The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS These Are Heroes ;V\^Q;BdttIe' : t!oh:don'.Fire Bombs Needs Of Britain Stressed By Dropping 30~Da> Training Plan , OTTAWA. (UP)—Circles close to the war scene on Parliament Hill realize that behind the Canadian government's sudden abandonment of the 30-day military training scheme for youth lies the dramatic story of Britain's urgent; need for every kind of war material. It is no secret here thai that story was told in full and careful detail to Defense Minister J. L. Ralston and Supply Minister C. D. Howe on their recent visit overseas. It is equally well known that it, is as a direci result, of representations made to the Canadian ministers that the federal war cabinet has placed industry in the driver's seat of the war effort, taking steps to see that no plan of compulsory military training is followed thai. might prejudice output. Two Points- Stressed Two main points are understood to have been stressed by United j Kingdom authorities to the recent missions. The first is that, although men trained and equipped would be welcome, untrained men are not wanted in Britain now. The second is thai war materials of every kind are wanted .urgently. Obviously, Canada's scheme of 30-day compulsory training could not furnish the trained men which Britain is prepared to welcome- Equally obviously, as testified by strenuous protests from manufacturers, in .all parts of the Dominion, it was threatening- substantial interference with war production. Hence the speedy decision of the war cabinet tot scrap the scheme when the Canadian ministers reported their .conversations over' seas. This Ls the explanation of the government's change of policy which well-informed federal cir- WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1941 Demonstration Club News Notes Have Best Form Of Communica- rp I. A *' «<*v«3 IjUHVIlt'OU lion 10' U&e AgaiflStj Eighteen members of the Armorel Blitzkrieg Tactics PITTSBURGH (UP)— The homing pigeon is the only form of military* communication that can Home Demonstration club and one visitor met Tuesday for a, luncheon at the home of Mrs. W. O. Anderson. Following lunch, Mrs. John Vin- London Boy Scout? brave war terror to perform their daily good turn—-a grimly serious task. As one of many scheme? to defeat menace pf incendiary bombs, scouts act as tire watchers and fire fighters. This quartet from Christ Church, Woburn Square, sets out fully equipped to combat an incendiary bomb. Four boys already have dealt with 20 bombs in their neighborhood. New War Of Nerves -Waged: ! Seeks $1,000,000 Imperial Valley Vs. Ducksj For War Refu 9 ees By NEIL BUKKIIAKDT ; I'tuitcd I'ress Start' CciTespomlcnt , BRAWLEY," Cal. (UP)—The cows around here are boLhercct. Thn' ! can't sleep nights and they're losing weight, rapidly. Things can't ciuite understand are happening in their meadows. But if, the bossies could pull^- _.—_. ~—: 'themselves out of their bovine l all the they . . . bang! The duck j awhile. (This is the i however, that it is at variance with one of the possibly greater interests which Conservative quarters' favor. The. Tories suggest the abandonment of the 30-day clause is j the result of tthe defeat which War Esrvize Minister J. G. Gardiner suffered at the -hands of his col- Jeagnes.. A believer .in the u7eimate importance of manpower in the war.' Gardiner has been insisting that the training scheme should take precedence, over all rival interests. Since the policy now being embraced is the opposite of that ...which the • war service minister - championed. , ; Conservatives charge it is to be explained simply on ; the grounds' .his colleagues in'ited'-tc'.'rej'jpl • his views.' Impartial- -Ottawa circles can discern, no' evidence to support it. Scrapping .of the 30-day plan, it is generally _ agreed, is an -action "of" deference to British needs, without.'reference to' any controversy on .Lhe point that might have been "dividing the.cabinet here. Manpower Saving Cited The gain in industrial proluc- i tion ^ from the government's new i policy .' undoubtedly will, be direct arid substantial. Tn the first place, the four-month training plan will affect, it is anticipated, some 70,000 men a month, as compared , with 1 upward of 300.000 under the 30-day scheme- In the second place, from the fact of their youth, those affected by the new policy either will be those who have not entered industry or have not achieved key posts in it. Finally, in the last several week: the ministry of war services has been suggesL'n:; to industry that, it ; menu \ Hart likes cows. In fact, he like.s j all members of the animal kingdom. It's just .that he's got n job | stl the most.) Once when one of Hart's "bombs," exploded, sheriff's officers to do, no matter how unusual it is. an airplane had crashed. searched half the night before they discovered the cause of their He scares ducks. The farmers in 'California's Im- < . . penal Valley have enlisted the aid an * iecy - _ , , f of the government, in fighting a -The common firecracker has 1 s new menace-wild ' ducks. Whole place in Hart sexpenmental fnght- clan.v,of the waterfowl have de- Producers, but the cracker ><= , scended on Imperial vallev crops « vel \ more nerve-wracking i and threaten to destroy them, un- lhe ^"«-made bombs, less the government can find some! Hart sticks to his .cneory that way to frighten them over to less light; is the best duck-frightener ercen pastures. i and he believes he might have the " That's where Hart comes in. He's solution in a ; simple device made the fellow the fish and game de-' from 1 an automobile - battery, an partment has selected to frighten 'alarm clock, an electric motor nnd away the usually welcome fowl. , a searchlight. This device is set to . Farmers to Carry On I light, up for approximately one When Hart finally finds the easl- minute out of every ten. When-it .:st. o.iiickest and most effective way lights .It makes three turns before to scare the ducks, his job will be going off, and keeps the ducks on done. Then he'll turn over his find- the mpve all night, ings to the farmers and let them | <:i wish l could gel all the fann- rarry on, era to use tilts searchlight device. .survive blitzkrieg tactics, in LUV.- ( belief of Major John K. Shawvan, ii«:ud o$' the army's pigeon service. Major Shawvan is directing the wofk of "drafting" thousands of homing pigeons from their fanciers all over the United Stales, and training the birds in two-way JUs. Tn the last World War, pigeons were taught to fly only one-way. "The principle of the blitzkrieg, :i.s developed by the German army, is to drive a spearhead in the enemy lines, then fan out In all directions and demoralize the enemy by cutting communications 1 and isolating the different units," .vf.ttjpr fl[rvawvan explained. "That is what happened in the Low Countries am! in France and the only answer to It is the homing pigeon- It Ls the only form of communication which cannot be rut by the blitzkrieg. It will hop right over it." Major Shawvan pointed out that} the experience of the past war ' demonstrated that, even though the pigeon rem?ined when all oiher ! forms of communication were cut, it was still possible for a unit to be cut off because pigeons were , trained tto fly one way only. i Now, however, he said the army doesn't have, to maintain a fresh supply of pigeons in the front lines. He added that military official! have been conducting large-scaje experiments to develop two-way flights. "The whole theory of homing pigeons has been revolutionized by these two-way flights," he said, "and as a result we won't have any more 'lost battalions'." Major Shawvan announced that the army signal corps soon would mobilize Its first ''pigeon company" in the South. Make-up of the unit would be a company of regular army men, and 3,000 to 5,000 homing pigeons to be housed in mobile trailer units that can be moved from place to place at high speed. Maximum pigeon mobilization, he added, would require 20.000 birds. They will be taught to carry messages both day and night, and will operate within a 50-mile radius. " j cent gave the devotional, and Mrs. ' "- ~-' ! -' read the poem for '•America", Mrs. W. L. Smith told of the"origin of the song. Several ways of serving rice were discuss- j ed by the hostess. | Mrs. Worth Godwin was asked to j serve as'yard chairman again and I to have a flower exchange in the near future. The club discussed painting and furnishing the club house. In the Valentine contests, Mrs. Annie Bowling won first and Mrs. Howard Caldwell, second place. Tiie next meeting will be in the Tuesday. During the whiter of. 1912, Lake Superior froze over from shore 10 shore and moose crossed on the , month - ***** How To Relieve Bronchitis .'Creomnlsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle' of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION forCouehs,Chest Colds, Bronchitis When busy hands get tired... pause and Hoping to raise $1.000.000 for. maintenance in Palestine of 1700; pupils nnd teachers, refugees 5 from Jewish schools in, easlern Europe, f)i Isaac Herzog is picrf- tured as he.' arrived recently -in'; New York. Dr. Herzog is chief- rabbi .it Palestine and was formerly chief rabbi of Lhe. Irish Free State. . ; cows still pace the night. And the The power plant at Boulder Daw has a capacity of 8S0.003 horsepower, and a potential pro-, ducticn of 1.835.000 horsepower. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you suffer from rhoiimatlc. nrtlirilis or neuritis pain, try thi.« Mi»i>!t? inex- Honsivc KOHV recipe thut thousands aro UKintf. i"!el a package of Ru-Kx Compound today. ,.\tix it with ft quart of water, uiltl the juico of •! U.-tuons. It's easy. No trouble, tu :itl and pipashnu You Mood only 2 tahlfis|iof>nsfi!l two times a day. Often within 4.S hour*— nwrnight—splendid rosult? meadows fk* still favor! > lrt ni><a>«oa. if.the pains do not ' U ymi ilo. not i.^ol better. But the catch comes in finding because it seems the most effec-' the lmperial valley, although they | Jj^Vu'm co-V^ou nmhi.^Jn t" »« the method 'and Hart will admit live," Hart said. He added that he } are beginning to wonder if there j u. \& sola i.y' your dm^r under nn readily it isn't as easy as it might thought the light, method eventu- j m j g ht not be a better winter spot, \ absolute moripj-'bftck * sound. You don't just-yell "Boo!" ally would be accepted in areas , cui«i.ound is' for sai^s Hart has discovered several ef- where.wild ducks destroy crops. But lie Is still experimenting. The: H fective means of frightening the canvas-backs and their relatives. Trouble is, he says, they're too effective. Not only do the ducks fake off. but so do the cows, chickens and other farm animals. "Light scares them more than anything else." Hart explained. "Tlie beam from JY powerful flashlight shot over on alfalfa field will scatter them easily . . . but that's not too permanent." The crash-bang system is very good, too, according to Hart, but that.' naturally, has its disadvantages. For one thing it upsets the HI-OS and dr»B Take a minute to relax, and things go smooth- er. Ice-cold Coca-Cola adds refreshment to relaxation. Its clean, wholesome taste has the charm of purity. So when you pause throughout the day, make it the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola. Phone 366 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Ark 'Jouner News want aas. ^hould be training workers to be substituted for those whom the 30- I cows. day plan would take as it worked { Shotgun Also Effective up through the higher age groups. It will be nnecessary now i'or industry to take this step. Generally speaking, it is the government's expectation that approximately 90,000 young men wiV. move into the no ft m ^ 1^ Mil MHU Hart sometimes uses a shotgun, aiming high over the fields, and the discharge will scatter the birds for several hours, if not for good. Tracer bullets may also be used in rifles to frighten them but they return as .soon as the streaks have II group amiual.y. Th-if L--. i.»t; rsu^- i disappeared from the sky. gsstion in ir.fcrmed circle:, that the medical standards may ba made more mid for the four- month plan and r.b.nt the perceni- ag& of those M rUned physically fit therefore will be lower. The understanding is chat thy government counts on Ceiling uo rr.cie than 72.COO trainees ;\ year under the plan Hart says he also uses a 4-inch pipe sealed at one end and injects n Powdei bomb into the pipe. He Freshest Slock Guaranteed .Best Prices Kir by Drug Stores FARMERS WE HAVK SKVKRAI. Blue-Ribbon Tractors CALL For Fancy «fc Staple Groceries nntl First Class, Tender FRKE DELIVERY .ANYWHERE IN TOWN CITY FOOD MARKET Corner Franklin & Dugan Barren Davis I. D. Lazuford of III Sizes GQA8KMTEED I AND PRICED TO SUIT YOUR POCKETBOOK DELTA Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 80 Success of the big new Ford enables Ford Dealers fo give you an unusually good deaf • • • See Your Ford Deafer Today? N O matter what kind of car you're driving, you'll find it good sense to "see a Ford Dealer before you trade this year. You'll find Ford Dealers eager to trade .;; and you'll find them offering a car that out-classes its field in several very important ways. It's a big car—with the greatest passenger room, the greatest total seating width, the greatest total windshield and window*area, of any car in its price range. It's a comfortable car—with a new Ford ride that's a sensation for its new softness, new quietness, new big-car "feel" on any kind of road. It's a safe car—with bigger hydraulic brakes than anything else near its price. It's an 8-cylinder car—with lots of proof by now that its owners get its finer performance at no extra cost for gas or oil. And it's a new car, not just in front-end styling, but all the way through its big new modern bodies. So make a note to talk with your Ford Dealer. He's got a lot to offer if you're out to trade your car this year. -M. m GET THE FACTS AHD.YOU'LLJEUIFORO!

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