Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 24, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1942
Page 4
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Pago Six NAUGATUGK DAILY NEWS^ WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 24, 1942 COOPERATION IN 'DRIVE FOR RUBBER SCR APIS URGED Hartford, Juno M~r'[Min Munurw 1 - turor* 'AHAordjvtlon of fionnoollout •iiM.jiiHt mado An urwont pica Tor Mm wholehearted oonporalkw of HM inorfiowH'In oollooUii'K ovory pound af,, available rubhor wirup around fcholr plant* b'M'oro Iho oloso of tho f-ProMldout'* natlon-wldi' oampalKii vtmxt Moda.y, Juno,00lh ( The nppoal wan made through nnti. of Mm as- »o<.'laUon's regular hullnt.ln» on UI led ."IwluMtry Miud Help In Hfrap flolloollnn," whlc-h lo rnoro Mian UOOu and to (oral employers and manufacturers iisrioolatlonM, > SoohiK Ihn!- "I'uturo worker tranw- portallon and Iho war -ItMolf can he lOMt through I'lui fulliiro o-t thta oum- palgn," HIM association ipolntod out. tho wilionl peaMujM I'or coopcraMon HA follows; "Tho Ki'lm ncccM-tlty of aulomo- hilo ami IUIH IrauHportaMon for war workcrM ft« svfll an flic rar-rcimh- JnM' ri'<(iilT»'monlM of war InduMtrleM, demands Miat ovory (JonnorMoiil In- (lunlry parl-lc-lpa-l.t' to HIM fuilcMt extent In the two \V«M;|< HO.rap I'lih hor oollooMon mnnfi/HKn \vhlc-honds i\fonrlay ( ,funo MO, "Tho hlunl Irulh H, accordlnK roporl.H, that, Iho spool .scrap oolldctlori drlvn -In out hadn't produced tijcpootocl r($- aults, with only sovon rnoro duys In go, NV'hllo (InniicoHiuil Iruhwlry hftH iilwayn dono wnll In othoi 1 jrrlvuM 1 In NN'h-lnh It has boon oallod upon to pai't'lolpalo, t-horo is frill I far tfroafor nrhbor noodod -to pub Iho pronont drlvu 'ovor-tho-top. 1 When one oonslclors .lihc fuel that, une pound of our, very llinilod .supply of-' crude r ul> ; -b or o-un 1)0 Htrolchuil up '.to'40 pcu- oonfov more by sorap rubhur Ilku rubber h-oso, utul tires, mats, .-hot water o to',,' It IH easy t.o see that. even the war 'Itself uould -bn easily lost through our Inek of diligence DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 50, Rlvor 6t 20. N«ar > 1, Llttlo lalftiui lower world 23, Cry of pain 0, Permit* 84, Hot and dry 9, Groan DOWN 25. Incline lO.Mlno I. Hinder 20. Story entrance 2, Noluo 27. Disgraced U, To gush out 8,-Woman 28, Pieces of 12,-Bridge house god I?P° lfcl supports 4. Entry 20, Permit!** 14, Female/owl 5, Llok 31. Rude 10, Kgyptian 0, Prepare* for person god publication 33, Therefore 17, Wnsnnre Y, A row 34, Directed • 18. Sum up 8, Foreigner backward 10, Kuoharlfltlo 11, False 35, Challenge voBtmonltt 13, Ghostlike 37, Rebuff 10. A con- 38. Hanging ' federate loose . ;| 1 1 , .so raip.;b cil I c u M o n ,- Y .Oaa' the 'success of 'this 'campaign .! ilou-Utloss as-st'ire. Drjo'iliiioUiirtj'trbiri-'iio.' Hiil'I'lolunt rotroads fcxr-'Urcs-to keep 1 ail Tvecessary 'war 1 ' workera 1 cars ' for ut least - ; '-u year v or- more while at' tho sumc- , tho rising demands' i'or - rubber in •tanks, trucks, flg'hlur and 'bonihor. pianos, ships and .-many o th'oi 1 '- n.tfc-;-; owsary war l.tenis.' 1 . • • •• ; - r ^s " HYPHENS (Norfolk' Virginia Pllol) . ; The hyphen- -is Hhe .scourge //of. the HJngllsh language. H Is'W^ar- bltrary an -the boss, 1 as (uiprlblous : ns the; 'girl fr I end,'; /'as ' unpr'odlct- 1 able' as the Dodgers,. 'You' cair ; bot, anrl win, nil; night :-bn tho sj: of weok-end; 1f - You • can '• WHY THINK 9 AlOUTFUNIftAUf TNH J.wt foresight rhav provlcli* Insurance thould bo shown in Jelecdntf * funwl director, Do you know the f«ponilbll* Ity which may be yours? Through our membership In NATIONAL m«CT»D MOHTI- CJAN3 tv« offer, wldiou( obli|M« lion, » valuable booklet— "YOUR ," which clUcuiiei i, ftelliflM »nd nrvlcii you h*»t a r^ht to expect, Ask us for your free copy, JUNMAl HOMI, INC f Av«, 301 Mt*^«w St, 21, roply 22, Pronoun «3. Moroly 24, Past 25, Fomlntno rmmo 20, Journey 27. Cut 20, Supernatur al being 1 30. Chop Into Hinull pieces 31. Impudent 32. Inject 33. Inflftruccl «pot 34. Rback (ftbbr.) 3fl. Bolonglng to mo 37. Top of 'building 3d, Sheltered side 30, Comfort' 41. Muslonoto 42. Aw»y 43. Arran^o In decorative folds 45. Infer t7, Hnulod 48, Sh«rU 40, Auction 40, Feminine name 44, Female sheep 46. Witty saying Ph. D. by aHking^hjiYr t.o'^rjte^or-; •rcotly, >; "Tho (jiilbk : <;4bvown "^fox. .lumns over the'out.. ',hurncdV ; n T& % m T 75 PT m m m »2 <Q Jumps over the wbjmT-'out.,', out, out-over land." : > ,So • jnuoh' .l'or ; -tho theory o{ the -hyphen. /> i; -• V^ • . And so ; It Is\that ^viipiv the '-'war' adds another' Jn -fii^iong words to oui 1 -•lariii'i'ia'ge • H dln)-out n —tho American- j-peopidj .ohafautorlstloal \y- • an.d > .oomriTond-',' ably lake the. 'llborty ''6f omWjfrg-j that annoying |>lt',=• -.of.- typogi'iiphXii and 1 writing ,lt;. ^dliinoiut" (asSv^Jn-.' "mahout").^ It:-''•ltfo)c*.; i ^JI^le/ v ->/cjtl(i>; at II rs I. a n r 1 f o 116 w Ing. L11 o u.sti 'gd^ ; S^ts of v Twins Ta Be 1 Graduated . --g.ul.noy, -Mas«.'?\iuhc ^'i— (UTf).— ' "Parents canOje pardoned if they think they're- seeing double at tonight's- .North - Quincy ' high school: graduation ; exercises'.- yoh ^ r qiiai'tet of ; :^twins!iaro ;ambng the , 3-11; seniors who, will 'ocoiv.o -tncilr ' diplomas. The four s e l,s ' o i' ' . t\v i n s . a r e ID o r o thy and hyllis jiurns, . John "and, Vincent hillv ifai'ry and Margn'ret ; By- ji>i?kmnii arid' Eleanor and Virginia ' ' ' ' I HA^KFFff llrliJ JLiljljlv Wehster's^'ii should be something :J3ut:: let-. IV stand. ; It- Ignores -the Jiy phen}; And ignorlng that ty ran t j^r-ifr, hittn^ul achievemeht. V • :ind of hoarding'.Js eri.cour- .(•jby ;the;;government; -thatV'of savings -bonds ancl stomps.. • ^'^jih';,careful usage,' Jh all. prbb- al^i ; l;lty^a vast majority of "tire's now ;wil.l Remain''" serviceable 'this rcoomrnemlod 'by ,uye,'o.n^il^jjbbniljl.^ 'be 'Ton lt dh-n-hr.oodlng n l;o:': u dlrn T yc)Ho>;y u -Jrli^clorTinnd^or; tires. „,..,.. ,..,.. , and'many'of them s^yeral : years .longer. 'Some will give p|rt pi 1 , coiirso, but before many of' i:h%n (1 o, • w ft'y s a n d " in e n n s will "found to supply the •Ral-eigh, N.' 0., June 2'4—(UP)— .• William Dudley Pelley, the one-timo Fascist, Silver Shirts leader, has lost; an appeal to the' North Carolina supreme • court. It .has rejected his plea from a state prison term for violating conditions of a prior suspended 1 sentence. That makes him 'liable., for a l,wo-to-throo year prison term. But he also is .facing .federal charges'-.of'sedition. The quosMon of whether he'll- serve his time or go on'trial on tlie sedition charges has not yet been decided. Pedestrians and motorists should ho especially careful during the all-out war effort—-loss .of. life- from preventable accidents of any Jclnd must be avoided. Past records show thai, a large ; percentage of traffic accidents occur between jntersections. , In 1041, more than 28 per cent of tho pedestrians killed and over 114 per cent of those injured wore attempting to cross between Jntcr- sectioi,is. . , : ' For safety,. stay on the sidewalk until you come to'the corner. SGOTTS SGRAf> BOOK ^,i,««H O » »,»«<>«. ByRJ.SCOTf IS ALMOST THE SWAU.EST OF THE SftRS»IHfc, 365 ISLANDS - »M CLEW BA.Y, DAV MILES ^ SHRIKES »n t -frit OlY A CLASSIFIED AD IN THE DAIL| NEWS .... RESULTS ARE CERTAIN! By PAUL ROBINSON CHYI»TO<JtfOTE—A cryptogram quolntlon A55M KPMWMDAVW, AZM SVHVDJ W B QA Y A X S Y T A Z M E Z Y S M K X W A — O X P- ,fi 0 S M, - Ve»teri1i*y ( » Orypt<X|Uotoi POSITIVENES3 IS A GOOD QUALITY FOR PREACHERS AND TEACHERS—SWIFT. DUtrlbiitod by Klntf H'oneuro* SynUlcato, Inc. Consult Classifications Bejow For Profit. Watch Them Daily i ( Announcements '•: boon lost. Any porsou having icialrriH 'oh said book IH nallnd upon to proMonl. Ilin name lo tim , : bank within two monlhH or tlm .-Humo book will no doolarorl own- celled and oxtlnnulHhod, and n n«w ono iHHiied \n llou thereof. Initod at iNauxaluoU, Conn., June 'A IM2, July 7 Jiml yl, Employment J7 ,Wrn Wantml WANTHI)— Cltti'k to work In IIIUP- k«'t, Musi ''huVn, rfonu.! knowindHU of delivery anil MahwrnariHlilp. A«l- llox S, In oai'n ol' 'Phn Ncw«, tun HIM! • wlillo «lo|j, -tall, Wi'll'lnilnrd. ownur eall' ;HM>, KAHII.Y I.NSTAI.IiKI) Slip Joint MavoH Through I On foot header IMpo l»» foot All' MllliiKM In HlooU Extension laddorn , ...from $P,W) up J()IIN ,1. C.AMIUJMi iV SONS, , IN<!. 231 SpriMK St. I'hono UM^ 0-'211-1 mo Merchandise ,'i KOOMiS BHAND NIOW :i« 1 UKNITUWE , . , $130- KASY TKMMS KITH IH lh« outHtandlng valno In town, Almost unbollovahlo ; M rooms of riirnltur*! for only .HI.'W, Inolinlnn Hmlroom out lit, hiving Uoorn outlll and Kllohmi, SVo huvo only n fusy ouLlltH tn HOll- at this Jil'lou HO early, a HuOM OUTl-MT Business Service \Vanlixl to Hondor Hervlco SKVICHAL bai'dultiH In (food u.stxl New -MusUj Hhoj), J02 Ura-nd' SI,, Watr-rhury. Dial MIJCCTIUCAL AND KAIHO MMPAIHS I,()\VCN| I'osslhln SWAN Ki.iotrriuc, no, Ghupoli Slroot 1 NOW Is tlie thnn to storo your fur conl, IMok up and <l^llvt\r,v .s(jrvl<!<>. Also foi» tho host dry dUsaninfj, tolo- (iii All VV. H 101! All DM So. Main St, J.lno of llnby'H ('I'll)*, niattroHMOM and wtr- IOWCM!. prlwin In Um t'lly, The Radio Shop, IHO Omul M trout, 'VVatorhury, ^U-'t.f. JIAOIC) 810UVIOIO --DONM HY MXPKUTS l.r, WOHK OUAHANTMKl) .fOf.;K(JTRT(J 00. 8 Church Slroot Km- Prompt Hnrvlno Moial Ooi Cfotlertf, hnadHrH, 'IMnnlfix. hoofing and Kuruaou Work JAMWS BAKIilH ttt, Auto* , Clonn. Nwl« :.'10;JU Stalo Poltiuj Uur, Tudor , .,, 1^,000' inllnM ..... ,, 10-10 f.lnooln Xophyc ifMD Sliulohakr-i' Sodan, , .#875,00 1MQ I'Vircl I -Ton KXPI-HHH KiTU-OJ) .'. 19,'W Kord 1-Ton !Slftko,,,.Wil(>,00 Many othor Kxanpllolnal, f.ow Prlnod flu I'M, TIIK NAIJOATUCK Fim CO, 't7 <5hiii'(!b st, Phono r»a O aro not "ordinary UWM! UUPM" ,'. , . but HiilomnblloH Itnit 'havn b«T<u '.fhoi'oiiKhly ohnukml and I'conmll- tloncd rnr llio miration I - Packard-Watorbury, Inc. "A SAW) PfiAOM TO Hf/Y" 182 WflJ.flrf.wvn AvfHmo Dial /i (JOMPIiM An> you movlf»K Into ono ol 1 tho new llOllH'H? II' HO, HIU) thl.M "Df. 1 " .'i room outfit. Wo huvo uaru- fully piM'purcfl and Holuotdfl M lovely i, HHpoelally I'or "clet'oiiNo \vork or«." I'JvorythtiiK oomploto—-'I rooms -•hodrooin, Living IU)om and Kltoh- f»Tl. I'MUOK STOHAdl'!— AND DKIilVMIU' Alborl'H Ftit-n, Oo tJ Wtl.y, 2(18 youth Main St, Phono 4-MI44 Mar, Train or HUM oxponno refunded on purohnHn of olthnr outllt, STlD-VVMIOK ,08 .98 ahln Odd Kltohon TabloH Fv M ?! IJ ff •Iti*llll1l<ll44 (ihalr.M ,,,.,.. .'l-po. I/lvliiK lloom Snllu (V!) Metal KM) O'l'IIKM TIIKIKT ITWMS TO SKIiKflT I'MlOMI THiUI'TV'-.. - SHOP AT Til 10 ANN.ICXI IJ'IV'S A-NNIOX I Oil Mmulow Hlroot Wnlorlmry Klootrlo M'OWKH DM, IMMINKM 'JVJii North Main ^-('. Mil A MMITKIJ TIMK YOU CAN IMMlCflASI-; A NVKSTINflllDUSK AUTOMATIC 1 , r)OMKSTKI APPMANGK U« fJnifUl SV, Wiilorlmry, Dial SERVICE On all nmkoH of refrlgoralorH and wftHhopH, modtirato prloeH. ' Nfc)W'-KNnr,ANrj MUSIO SJIOP m nr/ind MI, Dim 8-0930 KUHNITUHK COMPANY n, .c;or. Uolu, MfrilwlMiry ' ' ' C-WOrno, MUSIC * HKGOUUINO. STUDIOS- AM l»Htrumofil.« Taught, HooorUs Mado AH Low AH g&7 So, Mftlu St, J?ol. 4-1667 72 ETTA KETT MEAN THAT •REMEMBER ME- T.NT JONES/ I'VE C30T EVfef?/ LOVE 'HI,SOLDJIZ/' Hows me LirrtE |NJCENDlA(2Y EVEN THAN IN THE By ROBERT STORM SECRET AGENT X9 15 A PROPELLER! WITH OTHER CONCEALED PART$,n V/ILL A£$EMBt-EP INTO A BOMBER — AH MlUUTEB LATER THAT LOAD OF 5TOW£D IN THE you CATTLE ON -mie INNOCENT By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRA BRICK BRADFORD If SPEAKS TO ME INTHE LANGUAGE OF-THEGODS-.THQUGM-l OOMOT UNDERSTAND ITS WORDS,/ ISN'T IT PRETTY? LET ME 5HOW YOU ITS MAGIC - I TURN THIS TINY WWEEL - GODDESS AMALA V PROTECTRESS BESIDES/1 HAVE MAGIC CWAR , AREN'T YOU AFRAID HERE IN THE JUNGLE/ALONE? BARNEY OOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH saa ac HE WliZ TOO RUBBIN' RAKGAfeOO'5 VE 3AV- POT THEN VIS ON V^rtAT VE WOULD MOST i-OME TD I"M 1 I'VE G\VEt4 0TVE5R Qrt PROMOTION' — HOPP OF A ALt. VE GOT TO DO '' TAll> '• GENERAL VAE DANNV HROVs/ GUARD-HOUSE Copr »942. King Pcaiure* Syndicate, Inc., WorW nRht» r«»erved. '• LES FORGRAVE BIG SISTER SHE HAD STARTED OUT COURSE/ HER MONIES BEYOND WMERE?,WWICH r THAT GIRL WOfrJ'T. P|ND \T*O EASV TO <5IVE ME Tv^e 6L1P THIS TIME.THAT IS, IF SHE COMES THI$ VVAV AGAIN. Ht'U MAKE THATT MUGG& AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHO ,W ^ $ KIICVMAN'S 78 C.huntn Slrrot, Nnufjntuck IJOT U.s Put Vour Lawn 'Mowor in Hhiipo I'or Iho season. Mowers Hhurponed, repaired, cto. Gall for and delivery service, Melbourne's Sorvloo Station, Itubbor nvenuo, Telephone 3420. <i-7-tf IIUSINKS'S .SICMVICIO lOlnotrolux Cllonin.!r. Snrvlon ntirl rc- pnlrn. Calltjri for and ••delivered. Phoiui I. NlrtHnn, 4822, C-9-lmo.x CASH I'Ain-Foi' UHOtl Hleeti-lo I'l'Ujc'i'al-orH. fli'uvuson ^ SI inn, North Mal-ii St, Dial- 3-2505, Water- hury. «>-!)-1.1' Real Estate For Sale Fop.'-Sale. FOIl SAI.H—An Jl-rooni .two-fninll.v house, ono-iuir garago, extra large lot, A.-1 'oondlllon, located In Union Olty. Prhip $fl,000, Also hoaiit.lful huildlng lot with' all ImnrovomentN and oollnr nlrotuly dug, !\ hargaln nt $700. on North Moadlny Htront. If you WAI 11. to buy-or soil'-or build, Hoe Patny Iiftbrlolft, Hoaltor. Phone 3458 o K)M SAIJ'J— lltiiMffiloyv or 5 all IrnprovumontH Inoludlng hoi wutor jinul. ami oak trim. $4,f>00. New 4-rooiri modern ))ungalow, $r),fK)0, Brand now modern /i-room house with 2 extra rooirm un- MnlHhod, $0,000, Klvo-room modern ono-fumlly house,. ii lots, $(1,000 15-room H-fariilly'house. A-l con dltlon. Centrally located, $9,000, -A Shnplny, Tolophonn 4 >4an. For Rent Real Estate niulTinirnionts FOll SALIC~i8 room 2 family house, all hnprovomontaj 2 ear garage lai'Ki^ lol, Prloo RHOO,. , IBoaoon Kall.s, 12 room 2 funjlly houso, all ImprovomcritH, steam heat, 3 car ^ara^e, oonlrnlly located,... For a (jnlok flnlo, prloo only |3,fK)0. A, Shoploy, Tel, 240?). 4-22-t.f. TO HlilNT —Two iloiihlo furnished rooms, Kltoho'n prlvitogOK, If de- Hired. Apply u>t 200 Soott Htrnot. . G-18-dGx. TO IIICNT — \ 11 room ooMufjo, IIN-- rumlHhnd In Molhwiy, routo on,. $25, ('., Trlobol, call Now Havon,-

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