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'P'JHgJLL! THE WEATHER Fair tonight; Sunday partly cloudy and warmer in the' interior. Gentle to moderate east and outheast winds. SPOT COTTON Strict middling 16.65 Middling 16.40 Strict low middling 15.60 Low middling 15.25 DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY ESTABLISHED 1866. TROY THE QUALITY CITY. TROY, ALABAMA.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1941. GERMANS CLAIM NEW SUCCESSES NEAR KIEV PART OF CREW OF FREIGHTER ARE RESCUED GERMANS DENY KNOWLEDGE OF TWO AMERICANS WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 OP) The German foreign office today informed the State Department that it knew nothing of the fate of two Americans Francis Vicovari and Ned Laughinghouse wounded when the Egyptian steamship Zamzam was sunk by a raider April 17th. In the five months since then there has been no clue as to the whereabouts of the raider Thame sis which sunk the Zamzam, and it was presumed the Americans were in the raider hospital and it was feared here that the Thamesis had been sunk. SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Sept.

27 (IP) United States destroyers rescued First Mate Francis Holmes and Crewman James Moore of the foundered steamer Libby Maine from a raft in the Caribbean Sea. The survivors said a third man was wa'shed off the raft by the stormy seas during the 36 hours before their rescue. Other rafts were reported to be farther south. Lpter four additional seamen were rescued butthere were no further details. GERMANS REPORTED ATTACKING THE CRIMEA From London sources come reports that Germans are attacking the Crimea (1) (black arrow) with parachute troops and mechanized infantry.

Possession of the Crimean Peninsula would give Germany a short-cut (shaded arrow) to the Caucasus. The British believed, however, that the main German forces were concentrating on Eastward thrusts, with one drive (black arrow) having Rostov as a goal. COUNTER-CLAIMS OF REDS SAY INVADERS ARE BEING CHECKED (By The Associated Press) The German high command announced the conclusion of the bat-? tie of encirclement east of Kiev with the destruction of five entire Soviet armies and the capture of 665,000 prisoners. But the Russians claimed new succeses everywhere else along the front and the British intimated that troops would be rushed to the defense of the Caucasus. Hitlers headquarters laid that 3,718 Russian cannon were destroyed, 885 tanks and much other equipment were seized.

The high command also said that the Volga River in the north near Seliger Lake had been in Nazi hands several days. The Soviets claimed sup-cesses on the central front and repulse of a strong attack on Leningrad. The defenders of the Crimean Peninsula, key to Black Sea control, said that they had cut down thousands of Germans storming the approaches to that stronghold. The British reported continued overnight air raids on Cologne and other German cities despite bad -veathsr- President 'Roosevelt acclaimed todays launching of 14 cargo ships as a telling blow at the menace to our nation and emphasized the intention to protect all merchantmen from torpedo, from shell or from bomb, in a transcribed message to ship yards on the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico. A BRITISH ASSAULT AT SEA A German flak or anti-aircraft vessel (right) dodges through the water-off the Dutch Coast, according to the British caption, while British Blendheim bombers roar overhead and splatter the sea with their explosives.

The bomber (wheel at top) from which this picture was made has Duke And Duchess Reach Chicago On Tour To Canada CHICAGO, Sept. 27 (-)' The Duke ond Duchess of Windsor were here today en route to their Canadian ranch, but the Duchess, suffering from a sty, remained aboard the train for an eye specialist to treat her, while the Duke toured the city before leaving for Minneapolis. Sergeants Killed As Motorcycle Hits Cow'In Florida PENSACOLA, Sept. 27 (IP) Sergeants George A. Young and Irby Pinter, of the Army Air Corps died today of injuries received when their motorcycle gtruck a cow on U.

S. Highway No. 90 near DeFuniak Springs. Both were attached to Eglin Field, located east of here. Officers of the field said Youngs home was at Lexington, and Pinter was from Union, Miss.

ENSLEY PLANT IS HALTED BY PICKET LINE BIRiMINGHAM, Sept. 27 (IP) The Ensley Works of the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company, one of the Souths largest steel plants, shut down today after the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (CIO) established picket lines. A company source said the Steel Workers Organizing Committee began a card inspection drive to keep non-union men away front the plant. About men are involved in the work stoppage. Senator Thomas Urges Repeal Of Neutrality Act WASHINGTON, Sept.

27 (IP) Senator Thohas (D. Utah), today joined in urging the lifting of the neutrality act restrictions. He said he was opopsed to tying the hands of the Chief Executive in this time of crisis. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox in an article declared that the United States today stands on the threshold of World War No. 2.

just dropped the bombs bursting in the center. I Daylight Saving Off Tonight Rcl Tonight, Saturday, before you Church Of Christ Revival Begins Sunday At 11 M. The revival will begin Sunday at II a. at the Church of Christ. Sunday night the services will be held at 7 :30 p.

m. The public is invited to attend the services Sunday and also all the meetings which have been announced for the coming week. ROME, Sept. 27 (AP) Italy today ordered that bread rationing be started Wednesday and group measures to conserve material, defend the lira and pay for the war through a heavy profits tax were approved by the cabinet. Mussolini announced that the supply of grain was insufficient.

Hill Urges Repeal Of Neutrality Act MONTGOMERY, Ala.i.4?) Senator Lister Hill Ala.) declared Friday he favored repeal of the neutrality act and said he was sure Senator Bankhead Ala.) who sat beside him will join hands with me in voting for repeal of that law. Hill, Bankhead, and former Gov. Bibb Graves were principal speakers at a barbecue given Friday by Ed Taylor, former clerk of the Alabama House. It drew more than 1,000 persons, most of them prominent in state polities. We have got a right to travel the high seas, Hill asserted, and for one, am in favor of seeing that thpse (lease-lend) supplies reach Great Britain, China and Russia whatever the consequences.

I voted for the neutrality act, but if I had it to do again Id vote against it. Senator Bankhead voted against it originallv. and I ani sure he will join hands with mo for repeal of that law." Graves pleaded for teamwork and urged those present to broadcast a sense of loyalty to everyone in Alabama. Bankhead began by addressing the gathering as My fellow politicians." Then described the difference between a politician and statesman bv saying, The politician is the fellow with a job." Both Hill and Graves declared the American way of life is endangered and said half-hearted, half-way measurer were useless. YOUTHS JAILED AFTER MAN-HUNT Captured after a wild 18-hour man-hunt in which a ciegro dog handler was wounded in an exchange of fun fire, these three youths were jailed at Camden, to face charges of capital crimes in Alabama and Mississippi.

Sheriff P. C. Jenkins identified them (left to right) as Thomas Ray Blackstock, 21, Birmingham; Walter Orville Phillips, 20, of Mobile, and Troy L. Blackstock, 25, of Birmingham. The man-hunt startled after they were accused of holding upa drink bottling truck near Millers Ferry, Ala.

The Mississippi authorities said they wanted the trio on charges of armed robbery, assault with intent to mtirder, and auto theft as the outgrowth of a jail delivery at Leakesville, in which one man was shot and a deputy sheriff was kidnaped. Action Against Inflation Asked NASHVILLE, Tcnn. LP)-resentativc Gore Tcnn.) said retire, run your clock back an Friday the federal government I hour, as it has been decreed by must take bold and effective action if the country expects to avoid wartime inflation. In an address prepared for delivery before the Kiwanis Club, the youn Tennessee congressman explained a measure ho has introduced in Congres sto place a ceiling over all wages, salaries and prices. His bill, he said, would more effectively control inflation than would the administrations loss stringent measure.

Selective price control, he said, has never in any country successfully prevented inflation. I do not believe that the administrations price control will will apply fairly to all citizens, try-outs on the range is vastly he said. I do not believe it will I higher than it ever was with the New Garand Gun Is Helping Rookies Become Marksmen BALTIMORE, Sept. 27 (sP) The Garand rifle, the armys new semi-automatic weapon, is helping Uncle Sums rookies to qualify as marksmen in fast time. "The percentage of green soldiers who qualify on their first New Drive By Japs Reported Stalled CHUNGKING, China, Sept.

27 (P) The Japanese drive toward Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, has been stalled by 24 hours of Chiense counter-attacks an dflank broadsides, dispatches from the front reported Friday night. Heavy fighting was said to be raging south of the Milo River, with enormous casualties on both sides. (Japanese dispatches reaching Shanghai Friday claimed that four of seven Chinese armies had been smashed, and anotehr encircled in this same area.) The Chinese said the Japanese had efected another landing cn the shores of Tunting Lake, west of the Canton-Hankow Hallway, but thut this thrust quickly was smashed. The Central Chinese News Agency said Changsha was henv-ily bombed Thursday by Japanese air raiders. ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, Sept 27 (AP) Reports here are that Italy lost 29 ships totaling 200,000 tons trying to send reinforcements to Libya during September her blackest month at sea since the defeat of her warships by the British.

Four big liners were lost, each carrying up to 5,000 soldiers. The loss of life is believed relatively small because the troops were heavily escorted. battalion of motorized police 56 motorcycle with sidecars and machine guns and two searchlights. The zono re-occupied by the Italian Second Army lies along the Adriatic, between the Dalmatian coast and the Dinara Mountains. It was said to have been re-occupied with th econsent of the Croate government.

Southside Baptist Church Is Making Many Improvements The long anticipated improvements at Southside Baptist ore now being realized. The building has already been moved from the corner of the lot to the center and twenty feet back from the street. The front of the church will be by making the entrance in the center of the building, rather than on the corner as it now is. Thb front, of the lot has been graded to a level of the sidewalk, the entire width of the lot, and back from the walk for twenty feet for a parking space. The street being narrow, and the traffic henvy, the church officials thought it wise to arrange so the street could be left open.

In addition to this, there will be a driveway on each side of the lot, so that cars may drive up on the lot, and parked. The church is very grateful to the city for Its coperation and stance In thl arrangement. Italy Reoccupies Croatian District ROME, Sept. 26 (P) Co-incident with word that 1,500,000 Serbs still oppose the Axis-sponsored regime in Croatia thousands of them roaming in guerilla bands with torch, bomb and machine guns Italy proclaimed yesterday she had secured her Adriatic flank by re-occupation of a Croatian demilitarized zone. The announcement appeared on the same day ns a dispatch in the newspaper II Popolo di Roma telling of a no-quarter fight against Serb rebels.

Croatia was erected from the ruins of shattered Yugoslav It was also disclosed that Italy had given Croatia equipment for TEHERAN, Iran, Sept. 27 (AP) Kudish sharpshooters hidden above the mountain trails repulsed Iranian army patrols as motorized batteries of heavy artillery speeded westward to blast the strongholds of the Free Kurd 8tates. The Kurd revolt has taken place in the no-mans land between the British and Russian armies of old Springfield, The Evening Sun said in a story by Rodney Crowther, a staff reporter covering 29th Division maneuvers at A. P. Hill Military Reservation, Virginia.

One of the reasons for the superior performance of the Gar-Drugs and medicines with a an(, rfc has no factory value of $665,000,000, or. hick, the dispatch said. It is $2.75 per capita for the country, simple to operate and doe not are produced annually in 1,094 jhave to he removed from the U. S. factories, says the Census until an entire clip cf Bureau.

eight cartridges has been fired. Local Weather Data FRIDAY: Temperature, maximum 80 Temperature, minimum 60 Temperature, 6 p. 74 Precipitation 08 Temperature, 7 a. m. today 62 Q.

W. GRIFFIN, Co-operativa Observer. The 1040 Census showed incorporated places under 2,500 population. These hud a combined population of 0,342,568 an increase of about 160,000 in spite of a decrease of 145 of such places. Towns between 2,500 and 5,000 population number 1,422, according to the last Census compared with 1,322 ten years earlier.

Combined population of these towns was 5,025,011 compared with in 1030..

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