The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 13, 1939
Page 6
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(AP-) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, Paragould Renews Grid Rivalry With Ely theviUeTonight chapter in filled fofltbnll lu^pv PREDICTS FftST TITtt S«l FMEffi yearly struggle. The Paragould scries, longest in. local annals, began way back in 1913 'The Bulldog outscored tlie Chicks by a touchdown that year and the two have been at it ham- •mer and long every year since, with exception of 1918 when no games weie played because of the wai, and 1922 ytwn thr teams couldn't get together. 1 ' Two games were played in those eaily days, one at home and one away. The tilbc won the first same of 1914, «-0 In a game maik "ed by fierce malry and near fighting. In the iclurn game the ' Bulldogs evened the score, "-' Bljthevllle's lone touchdo-vn came en the then popular hideout play, Glenn Shelby passing to Ueanie Hancock for six points In 1915 the two teams also spill, Blythc- vlllc taking the first and Paragould the second In the Bulldog win Gamer Hicks leeched a broken cheek bone. The^ne^t two yean were banner ' ones for the Marooners, piling up impressive scores After the jcars , lapse the Bulldogs came back wltn straight victories m 1919 and 1920, according to the best available lull formation, but the scores were not I, recalled Lee Derry was the sparK 1 of those great Bulldog elevens Bly- thevllle v,on In 1921, 13-0. Para- But There's just Suspicion Matchmaker May PC Spreading Propaganda Hy JACK CUDDY United I'rcss Staff Correspondent '. NEW YORK, Oct. 13. (UP)—New champions will rule every active boxing dlvlslcn within the next year —except the middleweight class- says Johnny 'Attell. malchmnkci for Mike Jacobs' 20th Century Club Attell predicts - that even the great Joe !x>uls, king of the heavies will lose his crown bcfire the. slnrl husking corn next year. Atlell, whose years of match making and promoting at Ne' York's small clubs have made hli one cf the most practical men i this' plruticn.1 pastime, states: "Billy Conn, the current ligl Notes Picked Up Here and There Along Football heavyweight champion, gould retaliated m '23, 12-0. The only tie came In 1924, 6-0. Bu from then on the Chick superior ity began to assert itself. Fcr dur ing the last 14 years the Bulldog have won only twice, In 1927, an 1932 Despite the fact that the Chicks have won consistently during the recent years, the games have ai- wa\s proUded that indefinable "something" often refeiied "color" The old fight and spirit have marked Ihe series, regardless ot the score and fans can wel| expect the same feeling tonight, / 1 Based on pre-game dcpc the Dildy Dynamiters likely 1 will rule heavy favorites, though beaten by Pine Bluff and Little Rock.:, The Chicks will enjoy a * substantia weight advantage The first string ^ill consist of experienced player.- from top to bottom ; On the other hand Coach Jack Dale had only seven lettcrmen from last years group tc- start with this season and has been forced to use reserves, and the 1938 Juniors to supplement the playeis lost ; by graduation, sickness and. wlth- i drawaf from school . j Coach Dale has indicated .the j. following probable starters: -Ray S Johnscn and Howard Rice,., ends; Herbert Hollov,ay and -'-/James Storey, tackles, Pete Black, Captain, and Otis Arrendal, .guards; John McKenzie, center; H. T. ..Cole, quarterback, Bobby Gardner Today's Sport Parade By HENRY McLEMORE NEW YOKK, Oct. 13. (UP)-To look nt them you'd never guess it, but Mike Jacobs and the British Empire have something In common. The sun never sets on their enterprises. Mike hasn't been arcund qnllc as long as Ihe British Empire (again you'd never guess It by looking at them), but he is.Just about as far- So"Artura Oodoy'tmU signed him conn Is only 22 years old now.; 1 the~ ItemjS .;. ..One writer Who •Ym n fl«lit with Jco Louis is proof janother year he'll ben second Tom- L vos boasting Fprclham's .national nfthat " - my Lpiighraji-cnly He'll be n slort: utle i sst we ek wagered they i dm'ibt if any organization in young Loughran—moving toward wol iici w ln three more games this hp World oilier than Mike Jacobs 1 , his peak, because Irish fighters ma-• settson after seeing them lose to mildI have' Iccated Godoy.'He left lure late. And Louis always_ had j Atata ma . . . The South Is more ,ere some two years ago with $8.000 | trouble '" "'" "' n liis p&ckels and with only a vnguc reference to Chile as a forwarding address. To intimates (members ct some | C ro*n. of Hell's Kitchen's finest families, by tlic way) he confided that once rpnehine Chile he planned to plunge . Infill! interior, select a tree that and perhaps that new will lak the heavy crown from Joe Lou within the next year if Conn ndc 10 pounds ft:- his present weigh Conn Is only 22 years old now. 1 Probable Starting Lino-Ups IttRAGOUU) Player ' Johnson Storey . Arendall Mckeiizlc BlilCk ' Hollo\vay ' Stenrns Cole Reed Gardner Lee NO, BI,YTHF.VIl,Uv Player 13axler Johnson Dennett Godwin Pi-iulk : justice '"Hood" IJgyd Horbfit Ford T Nttt By LESLIE AVKRY Halted 1'ress Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Oct. 13 (UP) — Notes from a. football press box:. . Fordham's 1,600-mlle Jaunt : .to New Orleans to play Tulane is the longest football trip ever made by .the Items . . ..One writer, who Midget Racers Will Compete At Fulton Midget auto racers of nlylhc- vllle will go to Fulton, Ky., for midget races Sunday which arc to je a part Of a racing program at the camty Fair there but will return here to race Sunday, Oct. 22. Although the circuit was broken up following the close of the racing season in Memphis last week, It Is planned to use the drivers cf this section In several race programs at the County Fair grounds, It is understood. , Lee Stickler and Wallace Cannon will be among the drivers in the races • at' Fulton where they -will participate in four midget races move move late. Ana u»»s niways """ Alauama . . ooutn « inuic >le with opponents who- could 1 | oa(led w m, power than'any other ;. "lii another year Conn will scc ticn wlUi-Tenhpsscp,,' Alabama, e fast enough and hit hard .p,,!,^ Duke,' Mississippi, Missis- • ' . move lasi L'ILUUBU » |ul iliv J ""~ -miane. IJUKC, mi:>.iu>3ipi«, m>^.i enough to Htt Ihe brown • bomber's s , p , SMKi u . s . U., and Georgia .roan." Tech . . . One or the first four Altcll says there will also be al nnmcd | s n |inbst'sure of Die Hose light heavy champion, as Conn Bowl |, lv it c with ft nurse of $320. Two jalopy :ar races will also be held. The races here Oct. 22 will include stock car races v.'lth a number of thrill stunts, .it Is said. Courtisy Carfls To Tourists CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—Tourists | and v'iiitcirs to this city "will receive police courtesy cards, Tourists, Inc.,' hus announced. A ccr- dial welcome will be extended also | Chalk up the »alue— and the savings );iven by Phillips ... as ihe utirlfJ's largest producer of natural high test gasoline We siticciely believe you will /eel as the pioneer and pacemaker that difference. \ ou U get mote • '' ur_^ i:-.* r^ ™,™t\*r.r rnilp^ fnr less moncv. finer motor in matching gasoline to \ — as the innovator of ihe revolutionary POLYmerizaiion process. Then compare Phillips 66 Poly • ' ir, with any other miles for less money, finer motor perforrmnce.'and fasier starting. Next time you neeil gas, remember i the Orange and Black 66 Shield. \ That's wliere you pay nothing extra for exira high test Phillips 66 Poly Gas. hv the wav) ne conuucu umv u*.\.^ . ui;iv na"* ..^...j - *--- . luwwi min.*. ... .In special, Cleveland gi uc i ^ reaching Chile he planned to plunge graduates Into ..the heavy .division- CoMh Bot) ZuppKei who-Intro-1 showing'streets and poinla of m- " 'or select a tree that and perhaps that new champion duccd j,he ; offensive huddle to col- tcrest. cist enou«h shade to ccver his will come en Nov. 11 when Conn , j t football in 1921, hopes his butt slip off his shoes, and live defends the 115-pound crown^ ^ detenslve lllldd le works til his slake was exhausted. As against Gus- Lesneylch of^ Nev,, „ ngnlns |. Southern California can't spend a great deal of Jersey. But, wlicther "sncvlch S[>tuMayBfts lt d j d nga | ns t Bradley, stretched out under a tree wins or loses there will be a new (he Ullnl to a-score figured | light heavy king before this time l ^'. .•-, . ,....^_, Phill-up with Phillips for . Missouri football • mil mrtaiiu" **••»."• — <f ' " I <j - i iLAA ^i^ • • * ••«"-- — - _--... . lis $8000 would last, him for life, next year. ....players eat dextrose tablets to ire- Btlthe didn't reckon wllh the The only c hamp on who ts no Pj J en ergy between halves and j vast Jacobs' boxing organization, threatened Is the oldest °[ ^ £ e drlnk salt water to preyent stom- I vhlch, npharenlly.- keeps a card Uhamps-20-year-old Ccferlno Gar- cramps - ... There's talk : of ndex en every owner of a cat.ll- cia-whp Is recog nized " m |tl{ "" 'rivalry- being .renewed : between i flower ear In Ihe world. It must weight king by the New York box • -^ Nfltre D have come as a shock to Mm Ing commission. The National Box Blmven 't met. since 1909, blit! when that messenger boy reached ing Association recognizes *';"°, , neldlng Yost was the E«est ofV him (probably, by mule pack) with ink of Scn-»'<= ns ?Zp Is 1 ittle Elmer Layden at. the Notre Dame-. an olfcr to fl?ht Vuis. I can vis- champion.. Atte11 says tlv«= u " 1 ™M Plu . dU e game:, . '. Michigan' has, ualizc him, there under the tree,- Danger o^G^ia^dJrlostak^ec^ ^ ^ smallest , men ^ ver to play big ten football in Hercules •"."«•- • ti, i u.nw Armslrnn^ |Renda, senior halfback, who Is only CVC n ^"iUU o, d.repal, r, .^^SA^SS^S^SS fe ^ <™ ~ '" imagine he ' didn't yield, until he retr.ln his title against• ^ AW-^'ol aermin racial stock- figured out thai the n«,i per cent, on Dec. V/ 1 '^^! L v to Ped o Prcdaninatr-. on Wisconsin's,.team, of the gale guaranteed;him would will drip .the crown shortly to PMro u American nm into enough money to nlkw I Montanez Al Davis or M^: Kap- wt a n f ^ him lo buy his own Jr ?0 , under ftn sto "^ *«"??«'- mlBt drop l = ' -- • -- w... uallze him, there, uner e , a debating the wisdom of making the Ing within the next year. So Garcia long trip north .for the purpose of will keep his title. getting his pKfllc battered inlo an forlbiirself . he Shtweight- tiara lippy Larkin, I1II1I LW «1*J •"•• " ----which he could sit until his-beard l\vlned with the brandies and af- /vnsuti-, '••vvi r" 1 •-•"•' ~r,." ^ forded Wm even better shade for kins. Billy Mardimrd, Bob Mont- the 24 Ivur siestas he loves so well, goraerv or Allle St.lz. . r.rinv •a-on't i^stiong with m tlie' featherweight class Attell st «rop the sc,«ad is husky . Frik faammj tro , secontl slling ;ta cHc jc». | ,.».. .• .-... .^..j_- • ison't i«st long ;t he is likely to draw .n says ..._ . fiill house Into Madison Squire geU a crack nl Joey t:r his bout with the title first: Attell says who'"was bom in' Sweden . Slip Mdlgaii, who contends glamorous football uniforms have in- f . . -. this because he «•« -m- can lick him-as the part h« vide good copy for the publicity proved^Simoi, , Chavez ; o! : V^M- machne that Jacobs keeps run- aiela, Petey Scalzo of New .York niiE nl-ht and day. Godoy can be and Harry Jeftra of Baltimore "'d to the public, no' doubt of Attell Is .positive that Pedro Es- that. He holds two clear cut decls- cobar of Puerto Rico will lose l,k, ut. creased : feminine .attendance Archibald's | 0 -.,— i-----. three air's \ the last decade, that. He os wo c Ions over Tony Galento, the man bantam laurels the nest time <ut. " lasted four rounds with b-uls i Attell says, "Escobar has been beat- knocked out Lou Nova, j en In his last five over-thc-welgh and w The and L. T. Reed', halfbacks, and Ray Lee, fullback. Big Chief Dildy Is not expected to change the first eleven which _ w _.. _ .. did so well against the Little Rock jjg hlcl (,-. s how nround New York Tigers, though on the losing end jn th (. pas t jo years. Gnlento Is a of a 1-6 score. The only possible • ^j^iuj f 0r the rules compared to change may be at fullback. Pound- j ^ goum American, who consld- ing Paul Blackv,ood, the hard drlv- ers r i n , etiquette something for sls- mg Osceola boy, may be given the slcs He slnps CU ([ S| backhands, nod over Willis Ford The .capable knt;RS butts, elbrws. and would Willis received a neck Injury In Ihe I g i ad iy n dd biting lo his repertoire ttMnnw fwll, Qn^ IVl^loll HP mn^PfirCd I te :» ...nvn rn (I ITfn.lnfl In l^llH. Alltl Chilean Is the rouihcst fights, And now he is having an eye fixed up by a New York physician. Any one of these lads can boat him If given n title shot: Tons Oliver!, Lou Salica, Al Mancini Jimmy Perrin and Franklc B:ve.' Altell said Perrin and Bove inigh be a bit above the bantamweight Saels playing barearmed this year .' •.••'. Syracuse is ; using- a :gilded ootbaU'for the opening-klckofl in all home games'.in commemoration f the school's golden grid anni- ersaiy .'•: . Sandy Sari ford, Ala- mma's place-kicking ace, is one (the fastest men in football, al- hougrr he' is seldom called upon u it were suggesieu iu mm. /iiiM.uuwi. ^ *». ,,,,,,,• you must say this for Arturo-hcl Concerning the nywelghi divlsloi J ' '•-' "-- Altcll says no one pays any alien Tiger fray and, though he appeared [[ ^ vvetc suggested lo him. And to be all right, he has not taken you mus t.say this for Arturo—he part in the heavy work during the ncvcr complains about what the week Paul has looked especially I othor f C ii; W does to him. He can great in his place. The others In- ^c it just ns ungracefully as he elude. Captain Danny Warrington h!ulds (l ou t and Buddy Baxter, ends; Alvln But hc ^ casy to hit. Even if •Man Mountain" Justice,' and C. I lhcy Ca1no uflagcd him with varl- but he was sure they could seal down to It. Icn to It any more, 16 i, Johnson, tackles; Long colored stripes of paint or ' Paulk and Travis "Hans" Bennett, underbrush, Louis couldn't help guards, "Wild Bill Godwin, cen- i au ding on him. And what Louis ter; and Gene Hood, Hugh Har-| Cfin |,i lp Louis can beat. Godoy Is bert, Sonny Llojd In the bcckfleld. h^ s i OW| tco big, too awkward to Starting time is 8 p. m. elude the champion for more thai i WARNING ORDER IhelUct stretched tul"^!.^ tha Mrs Ruth Nunnery is warned to , uosl tion he likes appear in Municipal Court for trie [ is a posilion he likes. I don't sup o run wiUi the ball <J 1UII MIV** Vi«x- , ""•* • . • weighs 200 pounds,and doesn't look ike a sprinter, but he ran the 100 and 220 yard dashes for Alabama last year ... . He also put the shot . . •Alfred E. Pillsbury, the Minneapolis miller sometimes called the Father of Minnesota- football, recalls I the days when the players bought their own uniforms and chipped in to purchase n new ball when the old one wore cut . . . Who said anything about the "good old days?" The toes of the dead are cut oil to keep their ghosts from walking He Following the, aemlnole wa mcst of these Indians were exile to Oklahoma by the U. S. goven nent. Some escaped into the Ever- in, «-.-i- r'Trfft™/! c( >rHn.« n~f glades of Florldr., where descend-I in certa n senn-clvliizcd sections of ants of the band arc living today, the world. Get On the Bandwagon... Seems Like the Whole Town Prefers BOTTOMS UP! appear in Muncpa our or e n ; m is llccd to sym pn- Chickasawba District of Mississippil| w wUh him ' County, Arkansas, within thirty dftss, to answer i complaint filed against her by Phillips Motor Company, m which lawsuit Hubert Davis Is a party garnishee. WITNESS my hand and seal as Municipal Court Clerk this October 13, 1939 ' '. "• .- 1 ! FRANK WHITWORTH, (Seal) Clerk. Shane & Fcndlcr, Attcrneys for Plaintiff '•'':• . •Marcus Evrard, Attorney, ad-HUm 13-20-27-3 FARMS FOR SALE Come in and talk to us about your wants In tann lands. We have any siic Iracts. improved anil partly improved. S in a 11 down payments. Several hundred aeres cut-over land SI l>er acre down. RIALESLAND CO. 2nd door soulh ot City Hall LION FOOTBALL BROADCAST 2:25 P.M. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS VS. BAYLOR UNIVERSITY AT RADIO STATIONS KARK Little Rock 8^0 Kilocycles KELT) El Dorado 1>S70 KFPW Fort Smith 1210 KUTM Joncsboro 1200 Sponsored by LION OIL REFINING COMPANY El Dorado, Arkansas • Once you try Bottoms Up you'll see why it is so popular. The very first taste of this famous whisky will reveal a richness, a smoothness so characteristic of genuine Kentucky bourbons. It's just plain logical, too ... because "Slow Mash" Bottoms Up is nude the old fashioned way . . . with more time... more grain...old-style skill! Folks everywhere realize that there is a difference in whiskies ... and when there . is such a marked preference for one brand you really owe it to yourself to find out why. Try Bottoms Up today . . . it's an extra good, extra value whisky you'll like! IS-'.?! SLOW MASH" M "SLOW mAan Bottoms Uj KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY | MOWN.FOIMAN DISmiERY CO., INCORPORATED • A, tovi.virte ... I, K«**r. - - $*» '870 Is PINT 155° »1.00 A BROWN-FORAAAN QUALITY PRODUCT PINT READ COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS.

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