The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 193G BUTIIKYILLE (ARK.) COU1UISK NEWS SPICE NOTED IN.QLO California Home Building Thai Is Nol Slruc- tui'ally Sound Is Nol Worth Repairing Formal American Style Followed in Refinishing Holly Street Residence A striking example of what can Lc (lone to improve a house with n nominal sum of money is shown In UJB Meyer Orabsr residence at 1013 Holly St., which has been rc- DiortelMl and rcteoruled in the style of the formal American period. •llic exterior, of stucco, was painltxl while. A small fireplace, flanked by book cases an;l two small windows, was removed. The \vindo\vs were made larger and tii^ book cases taken out. The new fireplace is of formal design with an ivory wood mantel above which is hunEj a large square of plate glass. A door which connected the living room with the furnace room was (railed up and a new doar was opened into the breakfast room. Built-in cabinets were added to the kitchen, ons closet was cedar- lined and others were re-arranged for convenience. A new heating plant was installed. The decoration of the house is unusual and yet has a "homey" air in spite of being formal. The plastered walls and ceilings of a!l the rooms, except the three bedrooms and bath, were painted white, with matching woodwork. Cornice boards were added to the windows. The oak floors were ra- linishcd in a medium tone. The bedroom walls and ceilings are in yellow a'nd peach shades which Jiave a neutral appearance. A tile floor and wainscoting, in black and white, was put in the bathroom, where a shower was added. The living room has comfortable chairs and a sofa, a grand piano, a secretary, radio and several small tables. The breakfast room is gay with chintz seat cushions and a blooming plant on a glass tray at the window. Red and white was used in the kitchen with the while cabinets lined In red, red trimming on the curtains and in the inlaid linoleum., The bedrooms have rich colors with Copenhagen blue taffeta drap- •criesi-and bedspreads in 9112.11-00111 '••nml ,nnofhqr..jn. bft'wn taffeta with •••a lace covered chaise'..laiingc.^Yc-;, 1, are used throughout the house. The back porch was converted into a sun porch by the addition of several chairs, polled plants arranged at the screen base and a porch rug on the bright green floor. The front porch is similarly arranged. Thoroughly modern i.T design, tliis house can trace its miceslry hack to the architecture of tlie old California ranch : houses. The clever use of rna- i terials and restrained orna- 1 juent makes it neat and effective. The wide joints in (lie surface of the extension emphasize the horizontal Hue of the house. A heavy lintel over the garage door, the slender posts on (lie porch, n hay window-, anil grill in the gable arc all details which make a satisfactory whole. The picket fence is the ultimate touch which arouses a sense of ownership. The plan shows a comfortable and informally arranged i ' •••^^^•m HT KDCMI •STUSV' L_J ''••"'•' .«v". H •™i - i I Kirffii: I BMsa ENSI . l-i ewv*. I IMVIIJ- . cu Hn ' H"ioH ^—^^ L ! group of rooms. The kitchen is separated from the livinff area and lias its own entrance and service Old-Fasbioned Parlor Can I Made Into Attractive Room House Plans Are Proving Popular Blakemores Redecorate House on Main Street Several improvements are being made in Blytheville residence* Ihl5 week while others are modernizing farm properly. An allrnclive nnd interesting liv- n .. . , _ . . ing room has resulted (rom thc Bulletin S O 111 a I 1 modernization of Ihe "parlor" of n generation ago. Built "In tiie period when houses containing gloomy rooms filled with massive furniture were the vogue, this parlor had dark woodwork, an ornnte mantel, nnd walls covered with n drab pap'?r of u large rambling design. Money was obtained under the Modernization Credit Plan of thc Federal Housing Administration WASHINGTON, D. C.—Since lha publication of thc Federal Housing Administration's Technical Bulletin No. 4, "The Planning of Small Houses," n number of houses in sections of the construction, liowcvar, and In manv ' -plan lo redecorate other rooms ofi ," U ^? onial vm ... their house in the spring. J"*™ l °S* V "^ Po^e r ar ? r ^ e \™^l^ »^*^ "- *' ^i^nd'T'rLr of^I J?" V» '^-,™»! S = U f" of ini l>rovements made. Iverson Morris is having a r crn poultry house erected on his! ho U Vr'tawd suburban place of ten acres near' ° VS ^ bascti the east highway, at the first widely counlry have been reported to Uie ; l o modernize the'housE, which be- Housing Administration as under! came a charmin^ home'. ' — -"--- ... . . . Thc oak mantel was removed and a modern fireplace in ivory and black marble substituted. All thc woodwork was pninted ivory, nnd Ihe walls redecorated with a small-, Deal-figured paper extending all :he way lo Ihe ceiling, which gnvc an appearance of height. Modern electric fixtures replaced the heavy chandeliers, and electric outlets provided for lamps and radio. Private funds were used to purchase items not eligible for financing under ths Modernization Credit Plan, but necessary for the complete transformation of thc at Longmeadow, Mass., five houses, New Heine, Hartford architect, has pre- llared House D plan5 ' and this wi " ™** "< Bri '' S°! m ,' °, Lh " , r ' Hs " les p!ans ' to bs erected at Meriden, Djrby - Adequate Closets . , i New Have'h, Danielson, Esses, Mant.'.{,', Chester, Hartford, Torrrington. and j Whistcd, Conn. A home based on House C plans Room Orderly i' s fcsil ? erected at Applelon ' Wis - A ted room without In order, t:oard .space is didicult to keep By the use of other material, Lumber Manufacturers' Association are completing replicas of Houses B and D. At Williston, I/ wall-j I,, n development known as Hillside closets Heights Is being sponsored by may l;c built readily nnci' v.-ilho"iit| Realty Associate.^ Inc., l.-rohibitivc cxix-i-nc. (houses arc bcln. and G2-3 built, with 40 of „.., t . i nouses arc ucine Dinit. with 40 of One clcscl on cither end of a j them sold before completion, .'all with the intervening space| Other communities in which Ur.v- for dressing table or ted, cnn b; j cost homes, based on the plans sui?- C "^'i™..?"! USDfu V.. . . S«ted in -The Planning of Small Modernization crcdil insured tlon this program purpose. Small ill nre Mo- may be used forJEon,' Wis'.; Silver Spring', Md'.;'nan- fas cily, Mo.; and Charlotte, N. C. mouurnizauon credit insured Oyi Houses", arc being bui the Federal Housing Administra-jlinc, ill.; Rochester, N. room. Among these 'ilcms were^ye- nclian blinds hung at the windows and gay drap3ries,': which adted cplor, to the room. New fuiuilurc in keeping with the transformed room was arranged In conversation groups, with tables and lamps placed conveniently. ' Many old houses Unit might be s\ipiH>scd to have reached the of rettreinenl arc well worth ^reno- valion, If they v ore 'slructurally sound and In desirable neighborhoods.. '- Vunds for sucji purposes can , lie obtained under the Mo;l- crnlratlon Credit l')un of I Ins 1'iil- eial Housing Admlnlslrallon. Often they arc larger than necessary for single-family occupancy. Such houses can he arranged quite easily io house two or more fninilie.s In comfort. Before t'Ohig too far In -such alterations, however, it is well to examine carefully the structure of Ihe house to make sure tlml it li in sound condition, otherwise when the work of rearranging tVu> Inlf- rior layout gets well under way so much unfore.ssen work will have lo be done that thc cost will mount alarmingly. The first place to look f.v decay I Is .In the sills that rest on' thc folin- ' datlons. II they are sound. It Is safe to assume lhal Ihe balance of the frame is sound. When you are reasonably satisfied that there Is ittle danger from this source, look at the outside trim where 11 comes icar the earth and around tht: caves, particularly where the gut- :ers and downspouts arc located. Sometimes when nutters have been allowed f<> sa;f or havc not been kept 'clean or they hiivc rotted the conccntralion of water on isolated parts of thc trim will causu It to rol, ,If this rolling has been allowed to go too far, II may havc penetrated, even lo thc frame Needless lo say, all rotlen wood should be removed and replaced lo prevent the spread of thc rot- ling. Another point of danaer Is in the chimney. This should \K carefully examined to sec that there arc no cracks or onen jolnls or loos bricks. If there arc any indlca. lions of' weaknesses, llic chlmncj should be rebuilt, and in rebuilding It would be well lo Install fine liii- '! 1SS 'H' > : i Mr-; i ••••>; ! Thb roofjs another' pfaqe to look for passible deUinoralioh. Woo: shingles will not last forever, slate .and tile and composition shingle- may have broken loose, or paper or felt shingles may have reached Ihe point where they must be replaced Flashings should b: checked to see if they have corroded or if seams have opened. If all thess points arc .sound or can be made sound within the bud- Bet, Ihcn.Uiesc old houses may be pill ' to work' 'again and made tc carn their f:ccp. Ventilation M Attic '. Helps Upstajrs.ijjooms ~ ' " \ I1RICK WALK If the top-floor, rooms nrc; hot A urick ;ralk [m . lhc .,,.,,„„ mai m summer, thc first, thing to da be laid In dirt or sand and not nec- is to see if there is proper yentila- C£sarl ] y on a concrete base. Thc lien of the attic space above. sUs , 1)t , mevcnness lhal u, e wal)l Jusl having windows Isn't enough; wll , ntt! , in n(I(i ,. ctarm to 1L A they must be o;)cned, and thai is, few blades of grass or a little mos» a nuisance, for they must nls? be closed every time it ruins.., S^, J if possible, insert louvres nt every; gafclc end as close to thc ridge! ns possible. ! or sedum totwcen the bricks harm. Extra Base Plugs Bay Windows Give Room Individuality In the' modernization of homes thc introduction of a bay window may add charm and individuality ID n room. Sometimes both the exterior and interior appearance of tl« house may be improved by this addition. It may ssrvc to incrcass iliesiz^ of the room and the amount of light admitted. A miniature conservatory may te arranged in this space. A built-in scat may conceal radiation, and shelves may be added to hold books or ornaments. A loan may be obtained for al- leralions and built-in equipment under llic Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Easily Installed. It is possible to install additional base plugs in almost any room. ! Electricians are wonders at "fish-! ing" wires into all sorts of places, and where even they are baffled It is possible to run flat metal conduits on the surface of Ihe walls that are quite Inoffensive and entirely safe. PARTS & SERVICE DEPT. NOW OI'EN UNTIL 9 I'. M. Repairs for all Cars and Trucks Washing - Creasing Wrecker Service rnonc G33 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO- i who wants afmcBpli'cre in .her homo will be intrigued " i '" lh« ^Kteu collage at (lie California Houso ' ^ , x , hrkk M !, T T ?' lm *"*?**• «W»lh UM pf whltWMhcU brick and the calms Is.bcaawI.JiTlie ca'Mmcnt hay wladow h most ;.xmusua!. ; This type of room-find. parllcultr,f.Tor wilh'thoae in cer- ,tam;]iarls i.ot^he'counlryjmwhich r«modcling,barn. into homes in a .vogue luiids : for>odcrni z «l| l jn;«»y.<bo'tobi.intdifrom'»'pr!T»t<i, fin«nclal:in s iti. r' < :fin«nclal:in s iti.t!on -teiicralUousing Admlnlslration. Housing Question Box Q. The walls of our house are nade of Insulation toard, and I te done to luhlcve jour puipose Also you may rim Into all sorts „ _. —, „,. ,, WL ,. U) iitiu i *uav juu uuty rim iHMj nn sons •bould like to liave them papered, ofdifficulties If you try lo do |L nil 1 don't know how it. would look with nil those strips covering the clnts. can you jive me any hints in what to do? i A. Remove thc strips ami replace .hem with clSlh tape. The paper 'an BO right over it nnd will scarce- y show. without trnhiHl hnimrtlnl advice. Q. My fireplace smokes nnd I do want to have it fixed, b-t they tell uc it can't be done. Can il? A. Yes; it is possible to do it. Tliere nre so many possible causes lliat you should some expert to determine ttic cause and whnl should be , done • to eliminate Die smoke. Reauangement Often! Adds to Their Comfort and Appearance llieie nre many v,ajs In uhlch an old house cnn be made a new house—that is, in Intciior ar- langcmcnl nnd finish — if they] . nre eniefiillv studied. For example, Ihe typlcnl house of our fnthei'! hnd n fiont parloi and a bnck pailoi, sometimes with a dooi between and sometimes without In any case, the paititlon, whether with n door 01 none, can bo icmovcd nnd the two rooms thrown Into one for a modern liv- ! Ing loom If both parlors had flicptacos, leiuc them—they look nulle English and ndd symmetry lo thc loom. It may be necessary to Inseil a beam, 01 u'rdcr, at the celling lino to entry the partition ni Joists nlxno, but this can bo Iiealcd so thnl it will' b9 « decoration; or the whole celling may be fuircil down nnd made one continuous whole. Annthci plnce to look for model nl/iUon Is the downstairs hall. TliCic olrt-fnshloiicd houses were Bcno rous, not lo say profligate, with Imll spice, nnd elaborate stnliwiscs with massive rnlls and Ijnluaters lead Iheli Uisllmj paths lo the lesions above Most of tl'cse old linHs cnn be cut to smaller pi opoi lions by icplacing the old stnhs with new, less pre- lentloiis nnd al Hie tame time more altiactUe ones, nnd the space gnjncd can be tinned into nnothci loom 01 nt the least, space foi n downstnhs la\atory caii be fouiiri. The old bathrooms too, me fci- lllc fields foi fixing They HID usually twice the s!?e they need be, am), by rcniiangement of flx- and substituting new tub's closets cnn frequently be rom the old dimensions Otlici changes cnn be found if only one seeks lliem, lo the great Iminoumenl of theii llvablllty be financed: „.. -,-- ilzatlon Credit of the Federal Housing Ad-,, Q. I want to do some remodeling to my house; friends tell ine that I should employ an architect/ but'I know Just what I want and do not think it necessary, what do you think? , ..-•'• A. If the'operation Ls:at all extensive or requires.' any structural changes, It would-be advisable to employ an architect. Even though you know whatt you want, you probably do not know what must ASHES DOESN'T UVE HERE ANY LOANS FOR HOME IMPRO VEMENTS Leans for improvement under the NationaJ Housing Act will not be obtainable after April 1. 1037. There's time yet to make needed Improvements before winter. Niy.v paint, now roof, redecorating or modcrniang can all be financed by an F. H. A. character loan.'no mortgage. It is a no expense, low interest rale loan and we can get .prompt action on your application. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100 Planning a Homo of Your Own? •JO Us To Help You Our estimator will gladly help you with jniy plans or advice absolutely free of charge. Why not buil;l a home and let y o u r rent money pay for it'? FIIA insured loans make this easy. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. We use CuutLfiot SAHARA COAL When we say clean heat we mean just that. Heat! Lois of heat—without excess ashes or clinkers; That is what you get in Certified Sahara Coal; Once yon use Certified Sahara you'll decide right then to stick to Sahara, for Sahara gives you more value for your fuel dollar than any other coal you can buy; We recommend Sahara; Wo can prove its worth; Wo guarantee you'll like iu E, C. Robinson Lumber Co. Phone IflO Corner Cupboards Decorative, Useful Many n dining room. can be improved In looks and useful by building In These iruj be place lo store china titul glass, 01 they nmy If. purely .decorative nnd contain 1 Just n few- choice bits for display. Tt the former. through the Mode be used, nnd the shelves cnn cut out In delicate ipatleriifi add lo the MATED mm UNIT NTIL General Electric re- scarch specialists developed '.he astounding G-E Oil Furnace, there was no compact, single, all-in-one unit for oil heating. And now j oil can havc this automatic oH heat—quicl, safe, reliable— phis winter nfr conditioning from one economical G-E unit. ' This G-E Warm-Air Conditioner burns oil in thc same marvelous, economical way as the G-E Oil Funiace. And it docs more! It heats, humidifies, filters and circulates thc'air in the home. Don't fail to sec this new G-E Warm-Air Conditioner. The cost is less than you probably think— _ BURN OIL THE G-E WAY Safely—Dependably Economically and convenient terms can readily be arranged. If you can't call, write for the latest booklet "Luxurious Oil Heat and Air Conditioning", HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Hlylheville, Ark GENERAL 9 ELECTRIC; OIL »yuNJNG iX ; s '^ v V|;' WARM-AIR CONDITIONER

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