The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1931
Page 5
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f n ipniji; ncij 1 "i U liiUiiid Old | lU.YTHRVII.I.R. f,\11IU NK\VS Friate Constitution Ready Lo Sail Again Ehiij That Made Karlv Am- fncan Nnval Hirlovv Will V'sil All;;; 1 .lie For-s. BY iirvirit n. Ti:r.t> .S'K.'i .Si-rvifj- Wrili.'i i:OF,T«N.—r'->-:n '-ir^ M'-"'V v -'i 1. i-.-.k while :ilj;iai r-r prn-v. !>."i:i : t-r, preen L .-as -oil J'i'.s .ir.J :•>:•:!:: liii^ni-sTa-. ihe !i - .a7!'.'fle.-i" -.1:-v':.. i-.'ill a win :.!:• .:iUvM Imrt the v.'::v « !•. is ::-.(.:;• th...:i W ^.--a:-; -:rr- .'•ia. mid a ;>(.;i-i 12fi -hi" 1 .-h- -i.-ji- i cd her name of "O' 1 liw.d:!^." U-i: j .-•he is l;.'.:i:-,iiiii.: iw.'.'.e- erai-.--. Cirarin;; tills port ai:"-il J::ly 4. s'l" \vlll make hrr v.ay up the coast ; i Portsmouth. X. !'... M:i!:it parts. l;:'.'.-l: south •':'!' Alian'.k cjas; to New York. Nc.'i-.rk. ',Vil;-:inui'>.:. 1 dr'.iiiin. Vo:-ktov.-n, and prr- e, she v.ill craiSL- blr..vly r.o.v, who lias once thr oa'.'le of the sea. Perhaps shj :r.ay rvc:i strain a 1 , ci icns lur.v.-e:- bekmcl a nrj. iv,r h'r tackle, tfi'-' ::ails '.vhicl; once made her lost: like :i K.ea 1 , sca-ijir-rl. are not fer mc:iern .sailer.-:. Bi:t sh* v.-ili I:: bar'-: 11: the sea fnr v.-hK'.i the was made, ami it will be s'ra:'.?? !f a ghostly crew does r.r.t run through ll-e ri;;sir.i; on miirkv lights. So many brave m?u have lived,-: hr-r. so :nai;y • h::v: A Gallant History I Sh? was launched r-..; the U. S. ] S. Constitution in Ec.Uo,:i in 1707, she roit $3CO,OCO and Brassed !.- !J7rt tons. !riie had many e. ;ra!hiut skipper—Captains Sam Nicholson. Hull, Stem: 1 !. Bainbiiare. It was her first cm', exploit when sh?! riiit-racecl r> l'.i-i;:-h sauedroii iu IL ; 00. rjscaped. and then under fui! Fail raceci :a capture the .San-Jwich. She v.-as dismantled In 1S01. bm wns afloat :i^ai:: a ye::r l/.ter. Tiiere -svas- tile T.-ip^li e;!vei:'.:i:.-. the stormin- of cily a;-.:l s?i filhts faloie. if any ship had a chai-ir.ecl life, certainly it 'was "Old Ircnsides." They called her '.hn! early in hrrr c?ve?r. Anri when thv V.'ar or 1B32 broke out. it was her historic ba'- -iUl ti'.c Cvit;s;i frigate, Guor- ibaf cave tile struggling eri'.-au nation '.iie confidence to t on to victory. rr reitered decks today are exactly like th'-.-c on v.'hich l:vave sail- ors—seme tnere boys—;nanc;:ver:d tl-.e siy:s v Hea tore as;ay the masts of the British vo«wl. For'sid is \vherc the inspiring; figure of Can- tain Isaac- Hull v:as poised, rcfilly directing the fierce fiah'.ing. Even the .ship's boats are like three which fcok off the fine naval officer. Cap- ^Dacre.s. from tha b?a;:':i shin. . He anci Ifull were close friends in old age. It is a 1 .! history. Captain Bainbridge and tii? winuir.;,' .soa-fieJv. with the Java, clock:; r.-ci with blood, dying men ursine; nn their CO;TI-' . ratlcs . . . Captain Stewart and tho fijjht off t;;e Guiana coa't. the capture of tlie Gymie r.ud '.he Lrvan- 11:e end of the vnv rnvJ — Tn' fS28 came the order lo brc-ak lier up. But Oliver Wcndeil Holmes 'he- was vounir, then. ^:ui not the p;av- '\vhiskervd pairiirch of ;!ie (»:<;burned a" siiabby trc-at- rcent cf r-.n licncred veteran. His ii> dicnation tiam-::i out into vjr~e that— "Tlie Inrpies of the shore nhaii pluck Lre oa"le of the sea. I-iather. :'rncd Hoiir.e.s in wrath '"Ayr. toar her tat'.cr^rl en- fit;!i clcvn . . . rnd etive her to the Gn:i cf st-^.-m. tile li^ht- PAGE"TRUE*: Bronco Busling? liV, All Uoooy CatiillitTsville Man Brings Suit Against Intonintion- Co. "Old Ironsides" as she looked (upper le!t> under full sail more than a cc-nlury aso. when she was the finest fiphllnj frlp.alc in Ihe U, S. Navy. On the !of: b'low is the unusually Ions bowsprit which her so m:ii;?uvcreble. The broadside (;uns romparaUs [o the modern turret suns, which r.ikcil decks of enemy -.hips, are shown in tin; upper liiiht. And r.i'l'jw is (lie stem,-showhiK the rudder, ol me gallant 13t-y?iii-o!i! Conililutun!. SIUOK LOCI1L FUIIIITUBETR A half oe-ren tines .she was nut | of co:riiy;i«;~r.. I:i 15'! .she was I pcmebonv we-uld rse.t nllo-.v hrr h;:ik to rot .•'lie! fall anar!. In !57n ;'-? sailed to the Paris eAiio-sitio;!. smashed n:ri;!»r atiti iieanv sank. V,v' v.n.s Tu'cd acain aiu' | brc.i:?hl i.i.-M : to America! After I:o|-,i7 r-;h:h:t2;i nl. !'i;e Bo=- rd ncr.aii!. tVrr words v.'ern written; "Tr.e c!ri craft lies liou«?d orrr. enantlcss except fnr memories \vr.ich eror.ul hr-r deck " Si sh" 'av | fnr yirs. ' "' T!" 1 Children Rrmrnlicrrd The- lly U. !?. D.ltiT'.iter-- of 11112 r;tnr'.c:l ar.rt^er ciriv-? to restore h.rr. It w.i.-. r"i'. n Kiiiin!: inn'te-r. YTT-; I of l-.r^'^ct !ir ; 'i nliowc'l the 5'nr-r." | timbM-s 'o re: :!•- i ron bar.J.i to 1 fasV:vnt>;; - o ( ; rclv _ .\ !n i^ He:' clv:i-5 "•:.> TI,---I!O-!. What Crce- st!5 vc-.-'d -Uv a millicn dollars ju.s' to n-< up ?.;; n!:i. deriyin; bat- ". r-erh.ins. b;it still hc!p wa = no', laekins. In the schools. He!:: 1 . poem v.i5 kiiov.n (o even- toy and Rirl. 'O'.f! Irrin=;.-lcs" -,vns a fami'inr. clrru t>v.- 'heir pr.-.r.irs. thc-ir >iir-'.:- I p!s. ar.:' ;'"e!r dimes that she mi-ht | live. I.irii:. I.i'm A. Lr.rd. naval cn»- trrtc.-. !;:'; foil" l«s work v.-^i| I they eie i!l there Even the nrjei- n.iI R.illry slave Is In place. Knc.ujii | board fir. ef lumber to taiid 47 mm l:;'.iscs b.'en ns«l. For of i'-.' eid ship had lo 1» re^ :1. B-« tl-.e rcplacrmeiit. i\as | iiiarle ti'.'f, arcuraoy, and with Inv- c.iro. Dei;av!mc-it of Connncvce Represciilahve !s Visit- ino Blvlhcville Stores. Cr';:H. l r.nive '\crk wi'.h BlyU'-oviHe ,erdir.p!s to aid in t'.i? solution of ; important, problem'; aitec-tlm tli" ; furniture is t;ing iiiirlcrtake:! i l:y the United States commerce de- ;p3:tlflcut with the a'.rival in thi? I city today of Walter Mitciiell jr.. i market .s];ecia!ist of the bureau o! ! fcreieu and domestic cnmtr.eree. Yank I'ijrhlrrs Uimorrd VEHUUK, FiniiCP. (Ul'i—A mnn- :'.e:it has just bcm erected over n- ruins of Ihe village oi Mont- fiiucon in l-.cnor oi Ihe AmeiiL-a'i Foldii-rs killcil iliere in th.c \Vorla j of Ciiiciiual IAICOII lo join in V.'ar. On September :T7. 1918. Am-i projtcl. ericau Ircops under the direct command of Gem-iMl Pfrshiii 1 ,'. back'd by tlie French troops under j firneral Gouravd, broke the ftiomr German Sine and recaptured thLs clays wl;cn Khelms was initial ciioiny lire. Arclib!sho]i Ce'cstin Kmir.r.nuel Sueliard, recently r.p- pclnt-d In Rhelms. has Issiiej a ftiveiu appenl askliii; all admirer the , lined for Slayins 1'rf Itt-ar SE.'.rrr.E, WnElilmjIon, (UI>) — Bern 1 .:.-!- A. ij. limics .shot and kilk-tl "Luke." a partially lame bear, CAKUTIIKKSVIU.I-:. Mo. -- The Inteiiiiitioiiiil Kurvwrr compiniy ] of Ameiiui \ii!s iniifli 1 (lifeiulnut | in a tJfi.OOU iluiuni;!' Mill (lie;! H;it! indjiy In hch-.ilf of liiifh A. 'HsUi!! J cf llil.i (ilv by the taiv ilrui of Ward ,t liveve:.. 'I'lu. dinnaiics niv a.sked for an alleped bi'-'ach ot I'cnuarl Tiu> petition n'cilc.s tint unrxpcetrdly mul witliuut fore kiimvltdi; i the part nl th<> philii- tilt. the cumpp.iiy took Ircin Mr. Tlstaiii a cimtrnci rov- i-ilni! ihe disirllmllnn uf its impie- iifcnis In P(,ul'ci)t counly fr,r the y. .11- l!):il nnd depiive:! him ot Ilk 1 expected (•nnuiilsc.iujis o.i such .sales. The Hiij;h A. Tistiult ImpSeincfit ccinpiiny wiis furred into bunk- iiiptry near ihe close of «:«. InrKe- ly. Mr. TiL,tndl .states. Isecuufe of the fact thai hif. company w^.s forced to take np a l:ii(;e number of noles which ihe purchasers of ftirm luaehluery hed mnde and were unable tu lake care of when they 1 became due IJVCJIUKC of the liciwrnl depression In the farmlni: biisiuess. The petition allenes Hint th» plnlnlllf made n trip lo Little Rock, hradmiarters of (he company's dls- Irlrl nsjmcv. shorlly aftor Hie llrst ot the vear. oud inadi; nrr.inne- mrnls (o hold the aucncy. rc- (nlnlni! in his nnme rer.sounllv a contract I'hich had been riven his firm tack In Oelo!;er. inno. for the- year 1931. This contmcl wns not u-ncwed in wrlUni! but »-<is worked out satisfactorily, ne alleees. and a verbal agreement entered into fc.r ronllnnancr tu' lh° uponry In Prmlsrot rc'.mly nnd Immedlat- vicinity. Mr. TIM nil t placed advertisements In Pemlsco 1 . comity ucws- papers nuncuncln^ tlnit he would rouliiuie lo holrl thr n i - r rncy for Hip Intcriiatioml ilarvs lr r ro-u- cany. The conlracl frr DEBT PUN you just u lot of "hocey" any wny llBinc. bat someone '•hoc rodeo" n( the Antielea V/ar. In HIP first cnromiter I'uO: j Aincrlcnn Iroops were killed. 1C!) taken prisoner nnri 0.8'Jl wounded, j was quite district. a pet In un n:i'.- Cardinal lo )!e Hii<K,i"l RHEIMS.' France, IUP) — A :tntuc to the memory of Cai/ihul L'.KOII. heroic prelate and arde!'! piUriul of this cily. is •« b 1 .' Th» work to 'be""dor.V"iu"lilVthe-i' 11 ; cci: ' rt in """"le and dedicate:! i>[ - vilie is par; of a neutral survey O f ['"s Courage and loyalty dadnir IheRrail Cmirli !!;" -.vl'.ole.'-.-iln ar.d retiil furnilrre j industry of the entire Gulf Sontii- w.^t. iiichidin? Mississippi, Ltmir.i- ;!:'.a. Texas. Oklcih.omi. Arkansas. Mi^ouri and wes'.erii Tennessee, j Problems of profitable furniture distribution are irt're-jclvt 1 pank".i- ; lar attention In the ,=urvey. m-.-ord- Arm r.rottrn, .'ttcn.-j SclitMil POR'fl.AND, Me., — Mym county fair Iu September. e yon w firncfllni! Urlscoll tryinu out cue of Ihe prospective "broncos." 'Continued from. Page One) lo huvr th= litlle comforU and s-ml-hixiirles thai moke Ufa some- ' tlilii-i more limn bare existence. And they must grind nnd grind - nnd (.'rind merely to pay thslr-lax- es. Tluli- own stuntlurds. fnr from rLslns, Inive slowly beon sinking In- "; to a stnlc of t'oat cannot 1 bill Imvc Its rellcctlon in the ' pe'slmlr.tlc minds of the victims. To these people, as a class, Hoo- vei-'s stalcnunl and prepainl came like a new sun lo dispel the darkness of dl.spalr. It was. to them, a wntrant for new life, a reprieve' ' from disaster. The story of Germany Is not h«w In economic lilstary. U Is Ihe story of unusual expansion, of unusual . prosperity, of nn ever mounting standard of living, of wacos. of ex- ' pei'rllUii'es--aii-l of si:nculaUon—to- ceihcM- with the Inevitable rcsiill— tbflnllon nnd collapse. Vei there are optlmlsls. even In • Orrninny. There me those who point out the rerent rcvlvil of output In ninny hranclic] of Imiiistry such as mining, (exllle. machine nnd steel. They mention n fnvqr- nblo balance In Germanv's forcinu ,' trade In the fncc of world-wide de- ureslan, nnd other factors that lend iKne lo the situation. To Ihesc—the optlmlslls' of Germany—the Hoover nroixxsal leiv's And so n .;,| c ,| tii-pHuti,. c.lve-ir the teneflt Arkansas Peach An.'a Map Ample Sii])j)ly of Laboi is much more Mbr.ral thnn in the tMsl. ii is slntcd. in thai Ihe notes taken hi thr nurrhasc of frirm machinery nr? turn- 1 :! over lo tlie cemnany wtlhont recourse, SomeV'here near the llrst of Fnb- niiir.v. 1931. the petition alleges. Mr. TistiicH was called upon by NASllVII.l.R. Art-.— With preparations under way prellmhmrj tn Ihe beainnliv: of )>each shlp- .mcnts finm southwrstern Arkansas thlK yrnrjn.-xt month growers and tone, seven, broke !u;r arm while rrrcnlntive of tlic defendanl com- tlian who surprised him 1 very rccorsl j much when he informed him liul school j he had come to "check him nm" [ luu i that tlie company was tu-nlnu rollor skatini;. bat ralher mar her perfc-.l atliiuinnce for the year, she went to v.ilh the arm tn a sling. and the redernl Employment Bii- reiui ni Texarkaue. have let It be known that there is more lhat rnoii!"h labor nvailnble nmom res Hrnls of tho illstricl nnd no outside help will be necessary. I has been announced that prefer nice will b: plven the home folfc which means lhat Ihere will be n work available for anyone wh comes to Hie district from other sections of (he stnte, or from oilier slut;::. of a year's r.tav from the nhlina- Ions suspomlcd, like a BuHlotlne, over the necks of Ihc German oco- lie. nnd they believe lhat thorough', • «omu! economic recovery will be on lie way. A<1EI» NKOItPSS DEAD ^ NORTK WILKESUORO, N. C., (UP)—Karah Tliomas. n ne^ress. Is dearl here nt the ngn of 110- yrnvs. Her birth was recorded in 1821. DnyllRhl savtiiRs tlnw Is belnt; observed llils yenr by 417 ellies and towns In the United States, j '•' News Want. AtK jlhe:stoek over lo another firm in] fii-'ndreds'of letters 'of Irqulry ,i,i= ^i,,. as^llicir^ assent hnve been received from iinemplpy- 1 this . ed pconle' in all s:ctlons of the: slnte who express a desire to come her? lo work tn Hie orchards niul packing houses and who nppar-.. enllv have lost siulit, of the fact- thnt the realon Is thleklv stilled and Is able to supply all the labor neccssarv. " • • No outside labor whatever will . lie required and It will be useless'. for outsiders to come to the dls- Irlcl In search of work because there will be, 119 Jobs Jor them. I in^ to tile government's trade an,U 3 e-t Maxim Gorki's "rniiiio:" 1 . ruble - alv.-t. M?thcds oi interesting the !niie." G^rki. Moscow literary fa-«iiuving public in furniture and thr vcriio. rccsntlv concluded a con-1 la^'.fs of the biiyin; public as to tract for that amount will; tl;' 1 j styie. nuallty and prices of liirnl- Soviet fovernm«nt pubiisiiinp;'-lire, nre among the points to be '£•_• for exclusive ri-.'hrs to his i taken up with the local furniture •,ivirt novels nl Russian life. No-.v | merchants. Study wil! be made o! Gorki v.ill cies-rt !•:- health r:ir.-a\ j means employed ;n facilitate par- tti'V'and live the year - cl-a^es tlirou^'n credit extension, and i=u:-.a in his'mllv" nu^ci. Can.jthe dctiree of proni:pH??s v.-i!!-. • winch payr.:ents made. Data, also be '-rathei-ed to she/,; ;]ic i rcia'.ivc investment in store, eqmp- I hose on n^cVrn". hml melu ail ,j str , =i fonnrt ~f the i;rc.-!t sure.?.?! of sail whWi U, v ,!;rr Pr etU types of furniture firms miic lu-r so fas; and r.iaii»r,v?rRhl». ! fo fm y. 3 them to sevvo tiieir pub- Che runr. :ir-n 0:1 deck—'--.".th r".m- ' . spnntrc.-. extr-.'.-'.o: 1 .--. s'uot. er and v.-r.ler bu:'-::!s of Iralh- voii blame hit:i? i ' ^ -. ivill -irioas momnit">es. e-" vei r s lona '•en'.iclrs in w'.-.i.'h hr; rsiiii-n h-a!!'- v?re dronne:! to hea; :' v ^ rr'^ins are r, convenient p:e.'-r\". They su~"rs- vh.i* ):or cv;: 1 . 1 .- nuisi !;r.v: .sii'Ier" 1 '! •inr::iT battles, ^"tl in •';•::.' d^vs "'. 1544 tl:c s-,i:c-: nr.iur.d :!w v.-orlfi. r'iuc nil clinics. ro"">i. Tn if -'nv- c-^-reti iiarci-lark. 'c? --.111 hcr. ; r." ar.f : n^as for •c.uo nriiicio.i! rat-'n^ ••>'. if* rre-r. ^-r In-n:-;.-,-! rs !iiev -.-ere in the ^1:1 HT.-.S -.v:T-n ' ke-M) vc::- nr'T.-..V'- ! irv" "•*<; a liters! ni:o. us' a mere To Visit <- ; '.ics -rev rf /71 n-,e-i. Tliit'l Jiilv ^ -he >IT- f.ii-.;i. 1y s at "-o rrir' Ta-'v Vnixi. Sre v•:!' be at Po-ts- ni^i''i. N. H. J-.;!v 1—1 : B.->- Ka->->• >!-.. 10—n: n-ith. v».. .l-iiv n -•'""'. Po::;aurt. ^fe.. .Ii-lv !(!—".?: ™:-i:.--C5!rr r.fa'.-.. .?i:lv 53-1.1; 1'rnv- H.-il.-r. P. I.. .Tiilv HI —A'.i- K; Vf-.v- "irt. r>. f.. An-.' 10-13: N>-,i- Iflli- H ^n. fo'.-,,,.. A ,^ i^__^i : FT- p^,^ v. Ix>n-c I=iei;d. N. V.. A"-:. 20- Ovctcr B.-.V. l /::17 Tsb':-l. A-.T. «-2l; MOV- York hr'iior A-:-?. 53.- 't S; Vpivark. M. J.. a—M; . . r......,..; \fv.- 5 . va.. fi.-t. ?-!): ""nr- ' f :. "a., net. !»-I(l: Yorkivvn. V-i.. O.-l in_ 23. t.'»riotibl»div she wi!l <-i-. : ' O '!l,'r "--rt; r;i rnute (o I/i;.i<.'.ii-? a"'l T--/JS wh^r? she will s-i-isl lli- -inter. refiiniiiiT tD nns;ou Apr''. 1. At prii-'.lfnllv all ef !h":n i' will te posvMe to c/o aboard .nncl xicw the ol.-i fiihtcr. The HritLsh Uniiwavs' Freight, f-srx-tatlon rc.-rnilv classified port- iiie typewriters as musical inslru- All B'.ythcville esta'jlishments wjiinh riral in furniture are ;ikm- ' v.e.'i to fco visits:! bv :i^c comincrcr : !(icparlincnt representatives in car-' j ryin? out the stnciv r.s it pcrtainr. i • to Hie H:Yllicv:l!c f:irnitme trade. | ' Tiie resiijt^- of the ^cner^l survey are j . expected to p-.'ovirie tlie individin! ! i dealer with a valuable yr-rdslick for j j m^asnrinr; :he rcbliv,-- efficiency o'; "Tiie furniture snieiy i;. the fif!V. i of a series of ^nrvevs imdertak?:! I by th? fiouiesltc le^ional division of ! the Commerce domrunent for the i p::ri>as^ ci brin-^inD; out Ih^ cco: reooarcos and inarketin* op| por-iiinhie? of the,.Gulf Ronthwe.'t ' rcsicn.' Mr. Mitchell said, j '-Tiie report of the first .survey. 'Distribution ot Dry Gfxxis in the Gulf Sc.utlr.v«l,' charts the char., nek through whicli mr,re than half a biliir.n dollnrs worth of dry ircixis : reaches t'::e hands of Gislf South- 5 v.est cr-n.siimcrs each year. ] "A sc.-ond study, jus', released. ; Te'ro'.nr.n Innustry r-.f the G'M > f>7nth-,ve.-V pictures the rlevelDp- i irieiv 1 ami extent of tl-.c rrr rt at in^{in.-try ar.d its effect upon th' 1 1 ns a market for t;po;!s. 'Otlicr re|x>r!s ilcaiinrr witli liie rut;oil industry and thr haivi'vare tivd.-- of the Gulf Soulhwcsl no,v nre in preparation," r-'i.'iires caih.cred in last year's rr:i'i:s of distribution sho-.v that Biythevlllc 1 furniture mcrcl'.ant.s cr- joycd a higlier voliim; of tissinfss in l!)2a than did the furniture stores of any oth n r city in thr Ma'.? with the rxc";>;ion of Little Pnek. Tr.rro Blythcvi!!- .slw.-i. tii? rei-.sus bureau has rep^rlcd. di'.i f:-ll.C;7 worth of nmii'ure l>::.«inr--.. r.r en average of abiuC '30,700 prr .stoie. Tiie .state avenvLie is oulv SH.- 5W1 ;ior store. Blyihevillc stores rale! an average of SH2.10 wnrlli of fur- riture for each man. and i-hild In the eily. .•.lightly more than the iKir capita average of ,ili ;!"• cities rcixutcd upon, which va« '$21.70. ... they've to be good! j Bead N'PWP ni nds. The righi way for o cigarette to hold its is to keep on giving smokers the kind of "performance" they want. This one cioesS THEY'RE MILDER , , . and THEY TASTE BETTER

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