The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1939
Page 2
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; OCTOBElT COU1UER NGW8 COMPLIMENTAKY TICKET This Tlckef . Will ' trtmf i Rijmoiid Slkcs <£, Coiniunioti HJ.ilheUlie —to.-liie-- TIIEATFR —to >ef— In Ball" FLAPPER FANNY By?y rm : C5PR. 19!> BY NUtlnvlCC. INC T. M. MO. V. 6. Pit. Oir.— —_____ Bits of Newi Mostly Per»on&l» Communion, of Saints." mis Is 1 Hie seventh'or n series -'of sermons on the. Apostles' Oreed. ' ? : W-M';39' "•ni.'eac'h morning the pastor will be In his study to see anyone who wishes to counsel wl^li Monday 7-30 p.m. Board of Stewards meets at the church: A!l rgcd to he History Of Local Business: Awl '" Professional Women's Club Reviewed Horn of God" m." ,^.. l .!° t ? ttl ,5wsl!ie_ss. Women's week, 'dents and tho Adult school project (aught by Mrs. L.M. Bimietle thur8dpy'^:"30^r.m!'ciioTr~prac-'.? 5!ilo "« l Woman's club, cUscd to- Prnnio'. •„,'» lloe ' <">!' following a week of'activities rcopte s meeting, fl:30 p. V Sunday 6:45 p.m. The V(itins' 1 ^pJiaslslng (lie slogan, >One Him- r,., n - • " I People -'wilt meet In their respective Q&. Ye ». r S '« Women's progress in '•yO 1>. in, H/-,i^,.i«._..j- - - - * u - ¥T —• • Social (.alendai MONDAY'S CALENDAR Woman's Auxiliary, St. .Stephen's Episcopal church, meeting 2 30 o'clock;at church. Beta Clil Sunday school class, First Presbyterian church, haung chicken supper, sl>, o'clock, at Mrs" . R C Allen's home. Circle One, Woman's Missionary society, First Methoaist church, .meeting 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. L. E. Bakei; Circle Two, Mrs Hemv Humphrey; Circle Three, Mrs O. S Stevens; Circle Pom, Mis W M Taylor. < Woman's Missionary Union, First Bapiis, church, meeting 2.30 o'clock at church. Woman's Auxiliary, First Frosty- lerian church, meeting 2 30 o'clock at the church Wtman's Missionary society, Lake Street Methodist church, meeting 2:30 o'clock,at church. .'Woman's Council, First Christian church, meeting 2.30 o'clock at church. .-TUESDAY'S'.EVENTS' Lanse parent Teacher as«om- "You oiighta lalse your gum an' slingshot witb> von every tfon meeting 3-30 o clock at school <:,,,„ '?.. „„,.>(. ,,.11 . ,i.., ' fii ',.-,•./, J .- «••?«' woman's club sponsoring bingo tlm °—i °" ta » l tell when one of Ihese lire-drills is gonna Mis. P. c. Douglas and daughter, Miss Clilrjutta Douglas, spent yesterday Iii Memphis with Mi', and Mrs. Marlon Wright mid young (laughter. ' Mre. Wright is IIIVOR. R]KO n tlnnnlil^f r\t A*re rvmnir,.. ' V W * V M*\A Midweek servl;e Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Choir practice Friday "'"""Ts.are welcome p of -'- I of the J&KST CHRISTIAN CHOUGH Mafti at SKlli ('<•<>. W. Patterson, mlntster Bible scheool, W. O. Ocurln,- su- . . nJso a daughter of Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Leon Sclieror, who. under ' - " ' ' Worship, cormmmion and preach" i r- , , ' •"' St " P!>star , CHUHCII Ins, Sermon byi [lie pastor . - - • 'i i r"' — .-*.«.JQ nutr,m[i nv ( ficuopi at 10 a. in. Mrs. I S'rn)cn :ty the pastor. 1 etma...l«* , ..-i 1 *»,-,. . - * ""vn*. worship at -1:30 o'eloik. . H- _ __ . ' ...r. -••••>••• States. 1 ' 'The (spotlight during the past week has been'op (he Business and Professional Women's club,- the local chapter of which was organized In Feb..24 with Miss Marie Hariilsh, the present head of the group, as the ,rst president.. The first home of the grpup was In the Chamber of ' Commerce i rooms In the Glenco Hotel Build\ t" n ,,, 0| ?r'! dc(:f P-" y a v ' ee H W° Sue Br-^vu Ini-f» °/'.'"' ---I ,V,"V'- J •- '• " —" " """"at the Walls tanital, wss rfmov- ft 0 ?hiy,*\S ? i intenri ™ t -- - Wednesday, 7:?0 p . m ,, singing Ing, Forty seven pharter members cc! to her home, M06 West Aih Thft „«, L. ?n * ? at " O ' olock - '^ Blb - e &V d Y ttt the 'church. •• organized the club- ''for'communlty street, yesterday afternoon. She is .,£ ^° r ™»> V«s as life subject We mcst cordially" invite,the betUrmcnt/to arouse Interest and reslliiK verv well. i °» Being Possessed." . nub'lc. Strangers-in pur'city cspe- zeal along the lines c. fintellectual ClftllU Im.'U Orl tKTn'll ii... t* enntnl . Ui_lii. . i . .' Young people wU j meot ' t |s clally invited, ^ We'll. try ' 16 make Woman's club sponsoring bingo party a,t club house, 7'JO o'clock ' Mis Max B Reid enteUainins Tuesdaj Club. Tuesday Contact club meeting be the real thing-." -• having 5et nUendcd: the dance nt the Economist of the Colony were the Aineiiciin Legion Hut last Di-lnolpil speakers. Mrs "A I, Hol- jollowmg. Die football game be- land led d,evolions. A covered dtsh lTV(?P» pnt-RUnJllf) -onrf m,rrl,«.rll7., ,.._-,-- '' ' •. ^^^^^ u ^ 1 ' Terry, spent yesterday and last nlghl here as the guests pi'Mr; and Mrs. Eddtc Regen.M and 'family, . They were motored home today by Mrs. Rejenolcj and her molhsr Mrs. p. B. Moore. ' • :'" .' The Rev. Eupha p. Beasley will EO t: Grenada. Miss!. tomorroA' to conduct an cvanjejlj't meeting. She iwlll be molored Ihere'by Mr, nml j Mrs. Jack. Parker 'and- daushtar, i Brentla, who will return liome by way of Tupilo, where they will visit Mr. Parker's mother, Mrs. Emma Parker, and family. ' '-''':-' Mrs. L. H: nebstock,- of Ar'niorel, Is .convalescing at.her home".foU lowing n tonsilleclomy performed yrsterday. - - ' ";.^".. Mrs. Eddie Shaver, of Little Roei, Is spending the week here Ayith her paints, Mr. and Mrs." E.' II. Ford, and family. , : " ..'"• Mrs. H. H. Houchjns, Mrs..M:'p. The affair ivns £ponsprcd : by the Bachelors' club. Among the out 1 of town guests Blyitiovlik\ lunoheon 'was served at neon b'v i P s J'" e y and daughter,. '.Miss Mary - '" ' ' club Number Ten. ,. . I Spain Usrey, and Mrs. B. A'. Lynch emu mimaer Ten. s-i'a'\i UMC^, uuu ivirs. is. fl. L,ynnn , j t ~ . The Helen Shaw Girls Auxiliary' s P ent > slr Vday In Memphis. ,,„"", !0 ;. "' of Ihe Baptist church met Wed-1 Mrs. Willjam Hata.nnd spn, Gl=n ."'^ S 0 nprrlfiv n n wi-nn^r, nrt«^ v^,r.~i - 1., ' Hatz and . Norhnrl • KrpH. fill ^f .'??( .. v u M., "ting The meeting oj (he Maple Croro association orisinnilv Tuesdny Three .new members were enrolled, Eliznbclh Blake,. Margaret Holland, and Ramona Tanilcy. Charleue , here with the Rev. and; Mrs. H.'.'.I. klelridlenst. Mr. Krelt ' aij'ct' 4 .Mr. " ata '—•' '-''V ' with Mrs V O Millei Mrs. Hsrman Taj lor luesday Aflerno n club Tuesdav Bridge club meeting with Mis Harry Kirby h ™7' K tV." i"-'' ™ l °"' n EU03CS of lhfe —f—v -—.. ,>,^ „>=>,-. -,— .--,:-- -.—.- , Woman's Ausihary, Fint Pre-iby- )? tre ' or "Jf f ancf! v.'fre Mr. and nealay aflevnoon alter school in ' H**-z and. Nqrbcrt - Krclt, ail „. terian church, meting 230 oclock „ f «™ (-or'a-an. of Little Rock, the by-ess Memorial Library Beat- t alils ' s l )ont ^ Past few ; "i with Mn, H H Houclw! <-.,o..». ..... .,-,. ,,„ >. , _ ..... ^- --._•-- WEDNPSDAY'S EVEN1S Centra! Ward Parent Teaclwi aajoclation meeting 3 o'clock at school preceded by executive boaid meeting at 2 30 o'clock h d 1 d "SHH::::: !§=.«« -» DE siri-ErJ"™ °^ r :^m' a Town and Country club followln B Tuesday, ofllcers of the- ",'j"' °', w "- " °'™ a ,,Vh,,™rt' «"-'"' tlie firsl '° r tlie week-from Woman's Auxiliary First Pres- E rou P t " lllol!ncc rt. tqttiiy. vyiin _tibie iviipisy, Ann Richmond >i<,,.,;,ui r -,,.>;- n ^ ;.i^--^ ;.-,; rf k^«i«w bytcrmn church, meeting 2 30 ,„ o , , ',. * o'clock nith Mis James A Ovei- UK>1 ct C ' lul1 ' holser. THURSDAY'S EV'BVTfl Fl!).I, GOSI'Eb- CHOKC1I JJIly anrl Vine:'streets A. A. Jenkins, paslor 9:45 run., Sunday school. Roy Handley, aiperlrilendent," 11:03 a.m. Morninj worship. 7:45 ^ p.m. Evangelis'lc servics. and Friday CHRISTIAN SCII-.NCE SERVICI',5 UG S. nroadway : -"Doctrine of Atonement" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon ivhlch will be react In all Churches of . Ohilst, Scientist, on.. Sunday, October 15, 1033. . The Qoldeii Text Is "rf any man sflV-we-.have an advocate w'ith the Father, Jesus Christ the rhhl'eous " 1 — ohn 2:1. ' • •', Aniong the citations prise the Lesson-Sermon Is (he following from the Bible: "For Christ also lialh once suffered for Elns, (lie just for (lie ' "" h ' hllt Peter 3:18. . P'll. to In the the Spirit!" Eubauks read a recent letter which received from Mrs. Roe Beard, ionary to the Indians of Okla-^ Mis oils Shepherd , Lee 'Goodman, -of , _. spending .the \veekend : here"• \Vlth her grandparents, ibr.-'anil^ -Mrs: P. . —-« .j%.., ^i.vjjilwil^l rtt\i il KU.^U of Mib Theodore Logon Thursday nl'cinoon when she entertninud 18 mejiibers present. Miss- t,iimle co\iuselor of • the or- Thursday-Af^nioon club me e t- ^ ^^ti^^^'^ ^"Vr '™OL«™™. *. aecovatiiiOehl^cial^m-- ^ntral !.' A. Bullard WM hostess'- bom: ivUli .their, pareiUs, Mrs J R Tmnei eiitetlainlng Thursday Dessert club t at home cf Afrs Eugene Dickinson'. — lur:> . lea ftn ECOI-CV l^\f t- H"-^ ;l Ul> r'" eet<ng antl Mr ^' W. S Lnnadoft,' second 1f.h Alr.C ftfftft 1' I3ll*>inrfn»J I.I, V. n . f. ' , .- ?'-•'. • ,- • iii the bouquets of „„.. ami Hie -tallies. ' ' '. " ,- ' Mrs Ted 'King was high scoVcv K-ith Mrs Fred V. Rutherford Mrs Canoll BlaKemore havln tho Thursday Contract club Mrs R. F. Klnsimer enterlamlng Daugi'tcr Horn. Thursday Luncheon club. A daughter liikfl Refreshments-."were servecl at the conclusion of the' games.' born to . anrt to the missionary spclety of the 'church.',* which met e •uciivtui uaiiusi cmirc|i, l v. I iucii met c "•' L v "'"Mii 111 ."''! WJ-WJCHU tiiM '..^iu-:5u a.m. iionimg worship S'!"- b business sessitn'-Tuesday night. Aveekerid- here with .her parents,, 1 cial music: 'quartette. 's«rmdni Or:' Mrs. Roy'Feniiell and Miss Helen JIr - °" d M !?-"R. P. Kirslmer. ahe O..J. Chastain. Van riiii-on 3!«iw vvere business visitors in Lc- Attends . the. Methodist hospital panto, Wednesday" nursing school In Memphis. Tomato News Son Bnrn A son was born, to -Mv. and Mrs. Malouo Tuesday, Oct. 3. The .... .,", , — ...*.«. * t ^nugiitLi \srts uuni 10 i\ir. an 1 Mid-Week Bildge club meeting Mrs Icpnard Johnson this 'morn- wlli Mrs w. I> Homer Ing al 6:15 'o'clock nt their home •-= -.... --.^^...j, ^i, „. in u Woman's Auxiliary, First Fres- on £i\ln street. The .baby who baby weighed seven and one half bjterlan church meeting 230 "tlghed 'seven and"one fourth iJ'-unds. .- . " o'cloo!. al the church rounds has bceri namstl Martha >•'»'» Mrs Rajmond Smith entertain- F;lznl>e,lh. Mr. Johnson Is the foV-• Banjrhicr ISoru ing Double Fom BrUge club mei MISS Erie Lou Hawkins Llltb Theater meetlnj eight i pin — —— at city hall. 1 - ri ' ' r> i FRIDAY'S EVENTS UijKss Personals Mrs R A Nelson entertainins -—- • Ueauton Fridav Bridge club Sam W. Anderson, stiperlntciicl- ' ... , , Muac Dcpaitmenl, Woman's cut of the Dycss high school is In Mr. mid-Mrs. Vernon Coi club, maetlng liiree o'clock at club Ihe Baptist hospital in Mcmpiils, and baUy,/ Sylvia -LaVerne' of nouse uh?r e 1)8 underwent a'-major'op- RWgely,', are visiting 'rela- er^lion Tuesday. lives here this week. Mis Willinm C. The.bus of Lit- Mrs. "Lepna Tailey left Sunday hook former!}- of Dyess Is <li- for Mnyfleicl, Kyi, igr a visit \vllh A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Bropheri Sept. 28. The (baby weighed five and one half 'pounds and has been named Lois mil-sing Mr, and ^Irs. Joel 'p. Jordan ind ft E." Hudson, of. K:rresi. City, will spend tomorrow here with Mr. and Mrs. Ra(ph Farrar. Mrs. Jordan Is a sister of -Mrs. Fnrrar. Mrs. Evelyn Reagan, Mrs. T. -I,. Halo, Mrs.-Don Burton 'arid Mrs. JCItnnle Nolen atlendocl the bin^o party at Deil last night. Betty and Charles Allen Hate, of Joiner, came' last night lo spend two weeks here with "their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. : T. L. Ha!e, atici-"their aunt, Mrs. Johnnie , kolcn, and Mr. Nolen. fclurty Greek Drama A audy .f the Greek dramn was terday afternoon vhen Mrs Iiill B L Williams returned recently and Mrs. E F Bloincjer vveie hostesses, Mrs.. Hill was elootsd chairman cf the department to lill the un- cxpvred lerm ot Mrs T v/ Jeffries, vho icsLned "Eatly Greek Dramatist*" was the subicct of Mrs Otis Shaoner J s I a Ik which vns follo^.d uuh ex- cerpte from Uic early Greek drinyn read b } MUs ElSsabulh MCL,»an Mrs C G Redtn^ii rolewcd the current plays. ' Mrs. James A. Overholsp.r ana Mrs Ralph Berrvhisn bo:auv2 members of the group at tester-lav s meetiri' while Miss D roihy Goo J- rich and Mrs Johmon \vcre vlilto •; The Hostesses sened a dessert course or cake and candles with - ^ —......... i^.,,.,,^, it^ujuij ^Ir. mid Mrs. Kstcl Eastep went from Hope mid Toxorkiijia where to Lepanlo'lasl. Frldoj' oii a bust"p \isileil rclnlivcs itiul friends. ness trip. Mr. ant! Mrs. A. L. Holland and : ' ton, Bobby, spent t] )c last'week end-will] Mrs. Holancls sister Mrs" M Spiuks and family j u North' Tk<. lne Little Rock. Miss Helen Sliaiv has returned from Litlle .Rock where .she at. .e - - the. Srlsool of Instruction dls n<l*scd. Bl.vthcvillc lipspllal Bobby Turner, city, admitted. *•" T. Tj'ier and baby, Lii.xora, of live Eleventh Dwlricl O. E S Miss Shaw is \V;rthv Matron ol ""-• tho local Chapter of Eastern 5(ar. m ^ ll ?S Tlic uyets Eaglr.i brat, the Poca- " " hoiUas football (cam with a srorc of twelve' to nothing on tlie hums cd - ficlrl here Prlcioy. Jac Fny Moore Is w - N - Stone, city, dismissed, coach, anil Clinton Kale 'captain tf Mrs. Bob Lcc Smilh,"citj%' dis- Mrs. o. J, Horlgers, city, ad- J. j. Thomas. Manila, cllsmissprl. Mrs. Leon Scherer.'city, disniiss- thD Dyess Kap.lcs. . missed. ccffee during the social hotir jhljh i WPA of .. . E. B. Dudley, Area Director ol Mr? - J - D - Uttlejohn, Manila, dis- „„« H c missed. p A - Ro;k. were in the To Ha\c Silver Tea jcfllon^ on Inisinew'wcdnc'silav 1 n'iid Circle Tliree ot tlio Woman s Tlwrsday.- Misslonari' society of Ihe Fifst i J - Waller Hill o( Lepanto vns a Methodist church Is sponsoring n. business visitor In Dvess Werincs *.» MA,^,.. .«. -. rt^ -r,, e Missl ,,. Jrcn(; " ^ M . c}] ic Jones, anrt Mary Driw tea Monday afttmoon at U)e h'«ie of Mrs C S. Stevens from tour to five o'clock „„ _., v v uiut-ik j — • —• «t-»i-n.i.j in y{iy lUCrtl f-CllUOl All membsrs c! U\c society are ,'Attem. are fpcmling ihc week end invited to the tea wh'ch > follows a "i SalcsviUc visiting" tlwir parents Virginia p.n;l R U >rt Echols, MU- wnls In Southeast Missouri state Toaclicrs Colic E e. Cape Glrnrdc.iu, ..„— meetuig of the circle at 2:30'o'clock. * 1 i All Club Members ,— -. , ,, k .„,, Attend Bridge Parl}. ] horf ^ of tiisii parenli, Mr. and All the mBnrtao Of the Fndav JIri J - S! - E «1>ols. ' ' Bridge club attended ^e party' T|1C Methodist Mis.sloiiiry 8oc- Assi^laut Administrator ol N . Ir 5- B - M. Fowlkes, Caruthers" *''"" ~ - ville, diMnlsaed. " '" ' Mvinphis Dnjilisl hospital Mrs. Leo Garner, Oscepla, admitted. ' ' ...... Mrs. D. N. Marris, Wilson, admitted. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bollon, Jtayll, H son. •" Memphis hospital Mr?. Bea Boswptth, Carulhersr ville, admlltwl. '' " Read CXurlcr News sant nrts jAtun teachers tu the local . rnr Missouri, .-'.pint Sunday in CAKI) Of THANKS We, the family of Oils Clark, wish ':• express our .sincere gratitude and e par .iurv oc- . given yesterday afternoon by Mrs ie(v of lhc D -V'ss MethttSi^t'clHivch! a l !I>l ' fcil<lio » for the bcautil J, P Holland at her home. , nttt Tuesday afternoon nl (lie' c ' fen "° s nwl.lhc many. Mii ed the ui- d " Ilcl > t" begin u JJibln cludv MI- ' fllon '" dining (ho Illness «n Fall flowers decorated the Ui- c * mt: h to begin u. JJikle sluily. Mn; p>ajW Mrs.' J. w. Adams Jr! vas °f P>HHpnIai\s. "" ' high Korer and Mrs Louis Anpie-| T 1 ^ Colony Couucll ol Home „. oium, second'high- " (Demonstration Ciute met in rcz •Refreshment* were served el the "lai .liiis.lnc-ss meeting in the cccn- COiWiusiOinpf tlie'gante l willy building Monday nurnlrio'al' ' ' ' t<;i1 O'clock, with Mrs M M iilni-s K?-ll ! ii I ''^ < " r4 ' '- W' pras!dent Presiding. Miss In'cv J«ob«ll Gai M : • ,\ IKincaici, county agent of t>ceola ,5J)cly Qiemberi of'the younger _and Mrs. Ru.Ui Graham. Home w«h Elsie Tarp, w , An^Richmond ^S,^ wfe Ihe'^s * Su.h^c S --~ . The Lesson-Sermon also Uic follcwing passages from ..tlie Christian . Science textbook "S--If 1 "," 11 ' 1 ,"';* 1 '" ^ ll > Key 'to the Sc ,!'. Etul ' es • ^ Mary Baker Eddy: • "Jescs of Nazareth taught and tlrmonstrated man's, oneness with the Father, and for this we owe Him endless homage." Page 18. >A Christian Science program is Wednesday, the IS, ilay. Mr. and Mrs. Joliii Ed ire spending the weekend hi KLCN. FIRST BAI'TIST CHUIiCli Walnut al'Eijhlli ' ' ll«v. Alfred C'arpeiilcr, paslor Eunday: •;,Q:30 a.m., Sunday school. Mfss 1 ,Nancy ..expeot-: „,„.„„ „.„,., ou.,ui. y . .-.OHJUI •' ito-arnveitodny lo-speiid thq .dOiW a.m. Morhhig worship Sn»- t»nrf..-i,»™ „.»., i,-,,. ""--""^/.cial music: 'qvmrte'tte. 'sernv'' : Q..J. Chastain, Van Bureu. . • ,G:30 p.m., Training Union. ;-!.7:30 ( .p.m.', Evening worship. Spec|a| nnislc, .solo, Roy orter. Ber- mqn; Dr. O. J. Chastain. .\yednesday: All-Chui-ch Night: ,,,.7:00 p.m., 'Departmental Meet- Ings'. ;'. 7.IJO p.m. Mld-Wcejs Service. . r .a:30"p.m. Choir rehearsal. - Ha r tfst Chapel l.ily Street -0:30 a.m., Sundiiy school. >. Chastain WIN Be Baptist Speaker social, hejilth and benevolent work and 'to bring into closer fellowship the business and professional women of the comniiinity." At the conclusion of tlie first ve«r's work current events, (public speaking, mt, charm, good, citizenship and oujcr sirnllar subjects. Yctmg busi- J"«M girls have ben assisted "in securing employmeht by this group which for several years'was also- active In Girl Scout work ' . • I fn bringing (he blisiness'and pro- fesilonal women of the community closer together, the- organization lias helped monibers better th.eni- selves; the comiii'unity and ccuntry, qflicers said. One of'th> fundamentals of the organlzatibri"is iinsel- fish service and lhf s has • been meted out to Individuals' in some lorin or Pthev .on numerous occasions. -....,. . Other presidents Vw |i 0 h avc Een ,. ed as presidents durin!; the past 15- years are: Miss Maile HarnLsh (tws terms) Miss. Selma. Shtde . Wealherford, superintendent. tlon HiOO a.m. Worship service. n,",i. ., , 1:15 p.m. Young People's service. ,,,£ 1 "'" 8 "l 6 eilr , Iy , y f nl ' s of lh .° 7:« p.m. Bvan-elistic service. c ' u "' ^'l* hm ^ talent plays were -' s p.m V-sn' p.m., service. Wednesday ' ' CHURCH - OF CHRIST .-1200 'Wc-sf r>Iaiii- Dcnlou M. Neal, K.vniiBel Lord's Day services: Bible .study 9:50 a.m.! ... Preaching .. '11:00 a.m. • :c . Communion braver s P? nsored - Proceeds from these projects were used to start' the stu- ident loan fund, through'which'a 'inimbe.r of high sehqj girls' have bene assisted , thrpiigh • school, and given business courses and beauti, ; clan .courses, . The .eltib has asstnled In' various projects such as sponsoring -. .-- ,- =-.-.--.-.„.), Mrs. Wlnni- fred Reynolds, (twp terms),. Miss Minnie Matthews l, Frank WhiUvorth), Miss Cpra Lee Coleman, Mrs. Eula. Morgan (MIES Eula EppcrEon), Mrs.' J. G. Barnes, Mrs. Mqrie Morgan; Mff;. W. T. ObcrsL Miss .Tlielina Wells (Mrs.-Raymond Johnson). ",'"'". 11:50 "a.m. • • e ' 7say , for high school „• People's class.. ii:30 p.m. . . . . .. Preaching .... ..'. 7:30 p.m. house'' v,ould vricct with Mrs J A *Iid-»eBk services: . Payne Friday afternoon at two Wednesday, 1:30 p.m..Bible stiuly o'clock. . ' -Sons practice. Mrs. • Iverson Morris -played for Tliursday, 2:30 p.m. Ladies Bible Ihe songs which'were'sun?,' a'ter ClaSS.' ' wlltrh \,Trt .IQVT-C|+ ',-^^,1 n .-. KLCN Hadiq Services: which .Mrs. Jarrett'read a poem, .-- --.-.—.?~- . "Antumii-Days". Mrs! John Burks' Daily ......... 12:15-12:30 o'clock ami Mrs.- <3 W Burks sam a duet. Sunday; , 2:30- 3:15 o'clock; In th6' '.social' hour, Mrs Floyd You'are-cordially Invited to each Davis", -a n-eii'ent, bride, was given cf our services. . I a misceHane:us'shower. The host- Yon will, find a. hearty welcome ess, Mrs:-p. s.,-parke'r, assisted by with us. : ijrs. Lucille Bagg'ett'-,served doughnuts, caii'dies .and Icfed' drinks! . TEMPI.K ISRAEI, Hemiaii roliapk", lialibi , . The -next: regulnr meeting will be with .Mrs. Morris, Oct. 25. wjth mii ap, ai .. orrs, c. . w 1-.30 p.m. Religious school classes !, Mrs, E. . A. Oral j as co-hostess, but will be 'in session. ' | Mrs. Craig will ''entertain with an .3 p.m. Services in observance' of ' all day quilting party on ths next O:lumb\rs Day. Sermon lopls: "The i Wednesday. ; : of Minorities in American { Life," dealing with the lives ot Hayim Salomon, Mordccai Manuel Noah, Judaj^Tourc, and Benjamin P. Judah. A cordial invitation is extended to cverjone lo attend. ST. STIil'IIEN'S EPISCOPAL '" , . CHURCH Matthew A. Curry, priesl-hiTChargc Ciiurchi school, 10 a.m., , .., . . • ; Evening •prayer-and sernirii, 1:30 p.m. Sermon 'topic, "What Can We Believe?" Miss Virginia Martin will play the organ. .._ MJTHElt.lN CltyKCll H. J. Klehidlcnst, Paslor Eivine services 8'A5 a.m. Demonstration Club News Notes Habitues In Kansas City Searched KANSAS OITY, Mo. (UP)—POr lice have started ' taking knives, pistols and other weapons from persons \Vho .visit saloons, in tno hope of i educing the cily'.s liomi- cide rale. FARM LOANS \Vc inakc loalis from §500 uj). Cheap, rate of interest: Quick service. No loan too small or none tou large. • -RIALES LAND CO. 2nd-'Door Squtli of City Hall Everything for ymur enter tainnieht and comfort. ,W*tch Society P*fe Of, Courier Newi F»r Free Show Goertt SATURDAY" —„/Johnson, -police sergeaill. In charge-of Ihe disarming, said that the police were working on the theory lhat "you won't have murders if you get the weapons firsl.' Johnson said he had made a llioiough study of the city's homi- .cldes In 1938 and In'that ycnr 69 per cent pi'the murders were fcy | Negroes. Many of Ihese slayings resulted from'brawls and fights nt salocm, and' night r.lubs. " Johuton said lhat lip ^aS co'i- vincert that if patrons of saloons and other gathering places were searched and the ban against --lar- rj'ing weapons in such places was enforced,.the. number of inurderr moil (home: "Ye Are'the Salt ofjn'nS two visitors Crqrn the Shady] Tlle first , i. ait | ' on a safoon 1 on Uie..Earth."- . Lane club and 11 from Hfn street rfsiilted in the confis- Eunday-Ecliool and Bible class; the Lone Oak club met al the Dog- ca tlon of approximately 50 wca- 10:45 a.m. Bring a new scholar AXCOC! clubhouse. Wednesday aflerr pens, including 12 knives, five pis- wlth you tomorrow; noon. j 0 i s fi i l( | n razor. Dogwood Club nicets Sixteen members of the Dogwo:tl Ilonie Demonstration club . Trie, jiail-lhat this group played Advanced class on Christian In' , in the ccunty lair was told by Mrs. struction mcDls Tuesday, T'liurscjrry ' ~ ' Snakes have no trye voice. Hav P. B. Jarrett duriivj the busines , and Saturday nl,'3:45. p,rn~. ing no vocal cords their only voice all visiloys.. p'n" "Bin's! 'Electrification' and the j He, Is preaching in the absence A cordial welcome to AA.A program and its effects on " •>f tho .Rev. Altred Carpenter, pastor, vrti'c- is c'dndticUne an evangelistic inccllng in Van Buren. Tiic meeting will continue through nexl week. Scout News Boys •. .——~ Girls Troo|i Six Sleets Seventeen members of Troop Six of the Girl. Secills met j-cster;lay afternoon, nt the Contra! -school. Plans were made for a supper to be hold In ths Little House Friday Oct. 20. The girls also learned a new f;Jk dance, "Jinny Crack Corn." Lntcr, thi! troop went to town to select dishes which they arc to give 'Ihe Litlle House. Senior Girl Scouts | Tc Meet Mnmlay Ni;;lil I There will be a senior girl scout meeting Monday nraht si 7,30 • o'clock nt the hacc of Mis. M.ix B. Held, It was niitiDuuccrt loilav. ~- AIWi 1/lUylillU J'^'ll lli tILUUi* UH OSCEOLA CALVARY EPISCOPAL the favm family!" Srln also men- CHUUCIl ' tioned . plans f-r home improvj- Matthew A. Curiy. priest-!n-chafgo ment for 104C. Holy communion and Eermon, 11 o'clock. FIUST 51ETI1OIHST CHUKCll Corner Main S- Seventh K. ti. AVilliame, Pastor Church school, B;'I5 a.m. S. .K. Gairclt. sup»ilntor.rtEn|.. ' . 'I Mmninj Worship 10:55. Services broadcast over K.LCN. Anthem: "Lead Kindly Lijht." Godarrt- Parks. Message: "The Home and Religion." ...... ^ Evening worship. 1:30. Message: Mrs. Opal Stringer, Miss Mixry Lutcs and Ira Koducc were assert to make plans for a Hallo- \vcsn party to be given by this group. It v/as ann:unccd |hat. the comniittcc for obtaining 11 club Cprtie in ami talk .to us about j-our wnnls in farm Santls. IVe have ajij- size tracts, jiuprpyert anil parlly improved. Small rloii'n pnymsnts. Several h«"- c'rcii arrrs cut-fiver l.iwil $1 per nrrc down. • RIALES LAND CO. 2ild Ucor south of City Ilfill «ncl dcall - ., „.,,. u «,i. EspncialK | do KC wish t: ihauk Uie doctors, l Mrs. Grave,;, and ' Jerry Kpijy for their services. Mrs. Otis Clark. Mr. mid. Mrs. Claud Clark and family • Mch'ln Clark and family Mr. and Mrs. Loraiizg Lawiiorti '• Mr. and Xfrs.-Carl Bradsher CHURCH CARNIVAL Uiugo anil Other oc Games PUN FOR M.I, ACfeS! Salunlny Aftcvnoon ami •-.Night—October'.l-fUi. CATHOLIC HA1,L Asli ami. Uivsiioii Yuiing l>cp|(lcs Club of llu: Churtli-of the liiunacuUlc ' REAL COFFEE — —.ALWAYS FRESH BUY A PKG. TODAY "Oh ycj. vc xcml our tlry lo (lie f!LYTUEV|U,K STEA^J L.AUXDBV.-' 'They sp.vo oil olollics AXn doct'T tills. Anrt liifj-'rc ccrfalitlr r«*i5ouablc, (no." [^l%^'M: ; p For Better Laundry and Dry Cleaning ?V«'!'TO;s LULU BELLE . ond SCOTtif Inn -Xilkml <>Iio cartoon &. serjiil • "Oregon Irail." Continuous.sho'jr.' Admiscioii till 5:0i) p.m.,10c & Z§ Aflcr 5:00 p.m. : 16c'ft 3lc Sunday - Monday Fred MacMurray Madeleine Carroll Allan Jomis INBAU" Also raramount Jj'ews'-.'i' shprls! Contlnucus show . SumUj- .•Itfm. Sun. Mat. & Night 16c & Me Ariiri, jillnii. Matinee'• 10o'•<& 'iSc Admissini'i Monilay flight Ifc * |i6c ROXY HsUneet Fri.-S»t,-.Sun.. ' • ddmusian •Iwajri 100 .A. ftf Last Times Today

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