Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 3, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1942
Page 1
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day " ^wiiei'c..he ;ij»s to : act u bcauUCul Pafce Sun Station WBRY 8;00--Amorlcnn Forum, of 'tho All 1 of the World Id KM', Organ •;ii8<"ml>lo of the World K , n ;): ?"', , . nn- InJorvlows M u'iii^ in-cr Jprdan , ):: " rl n : H In Uu' WIUIwoocI 'f' K nous Martone KlikllOH : nlii 0:00-rOI(J--FuBhlonoil Revival Hour JO;:00—John B. HUB .10:15—Report from „ jO.-aO-Y-Thla is 'Our Enemy" .11:00—Yankee. Newa 11:15—Genera) and Madame GWank . Kal-S)iek. Jl tfO— "Ariswi Off WABG-iAnjos. .and 'Andy WfcTp ;be-j6hnouhced ; ' WEAF-WriG-Fred Waring Time WICC—ket's; iBe Neighbors Jr. ' m. ..'Yours llte'h: dm i in If Quartet. t ,,,|, M ii Polish Program i^.ii'Sr.T'jor.H.r*. U. 8. A." ' ••*' t * f * 1O • of 1». Hro.'idonstliiff Sym;/. Ordi,; Albert Star Parade ' -Your Answer ,, 7:8i) p. m. • WOn—Ped Ryder ' Station WTIC A. M. 8:00—News 8 ;10—Charles Courholn, 'Organ 8:aO-NHC String Ouartoi, 9:00—World News Roundup.- 0:ir>~Doe.p River Boys, Quartet 9m— Words and -Music J0;00—HlgliH 8 -hl,s of t-he Bible 10:30—S tori QM of America with Tom Terri.s-s • . « J0:45—VI mul Vllma, Vocal Duo 11:00—News 11:I5— Day -Dreams,' Bud :Raihoy 11:3p—Muslonl Souvenirs II :if>™fioiTvmnnrto Mary WABG^Kileon iFarreJl ' VV JX—lj bri e ; Ranger "''' !< H, .Mnrrnw—K-ro.m •iK'ki'i 1 and Volc-os lii'i- f-ayman Scores nr.H symphony of i f nut for f.aughs Mi' 1 People" ^ ------- ,-' Fighting City WEAF->VTlC-To . be "announced rlc of Music v ,8:00 p. m. WABC~£&wMohn/-Stadium Concert ^-•Concert Hour „ Busters WATR-SycVR-WICC-Cal T.inney : M 8:15 p. m. Against Inflation • 8:30 j). m, -WICG-r-Songs for Marching Men'",- : ', •' WKAPrWTiCi-Iriforma'tion, Please WJ<i—M£et...Your Navy |, WATR^QJad- Tiding Tabernacle »:00 p. m, l^:0()-In the South American Way I WOR-Gabriel HeatW W«nlor QuVshow; Gene an'd ' -^9 C ^^PU8o Glenn i w.iy-r^™^^^ Time ' Ui'ffl WnrM N'' u ' s Vy> CHS N''^' s ( y^V--"\lljii l li;t I' 11 ' M-'iKnlfloont 1 ,,: ; j,i'..Avo'M.«H;i I lour • )0 _... T , tkl . |t or l.ravn I!" ,,V ill-port in tin- Nation lliV-Tlinr; Ni'WM jl-l,v-'Hol»tiy Mynics Orch.. •)l\nV Stun K'MiInn i MH'h, ' ' ' It 1,0- Sign nff Station WATR Inidl.-y Kadfo Carol lers ii;K) -pfMl* 1 MmliMh' ;( i;>— Yank' 1 *' N-'\ss OH) Koliui-H ol 1 Citlv.iry Polish ,1'grn, |0,'|i> -Klrsl H;ipli.-it fihiuvh H;;^,.\ ( .\v; .Mtitunr.H Hadlo f.lhapei |;>.M) linn H< l id'> "ri'll, P. M. |'i:li">"l.otl (i rs to My Son . ••"••' \>tt\ Dci'win's Spuds I'a^e . l.iji^-Yiiuko'? N''\v.s ! l:l> -Tu He .Aiinunncrd l.:ii) •l.fllniftnl.tit CJuiiuber of Gom- Sal'oly Songs r.:^-Thls Is Font Mix ;i(0 ,\ Hoy. a lili'l, a ;i;tu i;,irl Huff's urr.jj. \.ru -Ili-vksvlujt 'Siand 1:00—n-ohcr.t St. John 1:15—SI Ivor Strings i.:vlO—Ajodcrn Mus-lo • 2:00,1—Sammy Kaye's Sunday Tinclo 2:iJO—Gurlls Ensomble 2:45—T-Ke Sabbath Message IfcOO—Musio for Ne-ltfhbors , , : a:ir>~GommentAry, Upton Close - if;«f>—T-hls Is The Army Hour 4:30—Mr. and Mrs, Consumer—Pro , find Con 5:00—Don r Adolf f»:l5-Musi(j Of The Americas 5:;JO—Plays- For Americans 0 ;00—iNoWH 0:15—«llarry Horlick's Orcli. O.'iJO—Strlotly Sports 0:45—Yale .Interprets the News , 7:00—Wdntt Ainu Oliver 7:'K)—Tho' Bandwagon 8:tX)-~I>i-o^rain from New-York . 8;,'JO—Oriu Man's Family • ' U:pO-rManhattan Mei-ry-do-Round 0:30—AiuiM'ictth Album of Famll-' lar Music 10;(K)—Hour of Charm '' U):0(>—Joe and Mabel ^ Discs Sports; .-,i .v^.fti00 1>. m. WABG.-—TJji}t Brewster Boy WJ/ir-tDlha-lf •Shoro \VATH-WOn.Wl'CC—Double or .; - Nothing , ;, - ; ,; ; ... 'i 9. t( S5 p. in. VVJX—Nows; Men ; at Sea 10:00 p. m..-"/,'. WABC—Bob Hawk Quiz/ : , WO R—,Tr (\ as u re. H o u i- o f. So n ir Wli;AF'-\VTrG-Peo,ple are Funny W,I Z—Tp be a h n o u ri-eed WATH-W1CG—Cedricj Foster J0:15 p. in. WJZ—Moh r Machines and Victory \VATIVWiGC-Miekey. Alpert's ' .bul.l-fi^ht •nilnTljer^'a; -Mope cbdc ; tnp, HdwalUui /War' Oli n n|.'.'/'vi : ':,•;../7i-v'' GreLa'G'a'rb.o will be/.scen.;jn a dun.] I'ole .in /^Two-Faeetl,''. '.the new/ M H J-- M • o o i 'i i ed v_ • iVo'i/iii it u ti, ; t o p 'eri '-'_ 8;.'Suiiday'^'Yoi 1 "' threo/days / oiutiier IcuJiar./sci'oen. The...!]!^^.^'^'^!!!!!!']^. . h or;' third .-jippeariin'pQ v/>yHJ) , Dou.glas •syif/h' whom /s'lip' p'rcvi'bu|- ; ]y starred . In i ''Nl-n-oHoli-ka^ .and ^'A%' ' ' ' ] Yoy. In ;t;hq map,; 1 . Oai;i> Now at Stale .EjizabetfL-^aftpHou; : aml Chill Wills. 1 /The, "scc^n^'^blt;;' p}i 'the program I' featiirlng/.ii.,.comedienne who needs ,' ,hp./;:f^.f-roduotlon, .'•",]'u.dy Ganova. l^ossJtivety.' one of/her best hits l,o, dale,•'.shc : ;ls supporled by Tom B rp \\'n, •:•• Ru th/ T.err y,, an d. 13 illy Gilbert.' •..- ./---- "v-:- /;, ,\ '•; "'.. '• [you are unable l,o attend this map,' 1 . G-ai;bo..-maIces' 1 '^ lhe/./li\ansitio?'i Gilbert. • ; . . : from a sTniple, -unworldly ski in- . If you are unable .to'attend this strucl-ress -at '&. -/w'ln't'cr^i'.e'kbrt • to :-;ii'\'\ihndcr, 'Friday -on •opening day, do glami-prous . arid ' saphlstifmted /wof'H7i'pt.J ! ISIl|.-tO:\s(eq ; -.thi.s all-star program•nan/ who 'piIs 'hcr ; ' \yiiis;'- ^'nd 'beauty ial, our/ Enrjy ! Bird 1 Sh/o\v; Saturday; Tigalnsf,- a rival 1 in order /to hold lusband, .playo^' hy/'.Dous'las. Fine Double -Bill Starting Moday for• oV'Km- day -eh-' ftgemenf. ul, : the popular fcoew happy; t,o ' 11; ; y oir h aye,been • \\n\ this . for,. iasi.erijiccc,:./"'Iier/,Ga'r-d^Qa-r J (l fro; Escape, ".Rpber! h oarer 'in' anot.hei o nri.ed.y-.".. of.'.. :a,.. .lh nee,-col mance In sunny Florida; la one of van impro.yjrk man • who js maneuveredr- m or n i n g' n,t 10:00 a. m".' , ; ' ' __-——~~ '.*•<> -T—'•' ' ' Fine Program > Is Listed at ' ' ^ ; ^ State,' Hartford .;:•'"Two"Ore-at Stage Shows. ; Jn One," Is/'thc'-holiday treat, playing today, Saiurd a y •: an d -. Siniclay o n l.h e s Ln go of/ .the" AirXGoncli'tioned : State -the- ato.r/lTartford. Part' i -of .the/ 'gignii- ,t,lc-'atag[e' show features Russ Mbr- gan v '(p}okjred;;above, ; top) who pre- 's^jii^hlsf^cjiestra; and hif> famous '^'Jil u's i a : . ; triN'^)i6-',/ ; j\'torg-a n ., Man n or,'' AvSUi.,,AHu ii]^ : ^CQlebrat;ej1.. personal-, 1Jie^v---: r in^lud|.ng^-lHpvely. Elizabeth.' ., ypungr* i;R^gens.;-^jij§i"flyinlJ, jGl'areniieMe)- -ffito'^^i'-t^^^^ -others. ~ Part Rnss Mornnn, the Croat f-est(M» and Kli/nhftdi Itafitii's ."licndiiifl n^nt show. , two of this sensational stage bill, features .the Mnstor Magician, "The ('.real, Lester" , (shown nbove, Idt't) wil.h bis "Hevne of 1001 Magie Wonders." He presents a full hour of thrills,, surprises, novelties, and sensational and. baffling illusions, gathered from the Tour corners of i tho eiii'lh. Kxtra added, on this nianl 1 stag-e b\)l, is tin- Jn J>i;r.son appear••anon of mo sor^on's funniosl. r.oniod- ian, J^niv Davis, iho "Ono-Atan Cy- elono of Jlil.-irlty." There ;m> two MidnJtn Sluiw ant? Serwn Shows Mi is • \vook-onil, one Tonile, Friday .Mid n iff, and |hi> oth<>r on Sunday .Mldnilo, both starling at j :J5 a. m , Tho lonile are conlhiuonus I Midnite. Come anylinio! I/WAR' I A YEAR JULY 3, GOV. LEHMAN SPEAKS AGAINST ANY APPEASEMENT (Hy Unjl.od .Japan uinools srif lings sH< lo New York, StalliV.calls fora •> w.-ir • to Mm nml. j V. $.. Chief o: H. Marshal-!, \irgrts' i'm'nn la lion (o jwrmiP'use 1 of outside of- YvY>s!M-M Tho City J s a log eabin-^noW. on Mormon . Temple. vv^ built in 18^7 b New York, ,UiJy X— (MP)~- Governor Lehman holiovos nothing shori of complete victory will'save our 1'ibcrlic.s. • Speaking a! a patriotic rally at mimnny Hull last night, Loh'man aid: - ' "There" are somr nppnrtsnmenl; or ar« sld(*r a negotinlod are stupid enough to heliv.vp they can ertjos or thofr skins hy eomjiromist oj i nppeasomenj, they are ignoranl or blind to'tlin history of totalitarian' aggression." > who still seek ?. willing to con- peace, if they or evil enoiiRh save their nron r TIRED BURNimr!pW5T IUCAI) \Vir.\T "1 suffered torlui\v .\\if.h ' burning ea 11 oiises—couId hardly wo'i'kv 'Tried most everything, Finally. J v happened on PODQL. What a 'relief. A few applications at, night \liti••'Iho Irfek, No more tbrlure. 'Now I work better and sleep .better-," wrS'les Mrs. l-\ A., New . llaVeii. PODOL—a whUe, greascless cream. K;ises ;md soothes Mm inflamed skin tissues. Will not stain. 'Get a large r>0d Jnr , today a-t- Naugatuck *Drug 11:15—Cesar .Saorohingcr; Commen- talor II ;;jO--Tlii'ee Sheets io the. Wind -12:00—News; Baseball Scores 12:10— OrolH.-stra Solo ., J2i;«)—hog Cabin Fa>ma Orch. >V.\:>-.\rt lirrt'lt's nroh. ' fi:»V-Yanke*' News i!:l.'»--S,ilv.-i!iiin Army Program 7.W-.vV'Milh D.iy Adve/illslM 7. t ,'*)-S(,ir-* ;ii)(| Slrlpi«H In Firll- Super Radio Special ml CON. .S HKI'LAliKI) S/M01SPS! IIAUIO OliWUN & « H'alprlown Avp,/ Wnterhury To), a-0217 ON THE AIR TODAY fi:00 p.tin; ,; WJ^—Nnws; Afuslo . AS'lOAK—Kunny Money Man WATtt-WOK—Baseball Gaiine: Rod- Sox- vs. Yankees , (>:l' r > p, m.. WA1JC—lledda Hopper's 'Hollywood W10AP—.\tnvs . WTIC—Professor Sohenker WATn-WJCC-W,J2~ Sports f>:.'iO p. in. Won—News WKAF~-Te.d Sleele'H ^Studios WABC—Fi'aiik Pairkor NV'JX—To be'announced ' \VICC—Musical Roundup WTIC—Sports WATH—Pleasure -"awl-Profit •\AO:30 p. in, , WBAP-WTIC—. r l!hb, Nighi" of'July 3d; WAJJC-^-CJoLtMiTbla \Vorkshop WOR—Wa.r/New Ji':.-••-'.' WJ2—To be 'annomieed W. ATB" VS',1 GG"— ( J hrn my ,] o y's 0 re h • . . • ,'10;4J5, p.'-in. WOR—Answer Man W V JZ—Freddie Stewart ,.••"• 11:00 p. m. W.eather News ; ni. . ,, . . WKAF— Music : You . Want \yOH-neiH Control,, . . - WABC— Bobby-Byrnes Oroh/ W.JZ— Ntek Jerret's^Orch. • WTIG— PntW Gh'upln WATn-\yiGG--B(jrn.|e Cummins 1 • -Orch, • ;: ..ii:ao p. m. WEAK-WTrC—To »e announced WAB— -Stan .Koa I on's 'Orch. \VOR- Your SoiJgs., WJZ-^-Glen Gray's Orch. WATR-WI<3GrrJoo .Sucly's broli. * * j * * » " **»*•»» * * * * ** * * * * »» .-* > » •" '^^W^^^^'iS? .. LI Keep Your Flag- Flying- July \ 4th f and every day uritii victory j is ours. WEAI-'.—Sporls Won—-Here's Morgan W-JZ-WTIG^owcIl Thomas WJCC—Ac-.eordlon Airs •Hits and Bits HOWLAND-HUGHES ^~ ~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r ^ U* M^k MHflBMmi^i^wmH^^^^^^ "Wnterbury'a Friendly Department Store" Store Closed All Day SATURDAY JULY 4th WABC-WTlC—iSfeSvs ; .Scores ; Sam\ CG^-Tonviiiy Tueker's 0i v ch. ,,,«^«--M^\V8; Abe'-Lyman's Orc-h. WJX—News; Bud-dy Franklin's - , OreJi; .•• ». .' WABC—Sign Off;..'. . V'Ship Ahby/ 1 la . Lead Now at " ( ^; Alc'a^ar -Theater : t ' g^bh -his vsijooesaful career a; top' ; comic and-hlso a romantic Jiero;;/nei1-Skeltoh ; sings and wins ,lho ^Jri in M-G-M'S musical; "Ship Ahoy/' now at /the -Aloa^ar"theater, Rlcanor Powell, Skel<:on and the Toiftniy Darsey:yiswlng band head t-h'c 'rftbllar «as'l.-'--- ; v;> ;.-\/--','"•--. Miss Powell is seen as a G-girl in tho musical, ,wlt/h Skelton as lior liypbohpndriao sweetheart. ; Both be- oo-me Involvedwit'h foreign agents, k dangerous plots and.hila'riou.s mix- - ups.v-Tlie» action- takes plaoe on a show-boat bound 'for southern wa- •ters.. Interspersed botwee'n' .t'he plot Lowest Prices Tn The City John Girdes _ We *, Jlny , ^11, Kxclionoe and Ilepfttr ' ' A 11 Ki rids Of liist ru in eti ( s Violin, ••« I'janos, Radios, Clarinet, Tr uinpet, Accordions; Saxophones, Wood Winds — Musical Supplies > Tel; 4-9808 382 XO. : MAIIV ST. 'WATERBURV •£ "A running fight between tho bomber and the 18 Japanese pursuit plane*.continued for 75 miles . . . continued until the remaining pursuit ships exhausted their ammunition and turned back. With two engines gone and the plane practically out of control, the American bomber returned to its base after dark and made an emergency landing. THE MISSION HAD BEEN ACCOMPLISHED." . — President Roosevelt, in his Fireside Chat, April 28, 1942 So That We Life-saving- Suits are giving torpedoed sailors another chance, ALIFE States Rubber' Company Niuigatuck Footwear .Division '.'•' T HERE, in the words of President Roosevelt, is one of the war's most stirring episodes—a demonstration of, *•"' how," with one man killed, another man's hand shot, off, v and a third man injured, our American, boys ftuck to the fight, bombed their objective, and brought their plane home. ,' Undoubtedly . you felt a thrill when you heard it over the air, and maybe you'll have another thrill reading it again. But your thrills won't win 'the war! It takes planes—thousands of them—and tanks—thousands of them—and shells—millions i. of them— and bullets—billions of them! It needs ships and guns : and jeeps ... It takes money. / ' ; It takes the money of all of us—the girls at their typewriters, the men-at their machines—the clerks, the farmers, the messengers, the bookkeepers and the salesmen. It needs a surging, patriotic Natron of people who love their country enough to buy a share of America by investing 10% of their wages every payday—a dime from every dollar —in War Bonds. It needs—and it's getting it!—the cooperation of Labor and Management to put the Payroll Savings Plan over the top. Your money in War Bonds—10% of your salary every payday—not only will help pay the bill to create die most powerful blasting force ever put together—but you'll do yourself and your family a favor, too. Because every time your savings amount to $18.75, you'll get a War Bond—worth $25 in ten years. You don't give your money—you invest it, both for Victory, and for your own personal security. That's your mission— will -you accomplish it? WAR BONDS and bIN WAR BONDS STAMPS 3 CLIFTON AVINUI This advertisement is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by a leading Naugatuck industry, whose employes have already enrolled 1 GO % in the salary withdrawal payment plan for the purchase of War Bonds. i * » . \ •* 11 J)

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