The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1930 tSBEIHL EFFECTS opportunity to take your choice or [ figures. The Methodist Board of Tcmuorai'.ce. Prohibition nml Pub-1 He Morals reports lhal In 324 clt-' Ics surveyed, police figures show mi Increase over 1920 of 195 per ccnl In arrests for intoxication. .; The MetropolKun Life Insurance Co. reports a 13 per cent dc-' cline In deaths from alcoholism among insured workers, two per ICO.COO In 1035, lowest Tor nny year since 1921. 1 But the Northweslern Life Insurance Co, rejected 8 per cent more applicants, on account of ex-1 cesslve use of liquor, last year Ihaa the year before, and 32'per cent more Ihan In 1932. Take your BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS 1CETOF DM Increased Use of Alcohol by Women Cited;Drunken Driving Is Danger Despite belief of drys in 1320 anJ wets In 1933'that Hie liquor question ivas selilcd, (lie fight again Is ranging- over a wide fionf, with drys hopeful of luitijjfmr luck prohibition. This is the (hlrd and last of a series telling of HIP. baffle that Is being waged. * • * :»V WILMS THORNTON' The rejuvenated dry campaign today has the same spirit and objectives it had in 1878, when pious women knelt outside swinging doors, and when Carrie Nation swung her avenging hatchel 35 years ago. While repeal brought about Die same legal stalus as existed in those days, other conditions have changed. It is In (he Held of those changed conditions lhat today's drys are concentrating their hcav .^ They" arc making the mot f' *" "»e Itouoi-'ilf'; '" " ""f'^icalimect with di^isa'pToval.^nistop problem than in """ n T'"' P ' ° KM ™^™ of Philadelphia OrT. dm', hor J J n ^ d fr- (Metho(list) dlslils ll »* objection grandpas would get him into "The liquor traffic is pullin" latloiis. a -18-room laboratory In liquor control. Twenty-three stales have elaborate licensing systems, regulallii" sale of Umior. Fifteen have state monopolies, wherein Ihe stale itself sells liquor exclusively, under "alcoholic" rather (linn to "Intoxicating" beycragcs. A,.survey of slntc laws governing liquor use shows n more defl- jiiltc recognition of (he social side 'of the nroblem 'thnn wns usual .before 1020. Mure Women Drinking Around drinking by women rages one of the more formidable, tallies. Thai more women drink liquor than in the days before prohibition no one can reasonably , doubt. The prohibition speakeasy put women on even terms with' men, and Micro they stand loday. : The dry attack is based on or- | ennizcd efforts to cultlvalc women's Irade. The now famoiLs "Open Letter to American Women on Whisky," which drew a rebuke ; from Federal Alcohol Director' Choate, marked such a high point in Ihis campaign Ihal liquor companies have now leaned far backward in their advertising effol ' ls (0 Publicize indivld- ' individual to ucrsons ro,m, ilmnk. c "mice "cut win not S »-b..«n evm 0 wort' I tavnr Ei-lUiii! beer reflwllna the ,j? r£. (hit 111 nrmJ Mit^V. , ' ha» ele "^u^cv' tanil!l " 1 , H ho e'o « KC «' '' "" V™" 1 - "» l1 mpraU 1 " C> "', U , ""'" , P T' H ' "* "' ltle Cl " Te "' slrl| BB le to '» "ml Is at least Pemiseot: Gmu;d Members Qualify hi Marksmanship CAIIUTI1EIISVILLE, Mo.—Mem- ,j touvl National Guard, who quall- ned In the marksmanship illvls- . Ions ut the iinmial encampment j rccpmiy, have been notified to llK'lr ratings. '. The following from Pcmlscot demand hat^customer? hT'JSi f."W"' d °l, lll<! N <™' York Slate Sh^l.ooters-Iiuy Blxlev, Rob- : before being we, l!, hn n, ' "Tlu, lAuthor "- v bclicVM " m< - ". Wallace, James'E. Clurlcy, Cai- irtc. of ci^bir-you ™y°VuTu!!T; ptacefflrtl^:-! 1 ," 1 ^ 11161 ^ ^ N °"" C ' U '' l ^ T?v ( 0 T,,.. 0l r T' 1 " 1 ^'"11 out of proportion to Us real Marksmen-Arllim- Warren, Arn> lo Cinb r.vils | importance." ihur Hampton, Fred Tarlton. Cav- Jinny of Hie reslrlctlons arc ' , lllc resurgence of Ihe dry ulhmvlllo; Cecil Earls O 13 backed by the more responsible cn "! l " 1 <- slvo.s promise thai It will Slory. Hlcele; A. D. Moulmli's Jr' eloincnls in (he liquor business It- "fain be. as 11 was once, one lludulng?. nert Davidson, self. For Instance. In Illinois (he dominant Ifsura In American Hayll Tavern Owners' Protective Asro-. 1>olll!cs ' First qualiflcailon - John H. Story, Sleelc; Joe Norlhcutt, Hay- Mnrksiuen — F. Uoolcy, noble Wallace, Cimitlicrsvlllo; \\llsmi Boroughs. John Clerman, O. E.> lory, Thomas Cooper, Unreel easler, Jumes Fealherston, Hi)(old mtth, Sli'dc! Ck'll IlnrkMlfilo, llcrl Davidson, Eiiloo Campbell, Jadtc Nalle, llobert Vied, ft-oil llrcw, James Masters, Wlllard Kay, Hny- vl, Marksman. Urst qualification—A, D. Mouhftlls Jr., llnytl. PAGE-THREE Wi'lson Society — Personal they cialion is trying to eel ordinance:! fnrtiddins the employmenl of hostesses in taverns. Tims hcpc lo forestall criticism. Hearing in mind the long dispute over what is and what Is not Intoxicating—a confusion that exists loday even in dry Kansas— the W. C. T. U. is pleased to note that, the newer dry law Wacte, stccle: •Service rifle elassincalloa: Expert riflemen—Joe H. Corbeli, Carl Dlllard, Frank riushlng, clay- Manages Pep Squads nyron Mcrse.. fopho'iiore at l,hc -- „ • ••—•<• .m.i;i.ii B , Unlvcisily of Arkansas, PuyeUe- lo " Wallace. Canltlicrsville; ville, has been named manager' llc Sanford, Jess C. llin of UK ]:;]] stmnds Ly the ISocslcr Haytl. Club for this year, There arc| Sharpshooters — C. 11. Ttiylor, Spclghl, Hay Blxlcr, Fred' Godwin Gay enterlalucd 13 classmates with n [larly Saturday afli'inoon In .honor of his lllli birthday. In a contest Dora Jean Speck, Jean Fimtcr and T. H. Caraway won prizes. Mrs. Teagarden assisted Mrs, Gay in serving Ice cream, cake, lemonade and caudles. In a meeting Thursday afternoon. Oiriccrs are: Sara Lou McCiitclicn president; Mary Lynn Jackson, vice president; Sally Mulhls, secretary; I'atrlcla Wise, Ireasurer; llelly Brooks Isaacs, repoilcr. • Two girls from each room were uliosen (o compose, (he council. They are: Esther Dunaway and Vcra Elizabeth Goodrlelv (rain Miss Jcnes' room; Jelly Claire Huffman anil Button Jnggcrs from Miss Coppcdge's room; Maslue Held and Marjorle lllmcr from Miss Campbell's room; Adell Cherry .and Tommy Deannc llnl- cher from Mr. I'ucketl's room; Ullly Jean Ablxitl and Billy U.\- mcn from Miss Hood's room; Maty Helen Moore and Peggy Jones frcin Miss Hughes' room. A hlppoijoloinus killed In the wnler sinks to the bottom for sev- era I hoins. it then rises with a Killed In Action! Millions of tiny parasites that ° nd ' ti < > " Kn nown ns ATH- FOOT by a few nppllca- ' lions of a powerful liquid antisentic called lIUdwN'S LOTION. Tiffs' l£ tlon is npplled only at night, Ivfnny cases of fong standing ore com- Ijlctcly cured within four or TUB days. \our druggist will refund your mouoy if BROWN'S LOTION ' T H-n^W,? ""? C!lso of ATH- I.KTB'S FOOT within foOrtccn days, Two sizes, COc »nd $1.00, at Klrljy Bros, Drug Co. Sarah Lou McCutchen Heads Junior Glee Club The Girls Club n; junior high school completed Us orgnnlxnilon mid elected officers for the year home safely even Ihe reins faltered in grandpa's hands, but grandson at the wheel of a 100- mlle-an-hour auto is somethln" else again. . ° Mrs. Mary Harris' Armour, evangelistic director for the WOT U.. indicated this line of attack when she told the recent convcn- lon of her organization that "Re- Peal, because of Ihcsc deaths due lo drunken driving, can rightfully be termed a murderous failure!" Whether U le increasing traffic toll is due lo repeal can not be: slalert wilh finality. Increase in population, increase in Ihe nmn- icr of cars on Ihe road and in their speed are nil factors which complicate Ihe issue. Statistics in Conflict There are no reliable and final stalislics. The National Safely Council reported an increase of 13 per cent in the number of drunken drivers involved in moor accidents and 10 per cent in the number of drunken pedeslriaiis who didn't get out of u le way Sut wet Si. Louis reports a dc- crcasejofi ; y?teH>fenl in such acci-l dents/ 'arulMlic Aneral increase-' in i dry stales^ lias':! been about Vthc • snmc'-as'.-in'.-wet''statcs, while the ' banner accident day is always! &unclay, when liquor sales arc bar- I .«d almost everywhere. ' *~*lt is very hard to make a con- ' elusive case from any. figures available, though wets, drys, and moderates agree that .there arc all too many accidents due to drunken driving. Alcoholism furnishes Ihe same] MALARIA Speed} Relief of Chills and Fever Don't let Malaria tear you apart v/ith ils.racking cbills and burning fever. Trust •to no home-made or mere makeshift remedies. Take the medicine prepared especially for Mai aria-Grove's Tasteless f hill Tonic. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonif gives real relief from Malaria because it's n scientific combination of tasteless quinine and tonic iron. The quinine kills the Malarial infection in the blood. The iron builds up the system and helps foriiiy against further attack. At-the first sign of any alt.ick of Malaria take Grove's Tasteless Chili Tonic. Belter still lake it rejuhrly during Ihe Malaria season lo T.-aril off ItE disease. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ji absolulely harmless and t.-ules good. Grove's Tasteless Cbill Tonic now comes in two sizes, 50c and ?l. The $1 size contains 2'/i tines as much as the 50c size and Rives you 25% more for your pioney. Get bottle totfayat any drugstore, on a campaign to win women and youiit' people. Knowing that it is constantly destroying its best customers, it sees the necessity of creating new appetites. Every effort is bc-Jng made lo induce drinking among- housewives and young men." Huge Signs Barred ' This matter of "encourage or discourage" is Ihe center of many present-day attacks on the liquor problem. California, for instance, provides by law that places selling beer and liquors may not announce the fact by signs of more than 720 square inches. So you see in San Francisco large signs announcing "Beep" or "Bees," and it is up to you lo guess what they mean. Return of the problem to stale supervision lias provided a com- plcxily of laws, rules, and rcgu- Plant Winter Ullegumes - around the sun Increase yield 250 Ibs. of seed cotton per acre "by plnnlinp; Hairy Vclch. We liave the only planter equipped to plant Vetch in cotton and com middles. We can furnish Duplex Hoppers and Legume, attachments to convert your Shawnec Cotton and Corn planter to Legume planler at nominal cost. Paul Byrum BIylhcvillc, Ark. NOTICE Any iirtldn bought of IIUKKK IIAKDWAItK CO,, not salisfaitiiry In every . tviiy we will refund jour money williniil question, inovlded you return If In Hie same ccmillflon as receive,! and In a re.i so liable lentih of lime, say n week or (en-days. Our first price U our licsl |mre, and We Have One I'rlcc TO AI.U Burke Hardware Co. .'112 W. Alain Itlytheville, Ark. It takes ^ Jong yean to cure and age tobacco for Chesterfields You can't make a good cigarette in a hurry. While the world whirls through space to measure off the years, Chesterfield's mild, ripe to-' b'accos arc packed away in warehouses—ageing and maturing for mildness and better taste. And keep this in mind... It's a long s/oni process, this mellowingofcigarclletobncco, but- it's ibe only way yet discovered to produce a milder better-lasting cigarette. in it County TUESDAY: WI.S »AUN DANCE Feature atlrnclion of 1930 fairs— 36 artists, direct from \VLS and State Street Theatres, bringing the Old Hay Loft direct to Blv- theville. AFTERNOON AND NIGHT Special Price—10 and 25c DON'T MISS THE BIGGEST HIT OF THE YEAR " WEDNESDAY} HARNESS AND RUNNING ' —ALSO—\ MAMMOTH FIREWORKS DISPLAY AT NIG^T "BATTLE OF ARGONNE" A Stupendous Fircy Picture of One of the Hottest Fighlsiof the World War. \ THURSDAY: RACES AGAIN 2 HARNKSS. - 2 RUNNING 110RSK SHOW AT NIGHT •—Special Feature— AI.ICB SISTY World Champion Rider and •Ju'mp- er—Koman Jump Over An Automobile—Don't Miss This! FRIDAY: More Races HORSK SHOW DUPLICATING 1st TWO DAYS! AUCK SISTY AGAIN! KIDS FREE! MIDWAY SPECIALS! JUDGING FINALS! ONE OI' A THE BIG DAYS! SATURDAY: Still More Races RUNNING FOR THE MONEY! WHOA:— DON'T FORGET THAT MULE RACE THURSDAY SUNDAY: Horse Show Day BEGINNING'AT 2 P. M. AND CLOSING AT 6 P. M. CHAMPION RIDING CHAMPION DRIVING Kids Free Again!. WGGIJST EVENT OK THE SHOW! Onjhe Midway All Week - Sol's Liberty Shows- 12 Major Rides« 12 Big Shows

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