The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 29, 1936
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VOL. XXX11I—NO. 167 Blytheville Courier Blylhevllle Dally News THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANU'SOUTHEAOT MISSOURI .Si Courier Blylhevllle Rally News — ; Herald • Mississippi Valley Lender BLYTliKVlLLE, AKKANSAS, TUESDAY, SKI'TKMUISK 29 1036 SINGLE COPIES, FIVE CENTS TWO DIE IN WRECK ON STRIKE-BOUND LINE Heiress Elopes, Looks for a Job 155. F[§0 LOST Destroyer Goes Down Following Naval Baltic Off African Coasl TANGIER, South Africa, Sept. 29 (UP)—The loyalist destroyer Gravina was sunk loday In ,a naval bailie off Lnrache, on the coast Tangier. The French liner Koutoubia, responding to the Gravlna's S. O. S., arrived In time to rescue 20 sailors. The remainder of Ihe crew perished. : Tlie Gravina was llsled as carrying a complement of 176 officers and men. Thus about 155 men apparently perished. BY LOUIS f. KtKMI.K Urn led 1'ress Cable Edilor Tlic Madrid government forces, routed from Toledo, formed their lines a few miles cast of there loday for a desperate attempt to tiirn back the insurgents from Madrid. It was an apparent last stand and tlie rebels have every chance of driving the loyalisls back and marching . into Madrid on the, one r si,de while cutting the cap T ital's rail communications to the coast on the oilier. The' loss ' of Toledo is a severe blow to the loyalisls. H was their main source of munitions. The jubilant rebels were in no hurry, carefully consolidating their lines and having no intention of advancing so rapidly that their vanguard could be cut off from the tear. In the .action along the Madrid highway yesterday, and today the . rebels (nade no appreciable ad. j' vah'ce ibut did stand ; against/iti 'f lu'HbUs loyalist _ counteSittaclf. ' .-Madrid^u-as"" plainly approhen? ; yslve. ,1 Government, commuijitiues made the most of such military successes as "could be claimed but the people were uneasy. Madrid Claims Victories MADRID, Spain, Sept, 29, (DP) —rThe war ministry proclaimed today that Madrid loyalisls. had inflicted heavy losses on the insurgents In a desperate counte'r- allflck to halt the advance along the Toledo-Madrid highway. A communique at .3:15 P. M. said: "Heavy, fighting occurred in the Olias and enemy to losses. Bargas, retreat forcing the with severe Truck Drivers Strike at Columbus; One Dead Judge Orders Inquiry .COLUMIJUS, Miss., Sept. 29j LITTLE ROCK. —Judge Abifo' IUP)—One person was killed and McGchee vesterday oidered''a Pu ! four were aiTcsted on charges of threatening the peace here lo- j day As 50 truck '- drivers struck for higher wages on a local highway paving project. An unidentified negro was killed when' a truck, driven by t strike breaker, went out of COIK tirol and overturned as the driver s|)eeded up to pass a picketing group. The .drivers were in tlie cm- ... t ploy of .Dunn Construction Co. Jury a state complro'llei s'""audit I They demanded 35 cents an hour, showing $18,285 paid for 'capital Present wage is 22 1-2 cents an sanitary supplies by the secretary' T nil IP MT in err Uiilbtil III ULL BIG COUNTY I FULL McGchee yesterday oidereu" a Pu toski County grand Jury;.Investigation to determine whether any ' person holding public office had violated his ;trusl. . » He mentioned no name or office ,although- Ihe general charge in- . n eluded reference to iccently pub- n n )- lislied reports concerning, pur- barn UailCC oho\V IS Fea•- chase of supplies al the slate cap. > , r> • r, itoi. ' i lure; Kacing Program Prosecutor Fred A Donham said, Stnrtc **" he planned to take up with the I uum; > hour.. of state.: ITI-SIES TUX SEGUES STRIpLLEfl New Orleans Grocers' Up Parental blessing being delayed, Mrs. Call Tonella, formerly Marie Louise Kaufman, above, one. of the six "million-dollar babies" of Mr. and Mrs Louis G. Kaufman of New York, started looking for a job during Her honeymoon. The heiress starllid society by eloping to Armonk, N. Y., with a Marqirette, Mich., childhood friend, who Is ' In Arms'Against New State and'City Levies '• NEW' ORLEANS, Sept. 20 (UP) —Housewives slocked up on load today . to' survive a threaloned slcrejteeper strike agalnjit r,ew- state and city sales .laxes. , elecVon ' Tlie , strike set for Wed- ncsdny "and may be longer." Fmnll retail grocers, who volcd the, strike .during a noisy mass mceling last 'night,' said today that butchers, hardware dealers and othere were joining them. A inarch on Baton Ronje. ; the em- 1 capital, was called for Wednes- countv 'uinY- I*** v, .•••-««,.,,„ new Mississippi county fairgrounds boa^clcct^ Its meeting at Little Rock , yes- u, e fair, which opened today \d!l 5 ' ',, > •• - " I 1 * In full swing. Dlland of this,.city/and- Plenty of parking space for fair .h of Osceola, members visitors-has been' arranged on va- namnH r n"^ board ' «?re,"-'cant'property on the north sides named." G. B. Segraves- of; Os- of Missouri and Kentucky streets E n 1 •-..« -j ^..,- i i_*i}jiv«i, is'ua L^IILCU ior weunes- Ployed In the .metropolis. ' ] day. Gov. Richard Leche reiler- — oted that he intended .to give the Anjijounces P^a n's for Speeches in Chicago, Cleveland anci f Detroit^ TOPEKA, Kans.,,Sept. 29 .(UP) —Gov. Alf M. Landon, declaring himself convinced that com belt and dairy state voters.were determined, to turn out the New Deal announced . today that he would set out again next week on one of the most significant thrusts "of the 1936 campaign. .•"•. : . ^ .., 0 -Illinois, , Indiana, Ohio - and Tagus sector at tlie towns of Michigan—tlie block of mid- I lax a chance, regardless of the t prolests. The'state tax is two..per cenl with a few inconsequential exemptions. The city of New Orleans has applied another two pel- cent sales tn>: that doubles the burden on the city's taxpayers and; doubly Ilirealens ..its„,merchants wilh'. outside : competltl6rii The taxes become effective October 1.' western .stales which Landon advisers consider the decisive battle ground of the election will be "Loyalisls bombed from the air visited by tlie Republican presi- rebel concentrations' at Torrijosjdential nominee, and Maqueda (northwest of Olias I, "There will be no slackening in and .Bargas). the campaign. I shall leave on f- 4 "Loyalisls at Nnvalpcral (northwest of Madrid in the' lower Gundarroma mountain sector) : repulsed a Moorish cavalry attack, killing seven and to.Wng prisoners. "On the north and northwest fronts loyalists dominate tlie situation in Asturir.i, concentrating their efforts on Oviedo, 1 attacking nnd constantly producing an optimistic situation. "On the Aragcn front (north- cast of Madrid) -there was intensive rifle and canon fire. A rebel right wing attack was repulsed nnd they were forced to abandon 20 dead. "The loyalists made, an Import-1 ant advance in the Barlmlro| area (same scclor) and the cnemyi^^ fled, leaving 55 dead, 11 prison- L rn another trip next week with speeches, in Chicago October. 8 in Cleveland October 12, and In Detroit October 14," Governor Landon said. Combined Porch and Terrace Please AU Porches offer pleasure and convenience lo home owners, and space for them may be arranged so that a roof covers half the area, thus affording shade and comfort and relief from the sun's glare as well as from showers. tmace , SpaCC "»•* ex- ers, two truck leads of ammuni- " tion, six lines. machine guns and 70 posed at all times. Thus enthnsi sun lovers are pleased a who have more Agents Rounding Up -Narcotics and Liquor Violators in Many Cities WASHINGTON, Sept. 29. (UP) — The treasury's nationwide law enforcement drive today liad netted 990 arrests with oificials predicting the tolal might be nearly 2,000 before the end tomorrow night. Treasury agents, working in a co-ordinated . program, arrested mostly -violators of narcotics nnd liquor tax statutes. Partial reports from more than a score of cities today showed 455 arrested for narcotics violations. 40fi for alcohol tax Infractions, 104 for counterfeiting and 24 for customs violations. Special Assistant to the Treasury Harold N. Grave, in charge of treasury law enforcement coordination, told reporters that his report was incomplete. "This is only n partial report, 'hosen to Succeed W: F. M. Ferguson on County Election Body n ~\ : i" M • board ^ ' AT TKK t',\IK Tonight—WLS Barn' Danre' hi fronl of gr-.ltidslund al 7;45. Opening of carnival rides and shows . . Wednesday—1'iisl day of racing:, wlih two lurness and two 'running races, starling at 2 I*. M. • NlKlit nttraclton: "llatflc tf.'Arffonne" In fireworks, start-' • Ins a'l Ri30 1'. M. .. Thursdav—Second day of rac- . .hii>, two harness ami Iwo run- lllnj; races, starting ut 2 f, M. l|on>e show In front of jraiiU- 1 sland al night Hilr association officials were sllll struggling this afternoon with entries and exhibits that overflowed 'the facilities 'provided at..the new'Mississippi county fairgrounds . . . - 1 - ce'olu was named to succead W.;F. M. Ferguson 'of Marie. "- Hqlland and Segraves are, Democrats and Smith is a .Republican." The county board,,:which Is "responsible for the conduct of all general elections, .will ; probably meet about 30 days in advance of the November 3 election' to organize, Mr. Holland said 'this morning. One Problem for'" which K must find a solution is Ihati of ballot boxes. Upder. the "pure el'ec- , adjoining the fairgrounds, and near Iho Davis street entrance to Walker park, Aiitbmobiles will not be permitted to enter the fair enclosure.- - , • Feature, of tonight's entertainment program at 'the fair will be the WLS Barn Dance show, which will begin at 7:45 on a staac In front of the grandstand. Only a small crowd -was on hand 'for this afternoon's .performance, but fair officials wore confident of a. big fir*. -• i ,v. -—.--•- *~.w v.^v- vinnuij, \yuie coniiaeni, 01 a biff tions Inw Ihe boxw ; used.:lp:la.s!, 'turnout-tgnight. >,- }4- •' ,Angu^ : siJiem(»rttlc';prirnaryibpSiir. ^SoVs-liberty.shows,..midway"at- perty of- Ihe Democratic'-county! traction >,»l- the frilr wit' labo^bV '"niiimu TOP m i ict i>« ii-n..t .... j__ i . ... . . . f »«»-ww i^v committee, must be kept under!.] seal until six . months 'after the' primary. .This, would , make them -, 'A 'I,, ' ' • -™«^ w.^,,4 ,'^jij-tijuvnjv b jirst , jiorse . racint? unavailable for;use/inMheNNovem- nieet will'get underway at 2 o'clock berWral election, but Mr. Hoi- Wednesday n fie rnoon ' land'- said Ihis moming thrit "in—,. -«-i. o ninu lii- i^uLiiei lur i lie rnccs lomi nsniuchns Ihe-time for filing con- ,hlch will open a four-day tests of the primary vote had ex- program, were being recelmfat plred he hopedit .might be pos- the office under thf grandstand s ble o obtain a court order au- .The entry lists for tomorrow's races S^L^™"* 1 :*. "I" »f !" n *°* W.'tl* aflerncl. T"O mrness nnd'.wo running races arc : .... —-—..... „-..*..., v..^,,- -scheduled for each of the four davs lion, thus saving the county sev- ending Saturday. PTfll VllinfTfpH rlnllai-i? >' . f . . *m- i. ' it i. hundred dollars. THREE IN HIT-BJ Ci.SE Trio Jailed at Leachville After Running Down Girl Near Carmi Store LEACHVILLE. Ark.—An alleged hit-and-run driver and his two New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 29 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close Cct 1216 1218 1203 1215 Dec 1202 1211 1201 1208 Jan 1201 1210 120D 1206 March 1201 1208 1198 1204 May 1195 1205 ,1195 1201 July 1185 1193 1183 1190 Spots closed steady nt 1255, up eight. Legion Meets Tonight There will be a meeting of the Dud Cnson post of the American Legion tonight, 7:30 o'clock nt the hul. Spot Average Is 12.24 The average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton oh the ten des- glnaled spot markets loday was 12.24, according to Iho Blylhe- vllle Board of Trade. Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec 114 1-2 114 3-4 113 3-8 113 3-8 May 112 3-4 113 1-8 111 5-:8 111 5-8 Chicago Corn open high low close Dec 95 1-4 95 5-8 04 7-8 95 1-8 May 90 3-8 90 1-2 89 3-4 90 companions were jailed here Sunday night after Imogene Glpsoh, 13. had been run down and badly hurt near (lie Carrnl slorc, southwest of here on Highway 18. Awaiting trial on charges of ^ driving while drunk nnd leaving ^y d ^s sSS£ ~- ™ — •* i™. -5, w',,n ?£,££ — sa^fE^Hurs Gipscn girl they attempted to drive over the cut-off road from Kisner Corner to ^fantla but on account of a bridge bein? out were. forced lo lurn back and come by way of. Lcadiville. whiire they were arrested by Constable Hnney and Deputy John Shlpp. At first they denied any knowledge of the accident but when the 2 ' 000 ' we cleaned out mail) • — —*•• iiv. i i-.mji.-n \ju\, iJUMI) i- of the liquor rings at that time." by Closinf/ Stock Prices New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 29 (UP) —Collon fulures gained 4 to 3 points and closed very steady on Ihe cotton exchange loday after a slight decline In laic trading. Optimism was based chiefly on developments in the French mon- elary program. open high Qcl Deo Jan March May July 1207 1211 1199 1206 1197 1201 1195 1203 low close 1207 1203 1197 1203 1197 1201 1195 1200 1191 1200 llfll) 1195 1178 I1S4 1178 U84b Spots closed steady at 1243, up seven. The Mississippi river touches 10 states, but passes completely through only ons. servative tasles regarding ihe olemenls. Modernization credit insured „., the Federal Housing Admlnlstm- -. lion may be obtained for Hie NEW YORK, Sept. 29 (UP)— building of porches on a home i s( «*s, bonds and grains moved [irregularly today while cotlon futures advanced and the foreign exchanges continued stagnant. Greatest volume on tlie exchange centered on Paramount which, "long with its preferred stock, made a new high for the year. Automobile stocks were aclire, especially General Molors. A T nnd T 174 3-4 Anaconda Copper 39 Bethlehem steel 68 5-8 Chrysler 122-1-4 Cities Service 37-8 Ccca Coin 120 General American Tank 58 1-2 General Electric 45 1-2 General Motors ! G9 International Harvester 83 7-8 McKesson-Robbins 93-4 Montgomery Ward 49 New York Central 45 1-4 Packard 12 1-2 Phillips Petroleum 41 3-4 Radio Corp 10 1-2 St, Louis-San Francisco 2 1-4 Simmons Bed 40 Standard of N J 007-8 Texas Co 37 1-2 U S Smelting 8fi 1-4 U s Steel 70 3-8 Warner Bros 131- Zonlte 71-8 the officers discovered a bit of girl's dress caught in the running gear of the car they admitted their guilt. Blood had beers washed from the fender of the car,. Tlie car, according to oificers, had only one head light nnd no brakes. glib tluu llu UitllVt.3. "v <bl 'J> V»lil The Glpson child, her left leg toy Norman. broken and suffering from severe a JOncsboro hospital. Livestock full swing tonight. , Racing .Starts Tomorrow ville.'s first ,. horse . racing Entries for the races tomrjfow, The half-m|le track, praised by experienced observers as one of the best First-year tracks they have evef seen, appeared | n top condition today for the opening races. The WLS Barn Dance program this afternoon and tonight will ba staged' on a large platform on tlie track aireclly 1 in front of the grand stand but the platform will be removed overnight. It | s built in such a manner that It will not damage the track. The opening race, the 2:12 pace will be called promptly at;2 o'clock tomorrow. George Gray of Vienna, 111, veteran .race track official, will be the official starter for the races. Mr Gray Is general manager of the fair to be staged at amithers- ville, Mo., by the American Legion post there and -is manager of the county fair at Vienna. Jeff Roland and Judge Zal B. Harrison of this city and George Ray of Lcachvlllc will act as judges and Byron Rny and J. L.^Guard as timers. Race Entries Entries for tomorrow's races al 1:30 o'clock this afternoon, about 3 1-2 hours before the lists close I n^1ll.4r>rf . . ™V| Suggests Xmas Lights Be Installed For Fair A suggestion (hat inerchnnls •In the business district. In- stnll their sally colored Chrlsl- nms while way lights to brighten up the city during (lie Mississippi County Fnir which opened loday n n<l closes Sunday nlglit, wus made this afternoon liy n fair association official. .lie pointed out Hint'the bus- liioss district Is dark unit unattractive after nightfall because of the limited number of white wny lights used. Installation of the colored lights used during (lie Christmas sen- son would lend n festive appearance, along vvllli (lie banners nnd decorations already (.reeled, and would make the city attractive lo visitors to'the city and fnlr during : the night ns well ns daytime. Roosevelt Will Ask Utilities' Cooperation WASHINGTON, Sopl. 20 (UP)-r- ProGldcnt noesottrll will ask nn- Joi; utility? executes IctivJ.vow al a .While House coniVrcnci; lo support his newest power plan —co-operation of Hit government ami private nilllles .lo provide cheaper electricity. .The secret se.sslon will be unprecedented in Mils admlnlbtia- llon, li promises a temporary Imlt, fo New Deal-utility tattles nnil n possible pence looking to reduced I Mimers. bills [or power ecu- Pair Sought for Altering Checks Taken Into Custody by Newport Sheriff Two men wanted on criminal charges In connection with the sale of a considerable amount of automobile liability Insurance In Blylhevllle and vicinity. were taken Inlo custody by officers at Newport. Ark., late •yesterday' nnd relumed here to face; Irial. The men,,who gave their names as Charley Block and Max Bner, will face hearing In municipal courl tomorrow morning .on charges of forgery nnd -misdemeanor chnrg'cs of selling- liisur- fuce In Arkansas without^ jtulh- rlzallon'. &f the insurance coni- iIA&jtiw^u? O. •'•'gentry, stnlc Insurance commissioner, is,'expected lo nltend the trials. 'jThe :iifen '.claim to ihe reprcsen- latjves ;pf the Consolldntcd' Iri- suYnncc 'Underwriters-', 'of Milwaukee, WIs. They are-said lo have sold Insurance In Blylhevllle and vicinity, especially to farmers, for auto collision or accident liability to the amount of about $500 In premiums paid. -IAlteration of checks given In payment is said to be the basis of some of Ihe charges against Ihe pnir. Firsl' Degree Verdicts ' 'Against Seven in Michigan Night Riding Case DETROIT, Sopt 29. (UP)-EICV- en members of the vlgllanlc niack Legion today wore found giiilh of murder in the wanton slaying of Chnrles A.'Poole, alleged ulfc beater, last May n A jury lii (lie cotirlioom of ch- euit Judge Joseph A. Muiihan returned verdicts of murder in tlie first degree OgalnM, seven members of .the \iodcd and robed nlglit riding order, found two others guilty of second degree miirdei, and »c- qulllcd a tenth defendant The court found Uo othci defendants who had waived Jury trial guilty in.the lesser degree The jury of nine men and tlnec women deliberated only one hour nixl n half' before roturnlivt what was believed lo be the largest number of convictions foi a single murder in Michigan court liibto Long -List of Decrees Oid- erc'ej by Chancellor in Day of Coint Monday T»|!iUy-fr(ir divorce decrees -were granted and orders entered worked In lhis weeks ngo. The-- sheriff nt Newport , lerritory several couil here yesterday had lo«-s: elnn Decrees .were granted as fol- Methodist Women Will Meet Here Tomorrow More than 200 leaders of Women's Missionary Societies of Methodist churches In the Joncs- boro district are expected to al- tend an all day dislrlct "coachlni; — jglon, . IndlRnlllcs: . Bill Skellon from Gladys Skellon, Indignities; Sam Frnzler from Magele Frailer, desertion; Ethclync Short from Noal .. Short, Indignities; Albert Jollcy . from Elsie Mario Jolley, rteser- school" at the First church tomorrow. Methodist Mrs. Rilcy B. Jones, president of the Women's group in Ihc Frst Methodist church, will be official hostess for Ihc meeting, which will begin at 10 o'clock. Mrs. A. p. Pa lion of 'Joncsboro, dislrlct president, will preside. tlon. Mnudlc • Gcorgeff from Pete Georgelf, dcscrlioh; Arthur Williams from Marie Williams, desertion: Stella Wheat from .Albert Wheat, desertion; Sarah Mll- ligan from J. . R. Milligan, Indignities; Maji Dalrymplc from L- O. Dnlrymple, Indignities;'- B. J. Connolly from Felice Connolly, indignities; Anna Baker from J. JUST XHEJID OF Members of Engine See Vandal Thro.'w t| Switch and Flee WINNFIELD, La, Sept. 2fl"(up'> •A south-bound pns.scngoi 'traln x of the Louisiana and Aika'nsas inilway, which Is'beset by a Union trainmen's slilkc, ran through an open switch at Mooio's' Station, foin mllea soillli of here, caily today nnd was wrecked. Two men were killed. Two oth- • cis, riding In the engine, were badly., scalded. * A student engineer' wh'o sur- vUcil said he saw a man thr'o'v the switch when the train was about 400 yards away, ' See SHllch Opened • ' , The dead 'wore V. N. Vnught,. ' 39 . engineer, Ronnoke, Va,' and J T. Dcmpspj, about BO, n special agent for the railway, whose home Shrevcport, La p. ' , . Benuchnm)), stn'dent engineer, ,. Maishall, Te\-, and W. Delcore, '" fhcman, of Shrevc]x>it, wcre^sei- lously burned All foin men were riding In the engine. ' , , , Trains of the line are being opciated by outside help during the sti Ike. • ' The train 'was going do^'fi"* > giade on a cnrvo when" It struck: the open switch. The engine- " men, who saw tho vandal at work, weie unable to Ktap the' tmln in tlmo. 'Iho engine and Uuce baggage cars overturned. 'I he rest of the train icmatned stnndlng nnd no passengers wire rcifflrled hurt. Another special agent riding on the train said he' saw three men innnlng Into nearby woods just after tho -v,ieck. State officials were asked to send, bloodhounds to the :>ccnc. - t ' The lock on Iho switch had been i broken' 1 ! .. , ' tl ' The dead 'were „ taken to// Alex- - nndria, 1 the Injured to 'ilia Wlnn- neld hospital other trains were hiuilcdly re-ioutcd. '• ~x Bridge Is Burned It wn.s cldcnt In the the most serious In- 11-day strike of the "Big Four" railway brotherhoods on the I, and A and its companion line, the Louisiana,'* Arkansas -arid Texas. Reports from Li Place, 'Ea-., about 30 miles'north bf'New_'Or- Icans, snld an L and A. bridge', was burned there last n f ght nnd' traffic was halted. A derailment, occuncd lasb Thnrday night near Shreveport when a string of lank caisson nn L nnd A line ian through- an open switch; bill'no'one."was Injured. Governor Denies Charge ;, He Advocates Sterilization' . , L . i LITTLE ROCK, Sept 29 (UP/— Gov. J. M. Fuirell today denied the charge of Gardener: Jackson, chairman of the' National* Committee on Rural Social FlanPJ ning thnt he advocated "sleriliza- llpn as a solution for : .the-'sharecropper-tenant /problem. ' The governor said tho statement of Jackson, appearing in the press, that "I proposed i ns 2:12 pace (one mile)—Louis Ma%- ey, owned and driven by R: Estes Mount Vernon, HI.; viola Axtlene I owned and driven by S. Harris. Ulnton, Iowa; Peter Royal, owned by H. Montgomery and driven by Bud Crane; Baby Brother, owner! by C. K. Cargill. Klmbell, Ky.. and driven by Barnes, and Elnor Girl, owned by George HIckman and driven by o. Scott, Benfonvillc, 2:28 Trot tone mile)—Lady Axs- worthy, owned and driven by Char- Those attending'.will be made! Margllrct Gnslon. indignities; N. up of mission study teachers and, vlck from Bethel Key Vick. other leaders in the various phases of this work. P. Baker, Indignities' Jirareareti a rcme( ly of the tenant problem Brown from Mclvln ' J Brown, ""' "" ' '"" J '" '' Indignities'! Marvin Gnslon from Three-fourths mile run—Almare- o ....... .".....„ »*i*i^-iuuiiji6 miie run—AimarC' cuts and bruises, was taken to ta, owned by Huspath, Caruthcrs r\ TAnnr-VisxvA li^c-Titfnl ..«*_ •- - _ _ _ . . . ' "-*"* «*u«iv.i.» EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Sept. 29 (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 6,000. Top, 10.50. 17Q-240 Ibs., 10.35-10.45. 140-160 Ibs., 8.00-9.85. Bulk sows, 8.50-9.25. Cattle: recclps, 5,000. Steers, 7.50-9.75. Slaughter stocrs, 5.25-10.00. Mixed yearlings and heifers, 6.008.75. Slaughter heifers, 4.50-7.75. Beef cows, 425-5.25. Cutlers and low cutlers, 3.00-4.00. villc, Mo.v Ha lion, Jockey; Negle- ancc, owned by James, Calclosure, Jockey; Thistle Par, owned by Vcach, Ross, jockey; old Nick, owned and ridden by C. Dumbauld. Half-mile run—Good Time May, owned by L. E. Cravlas, Brown, jockey; Maximus, owned by L. Upe, Stulz, Jockey; Tom Vernla, owned by Underwood, Ross, Jockey; Garden Scat, owned by Hamilton, Brown, jockey. Intcrcstln^the races.Increased with the arrival today of Aunt Liza James,, famous figure around tlie lesser circuits, who has a . string of running horses and lias been In the racing game for 51 years. Sire Is from Kl Dorado, 111. Encyclopedia to 150 Millions Is Urged LONDON (UP)—An encyclopae- dia dealing wllh Ihc social, po- lillcal nnd general human problems of today would cost the price of three battleships, If. G. Wells, noted British author, told members of the International As- E. H. Glasscock from Mac Glasscock, dcsertlorA Guy Hcndrix from Gladys Hcndrix, adultery; Richard'M. Brown from | Faunle Brown, desertion; V. B. Rogers from lierthcl Moore Rogers, desertion; Opal Louise Pierce from Herbert A. Fierce, desertion; Reola Hardwicfc from Harold Harduick, desertion; Clcstja Redding from William Edward Redding, Indignities. The court ordered payment of J25 temporary alimony by plaintiff In the case of J. R. Payne socalon of Wrl ln» here a a mce A "" a Pw ° "A complete synthesis of Ihel SX""S confused Ihinking of loday is ur-i v! . 1 gently needed." " 1 , lso or<Icrcli PWmont of tempor- Willie Madkln against Jim Mad- said, Robber Imbibes Too Freely KAMAKURA, Japan (UP)—The robber who entered the home of Gen.' Hanzo Yamivnashl sampled Ihe general's wine' supply. n e drank loo much, went to sleoo, nnd was arrested after his shores had attracted a maid's attention. Student Gels Revenue TOKYO. (UP) - A 17-year-old Japanese boy who had received poor'marks In his'English language course set fire to the home of his teacher, Shlnjl Seldn. I 30 days to file an answer In the divorce suit brought here by her husband, O. R. Slade, formerly , . . a Detroit resident. Is at tluit fault." "My views on sterilization were expressed in my message , to tiio 1935 General Assembly and dealt with the feeble minded who', had been sent to the slate hospital and confirmed criminals.. who have repeatedly been found guilty ' of felonious crimes. Tlie statement'' made by Jackson Is '.pure- fabrication." Police Woman Prefers Home •PASADEMA, Cal. (UP) —This city will lose Its chtcf police woman, Miss Emelinc Elizabeth Jones,' when she marries Prof. .Frederick' Mason Ohnce, Internationally known Harvard geologist. Despite the marriage the bride will continue her police duties for the period required by the department rules. WEATHER Prisoners Slioot Fireworks HONOLULU (UP)—Shots greeted (he ears of territorial prison board directors when they visited the prison camp at Olinds, Maul, and they thought convicts were I staging a break. Investigation disclosed the prisoners were selling off firecrackers wTiich guards had furnished them lo frighten, plieas- nnls from the enmp gnrdcn. ARKANSAS — Cloudy, local showers in north nnd central portions tonight. Wednesday, partly cloucty except showers in northeast portion. Warmer 1 In i', west and central portions. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy and cooler tonight. , Wednesday fair with rising temperatures. Tlie maximum temperature hera yesterday wns 85, minimum 67, elonr, nccordinj lo Samuel- P. Norris, official -weather observer,

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