I help my mother to do the work. I have three little kittens. I go to school and mv teacher is Samuel Fife. I read the boys and girls newspaper. Viola Leidig, 662 East Market St If a young lady in a boat were to wish her father to pull her n the river, what classical name might she mention? Ans. You-row-pa (Eu rope.) Clarence Glatfelter What state has never married? Ans. Missesslppi. What author is the strictest? Ans. -Lawrence Sterne. Wrhat tree grows near the seashore? Ans. Beech (beach) tree. A JOKE William S. Grim. Winterstown. Johnnie: "My sister had a dread ful fright yesterday. She had a black spider run up her arm. Jimmie. "Huh! Thats nothinr. I had a sewing machine run up the seam of my pants leg. PUTTING IT OFF Theres a little story a achool teacher we knew used to tell her classes, that we think hits the nail a pretty good wallop on the head. It goes like this: First student, who had taken the flni exams and passed Tf you had worked harder you would bave passed." Second student, who had flunked "I did work hard, but I didnt start soon enough and thats where the trouble lies " Pauline M. Anstine, Broguevllle. If a bear wert into a dry goods store, what would he want. Ans. Muszling (muslin). , Paul V. Matthews. Wrigrtsville R. F. D. No. 2. Why is a ladys belt like an ash cart? Ans. Becaus. it goes around and gathers the waste. Madallne is a waltz, Dolly Gray is a two step, what Is Bred in Old Kentucky? Ans. Five and ten cents a loaf. How can you keep a dog from going mad In August? Ans. Shoot him in July. Why are two girls kissing each other like emblems Of christinity? Ans. They do to one another as they would t(iat men should do unto them. Walker, Muddy Creek Forks. Why is a rich baby like a Ford) Because it gets a new rattle every day. Why is a bashful man like a muff? Because he holds the girls hand wjthout squeeaing It. Viola Richardson, Woodbine, Pa. Spell black water in three letters. Ans. Ink. Spell cold water in three letters. Ans. Ice. WE CAN IMAGINE IT "Johnnv. can you sing " John's teacher. "Teacher," replied Johnny. "I have such a sweet oice that ever) time I warble I draw fies." THE ANTS REWARD Sunday School Teacher "No . boys, thera i a wonderful example In the life Of the ant. Every day the ant goes to work and works hard all day. Every day the ant Is busy. And in the end. what happens to him" Willie Somebody etep on 'im.' BOYS AND GIRLS BIRTHDAY CLUB nil Out this coupon and mall St toThs Gsxstte-Daily Bys a"i Girls Newspaper, 35-37 East King Straet, York, Pa. Your noma wiU b placed on our membership roll and wiU be published on your birthday. Name Addreos School Birthday.... Age Next Birthday -TO nits It does not make any difference how; much you want to pay for your Suit, you will get the same attention, and my free lenice to keep ypur suit pressed, and you wiU save from $5.00 to $10.00 on-, any suit you buy here, because oi my low rent and small overhead expense. It will pay you to investigate. - MENS PALM BEACH SUITS MENS MOHAIR SUITS $10 S12-7S tO $1475: to .$14-7S. COMPARE THESE PRICES- MENS SILK HOSE $1.00 Value 50c LADIES SILK HOSE $1.25 Value 65c MENS BALBRIG-GAN SHIRTS AND DRAWERS 65c Value 30c MENS BALBRIG-GAN UNION SUITS $1.50 Value 85c MENS HOSE All Colors 20c Value 8c MENS STRAW HATS $3.00 Value n. 95 MENS WORSTED TROUSERS $4.50 Value 2.95 MENS WHITE OR TAN SHIRTS With Button Down Collar $3.00 Value 81.95 MENS GENUINE PANAMAS $7.00 Value 84.95 MENS CLOTH AND SILK CAPS $2.50 Value 81.29 MENS WORK TROUSERS 53.00 Value 81.65 MENS FOUR-IN-HAND TIES $1.00 Value 47 c MENS BLUE, WHITE AND $1.50 Value 95c : MENS DRESS SHIRTS $2.00 Value 81.19 MENS ATHLETIC UNION SUITS $1.00 Value r Open Evenings Until 8 P- M. The Store That Saves You Money WR HOFFMAN Cut Price Clothier, Furnisher and Hatter 144 SOUTH GEORGE ST. Open Saturday Evening Until 10:30 P.M. Slate Roofs and Asbestos Shingles The Only Roofs That WiU Last a Life Time Can be placed immediately orer your old shinxlt roof without reraoriar same. A phone message will brinifaur representative . C. C. KQTTCAMP & SON Office, 515 West Market Street York, Ps I T i i

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