The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 18, 1934
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Serwd fry fib United /Vets BLYTHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS -. TUB DOMDJANT NKWSPAPEK OP NORTHXAfer ARKANSAS AND 8OUTHMBT ICBaOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. 104 BlytheTlUe D»lly Newi Biytheville Ocurter Ul&lsilppl Valley Uider UlylhevlUe Herald HOME EDITION m.YTHKVlU.K. AKKA1VSAS. WKDNKSUAY JU1A' 18 19M _ --- SINGLE-COPIES FIVE CENTS r , IA GOVERNOR DEFIES OUSTER ORDER Francisco Police Hunt Communists GRIP DF STRIKE ON 1ST n IT II nl*l I kirn IorK . ""t you can uct that Mar- II 1 I ULi HI III 1 J 01 ' ic 11>lm and Evelyu Bollerimin III I I fll I HA Ml ca " Rel U|OI 'K lu Hie country. Hero U I I I IILLIIMLU y<>" see how they made friends A Little Doe Goes a Long Way They're Mule city girls from New York, hill you can bet that Mar- wlili an orphaned don tliat wnn- r • r.i T n i " iornit ln[ ° lhe Cam P Fire Girls' fOOd Shortage Is Lasedl tummer camp at Arden. N. V. , ^ in- -I Marjorle'j and Ueneral bituation [ Shows Improvement SAN FRANCISCO, TJuly 18 (UP) —Police resumed their Inmt for l Communists in San Francisco lo- day. They raided the Seaboard hotel on the waterfront, examined 200 persons, and arrest 3d seven, releasing 193 after questioning. Those arrested were held under $1,000 bail as vagrants. Union cards were honored as proper cre- demials to escape arrest. While strike leaders awaited outcome of., their proposals for arbitration, public and private agencies today began shaking off the shackles of the San Francisco general strike. The result was a definite easing of the food shortage and signs of Improvement in the general situation. U»fy "Dictation" There were, here and there, cas r es of open defiance, on the part of the business community, of the so-called "dictation" by the general strike committee. The city owned and operated municipal airways announced it would run buses on Third street, would run buses on third street, OFFER SUES FDR ROBERT FISHER SERVICES 100AK I'S AIM Premier Harvest in Ilaly 'hlch leads to the Southern Pacific 'paSE^pger station, and on '•which street strikers have tied-up Three Osceola Propertyj Funeral fo r Victim of Ac- the usual. Market street railway service. Notified that the Standard Company of California would be allowed, under a dispensation from the strike committee, to deliver, fuel jjll-^ro-'apairtrrreTU ~H6iises in trucks s.- carrying... s^lfce-vcenunitUx: • permits. Phillip Patchin, - vice-president of the oil company, answered: "Apartment house owners will be served without limit but our permit will be in the form of police protection." .'. . .-.: • National guardsmen, assigned to protect food trucks' In the .wholesale district, ripped from several trucks the strike committee's permits which they were, displaying. The strike committee further relaxed Its embargo on foodstuffs. Having increased the number of "licensed" restaurants yesterday to Owners Submit Bids to Treasury Department ' OSCEOLA, Ark., July, 18—Three sites -for 'the riew~'fe<l'erai- building to be constructed 'Here';.were offered in bids received yesterday. °'U Vance Cartwright offered to'do- nate to the treasury department without cost a lot 'on Pecan street, less than a block off Hale avenue and adjoining the Shcddan Clinic. R,"A. Cartwrighl, acting as agent for Ben H. Green, of Hoi Springs, offered ' the old Beall Hotel lot, on the corner of Hale and Pecan, at. $2,5i», and VV. J. Driver offered the corner of Johnson avenue and Highway 61. the site of the baseball park grandstand, at $1 600. The' Beall Hotel lot and the baseball park site are both corner lots. The Vance Caitsvriglit property is an interior lot. The Beall Hotel lot has a 55-foot frontage on Have Ave., and a 150-foot frontage on Pecan street. The Driver lot faces 100 feet on High- cident Will Be Held at Family Home Funeral , services will be held this, afternoon af 4 o'clock fdf Robert L. Fisher. Jr., 20. former high school athlete, who was fatally injured Sunday night when he" jumped from a freight train over a trestle 40 miles out of Little Rock Sunday night. The youth died yesterday in a Little Rock hospital. Two other Biytheville boys, Howard "Goob" Caldwell and Carlos Crawford were slightly injured when they jumped from- the same train. The Rev. W. J. I*Roy, pastor of the Lake Street Melhcdist church, will officiate at the services to be held at the family home. 2008 West. Sycamore. Interment will be made' at Elmwood cemetery. The In Hospital Here As Result of Blow From Singletree in Hands of Boy Mrs. Henry Flowers, 30, of near Steel, Mo., was In the Blythovlllii hospital today with her skull pns- ibly fractured as a result of :\ family quarrel at her home yes-; tcrday afternoon. ; Mrs. Flowers said shv was struck on lhe heud with a singletree by her II-year-old son, Claude, whom she described as being "half drunk." According to llie story told by Mrs. Flowers, her husband and lathvr-in-law. John Flowers, 08. hud been trying to ]>crsuade her-to sign over her share of a 370- acre tract of land, which previously had been given her and her husband by the elder Flowers, who was trying to regain possession of it. She said she had repeatedly refused to sign the deed nnd that she had been threatened several times by both John Flowers 'and her husband. Her son, she said was Influenced by the men to take sides with them and when the argument reached n p?ak in the yard of the Flowers' honie yesterday afternoon the boy picked up a singletree and struck His mother - across the head, knocking her unconscious. E ESTfiTE PLffl Drouth Cattle for Dyess Will Arrive Tomorrow Sixteen carloads of entile, cle.s- llned for the Dyess rural rchablll-lF v ,, rn i' p nnv ;,,i«wl n ( liillon colony In the southern part. XeCUUVe > *-On\lUeCl 01 or tile county, left Knnsus city I Federal OfforKi* Pm- Insl midnight and will arrive at r «ferai UHenSC, J 10- Wllson nbont 4 o'clock tomorrow morning. E. P. Blomeycr, local' agent (or the Frisco rnllroiul. told the Courier News this morning. Mr. Ulomeycr said he had no word concent Ing a shipment for Luxorn. expected this week. The cattle now en route are pan cf 3,000 head of cattle from the drouth regions of the northwest, assigned to this county for pasturing. The cuttle are U> be divided between the Dyess colony and the Bank Island, in the Mississippi river near Luxora. F. M. UPENTER FACES CHARGE claims Martial taw BISMARCK. N. D., July It) (UP) —Surly mobs milled about the itnte cnpilol today, hurling eplt- iicts at the political enemies of Governor William H. Langer, as lie held the cnlirc slate In the steel grip of nmrilal law. Longer, ordered by the Mipicmu court to ,slc|) out of .office, issued n proclamation of military law and called In suite troops In a coup Intended to thwart Ill's ouster. With all civil liuv 'suspended, lie claimed Hint any'wrll served oh him by the high comt ' would be void. Calls Legislature The swift piece of strategy was regarded us a stall for time, inasmuch as Langer has convened the slate legislature for Thursday to determine whether he Is qualified to continue in office. Is Accused of Embezzle- , H , e luccs a lirlson nuteriui foi- . _ . | lowing his conviction on charges merit 01 rtderal Landi of soliciting political funds from I? J federal relief workers. funds . The legislature is composed of men overwhelmingly allied with Heaping a harvest of wheat and political good will, Premier Denito. Mussolini turned tarin hand for three hours—at IB cents an hour— in the reclaimed marshlands of Llttorla, Italy. Here you sec him feeding a threshing machine as he tolled among the peasants. - KTrs: F'Srift-rs TEKid-'rhe'-fcuy Accustomed to drinking with his father nnd grandfather, and thai both the men and the toy were intoxicated when the incident occurred. She said she understood that the three left this morning for Tennessee and that neither 01 them had been /arrested, although the mailer was reported to Pemiscot county officers by her bra- Ihers. Physicians here said further examination would be made to d r mine the extent of Mrs. Flowers Injury-. The woman is also the mother of a three-year-old boy, now be- FORFERAwf' Former Case Worker Eaton Case Inquiry May Be LITTLE ROCK, July 18 (UP)— Francis M. Carpenter, former secretary-treasurer of the Chlckasaw- ba District National Fnrm Loan association, of Biytheville, has been charged with embezzlement by U. S. District Attorney Fred A Isgrlg, the United Press learned today. Carpenter appeared before U. S. Commissioner E. L.'.Westbrook, at Jonesl(otp,, this week *nd Is at liberty under >2,SOO bnod.- Alter charges. were filed last 70, during the night the • permit way. 61 and extends 150 east ™«"ntUee Issued authorization to j along Johnson street. The Ca«- t frontage depth of 350 butcher shops to open for to- Kvright lot has a 100 foot day only, giving -housewives a on Pecan street 'and a chance to replenish meat supplies. Truck Bui Relaxed It was agreed by the permit commitee of the strike committee that retailers would be allowed to drive their own automobiles to wholesale houses and haul away supplies. Trucks cannot be used to deliver to retailers. Approximately 1,000 truck permits, chiefly to re- 110 feet. The new building estimated loigarct. Bonnie and Geraldine cost $100.000, will not be con-i - strucled until next year, it is understood. Cobb Undertaking company is in] ing cared for by her relative charge of funeral arrangements. B. Grxidman, Rylee, J. W. I anu Bill Secoy. former school mates of tht deceased, will serve as pallbearers. Young Fisher is survived by his parents. Mr. and MIT. R. I,. Fisher, Sr., two brothers. Walter and Franklin, and Ihree sisters. Mar- "to. ^ BC e a ck Caruthersville Man Knifed, Two Men Held Found Guiltv of Embezzlement .in City Court One former FERA employe wns [ convicted of embezzlement In municipal court here yesterday and two men now employed by the federal agency figured In n Second street brawl on the same day. J. D. McDowell, former field cas^ worker, wns fined $30 and sentenced to 30 davs In jail by Municipal Juds;e c. A. Cunningham for a form of larceny thai the court described as one ol tlie QARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo. —July 17. — Earl Cloodrutn and Robert Austin are being held in city Jail here, charges pending against them awaiting the outcome of an in- Lepanto Revival Will Dave Collins, vyho was knifed last night when Closing Stock.Prices ° pen S !"i* y ' Jul * 22 NEW YORK, July 18 (UP) — tailers. have been issued in the The stock market swunv forward last 24 hours. — ---'---• Francisco trucks back into operation. LEPANTO, Ark.—Beginning Sin. day. July 22, a revival will be conducted at the First Methodist ours. The city of San j fractions to more than two points] Church of Lepanto with Rev Gray put 70 street rcpalrj today as Wall Street became optl- pastor, leading the series of re- tnislic over possibility cf settle- City and county automobiles ment of the western coast labor were buying, their gasoline from! troubles, two gasoline stations which "••"•- • running without "licenses" No pick up in trading were i activity accompanied the firmness. selling "bootleg" gas against lhe strike committee's orders Florence M. M|ullffe. 'chairman ol the Committed of 500, formed by Mayor Angclo Rossi, called The Committee in Support of Constitutional Authority," announced life organization would proceed without reference to the possibility of arbitration "Our purpose." he said, "is to see that every citizen is free to pursue his accustomed work without fear of violence or intimidation." Numerous arrests were made during the night on both sides of San Francisco bay. and [Tickers moved slowly during me five hours but there was a definite feeling of betterment, wherever traders and brokers gathered. A. T. and T 113 7-8 Anaconda Copper 14 1-8 Beth. Steel 33 1-8 Chrysler -. 40 1-8 vival services: A. M. Button will lead the singing. New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 18 (UP) Cotton closed steady. open high low close Johrmn's R 0 ] e Uncertain SAN FRANCISCO, July 18 (UP)—Disclaiming official connection with any phase of the San Francisco strike. Oen. Hugh Johnson. NRA adminislralor, remained here today for closely guarded conferences with federal mediation representatives. . Johnson's part formed one of old Cities Sen-ice Oen. Am. Tank ... Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester . Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. 2 1-8 36 3-4 20 1-2 32 33 1-2 28 7-8 27 1-2 3 1-8 11 1-2 C 1-2 13 1-2 44 1-2 July |0<t Dec Jan Marcli May 1312 1332 1343 1347 1353 1358 1317 1335 1348 1350 1359 1364 1307 1321 1334 133S 1346 1353 1312 1325 1339 1340 1349 1358 jury to seriously they jumped him at John Bay's filling station and restaurant. about n mile wesi ol town. According to witnesses. Goodruui and Austin were drinking, and with no apparent reason, began Fighting Collins. He was slashed across the abdomen, and attending physicians said his condition this afternoon was serious. The two men fled after the affray, later being taken into custody by night officers Will Medlin and Howard Sparks. Deputy Nfarshal Luther White said this afternoon the two would be held in jail until Collins' condition could be determined before charges were filed. Collins Is well "lowest" by "Inking bread from of hungry people." MrD:»wel] made SriOO bond for appeal of the case lo circuit court. Harvey McCall. a work division I Extended to Include Entire System LITTLE HOCK, July 18 (UP)— Anonymous letlers branding the woman's prison farm at Jacksonville as lhe ''biggest stink hole on earth" were received at the prosecuting altorney's office here today as the Pulaski county grand Jury began Investigation into the slaying of Helen Spencc Eaton.. There were report's the Inquiry would Include the entire prison system and the slaying of 14 convicts by trusty guards during tne past 18 months. W. M. Trulock, former chairman of the state penal board, and former wardens, W. S. De . A forcman of tho FERA. and J. W. L Arnl!llldi nnd - Hemlee, appear- Jenkins, another FEK'A employe, bemine involved in a dispute scon after the trial nf McDowell. Neither was on duty at the lime. They exchanged blcws. according to re- pcrU;. with Je')]:;:is polna lo bed as f. result of the fracas. Police ed with the present p;nal board chairman, Walter Hslms, of Texarkana. before the grand jury. Indications early this afternoon were thai it would be tomorrow before Frank Martin would be taken before lhe Jury. The anonymous letters came Langer. Yelling crowds strode along streets Jcadlili! lo the 'capital building, where soldiers were' bivouacked. Many of the demonstrators.were relief workers and staunch Lans«r . supporters. They halted before the homes of five supreme court justices, who made the ruling ousting Lnngcr, and shouted insults. ' .'' ;Soldiers-^Guard Langer;...,... State Treasurer 'Albirt' Dale, an. Friday Carpenter, who was inJRitl-Langer mnn, was beaten in Alabama, learned of the action a ho ' cl lobby last ntghi' after a and returned to Arkansas voluntarily,. Mr. iigrig said. As secr«f*ry-treasurer of . the loan association Carpenter collected for lhe Federal Land Bank'of St. Louis. The charges allege Carpenter made collections of "several iiundred dollars," which he did not remit. The specific charge against him Is embezzlement of about $30. The alleged embezzlement occurred over a period of several months In 1933, the district attorney said. Carpenter became secretary of the association December 6, 1932. known here the county. and elsewhere over Igned and turn^i over to a Cornell merchant when the latter p r ^- cnted them n-. the relief offlc-: . or approval, wu-io'.il ever mnk- charged with the murder of C. A ng anv dispositioii of the mat^r. Martin, youthful Biytheville taxi Texas Co " 23 5-8 U. S. Steel 39 5-8 U. S. Smelting 139 3-4 Chicago Wheat open - - July high 99 1-2 , the most puzzling aspects of the! new 99 3-8 99 3-8 situation. Some whispered that he September low clow 8 1-8 98 3-4 98 3-4 is President Roosevelt's personal representative. Johnson himself insists that lie is making only "an NRA sales tour" of the Pacific roast. old 100 l-« 101 1-8 99 3-8 ICO new 100 101 1-8 99 1-2 100 Since the Civil War, only three United States president* bee n Democrats. Chicago Corn open high low close Spots closed steady at 1335. up 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 18 (UP)— Cotton prices fluctuated both below and above yesterday's closing levels and wound up today's session unchanged for the active months of October nnd December, with prices of 1321 and 1336, respectively, other months showed advances. _ Spot house representatives In j Texas reported the BaiVKhead bill I might ./jst as well be suspended in that state as cotton tags are being stolen in wholesale lots. The lags have a market value of S3C each. open high low close 1307 1313 1307 130Gb 1328 1333 1318 1344 1345 1332 1340 1340 1340 1352 1354 1345 1360 1360 1352 Calls District Meetings Of FERA County Heads LITTLE ROCK. July 18 lUPl — District meetings of field repre- sentalives and county adminislra- .ors named under reorganization of lhe FERA in Arkansas have been called for tomorrow. There arc ten districts. Districts one and two, Including Mississippi county, will meet ai Joncsboro at 10 A. M.- W. R. Dyess, state administrator, today urged county administrators to confer with their field representatives instead of state headquarters. July Oct Dec Jan March 1321 1335 13381) May 1347 1354 have [July 62 1-8 62 1-4 61 1-2 Cl 3-4, Spots closed at 1322, unchanged fi3 3,.., 1 G3 1-8! steady. Thermometer Registers 101 in Shade Here Today The temperature at 2:30 P. M today registered 101 in lhe shade according to the official govern mcnt thermometer here. It the highest point to which Hi mercury has climbed since Jim 21, 1933, when a maximum of 10 was recorded. Rice mid lhe pair from oalveston, Texas, and were ticketed in the clty, s(gncc | by .. two toF)ner termers." Improper conditions at Jackson- Chief Ed vp:ild be ivlslon of. muniHpal court on liarps of dts'i.On» the peace | vil , c fnrm ;vere cl]a d Trial this aftiTnoon Is unlikely, v.-as stated. Jenkins claiming )!ow:; he receive 1 .! aggravated old njuvies to tho extent that lie .-oulo be unal> to fippoar today. McDowell was alleged to have up etncrgricy orders Arrest at Jonesboro in Missouri Torch, Killing JONESBORO, July 18 (UP) — Harry Arnold. 36, of West Plains, Mo., was arrested here last night for .questioning ~ln connection with the murder of Oscnr Bussart, of Thayer, Mo., July 12. Bussart's charred remains were found in his burned automobile several miles cast of Thayer. Missouri officers, who came here for Arnold, stated that Bussart and Arnold had been good friends and that Arnold was believed to have been In Thayer at. the time of the murder and might be able to furnish officers de'nnlte Information. No Date Is Set For Barnes' Examination No date has been set for preliminary examination of Frank Barnes. Hnytl, Mo., farmer, and Ills two sons, Willie and Archie, >nc of the tickets \vns purportrd havo been glvi, for easolir driver, Tlie three men were removed Robert Wells Suffers Burns When Home Razed STEELE, Mo.—The new liome of Mr. and Mrs. Hobcrt Wells, Jusl outside the city on Highway 61, was destroyed by fire Sunday af- xriitical argument, he reported. The crowds In the streets c'laim- ed'- that__pther. Langer supporters trom 1 nearby''"coihmufi(t!es'"woiild swelU lh«lr,-numbers.•-,..- , Meanwhile Lt. Gov. Olc Olson, whom the supreme court called he "real governor of North Da- cota," issued orders rescinding the special legislative session called by Linger. The status of the otdsr ' remained doubtful. A bodyguard ' of stale troopers stood guard over :he executive offices and soldiers followed Langer wherever lie went. Seek Highway Bandits Following Two Holdups JONESBORO, Ark., July 18 <UP> —A drag net was thrown about northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri today as officers in two states sought to apprcliend highway bandits who struck on successive nights lo secure $1,100 in loot. Roy Smith, of Batcsville, truck driver for a transfer firm, was lobbed of $300 near here Tuesday night when three thugs forced his truck from the highway and robbed and slugged him. Fred James, n Randolph county merchant, was held up and robbed by three gunmen Monday night when accosted near Pocahontos. He lost $500 In money and $300 In securities. McDowell did lo.": II the par- , '"»» Mississippi county Jails by iudar but offered proof I Sheriff Clarence Wilson yesterday hat adjustment:: n-rve made en .'KB than six hours after they had emergency orders several !.:anc=s and that several such o - rieis were now l"-i.]t» held at the office for adjust;nen'.. Mrs. Gaskins' Trial C i t A r AiL' H1 8- From other sol »et tor AUgUSt Stni indicated that the thn brought here from Ultle Rock, where they purportedly confessed. Sheriff Wilson declined today to ! name the jail where the trio Is j held or to say when they would | be returned for preliminary hear- tYom other sources it was •ee men were not anxious for examination and ternoon. Mrs. and had the kitchen. Youth's Injury Claim Is Settled for $400 A suit to give legal approval to an agreed settlement has' bsen nied In Wells had been cleaning '?! m " ?. f Fi " ls Chism, f« 1 left a pan of naptha In ° rt 5 ;°" t ! 1 ' wno ™? in .J uri pan of naptha Mr. Wells, prcpar CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Julyjthnt they would probably not be 18.—Prosecuting Attorney Robert W. Hawkins this aflernoon announced the trial of Mrs. Ima Gaskins, Haytt woman held for murder in connection with the fatal shooting of Charles Spencer, Hayll officer, would be held on Aneust 9. Only two of the eleven scheduled murder cases will be heard this week, he said. These are Owen Enis, charged with lhe slaying of Charles Faulkner, and a negro for killing another of his race. These postponements were made, he said. In hopes of escaping the hot weather, attorneys and court officials believing it may be somewhat cooler next month. returned here until the October term of circuit criminal court. Texan Caught New Type of Coral Snake BEAUMONT, Tex. V (UP)—E. R. Watts, a railroad lineman claims to have discovered a new variety In coral snakes. He recently caught oru- near here which measured 31 Inches in length, Ordinarily a snake of this species measures only 15 Inches or so. Tlie specimen caught by Watts lias been identified as a coral snake. ing to light the stove, struck a malch. There was a burst of flume and In a short time the entire house was afire. Mr. Wells suncrfTd painful but not serious burns. Nothing was saved but some dining room furniture. Mr. Wells, former cashier of the First National bank of Steele, said that he will rebuild soon. Tennessee Valley Firm Low on Lake Work MEMPHIS, July 18—The Tennessee Valley Construction company was low bidder on 90,000 cubic yards of earth work, to fce done In connection with the war department's program for repair and re-enforcement of the Big Lake levee In Mississippi county, Arkansas, and is expected to receive the contract. Bids were opened today at the U. S. Engineers office here. The low bid was 23.42 cents per yard which Is regarded as an unusually low price for work of this particular type. common pleas court on four year . 'cd when struck by a Hubbard Furniture company truck on June 26. The suit was for $400, under- stood'to be the tesis of an agreed settlement of a claim growing out of the accident. Reid. Evrard and Henderson are counsel for Htifcbard Furniture company. Cow Went on Strike for Dog SEATTLE (UP)—A cow would not give milk until a collie 'dos, her playmate, was returned to romp and play with her. The do? was taken away, but returned when the cow refused to eat. WEATHER and and Arkansas — Generally fair continued warm tonight Thursday. Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair and continued warm tonight and tomorrow. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 100. minimum 71, clear, according to Samuel P. Norris. official, wpathe; observer,

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