The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLTC, (AUK.) COUKIER NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, Louis Stops Dorazio In 2nd; Chicks To Jonesboro i ^^^ ^^ • . . •• . • • ' . mm . • . .. *- . __ * . ' 1S,9Q2 Persons VVatch Champ Score Knockout By JACK CUDDY United Press StalY Correspondent PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 18. (UPJ—Thc "Philadelphia Story" about Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis is this: Bomber Joe'looked unexpectedly bad in doing unexpectedly good,-, thus causing' challenger Hilly Conir's .stock to rise j several points. • f Louis knocked out Gus Dorazio last night in the second round before 15,902 cash customers at Convention Hall, setting a record for indoor boxing crowds in Philadelphia and a similar record for the $57.552 gate. When the Brown Bomber achieved his 14th successful title defense at 1:30 of thfi second round, he surprised most experts who had figured Unit the squat, dark haired Vhila- delphia challenger would last Juniors Bes Osceola In Tournament 27-2?- «•/ 4 ••—' •* Lott Spills Mexicans Hug Beats Red Jimmy Lutt's agility and lit-in- ability to butt an opponent into .submission had given the yrim Ahibaman another victim today, and n capacity wre.stlmg audience was happy with him in vengeful glee, Coach John Ed James' Blythe- j Qvpj . down r fl jj of lne Mexican Mndcap, Carlos Rodnque?, of Mexico ville Papooses held their nfth vic- toi-y in 13 junior high school basket- City, whom the muscular Loit phim'd in the main event of Promo tei 1 ball games today after nosing Os- i Mike Meroney's weekly card at ilu» Legion Hut last night. ceola, 27 to 22, for the third time The busy Lott, \vho won the Uva* tills sea.son at Osceola yesterday two falls of his rematch against Today's Sport Parade By HENttY M.LtLMORK alternoon. Feature of the contest was a •'Corridan" by Forward .lames V«st of ihe Klythevillcr squad, who wont th«^ wronx way umt madft a sucocssl'til field shot for Osveola. duard Charles Roush paced the j j,^^ winners with a six-point total on a j Butts Foe Tnto Post field goal and four charity tallies, j Watson led the lowers with six Rcdrlciuefc In and, out of points. A total of 20 fouls were, j^,. ,-t ve mhiutes of the fin Hodrique/., i-ye-^ottging, back-ham- meriny 212-pounder, after Rod look tlie opMiing lull \vilh has oUi annlook-kidney punch, packed, fu- I'ioiLs action into Lhe final two minutes of the brawl before applying a surtboard for the finis 1 11 BISEBIL OFFER Golden Cloven Go To Memphu Meet Tomorrow Memphis' annual amateur boxing classic, the Mid-South Golden 'Gloves tournament, opens tomorrow night' at Gasion Community Center for a three-day program after all entrant, 1 ; from eliminations meets are weighed in tomorrow afternoon and pairings are made. From Blytheville'.s tournament for Arkansas and .southeast Missouri Will go 10 fighters, fovir in i.hi? Open class and six in the Novice division, ready 10 shoot, rights and lefts for the right to Dildymen Sharp For Cage Scrap Joe Dildy and his Blytheville Chicks have been piling up victory I after victory on the basketball court the past few weeks—eight in a row—with one aim, to become "sharp" enough to go over to Johesboro on the night of Feb. 18 and hand the siaie champion baskelballers a Mi ^ S ? mh nmatevu- ^ } he boxing at least three or four sessions. Louis revealed in this historic first round thai'he no longer had the co-ordination of youth. He shewed that he was off on his timing and judgment of distance, until Dorazio's own hell-for-leather carelessness in the second session made the challenger a ready target that even a novice could have tagged. ' Louis "tagged him then all right, proving, at~)easi. that ihe Detroit Negro still has his brown-lightning punch. Louis hit him with ^_ the hardest straight he has thrown •£jg since he smacked rugged Paulino b*??'- to the canvas before Joe became " ^champion. Louis, whose record of 41 knock!§*/ outs in 49 previous professional " ~|5 bouts stamps him as the most de- 7, tructive puncher the heavyweight ^"division ever knew, tried to estab- i^T lish a brand new record for speedy knockouts in a heavyweight championship fight,' . He tried to put Dcrazio away more quickly than the l;04 of" the first round he achieved in his second battle with Max Schmeling. And the .great Louis should have teen geared to accomplish this, OJ at least approach it, against a mediocre opponent like Dorazio Because never in the history .of heavy'.•.champions was a title- LOS ANGELES, Feb. ' 10. i.UPj — Putting tlu- .sport shot here and there: The baseball writers here i'or spring training chores are refusing to give up on Benny McCoy, the celebrated $65,000 rookie of 1950. . . .'The wiser heads seem to agree, that Benny was trying too hard Curing his tirst season with the Philadelpira Athletics and that this year it will be a different story . . . They say the youngster lias all :he necessary equipment, cnlled. Th«i juniors tentatively an* scheduled lo play at Dell Thui-sday night [n a preliminary to tne Blytluivillf: Chicks-hell Devils game, and .will participate tn the- district junior high tournament at l y arugould Friday and Saturday. Pairings for the tourney had not been announced today. The lineups and summaries: Bly Jn» ('17) \ Osceola (22) The American Legion will hear a He had scrambled around wilh . baseball proposal tonight at its! . . . t the rin* ! reiyuiar weekly meeting" with Joe 1 «hftmptoiLShips at Chicago -next •inal set-u> ! Bertig, president, of the Northeast weeK-awaUhig winners 01 regional ! before suddenly grabbing the Mex- \ Arkansas professional league, and 101 ll>neys head and butting it into :i j -an interested group of fans from • nlf - in " jst, then holding him again< 1 Caruther.sville expected to attend. the Memphis the ropes ami butting" him in UH- midriff tin-ice. Then came the Commander G. R. Carter told the Courier News today that; his j application that resulted in the ! opinion concerning ihe proposal of ; uunishine surfboard and the night's i the League 10 secure the St. Louis Cardinals' franchise here would be favorable only if a "sale of season tickets" plan could be worked out. It was thought, likely today thaD the Legion would take the base- I'lay.-r Stone, f \\'u ITCH, f Vest, f [£ ft pf| 1'lnyi-r L 1 IJMomiw. i 1 0 J|ChiU-s ( :t o oivvntson, t 0 0 0 1 Wilson, f ».<f 0 0 15 1 t 2 :» o o 001 but thai he simply hasn't learned to relax .... Whatever ^became of my candidate for the Notre Dame job —I'at O'Brien . . . Incidentally, Frank . Leahy is remembered in. South Bend as a hard luck boy. lie suffered at least four distinct and separate injuries in three years and was forced to Rive-up the sport entirely after :hait' .of his final term. .../•• If Joe Louis' continues his present bout-a-week schedule within 10 i years any rmin who can't lell his children he fought, for the world heavyweight championship at least once will be a social outcast. . . . The Alice Marble-Don Budge and Hou.'hln. c 2 0 1 Tboruo, c (c) 2 0 0 e 20 U'HaHmsfr. tf I <> -t ji 1 -1 3 j May field, i? 2 3 2 , P 0 0 01 i; (o) 1 0 Oi X 001! i'. f 0 0 '• | n. K 0 0 01 Totals 11 1'oluJs .1 11 fifth of a second .shy of beinjt the fastest ever recorded and if the diminutive Notre Dame lad continues to improve some smart promoter will goi rieh quick by signing him .for a match race with Miolaml or Bhnelech. ... punishing work was clone. Jimmy took the seeond tall with three vicious flying 4 tackles and a body press after eight minutes of aetion. The first fall went (o Kod in 10 minutes, following a. first round session of toe-to-toe slugging that brought liloexl to Rodrique 1 /.' mouth and nose. ' A preliminary between the Irish Angel. 215-pound New Yorker, side whiskers and all, and Wild Red Roberts of Little Rock, gave the ball proposal into executive- committee meeting and possibly agree to sponsor raising of the necessary $'3,5GO on that basis— but not If the proposal demands raising of the money from a small group of business .men here. The city must pledge $3,500 before a franchise is allowed here fcr entrance into the Class D Jimmy Lunsford, unopposed here, as Open heavyweight king, oj this sector, will weigh 212 when he. gets into the rhi£ agaimt his first opponent. Blytheville fans expect him to be the national championships' representative from Memphis and Blytheville. Other Open entrants from this area are Jennie Clark, middleweight. Black Fish Lake; Carthel Hyde, welter, Blytheville, and Stanley Hancock? Jr., classy flyweight from Leachville. Novice winners here are Edward Edds, lightheavy, ' Blytheville George Pruitt, middleweight, Armorer, Cleatus Neel, welter, Leachville; Vaughn Stevens, lightweight Finals matches will be run off eastern toughie a victory in straight \ league. Of that amount. $1.000 falls, both pins being accomplished [ gees to the league office as a via the "bear hug" route. Get Sinkcy Next Week I ticn all season; the remainder lo; Promoter Meroncy announced insure payment of operating ex-1 . thit Charles Sinkcv former Mis- penses along with $2.500 to be fur-|f b Memphis Fndaj night, and a tnat urniuei, »mM.>, IUMI" -^ 1 .. . . , pqrriinnls ilarge number of looal fans plan sissippi wrestler now living here ( "i^-^eci oy tne uaunnajb. and well-known to Blylhevlllc- i Meanwhile the league appeared patrons of the wrestling art as "The ! to be expanding into a six-team Battling Barber," would return j °^m,aticn ._ that. ^. plans _ work Jcking in their'own bailiwick. This is Feb. 18 and win qr lose,*the Chicks are going over to the back. yard of the champions for a try at the fast-breaking, well- drilled Hurricane. Only one team has been able to defeat the Jonesboro quintet, this season—which, makes it seem like a huge task for anyone to attempt. And the sad first meeting of the two squads this sea.son, like most other years when the two perennial rivals meet on the hardwoods, ended in a 75-32 trouncing by Jonesboro over Blytheville. Chauee 1'or Chic-ks Jonesboro has been hexed all season by the infallible Beebe five, undefeated in 22 contests and lone victor over the champions. In fact, Beebe ha.s . played Jonesboro four i Limes this season and won on each occasion. With Big Bo Coppedge throwing the sphere with more and more confidence and accuracy at the basket, ' the locals have picked themselves up from the depths of obscm-ity in the basketball world into a position as possible upset- ters tonight. With eight straight triumphs under their collective beks. the Chicks are moving dowiir The Starters STARTERS—1-14 Probable starting lineups for| the Jonesbbro-Blytheville basketball game at Jonesboro tonight: BlyihevlUe Pos. Jonesboro Uoyd F Daughert'j Doziev P McOafJ Coppedgt- C Cannon] Mosley G Shannon! Besharse G Seller.^ and have participated in only laj contests. But the locals have come along! fast, and indications are that nl battle is in siore tonight at Jones-l Canuhersville; Ray Simpson, ban-j court well, passing accurately and «n C , a ,.o»V 0 o b Vr jTifo"^ 111 ,^! 'fnn^'tam, Trumann. and Trov Scott, with a new zone defense, might be guarantee that the club will func- „ ^ ^,^ n - able lQ slem the ude Qf Jonesboro buckets. Blytheville Handicapped The champs know only one method of play, to break fast and ! out-score opponents. Past forwards worked many sneaker plays for out, will be a well-knit loop worth ' ' . . , . , . ( .,,„ ci ,^f i! ,_ :,, UHL, u uj ui: u vvcu-rviuu luuij \vuiuit • to .ring duty for the ; f retime .ml Blvtheville. Dickie [several months against Rodnquez j Km ^ ythe viiie' S former bU ' next Monday night. Yaqui Joe, the * , ith} t revealpd tha t A new sport, locally is the racing leg . hold specialist from Sonoru. ^ gu * P.Jf T L"f '. U e aske 1 him of miniature automobiles . . . The . ^ exk(X will langlc - with Ployd 1 J%^f° fla ^g^* rmn cliS «.-,,... o..« rt.ii., 10 iofhot. in^.r vnt • . . „ _. . , .,. ...M., i L0 -^ Le "- » pwce 101 a laun ciuu Co. professtona! bavmtorming tour „ p 1,. " hVo^Tu one «U1, the •r- nr>* /-Ironn nrv^VMT nc miinn IM1<!1- I ' cars are only 12 inches long yet Byrcl of -Birmingham. Ala., wild. I they have been timed over GO miles , r o ugtl< scrapper who has appeared ' un hour on a saucer track . . . Each car runs separately and when is not doing nearly as much business as anticipated . . . The one sure fire way for tthe troupe to lure in the cash customers would be to ponents. A new high In race track aUbLS'Wns reached at Santa .holder more carefully sharpened. | match Alice against Bill Tilden Despite this unprecedented prep-1 i jis t e ad. of her usual feminine op- aration. Louis went into the ring slightly over-stuffed at 203 V^ pounds.- the , heaviest .he 'ever weighed for a title defense. When his right smacked into the Philadelphia Italian's chin. GvJ: wilted forward as if he had been shot, with a big-game gun, tind sprawled forward on his face en the canvas. ..There he remained \vhi!c-Referee. .Irving Kutcher fastest time takes the pot Some numbers cost as high as $175 apiece. . . . Maybe Pai O'Brien can go- to Boston College. . . .If he does. I've got a good sleeper bet for the here before, in the opener. Annually, the United States ex- fcr them, and the New York Yankees may sponsor a team. HIALEAH/ Feb. 18. t UP)— Warren Wright's Wliivlaway. leading pends SlOO.OQO.nOO for mean- money-winning juvenile 'of las« descent lamps, and $1.000.000,000' —» - —--— ^ >- <•— for the power to burn them. Warner Brothers job. Age i!ilfcfl;--jbn Saturday when a jockey ^ne doesn't make Connie Mack explained that his 3-5 shot finished fourth because she was "sulking" . . . Getting back to tennis, my pe: court reporter tells me that the. .sUle .of-rackets has fallen off 40 per cent over 1939 in Southern California and that if the decrease the marvel he is. Just name me one j other man in baseball who Ls a j combined field manager, office manager, business manager, scout.. coach, and owner Mack Ls .runted him 'out. When he was continues it will be up to badminton n-vived; m his corner, he asked, to keep, the sporting goods com"What happened? 'Is it really -panics solvent. . . .There is ap- mort 1 of a one-man show, than Jimmy Sav'o. For the 17th i even hit me." straight year the Pittsburgh Pirates are heading west and for the nth straight year the advance pub- . 'VYtmb Iiauyeueur i» »L. itiuij r~ — - = : -,r ic" "nil wn >i^nr1 it- iiiyt nnp ever' I'-donl remember that he parently no reason lor the slump liwty »••> - wl ( .^c need LS just one c\.ei. aont . ^^ ^^ .^ ^^ cnQUgh ^ lllcre good plt chcr" . . . and it is glamour figures left in to J u ?t a strue now as it was in 1923. The Pirates have good fielding and good .hitting and with just one 15- i game f linger could send Larry j.McPhail scurrying right back to I his Angels '..'.. stimulate the public. I don't just know when ihe lad will begin receiving' his proper amount of attention, but little GV-CK Rice is fast becoming' one 01 Ihe greal runners of all time ... His last effort at two miles was just a Mote to anybody—Where Ls my wrist-watch? ... Soccer Indoors Demands Better Playing Surface NEW YORK. Feb. 17. (NBA). —After an experimental triple- header there, it is agreed indoor soccer demands a better playing surface than that provided by the terrazzo' floor of Madison Square Garden. Terrazzo is too hard to fall on ... too slippery. .Severe Injuries were numeroiis. Experts say that to make the game n success, either a wooden floor, such us Is provided for basketball, should be hud. or else a layer of tanbark should be sprinkled on the surfaxv. : season and a serious threat . for Aeronautic Expert, 70, Takes Flight Lessons CHICAGO (UP) — Melville B. Wells, 70-year-old aeronautics pro- lessor, is taking up now what he has taught others to do for 25 years—he is learning to fly "to keep in step with an air-minded America." Individual scoring honors amom the Blytheville Chicks basketball squad members still belong to Bel Coppedge with 180 points in i:. games for a 13.8 point average. s\ check revealed today. Monk Mosley passed the 100-1 point mark last week and nov.l has 108 points for second best aver-;j age of 8.2. Sonny Lloyd has 9'] .Doints- easy-seeming setups in the early-i Individual averages include:season tilt here as Jonesboro won j Player as it pleased over the locals, and i Lloyd I'os. G FG FT TP Pll F 13 37 20 94 It] have worked the same system | Harris against all opponents but Beebe. 1 Dozier Blytheville's greatest disadvantage Spradley will be its woeful lack of reserves j Stacy and, despite the fact that the I Carawav Dildymen have played a fairly heavy schedule the past few weeks. Wells, associated with aviation a short schedule that limits experi- sirce its infancy, is director of the ence and poise. Jonesboro's five has , civilian pilot training program fit j been idle very little, playing two three-year-old honors this year, i tne Armour Insttute of Technol- j weekend games and usually a raid- was given his final prep at Hialeah ' - - - - - - Park today before starting in the $20,000 Flamingo Stakes Saturday. ogy. week clash each week since before Atkins Weathers Coppedge ; Stafford Mosley Trusty Besharse F-C F F 3 1 F 13 33 F 13 31 F 2 0 F 9 5 3 1 2 1 0 2 3 69 11 72 i:j o o n 0 10 0 2 o 2 n Read Courier News want ads. i Christmas, while-the locals began Ross i only after the first of this year Smith C C G G G G G 13 82 16 180 3H 5 13 9 13 13 0 17 2 0 0 2 : 26 108 3 0 0 7 41 r ST. LOUIS, Feb. 18 (UP)—Vice President Branch feiiikey of the St. Louis Cardinals said today that Holdout Johnny Mize, slugging first-baseman, would return here for a salary conference on Saturday.' 1 The Cardinals now have signed 2P of their 38 players. Five, Including: Catcher Gus Mancuso, Outfielders E s t c 1 Crabtree and Coaker Triplett, Infielder Frank Crespi and Pitcher Mum' Diekson. signed yesterday. The Cardinal baUerymen open training at St. Petersburg next Monday. Infielders and outfielders will report Feb. 27. Feb. 18 (UP)—Manager Bill Terry of the New York Giants said today that he had wired two of his holdouts — Catcher Hank Danning and In fielder Joe Orengo —a more favorable offer in an attempt to bring them to terms for 1941. Terry- said that he had told Danning to "dash here or lose out." and indicated that he had opposed raising his salary but President .Horace Stoneham and Treasurer Leo Bondy had done so. Grengc's contract called for S2.- 000 more. HAVANA, Feb. 8 (UP) — The Brooklyn Dodgers treated the first spring training injury of the season today as Veteran Pitcher Freddy FitzsLmnions nursed a bruised right heel. 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