The Wilmington Morning Star from Wilmington, North Carolina on May 20, 1905 · Page 3
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The Wilmington Morning Star from Wilmington, North Carolina · Page 3

Wilmington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1905
Page 3
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N REPORT SPIRITS -TURPENTINE.: Atlantic S Ilorlh Carolina R. R. is installing $25,000 worth 'of machtn- ery and employing between 75 and 100 men regularly ... The main shaft has i. QF THE CONDITION OF THE AT t 4. . Hoirland Compan-. xvvwvvwwwwwtr' placed in tne executive omce oi liov- lantle Trust & Banking Co., at Wilmington, N. . C, at the close ;o busi fmprovement : Leasee.'' i" if : t. ness, March 14, 1905. ! been sunk to a 'depth of 100 feet and will be made 450 feet deep. The gold is showing up well and the.promoters except grat things from the mine. Mr. Began business September 1902. I'. RESOURCES. ernor. Glenn Wdenesday soon after His Excellency left the city for Newborn. Especially notable are a massive" quarter-sawed oak flat top desk,, a perfect Schedule in Effect Feb. 3, 1805. Loans and discounts .,.,473.472 10 Demand loans ... ... EASTBOmVD. Josspon is well pleased with his ex- Due .from banks Gold coin v."V. ......... No. 6. Stations I J A J J. I M IX.. . J JM . I' ' - Furniture And fixtures Say FMnly to Your Grocer "V That you -want LION COFFEE BlwayS, and he, vj being a square man, will not try to sell iyou any-j thing else. You may not care for our opinion, but What About the United Judgment of Millions '. of housekeepers -who have used LION COFFEE for over a quarter of a century ? I auu up-iu-uaie.pieuB ui iuriuiur iu wr perience In this State. In t conyersa- Z4.050 00 i...' 17.302. 17 .... 395 00 100 00 .... - 236 65 .... 3 77 and 1,016 00 sign and "workmanship, a new execu- tlo witni - chronicle reporter to-dav: Silver coin ........... Cash items ........ . . National bank notes V .TVs . . " I tive chair to match, and a number he stated1 lhat there Is more gold in W4Aaaia!Xaaata mother U. S., notes . , . of handsome file cabinets. Also a luxu- TJnrth n.UHna f ti.A ... nnt The Kind Ton Have Always Bojnglit, and which has been Total ..... . s.-.-i-. : ... . . .. $516,575 69 ' - LIABILITIES. rious leather, upholstered divan. . than in the West, thnneh. of course. Lv. Goldsboro i.. . . ..I S45pm 8 00 am Lv TaGrangre 4 IS p m 8 28am Lv. Klnston . 440pm 852am Lv. Dver j . i . i . .... 5 02pm 914 am Lv.) Cove- I. i f . J. . . 1 . . 5 16pm 927am Lv. Tuscarora j....... 5 26 pm 9 37am Ar.' Newbem; i. j 5 45 p m 10 00 a m j ' No. 7 - ' j ' - (Accom) Lv. New Bern ........ 5 55 p m 10 10 a m Lv.: Riverdaie ..... . 615j?ml028am Lv. Havelock J. . . . . . 6 41 p m 10 44 a m Lv. Newport ; j. . . . . . 6 47 p m 11 00 a m Ar. -MoreheaflCity ... 7 12 pm 11 23am Capital stock paid in......S 60.000 00. in use lor over su years, has borne the signature of -For some days a strange negro I the area ere is. smaller.- The great- Profits and Loss 15,470 94 and has been made under his ter- Unearned interest .-. , , : 2.500 00 has been canvassing I in parts of Ca-. est trouble has been, he said, that pro- j Is there any stronger proof of merit, than the toiud supervision' since its infancy. Cashier's checks.,...,..... .150 00 Certified checks ..... . .v, . . 25 00 Deposits .v. . . . .. 448,429 75 barrus county, taking orders" from the 1 colored people for groceries at low per methods ofmining. have not been followed, jbut he is convinced that the future will show much progress in this Total $516,575 69 wholesale prices. - He required them to All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good' are but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of State of - North Carolina, county of AVPSTBOUOTJ. - j - No. 4 direction. No. 8 New Hanover, ss.: I. Milton Calder. cashier of the advance the money for the freight on the goods.j and n t113 way collected (Accom) Jntants and Children Experience against Experiment above named bank do solemnly swear 7 40am Lv Morehead City 4 30 p m 4 57pm SPECIAL. a good deal of money from ;, the un- Lv; Newport . HATES VIA SEABOARD AIR LIKE RY. What 8 11 am 8 27 am 9 00 a m 842am suspecting! darkies who were eager to i is CASTORIA 5 13 p m 5.29 p m 5 45 p m Ilv. tiaveiocK Ar. New Bern Lvi Riverdaie Confidence of the People and ever Increasing popularity T LION COFFEE Is carefully selected at the plantation, shipped direct to our various factories, t where It Is skillfully roasted and carefully packed In sealed pack-ages--muTke loose coffee which Is exposed to germs, dust. Insects, etc. OONCOFFEEreaches you as pure and; clean as when It left the factory. Sold only In 1 11k packages, j ." buy the cheap goods. The wily sales ASHEV3LLE. N. C Conference that the above statement is true to . the best of my knowledge and belief. . MILTON CALDER, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 20th day. of March, 1905. . a M. BOAT WRIGHT, Notary Public - Correct Attest: . ROBERT R. BELLAMY. I. M. BEAR, T No. 6 man has fled to parts unknown, leav Young' People's Missionary Association, June 25th to July 2na. - - - 9 15 am Lv. New Bexn 6 10 pm 6 32 d m ing his colored dupes to whistle, for CHARUOTTESVILLE.. VA. -4- Summer 9 37am Lvi Tuscarora ijv. coye- j. .u . . their money. 9 49am 10 03 a m School o Methods, June 27th to August 6th. .. D. McEACHERN, Directors. mar 19 tf Lv. Kinstoni . 6 44 p m 6 58 p m 7 20 pm 7 42 p m 8 10 p m BALTIMORE. MD. United Society Norfolk Dispatch: At the meet 10 27 am 10 51 am L Lv. LaGransre Christiarif Endeavor International Convention, "July 5th to 10th. ,t J i Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant, l ife contains neither Opium,! Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles,' cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend. .1 i Ar. Goldsboro 11 20 am ing yesteifday of r the North Carolina wkiuhtsvillk. JN. C. hSummcr Trains 8,1 4, 5 and 6 run. daily. School, June 15th to 21st. f I Pine Association! it I was announced I that the ' iprice of lumber had been Trains 7 and 8 runs daily excent Sun Atlantic Coast Line mot npkimgs, VA. southern Hard Lion-head on every day. It f -."- ware Jobbers Association and American i advanced on several! Hardware Manufacturers'. Association. grades, and re ( UOMMKCTIOJfS. At Goldsboro. .With Southern rail June 6th! to 9th. ' i way and i Atlantic Coast Line. ! . Save these Lion-heads for valuable premiums. ! SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE duced on others, lit was said that the OXFORD, Miss. Summer School TJnl- At Klnston ana New Bern. rWitn At Schedule in Effect April 16, 1905. NORTHBOUND. J, quality otj logs being second ' growth vefl kaoi OTenn. lantic Coast Line. - 1MB -Mount Ea- i R. P. FOSTER, E. A. NIEL. , WOOLSON SPICli CO.Toledo, Ohio. gle Summer School Institute, July 17th i were inferior, Seventy-five per cent GENUINE GASTORIA ALWAYS i Gen. Manager, Traflac Manager. Goldsboro, N. C. feb 10 tf NO.-48 9 00 am! or the lumDer was i reported as low mount ' EAGLE. TENN.-iWometf n a No. 42 6 50pm 32 p m crrade, on which no adv Bears the Signature of vanop was made Congressi August 1st to 15th, f . - ! .Vance was maue, N.4 HyiLLE, TENN. Peabod y Col lese School, Vanderbllt Biblical Inati l is p mi DETROIT 10 25 p m 11 10 pm and the increase applied to the higher led to the higher Lv. Wilmington . Ar. Goldsboro .... Ar. Wilson ....... Ar. Rocky Mount . Ar. Norfolk ...... Ar. "Weldon Ar. Petersburg . , tute. June 14th to August 9th, l &5 p m 5 55 p ml 4 58pm 6 55 pm grade of J lumber, the advance being tusuaJjOOUA. ala. Summer School . ,.j - i - ! ! : it li rfi' . i I for Teachers, June 16th to July 28th.i about 25 per cent KNOXVILLE. TENN. 'Summer ,: - . Ar. Kictimona , . . . Ar. Washington School - June 20tn to July 28th. . 1 47 am 3 28 am 4 07 a m 7 64am 909am 11 22 a m 2 00pm r Randal Vincent, a negro sawyer S-runi'il Prioe nn ' J'OUNT EAGIjE. TENN.rMonnc Ea- 7 45 p m 11 50 pm 1 43 am! 4 25 am 7 30 a m Ar. Baltimore . . . . at Wilkins and Chatan's mill, in North gli Bibhf Training School, July 23rd to Ar. Philadelphia . Ar. New York ... .vweust latn. - j ! RICHMOND. V A. -Farmers' National Detroit -Light Feed Lubricators, ampton, county, was! fatally shot Sun SOUTHBOUND. C: ngreHS, September 12th to 27th. day night by William Hicks, another The KM Me Always Bought Atkins Steel Saws, Mercliaitl' Old Method Tin No.. 41 9 25 am Lv. New York". .; negro sawyer. t Tne i pistol witn wnicn 1 j Have you 9 nttie-angei in your f ( v I IVOX We have shoes for that angel. W ' Tttl ' jObUTTON! !i LACE! STRAPSf sr. . tiuuts, Aiu. National Baptist Anniversary, May 16th to 24th. i SAVANNAH, GA. National Travelers'; Protective Association of America, May 16tih to 23rd. " i 11 55 a m Ar. Philadelphia Vincent was shot was handed his slay i?;:.u'ni.i if cr.w Ptc. I Ar. Baltimore n use For over so Years, i x- o.ii uftiiAs-ui-uioi: wuu jl uFo, i Ar. Washington er- . by a) negro boy -named Brewer ASHEVILLK, N. C Southern Atlan- : rm,v;.''ofi'' Po.inn I Ar. wowoik tic Miss. . THl CCWTAUR COMPANY. TT HUfHUT VTRCCT. NEW YORK Cm. - onary Conference, May 17th to' :'J I L i t V" Wf HIGH CUTS! i LOW CUTS! Vincent was shot in the bowels and No. 49 9 25 p m 12 n a m 232am 3 45 a m 9 00 a bi 9 05 am 945am 11 4 4 a ir. 110pm 2 00 p m 3 10pm 6 00 p re Lv. Richmond . . . , Ar. Petersburg Mexi.ail HraDhite. 2 07pm asipm 7 25 pm 8 05 p m 951pm 10 51 p m 11 32 p ra 6 58 am 10 00 a m died Monday night! William Hicks, WORTH. Texas. General As 21st. - FORT sembly Churt-hr IA riXtUH 25c, 35c, 50c and 75c of - Southern Presbyterian May 18th to 26th. the murderer, escaped in company with Fairh'aaks Valves,' Ar. weiaon Ar. Rocky Mount Ar. Wilson ....... Ar. Goldsboro . . . . Ar. Wilmington . ATHENS. GA.Summer. School. June 3tn to July 2tn. . ; , i . " j . o.i.uM.M'w ruMA lower j with another negro,! and was last seen going inj the direction of Lawrence- PORrijAND. ORE. I:ewlS & Clark ' i - ollilllllllll a UH olUlB: f t lubber Belt, : -Canvas Belt, ; Centennial Exposition.. June: 1st to Oc- " Sawyer BETWEEN WILMINGTON AND THE SOUTH SOUTHBOUND. toner tit!j. ..r.:.vv ville, Vaj. The shooting occurred at the house of a negro woman, where a i ff PORTLAND. ORE. American Medi Tanned Leather Belt. ;ilr iu u: .. , i . - : - ' U : : Oak cal Association. July 11th .; to 14th.. . . ! . i 1 I . I ' -i i a good many men were assembled. SAN : I FRANCISCO. CAL. American GAYLORD'S I : , . . . I .. i v ..... ... i ,-. i . - 1 " I. ; Surgical Association. July 4th to 7th. Mr. klebrge C. Kornegay, cashier your- fi H n' rn n iV ' ' r - ( . tail to come and see . tor naies account oi me aDOve occasions will apply from all yO-nts, and for in )) ! U IV U JJ rX" : selves IU l goods and, prices we formation as to date, tickets' will be tola, rates, routes, reservation, etc.. ad of the National Bank of Goldsboro, and his entire family, suffered a terrible ordeal Thursday night from eating Sale Great Surplus Stock dress. C. II. GATTIS. .Daily. Daily. Daily. Lv Wilmingfn 6 00 am S 45 pm 6 50 pm Ar; Florence. .. 9 35 am 7 40 pm 3 55 am Ar Charleston. 1 20 pm 11 40 pm 6 50 am Ar Savannah. . 6 45 pm 2 50 am 9 05 am Ar Jack'ville 8 40am 145pm Ar Tampa . . .. . 6 55 pm 11 00 pm t NORTHBOUND. T" Daily. Daily. Lv. Tampa I 8 40 p m 9 00 a m Ar. Jacksonville . . . . 7 55am 7 00pm Ar. Savannah ...... 12 55 p m 115 am Ey. Charleston 4 15pm 615am A-r. -Florence" . ...... 7 35pm 9 25 am Ar.: "Wilmington ...,1145 pm 140pm BETWEEN WILMINGTON - AND SAN-""- FORD. . . Traveling Passenger Agent, Kaieign, n. c. strawberry, short cake. They were all poisoned from j Pyrotoxicon .. in the ' f'Vr.,' " --I - - --.'" - Yturs for. Supplies,", EuJEAL J SM'k: D. LOVE COMPAQ. y, s-fc?-. ?l'?X Manufactbrs v Agents and JV5Taol Starts Thurday, May 18, SEARCHING FOR IT. Lasts 9 Days Our Entire Stock Marked cream.; j Soon after supper the children began vomiting! first, and soon the whole family was prostrated from the effects of the poison. They had a ter Some Wilmington Citizens Can Tell ) You Where It's Found. Water Ground Virginia S m;;, JV;-- : ' If you have any itchiness of the skin, Down. Prices No Object. i rible time until late at nighL , Mr. Kornegay '-was notj able to be at the Irritating Eczema, Itching Piles;'-You're looking for relief, Searching for a cure, u . West East . Bound Bound Daily. Daily. 8 50 a mAr. 8 00 p m 12 15 p mlAr. 4 55 pm 1 55 p mLv. 3 40 p m 12 l-2c. Pillow Cases, Surplus Salec bany Thursday morning, and other Lv. Wilmington. Ar. Payettesvllle Ar. Sanf ord . .... Mennen's i Borated Talcum! Powder Wilmington people have found a uieiuuers oi me iaiuuy are suit quite cure for itching skin diseases. ........ ........ ...... 410c. Fruit Loom Bleaching, Surplus ...... v.v..'-.:. ' -i.' 18c. Dress Lawn, Surplus Sale 14c Men's 5c Handkerchiefs, Surplus Sale They tell about it Read what this feeble. . Their many friends will be glad to i know they are all considered Box. Sale, ..7c. Sale V" - r ! I -V H0W.B.:lHt IIMt III UltANStll. - citizen! 1 says: . .3 l-2c BETWEEN WILHIKGTON AND SEW-: -.. BERN. -: . ' N. Bound South ' i - - Daily ex Sun. Bound. Lv. Wilmington. .12 25 D mlAr. 12 30 cm out of danger. : i 1 " - ' Our Best Sc. Bleaching, Surplus! J. Si King, clerk on Market street, $3.50 Iron Bedsteads, Surplus Sale "Qunlop, No Other Kind." f ' !!S 1 I J T' . l - I I -i I.". fc;- "HOT j SPRINGS - BLOOD J residing at 15 Orange street, says: "I ....... 44.... .52.98 Richard Lee, ja negro, driver of Ar. Newbern .... .15 40 p m Lv. 9 10 a m used Doan's Ointment and found it to I People who buy nothing else from us, 1 1 r''! v Ml, REMEDY - Feather Pillows, $L25 Kind, Surplus Spencer, - was killed between Salis- buy this Meal, because, they write I t-00 V" ' Cleanses the blood and J be a great remedy for itching hemor- j rhoid8. It acted like a charm in my Sale r...;.. bury and Spencer Thursday afternoon. - i j sr- t.. . - i s ... cures umiuusuBso. m $1.00 Kind, Surplus Sale . His team was frightened by an "auto- case, p I tried all kinds of remedies . Trams Nos. 42 and 41 carry Pullman Sleeping- Cars between Wilmington and Washington connecting with Pennsyl-.... vania R. R. for all points east. - W. J. CRAIG. Gen'l Passenger Agent. H. JJ. Emerson, Traffic Manager. dec 3 tf ' ' 'our customers call for lt"1 There is j $-1 . . 3 ' 1 i1 X , - I j"m -" 9 Sold and delivered to any M so accept no . 1 part of city at $1 by X Vaseline. 3; Ink, .3; 25 elopes for mobileknd the driver was thrown out li 1 I) I V only one i'Dunlop Meal," tils neaa was ; caugnt between tne relief. It is a splendid preparation and 10c. Cannon Cloth, Surplus Sale; . .8c. 12 l-'2c.' ihsdale i Caiabrifer Surplus Sale .' .J, L..9c. 12 l-2c-White Pique," Surplus Sale 10c 12 l-2c Colored Lawns, Surplus Sale j h9c- 8c'. Colored Lawns, Surplus Sale. 4 l-2c Taffeta Silk, 36-inches wide, all colors, vaij-e ?1.00, Surplus Sale .1 . .69c st American Light Calicoes, - 6c. Kind ...... ...i.; 4 l-2c C5c. Sheets, extra size, Surplus!! Sale Ladies'. $1.25 TanSlipper3 I ..98c t I TT !" ' r illftC M II AT T f spokes and his neck was broken. you are welcome to use my name as other Lntnhertrm Artus- Ahnnt 1-Sft one who says so. I obtained it at R. $1.50 Tan Slippers . THE CLYDE STEAMSHIP CO. i - i . r IT? TtolloTnir'a Amtr ctnra I S13LI, THEM AND YOU NEED ONE JlUllJj 1U llill1 j rfO Columbia. ' victor: - Zononhone. Talk,0- ' li! ii, Pharmacist. ...' C Columhla. Victor. ZonoDhone. Talk-.0- 15c. Fancy Fans ; . . . . . . . 1 The Worth lUBSUttf .omuu was visneu oy u For sale bv all dealers. Price 50 10c Fancy. Fans . i astroud storm. The Methodist church cents a box. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buf Phone.i KeeDi in stock 3.000 Records. Sell Leads; 10-inch Record, 38c. each; was practically ; juined,.- being blown falo, N. Y., sole agents for the United uv. r ixiiy r oub ..... . . Cor: Fifth and Castle Sts. . j P Phone No. 192. C Sole Handlers. New York, Znnonhonei 9-inch. 75c or 8.00 Doa. ?.c Tahlfi Oil Cloth. Snrolus Sale. 18c I hnii.flTi u ifiUi E fnnnotinTia I atates. Victor! 7-inchJ 15.00: 10-inch, $10. Doz. - r I vvruv u w r A bll A VlUfcVfcU U UUO I - 1 V . B I r jtteiuemDer iae name ioau s auu mav 19 tr Columbia same price as Victor. L..48c 12 l-2c. Percales, Surplus! Sale. li . ,10c land badly out of shape. The Baptist take no substitute. MILLINERY! MILLINERY! EXCHANGE NEW RECORDS FOR j Mr- .)' FOR I church was blown off its pillars, but Wilmington, II. C, and 65c. Doiles, Surplus Sale! . .45cL Doz. The Best 18ff. Bed Ticking, Surplus WASHING WITHOUT WATER SEALED PROPOSALS not so badly misshaped as the other. I OLD ONES. I CLOTHING! CLOTHING! NOTICE! ; Price ; ....14c Fairclqth's new brick store was badly Victor 7-inch, 15c.-', 10-inch,- 30c. Like Trying to Get Rid of Dnndrufl 12-inch. 45cJ Columbia the same Men's $12.50 two-piece Suits, Surplus j wrecked, the roof Georgetown. S. C, Lines. being blown off and Will be received at the Mayor's 'I ,10c. Dress Ginghams, Surplus Price 6c $1.25 Ladies' Muslin . Gowns, Surplus Without Ilerplclde. as Victor. Zonophone. 9-inch 25c. $9.98 j Sale part of: the brick Work too. 'The dam yon ever see any one trying to I office Until noon, June 8th, 1905, Did Will allow 15c. for any old 7-inch Re cord or 30c. for any old 10-inch Re Surplus two-piece Suits, Thei contract for the building of the age , or the' . goods is considerable. s-ash Price . . . i . .98c 25c. Huck Towels, Surplus Price. 15c Men's 10.00 Sale ....... cord. I sell for cash or on time.: Write ...$7.48 ater? rirst-iass Levee! to protect the lands of White for catalogue. - We keep Adam's store had the top blown off, and various houses suffered more or if you did what would you say ot mington as tollows, ion the year Pianos and Orerans. Sunlight; jjampsjoak Swamp in French s creek Town Ladies' 25c. Drop Stitch Hose, Surplus nnd Tanks. The lamps are 500 candle aim? . - itri, Qio- iqo. I BOYS' SUITS MARKED DOWN. ship from i overflow by the river, will Sale i . . . ; . ; . . . J ! . . . 19c T. li- I au tcH in trv tn o-M luluo "-V-J uj-ou, iuvu. i power for lighting stores . or nans, less. The total damage is probably be let out j on Thursday the 1st day 4 id of I3antl:-ixit ana to prevent JLaui I ; isst. i H'PAflinor ann Rhopin? miiiGS5 Write for catalogue., - i 1 ; . I - M. BRADDY. m 2i nvVitv.K Aoaicn O i . l of June, 1905,' at Centervllle. N: U. $7,000 or 8,000. nebs ujr itscuiii.j . nu k iw ?"SZ ILZfGand horses for suh a number as - - -. - - . Anyone 1 wishing to inspect the Wilmington, N. C. A Special-from Wadesboro, N. C, locality ; will call on W. J, Keith, Cen- lna and similar substances wnicn to the City may employ.; !i may 13 tf. 9 Days Only, Rain or Shine says: The home of Mr. W. H. Meeks, terville. Ni C, Bladen county. All bids From New York for WUmlnrton. edi. TT-1 2ndJ For Ughti the: city with to be sealed, with the right reserved to who lives in Mprven township, this . 'Saturday, May 20 Saturday, May 27 i Steamer Navahoe i Steamer Carib . . . Scarce and High the Building Committee to reject any and all bids. Newbro's Herplclde. Is successful be- eas gjjjjj eleetncity. li cause it attacks and kills the parasltie , ? - flfln sermj which feeds on the hair roots. r 3rd. For lumber per 1,000 feet, county, near Pee Dee river, was the scene qf a. bloody and probably fatal From Wilmlngrton for. New York. C. W.-LYON, Mail Orders Filled PrompUy. -assault that was .made on a white it is the or ginai ana : omy genuine of merchantable duality and m sralp gprsnlilde. manufactured. - I -a Steamer Carib Steamer Navahoe . Saturday, May 20 . .Saturday, May 27 Rnld hv lesdinc drucrclsts. Send loc. Ir quantifies as jrcqifixcu. man by the name of Duncan Atkinson stamps for sample to The Herplclde Cc 4thL:For U printing," stationery by two negroes. Press Nevins and Lun E. H. ANDERS, W. J. KEITH, Building Committee. From WllmltiaTton for Georsretown. Mich. ..- We Received To-Day and advertising. Streeter, with a knife and an axe, At HARDIN'S PHARMACY, Special Avemt. Your Gain Ouri Loss. Swift, Sure Sale. Steamer Navahoe Tuesday, May 23 . I Steamer Carib ...... Tuesday, May 80 5thJ For feeding prisoners, per kinson's face was completely laid Elizabethtown, N. C, May 13, 1905. " Both Steamers have srood Dassensrer - Saved by Dynamite. -J meal. accommodation. - may 16r tilt june 1st 25 Tubs open by a deep gash from his forehead to his 'chin. There is "also a very Throuerh Bills Ladlnjr and Lrfwest Sometimes a flaming city is saved 6th.For lighting and repairing i Through Rates guaranteed to and from points in worth ana south Carolina. of the city and can't cross. Sometimes, a cough hangs gas and oil lamps .For freigrht and passage applly to . . H. G. SM A" I jfiBONES, Supt. GEO. 0. GAYLQRD; deep jgash in his right breast and one of his arms cut to the bone, and several minor cuts all over his body; The the latter, on so long, you feel as if nothing hut I f nrmshmff oil for Fancy Creamery Butter; 1 ; Open Till 10 P. M. Wilmlngrton, N. C. dynamite would cure It, Z, T. Cray, 71, : VirifVa limn. p.PTnent. nt...- n -ja.. iu. Ihliii ""! - ! ' , r trouble grew out of twenty cents i ; . -r: w a verv aen-aeated coueh. which kept terra: cotta pipe, qoal and ice. CL.IDE MILNE. Gen'l Freight Agrt. -THEO. . G. EGER, Gen'l Manager. WM. P. CLYDE & CO., Gen'l Aerts. 12 State strt, New York. apr 23 tf . . Storeis Combined. worth of whiskey which the negroes Our Ice Cream Parlors now open Three 50 Small Cheese. her I awake nights. Two physicians j The right reserved to reject any sent Atkinson after to Meeks', the ne till 10 P. M. could not help her; so sne took ur. j ii v:b Kind's New DIscoverv for Ctonsumn- a,,u . " U1US' groes! claiming that they did not get nas tion Coughs, and Colds, whlcu eased ...i ; 1 II WAnllFI I . MaVOr. 206, 20S. 2W NORTH FRONT ST. - their money's ,: worth. Streeter To The leach and Wrigtitsville. Suburban Schedule. iiurh. eravft ner sieen. ana nnaiiv I i 'mmmr" z - w -r ' f 1 al A - 1 t i. been! arrested and placed under a $500 Telephone Us Early. cured her." Strictly scientific cure for May utn tu in sa pu o irae o. r dollar justified bond, but Nivens has bronchitis and La Grippe. At R.s R. Bellamy'8 drug store, price 50 c. and I E. WARREN . . I I 1 &SON. : I not yet been taken. TAX NOTICE! . i . - - .. - - . . - $1.00 ftuaranteed. Trial bottle free; THE: F. E. HASHAGEN CO., Laurinburg Exchange: The Ex change has been requested, in view :- TerrlfRc Race With Death. of the great" need of choppers and 17 tf .-. .. may "Death . was fast i approaching. , Sell Dealers Only. . other hands in the cotton fields, to la effect, May 20th, 1905. Ijeave - Leave . ' i i Front and Princess. the . . -.: ' ; : (Daily). - (Daily) . . . i I- 8.00 A. M. .. - 8.45 A. M. f - 9.00 A M. 9.45 A. M.- . ': k 10.00 A. M. 10.45 A. M.. . J . . 11.00 A. M. 11.45 A. M. ' , 12.00 A, M. 12.45 P. M. 1.00 P. M. 1.45 P. M. ; - 2.00 P. M. 2.45 P. M. V , 3.00 P. M. 3.45 P. M. .... f 4.00 P. M. : - " . 4.45 P. M. ... j.. 5.00 P. M. 5.45 P. M. ! ' . 1 6.00. P. M. . 6.45 P. M. . T ' I 7.00 P. M. .v - 7.45 P. M. . , ; . , 8.00 P. M. 8.45 P..M. , j 9.00 P. M. 9,45 P. M. . ' ). ;" ' ! 10.00 P. M. - ; i 10.45 P. M. - V .. : v i1 writes Ralph F. Fernandez, of Tampa, Having been appointed Tax Lister urge a strict enforcement of thevag- ice rvpipzem! Tr rpDflin tnay 13 tf. ' r iil., Ui'DUl lUlUK ilia ivaiiui iotc w itox 1 it. ' nii ' nrmlA . ho death, "as a result of liver trouble 'or the City-of Wilmington for the rancy law. -There are persons in the i - Nevi Roy erring ! towns and villages who are remaining I and heart disease, which had robbed j year il905, I hereby i notify all persons In a Fe w Minutes. THE SI WAS A! idle Without visible means of support, of s e j wln be at i xiau li icu iiin.ii j uiuci cut. uwi-vrA 0 uuu , - i . . .1 Just received a lot oi and 1 they are certainly liable under several medicines, but-got no benefltr the, City Hall- every' day during :the the provisions of the law. The situa Fresh Supply Fine Evaporated New Roanoke Roe Her until I began to use Electric uitters.1 ,;;,i;'-if'!ii io,,,,. So wonderful was their effect, that in coming month of June (Sunday with one of. our f reezersJi Makes that freeze fast and smooth and that saves time and energy. II ICE TOOLS, ICE PICKS; ICE SHAV- tion ion some of the farms is almost ring, Catch ol 1905. three days l leit a like new man, ana jeep tel lor tne purpose or receivingine deplorable far more grass than cot .; Fruits.' . Saturdays aad Sundays, - i In addition 10 the above schedule, cars will be operated every half hour from 1.00 to. 6.00 P. 'M.; leaving1 the Beach - every half - hour from 1.45 to 6.45 P. M. - to-day I am cured of all my troubles.'! listg of Taxablesland Polls of said city ton. If all the available labor was at First of the season. Guaranteed at R. R.- Bellamy's drug Evaporated Peaches, Apricots, Ap- ERS, ETC. j work the situation would soon be re Parties'' failing' to list will render store;, price, 50c. plest Primes. Exceptionally good yalue in Prunes, at 5c. per pound. Order themselves liable to Indictment, f Wilmington Grocery Co., The early morning car leaving Toni and Princess at 6.30 A. M. and the Beach at J.15 A. M. will be operated dajly except Sundays. - . - FREIGHT CAR. eaVly. 'Phone 109. ; 1 . medied. But with the ideal ones and the I vicious population . there is no such word as work, unless the law interferes. We think that shortly CASTORIA Also REFRIGERATORS find WATER COOLERS. ' W. E. SPRINGER & CO., JOHN W. AFFORD, Phone 11 4. John L Boatwright, Mgr. apr "18. tf S. W. SANDERS. ! For Infants and Children. iTax Lister. Leave 9th and " i . Leave the Orange Sts. - : Beach. 4.00 P. M. - . 6.00 P. M. Freight depot open from ? to 4 P. M. ............ .-:. .s. A. Itm Car. . The Kind You Have Always Ecught may 5- tf i ' apr 29 4t Sat It a' wk 4w ATLANTIC CAFE, steps will be taken to indict some of these people, who are not making an honest , living, but must be selling liquor, stealing or living off the earnings? of' children, and when -the indict (Without change.) . v - "Bears the" Signature of Southport and Carolina Beach -1 Opposite A. C. L. Depot. '!' Leave Front and Leave S .A. L. . Princess Depot. 6.40 A. M. 7.00 A. M. 12.35 P. M. ... 12.45 P. M. 2.35 P. M. " . 8.00 P. M. 8.35 P. M. ' ',8.45 P. M. . may 19 tf ments are made there are sure to be ELEGANT EOOMS, ; ' Steamboat Line: . a goodly number of convictions.- All - Goo4 .Meals, Quick Lunches. CATARRH Schedule In Effect Until Further "Notice !' THIS ' REMEDY Is sure to The best of WINES and LIQUORS Leave Wilmington daily except Sat who are liable to this law, and their name in legion, had better take warning and hide themselves to honest work before they are in -the clutches of tbe law. urday and Sunday. 9:15 A. M.. Leave Saturday, May 20th, Being a Legal Holiday, there will be no business transacted by the following Banks. ATLANTIC NAThJnAL BANK, i . . - MURCHISON NATIONAL BANK. We ! enter i especially to tbe traveU Wilmington," Saturday,4:45 A. M.t and 2 P. M.. Leave Sunday, 9:30 A, M ipuTLir - GIVE ' " Satisfaction. p Ely's Cream Balm Calves Relief at once. , ' It' cleanses, soothes and heals Buy Your Hats and .Clothing ;i GtIeschen beos.; 2:30 P. M., touching at Carolina Beach jcharlotte Chronicle May .18: Judge M. J. Connine, of Oscoda, Mich., Proprietors). 1 OF 'Pbone' 111. men 28'tf down and return trips. . j 1 . ; " j J. W. HARPER. apr 29 lm " . and Mr. Max Josspon, of Alpena, Mich., HAMME, who, with other Michigan capitalists and! business men are interested in fftflos. I the diseased mem- HAY PktVEIaCfarrS 18 U i - may gold mining in North ; Carolina, . have THE HATTER AND CLOTHIER. When in Need of been spending a few days in the city looking over properties in the vicinity of Charlotte. It will interest the pub SALT! Gents' Furnishings. SALT! SALT! drives away . a Cold in the Head quickly.' It is absorbed.; Heals and Protects the Membrane. - Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell. - Full size 50c.,: at Druggists or by- mail; Trial size 10c. by mail. ELY BROTHERS, 56iWarrent Street, New York. ' Latest' Style ? and Lowest Prices. 8,000 Bags. 100 White Seamless Bags. 800, Bags Genuine Ice Salt. 500 Bags- Bock Salt (for cattle). We can ship promtply. You might as well " "Bay at : the lic to learn that they are planning extensive developments. They have taken over the lease of the Dr. Charles L. Alexander land,' south of the city, TEtEPHONE 162. i Mr. J. Thoa, Cowan, for-t merly of the firm of Bul-luck & Cowan, can now be found at Hardin's Palace Pharmacy, where he will : be pleased to welcome and i ; ....... ;. ... .. serve his friends. - . ALSO "ZZn MEHAK0W0MEH. Moon" as try to corner satisfaction or good results from the indifferent quality of Drugs. : You will find the kind DRUGS J'Phicine 66! We deliver to any part of city. i P.O. HALL, Day an(i Night. Drug Store. Eichter Building, Cor 4th-iand Haxnett St& Mens' Insurance Office. rcOBESX I ' vm Big e formnntnrsi I we sell pure and fresh and our prices 47 Bags Nitrate Soda. 75 Bags Cow Peas' for seed) v i r ' ,Onr i rices are always with the lowest " j - .. . ; v. i Give us your orders, 'j-! - . tl VI . Irritation or uicemtiotu imt: of membranes. - - . Plnlaaa. and not altriu- right. - - . - " which was "held by Mr. D. C. Stout, of Davidson' county.. Judge Connine and Mr. Josspon are interested in the Wolverine gold mine, three and a half lTHEEVMtCHEMIOUCO. gent or poonou. 11T ' Employers' iiability and ' Accident l - Why not try ours-r-; ADOLPH G. AHRENS, Druggist, 'Phone 644. .'.'107 Princess St. may 17 tf t leutrvntTuui -t or aent in plain wrapper, I ' br express, prepaid, toi D. L. GORE C(L) Wholesale Grocers and Importers, Office S. A. L. Boilding, N, Front St. miles from Rutherfordton, where oper a-. li .00, or 3 notues may 14 tf. - t ations are in progress. The company Circular seat on reaest. i ' WW II I III 1 1 fcWiif -mm we may 11 tf

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