Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 25, 1957 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 25, 1957
Page 15
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Saturday Evening, May 25, 1957. SOCIETY Logan Council, Daughters of America, will meet Monday evening at 8 o'clock at the club rooms with Erma Walls, councilor, presiding. Each member is asked to bring an article for the auction, and all officers are asked to be present. Reports will be given and plans made to attend the state meeting in Indianapolis in June. A social hour will follow the business meeting. -ft- Charity Division 4, G1A Ladies, met at the AFL hall Thursday afternoon for a business meeting at which time plans were made for the GIA to B. of L. E. annual basket picnic at Riverside park July 25. The next meeting will be a dinner June 13. -ft— Juanita McCloskey dismissed "the club and refreshments were served by the hostesses to the 32 members and guests attending. Guests were: Mesdames Doro- Ihy Taylor, Dudley Frey, Hecks, Helen Homburg, Thelma Pince. Clara McCloskey, Wayne Chambers, Ruth Cable, Mary Diilman, Kalhryn Carson. and Frances Gross. • JL The SU James Lutheran Service Guild convened Tuesday evening, at the Parish Building, 9lh and Spear streets wiih Mrs. Norman Kiesling, president, presiding at the business meeting. The hymn, "Faith of Our Fathers," was sung and a prayer offered by Pastor Alfred C. Gerni. Mrs. Leland Smith, chair- TQU Phi Lambda, Ivy Grove Enjoy Joint Dinner Meet A mother-daughter dinner was enjoyed Wednesday evening at the Wheatland avenue Methodist church by" 80 members and guests of Alpha Kappa chapter, Tau Phi Lambda, and Ivy Grove 41, Supreme Forest Woodmen's circle. Mrs. Evelyn Marler registered Ihe guests who were presented with pink carnation corsages by Mrs. Leah Nies and Miss Mary Ellen Booher as they entered. Dining tables were decoraled _, c i ~" "' " " ~......... ^..«ji- ; with candles and bouquets of white ... .•..,. ora - s ^ nk ' assisted hy, man of the nominating committee,; and lavender pompoms with wL • Mf "1 ' onerL L" ned the: assisted by Mrs. Alex Butch and j favors being "Apron" nut cups in What Next class of the West j.Mrs. R ay Houk, presented a slate an array of spring hues. Broadway Presbyterian church O f new officers for 1957-58 which Wednesday'afternoon wilh 16 mem- was accepted. New .officers (or bers and two guests present. Mrs. Jessie Thomason offered the devotions with "The Greater Book" as the topic. The Sunshine collection was taken by Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Fern Williams and Mrs. Jessie Scott were in charge of entertainment with prizes going to Mrs. Aletha Steffey, Mrs. Thom- nson and Mrs. Stella Rice. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. The next meeting June 26 will be with Mrs. Lennie Rhine, route 4. .A, K Mr. and Mrs. Fred -Rush entertained 20 members of the Be- Ihe next year are: President, Mrs. Norman Kiesling; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. Leland Smith; 3rd Vice- President. Mrs. Robert Benin; Treasurer, Mrs. Ed Heimlich; Allar, Mrs. Eva Kasch; Library, Miss Mrs. Marian Robert Luncheons, Mrs. Hospitality, Mrs. Baade; Meyer; Fred Harold Calling, Kiwanis llauss; Brant; Budget and Finance, Mrs. Victor Hedde; Publicity, Mrs. Edgar Ciosson and Nominating committee, Mrs. Robert Gharis. Pastor Gerni introduced the speaker for the evening, Mr. Peter Knoller,' a German student rean class of the church of Ihe at Purdue University, who spoke Brethren Wednesday evening in on the subject "The Church Bc- B their rural home. Mrs. Rush, preside.nl, asked Mrs. Edward Arnold, song leader, to lead group singing and Mrs. Bessie Helmuth was in charge of devotions. Each member gave a verse from the Bible from memory and Mrs. Helmuth led the group in repeating Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Hire* "TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON" ATTRACTS 112 COUPLES TO PROM The giant "Teahouse of the August Moon" attracted 224 juniors and seniors to the local high school Friday evening when the annual prom was staged at the Berry Bowl. Decorations In an oriental motif transformed the gymnasium into a "teahouse" complete with matchstick bamboo walls. Couples danced to the music of Al Cobine and his orchestra, from Indiana University. Highlight of the evening was the grand march climaxed by the crowning of Pat Connors and Rex Harris queen and king by Dave Baker, president of the junior ! class. A duke and duchess were not chosen. Chaperoning were: the 23rd Psaim. Following (he short business meeting contests were held with high scores going to Mrs. Ralph Hoffman, Mrs. Leo Crowe and Mrs. C. R. Martin. During the session a report was made by the organ committee that the project had been completed. Centering the refreshment table •was a large bouquet containing red peonies interspersed with a lacy flower from a rhubarb plant. The June meeting will be held with Carieton Cory, —si-Webb Chapel W.S.C.S. will spon- »or a church Fellowship nighl Sunday, May 2f,th in the church beginning at fi:30 p.m. Members are to take sandwiches end a salad or dessert. Installation of new officers will;son township will meet Wednes- be held at 7:30 p.m. and a film will j day morning at !):3U o'clock for be shown to families while tlicjan nil-day meeting al the Lake women of the church hold theirjCicolt school. Members are asked meeting at 8 p.m. ;lo bring a sack lunch. AH officers arc askod to attend. — ft— — ft— Women of the Ladies aid of the Tho Clinton Township Clymer-JMt. Olive Lutheran church will 1 etles met Wednesday evening at j hold an all-day meeting at the the home of Connie and Phyllis parish hall. Deer Creek, Thurs- Slrasser with the leader;,, Mes-jday. <lames William Ilockard and John Justice in charge. Members answered roll call by hind The Iron Curtain." Mr. Knoller, a nephew of Bishop Olio Dibelius, lived in Ihe Russian zone of Eastern Germany until 19<i-i), and Lold of the outbreaks and problems of the church in that area. He said of the active churches there, 50% was Catholic, 5 % no belief, and A~i'!l, Lutheran and reformed. As a result of the war, life in the church behind the Iron Curtain and the problems of the early church in Rome were much the same. Mr. Kno.'ler stressed that the chief distinction between the American and European church is that the members of the lay congregation play a far more prominent role here. Slides of activity in Eastern and Western Germany were shown by the speaker and described. Refreshments of cookies and coffee were served by members o.' Circle No. 5. Assisling were: Miss Tillie Werner. Miss Nellie Schwering, Mrs. Albert Slraueh, Mrs. Mary Allen and Mrs. Walter Kohls. — ft — The Willing Workers of Jeffcr- naming their favorite radio or television program preceding club pledges led by Janet Laccy and Kalhy Chambers. Mrs. Keba Brig^s conducted three classes on judging of dark cake, yeast rolls and clothing with Ihe junior and senior classes participating. Plans were made for Ihe members to attend the judging school to be held at .Noble township June llth with various club members judging in the class corresponding wilh the project in which they are enrolled. Demonstrations were given by Sharon Cable on Tuna Salad, Phyllis Strasscr and Corrinna Cowell on arts and crafts and Kay Sailors on food preparation. — ft— L.S. lo B. of L.F meet Monday will evening at 7:.'!0 o'clock al Ihe IOOF hall. Knter- lainmenl. and refreshments will be in charge of Mrs. Betty Turnpaugh and Mrs. Florence Garr. .A. Bridge City lodge 254, L.A. to B. of R.T., will hold a regular business noon a!, hall. meeting Tuesday after- 2 o'clock al the 100F Sigma Phi Gamma sorority will meet Monday evening al II o'clock at the city building for a business meeting and election of officers. All members are urged to allcnd. Psi lola Xi will hold a polluck supper Monday evening at (1:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. .lack (''airman, route 4. array of spring Mrs. Louise Hulcheraft offered prayer. Following the meal each member .inlroduced her guest and welcome was extended by Mrs. Betty Clayton, president of Alpha Kappa chapter, and State vice-president of Tail Phi Lambda. Mrs. Olive Carey, president of Ivy Grove No. 41, and state chaplain of Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle, gave the response and, also extended greetings from' Mrs. Ruth Bishop, a member visiling in Norlh Carolina. Mrs. Agnes' Papula served as mistress of ceremony during the program which included a reading, "What is a Girl" by Mrs. Jo Timmons, a poem pertaining to mothers enliUed "No Occupation" by Mrs. Loisann Hatlen. Entering the "Teahouse of the August Moon" Friday night at the prom are, left lo right, Jane Mein" Mrs. Joan Decker presented''' 01 "' Sleve Whealley, Don Bessignano and Glenda Graham, who find fascination in the pools of chrysan gifts to '.he youngest mother, Mrs. .Ihemums and greenery flanking the red entrance bridge. Sue Ann Garland and the oldest mother, Mrs^ Stella Morgan. Mrs. Decker also announced Lhal a corsage had been sent Mrs. Ella Johnson, sorority mother, who is visiting in Ohio. Accordion solos were presented under the direction of Mrs. Helen Saalwaechler by Janis Sharp, Donald Tribbctt, Hulh Ann Kranlz, Barbara Holton, Michael II.oll.on. Carolyn Slus.scr, Jean Brown, Pheona Eaglin,-John Laymon and John Havrilla. Mrs. Ejonnie Nicolcs gave "Crazy Hals" with fashions being modeled by Mrs. Belly Clayton, Mrs. Dolores Morgan, Mrs. Agnes Papula, Mrs. Uela Lucy, Virginia Shanks and Mrs, Mrs. Mona lypso" was given li'icia Baker, Bean. In conclusion an "Elephant Caby Mrs. Pa- Joan Decker, Mrs. Dolores Morgan, Mjss Mary Ellen Booher and Mrs. Mona Bean. Door prizes were awarded Miss Helen l-'lora, Mrs. U. C. Green, Mrs. Patricia Baker, Mrs. Geneva lies, Miss Janis Sharp and Miss Barbara Moore. Flory Students To Present Recital Piano and organ students of Mrs. R. G. Flory will present Iheir annual spring Musicale Sundny afternoon at :i o'clock at Ihe Broadway EUB church. Participating will be Ruth Ellen F lory, Frederick Muehlliauscn, Nancy Johnson, Mary Belli Albright, Donila Balsbaugh, Becky Spmiglcr, Lance Scotney, Janet Walls, Carolyn Savini, Carol Murphy, Michael Tocco, Bonnie Fret- linger, MarKay Loser, Thercise Fickle, Karen Klumpp, Lou Bcale and Pamela Beale, Carol Wilburn, Gregory Nicoles, Connie Sue De- Miss Flora ignano and Glenda Graham; Terry Hershberger and Maggie Strong; David Nichok and' Susie Gulp; Bob Minrtin and Joyce Cunningham. Also Jim Moss and Dalen \us- tin; Dave Brady and Beverly Feltis; Larry Sallee and Carol Scott; Thelma Moore and Freddie Flowers; Robert Boyette and Belly Flowers; Leonard Farrell and Roberta Smith; Joe Sabatini and Sandra Rynearson; Rex Harris and Pat Connors; Bryan Graham and Margaret Pa.squale; Janet Nelson and Tom Johnson; Suanne Smith and Bob Burbrink; Nancy Talmadge and Wayne Hartman: Beverly Demerly and Richard Goltry; Jerry Reinkenbcrger and Joe Pugh; Marilyn Ricciardi and Kenny Pickens: Madilyn Ricciardi and Richard Chambers; Merle Clem and Jean Cabiness: Also Judy McKeever and Gary Still; Bonnie Wire and Dick Kniesly; Sandra Robb and Melvin Walters; Mary Ann Barrett and Tarry Stephens; Eric Johnson and Belli Brumbaugh; Allen Thomas and Pat Baker; Judy Snyder and Warren Shively; Brenda Hoover and Bill' Gifford; Marjorie Kimcs and Allen Killion; Sharon Dimn anil Jim Goldmine; Jean Norzinsky and Ronnie Mayhill; Johnny O'N'oill and Nancy Jackson: Steve Wheatley and Jane Meinzer; Also Nelson Becker and Kay Davis; Bill Kimberling and Linda Dinius; Bill Wilhrow and Lynn Rivers; Sandra Galloway and David Wrigley; Jane Wolfe and Larlen, Morris Short, Jack Rice andjry Rotlet; Allen Becker and Shar- Ralpli Hall. ' I on Nehcr; Jim Dixon and Jill Bill- Couples attending were: Janetj man; Bill Kichler and Verna Eisert and Jerry Bentz: Connie Ol-jRai'tc-s; Paul Loner and Mary terman and Dick Campion; Rose Ann Williams and Ralph Levy; Peggy Murphy and Ted Wild; Ros-'MoCarl; Barbara Pugsley and Phil Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Holland Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Short, Miss Helen Hochhalter, Miss Marian Baade, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pruitt, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Trult, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mertz, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Kniesly, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ulmer, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. George, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Holey, Bolter, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mr. B. G. Allen, Mr. Charles Sharp, Mr. Jack Rice and Miss Carolyn Baker. Following 'the event, post-prom entertainment was provided by the Elks and Rotary at the Elks featuring a dance and enlertainmenl in the ballroom and lunch in the cafe. Class sponsors are Miss Flora Leach, Mrs. Neva Trull, B. G. Al- Wagnor; Larry Long a-nd Susie Parker; Jim Huffman and Judy Knlliy While iind Fred Manna, sophomore servers dressed in Oriental attire, serve cookies and punch to prom-goers, left to right, Roseau!) O'Connor, Tom Caslaldi, Everett Thomas and June Sievors. iPharns-Tribunc Photo-Engravings) alie Ruschkofski and Waller Watts; Myra Seybold and George Sailors; Ann George and Larry Brown; Joyce Haley nml Bill Hunt; Mike Cronin and Sherry Tucker; Ed Yeazel and Sue rMrtor.; Jim Lowe and Dalenc Tiplon; Jack Cunningham and Susan Limlley; Jim Thompson and Sue Handy; Also Ron Adair and Pal While; Terry Margrave and Kalhy Hillis; Louie Irvin and 'Joy Booher: Tom Smith and Barb David; Ron By- crs and Mario Gallo; Ellagay Nohie and Jim Fiedler; Kthel Lea/.- enby and Paul llombcrg; Richard Guggenhcimer and Karen Lough; Frank Ehase and Pat Ebcy; Noil Sanders and Carolyn (5rube; Dick Sundy and Sondra Ratliff; Charles Slrecker and Diane Neuman; Bob H'ardin and Margaret Huff; Everett Cook and Kay Carilhers; Bill Drake and Susie Brown; Tom Knight and Madonna Guckien; Dnlo Risledl and Xancy Luxoin; Ronnie Jones and Karen Lnng- worlhy; Sieve Foreman and Ann Raub; Jerry Keener and Belly Neese. Also Jim Green and Mary Belli F.asler; Joe Kasch and Ruth Kline; Ted Daniels and Norma Edwards; Carl Wandri'i and* Pal Corkcy; Carl Leecly and JoAnn Hill; Harry Elliott and Patty Pasquale; Wcltlon Boiler and Sandra Ulbrich; Duane Meeker and Carol BriiRh; Ronnie Naznr- ine and Mary Neuman,• Don Bcss- Nalli; Tony Lyllc and Tom Short; Leland Dougherty and Mary Baker; Tom Rhodenbaugh and Norma Conn; Kay Gifford and Shirley Randolph; Eklon Henscl and Pat Warner: Ronnie Lutes and Ardcll Price; Felix Parkevich and Bard Novak; Dale Burrough and Joy Neher; Fred Schue and Jerry Skinner; Richy CViapman and Hosie Hall and Dave Loner and Pal Wolf. Also Everett Thomas and June Sievers; Tom Caslaldi and Rose Ann O'Connor; Phi Berndt and Judy Grace: Eddie Walson anil Connie Klumpp: Jerry Hoover and Ann Grace; Hill Platt and Janet Haley; Jon Horshberger and Erika Essar; Bob Pontius and Carolyn Bailey; Jnnel Hichcson and Joo Sumplcr; Duvc Baker and Sharon Dunbar; Mary Dunn and Curl Rowc; Boyd Bilgcr mid Carol Winomiller; Laliue Hoffman and Tom Myers. Additional Society On Pa"C C | DR. 0. L. BRAUN f\ Rog. PodFatrfil •"•". Foot Speclalltt 5> FOOT AILMENTS ;'1 Offleo: 314 Norlh St. -,i. LOGANSPORT PHONE 3330 . ^ Wadneidayt & Fridayt 9 to 4 Fete Weldon Bleiler At Farewell Party SI. Luke's LulluM'fin Church choir members und their families gave a farewell parly for Weldon Blcilcr ul the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Van Allen Thursday. Lawler, Janet Julian, Virginia Ste phenson and Janet Walls,' Ellen! Jhc members met for a carry-in Wilson, Stanley Adkins, Arvilla Erdmann and Delight Rudgors. Thu public is invited. supper at (i::i() p.m. Weldon has been the organist ul St. Luke's for tlie past three Washington township liter's HoVars, ""d is leaving after the meet Tuesday evening High School ill II o'clock at the home of Mrs. Joan Dellaven, ;1IB Tanguy si reel.. Co-hostesses ore Helen Willis and Opal Morgan. ART ASSOCIATION ""FEATURES DEMONSTRATED LECTURE One hundred members arid Kuusls of llic LofiansporL Arl Association attended n luncheon nl the Logansport Country club Thursday iifLcrnoon niter whicli Dork Smit, of Chicago and Nashville, Indiana, held n private showing of his painlinss and f!ave a demonstrated iucLurc. Mrs. Hoy Scverns, president, introduced the lecturer and special Ruesls, Mr. and Mrs. George Baum, of Rochester and Nashville, fellovv-nrti.sl.s and Friends of the speaker. Mrs. Henry Slump, vice-president, served as general chairman and Mrs. Eunice Klnnear as her cochairman for tlie event. Miss Mildred Wcymur and licr committee, Mrs. Sewell Mill-dock, Mrs. John Hildebrandt, Mrs. John Southworth and Mrs. H. I,. Wolter. were in charge of. the decorations. Mrs. Karl Moss, treasurer, Mr«. Krnst Schmidt, Mrs. ,J, A, Henrieks and Mrs. Roy Slaughter were In charge of tickets. Miss Sue BlasinKhnm and Miss Mary Shullz were chairman and co-chairrnnn of reservations. Committee members wore Mrs. 13. A, Barker, Miss Wcymer, Mrs. Shoop, Mrs. Murdock, Mrs. Slaughter and Mrs. Smilhworlh. The president announced that, the annual meeting of the Association for the election of officers will be held Tuesday, June 4, at 10 a.m. in the music room of the public library. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving) Commencement In with his parents. The Huv. Mrs. Bleiler, in Uushvillc, live and Ind, ATter Ihe supper, n short choir rehoni'snl was huld followed by same? and contents. A Kilt of a piece of luggage was presented to the guest of honor. About tliirt.v-l'ive attended the affair including the pasior, The Rev. Walter C. Davis, and h>i family. VACATION IN OLD UUS PERU (UP) — Dr. Kcilli Giver, i Peru optometrist, his wife and heir seven children left '.odny for a (i-wcek lour of Florida in a converted school bus. Giver boughl .he bus for $'l. r >0 and transformed it into a trailer home. The chil- :lren range In age from (> months to 12 years, Read the Classified Ads GERANIUMS All VarEolivi Bedding Planhi Pottnd Tomato** V«Q«tabl« Planli TubtrouB Rooted Bogontas All Planti or* Potted or Trnntplantid PLEASANT HILL GREENHOUSE Dial 5144 YEAZEL'S SUNDAY SPECIAL Economy \'i Gal. 69c MER-DEL'S ICE CREAM Butterscotch Twirl BUTTER PECAN KRISP FUDGE RIPPLE Alwuyi papular—Now paclcanfld '" r»uiabl» ricfangular plaiMc container TRY OUR QUALITY nn Vi GALLON O7C QUALITY «Q Vi GALLON O'C -^speedy film developing service In by Noon—Out by,4 p. m. Ask About Our New Sealed In Plastic Service. GET Kodak film hern too' All sii..* , •• 513 East YCA7CI C Money Orders Broadway I CA*iCL J At Any Time Open 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Sunday— c/ you can earn Guaranteed Interest on FARMERS & MERCHANTS THRIFT CERTIFICATES in Denominations of $1000 T* 18 highest legal rate of interest that can be paid by Any Bank in Indiana n VA J, ' * THE FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK 1902 LOGANSPOUT, INDIANA M»mb«r Ftileral Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 55 Years of Uninterrupted Service to This Community 1957 LOGANSPORT PUBLII

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