The Gazette from York, Pennsylvania on May 20, 1890 · 2
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The Gazette from York, Pennsylvania · 2

York, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1890
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xfhe York Gazettes IDAII.Y RDITION.' S. C. BOYD, - Editor. PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING, (EXCEPT Hl'MUT.) BY THE GAZETTE COMPANY-LIM., OKKI K. N. 12 SOUTH GEORGE ST. Tvs-1 ity subscriber served by responsi I1h iarri-r at 0 Cents per week, parable to th- i.miBinya authorized A gout or at the (,a.kitk ffice. Tkmia to StrfiecKiBEtts: Mail and other subscriber in the County, i me ear. payable in advance, - - - - $3.00 sit month. ----- i..-,o Four month, - - - i.uO Three months," " - . - - - .an One month, " " " - - - - .35 Mali subscribers out of theCdfinty. ! Postage included.) One year, payable in advance. - - - - ).no Six months. " - - - - - 1.7., Shorter time per month, payable in ad anee, .40 ADVERTISING HATES. Twenty cents per line nonpareil measurement for one insertion, and 1.7 cents per nonpareil line per insertion for advertisements running for less than one month, w ben not otherwise contracted for. Special rates tor special position and for advertisements not consecutively inserted and rei,uinnir tjpe to stand. Keduct lulls on rcgulail earl,semi earl or quarterlj contracts. York, Penna, May 20th, 1890. For Governor of Pennsylvania. C'tlAUNCEY F BLACK, OK YORK OHM Y. (Subject to the decision of the Democratic State Cun vent ion.) PROTECTION andAGRICULIlJRE' THE MKINLEY BILL AS IT AFFECTS THE FARMER. A BOLD BID FOR HIS VOTE. Again Mr. A. Ib Farquhar appears in print as the uncompromising enemy of a system of National legislation hitting for one of its logical effeit- the persistent robbing of the tillers of the soil, llis article, the tirst installment of which we gic below, appeared in the Philadelphia Record of the 17th inst. In it Mr. Farquhar considers tin American tariff a3 it affects the agriculturist. He writes with his ac- curttoinecl clearness and force. I dition, the more of my tools and ilia r,o. . ii-i i-i ,i i liinerv on call buy. and when tiros- I he present at t tele, like ev ei tiling pt. jty fads you, it cannot abide long which conies from lli. en, is ivg- I with me It I want i lieaper raw mate-liant with incontrovertible facts and bristled with forceful logic. We deeply regret, with the Ren rd, that it cannot reach the fireside of every American farmer, in this, one of the darkest and most portentious hours that lias ever gathered its shadows around his humble home since the formation of the federal Progress of the Chicago Worlds Government. , Fair. The Record, in alluding to this Sonic progress lias btvu made in article, says: arranging for the Chicago Worlds No other newspaper in Fair. At am rate the officers sala-vahia approaches Che Record in the , i,au, jived. extent of its eirculation, tint, large , . . , , , , .. . .. . . 1 he 1 resident is to receive ,-a, oou as it is, it is a very imperfect agcnc for reaching the ees of the farmer' ci 1 1 n 1 1 . 1 1 1 , ice-i rc-'idcut, 'rl.'.ooo; of the United State', and it i' a mat- 1 lva'Uivr, So, 000 ; and Auditor, S-,-ter of great regret that a copy of this j (too. i-e-President I5ran receives mornings issue, containing an arti- a iarir,.r salary because it i' expected ole bv Mr, A. li. Furquhar on lro- , , n r , . . . , 1 , , ,, t hat lie will relieve 1 resjdcjit tagc tection and Agriculture, should not go into the hand of even one of u lllo''t uf the woih. Second ice- them. It is not a partisan argument. Iri'idcnt Hotter Palmer declined .Mr. Farquhar during a greater part any enmpcu'utiuu. The lion. A. F. of the time since the birth of t he ' Zcbcrger, ,-v-l 'olh-ctor of Customs of Republican party has acted with that , ,, , , , ,,, . .. . - , t hicago, lias been mmle treasurer, party. He is one of the foremost i manufacturers in Pennsylvania w hose business intercourse with farmers is dose and constant. His prosperity is dependent upon the prosperity of agriculture. The views he has presented ary based upon an understanding of accepted opinion among farmers on the tariff question, growing out of years of personal contact and continuous correspondence. As he shows, the tillers of the soil have liorne the brunt of protective taxation from the outstnrt, under the tie- j been culled to vote an lusion that they were sharers in tin-bounty paid into the pockets of manufacturers. Their votes have kept the Protectionists in power. Rut, after long and persistent experiment, they tint! themselves impoverished, the value of their lands lessened, and the prices of their products decreased. It is no news in any part of the country that the farmers are profoundly disturbed, displeased and ( disheartened. j Mr. Farquhar, in the light of his ! own experience, undertakes to e-jdain to the farmers the main causes j of their distress. His argument I appeals to their reason without offending their prejudices or their politics. lie demonstrates the impossibility of paying an average duty of 47 per cent, upon dmjiorts without to that precise extent, discouraging -exports. The trade of the world is barter. To prevent barter by taxing it is chiefly to hurt the farmer, who, producing beyond the capacity of home consumption, must look to the foreign market for the sale of his j surplus, and accept for his whole product the price paid in the foreign market. Buying in a market artiti- j fially rigged against hint, and sell- 5ng m competition with the whole 1 world, the farmer, after thirty years of this one-sided trailing, finds him- relf on the edge of insolvency. Mr. Farquhar shows how the farmer has fallen into the Proteetionist 1 rap, and how he get out. It ill make excellent reading for to-uay or to-morrow or the next day. The article referred to which ap-j-ears in the Record over his signature reads as follows : JiY REASONS FOR ADDRESSING THE FARMER WHAT I PROPOSE TO DO. Will you allow me, farmers of a great Republic, the privilege of addressing you some earnest words ? Y ou are not suffering for lack of advisers on this question of Protection, I am well aware. Indeed, you hare never yet been more surfeited with pretended sympathy. In the elaborate Tariff bill reported by Hon. William McKinley from the Ways and Means Committee of the present House of Representatives your interests (or xatber what he expected to pass off as your interests') have been very deeply considered. The majority report accompanying the bill is especially eloquent over your condition and yoar claims. A long letter has been written by the head of the Agricultural Department, which pledges to the support of this new measure the whole weight of Secretary Rusks official position, past services and popularity. These are but specimens of what is done and said every day. An exhaustless torrent of speeches, editorials, magazine articles and pamphlets has been i nr reasinglv poured forth upon you with ! ie design of overwhelming your reason, persuading you that the policy of imposing high dpties on imports is particularly beneficial to you, and thus engaging your votes for men w lio are trying to raise them higher In the face of this mas of argument, I shall undertake to show that those same high duties are really working you a grievous injury: that they are largely the cause of the lamentable depression in farming interests now acknowledged on every hand; that you have at this hour no more urgent demand upon your legislators than for their abatement, and that there is nothing but evil for you in the increase proposed by the bill I shall not merely set assertions of my own in opposition to the assertions of the distinguished gentlemen I have cited. 1 hope to succeed in proving my points by facts and reasoning so clear that they need only be understood to carry conviction and only be examined to be understood I unhesitatingly take up the gage of battle l hey have thrown bet ore me, you shall be judges of the contest, according me nothing more than fair treatment On a question which so closely voncenis yourselves you may be worse losers than I, if you dismiss me without a patient hearing. KVliVlUlt 1MI FARM-IMPLEMENT MAKER I Ml ED IN INTEREST. The burdensome duty of declaring the truth as I see it is one from which I would gladly be excused if I could. But a spocial responsibility is thrown upon ip i ; v. o i ircunistances 1 happen to i mied some degree of business success, and may therefore expect people to listen to me who would not listen otherwise - and my interests as a manufacturer arc know ti to be in everyway identical witli those of the agriculturist. 1 can make no pretentions to the hair of the instructor 1 never studied political economy under the professors, nor has the book and closet side of the subject evei had so much attraction for me as t he pr i tieal side, in w hich 1 am i-tally com erned, and whatcvci impoit-aiice may at ta li to my it w s is due to their oi i tin in hu-ti.isj epiiicmt in the many nl tuitions toil, i lost- ap-pli alion, u F-itcdi s of prosperity and disaster, that have impressed them upon me Since there is no escape, in ataiilT dis cussion, from the suspicion that judgment is warped by priv ate interests, it is w c II to hear in mind that, on this point, I have not an interest in t lie world that is not mils also The better v our con and W. K. Ackerman, formerly President of the Illinois Central Railroad, Auditor. There will he ten standing commit tee-d The President, tirst and second Vice- PiV'ideiits, and Chairmen of the standing committee', con-titute the Fxeclltive ninmittee. A meeting of the stockholders has e ;tn assessment of Is per rent, on the stock, payable the lir.'t Monday in June, 1S90, and on the proposition to change the name of the Fair to 'Flic Worlds Columbian Exposition. Of course, now that the salaries of the officers have heen fixed, which was deenn-d work of the fimt importance, the next thing to do is to call for money to pay them. llowiver, we suppose the laborer is, or should be, worthy of his hire, and to manage a great worlds fair successfully, will require brains of no mean order. Explorer Stanley, after carving hD name liih on the pedestal of fame as an explorer, now proposes to explore the highways and hvwavs of matrimonial life. He is betrothed to Miss Dorothy Tennant, a bright voting English She has for some years been u'uu'1 :l lir,4cge of the baroness Burdette-Coutts, and it was at her house nearly four and a half years aru that Stanley met her. ciety, but to the world at large as a clever artist. Romancers say that from the first day he was presented to his future bride by the Baroness he seemed to find in the quietude of Miss Tennants society that haven of rest which is now rarely his. May he find as much enjoyment iu wedded bliss as he has found honorable distinction as one of the most inteprid explorers of modern times. Dyspepsia has driven to an early and even suicidal grave many a man who, if he had tried the virtues of Ayers Sarsaparilla, would be alive to-day and in the enjoyment of health and competence Sufferer, be warned in seaaon,yand dont allow the system to run down. A Free Ballot. From the Scranton Truth. The enemies of Ballot Reform declare with a sneer that it is a foreign idea and should receive no sympathy or support in this country. This we deny most emphatically. It is essentially American, and if the people of this country have denied themselves the great boon in the past it is their own fault. It is nothing more or less than the realization of the grand principles promulgated in the I ecla-ration of Independence. That immortal document declares: We hold these truths to be 'self-evident, that all men are created equal : that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights ; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are 1 instituted among men, deriving their powers from the consent of the governed. There can be no such equality among men as is here contemplated so long as the ballot of the American citizen is swayed or influ- enced by bribery or intimidation, and j the consent of the governed is a farce whenever majorities are manu- factored either by trickery or coer-i cion. No; the great boon of Ballot Reform, which makes every man the l absolute master of liis own vote and empowers him to cast his ballot un- awed by sinister influences, is essen-I tiallyAmerican,as much so as liberty I itself. In fact it is the essence of i Liberty since it is the highest form of expresrion that a freemans will can take. This being the case it becomes the i duty of the people of Pennsylvania, irrespective of party, to secure for I themselves this priceless privilege, j A Republican does not like to be coerced at the polls any more than a j Democrat, and both Republicans and Democrats should see to it that there is a full and fair and square declara-, tion on this subject in the coming conventions. Men who belong toor-i ganizations and men who do not are I equally interested in this matter, and it is a question for the people generally, j i 'File jxilitieians who manage to keep in power through existing methods, dont take much stock in Ballot Reform, and they will try to juggle with tile issue. They can easily declare in favor of Ballot Reform as long as the provision requiring every ballot to be numbered remains in our State Constitution. They will even try to blindfold the . public by a"erting that the ballot-liumberiniT provision is a good one and should Ik- retained, but the eo-jde niU't not lie deceived by such misleading assertions. There can Ik-no seeret vote, as Mr. Powderlv clearly and forcibly demonstrated in yc'terd.ty'' Truth , until the ballot-numbenug provision is abolished. This is a certainty, hut how to alol-i'h it is the question. There are two ways of wiping out tin- ballot-numbering obstacle which stand' in tin way of a secret vote. One of these is by a Constitutional Con v t-n ti-m that can do the work inside of a year; the other is by a Constitutional Amendment, which requires live years, and will have to run the gauntlet of two Legislatures. hich of these met boils do the jieo-plo prefer, and which will the com mg party conventions pledge themselves to:' There must he a definite declaration on this point, since this l is one of the questions that cannot i he settled hv a display of airy ad i eajdanduiu and glittering generalities. L Our County Correspondence. Shkkvv.shl ky, May 11, 1890. On Friday night last two horses, a buggy and several sets of harness were stolen from the premises of Mr. Harry St raver, who resides on the York turnpike about four miles north of this place. The horses were registered in the Horse-thief Detective Society of the vicinity, and as soon as the theft was discovered the Society offered a liberal reward, and men were put in pursuit of the thief inihe direction he went with his plunder. He was run down and captured a short distance beyond the Conowingo bridge after he had crossed over into Cecil county, Md., by Constable John A. Richie, of the 8th District of that county. He gave the name of John Fisher and was taken before Justice J. Frank Cummings who committed the accused to jail at Elkton, Md., to await the Pennsylvania authorities. Frcfrn t he description they gave of the man he is that noted horse-thief, Max Morgenthal, who was sent to the penitentiary from our county Court about live and a half years ago for stealing the Kolter horse, and it is believed he stole the Dreisbaeh horse and either disposed of him or handed him over to a confederate and returned ou a second trip. The parties who went in pursuit of tl ie thief passed through here on their return to Glen Rock last evening, with one of the horses and the buggy. The other horse will be along to-day. If this lie Max Morgenthal, sentenced from here on the Kolter ease, he should lie sentenced for the balance of his lifetime. Out west he would le put through that short process of dancing on nothing. K. The entering wedge of a complaint that may prove fatal is often a slight cold, which a dose or two of Ayers Cherry Pectoral might have cured at the commencement. It would be well, therefore, to keep this remedy within reach at all times. Hold it to the Light. The man who tells you confidentially just what will cure your cold is spre-scribing Kemps Balsam this year. In the preparation of this remarkable medicine for colds and coughs no expense is spared to combine only the best and purest ingredients. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to the light and look through it ; notice the bright clear look ; then compare it with other remedies. Price 50 cents and $1. 2 For biliousness, sick beadacbe, indigestion, and constipation, there is no remedy equal to Dr. Pierces little Pellets. Purely vegetable. One a dose. Particular About Hta Drinks. "Have a drink with us, old man, said a young fellow who was treating three or four companions in a popular cafe the other night. "Ive had a Btroke of luck to-day and feel generous enough even to treat the housa Ours is whisky, "Thanks, said the smiling proprietor, who was behind the bar. "Ill take gin," and he poured himself out a thimbleful or two from a bottle that stood near him. Gins a horrid drink. said the speaker. What makes you take it when you have the choice of so many fine drinks ?" Depraved taste, I suppose, replied the barkeeper, with a laugh. S long, then. Say, old man, said a rad-nosed individual, stepping up, I dont like to drink it all alone. Wont you keep me company ? Certainly, said the proprietor; what will you have? Gin, replied the man. Youll take the same, wont you ? No gin for me, said the proprietor. Whisky is my drink, and ha poured out his own liquor from a different bottle from that which he had set before his former customers. This sort of thing went on with variations for an hour or two. The proprietor drank with every oue who asked him, but never took the same liquor as his customer. How is it," asked a man who had been looking on from liis 3eat at a table near by, that you can consume so much liquor in the of a day and yet not show the effects of it? You have had at least ten horns in the last hour, and I suppose the same sort of tiling goes on &H day, vet your eye ii clear, your skin healthy looking and vour whole appearance that of a man vii never takes more than is goo-l for him. Well, Ill tell you, said the proprietor, with u laugh, seeing that youre an oldfricn 1, if you promise not to give me away. You see for yourself how hard it is for a popular liquor seller to keep from becoming a iiii-io tank, a sot, so many people are always asking them to drink, for various motive?, an I if he declines lie is apt to give offense. Now, I attribute my iu that line to a wise choice of liquors. Gin or whisky of an esj t-cial brand I always take and I keep them m particular bottles, which aie never banded to customers, but are kept hero on the shvdf for my own use. Taste m w htakv, added he, setting outbid pnv.ito bottl , containing a yellow ish liquid. What do you think of it? Curious stuff, " s-iiJ his friend, sipping it and sniffing at it. Dont think I ever tasted anything like it before. Its not at ail bad, thouglu Has cousidt-i able arena, but it,, mighty weak loi wliL-kv What brand is it.' Yu-Ue the gin, w a-, all the reply the pi-q-i let- -r gave, as lie set liu private gia bottle down beside the other. Curious, " said the friend, flouring out and -sampling a colorless liquid ; I aui sure I never lasted anything like it before. Come, imw, what is it? Thats water, said the liquor dealer, with a giin. Never tasted it, eh?" Watei gasped hit friend. Yes, and tho oti-or's cold tea. Now you know how I dunk and drink and vet keep a clear heal and a steady pulse. But keep it quiet, my loy. It would not do to let jH-ople know that the mau who sells as much liquor over Ins bar its anybody m tho win i is almost a teetotaler. " New Yuik Tribune, How to Cure All Skin Diseases. JHplv apply "mvum.s Uiviwi-nt NosHtiernai mtdUino required. Cures tetter,, e emu, iu h. nil eruptions on the face, hands, no'C, ,Ve , leaving the skin clear, while and healthy. it.' great healing and curative power are possessed by no other remedy. Ask your druggist for Stray at' Ointment. jan 1 ,00-0in-tu,tli,sa. Visiting Cards and Cat Flowers. It takes tw o or three thousand visiting cards to meet the demand of on season in the life of a society woman, as estimated by the head of the engraving department in one of the large stationery shops. The etiquette of tho visiting card is much more complex than it used to be, and tiieri are half a score of uses for it now in place of the single one of a few years ago. For nowadays the fashionable woman lives very much by tho card. She returns her calls with her visiting card, makes new acquaintances with her visiting card, invites her guests with her visiting card, and sends her visiting card to keep the engagement she has had to break. It remains witli her hostess after she departs to testify of her presence, it presents her regrets and offers her condolences, and of late she scribbles off most of her correspondence on the backs of these very cards. The shrewd Mr. Howells remarks some where that there is no emergency of life that the average woman does not think can be met with cut flowers. It stands equally true for the visiting card. OPENING. MENS, LADIES, MISSES -AND- CHILDRENS SHOES. :o: We are now ready to show y ou an elegant assortment of Mens and Ladies Hhoes. Our stock of Carlisle Shoes of which we are the sole agents for, cannot be surpassed for style and durability. Every pair of these shoes are guaranteed. We can sell you a Ladies Bright Dongola Button New York. Toe, Hand Sewed, for $2.75. Our Ladies Coffin Toe Bright Dongola Button Tip cannot be excelled for $8.25. These shoes were sold for $4.00. We have just received another lot of those Ladies Fine Shoes for 95 ots. A few cases of those Mens, Calf Hand Sewed Shoes left. Dont you think, you should have a pair of them? Remember the price is $2.50. They will cost you $4.00 elsewhere. We have them in Lace and Congress, plain toe and tip. 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A CHANCE FORA GOOD BREAD A. AND CAKE BAKER. A , good bread and cake baker can find permanent employment Iu Mcchauicsburg, Pa., by applying at this office. , aprs-tt ' I . ' MS Health is Wealth ! I.JtrATME tfT Da, E. C West's Nbkvr axd Bkaih Thsat- . ar. NT, a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Dizziness, Convulsions, Fils, Nervous Neuralgia, Hedache, Nervous Prostration caused by the use of alcohol or tobacco. Wakefulness, Mental Depression, Soften! ng ef the Brain resulting in insanity and leading to misery, decay and death. Premature Old Age. Barrenness, Loss of power in either sex. Involuntary bosses and Spermatorrhoea eaused by over-exertion of the brain, self-abuse or over-indulgence. Rauh box contains one month's treatment, f 1.00 a box, or six boxes for fG.Ul. sent by mail prepaid ' on receipt of price. . , . WE, GUARANTEE SIX BOXES" To cure 'any case. With each order received by us for six boxes, accompanied with $G.U9,w will send the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the money a the treatment does net ' effect a cure. Guarantees Issued only bv Geo. W. Fulmer. Druggist, Sole Agent, Corner Philadelphia and Duke Streets, York, Pa. , octl7,99-ly-tu,th&s 1 , DR. TEEEL COO NOHTH FOVttTH DTKfeETr Wto 6 QjQ u vh oeiy Fbyatcusa i kbia3ifhl who etA prt tbal b ur ttv i4wl lag Joetort Vta! AbyMt4a&. HMg4tai u4 Army gorgeoa foiled Therefor U thee vhe n eLrBf wit BLOOD POISON, SPECIAL DISEASES MCDUntlC toMIH;, km Muuary. tork S - Hklvliwr, PalsssIsSk Pi. bloodIv lifers, r MkiLI! iAUrrk. Boat f iiotlTifc'':'. hOM mm anaUUs - IMT tfriftl?! DiMAMt t Sm Weak Li ptractudii, auek Bte Ku. It la tajowwa laisfid teeenttlif)K TJlEI before as Ml efaMk Be relieve jam aft ta end cere freak euet Uttatl dnyak Thntf4aacreaM4ca ae !!U4e Cell or vrifc etetlaf jeet wi ft&d reoeirft reference. Da Teast'a method la entirely ftelasttik Ke ia4 Hnnia Bom. to ft. Ted. 4 hat. Kre'ga, till It, gwadeya tail. Strictly Ceeftdeetiela v Bead ! tent tttapfotbiUTretL 1 the Mdf geaui treetiaeo Speetel J DUetort, herroea Debility t&4 the ' ezponore ef Qaeok their freedeleet ruarentee tai free eennUbeUea DONT BE Ul'MRCttUED by quack, elaJmfoff UtaM year experieacewhieb they do not poae. Their wellvwrded sad deeettfol e4 verttaweaie deeelve mstoy mal beiag rubbed by them, dally come eader Dm. Tusssfo meUe. ge-eiled pure regetmble. cheap poJdomoe q eeck medieime rmle thousand. Seat ak.U imibe berimam aevea aefferiafc tj tad deiey t therefore ecus alt Da. Taau at ernea aug389-ly-w4s TOWN & BROTHER Manufacturers and Dealers In . GOODYEARS RUBBER GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION &ormwGB ROBBER BOOTS AND SH0E3, Horse Coras aM Wapr Aprcnv ' DEATH ER, ROBBER im COTTON B E IaTING. LACE LEATHER. 1 712 Market St., & 1437 Clotm St, Cor. 15& Si PniI.ADEl.PniA, PA. Jan8-dly-eod ' - TREE)!- vnusi OC HEW I ftelid I Watch 1 EUN ta ftwarilParfot aEOHEi IOUD BOLD Betb ledlee' emd feat e atsae . with woe he mad el vaJam Oil rttaoi am r Afift teemUty earn eaamre am ir, fgMbmwn t,Mi.hto nwnigM.ehfiaaoA4ilmyaaiieNeaaMmaiia4t decl0-8m - . Detrich &, Schrenker, 3 Manufacture! s and Dealers in MOMENTS, TABLETS, BEADSTOKES l Cemetery Curbing Poeta, STREET CURBING , : ; s STONE PAVEMENTS FLOOR TILING axd MANTELS, v of all descriptions in Stone or Slate. Every descript iouuf Monumental, Cemetery, and Budding Work promptly executed in Granite and all kinV of stone. Best of work and stock guaranteed. Orders solicited and promptly filled at the very lowest prices. Yard, 228 South George St., YORK. PA. aprM'90-ly & V V BUS-lMbnUS 0IIARTER NOTICE. Notice ta hereby siren that an application will lie made to the Governor of the State of Pennsylvania, on Thursday, the 5th day of June, 189U, by James A. Dale, it. C. Pent. John W. Bittenger, Wm. F. Ramsay and Horace Smith, imder the Act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled An Act to provide for tho Incorporation and Regulation of certain Corporations, approved April SO, KC4, and the supplements thereto, for the charter of an intended corporation, to be called Tho York Hotel Company, the character and object whereof to The establishment and maintenance of an hotel, and for these purposes to have, possess and enjoy U the rights, benefits amt privileges of the said Act of Assembly and its supplements. - - D. K. TRIMMER, i mayl3-3t-oaw f Solicitor. Or. E. H . IV eiman Positively guarantees to extract teeth without pain or make no charge. NO. 8 WEST MARXET 8TKEET. YORK July 13-8fi-Iy-d4 w. PA. A, D. Thompson. J. D. Woskinoeh. co-par t suss uir notice. The undersigned have this day formed a copartnership under the name and style of Thompson A Workinger, for the purpose of conducting the Auctioneering Business, Heal Estate Agency, Renting of Property, ic., at No. 24-8 West Market St, York, Pa. - TROMRSONA trOMKIXOEIC. , aprlO-Sut . LUMBER. All Kinds -of , Lumber. All. KINDS OF MILL WORK. et4S' upplted at short aad at iure&tiy reduced W have me.Ash,Oak,Cvpress,ete. Estimates chrer-. fully furnished to parties desiring to build. . tW'Lumber Yard and Factory at foot of ktueen Street, along P. R, R. j P. TO. K13X.I.13R, Formerly of the firm of Uentrel A Keller, and H. K. FOU. , ' , mayd-dAw-am Xr ANTED Work suy kind of la- w boring work. . , WESLEY STERNER, majia-tf D6 W. Baptist Are, V

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