Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 25, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1942
Page 4
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n#;;p%^ Page Seven ' : .m< by BILL COR UM Fighting Bu t in 't Fun it It's To Win a You The Only Way to Win, Got to Win, a Battle, And Now's the'Time, COME ON! 'COME ON! \\\* •» Kill ll.ulit, HM-IKI.IMK Jan 1 i;iln|,v I t'U'HiiIsi iiitltTMluml!ug,4 am; iiiK H Hwt };ou!(I i;uis r li AvhTlo you f, linn man's Hinll- days lire Ion fnw, lon'l lll«' I))' 1 wny ..IMK, "i 1 Hi'* way wo ini-i war. Too many llK liMW.S iH'i'OI'l! IIUM'II id inH 1'iti 1 ti ,,l I.-.- r.;hiiiv r il.m' lUhl. dull until Oil' till '.lt'il kn.-w ,|n it that way. VVn iislmily's hand an lir has won Dm nili', thdiiKh pnssl- n! 1 my dlsquhst j.s •\ that In the nthur l^ivjiici'. where, ad- ii.itiuii was .simpler TJI- I'limK nnd M'o- nmlM of today, rule, rvi'cyhody mill. If \Vt> WClU. if we wi'iil I'or- '.,1 siiiii'N' sllnallon thcro DlU'r U \v:n ln-ii I NV.-H nil oil!' ,1 XMUI! -||''S-t, I nil Iml'orl- I'lM-l'n was (•id hiischall team itch.-r I'Ni'cpi for was a hundln nt' • of Mud a ;> v. In ast pin' 1 rim thai II).- Imll 'd a hum' which I mil In llu fOUl ))(ll Ihn bases I nvt'i- uii- ii I r for It h-r hit a homo hu.sKs and won time Hlnre Dint Hio hlslory of i.\\n -nnnvil forons of (his <io 11 n try. II .<lm<.HM'i i>i<oyiil(%- or intend lo provhhi, any (lonntry cluh for oll'i- urrs. It doosn't (uilei' to Iho hrn.^s hnl. II IN nn. orfiaiil/aiion, .that is siMindhijj nil II.'vim ifjnl'—which isnjt iHionj/h—In sue to, II. Hint the hoy in llm stu'vlmv-yomv '»<>>' «iul uvoi'M- hody's hoy, is (joltinfi us mtuiy «oin- I'orls nnd ph'itsm'^s as it Is Do.ssihl'r I don't hnvi! to iiuinire or (lie h<>nd ol' Urn (ISO whnl it Is dolnu. Nor do you, If you arc nmonfl the. many who IUT not (-(no h'ttci's n<ont Ihosr in I he srt'vlcr. I/SO IS POH U8 OVRH AIJ-; My own moll shows t.hnt It Is >j>trlhiilltiH mpro to the fellows wlm will <; vim family, win this wnt;, IIP flKhtlng soldier and sailor, thaii my nrgaiilwitlpn In thn history oi 1 In- Ifnllivl' Sta'tcs at war. And as a ellow who dunked many a dqugh- nil with Ihn Salvation Army and he Mm V. M. C. A. In the other un- pIcnsuiiLnuss, 1 way lluyt 'ndviHedly. l/ut us takn thn flnci Job- that the I'SO IH rloliVK as an u(H!U])tOfl fact/, ami also Iho fact that It, monuy as ;uu ••/y-^.. S-V 1 ;^' : ^ ; V'. POBHiAR PIRA.TE Now York Glavnlahd Ch'l.oft'go' -ft,Boston-1, iMrolt o. Tho! Now .York , 1 o.ston, .....,, ^levolanrt;. .. 3etroll, -.-;,,\ St.. 1,'o-uls'' ,, Olilcngo .-'.,, .'hihulolph'ld, ,\. .26'',%' ;.- 28; "W .'•'24 '4-1 Today's ow-'Yonk u (7-2). <e-a) ink at; SI.', Louis—-Gl V3'. Gn)l c h o u so; (5^(3); • - oHlnni at 'pdtroR^Hiighson Ph M n d o lj>h i a •' o t,. C16 vo 1 an d—Wo I IT 7-fi) 1 vs.-Sm<itlr (fj-rj),'" * .-..,. Washing km. -al,- Chicago—Hudson -7). vs. Boss. (1-2). . .'.- . .. . NATIONAL . Vastmluy's Hesulls, SI..; LouKs 2- (Mrs!).. Boston 3, St.viLpuls 1 (second). ClnolnhiM'l 4, : 'N(nv York ..'3 ,.(iO). : (Only, .gamo.s- -schcdulec'l.) •'<•• Brooklyn St. I/O u Is CiinislnmiM' Now York Chicago . ''ill mil HIP r.ttliN- ui' him aflt-r thi' iMiiif. T it fai'iiHT when'- Inii-i'i w;i>i iilmost I'litirt'ly (l pi'i'foniuidt 1 ' 1 of his •'itulU- sun. "Miill," I n-mi'iulH-! ''in lio Ihi.sHiull |"la,vi \\ tf»'\\r^ \\\\\\ svhi'U :i U> Ihr u\r, you don't ii(' to xnl> U. If yuii t whal I l i-atelKU 1 Hn- Tin- fir HUM' n-sl in haH to wan him H r, hut I havo hall Is hit Inave In Jump ll Jusl. Hland IIKti T.ll'K IIKI) l-'fJ/t/C So. f INI IT Ilinl we luiv Illltlll' Ix'foi'C and Mini u'i< wnr lii'fori' h'i 1 It I'm pri'lty sure It will A.M) S; ii /Jiifk lioinc frollnj; unt lo win a I h' u «•!' ('(Ill Will (III 1 Will 1 , lime ool | () \ v ln IliO Xew York city Is only onn oily I the enuntry, thousli a Idg olty-nn prohahly (he most, gonorousl eharitaldo. Whloh dousn't mntlo Kreally in Ihu point \vfc arc nhoul, t makn, Thn thlnw was Mint wo gnlhom approxliiuiilely sovonty wrltiM'K radio e.ommnnlal.or.s from Now York who .sat Mi rough n four-hour dln- nor and rllsoiiMslon- hol'oro ' thny everyone, wanlnd lo Ilirow tho J)os pltoh Ihcy know foi They (mum np wH SWPlI Iflf'llS—lOWUI'fl of whie.h WHS that, July, should for the I ISO try, Knrd Krlok, Hill Brown, Dr. \fc- riulre and Mr. .Trftvors, of lOmplrc Mlly, .Jm-.k Ma I'll, 11 onion Stonohnm, nrl Walsh und otliors \vero thnro :o.offur ovoryl.lrjnK thny oouhl possibly offer. Which -Ihoy did ,and lged II, too. l-lio USD. . h son in Idoas that end. One .tho Kourlh'of bo imulo ,spo,rl.s day l.hi'oughoiil Mm ooun- rx- Iho In we ciiu win Mn« ni-ji llowptfr, (Ms Is no I'limhllnn |)rwil«n uf iicrsonid opinion I'oi- wik* 1 (if Itcurliifj my own volci j'l-liil, Iliouiili like nil niywlf in Ihnl n| n ilHhilh' "iM'cf" lo oh 111, nml () '» Hie tuhle where an.vhoily to piil nil I he canl.s out M lo sec 'i>in CUM, ollici 1 , evenlniJ. the .sporls i,f \, MV V (M ,K. ( .|(y h,ul i» illo- " Tuiil SluM'N reslanraiil I hid- willi-d h.v ,liin l-'urlcy In llm "f Uu> I-'SO, All HIP avullnhlr IcnrN HIP (o h(d|(»ve Hint ' s 'f) I.H ilohin I he i/n-uh'st Jol> i|imi< rur (lie enlhleil innii ln N I hut tape In- foi 1 Iho lu<|1 " I 1 '" »'H> miK TO SKIP 'HOTOCOL: II (jot around lo n plnco whore all >f us thought wo had some wonder- 'ul hlrns -foMhi! counti-y as. a whole, whrn VV.P st?l. out. to (iftvulnp ld(M«N and, wo hoped, to (sapl- lill/c on lli(Mn> wo diw.ov hi'i'o was loo nmc.h rod volvcd lofjol thorn, ovor, Fourth of .Tilly, iNutioiiiiHy, thai Js. UV ui'o fjolnu (o try Micm out in iS>w York, ,howovor, nnd, wo hope, make n snooos.s of lliom, The Hid t I'cm'nliift. Hint, almost from Iho inomonl, \v« .started, lo move rcdtiipc wound us tip and threw us for n loss, WhUih Isn't Iho way to win a war on, or oil 1 n hallo- Held, Tho .wny to win Is lo <mt Ihroujjh rod Inpo and everything else. nnd (alee I he hall toward Hie fioal Iho Mhoi'lcst way homu. •Now Is (he lime to do that. Pos- slhly the only ehanee. we'll ever have lo do II, So, como on, eome on! Pet, .074 .SO? .485 B-ostOfV. 30 40 .42S Pli'llndeln-hhi" ' .... .18 47 .277 Today's Games, Pitchers ClnQlnnfill nt 1 -Bro-pldyn (tw.ilight) —Starr (.10-2) vs. Davis (8-2). . St. -Louis ill, BOHtoh—Cooper (l)-3) vs. .Jnvory (5-7). {.,'hfoago nt -philndolphln—Leo (8) vs. Podgnjny (3-fl). (Only £»-nVus \schodulfid.) Allied War Plants Are Going Strong : (Continued from Page One) BRooKi.y/4 MAVl/slG A- '( June 25—(UP)—Be- Is. out, Con.nectieiri A ! .vniateur golf cham- NVaterbury, fore Ih-c d-;^ 1 will' h.ivo an pion. U-will ibe either Frank Slaszow- skl, a young. Winsted' farmer,, or' Ed Wi : Uw)s, '-of NVoMiei'sfjeld,- whose regular job is a machinist div a .war J'nol.ory. Bol;h Staszowski and Wilkos liave itlil-Gd iJlroiip way 'through a field of the slate's .-top-flight, golfers for :heip.-fIrak shot at Wie- Utle. They're'playing a 36-hole- finals nalcli. io deoidc .who will wear the er.own. .for,-.WIG next year. M LOUIS IS In Pomperaug Contest .- ^"; , i . . . ^^ •'. .^, I . . ..* Many Local Fans to Witness Game With Black Yankees at Stadium. TO - •• /•. nut; way Nelson juicier! in h'ls ' careful ——LAST STAGE DAY IN ON STAGE — IN PERSON GENE & GLENN (Jake Cr Lena) i«»~~~ FAMOUS RADIO PIRSONALITIIS GEORGIE AULD and his ORCHESTRA OTHIR BIG ACTS ON SCREEN — MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER A Sfar totted 2 HIT SHOW at LOEWS POLI TOMORROW bopoi- that liofore many months lave passed we.Hh.all .be. able to nillfl In au,olv .quantit'lns that' wo shall, ovoroomo that " reserve.-', 1 Amnrloa', briH- sol. Jt-s sigbts ••Jilsb. ,H220,f)00,000 I OOp war production )rogram. -IJut Nolsori sal'd he's .opnll- onl, infli'(slijy and Inbpr uru. equal o .thn task,. ', . .' , :.Of, course, licking J.ho'axis o'n the rodiictlon. . front Is a cost/ly roposifj.on. ; Tho production ch.Tof aid we're spending -right now $3,00,000,000".^. .month to : do -the job. ut IHJ wai-nqd, that. .wti'.ve: got to that up l/o ap oven .'$0,000,000,000 month to go -over tho -top.- rim wbplo.. idea, h 7 ol'son -l>oirl .the ch(Uor.s,.ls to. .turn out .'war goods dding up to $i/j 0,000,000,000 In JO-V2 nd .-19.13. .; .;-..; . . 'b« WPB chairmnn Hold the seri- ,o In vo's I iga U n'g . com m i I, tee l/!ra I. oduetl.o'n. capacity Is ouitstripplng pllvorlos-' of rri,w .materials, 'J'Jio scrap rubber 1 .drive, he said, Is holping.a lot. Hut he bintqd that wo have to go after scrap -metal,' in the form of fences, s|/atuary< and ornamental work next. "Said Nelson: "Anyone can walk down any street In AVashlngt-qn and see substantial. quantll.los '-of , motals might be tlnis..used."" Tbn lack of scrap Is holding stool Industries. -Stopping, all steel- eonsumlng civilian •'industries has hnlp'ofl... But Nclsp?i warnnd: i "The inriustry ; nopds and. will continue to ni3cd all 'the scrap It can get." As ('or aluminum. The production nhiof said wo'll Uirn out 2,00,000,000 and 500,000,000,000 pounds of primary •a-luminum next' year. No't to 000,000,000,000 • . pounds, of Hcrap. This. year, the output will bo only 1,,'M^OOO.OOO pounds of primary and ,%9,000;000,000 pounds 'of scrap. rtteel plate, Nelson said, has-been a big problem. On tho first of .tbe year prbduoorH bad. a, backlog, timounting to tbroo-fourths.of. the whole iO^J output, .'nul.',NolHon- ndflRd that, tbe maritime commission will help by •HubsMlutlng wood -wherccver -pos- In Its. shipbuilding progiuun. MgT. Milt Weisman Has Formidable Array of Stars for Contest Sunday, r Phe Highlanders will bo. seeking revenge f-or a' !)-2 seibfiok wh.icli was;', pinned on , llheni ear I lor in. l'he ( . gn;i~ ,son by the .strong' «Ne\v P.r.estbn. H i 1111»s . \ vh en. the h w o tea m s?: • f J q .1 - Hrlo In. a do.ii.ble 'header Sunday ; -^I Pros-ton.. -,..' , -.-. : . v V,'. .••;.'";•''- ^ A IAV. 1 n k i 11 in g 'will', o n a.b 1 e:'. -Ill c High landers to jirm.p : into the fn-sl, division n.'iid ' Manager -MiM,-: -We-is- m;vn is"-oonf if Inn I.-thai his'boys will I/urn t/ho .ti^lolC'. Bob Mnriano' will. b ; o >g elvol'oe -in '1.1 in. lesl, wlth.-lohn-ny Whii.e lery itta;te. ' :/;. Jn tlio second eon'tPS,l«V us', former New. Yorj^-l ; hurl or; who was- .ruled/';! ern lea.gue manager as osfc •Bchoolh.o.y. pM.c-her; in ; . the couh- l.ry, .wi 1 1 ?A;o,t his. f i rsf, 'pitch ing;, ; as- sign-mon t/.^jp-^lio. season ;; tintl; he.- will h'aytv. inn.* .oulsLiinding' receiver "'-be- h inrl . tho. ' p)af,e7 'iir the '-person ' .of •Dill- . Pelrlllis. ; ; ."•' ;^ , ;; : \. .'•'• ;•' Tho resl., --oi' pie-'-lineup, will.-;in- j elude. Lou/:Gro-cldp I .Pr4ink^]Cdiiipnds,'i .p.reHi- OJdo ; J^wski:'an ! d ".Icjli^ - Port Riley,, Kansas, June 25—(UP) —Corporal .loe Louis Barrow has .parked his duffle-bag al, the Fort Riley cavalry post—still wondering whether he's to be a mounted or foot soldier. ?, The heavyweight champ, arrived at, the huge camp on the Kansas 'pKilns last night, from Camp Upton, New York, to complete his basic military training, Me asked no favors, explaining: , '•'• "F want to do my duty like any other soldier." •• The chocolate soldier has about seven weeks of- basio training left. If he compleles them at once, the shuffler might be permitted an outdoor title fight.Ja September. Three, of the mom-bors of tho Nnu- liuolc, high s-ftb-ool V«lley Loagun baseba.ll •-elvamp.ionsbii 1 p team will 'day the Waterbury All-Stars n. I'be-ir exhibition game al. ' the Municipal Stadium, in Walerbury .omorrow evening with Iho Hla-ck rankc'es, No. 1 c-olored te-anV In he United' States. The. local men q per.form -are Rddln -Maniano, who svlll do the cal-cliing; Ace. Duretie, Naugy's iron man on the. pitch ins U-aff, and-Gbflrl-le Foga.rty,. )ie.ivy iticker ...f-or tbe. Greyhounds will )lay in 'the field. Tho Yankees ' will 'have praoli- •Mlly the same lineup as ihal, of Mre n.otham Stars last year,• when Mve. New Y-orUers look over the Brass City combine by a score of 9-7. The -game will start ni, 0 o'clock and will .be the first, of a series of night games beiivg arranged for tbe season by -Fred Davi,, of tbo All-Stars. Birds Now .Half Game Behind Bethany F6r Second Place in League. er Minor, Of .the Naugatuck held; -the Grays, the olli- local "entry hi t<h<j .^Pomperaug to throe hit.* •and-fanned J4 in ithe" all-Naugatuck base-haU^'gamo at 'Recreation fJeld lusteveh : ing,, the •Kiwis coming, out on a-hcl'lbng-, end ofian .8r2 score. SulHvaiv was oa I'he mound f.or the Grays and: was . touched up Tor etght lilts hyUhe vi-clxDrs. lie struck out -ten- of hi.4 opponents. * --••--.• • ';• Jl wns the th'lrd wJn .for the Birds in the fourth league .game played and-, glvest tlie-ni ,a - strong hold -on thilrdv place >in l:he. Icaguo sia n (1 iaitf, one - h a 1 f a ga in<» !' belli htf which i« in sccondV.pliixjo: Middle'bury still lea<l» Mi^ Uwjyfu<? ; l;hreu vicvLorles - tind np defeats.- The ;B'irds,soored. two^ in the:;first inning and sevvrcd: -the game- up- in nore. Tho. xliwys scorediOiie In the first- and -Mie other-In -the Ihird. '• The l!luobirds.wiH-pJUy. ihoWash- n»ton vllills a.l, Washington ptrk n Waterbury tomorrow eveairlng, Score of last ivighl.'s game: British, Russians Are Driven Back (Continued from Pago One) air squadrons,, are busy too, hammering nt Nazi supply columns and tank -spearheads. Tihe big German base at, Banghazi took one of its worst poundings last nigh I.,- with American B-2'j bombers lhrv' locals' initial con- 'as^fi'js bal- y"-Un.Ji! ; n'sl;- : : t'he,',,M;i|cnl/- i •mnii 1 -,. Is, also . ' lianl, ,f ( 6: see. • service. h Iil-a-ytirs . ever -'••'tupiQd; ..ou t Li'nk wh'O-are still in pla'ying' .days,;: -'wiit'h the ex of- Fi'ank"Sh'-en and Gene k'i, bo(;h of these boys being 1 outside of I/he state. '-Butch .1 un'i-or \vi!l/b.e Lire 'mascot.''-The pro- roods^ wili 'be'"d'Qiia'f.ed 'to I he U. S n. .: ',-A ; - prfi Anders- hin.u- '.nt wiH .0:15 session . for tbo H'ig'h- .h.o Iveld eve- al HBcrea tion field. thai Their 1 Rivals, St. Louis Car- f •'-"'- ".,'-•! ^ .• ,^ ' . dinals, Were Defeated '"by Boston in DouWe-Headej. in '-"' ''".4 u jf. wo drovo automobiles tho same way we .man-age our, lives, wo would have 'tho'Steering w;hocl facing out .the baclc'wiindow;. and we would 'be viewing, where wo oarno from 'Instead .of paying tion to.Adhere. AVO .were Charles" K. Kr/ttering,. Vloo. president of r.ionoral Motors. , (IJy United. Tress)- "''•'•• ' Th o 13 i-oo-k 1 y n Do f Igors nlad o •'*. h a.y wh.ilo" l.he sun slvono/'.-yestei'tlay.-— by• filU.'Ing livlh-u shade..';-. -.... The Fi-ntbiish ••Klopg-jo'^''.didn:f. swing'.'i stick.' or fHrig'ii hn.ll, "but thny A'-;ilne.d .a, full game over .l;ho St.' I/O n is Clardinals. . .- •Seventh-'pla.eo Hoston , pulled a snea-k-attack on the. Red Birds, taking ends ol, ai.-doublo-'hoador. fi t;o 2 and J-J-IJo 1-. Jim Tob1n,..who hadn't, Inrn'Od iln u I'nr a.-mohl-h, li'Lirled' the firs I, ga^ne -for'the Braves'. Lefty WlHarcl-• Donovan, wl ; vo, ivav- er won a ibi-g league'-'h'ofor.e, turned In a. five-hit, pnrformance for. the Bean-towners in .l;|ic af.ter- l>iece. • ' . -- ; ' -• --• • Rookie Bei'.t'Ha'as belted 'a homer tho JOf.h/ f.o .give. Cincinna-ti n to. 11vree' tri u m ph o ver I li o "GinMts .in n ; t.wi I'lgh 18'Hmei. A I. Ph i-ln- .dclpb.ia, Claude-' Passeau hung up 11 is J .1 l.h vletony i .J'-or .t,h o Cli icago- ,,0ub-s, wl.nn'ins'. -'throe, to. one, in a ji-tgh't ganie,,', '. ,.,-".. In tbo American league, (he Yankees-, too-k the,., '-mpasurcf- -of the Browns, (i"l/o /J. "Cleveland walloped -Win daylights oiR of l;h-o'Athletics, 0 lo 0, and tire .While Sox whlte- wasbedv the Senators,'T> to 0. Th Red Sox;-dcfeal;odC'petroi.t, '1 'to 0. Tli o h oi-o o f th e cia y,.'.Im ,Lli o Arnei i.ean league .-w/is Gluirloy Wagnei of Boston. lle-,pilohcd : a .Ihree-hM te r, 1 o.wpd --lip";-; i-unnflr t,o pass f i rs base, and. reared 't.hiovs'ide , in .orde •f.or .Mi0 ,-plr.s-l..-'-s-cvon' I'nnjngs. , driving, home the. attack.- Other allied air squadrons havo been .raiding German columns in the forward area, and say great damage has been done. An extremely hot desert wind is blowing over t.-he battle Held, but despite this hassaril Rommel is pressing on. The German armies in Russia also are disregarding obstacles and enormous casualties to drive their wa;s forward. Russia admits new retreats- -in violent, flglUing. .Masses of German tanks, supported- -by elouds -of planes, have battered their way forward in Mie Kharkov area. Soviet dispatches say several im- por-tanit Ji-e-ights changed hands nany. times, before tbe Nazis man- to advance—at enormous cost. Other Russian reports say the besieged city -of Sevastopol has been arge'ly destroyed by the shatte-r- ng Naxi attack. Tbo nontbern defenders of ihe. city 'have had to give ground again, nd parlicularly iheavy pressure .c : 6n- inues in.the north and south. But, unconfirmed reports, reaching .the- British Broadcast-ing 1 company, say Soviet marines have begun a flank attack, to relieve the ciity. ' / ' ! - It's said 1 the Marines, in 'large numbers, landed on tbe, south coast or the Crimea in an. attempt to cut Nazi su'ppiy lines., TO FIGHT RAY ROBINSON long line up Sammy New York, Juno 25— (UP)— Big•time boxing is coming, back to Madison Square. Garden after a absence due lo inability to . '.op-night battlers. Lightweight Champion Ango'tt has boon signed for' a UV .'Ound non.-t.itle light with Ray (Su, r ar) Robinson on the niglit of .lul-y •'iOth. Robinson, I he sJim Jlnrlom Negro who has boon un.dofenj.ed in 12 professional bouts,* decisVoned \ngott"' in a JO-round overweight "»out in Philndelpbin lost summer. Bi-ekerdi-kc, of Purs, ss ..... Mariano, 21)-c Allen, c M'urjjliy, If ... vSwirskl, Ib .. Robinson, 3-21) Foris-h, 2b .... SchilJor, 3b ... Ash, rf .Mb)or, p ..... Tolais ...... vib .2 .4 .2 . 4 . 3 . 3 . 3 . 1 . i . 2 Grays 20 8 21 7 If Mcann, 3 Desmond, Kruln, cf . Lab i-i ola, c Puslo, ss J .lo mi nick, J Dennis, 21) Kidaltfo, rf . Kaufman, rf Sullivan, p ab .3 . 3. a . 3 .3 . 3 . 3 b i 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 i 2 10 i 4 1 0 0 0 •Score by Bluebirds 26 3'H J> Churchill Thinks Egypt Can Be Saved fContinuerJ from Page One) (THE 1 PACIFIC WAR) a tion by the pro..siden,l, and tbe prime minister and made in a fashion thai, was very pleasing to all of us." The recent British reverses in North Africa, particularly in Libya, wore discussed in some detail. But, Rayburn added: "it is safe to assume that the others in ll]o meeting came away feeling very hopeful and very good." Asked wbeJ.hnr there had been iny discussion of opening n second uropean front, Raybnrn said: "Not, specifically, but ii always comes up.". House Republican Lender Martin, of Massachusetts said tbe president incl the prime minister presented vbat he termed: "A very interesting recital of tbo war situation as they see it to date. And it was very encouraging." innings: 203020 1— fl 1 0 100 00—2 Hims-^McCann 2' Swirski 2, Bie/k-. erdike, Kin% , Maiiano, .Allen, Murphy, SwhMe-r. 10 rroj\s— Man-ami 2, A)Jen, ' l*iY,J{<>rdn<e, SulMvari 2. Huns batted in— Swfrski 2, Furs, Allen 2. Bickordike 2. Two base hits — Bickordike, Furs, Allen, Swirskl. Stolen bases— Bi«ckerd/ike 2, Sacrifi-ce— Allen. Loft "on Bluchirds 7, Hrays2: Bases —off SuJIfwin 4. Hit by by.Sul,liva,n 3. Struck out--l)y Minor i4, Sullivarn 10. Wild pitch—Sullivan. Passed hall— Labr-iota.' Uni- piii'es— Kunkus, TessJor k Ti-me— 1 :15. SwJrsfcf. basest; on MRS. GEHRIG PRESENTS AMBULANCE Hard-pressed China provides tbe only military news today, even slightly. fay<,)i;a))J-c to .Uie Allies. And even tbese are local , .gains, which yield. - no hope that the Japanese army, in China has been checked ( for more than the' moment. .CJtlncsc troops have burled back a '.Japanese column along tlic bitterly '.contested 1 .Nanclmng-llangchow railroad.. And the Chinese say they are storming two important PuchONv and Noncbcng— in cities Kiangs 'rhe..Ghinese also•iroport ha'yc gone into bal.Ue J.n Kastcrn China with aif support for the first time. The Central News Agency says fliers of the. -American volunteer group attacked an enemy river base south of'Hankow O7V Tuesday, destroying three, small boats and damaging a giinbotil. A spokesman, at. the volunteer grpup headcumrters says he has no in- rormali'on yet of the raid. Firflt ambulance aented', to Lou ulance bpuglit^^ I^ou Gehrig,,lyieifnorial fund is prc- Mayor Florellb' lladuardia of "iNcvr^JCofck;-, right; by Mrt., •;- wi'dpv/ ; of-the .Jai^ New York Yankee, .ptan The am-. Tlie Chinese slil-1 bold the ,own of Ljshui, with its important 'base" within; bombing , range of Tokyo. But- the... Japanese have cached Uic, outskirts..-of- the city ind, are attacking llercely. Llshui s- !;hc last- Chinese-heJd airfield in ihekiang. province. Australia reports a Japanese sub- iiai'inc a-ttack biv a Russian freigl'il- r. The attack occurred last month oil' the coast of New South Wales. The sub, se.\f, a : shell: .through' -the bridge of the ship, wounding three 'oHVccrs, but the vessel .eluded the sub and reached 1 '-port,--safely. ' General- MncArthur' announces that AJliedc planps- have made, reconnaissance ilights-. over the heart of [the Netherlands East, Indies—p'os- 'jSibl-y, >, prcpai'ation of Allied; attacks And Hawaii is specula-ling 'that the third front— ry L, Hopkins—niight moan that the Allies are planning an offensive from, Pearl Harbor'. . ALCAZAR Today - Fri. - Sat. i Ann Sheridan and Ronald Regan in "JUKE GIRL" and GENE AUTRY nil a plains wil-h U. S. ,irmed forcts are, -uslnff -chnliccs made of goici- plate ov«r a n Iron baso, copper «r»Vl brass will not be used to manufA^ lure anlicles 6'f religious•" dcvoltoh until after war/ Too Late to Classify YVA»\TKI>-~noy lo work in lorrtl store, 1'fi years ol<l or over, with driver's license. Short hours, good pay. Address Box "A" In cars of, Tbe News. fi-25-fia.. TO HKNT—KiiriifslKul doulil« for 2 gentlemen. Wftb or without board. Telephone 2133. fi-25-dflx. Today - Fri..- Sat. RttMk DIETRICH SCOT "SUPERMAN/' COMEDY and "HOME IN WYOMING" REPAIR WORK and All Other Makes of Outboard Motors; S FREB.- B'Y' OIJTJJO.VRI) WEISS BEN FRANKLIN STORK 152 CHURCH STREET DUFFY'S Restaurant Water Street DAILY DINNERS and LUNCHES SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS A SPECIALTY Full Liquor u Thomas Bros, ii (I 1«l MAPLE ST. PhoM ItM II 11 Auto Body and " i» Fender Work « II -Auto Paintinur-H || 24 Hour || II Wrecker Seryic*

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