Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 25, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1942
Page 2
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I t \ V. NAVAJOS HAVE PHOENIX MART FOR WAITQATPOK DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY; JUNE ,25^,1942 ,7iino uf lU" III' 1 SiHl'll' 1 IllN IIIOH (if tho ;rl capital which ToroHlght reunited Irto I'honnlx IJOI.MI .iloVol two yearn, largely through A, WliiHJlur, i jHM'DinpH^H'd clini'ls of ''• ., {,, flu- Niiwiju Indian ooun ,,.,,1 {•;<! (IniTlM, I'ormor ni/ '',,,.',. hud lHM''n luuill'ng prod- I m ,.irlmiullMo to llio Nuvuji . .. sJini'M Nut I.JMKlk WHS Sinc i 1 1 •* ' l ..... , in ,vl«li'U u * llio l-ruok « hiankris «n.: uy 'luiul buoU to ,,i ,, S | yr;if , v ,(i\i i '"' ItlH W-l |lt<li.lN> hut ncl Colors U'llil, brought out of tin shipped I'rom Phoe ^ Hi and 10,000 Haddl- I'" H.-ii'i'ls said. "I nHllnml 1 1' ,<> nr W per cunt of all the \vii\T. NV" liandln' rugs, too ( ,ii as lu'uvy 11 sculu us Hit |!||llk''l I'lilol'S """•" vivi :' , illll !h I'uHM' 1 '" '" jj|V loud ,'U'i ntn 1,0 wlldor am rumhiimltoiiH thai , iiic niKH. The stand. jtlllioiiKh IhiM'O tin lilnillnal designs, Is tin ,.|i slarls svllh u S'i!||i' ittwvil stivulvM of lightning ox u I,, ihr four I'ornors, when ,,liv .iii'lk' 1 ?* Tour other s(|uures rl) jj, lk < various tilings 01 Develop Own Dyes, iihly I'.'.n'Hi Indians are weav- ,'„! ihr hlaiiki'ls are galhoi-ci' ','u A iv\v years ago most of ,v.'i|<> W<M vers' products were (,[,1,1 fi'din (i)illup, N, Mox. ,1 ||,,u' df Ilii! Indians iisn .. iicvrlttpi'd dyes while I In | M vr switched to ronuiU'-rcla' •iliii-c Hu'V v,'''n' first Intro- mi Ihr reservation f>0 or 00 ,f Hi,- jHvil hlanki'ls made r ,i niixliin 1 of \vool aiM 1 riir Indians learned Io us< i \\ti\\ when Ihny mi• II tin- shearings fnoiu theli Ihrris ,-vri'l, "\V'e expect l,i X ' ynu 1 In woli.'ilr hlankeL-, iMiisi- Ih' 1 -xlititilnwn of -the automo- |,j|,. industry has cut off the PJ'ln- ,.j|,,l njurkel for mohair, has!, year id,- |ii'ici' was way up ami Ihe In- itniH ilkl not use it much for bUnk'-K" ADVANTAGE Youhaveanadvantagthert: tfio best accomodotions at rotes that save you money I 7000 ffOOMJ, IA7H AND RADIO MOM $2,50 HO it I AIFR60 ICWIS, TAFT NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE AT RADIO IIHG MAHAGtMfNT ON THE AIR TODAY «:(M) p. IM Y WfcJAt'—.Kunny Money ' \V,rB—,,OWHJ Music WOM—Prayoi;; Uncle Don WATU-WTIG-WICIG-WA-BC—News 6:15 p. m, WARG—To by announced WIOAK—Nowa SVTIC—-Marry Horllck's Orch. •WJX-WJGC—Sports WATlV-MBi'H«H Labor Speaks <J:.'II) p, in, WIOAK—-Amoriean Library Asan, WJX—Lum .and Ahner WAWG—Vora Barton \VOM~NowH WlCC-'MiiHlcalo VVT10!—Sports WATn—Plonsuro and Profit * Ki'if) p, m. WliJAF—Sports WOK—-l-loi'u's Morgan W,IX~W'H'fJ--l,o\vult Thomas WA-BG—World Today WIUCI—Down the Years WATll—Ulta and -Bits 7:00 p. in. ' W K A I* 1 - W.TIG—Fr ed 'Wa H n« WJX—Kasy AOOH Won—Sports WA HO—Amos 'n' Andy WATa-WIGa—Fullon Lewis, 7:15 p, in. \VlflAK-WTIG-Nows WO11—Hank Koono Show \VABG—Cilenn Miller's Orc : h. WJX—Tracer of Lost- Persons VVKX. 1 —Johnson Family \VATU-To 'he announced . 7:JIO p. .m. WKAK—Al Peuree Gang WOa—Confidentially Yours WAI1G—-MuiicllR's DUu-y WJX—Tang>o Time Won—Sports -• \VIGG—(.n-gan Muslcale NVTIG—Ucrnic , On and Oaneo 7:45 p. m, WJX—'Diane Courtney; Jesters WATn-WOIl»WIGG—Inside of Sports 8:00 p, m . \V01t-~Slnfonlotta VVAUG—Dtsalh Valley Polks WWAP-WTIG—Baby Snooks WJX—Tintypes WlG(.!-^Braxll Presents SVATii—'I'o he annoimocd 8:15 p. m, WJGG—Slnfoiilotta 8:.'JO p, in, WKAI''..WTK!--AldHeli Family WABC—The Jim Backus Show WOU-S\'IGG—U Pays to J3c Ignorant WJX—Sur Les lloulovards \VATH—To be announced $',45 p. in. 7/ Use for Those Old Records Time Jr Benny Goodman and Madame Erica MorinI look over their contribution to t:io non-proflt organization, Recordis for Our Fighting Men, Inc The purpose of the agency is to conduct n ealvage drive for old, scratched, or brpken phonograph records which will be sold as scrap. The proceeds v n/ be used to buy new accords for America's armed forces here and abroad. VVATB Watty 12:0 -Malncek's Orch, .Midiilfflit NQWs; Soores; Mu; • slo in the Moonlight WOR-WCC— J-iminy Joy's Orch WABC—Las .Brown Orch. .WJZ—Ghftrllo-Spl'vak's Orch, YVATU— Sign Off , ; Great Stage., Show Now at LoewV Poll l^^H*^*^^^^,^^,^^^^^^^^^ OPENS JULY 6 liuinr-u SN'urkHhfip uill U'dU'Huiry PPPPYSCHOOLof rcaa 1 BUSINESS 1U11 BUSINESS SfiOW* BUILDING •«- WHl I'rli'.i-H \n Tho John Girdes Music Shop i.v.svii, KM-IHIIKK, niul I'l'iiui.s, Miiillo.v, (!l '•I. ^cconiloiKs, Sdxiiphono.s, \Vinds — Muslnil Supplier Tel, /i.1)808 MAIN SI, WATICnill/llY ' 0:00 p, m, WKAK-WTJO—niivtf Ui'osby &ho\v AVOK—Cluhrlcl Hctittcr \VAIKJ—Mnjor Ilowos Show AVJX—Aniorlca's Town Moullng of Lfio Air .. WICU.!—UlvlMnn-Dofonsc , WA'rn—.\U\VH ; Dancing Diso 0.'15 i», .rn, WOn—Sports WATR—Treasury Star Pnrado , iJ.'iiO |), Jll. WABCi—l>|.« Town NViATFl-NN'OH-WIOC—ArncPlcans at tho Ramparts 10:00 p, m, WI'JAK-WTK)—ll'udy Vallcc Show \\'AH(;~-.Tho l-Nrst Lino W.IX—Bate In thu Oult'ry \VATIl-\VOfi-\VIOC—Raymond G. Sw>lng 10:15 p. m, \VOH-Yo Okie Vaudvlllo Show WATR—CIuuclG Thorn-hill's Uroh, VVICJC—Jou Sucly Oroh. I0:;)0 p, in. WKAK-WT[0—Kfioi)lng Up wl-fh Rosemary \VOI1—War 'News WABC—American InsLUute of Eleo- trloal KOng-lncers WJX—.\e\vs WATR—To .he announced \\'1(.IO—Abu Lyman Oreh. 10:45 p. m. WAI.U.:—,Mni'ySmall WO'll—An SWOP Man WJX—Freddie 'Stewart, WATR-Tad Woorns 1 'Orcsh. WIC'U—Jl'iinuy Ganvble H;00 p, in, WATR-WAIJU-WO-H-WIGG-WKAF- fW,/X-VVTKJ~Tlmo; News; Weather 11:15 p, in. WMAF—Soumtlng Board WOR—<l-Jd l<MUgerald WA HO—AI vino ReyVs OroHi. \VJX-Lou Breese's Oroh. \VTIO—.Dancjo Muslo WATR-NVIGG—Hnltaln Speaks . JI;W) p, in, \VKAK-WTIC—N'oct'iiriio Gonoert WJX—CJuy Lornbardo'H Ore-h. •\VAIKJ—Johnny I/OIIK'H Oreh, \TR~WOR-Jorry Wald's Orch. WIGC—News 11:45 p, m. \VYm~JRobby Clarke's Oreh. Anrflhor surash -li'lt stage show makes Us appoaranoo On : thu stage of I/he Loew Poll theater today and Lonlght for Pour pcrf-oi-manoes 'dafly. Wrtterinii-y's favorites, 'Gene and Glenn, .are the hoadllacrs on this all star stage show Chls week, wiWi their irrepressible aldekieks, "JwUe and Lena." .Songs and comedy patter... packed with fun -from start •to- finish; 'a .personal appearance bj these boys (s a'lways hailed with .enthusias-m -by.-their lugioif -of loyal fans. " • •• \ Already famous from .coast to coast, on riol,w : ork s-hows and by stage appearances In person,,-.both over a period or years-.. .Gene and Glenn have Hurt'licr endeared themselves In-Ihe 'hearts 'Of 'hundreds of thousands 'of .llslcncrs tmd .theater-goers In this section of New England since making WTIC, Mart- ford,' their headquarters.'in August of' j040..-. On the air the boys are heard. Mondays through Frid.iys a! I2':00 noon,- at id. on Sundays a I 12:15 P. jit. So Watertbury again opens its anils In a warm welcome Io those grand, ncvor-t'O-be-forgotten entertainers, Gene and Glemi, with their 'adopted buddies, "Jake" and "L'nna." .. On , this sa'ine show L.oe\v's is j pleased I b present one of Wio nios sensalionaP 'personalities of the W.dst', in one. of li'ls 'very first. Eas-t- ei'.n •'appearanceis, Georgle Au'Id Arfterlca's -briUlant ten.or -sax star anrj his.'orc'hCHtra,' featuring glamorous singer'of-songs, Sayina. On the'same program are a^-'iVuimfl of'other top acts, among Uicm Bogash' and Bardl-ne, In "Seeing Double Tro.u'ble.'V Virginia Austin and her toy -clown, ••Glippo, ,I n ""GHppo (.rapors," ''ahd many others; -too numerous' to .mention. .. , ., fhe stage performances ,aro presented at J:20, : v, ; oo ( .0:30," and 1 '9:00 p.' mT, ,'so m'ake your plans now to attend one-of'those. On the screen s 'V smash hit, "MisslssI.piH Gam" with. .Kon|. Taylor and' Frances .LanM'ford at-'l-lie ; head of'.-an oil-Island Ing-cast;. . .' ' Gomlng soon to .this po'puhi' Miu- itor In person ;-anc. s.uc'h famous stars as the Andrews 1 Sisters, Mai Maclnf.yi'o and his Band, uVJorlba laye, Benny Goodman ami scores of others. Make the Loew Poli -!heater a weekly habit and attend the mammoth stage shows to ba presented here every Wednesday and Thursday a I regular Loew prices. C. L & GIWSIXAPKDS BYABVG.ASSN. Charle's J, Allen One of Speakers at Convention in; New York 'City. ' ,11 uvu! J.ICU1-J-; 1 . covered' tlie;.various ivspaper -' aclv£rtiling New York, June 25—PrcsontaUpn of -six awards, two national and four regional for, the New "England area, 'was made, to I/he Goh- necti'Cut Light-and P6\vei- company Tuesday afternoon at. the annual convention o.f -the Public .ytiliVes Advertising association, at ilic. Hotel Commodore; The Awards • were/ given for c-.ntries jn- : i'he' 1942.-'.Better Copy Contest .of the a-ssooirtti.on..-' ; 'Ohai'lcs J." Allen,' of W(iterbury, Conn., director ' of pu-bllcl relations for the company, was one .of the principal speakers atv the; morning session of the convention/ Has top-, ic was "'Getting the Most-Out of .a- Small Budget." 'Mr. Allen; ^Mtiihod: t-he advertising; profl)lems .-fofai comparatively small utility company^op-: onitlgn in an area compo.sed 1 . cbief- l,y of many small •cpmmuhltjes, and explained : tho"program '-whicli' lias been developed.-• to nieet those pro-b- lems in; his own company;: Mis address cover aspects of newspaper and publicity, .customer .^jnforma- IIon programs, employ^Q/'rela'tl^ns, mnu^l .'reports/ 'bill enclosure^ iind public'' relations work "as".; : a'pplied- to. s ma Her- u I i 11 I/I cs; Me s h o weld ": Sfi m pies of it'hc vyork.'done r iri/.oaxJ'Ji of- those fields by" the C;.'L.: &-p.-Go. ' The/Tifltibna! award's woji 'by''the G o n n ec I Ic u t >u t'i I i ty were gi y en ". for teh best- advertising •canipaig-n !'and for the best residential direct 'rtiail, advei't'i'sing.'-. ' '. .';;'; -•'-'. The fs'e\v England regionaj.awa'rds won ,by . tji.c G. L.. &/P, G6^l;nciud-- ed; 'Best, employee., m.agrizijrt'^M-hes^ public . re 1 atrons" ne>vs'pap'dj':•'•'•.adver- tising, ' • 'best'-. special bo;blvlpts ; : knd : iwmJT|Ilets, and' best oiitdo'otr; adycr- tl-sing. ••_ • " .• i:..-' : "/v'.lv-^^vix^' 1 ''' : Judging 'of -t'liJs en tries-jiV';tlie contest was 'done in' all parC'S ' of' the country through an exchange, system, and (many entries- -from'-vine Middle Atlantic States were judged In WatcrJjur-y 'by -B. Bob'ert Stevenson, editor-lji-chlef' of t'he -AVa'tei 1 (3 u r y R erpii b W can and A'mei 1 i can ; :.Ar- Wiur J. .Harris, promotion: manager of Howland-ilfughcs,- I-npV, • ei 1 , Wa- tcnlDury, and Spencer 'H; Miller, ^resident of Millcr-j-ohnson,' inc., an s advertising agency .'in. MerJdcn. ThtU odd pfcce of Iitirilturc mltfhl Ind n huyor if you use tlie Classified medium. . ' What did you say? [THAT'S RIGHT, MISTER YOUR RADIO REPAIRED Mill) I'l'l-Fcclly '\NV AIAKK •ANY TV,.,,; \N'V SI/I-; I'>ce Pickup And Delivery • JUST PHONE US '"• Sf.UO.N'S ,'l .MONTHS' IhNCONDrMONAL CiU RADIO SERVICE | 53 5 Watortown Aye. Watorbury 3-6217 By Clyde Lewis War Production Program/GtoaJL Is ,.-•• v $220,Qao,ooo,opc INSIDE -bAGBl- ;.,,........ .. « Washington, June 25— (UP) The wiyij production , program goul- is 220Jiillion dollars. When U 's sai'd ,q u i pkJ ,y ;; ; i t . d oefin ' I nieu n much. But; bonsider this. Two hundred and twenty billion doJlarH.'Kss enough io. giys every man, woman and child in the United 'States $1,670 each. H \yould b.'uy' every American a quart oi' milk a '.day i'or more than ,30" yealfs-^or:: qvery man, woman. "^anjtfv'ch ild '' m v -the whole, wide world a quart of milk every day .for tw.p , -years. For those who prefer beer, 220 billion dol- is i enough* lars American 16,700 {•ass of beer a (han 45 years". f Lot oi money, to.. >buy every glasses — or a day - i'or more isn't, it? FAST DRIVING SOLDIERS ARE Sitf Try a Classified,* Ad odds, and ends. , to dispose of .Boston, June 25--{UP}—Speeding oldiei's are Mie only big problem on the highways'''today, uncording to -Nlot/or Vehicle -Registrar Frank A, Goodwin. He ex pressed ill is opinion as he announced suspension of a soldier's license for 00 days. The Gamp Edwards private —Albert M. Papiiie-tiu -of Rh-odc Island — was .charged wit'h driving his auto mo-' .Bile belwectv. 80..and 85 . miles an hour. T-he. soldier was traveling over. Route 28 at. Bourne" at the time.. Goodwin added that he is arranging a hearing -on 1-he <iup.slion of- suspending Papineau's right to operate: hJs Rliode Island-registered ear in Massachusetts. "ONE-TRIP" BUYING AT SAVES CAS, TIRES, MONEY! AVOID COSTLY STORE-TO-STORE SHOPPING; G£T WITH YOUR FR1ENDS.-SHARE YOUR-CARS .BY M TRIP, IN ONE CAR. TO ONE STORE FOR ALL YOUR FOOD COME TO A&P—HELP YOUR DOLLARS AND CAR I AST • - • HOLIDAY AHEAD * A&P stores will bo closed all day Saturday, July, 4. Shop early In tho week avoid trio Into rush. aterbury's Friendly Department Store* CRETONiVE' KNITTING BAGS styles, all smarL : So,me \v|ln wooden Fiandlc^|^tlier!3.;vvitli straps. All ofVvHhfern lined \villi All of V\vLl^m; lined \villi • matchln^v' ; 'raybnv:d»;|; AA. ? , CI- L. JJO * c \ •« • • «•*.• * -• • ^*^ ;StAM)IN<qL SIEVING OH '" • KNITTING • B/VCiS — Made , With a wppden frame, and a :f strap ,1'pr i: carry, (g-| OQ v ing on' ; ' : ,your arm «D-i.»Oc/ .-PIC'TIJRES — Flowered, patterns,, 'Goipnial dcsigna, oil-. ';•'•. ettesl^-An V extremely large : assorlmejit,. r ol' : single pvc-. tures, .as .well . as rn.any • matcliing'- ' ; ' <I*"| OQ pairs ..-,...;.,...;. ,«DA«Ocf . , 'QUALITY KNITTING WORSTKD— in a'Wide'range of colors. able i'or, afglians,; heavy sweater^, 2 1 ounce skeins. Reg. 50c. '.... ; VENETIAN 'MIIU(OHS~Unframed mirrors,' with an etcfied ! design. Jn rotincl, hexagon and oblong shapes ..... 'CnYSTAL'BQUDOIH,TRAMPS—More than,,a cioxcn di'ffcj'ent .styles all with- washable shades,.--all dainty and charm; ing, pair?,. ; ........... .* POTTERY ' TAItLE LAMP'S-^Gay, peasanty liimps v : with handsome:; hfind-decoraled bases and ^ shades 'A RT I:;LO\VKH ' "A MR A NGEMK.N'TS—G o rgeo u s : ar ran ge- , ments . v.-. .in'a f'ai'ge -assoi'tmept. .Reg. ':$J.'lQ. ;."... IIANi)-l»AIN1F$i) METAL WASTri BASKETS—In bright, .floral patterns '•.".,...........'...-. ..•.....;....;.... LEATHERETTE WASTE BASKETS— ' d> i f\f\ to 175 Church Naug;atuck, Conn.: i<'mct<:'i>ArtKi.\(s LOT ^ ..;•-, •;* v , Heavy coin-iod^tcer Factt Rump, Slrlein, Bottom Round FOWL 31 C FANCY FRESH MILK-FID 4 TO 6 POUND SiZES Suit- 44c $1.00 Sl.OO $2.,98 $3.98 $1.00 $1.19 $1.98 A splendid "buy" for Sunday dinner al ihis low price. LAMB LEGS RIB ROAST SMOKED SHOULDERS BROILERS CHUCK ROAST MACKEREL SALMON FANCY SELECTED GENUINE SPRlNn 'SUPER-RIGHT' 1 —HEAVY CORN-FED STEER BEEF •SUNNYFIE1.D" TENDER FRESH NATIVE 2Ji TO 3'i LQS. CLOCK STYLE ' BONE IN FRESH CAUG.HT LI) FRESH SLICED LO 33' Mayonnaise Garden Relish Cornflakes; ANN PT- 9fl PAGE JAR fcl ANN PAGE 0 32 OZ JAR V iNNY> 8 07- 10' ^r Snaps Ti oz 4 PKG Ji THIRD FLOOR POTATOES LETTUCE NEW SOUTHERN NATIVE ICEBERG • as • i\. fib *3^f|j O^as^^- 15' 25* : >,4JFC^ JUMBO. EACH'IOr HDS L0 r *rt» j-fe.^ ^; FANCY BIKIG' CANTALOUPES CUCUMBERS LtlVIUNS LARGE JUICY 300'i 3 FOR f fl^ TOMATOES £ ca LO U17 C PLUMS SANTA ROSA ' DO2 {3* WATERMELONS TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR GAS RANGE I TN giving your gas range special care and alien•*• tion for the duration of the war you are contributing to the welfare of both your family and your country. Prevent, aa much as yon possibly can, anything that might result in its failure to serve your, home for a long time. \ Avoid scratching and chipping the enamel. Lift utensils Instead of sliding them across the cooking top. Do not slam the oven doors and drawers. Avoid splattering ovens. Use high heat only when necessary. Roasting at low heal is now the accepted best method. When your gas range needs repair have things done by a competent gas appliance serviceman. LARGE, LUSCIOUS— 2<S TO 28 LB. AVO. Rice Puffs Baker's Kellogg' Kellogg 1 riELD PKOS YUKUix i^»»» — Ginger Ale 4 29' PREM PORK LUNCHEON MEAT-120ZCAN SHARP CHEESE WHITE or COLORED POUND One of nature's most economical nourishing foods. Eaf cheese for calcium, phosphorous and vitamin A->-,itjs/ rich in the vital minerals necessary for robusl health. THE CoNNECTicui .ICHT a POWER Co. HOTEL GREAT NORTHERN fa 1/our BUTTER SILVERBROOK PRINl42 DIITTCD SUNNYFIELD-OUI Best LB MI\K DUIICn Mlbpnnis-lb44c PRiNT*fO MUENSTER CHEESE 30 C WHITE OR COLORtD MEL-0-BIT CHEESE is31 c WE CARRY A COMPLETE SUPPLY OF FpeSH MILK AND CREAM Soap Super Suds 75 hie, \VotlJ "This air certainly makes a fellow drowsy! Bet I sleep like 'a ' lofr roniphtl' 1 ,' . l *• tonightl' ^ ROOM S BATH from. from $3.85 for Two SPECIAL RATES FOR Attractive Ipungei/— large, airy, comfortably furnished,roomi and »uit«»~popu)arly priced Restaurant and Cocktail Bar—excellent food. Centrally, located on fashionable 57th Street close to city's smartest shops...theatres, broadcasting studios and Radio City. Transportation facilities at door. Write for descriptive folder. 118 WEST 57th ST. N E W YORK, N. Y. For Motorists:—Garage Adjoins 111 W. 56th St. Entrance Scot SOFT „ WEAVE SCOT TOWELS WALDORF TISSUE to* BAKED FRESH EVERY DAY IN OUR OWN OVENS! RAISIN BREAD DATED DONUTS [POUND CAKES MARVEL SUGAR DOZ y*R ieT , E s 10 13? 29 C FRANKFORT— PKG OFs7 SANDWJC.H—PKG OF 6 PARKERHOUSE PKG OF 9

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