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Ames, Iowa
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Iowa, Juniuiy AMES DAILY TRIBUNE BirlL It happened today ISU student group to talk disarmament The ISU chanter of Youna Am boy born to: Mr. and Mrs. uarK eensun, tai Pammel Court, Saturday at Mary Greelev Hospital. ericans for Freedom will hoid a Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Jewell. Saturday at Mary Greeley melting discussing unilateral dig armament Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Gallery ot Memciiai Union. Dr. David Metzler, professor of Nevada, Saturday at Mary Greelev Hasoital.

biochemistry, will present the case for unilateral disarmament. Bill Mitchell, chairman of the chapter Mr. and Mrs. ueiocn uwe, inc ada, Saturday af Story Coumj Hospital. will present the case against unilateral disarmament.

A public discussion dt the issue is to follow the two talks. The newly formed Young Am rl born to; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bengtson, evada, Saturday at Mary Gree ley Hospital. Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Holmer 11L0 Roosevelt Sunday at Maw Greelev Hospirul. ericans group here is "a national conservative youth organization for coliegft and young professional people," Mitchell explained when DONALD T. BLEDSOE RICHARD K. MATH1SON ELMER A.

FASSEL AEC chemist, group honored MARY GREELEY HOSPITAL Admitted Saturday Patrick Karns, Ames; the group organized. In recent weeks the group passed resolutions opposing UN mem Ames men head two Iowa retail sales organizations Severin Russell, Ames; Rueben Dr. Velmer A. Fassel, senior chemist in the Institute for Atomic Myrland, Roland; Dr. Thomas S.

bership for Red China and Outer Mongolia and has heard such speakers 'as Charles Grasstey, representative from Butler Counts', Research and the Ames Laboratory of the Atomic Energy Commission here, is featured as "Spec Ames men have been named to. President of Board Richard K. Mathison. Ames head two organizations of retail speaking on conservatism. Iowa.

troscopist of the month" in the December issue of "Arcs and Ford dealer was reelected presi Leith, Ames; Mrs. Jhelma rlin man, Pilot Mound; Eugene Hanson. Ames; Mrs. Delia Floden, Ames; Mrs. Anna Devries, Ames.

Sunday Robin Kelso, Ames: Kenneth Cook, New Providence; Mrs. Mentha Cioll, Ames; Mrs. Grace Fitch, Ames; Mrs. Sylvia Grucza, Ames; Glen Halstead, Gilbert; Mrs. a Hutchcroft, Sparks," international spectrosco Donald T.

Bledroe of Bledsoe's dent of the board of directors of py publication. men's clothing store, was elected president ot the Iowa Retail Clo the Des Moines District Ford Dealers Advertising Fund, a non profit corporation. Fassell's spectrochemistry group is featured as "Laboratory of the Month" in the January issue of Fear 27 died in Channel DOVER, England (UPI) CURRENCY A $6 billion agreement among 10 major non Communist countries aimed at protecting the of their currencies was announced at Washington today. STEEL Steel magazine production forecasts are being revised upward in the fate or a ilood of new orders, with first quarter output now expected to be about 15 per cent higher than the quarter just ended. NAMED Richard Greenwood, 2S, Des Moines, a former assistant lo Rep.

Neal Smith, lowa, began his $7,500 per year job as administrative assistant to Democratic State Chairman Lex Hawkins today at Des Moines, DIED Mrs. Carol Harrison, 21, Sioux City died early today apparently of injuries suffered in an alleged beating by her estranged husband, Randy, 19, of Hinton, Iowa, New Year's night. Harrison was held in jail at Sioux City in lieu of $10,000 bond. IN RUSSIA The Foreign Agricultural Service reported that with only a slight increase in farm production, the 1961 62 crop was a disappointing year to Russia. The 1961 62 crop was slightly larger than those of the two previous years, and somewhat smaller than the record output of 1958 59.

DIED Kathryn Lewis, 50, daughter of labor leader John L. Lewis died at New York. DIED Edward C. Werle, 56, former chairman of the board of the New York Stock Exchange, died at Bay Shore. N.Y.

RITES Funeral services Erbe, others visit Iowa reservists DES MOINES (UPI) Gov, Norman A. Erbe today flew to Miss The Fund includes most 1 ord thiers Association at the group's 58th annual convention which wound up in Des Moines today. He served as vice president of the Ames; Mrs. Barbara Kelly, Ames; dealers in Iowa among its meni MEETINGS Secretary of State Dean Rusk, left, and Gen. Lucius Clay, President Kennedy's special representative Berlin, met at the State Department in Washington Saturday and reported after the conference there was no disagreement between them on basic Berlin policy.

Clay was preparing to leave for Berlin today after meeting Sunday with Kennedy. It was reported they were in full agreement on how to handle "possible Berlin crisis situations." Mrs. Esther Lee. Ames; Analytical Chemistry pubhea The 24 meniber spectrochemistry croup furnishes accurate an 2,811 ton Yugoslav freighter Sabac Glenda Lein, Boone; Mrs. Rosa Mathison has been a member collided in the foe shrouded Eng group during the past year.

Close Stores Sundays of the corporation's board of di lish Channel today with the British freighter Dorington Court and alytical information in the development of chemical processes for producing pure metals from available raw materials. The group ex rectors lor the past several years and was first elected president ol the board in December, 1960. sank wilh the feared loss of most were held today at Glendale, The organization unanimously recommended that legislation be adopted to close all retail stores Ostrem, Ames; Mrs. Joyce Stune, Dismissed Saturday Lana Hosteller, Steven Howarth, Mrs. Dorindr, Kiert; ner, Marion Hemphill, Mrs.

Mona Danielson, Mrs. Sharon Whattoff, of its 33 rrian crew. for Clifford Victor Herbert, The bodies of 16 of the Sabac's amines or analyzes about 10,000 son of the late composer, made today at an afternoon meeting called by Indiana Labor Commissioner Hobart P. Butler. The dispute is centered largely around holiday and overtime pay.

were plucked from the samples per year by optical Victor Herbert. aters of the channel. An PROBE An Army investi Mrs. Thressa Holmes, Mrs. Marie sion, ray fluorescense, infrared absorption, optical flunrescense on Sundays at its session yesterday.

An increase of about three per cent in retail sales of independent clothing stores in Iowa in 19(11 Dther 11 men were missing. Six gation was underway today into Lyman. Mrs. Kathryn Olson. Mrs.

men were rescued. and electron microprobe tech PEACE CORPS Pauline iathenne Westcott, ivtrs. Karen the cause of the crash of a light Army plane near Fort Lewis, J. Nelson, Mrs. Lois Kruger and Fassel has published more than All members of the 6,233 tor Dorington Court were safe, according to the reports.

rl. New teeth LEADGATE, England (UPI) Harry Golightty had to he fitted with false teeth because his own teeth were worn down to slumps chewing electric bulbs and nur blades as a charily show attraction. "It was fim while il lasted," over 1960 was reported at the meeting. The Association predicts Saturday in which two officers were killed. Dead in the 50 scientific papers since he Sunday James Spaid, Mrs.

awarded his PhD degree from a four per cent increase for 1962. dent were Capt. Thomas K. Officers of the organization said Carmody, who has taught at West Des Moines Valley High School for the past 14 years, was to leave Des Moines today for a two year teaching assignment in a Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, business school after completing a nine week training course with some 37 other Peace Corps Wesp, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Towa State in 1947; is U.S. co editor of "Spectochimica Acta" and retail prices of ciothing have in Charlotte Bappe, Mrs. May Ring stad, Guyon Whitley, Mary Hanks. Jennifer Jones, Mrs. Luella Ger des, Wayne Jackson.

STORY COUNTY HOSPITAL international research journal; is Frank L. Wesp, Sioux City and Capt. Terry T. Wedemeier, 27. creased about nine per cent since 1950.

U.fa. representative on the Commission of Optical Data, Interna son of Mrs. Virginia M. Profitt, Stock market Anchorage, Alaska. tional Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and chairman of the Admitted Saturday Gary Freeman, Zear ig; Adrina Garrols, Nevada.

Sunday a Lee Slippy. Back to school panel on analytical methods, ma TALKS Attempts to have negotiations between striking workers and management at Studebaker Packard Corp. resumed were to be terials advisory board, National Cambridge; Harold Schoafstall. Nevada. Academy of Sciences.

Dismissed Saturday Mrs. Merritt MacLaf Typing, bridge and cake decorating offered adults Mother daughter ferty and bov, Mrs. Elizabeth Suspends terms on two youths Two Boone youth received 30 day suspended sentences in action in Municipal Court here this morning. The youths, Robert Turner, 18, Beggs, Eldon Whitaker, Charles ouri and Oklahoma to visit Iowa health course NEW YORK (UPI) A handful of blue chips paced a sizable decline in moderately active dealings on the stock market today. A steep dip in the Dow Tones industrial average mirrored declines of around 5 in Du Pont, 3 in Sears Roebuck, Y2 in Owens Illinois, and nearly 2 in Procter Gamble.

Army Reserve units recently call This week, classes in typing, and Tuesday to enroll students Burkhart, Mrs. Howard Pierce, Mrs. Robert Ostrich, Jody Churchill. Agnes McNichols. ed to active duty because of the contract bridge and adult cake begins Jan: 24 her cake decnruling course.

Decorations for birthdays and Faculty Forum on education Dr Sam Legvold, professor of physics, will present a YMCA Faculty Forum discussion on "Education and Religion in the decorating begin as part of the Sunday Mrs, Clarence Mitchell holdiays will be featured. The first session of the third ar winter session, Ames adult evening program, Everett Ritland, director, has announced. Berlin crisis. The trip was the second in a series planned by the Governor. Last week he went to Ft.

Riley, and spent several hours with and Eddie L. Thrap, 17, were charged in the theft of hub caps nual Mother Daughter Health and boy, Mrs. Ralph Applegato anad girl, Everett Heyser. STORY CITY HOSPITAL course sponsored by the YMCA here the night of Dec. 8 Woolworth, up and Sears both reported record sales for will convene Jan.

24 tor seventh Space Age," at noon Wednesday. For potential and past typists, Admitted Saturday Laura Peterson, Ells ighth grade girls and their the 1063rd Aviation Company, the Polk county authorities arrested the Boone youths in Des Moines while taking tires from a parked At First Session Registration for all these onuses may be made this week dur ing the first 7 9 p.m. session. For more information on these courses and others offered as part of the adult education pm gram, people may call Evereli Ritland at CE 3 1320. mothers, it was announced today John Madden and Jim Seim are offering beginning typing.

If 1961. The decline in Sears was believed to reflect a recent sell recommendation from an advisory only Iowa National Guard unit involved in the recent callup. by W. West Talcott, chairman of Sunday Velda Laison. Story car there.

They had in th the YMCA Youth Program Com service which said the issue was City. Today he went to Ft. Leonard enough people show up who want refresher typing, a course can be arranged, they said. session a set of hub caps taken mittee. considerably overpriced.

here the same night. Wood, where the 495th Engineer Combat Battalion is train tlis presentation will be from the perspective of an active layman in the Lutheran Church and a research scientist. Reservations for the luncheon should be made at the YMCA, 231 3841, not later than Tuesday noon. The public is invited to the Forum. Dismissed Sunday Mrs.

Haroia Holm and making the announcement, Leading steels and autos were The owner of the hub caps had Talcott said registration will start Registration Registration for the' typing then to Ft. Sill, to visit mixed featunng a gam ot girl, Mrs. Gerald Miles and boy; his name eny raved on the caps the 41 1th Ordnance Battalion. Bruce Ihompson, Mary Freese. Chrysler, a dip ot 3 in koid and course will be held at 7 p.m.

and Des Moines authorities notified police here. loss of VA in Laughlm immediately and that details of the course are being mailed to the parents oi seventh and eighth grade girls in Ames. Tuesday. Erbe was accompanied on the trip aboard an Iowa Air National Aside from Du Pont, chemicals Mrs. Martha Cott, contract Turner was just released after Guard.

47 by Maj. Gen. Juni showed little change. serving 30 clays in the Polk County Miller, adjutant general, other! The big international oils were Attempted turn; cars collided bridge instructor has extended an invitation for students to bring their favorite bridge partner to learn the Goren method of narrow but among the secondaries, jail cm tire theft. Judge' John L.

McKinney Indiana Demo, military officials, delegations from the home towns of the two units, Amerada and Barber showed los i manished the youths and released ses running close to 3 and Stand Die health education course will consist of four sessions of about one hour each covering appearance, manners and personality; understanding one's mental, physical and emotional changes; finding one's place in society and dating. The YMCA Youth Program Committee has selected men and them to iheir parents. and newsmen including William E. Spicer state manager for United Press International. ard Oil rose a point.

Two cars collided Saturday morning on Sixth St. when one car tried to pass the other, which NEW HOURS Monday thru Friday 9a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. to Noon WILSON'S BARBER SHOP 118 Des Moines Electronics were weak with Tex Students will have the chance to play under supervision, too, she said.

Registration for this course will be as Instruments down over 2 and Tuesday wife victims in home fire VALPARAISO, Ind. (UPI)' George H. Bowers, 59, who gave House Republican Leader Charles A. Hallock a close race in the 1958 congressional elections, died today a fire which also claimed Beckman and Minneapolis Honey well off 1. 4 Wednesday Ice is blamed in car crash was attempting to make a left Thomas Earl Hatfield, 29, 313 S.

Fourth St. was soine west on women to present the material in Mat. from 1:30, Eve. from 7 The noon Dow Jones stock aver a manner that girls of tins age can easily ages were: Industrials 706.59, off Sixth St. and attempted to turn left into his driveway when the Icy road conditions were blam 8.25: rails 146.32, off 0.2S; utilities The health education course is designed to facilitate the normal.

ed for a two car accident at 123.78, off 0.6S; stocks 233.86, off accident occurred. held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the downtown high school. Students may enroll early by calling CE2 5725. For cooks who want to add an artistic touch to their cake baking, Jean Conover will be at the downtown high school tonight Lincoln Way and Sheldon Ave. 1.97.

the life of his wife. counselling relationship of mothe: Following him was Henry Louis rvwrat (n nere sur.aay arxiuc p.m. and daughter in the areas of AJbm, 30, 213 Eighth St. Albin Bowers, Halleck i fh ia rvt Robert Harry Houghtaling, 23, health, sex, and social education. Ames Markets told police he didn see Hatfield's turn signals indicating a and to supplement the teaching in the home, the church, and the Way when his car was struck left turn and attempted to pass from the rear by one driven by Terry Nicholas Anderson, 17, 906 him on the right side at the same time Hatfield began a left school.

Speakers for the Wednesday evening meetings will be Agatha Hue Murray Drive. turn. Anderson told police he was penbecker, professor of textiles There were no injuries and unable to stop because of icy no charges have been filed. road conditions. His 1953 Lin Hatfield's car a 1952 Dodge gressional race by scacely 6,000 votes, and his wife, Dorothy, 57,: were killed in the fire which swept their 20,000 home in the suburbs of Valparaiso.

State police said a fire alarm was telephoned to the Valparaiso operator by a male voice believed to be Bowers. At the same time, the operator told police, the man was calling to his wife to get out of the house. Then the line went dead. Sparks from a burning log in the living room fireplace were thought to have caused the blaze was damaged about $50 on coln suffered about $50 damage to the front. Houghtaling's 1956 Ford suffered about $225 damage CORRECTION Satin Latex Paint was inadvertently advertised in the Diamond Paint Store adr Friday, Jan.

5, as $4.39 a quart and $1.39 a gallon, and should have read $1 .39 a quart and $4.39 a gallon. anad clothing at Iowa State University; Dr. John Doran, Ames obstetrician and gynecologist; Mrs. Arthur Rust, Ames homemaker and Quentin Jenkins, fnciology instructor at Iowa State. Anyone desiring further information shouSd call the YMCA at 231 front.

Ablin's 1957 Rambler was U.S Grade A Large 27 U.S. Grade A Medium 22 U.S. Grade Large 20 Pullet 10 A Small 15 Number Two IB Hogs Top Butchers 16 50 Top Packers 14.50 Grain Corn Oats 69 to the rear. There were no injuries in the accident and no charges were damaged about $75 on the front. BACK TO VIENNA MOSCOW UPlJ Former premier and foreign minister V.

Molotov, who returned here in filed. Soybeans, new tSPECTSA ScOf ft FIRETRAP BURNS MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UPI) seeming disgrace eight weeks ago. is on his way back to his Firemen fought a blaze Sunday All time high score basketball i game occurred Feb. 27, 1059, when the Boston Celtics defeated tile Minneapolis Lakers 173 130.

tavern cauco the Firetrap diplomatic post in Vienna, the Soviet Foreign Ministry said today. inn. MAYTAG Dealer for Ames Home Furniture Appl. 128 L. Way CE 2 623 Plus Colored Cartoon, Horse Special In Color and News AT THE "NEW AMES" TODAY 1 Carroll Baker, "BRIDGE TO THE SUN" TUES.

AND WED. rom 2:30 Daily Full program after 9:40 IfLATORITE FLOUR 25 lb. bag IBUf 1 hjpa With This Coupon iSffl B0RR ALL Sherman Lincoln Way m1 j. TT, ml JP Will Be CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAY Preparing For The Annual JANUARY CLEARANCE Watch Tuesday's Ames Daily Tribune in Eastman COLOR Michael Craig Joan Greenwood Michael CaHarvGary Merrill tra Colored cartoon, "Doggone People" Popcorn, Cold Drink and I Frea Parklnfl Area Candy in Foyer Near Both Theatres!.

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