The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on November 29, 1965 · Page 25
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The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · Page 25

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1965
Page 25
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Dalton MARTIN F. GLENDON -- Tri. 684-07t7 Improving Lenox Agostino BarUnis Observe genital Sorjey Lenox High Has 50th Wedding Anniversary 135 Attend Shepard Honors Assembly Ac Artnv I'ararhiitist Final Dinner At Crane Inn The Berkshire Eagle, Monday, Nov. 29, 1965--23 Lee As Army Parachutist I^ATT^M TV, r .no inn DALTON - fhe Crane Inn LENOX -- Lesler Simmons, DALTON -- Pvt. Robert J. retired principal of Chester Shepard, 17, son of Mr. and High School, was speaker at a Mrs. Robert C. Shepard of 56 recent Lenox High School's ho- Franklin St., has completed a nor assembly. Principal Joseph three-week airborne course at j. Carroll presented honor certi- Ihe Army Infanlry School, Ft . oU)cr airbornc s k i U s Pvt E v a p i t h a ; juniors / Judy Barry, dance attended by 135 per- crtnc -- -- -- -- _ - _ - _ , ^ \ f* *. j.njU) jv»*i»vi-j ( « v«« j *-,*-* *. j t Th inn rnrmiM-lv known -is She P arci has iu a l i f i e d as an JoAnne O'Brien, Mary Nichols, ft, frvin* I 01^ was built in Arm y Parachutist. and scniors Robert Hotchkiss. Q4 7o JrTct' a struc u e A 1%5 g r a d u a l e of w a h c o n a h Honor pupils are: had been destroyed by Rc8i ° nal HiSh Sc . h ° o1 ; hG ^ G) ' adc 7 ~ Jose P h CalTo11 ' hnnn nnnrated bv lerc(! thc Army m J u n e and J° a ""c TMTM, Ellen Kennedy, Inns since Jan 1 com P leled basic combat train " George Klug, Patricia Smith, 1QK4 The m-onerlv is owned by lng at Fl ' D l X '' N ^' Sallv Warner, Gail Hulchinson, ?-,,; * property 1S ownea Dy Donald Simpson, George James. C Stringed Instruments Grade 8 - Mary Ellen Car- mstrated The building will be opened following day. Early next year, DALTON - Pittsfield Musi- drca Hardy Milton fhe white three-story frame dans' Local 109 will present the Mary Ann Pirelli, John Randal , building will be raxed. first of its 1965-66 series of edu- Mary Welcome Nancy Vincel- b c-ational programs in stringed etle. William Sheehan, Pamela - , _ ! · * « · instruments tomorrow at the Scott. DaltOIl Jr. High Menu elementary schools here. Freshman -- Raymond Carl- Under the direction of Thorn- son, Jane Fillio, Greg Hcrsh, TM P. King, an ensemble of five Rcbekah Roberts, John Roosa, sU . jngcd i n s t r u m e n l s a n d p i a n o Shai . on Shove W iHiam Smith, -Hot roast beef wi» W w °' k s of Schubert, Kalhryne Sykes. Frnnr-h fripJ MbbaEC Havdcn, Bralims and Prokofieff. Sophomore - Richard Char- 6 alad J e l o with oppinf The program, made possible ron,' Geraldine Clark, Karen turkey by a grant from the Music Per- Dickenson, Karen Kolbe, Caro' formance Trust Fund of the re- lyn Phinney, Joseph Pignatclli, cording industry, will be pre- Brian Scott, Lynne Stewart, scnted at Central School at 9 Raeleen Trabold. and Craneville School at iO:30. J u n i o r _ Ann F U n t Marilyn Gavoni, Mary Jo Herrick, Dale -- llambureer in mil oolato chins baked beans roll po ato chips, baked fteans, Thursdav - Roast d r e s s i n g mashed potatoes, cranberry ' ed cheese sandwich, green salad ripe olives, scooter pie. LEE -- Mrs. Waller G. Berghan and Mrs. Rober L. Buker, chairmen, state lhat their report on the recent PTA dental survey shows a definite improvement in the teeth of local school children during the past five years. Of a total of 1,088 children examined, 53 per cent of the children have been classified in Group A, needing no care. Five years ago, 48 per cent were in this classification. Group B, needing care at a future dale, listed 32 per cent this year, compared to 36 per cent in I960. There were only 11 per cent in Toys for Joy Drive Opens; Goal Is Group C this year, needing ear- . -- --· - - - · - ... ly care In 1960? 13 per cent campaign for contributions will were listed. agam buy c » ristmas cheer for Classified as in need of immediate care because of an em- Christmas, ergency condition were .04 per cent this year, as compared to 3 James S. Brown per cent in 1960. School personnel cooperated with the PTA in lhe LEE OFFICE - TeL J4S-24J4 Youthful Hunter Returns Home Safely LEE -- While a party of firemen and police searched the Pleasant Street area behind his house, Horace Clark, 13, was picked up by a passing motorist and returned home about 9:45 Friday night. The boy's father, Francis Clark, had reported the youth Heads Effort for missing Friday night aboul 8. The boy had left around 11 a.m. Town Children. with a homemade bow and arrow and had not been seen LEE -- A toys for Joy Fund smce . The youngster returned home C H e f '" showing no ill effects and told u i -«u his parents he had wandered be remembered with across Beartown Mountain and down into Monterey. He was . of Main wa ikjng along the road when he Street will serve as chairman of was picked up by a passing mo- James Brown Again local appeal for the fiflh t or j s t. survey year ' Mrs * ilarion Tyer wil1 be secrelary. ---- . .. - . - ., Ix:e Community Action Corn- reports of contributions to lhe m - WJU meet Tuesday al g in as it progresses. Memorial Hall deadline for submitting Memollal nan - Lanesboro Harold Schuhle Not a Candidate For Re-Election uavuiii, iviary ou nun CRA executive committee Zola, Sandra Sweeney. meeting will be held tomorrow " - - - - - ·· ··--- al 7:30 at the Community House. Windsor MRS. JEAN TILL Tel. 684-3883 Senior -- Jacqueline Bernasconi, Anne Ducharme, David Face, Jo Anne Kurdzionak and William Turner. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Agoslino Barbini Saturday at the fication of their children. The comparison with last year's survey shows an improvement in the group needing no care and in the group requir- S?3i?Bvi stor-M, -s ture. "a" comparison '"J^last the fund drive, to Mr. Brown. year. Also seven more this year Started by Policeman than last year needed immedi- K has been the custom tQ j v e ate care because of emergency a( . Chl - stmas to needy HOUSATONIC _ The C om- C r,h T^rnclud^d s x CM youngsters up to age 14. The m u n i t v Basketball League opens of lhe survey included six chil- wm be ?500 the same as Us 15 / nignt season t o n i g h t at the wno naa noi DCGU exdui- Housatonic Community Loop Opens Tonight Aspinwall Stables Plan Schooling Show no Barbini of 11 Summer St. nox House. were honored Saturday on Iheir -phe couple were golden wedding anniversary at igig r a t St. Mary's Church. In . own an open house attended by 125 aQ dition to their son, the Bar- aosent m a i a a y ed through the efforts of Lee Al 0 JOIIimy s ^ Al . av ,,.,, resioems 01 me poUce Officer Adeiard j. La lib- mee t the American Legion, at 7, Gas Station, Stor j. uii.i.1* x/in \_-\-. i. _.»%*»..-i«**.« M. *_j«».-- meet LUC -n.iiiciii.c-.if i-/t£,-.v/i*» «-«·*· *j erte, who annually had collecled Charles' Taxi will face Chippy's at the "homVof'tnoir son and b7nis""have Y'daVghter, Mrs. The examining dentists were and repaired toys for local chil . and at g ^ ww w , m take on the , .._- - _ _ . - . T»r .Trrtin F. Hannon. Dr. J-/eo U. dren at Christmas. From this pleasant Street Market. '" grew the idea for the fund, ---started by Mr. Brown, who is gas \\INDSOR -- lhe Esso K ^^ gam experience in vne piuuc- stalion, Pebble Brook snack bar durcs O j horse showing in prep- onrl n^bacrc. ctnro nn R n n t a Q a r a t i o n (,,-. s u m m e r COmpCli- a. uiu nunie ui u-i- ou" u..-- umis nave t uaue""- 1 . *·"·»· ._ . daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mason of Schenectady, " / - . , " LENOX -- The second in a Joseph J. Barbini of Mountain N Y . , and five grandchildren. Munoney series of six schooling shows view Terrace. Mr. Barbini was employed for lins ana UT - r r d n u s -. . - _ . , ·- ,,,,,,,»« nf thp mnrp t h a n 40 vears bv the nv - probation officer of Lee Dislnct of needy Dinner for 3, membe i of the mo.e than 4 ne j« ^ J n « Substitute workers in the clin- Court. The first year, $100 was creased. family and close mends v,as Sch«eitzei diuswn °^TM^ Jc W£jre Mrs charles T . ^ T asked for only extreme cases officer Laliberte continues his en years ago. He is a member and Mrs. Walter Stedman. but the appeal was immediately toy- repairing project every will be held Sunday starting at 10 a.m. at Aspinwall Stables. The shows have been scheduled to enable young riders to gain experience in the proce- L A N E S B O R O - Harold KilineVS BllV Schuhle, Planning Board member, announced today thai he ·will not seek re-election in February. He has been a member of the board for the past seven years, three years of which he was chairman. --,"""' T VT~\~ « While he has been on the and package store on Route 9 a l Q l I l board lhe new /.oning bylaws here have all been sold lo Mr tions were adopted; the first subdivi- and Mrs. Lawrence Kmney of A trophy will be awarded to sion the Zurrin development on Dalton. the rider accumulating lhe most - naiy. iur. naruiin, aisu Park Drive was processed un- Included in lhe sale is a five- p o i n t s during lhe series of LEE -- Because they couldn c Qf J t a l y came to Lce a few the holiday j nc luded: Robert dor the subdivision law adopled room house, a cottage and 10 schoo ling shows. find a clump open in C.reat Bai- y c a r s before his marr iage. Blair Jr., Clarkson Institute of in 1QV1- and homes in Lanes- acres of land. Mr. and Mrs. Riding instructors will be rington, two youths threw a loaa Technology; Linda Ostrander, hnrn were numbered for lhe Kinney do not plan any immedi- j u d g e s The judges for Sunday's of refuse down a Stockbridge Expert photo finishing, fast serv- Bishop Memorial School of T? .. ate alterations. The Kinneys S | 1OW w m ,e Connie Caulkins of hillside on Thanksgiving Day. ice, low prices. Laurel Lee Sundries Nursing - and Daniel Schieszka, A rcsidenl of Lanesboro for moved to Windsor today, when t h e S t. Jude Club and Mrs. Jan Saturday, Richard J. Rpbbms. --Adv. --30 -- ,,, »^ ..^ · M ,. c i n ** n b , ^ t _ r - _ i . . . i , i « thnv hnr-nnin ni-nnriotnrt: T . . i ^r - n « : ,, * . . TLI:II^ c*-^ui r t f - children was in- To Clean Up Rubbish Mess of Lee lodge, Sons of Italy. Mrs. Barbini is the former Addolorata Delle Fave. She came to Hoboken, N.J., in her youth from her birthplace in Italy. Mr. Barbini, also a native a Hancock --Students who were home for oversubscribed so that the list year. Extra Lean BRISKET CORNED BEEF i\ r t - M U C I I L Ul x j a n v - o u ^ i « thc pasl H vcars. Mr. Schuhle they became I L I I _ |*u.j .. i I-.- i. I V t r or»rl is an architect for John H. Fisher of Pittsfield. Citizens' Caucus Set Next Monday Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Tufts, previous owners, have moved into lhe collage on lhe grounds for Iwo weeks. son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lukens of Misty Hills Stables, 19, of . Poughkecpsic, N.Y., and ^ chl . jstmas Chenail, Westfield Stale College. Ado Guthrie , 1 8 of Hovxaid Lee News. -Adv.-^!0 -Mrs. Richard Kingsley and Beach, N.Y., each paid a fine 01 s children have relumed home to 525 in Lee .O' " c ° " . and Manchester Conn., after a and Mrs - of Troy. Hilltop Grange will meet Fri- Attends Workshop Rubber footwear by U. S. and Manchester, -- - - - iiimuu ui-mgt; win IUUOL 1-11- LENOX -- Mrs. Virginia B. tice James E. Hannon ordered ..,_,...^-.. -j day at the Town Hal!. Mrs. Neales, administrator of the lhe youths to remove all the * , Margaret Catherman will be in Edgecombe Nursing Home, re- rubbish. They did so Salurday LANESBORO -- A Lltl " ns charge of a Christmas Work- cen tly allended a week-long afternoon, following a heavy Caucus Wll ^ b ^J 1 ^,," cx ^|,,,,, shop. The group will make workshop al Northeastern Uni- rain. versity, Boston. Police Chief William J. Oban- ib. United S t a m p s 69 Lee Super Market s o p c group w day al 8 at the Fown i Ha l .\o Christmas decorations. nominate candidates or town offices to be filled al lhe annual February town election. o i c e s o e i _ . Fireinen ' s Auxiliary meeting w ,th nursing-home manage- the y o u t hs found dragging February town election and election of of fi ce rs is sched- men t, was attended by nursing j u n k up the hillside much The offices lo be [.lied and the u)ed Dec g at ^ fire station hQmc administrators f r o m var . l J throwing it down. incumbents whose terms are ex- Members are to bring a grab ious states in the east their case w piring are as follows: model- b i f t _ Mrs _ Mildred Porter _ £ example to others ator (1 y-r) Lincoln D. Lynch and Mrs p Ferry ^ ^ in - ^ anMHJJJP^^ ^^ Open Friday evenings from 7 to December 3. Lenox piring are alor (1 yea./, -- -- · a r m ^vifs. r-eggy r e n y w selectman (3 years) Trevor charge of re f res hments. Driver; assessor (3 years) Alo ^^^ 1XXIUIKI bert Sambel; Lanesboro bclioot oi] p a i n t i n g donated to the Savings Bantc. --Adv. Committee member (3 years), Ladics Aid Society by Mrs. Do- Evigcnc Sakshaug. who is filling rolhy N c e d h a m was awar dcd to out the term for Roger Johnson M r s w M Hitchcock. (Mr. Sakshaug announced his i n t e n t i o n earlier this month not to seek r e - e l e c t i o n ) ; Mt. Grey- workshop, which dealt ^ c - ln O f Stockbridge said later nursing-home manage- the youths found dragging the u _ ^ He said he hoped their case would to others who of lock School Committee member Ci«nl parly will be sponsored by thc Hilltop Grange Dec. 10 at ·- lhe To\vn H a l l . Card parties will ycars) James Holcomb; con- not , )e held Dec u an( , Dec 3J Students home for Thanksgiv- otlKlClllS l O ing and the weekend were Ken- 17-kt« ^rkv'l" I~)TV a junior at North- A U1 ^ u v *·· J -" 1 J w e s t e r n University; James Boyle, sophomore at Northeast- stables, (3) three to be elected, Claude Halsey. Anthony J. Plantier and John Wooclason; library trustee (3), Mrs. Doris n e t h Esles Noel; cemetery trustee (3 years), Iver Andersen; tree warden, (1) Edward Clairmont HUNTINGTON -- The Gate The junk included a divan, plus nearly enough boltles, garbage, papers and boxes to fill Iheir Volkswagen bus. "Thc sluff would lake up at least half of a goodsized pickup truck," Chief Obanhein said. The rubbish was thrown into lhe Nelson Foole Sr. property on Prospect Street, a residential section of Stockbridge consisting largely of estates on the hill across from Indian Hilil School. Chief Obanhein told the court he spent "a very disagreeable For Your Convenience Starting December 3rd. 1965 Fence viewers (l , t h r e t o er "' ^ Northeast- student body win elect a £ ,, I o o k i n g through lhe , T ' Tur " er ' fresh ; ^udcnt government represents rubbish be fore finding a clue lo " P r t e d Kennel Warren TM n -. Pel " Utz ' a J unior . a "d live lomorrow. Candidates are who h ad Ihrown it there. He fi- ZwinelcSn "nd Gcor"e ? enmsth GT °. ro ' Ashman all Paul D u n l e James M a d r u , found a scrap of paper Finance Committee (?) frK ° m f hc ^^ity of Massa- J e f f r e y R a t hnam and David bea ing lhc name of a Great \ be nCe e,Sr R-charci ^Soof'or Jrt? ^ ^ m Barringt ° R ma "-. ^T^ Lord, Louis Graham, and Doug- Aif 0 fJme xve?e%Iichacl Skr- Shldent Government Day is vesligation maicatcd Robbing las Phclps, who i.s not runnins oc k %t^nl from ? ar oaap- sponsored hy the civic education and Guthnc had been visiting ^ain; Finance Committee (2) S' Thomson C TM n n a n d T s division of the slate Department lhe Great Harrington man and Howard Jennings, who was ap- Sroiher Sard a student it of E(lllcalio »- Public ancl ^ had a S rccd l ° c " 1 av y a , y , ° pointed upon the death of Or- c r a n w e l l i n I cnox vate scll °° l sludcnts t h TM u S h o u t rllbbisl1 for hl - m " Cy told viile Wilkinson- Finance Com- u a t u v c " m Lcnox ' miltee (D. Kenneth Gaylorcl. who was appointed to fill out the state elect represcntalivcs. court that, when they found the rc who will meet in Boston in April Barrington dump closed, they dinn( , r for lhe lerm of Nelson Hinman Planning Board member (5) h n m a l , h c shcraton P | aza }Io . Harold Schuhle; Planning Board (c] in Boslon mombcr (2) George Glrason, who was appointed to fill mil the term nf William Radkc. A new committee, the Board of Health, has been established. T h e Selectmen previously servrd as t h i s hoard. To be nominated will he candidates Hitchcock i u - , . . , .u it ,, . . . · , to conduct a session of the Alas- Senator 0 Phil itTcra sachusctts Legislature. of thc junk by tossing hcnatoi l oia- T[)p c a n ( j i d a t c s ,, ave bccn tlle S t o c kbridge hillside. carrying on a. campaign in school with posters and slogans. Tomorrow they will speak on their q u a l i f i c a t i o n s and on Unmeaning of Student Government Day. OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS Richmond MILS HUTU Tel H!)h. IUSS Thtmlisgivinf,' Hall Dran's Croird of 12o Candy Sale for I.and Gateway IMcnus Tuesday--Spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, applesauce. Wednesday--Barbecued beef on bun. peas, fruited Jello w i t h topping. Thursday -- Cheeseburger, French fries, cabbage salad, ap- 7 8 Turkey Sliool T.AN'ESBOKO -- There were cherry topping. for terms of 3 ycars, two years and one year. UraifS L.IOll'd O) / ^O HUNTINGTON -- G a t e w a y R I C H M O N D -- About 125 per- Kosional School band paren's ncots »ns attended the Volunteer S 1 " 011 ! 1 has announced that thc \ ] \" Fire Department's annual Than- annual nandy sale will be . . ... , kssiving Eve Ball at the Town Wednesday. five winners m the Lions Uuo {al[ \Vcdnosday. Students from the band will W i n n e r of the color television canvass the district selling rib- 5-iven away by the department bon candy to help defray the ex- U/rkct was Frank Pollander of 245 pcnscs of purchasing uniforms " LOt Cheshire Road. Pittsfield. and inslnimcnts. Representing . Hurt Harrington was general Minefield is Mrs. Robcrl Open Pnday evenings from 7 to chairman of arrangements for »°ane. and Worthington, Mrs. 8 starling December 3. Lenox the ball, and Donald Vosburgh Edward Majkowski. Savings Bank. -Adv. Turkey shoot Sunday at the West Shore Club. Bolh hams and turkeys will be awarded a! Ihc Lions' last shoot of Ilic sca- ,snn next Sunday. Winners from Lanesboro were Bruce and Lavernc Taylor. Herm Clement andI James Folh n n d l c c U h c d r a w i n g for t n c _ ey and Pi tsfield, Reno Nadeau, Downbeats played mu- \\ilham Avery of Lanesboro f ;, _,,·__ won the. two free dinners at (be slc for d a n c i n s West Shore Club for having the fewest number of pellets thc farthcsl away from the bull's eye. RICHMOND -- John Foster, custodian of the town dump, has issued a reminder that no trees, BERKSHIRE VILLAGE -- branches or logs may be discarded there. Foster especially noted that it p.m. till Op.m. With All Savings Bank Services --3 North Berkshire Sale Yields 8150 Trees, Limbs, Logs , Are Banned at Dump * orth Adams ' A(lams D r a f l Cal1 Ilicrcased NORTH ADAMS--The largest draft call in years will require 11 city men and 17 from Adams for induction Dec. 17. The quota for North Adams was three in October and four in November. LENOX SAVINGS BANK Our 7oth Anniversary - Established in 1890 illegal to transport elm The Women's Auxiliary of the Berkshire U n i o n Chapel realized approximately SliiO from a r u m - .,,,.., ,^.-^ nl ,,, ,, 0,1.,,,,,,,, ^ . . . . mage and food sale held recent- wood. Kim must be burned at ly. The proceeds will be used tj l c tree site, Foster said, for the benefit of thc chapel. The auxiliary will meet at the home of Mrs. Edna Wednesday at 7:30. _ Open Friday evenings from 7 la Best S starting December 3. Lenox Savings Bank. --Adv. --3 Communities Will Discuss Federal Aid NORTH ADAMS--Officials of several area communities will meet here Thursday at 7:30 in City Hall to discuss ways of coordinating efforts to take advantage of funds available under new federal legislation. Invitations to thc meeting, sponsored by the Northern Berkshire Area Redevelopment Commitlee, have been sent lo selectmen in Adams, New Ashford, Savoy, Clarksburg, Williamstown and Florida. 35 M A I N STREET LENOX, MASS. ':

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