Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 1, 1898 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1898
Page 18
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't- V ANNALS OF 1897. Erents and Happens ol tbe Year. A VARIED RECORD. Dread Work of the Fire Demon, of Wind and Wave—Affairs Personal, Political wild Miscellaneous—Bus! •ess Troubles—A 'General Review. FIRES. JA.NUAlIT. S. Firoin the business i»rtion of Nashville; loss, WOO.OOO. 10. A 1150,000 fire at Danville, Va, A 1200,000 fire at Minneapolis. 18. A ousiness block burned at S.andtisky, 0.; loss, 1250,000. 24. A $300,000 fire in Chit^go. Bed Lake Fallsi. Minn., nearly destroyed bj flre. iL 5 businew houses bnrned jn Syracuse; loss, JISJ.OOO. Carshops burned at Pla ttsiuoutSi, Neb.; loss, 1125,000. It. 20 buildings burned at Padfic Junction, la. A block of small titoreii bnrned in Philadelphia; loss, ti,:!50,000. Grain elevator burned in Chicago: loss, J350,- OCO. ]). The etate capitol at Harrisburg totally destroyed by flr<>; loss, $1500,000. The Scott-Anerbach building at Salt Lake City burned; loss. 1300,000. 1L The Arnold block ut Amsterdam, N. 7,, burned; lc«s, <TO,000. )l|i. The Webster block in GlouoiJster, Mass., burnod; loss, UOO.OOO. Mi. Grain elevator burned lit Toledo; loss, J275,- 000. 1!L The SyndiciiKi blook at Grand Forks, N. D., bnrned; loss, $225,000 I)]'. Cement works burned, at Middle Branch, O.: loss, 1100,01X1. MARCH. 1. A 1150,000 fire in the bwines* portion of Ca»ey, Ills. Plate glana factory burned at Alexandria, Ind.; loss, 1200,000. 4. Fire at Syracuse; loss, $130,000. A J100.000 flre at Newbui'g, H. Y,. Wagon factory burned at Oslikosh, Wis.; Ions, 1100,000. .1. Fire in the business portion ol!' Worcester, Mass., caused a loss of nearly ikWO.OOO. 'Brain elevator burned a$ Pwrim, Ills,; loss, 1500,000. The Bingham block and other buildings bnrn- ed at Home, N. Y.; losu, $2GO,0<:0. If., The Park theater, formerly then Metropolitan, an old landmark, bnmad i:n Indianapolis; loss. 1100,000. Hi. The Ely-Walker Dry Goods Co, burned out in St. Louis; loss, tl,00i),000. A 1100,000 flre at Elkins, ff. Va. ak A tlOO.OOO flre at Clinton, Mo. K:, Jire in the business district of Ottumwa, la.; loss about $200,000. »L A J150.000 flre in Des Moines. APUII- tl Portland Paper Co.'s mill at (Jilbertville, Me., burned; loss, ?100,000. 4k Goorse F. Otto Co. 's carpet store destroyed by fire in Cincinnati; loas, $400,000. Ilk Moresque block and other properties destroyed by flro in New Orleans: loss, *400,000. ST. Two piors at Newport News, Va., burned, together with a steamship, u eiiiiling vessel and a tug; loss, $2,000,000. MAV. f. Itascs Warehouse Co. burned onb at Minneapolis; loss, $250,000. IPhe residence of President Green of the Columbia Navigation Co. burnod at New Rochelle, N. Y.; loss, $250,000. ne. burned » Grot fire In the bo»lne» *on; low, 12^000,000. 11. A million dollar blaze in Me Z2. Koenan's ti<>p*rt3netit Streator, Die,,; Scss, S250.000.' £. A I150.CGO are at Fensacola, Fla. DECKMBER. 8. The-"Brick" Pomeroy block and McHfllan Opera Hooxe burned at l^icrosm:, Wis.; lota, COO, 000. 12. 4 firms burned out on Chustnut street, Phil adelp..ia; In*-, $750,000. 18. Litt?, Fletcher & Co.'s wholesale grocery Ktore at Mariiliallto^vn, Ifl., bnrned; loss. 17. Hotel Dakota and other properties burned at Grand Forte, N. D.; loss, $SSO,000. THE STORM'S FURV^ Fatal Diuuteri Cmnied by the K»»1rM7 Element*. JAXDARY. 2. The heaviest T-ain.storm cf recruit years in Mixsouri. Arkansas and .fadiac Territory. 25. Extreme cold all over the country; mercury dropped 80 degrees in 24 hours. MARCH. 22. Tornado in Goorpiu; school demolished at Arlington: 8 children killed and many fatally injured. 10. Tornado deatrored the to\vn of Chandler, 0. T.; about SO lives lost and nearly 200 people seriously injured. APB1L. 5. Violent earthquakes and great loss of life in the Xjieward islands. Flood at Guthrie, 0. T.; great damage done and 50 to 250 lives lost. MAY. 31. Earthquake in the south Atlantic and central western states. JUNE. 8. 26 persons buried in the ruins of a barn crushed by a tornado in Lincoln, Logan county, III* 4. S persona killed and considerable damage done by tornado near Salina, Kim. SEPTEMBER. 4. Sabine Pass, Tex.., wrecked by a. tornado; 10 dead and ratmy missing. 22. 40 persons kilUid and TO injured in Italy by hurricane. OCTOBER. 6. Over 6,000 deathsi in a typhoon on the Philippine islands. 25. Destructive storm on th«i Atlantic coast from Long Island to Hatteras. NOVEMBER. 11. Mt. Vesuvius in active eruption.. 17. Terrific gales and shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. tMM,df«d oT liwmy on the lit. It Hotel Barry, the actor, died in London. IB, 'tbe 56th congrMC aawmbled in extra «*»• irion. 2L Oete blockaded by the fleet of the powen. AI'RIIL- *. Jfaj. Edward P. Dolierty. Wilkea Booth'* <»ptor, died at New York city. 19. War between Turkey and Greece declared. 24- After a fierce fight at Mali the Greeks r«- treMed from Tyrnavo and Lariisa to Ifharsala. «. Antonio Maximo Mora, principal in the Sipanish claims case, died in New York citj. 27. The Grjmt mausoleam on Riverside drive, New York. d«-di(»ti?d and formally torned over to tbe city of New York. MAY. X. The Greek army in Epirns retired to Arta. Trinity church, New York, celebrawsd its 200th anniversary. 8. John V..Croni, the celebrated runner, di«d a:t Des Moines: aged 23. 4. Edwin F. Thorne, i:h« actor, died 10. New York city. 6. Tae Greeks retreated from Pharsala. H. Mrs. George Holman, known as "the mother of opera, "died at London, Ont.; agedTb. of . deponitow fl,- WRECKS AT SEA. JANUARY. 20. 9 sailors, a woman and a ciliild drowned in the wreck of the schooner Nahum Chapin off Long Island. MARCH. 9. The French steamer St. Nazaire wrecked off Cape Hatterasi ; many li ves lost. 8. Wreck of the steamer Aden on Socotra island ; 78 perished. 80. The German vessel Rembok sunk by collision in the Dardanelles; 18 sailors drowned. SEPTEMBER. 11. 27 of the crew of the British steamship Polyphemus drowned in a collision in the Red sea. 22. Torpedo boat No. 26 suck off Cuxhaven, Hamburg; 8 of her crew, including the commander, Diilre Frederick William of Mecklenburg-Sch-iverin, W€TO drowned. OCTOBER. 18. The coaster Trito:n wrecked off the Cuban coast: about I'oO soldiem and civilians drowned. 23, Steam schooner Caspar wrecked off Point Arona, Oil. : 13 sailors drowned. NOVK.MI1EH. 1. Transit steamer Idaho foundered on Lake I Erio; 19 sailors drowned. I1ECE.MBER. 14. Schooner Snsaii P. Thurlow wrecked on Gushing island, off the Maine coast; (i sailors drowned. __ . A. Tho St. Louis Milling Co. 's plans in Cnrlina- villo. Ills., was burned; loss, $200,000. M. Tho business portion of Georgetown, a mining town in El Dorado county, Cal,, was burnod to the ground; loss, $175,000. lite buildings on Ellis island, Nev- York harbor, burned down; loss, $800,000, HI. Iowa's State university at lowai City bnrn- ed; loss, $100,000. JULY. 8. Entire village nearly destroyed by flre and one life lost at Lako Ann, Mich.; loss, 1100,000. H. The Berlin (N. H.) Mills Co.'a smv and grist mills destroyed by lint; loss, $100,000. IT. Two largo factory buildings occupied by William Keod & Co., Rowland Bros., Pass Bros, and the Yonkers Silk Co. destroyed by flre at Yonkers, N.'Y.; loss, IMOO.OOO. AUGUST. 1. The Pioneer Fireproof Construction Co.'s plant at Ottawa, Ills., destroyed by flre; loss, $100,000. k. The Northwestern grain elevatoir, Chicago, destroypd by fire; 8 persona killed; loss, 1300,000. f. Planing mill, dry kiln, lumber yard, store and a number of tenement houses, also 3 imall bridges, burned at Barnum, Toi.; loss, $250,000. 16. Tho saw and pinning mill of the Tunis Lumber Co. at Baltimore destroyed by lightning; loss, J600.COO. IT. 'Fhe lumber yard of the Geri-y Lumber Co. in Eaglo Kiver, Wis., destroyed by fire: loss, $150,000. H. Henry C. White i Son's Jori;e woolan mill lit Chapacbet, R. I., destroyed by flre, to- gethor with several houses; loss, $200,000. Jft. Tho phosphate works of I. P. Thomas' Sons it Co. at Paulsboro destroyed by fire; loss, 11223,000. SEPTEMBER. •> (I warehouses buniod at Philodelphia; loss, S2SO.OOO. W. .1 ohn A. Logan, Jr. 's, stock barn, S fine horses and a number of vehicles burned at Youngstown, 0.; loss, $75,030. •- '.I'ho works of tho Youngstown (O.) Bridge (!o. destroyed by flro; loss, $200,000. XL Host of the business buildings in Bain- liridge, O., destroyed by flre; loss,J50,000. Tl e John Gund Brewing Co, 's plant at La- (rosse, Wii, destroyed bv fire; loss. $3UO,- (00. The Star Coal Co-'s No. 1 mine at Braid- ^••ood. Ills,, destroyed by fire; loss, $75,000. fO. I>estruct4ve fire at Ironton, O. • loss, $400 - o-xx 30. I'ower hiiuse of the Capital Traction K li. Co. burned in Washington; loss over $1,000,000. OCTOBER. ft. 1IX) buildirjgs burned at Austin, Pa. • loss, $200,000. 4, Elotel Fayette, a fine summer resort at lUimotouk.i Beacli, Minn., destroved by fire. <. lit business buildings burned at iledora ' I.ls.; ioss, $100,OlXX T. 7 buildings, including an opera house, burn- e.1 in Detroit: loss, *800.«XL 5. The Second Presbyterian chnj-ch hnrned at Lafayette, lud. 14. 7 tobacco warehouses and S dwellings bnm- «1 at Durham, N. a ; loss, SSO.OOO. 17. The town of Windsor, N. -S... wiped out bv fire: 3.000 peoplo homeless; loss, $3,000,000. SO. A $100,000 fire at Osceola, Ark. K. TSe oflices of the Wnbash R. E. in St. Lcais bir«ed; loss, $800,000. 28. 8( urges grain elevator burnod at Buffalo- k«* orer $2CO,OOa NOVEMBER. *. Omtral hotel and Corry bloci homed at Warlboros Mass.; loss, $150,000. C A $-100,000 fire at Tesarcana, Ark, w. Hotel San M^r^^^^^^^ngustine, Fla. ; 1 PQLITIC&LAND^ PERSONAL MARCH. G. President JlcKmley's cabinet nominated and confirmed :ii, follow*: Secretary of state, John Sherman of Ohio; secretary of treasury, Lyinan 3. Gage ol' Illinois; secretary of war, Russell A. Alg<:r of Michigan; attorney general, Joseph M^Kenna of California; postmaster general, James A. Gary of Maryland: secretary o't navy, John D. Long of Massachusetts; secretary of interior, Cornelius N. Bliss of New York; secretary of agriculture, James Wilson of Iowa. IB. The president nominated John Hay and G«n, Horace Portor embfissadors to Great Britain and France, respectively. APRIL. 22. King Humbert attacked bj- a political fanatic. JUSE, 2. Cabinet crisis in Spain; ministers tendered their resignations in the qui'on regent. ia Attempt upon the life of President Faure of France. JULY. 22. Mr. Whitclaw R-eid, special envoy of tha United States to tho queen's diamond jubilee, gave a notable dinner in London; the Prince of Wales was among 'Jiose present. 23. The new tariff bill went :into effect after midnight. AUGUST. 8. Senor Canovaa del Castillo, prime minister of Spain, assassinated at Sajaca Agueda by an anarchist. 25. President J. Idiarte Borda of Uruguay shot and killed by an assassin in Montevideo. 26, Gen. J. P. S. Gobiu of Lebanon, Pa., elected commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. SEPTEMBER. 8. The treaty of annexation to the United States ratified by the Hawaiian senate. 15. President Diaz of Mexico v-as assaulted, but escaped unharmed. 29. The Spanish cabinet, resignecL OCTOBER. IS. Scnorita Evangelina Cossio y Cisneros, the Cuban girl who escaped from prison, arrived in New York. 2. Sweeping Democratic victory in the state and city of New Yoi-k. 6. Dr. Moraes, president of Brazil, attacked by would be assassins; tin: president's brother dangerously wounded and the minister of war fcillod. SOYE-VIBER. S8. Political riot in Vienna. DECEMBER. 1. Justice Stephen FkJd retinal from the bench of the supreme court sifter 44 years' service. * The 55th congress assembled; President McKinley's message treated at length with currency and Cuba. 4. A negro lynched by a mob; 2 men killed and 10 wound«;d in the crowd at Urbann, O. 8. Robert Joh'nston Flnley, manager ' of the McClure Newspaper syndicate, died in New York ci:y , ag«d 29. .4. Charlotte Wolier, known as "the tragedy queen of Germany, " clied in Vienna; aged 63. Barney Barnato, known as the South Africa "diamond king," leaped overboard while on the wa3 r to England. 2L Capt. Boycott, the firiit man subject-ed to the "boycott," died in London; aged 55. 22. Ajiniversary of Queen Victoria's coronation; a jubilee in England. 25. Alice Dunning Lingarci, the actress, died in London ; aged 50. JULY. 6. Tlie strike order of tlie national executive beard of the United Mine Workers of America obeyed by from 10,000 to 15,000 miners in the Pittsburg district, 0. Afironaut Andree's exjiedition to the north pole; ascent made July 10, 9, Lieut, E. E. Peary and party sailed on beard the steamer .Hope from Boston. bound for northern Greenland. AUGUST. 16. Tlie Count of Turin and Prince Henri of Orleans fought, a duol with swords near Psiris ; Prince Henri was seriously -wounded. 22. James Reynolds, one of the leading spirits in the old Fenian brotherhood, di«d in NIJW York city. 23. Ccirly Chief, one of the most noted Pawnee Indians, died near Perry, 0. T. ; aged 100. SKIT EMBER. 8. Tlie Jackson-Harmsworth expedition returned from Franz-Josef Land after s]?end- ini; 3 winters there. 10. From 14 to 20 miners killed find 40 wounded by deputy sheriffs at Ijattimer, Pa. 26. The new North German Lloyd steamer Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse broke the 'westward record from Southampton by 26 minutes. OCTOBEJl. 9. Gen. Pulger, Venezuelan warrior, statesman and philanthropist, died at Caraijas. 10. 0. P. (Jaylor, well known writer on baseball, died a" Winona, Minn. 21. Tbe 100th anniversjiry of the launching of the war frigate "Old Ironsides" celebr&od- in 'Joston. NOVKMBKR. 1. Union Pacific road sold, at Omaha to reorganization committee 1'or $57,564, ( J32. 78. 16. Mme. Verdi, for 50 years the consort of the famous composer, died at Rome. 17. Gorman warships landed troops and guns in China with hostile intent. UKCKMBEIL L John T. Jackson, a noted American ^Journalist, died in Paris. '[ 7. M. De Four'ion, French statesman, cliod in Paris. 8. Dr. Campbell Morfitt, distinguished Amerian chemist in London, died in that city. 9. William Bbkely, English comic actor, known in America, died in London. 11. Orson Clemens, brother of Mark Twain. who was n ••furty-ninej'" andapicturubq*e litijniry diameter,. dif-cl at Keokul:, JMLJ ~10. AcrorTTmiariTTerrisi'rwell Ijnowr, ih'ibns- land and America, assassinated at the Adclphi theater, London. M* Mottallt. Vm.. lUted for BM0.800. MAT. 19. Tbe Bebnont Saving* H.. closed lU doora, 000,001). jrn-r. J. The Globe Building and IP" 3 *»oclatloo of Louisville aagigned; Matties, ttOQ,(BO, ACGCTX. 5" .<: i. The Golden Bod Silk Go. ^ Patijrson, N. J., failed: liabilities. ?103,QQK ' SEPTEMBER. ft. J. R. Willard & Co. of Xe» fork 'oade an BBsig*«ient; liabilities rx«ci U.OOQ,OOg, OCTOBER. , E. W. O- Hitehcoek & Co., importers^lassun, ed in New York city; liabilities, $yx» Ma The Fowler Cycle Co. of Chicago aiwimK.1 • liabilities, $500,000. T? ™" The National Bank of AshevUle, N C.; its doors. NOVEMBER. > t. John. A Willard, a banker of I ^_ Minn., assigned, with direct liabilities'^ la The bonk at English, Ind., failed, ins its brunches at Leavenwort rengo. K - 5SS: S%L£ r £S n £,.'?* ™***M ACCIDENtS AND COLLISIONS. on Railroads, In Factories, And Elsewhere. JAKITARY. 9. 7 nuns perished at the burning lino convent ac Roberval, Que. 16. 16 children burned to death in a Orphan home, Dalbis. 81. fl deaths in a fire in Hoboken, N. at tto 9. 12 workmen killed by the collapse of a scaffolding at Cornwall, England. MARCH. 4. Over 50 people injured by a gag explosion in Boston: fi deaths. 10. 5 killed and 2 injured in a railroad wreck at Hazlcton, Ind. 13. 3 killed and 2 injured at the burning of thu Chicago hotel in Buffalo. 14. 15 men killed and many irotmded, by tho explosion of a gun on a Russian turret shin in Cretan waters. APRIL. 11. 8 killed and 8 injured in a railway '-ollisloi, at Hairisbnrg, N. C. 90. Many lives lost and 2 ctty blocks destroyed in San Salvador by ail explosion ot dyo* mite. MAT. 4. A eharity bazaar burned iM Paris; over 10(1 deaths and about 200 injured; severnl ladiai of rank were among the victims. 8. 13 lives lost by fire on the Hallory linn steamship Leoua at sea. 13. 10 killed and 9 injured i» an accident in the ore mines at Pinkney, Tenn. 81. 5 tally ho excursionists killed and 15 in jar- ed in a collision with a train at; Valley Stream, N. Y. A MISCELLANEOUS RECORD. A Chronicle of Domestic ittxd Foreign Happening*. JAA'C-A.RV. Si Mre. Hangerford, faiooas as a. novelist under the nom de plunie The J>nchess, died in Dublin. 26. Mrs. Mary iL Windsor White, "tie escaped ntm," died at AnnapoJis; aged SO. O. Samuel W. Stone, author of "Wait For the Wagon," died at Topcts; aged St FKBRUJLRY. 2. iUartini, inventor of the rifle bearing his :tiame, died at Franenfeld, Switzerland. 10. i^astelmary died on the stage •while smtr- iLng the role of Tristano in the opera of "Martha," at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. II Cap*. Philo Norton McGiffla, it hero of the nival battle of the Tain riirer, died in Now Tort-city by his own hand. itan insurgents attacked Khania and ttred upon by the foreign wmniips. Bnijfcley, this veteran ihowman, at Dele-ran, Wis.:; aged XT.. KASCH. P. Ecrnochan, ti* New York <*)< SPORTING CONTESTS. MAnCR. 17. Fitzaimmons defeated Corbett for the world's heavyweight championship at Car SGI*, Kev. MAY. 12. Kentucky Derby won by Typhoon Il[ at Louisville. 81. Howard Mann won the Brooklyn Handicap. G. A. Soden won the Irvingion-Millburn cycle race. JUNK. 2. Princeton won the third, and deciding series of baseball with Harvard at Mow Huveu: score. 2 to 0. 10. Octagon won the Brooklyn Derby. 17. Michael boat McDuffee in a 15 mile cycle race at Cambridge, Slass. IB. The steam yacht Ellide broke the mile :-ec ord on the Hudson. 13. Third and deciding game of the Prince! on Tale series of baseball won by Priiicuto:i in Sow York; score, 22 to 8. 22. Ben Brush won the Suburban Handicap at Coney Island. 25. Cornell won the intercollegiate boat race at Poughkeepsie over Vale and Harvard. JULY. i. Cornell defeated Columbia and Pennsylvania in tbe shell race at Pou^hkeepsit. 10. The Friar won the Realixatiun sfakus ai Sbeepshearl Bay. Airnusr. 21. Michael deteuu-a .Starbuuk in a 33 mile oy cle race at Manhattan Beach, wiunu.^ Ijv 2 miles; time, Ih. 6m. 14 3-5s. Star Pointer outpaced Joe I'ntchc-n .it Chi cago: best mile, 2:02. 14. L'Atouette won the Futurity at Coney Li land.. 28. Star Pointer paced a mile in l:El.mat l!ei:d ville^ Uass., breaking the rtc',rd. SKPTF-MBER. L Kequital won the Flight slakes at Shet-[)^ head 13ay, defiaiting Hamb-rg. OCTOBBR. L Star Pointer lowered the racing record 3: Chicago by pacing a milu in iiutfi. ilefeir ing Joe Patchen. 8. Starbuck defeated Michael in a 25 miir cycling race at Philadelphia. NOVtiAIBElt. 13. The annual football game benveen Harvarc and Yale at Cambridge resulted in a tie score, 0 to a 20. Yale defeated Princeton lit football at Xcv Haven; score, il to 0. 25. Michael defeated Starbuck in a i> m;]i cycle race at Madison Square Uarat;. New York; time, 5Uin. 29 l-5». DGCEMBEK. t. Slosson won tbe final game in the biliinn toarnamcnt 11:1 New York. s>cha*;rVr ea.n 1 . out second, Ives third, Daly fourtn am Sntton fifth. 12. Charles W. Miller of Chicago vron tbe si.\ dn- cycle race in New York; tile lour li.-a.ii:!-. scores -were as follows: Millar, J.uiiy mili:- Eice, 2,026; Schinneer, 2,UUU; Eale. I,Its. H. "Kid" McCoy defeated Dan Cr«Kion. llu Australiatu for the middleweight cl % :u;' pionship in Long Island City. T. 5 men killed and 4 injured in a collision on the Omaha R. K, near Hudson Junction, Wis. g. Explosion of fireworks; 28 persons injured in Chicago. 27. 7 persons killed and many injured by u ,. train falling through a trestle ai: Missouri City, Mo. JULY, 7. 9 persons killed and 5 badly wounded by an explosion near Hartsville, Tenn. 14. 8 persons drowned by the bursting of !! reservoirs at Matteawan, N. Y. 28. Explosion on the steamer Nntmeg titato aft Bridgeport, Conn.; 4 men killed and 8 injured. A00UST. 7. 56 people killed and a large number Injured by an explosion in a cartridge factory in Rustchuk, Bulgaria. 23. 8 men killed and 8 injured by the explosion of a boiler in Cairo, Ills. SEPTEMBER. 4. 5 people killed and'25 or 30 injured by explosions of natural gas in Broad Ripp le, Ind. 7. 8 men killed by the explosion of aitrogiyc- erin at Cygnet, 0. ^_ 8. li persons killed and J4-tntCireaf 'byrSffSfc? collision at Emporia, Kan. 10. 30 persons killed and 1S5 injured in a railway collision near New Castle, Colo. 12. 7 men killed and b injured in a riiilroad wreck at Hanson, I. T. OCTOBER. 4. 7 deaths in » railway crossing accident at Willow Springs, Mo, {. 7 schoolgirls and a teacher bnrned, to, death at, Plankinton, S. D. 16. The dome of Robinson's Opera Hocso fell in Cincinnati during a performance; 5 peo pie killed and 60 injured. 23. A Hudson River R. R. express plungtid into a washout near Garrisons; 20 killed, many injured. * NOVEMBER. 8. 4 killed and. 17 injured in the wreck of a vestibule express on the Chesapeake and Ohio R. R. aear Charlottesville, Pa. BEOEMBER. 4. 4 killed in a trolley collision at Binningham, Mich.; 4 others injured. Id. 6 killed in a head on collision near Fort Smith, Ark. IEDIC11, Mid OR Mill To Any I Mirrelooj upplliix. . of r«r» power will txi , «t»UK» iMvmrnt, bj th« world Iji til* treatment 4 ooonuced from effecnn 1 work, Ac. UnrpT uinn-lJ tonuonor developRnend Man. ; no deception; O. D. Addrewi ERIE MEDICAL C RILO.N.Y. Ej-County Comml entertained his l at d:lnn« in Tipton towns! oar Scbwalm ftmily ol Gbristmas How's Tl s WeoIerOne Hundired Mn roward to •»»• cue of Catarrh thw cull be -:ured b B *ll'» Catarrh Cure. f-1. CHENEY & CO.. »«„ Toledo, 0 VF v *^ I? 1 "*, toe undersigned, DMknown J! - J Cheneyf or me last JS years-id believe Wm Perfectly honorable in all ilnera transac- *>nj and financially able to <hy out auy %Mtant made by their flrmJ Wholesale Whol«ial Ohio- , Toledo, O. B »U'«c&tarTh Cure IB upon the ?°"««utaoe§ of the irytte t>ottle - fcld by all at <cA and mu |]>ride, 76c pe | TerUmooial H»U's lamllr P1U» «re the \ r. J, Ferguson, postml I Q. sotoh of the city, ' »nd eprined his back IB unlble to wtUk. at • Dlir tha Rbe 'My.tlol rac autism Cored lii|fDj»y. omterloui ndthe dj !«t dose i Soldbr jort, It fi'bel parillathj QOWD We know: ud per mi •Hood's «the It™! Vtdache. ire" for rhenmut) curts in 1 • tbe system 1« i I, it remoT6« at c>n< late immediately dig liatlr benefits. 7B r IH. r -•" — land neu d»y». It kable and cause The [ier.tottake Hooi eiperimentj i untried prej Sarsaparil |t)y cures. tact easi Id bowels- Birsa UD- ilons. at Ja ted H I Oapttln: fitted No, 14 Itowe, 7 hull from! ug on hi fiinJo 7 peared.l Wml CONVENTIONS OF THE YEAR. National Gatherings of Representative So- cietie*. NOTABLE FAILURES. Banki-n mud CapitalUta !• T. J. H. Johnston & Co., jewelers, assigned s c N«w York; liabilities over RiuO.OOU. K. TheNarional Bank of Potsdam, N. V.. close' it* doora. G- Bnnttag * Gx 's banking house at Elaci' 1 foot. Idn., went itnio the bandi of a n eciver; liabilities, *200.00a t. The Glob* Savings bank of Chicajfo assigi! •d. MAY. 1, Exposition opened at Nashville. 20- The 109th general assembly of the Presbyterian church began at Winona, Ind. The general assembly of the Southern Presbyterian convention begaa at Charlotte, N. C- JUNE. L Tbe semicentennial mooting of the American Medical association held in the .A cade my of Music, Philadelphia. 82. The ISth national saengerfest held in Phila delphia. Tth annual reunion of Confederate vet er.in begun at Nashville. ADOUST. 4. The ISth annual national meet of the L,. A W. began in Philadelphia. 8. The annual convention of the Nationa Christian alliance !>egan ac Cleveland 17. The 23d annual conirention of the Ame rican Bankers' association met in Detroit. The 13th anneal convention of the Society of American Florists opened in Providence 8. The 9th annual convention of th People's Christian union of the Cnitt* Presbyterian church met in Indianapolis, 1C. The National Temperance society IIL ses sion in Saratoga. JO. The 28th reunion of tie Society of Army of the Potomac held at Troy, N . 28- Annr 1 **' encampment of the G- A. R. c ed in Buffalo. 6EPTEKBTB. I. The Song of Veterans began a national en- czcnpijient at maialiapv^s. li. The International Association of Police and Telegraph Superintendents met in aaauai session in Nashville. de supreme lodge of the Knights and Ladies of Honor opened ita llth annual nesting in Detroi- The American Forestry aesociation m«it; in Nashville. The annual conference of the German Hap- ti«ts of the east began in New York ci;y. OCTOBER. If. The Pan-Slavic Press association organized 9fl Jll cosi- :ed,I One L. S.I Improvi just teen offers _ever| enia botel, inc!ul ot light and stt,,* Rates 75 ^ First das WILLIAM OF. R. 1. A; P. <uid road depot. $75,000.00 have the hous« now to be found in any old water, electric r ery room. .nd upwards. connection. jr and Proprietor, the 8. SB. The biennial meeting of the world's W. C T. U. opened in Toronto. - The 29th annual meeting of the Societ r of the Tennessee began in HHwaokee- The national convention of the WomJin'B Christian Temperance tiaion opened at Annual mesdnir of the Association of legiate Alnmntt opened ia Detroit. 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