The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, October 13, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS DOMINANT NEWSPAPER ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 176. Blylhevllle courier •, Blytheville Herald Blytheyillo Dally News Mississippi Vnllcy Leader 'ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOHRR 13, 10SII SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS AIN SPEECH INSULT' Robs Friday lire Btli Of Jinx House Commiilec Chairman Says 'Half A Do?.en' Operating WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 (UP)— Chairman b. Ihicll Snyder iDem., Pa.) of Ihe house military appropriations subcommittee .snl<l today thai "hair n dozen" foreign submarines were operating In (lie Caribbean. Snyder, just returned with Rep. Joe Slnines, (D., Aln.) from an ! 1,000 mile official Inspection of const defenses, said the,' submarines belonged to "a country embittered against (lie English," He said Gov. Lawrence Ki"amer of the Virgin Islands had told him jof the presence of submarines, and I that nir and sen patrols, lind con- I firmed it but had been tumble to i determine their nationality. ] "They think," said Snyder, "Hint Demands That Senate Ask Industrialists' Advice On Arms Law WASHINGTON, Oa.'IS. (in'^cnitLor fioi-nld 1' (Rcp., N. )).), lold Uic scrmlc today "you 'cannot lurilU Byrne Is Ousted By Ellison NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 13 UJP) One of lluey p. ling's favorite' laws was Invokedtcd'ay arid 'first Assistant Attorney. General jnhle'3 1 O'Connor- superseded Charles A.t Byrne ns district attorney of Or* leans parish. ; Byrne, under flrc since his re. ... . placement wns nsked-by n minority there are half n dczcn or so sub- | report of thc grand jury for fall- marines that have worked out a ure to cooperate,-will have no .more system 1 of maneuvering down there authority until the Impeachment nnd that they have been there for proceedings nnd ether attacks some time." He satcl that they were first seon about three weeks ov n month before Germany invaded Poland Phoocy on Friday, the 13tli. Mr. 13, who clr.iscs Hie jinx Iruin dinner parlies in a leading Chicago smlnjr as the Hili came from citizens ln"thc"nrea"and guest at (ables for 13, lias no regard for sii|iersllfion—or tlic law, so!from "reliable smrccs." it seem.v. Ami if (his Isn't about Die most unlucky (liin» any dummy)-' "Nobody could tell me where they could do on Friday, Hie 13tli what is? ' \ I refuelled," Snyder said. "Some were ' .. • • : / of the opinion that a great big against his office are cleared. Attorney General David. M. Ellison, invoked the law which Hney Long had passed in the heyday of his regime. • By NEA Service Let's see, what's the dale? Friday, Oct. 13. Ouch, that ruins the a I4th suest to invite. A leading Chicago hotel onus fhmmiy, dubbed "Mr. 13," who is taken out entire day. Well, no driving the j of storage to serve as the charm- nutomoblle or anything like that until:'tomorrow. What bad things have happened today that can be charged up to.the calendar?..: ..._. -".I'i":. t »ere;any;Eens2,J,= .It?'pr'idny Sailors hate to leave'port on a - the-I3th always -imlucky—who' :said -Friday. 'Financiers dread " thc L day! of America's largest in- so? One surance companies claims the superstition is. the-bunk. Friday Is the-luckiest day in the. week, it contends, and eites statistics to prove it. On Friday, May 13, 1938, fewer, accidents were reported by pcllcyholctcrs than on any other day of that month. The -imluckiest day. according to the survey, is Saturday, the very next day nfter (he day -,\c worry 'about. Last year 11.4 percent of claimants were injured on Friday —bill l'G.8 per cent were hurt on Saturday, 15.4 per. cent tn Sunday. -Friday, then. Li just ti lull before (lie storm. Some lay Ihe superstition about Friday to the fact that, this was the day of the Crucifixion. MAYBE IT'S BABVLONIAN INFLUENCE As for the 13th jinx. Babylcnian astrologers of ancient history feared the combination of one and breaking factor at the empty plate !Ve P le " f ?»ed and 're' when-. 13 pe:ple 'stage • ti private ! was 110 ? cssnl 'V to the ••" ' ' •*.,... - ' :ie buildup; Man^Sy"- s '^ r '"- statement rUrmer/in tl._ „. , .„, scrapers have no - 13tfi' floor; - submarine brought fuel from a rather • distant point nnd that in the dead of night it refueled the smaller submarines, and refed and \\lnle\ei else em lecalled that President :Tiooscvcll said '-'earlier this week' that a foreign submar !ne had been Eigh(ed--20-mlles from, Miami, no., near two'oil fankcis Previously the president - ( Th? army and navy, Snyder snfcf. are ^-patrolling' virtually Tall (he Because of Caribbean area as fu as'Tumdnd I nrOTra m ni>i by air. He from because Friday, Sept. 25. 186D, marked the most disastrous panic In Wall Street hlstrry;.' "/Abrrjliam. 1 Lincoln was assassinated; on , "i*rl-\ day. LET'S LOOK AT THE KECORO On the other hand, however, history builds up a strong luck" case for-both parts of thc Friday .'the j 13th bngnb:o. There were 13 origi-; nn! American colonies; - has 13 stripes. The corn the White House was laid on Oct. 13, 1732. General pershln; born on "Friday, • Sept. 13. Other 13th birthdays: King Ecl- aiml III cf England, Thomas Jefferson. Pope Sixtus V. It was on Friday that Columbus. started his successful voyage. It moi ' c defensive equipment. He esti- was on a Friday that th2 Pilgrims '"ated lhal thc wnr department landed In America. It was on a "">>' B et - ns mwsli as SOOO.pOO.OflO Pi-ldny that the Declaration of ln-, r °r HM1. ccmparcd with this year's any sound prosperity upon the winds of wholesales numlev nnd defied n<lv<icateR of imns omlcrco vopiJal Lo accept (lie vnw?,,.(- o£ Miiliistri«ii,sls on the effect.of war on economy. __^ 4. •_'lYmie j n njiiDiiioi,, W| , s cpspoii. .slljle for our involvement In the Wcrlil War, Nye contended, reply- Ing lo statements by Ills predecessor In the senate debate. Senator 1Mb- ert A. Tnft (Hep. ,O,), tliat arms embargo.repeal would hei|) us avoid the present, conflict. Nye suggested that the iiwstlon of war's ctlect on a nation's economy be submitted at a formal hearing to 60 leading mdus'triallsts and cabinet members, ' : "I dare (he senate to find 10 rtindhj Ihe 60 who will wish lo i'e- peat the experience .of the last wnr bo:m." Nye shouted, lie s Good 'Argument For Slaying Oil I; Of European War HEHLIN, Oct. Ill (Ul>) — Tim Berlin radio recommends the following iiicnit for ptitrlolto Germans for four days starting today: FRIDAY' Aforiilin;—Substitute coffco, whole whnit bread, mnnnnlnde. N T ooii--StuiriHl colory, parsley, jw- tnlocs, wllli butter- Nazis Are 'Furious' At Ghamberlaim Who Is To Speak Again LONDON, Oct. 13. (UP)—, HFRL1N, Oct 13 mp)_ ?rimc • M i n i s I o r Neville Prime Minister Neville Ctinm- Immlwlnm, bucked )>y u herlain's sncecli was an un- ;—linked Kueimncl, vegetable salad. SATURDAY IT—Crushed '.o(il,i, . milk, (optional) egg yolk. Noon— Thick poUUo-vet; R I n I) 1 e EOII|I. sausage, npplc sauce. KvciilnE— Urcad soilltle, fruit. ' . thai among the GO such luen be Included ns Henry Ford, Eugene Grace, .Wnltcr Gilford, Owen D. young. William Kmidscn and Lammol tlu Pout. Nye chldcd his colleagues far iit- templlng to minimize the Importance ol the arms trafltc between the U. S. and belligerents. ' Physical Education Discussed By Membei Of ' State Boaid ^ -— -_ t Plnslcnl educotl n was the prln , re l )0 | lea |4lpal subject of discusslohi aMhf TVf in 1 C 1 ^^"S of the principals and su counly it Sha^nce last night for Ilieir first 1 meeting since spring. of the the aum is sendnnj \j, r f 0 " u " s ''schools"were'hVv'lted"to at* illy on -i soainiic [ en (i p^y r lve representatives lami to. patrol the : wcrc - prM £,, t . r roill thc fo i, awlng - p n, " n . . c oowng mles; the nag; alen toward Puerto Ulco; that the fic h;ols: Osceola, Liisora Blvthe .cbrncMtonc of '»vy .s n P«troI.IIn ? on a similar vllle Armorcl , sllawllce .• wl ,-, t , radius was I860.; Dell. ilson. Keiser. Bhr- edge; of the Mianil patrol and also ae tte and Dyess 'ii ' extends to Trinidad in - live other c . S. BlacK.nmV,' new! newly elected j' ii ,, . **• ^*. ">nv.i\ 11, iit-.viv uii;i;nju d reel on; am - hat oilier planes memiKT of the statc ( | CprvI -( melU of opeiate out ol Ihe Canal Zone. I education, spoke on "Health. Safety ibnyrtor said the Inspection trip nm \ physical Education Pr;gram." ecnvinced .him of 'the need for H ls talk was followed'nllh one on 'Agreement 1 Rumored WASHINGTON, Ovt. 13. (UP) — Admiulslralioii and Isolalloiilsl senate lenders ^crc reported today (o have agreed on proposed modification of shipping restrictions contained In President Roose- -v'clt's neutrality pi':grnm. ,- A source ulose lo the Qejiiocrnlle leadership said llmt the adminls- Inition was awaiting an "opportune- limc" to reveal Its siip|»rt (f the proposed changes. The same source said that an amendment to the pending neutrality bill, to carry out the suggestions wculii',come from the Isolationist bloc arnl f thnt It woiiW'-p'ioyldc \\\&\ \ American Ocssek'toUld enrry B^ds to any uort considered-r safe from «ai risk This Vibi]ld ciujble Inde (\\lth Avtslraliai and othei British dominion's -or 'possession: deemed far ciuugh a«ny from (he mother, country .to be free from •possible submarine ntlacks. 1 2. The "non-daugerous" area: would be defined by specific legis- lalioii. either, through.the naming of ports or countrles-or the estnb- llshinent of general "iu»i-co:»>jalli'c" z:'nes. Morning—Apple tni't baked with yc'nst. Nopii—Baked. cnbbnKe h) cusscr- ole, carrots, potatoes', elderberry pudding. Evening—Warm fiHll sollp, Utcnd vltli caraway -seeds, carrots, jiiliket, littered Iierlis. •-. . i,10NDAY Morning—Substitute coffee, rolls, some kliitl of fat.' Noon—Carrot, soup, dumplings, cabbage. -Evening—Potatoes In buttermilk, sausage, Ocrmiin lea. / It was announced Hint food ra- Ions between now nnd Nov. 10 would be altered, Increasing the weekly butler allotment pcv pcrscn from 2.11 to 3.0 ounces; reducing rani'gcilno from 4.4 lo 3.3 ounces; reducing bncan lard from 2.20 Ip 2.20 ounces. Amounts of butter nnd marmalade •'(or children under 14 will be ncreased. PUM'S IEITII IN Pusoners Refuse 1 Meal A Gesfuic Against Fellov Inmijle's Cxecutioh qinoAoo, Oct. 1:1 (UP)—Co; killer Steve Cygnn had been -ntc lo. his fellows In Ihe Cook County Jail so when his.lime came lo dl Ilie-y refused lo eat to show tha they were for him. '..'', When .luncheon was announce! Lenders on both .sides agreed ">'the Jnll.yesterday. 22 pilso.niir!, that the shipping question would refused lo gc lo table. They as evoke long debute and result In u Warden Frank Sain lha close vote. (heir fast was not to be tnken dependence wns introduced. Why, just three years ago. on a Friday the 13th, a fishing boat i appropriation of $835.000,000. three. And there were 13 present landed the largest cod ever caught fit (lie Last Supper when Christ off New England.- annamced that one would tetray .Him. •, , So, today many a hostess would call off her smash party .of, the social season if she couldn't find The record, all In all, is just a.i good as it is pocr. And just to prove our .contempt for the superstition — lids st:ry contains 13 paragraphs. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 13 (OP)—The stock market jumped up fractions to two points tcday in response to (he allies' rejection of Hitler's peace offer but then reacted on rumors that some neutral nation would Initiate a peace conference. AT&T 163 1-8 Anaconda Copper 33 1-8 Associated DG 9 Beth Steel 89 1-4 Boeing Air '... 26 3-8 Chrysler 90 3-4 Cities Service 57-8 General Electric : 401-2 Coca Cola 112 General Mctors 54 1-8 Alabaman Accused i Former Convict Is Accused Of Robbing Neighborhood Grocer Of Check Forgery Frcntas Starnes of Red Bay, Ala., \vhoatleinptedtocash R check for 530 is now, In the city jail awaiting . (rial .in municipal court on a charge ccurt on charges of asfault with Barney P. Adams, 35-year-old of forgery. lntclll to ki J! KM robbcry m m um-:i- He Is said lo have attempted to pal court today as the result of cash a forged check on H. W. the robbery of J. J. Johnson Wed- Mahan, who lives on the Oilc.hrist nesday night farm, at the Fanners Bank and Mr. J;hnson; who operates a Trust Company when arrested this grocery store on Cherry street, was morning • enroulc home when he was struck His trial has been set for lion- on the head from behind as he day. Int Harvest 05 Montgomery Ward 51 N Y Central 20 7-8 Phillips Pet 45 Packard 4 Radio Schenley Dist 5 3-4 12 3-3 Simmons . . . ......... : . . . 22 3-4 Socony Vac ............. . 133-4 Standard Oil H J 47 5-8 Texas Corp ..... .- ........ 461-8 U S Smelt ................ 65 U S Sleel ................ 75 1-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Oct. 13. (OP)—Hogs: 7,200 Top, 7.10 170-230 Ibs., 7.00-7.10 * 140-160 Ibs., 0.40-6.70 Bulk sows, 5.75-6.50 Cattle: 900 .Slnughler steers, 6.25-11.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.25-9.0!) Si*nqh>r h«><fi>Ts. 6.25-11.00 Beef cows, 5,00-8.00 Cutters and low cutters. 3,75-4.75 'chnnged. New York Cotton NEW YORKTcieT 13 (U P )_ Co t- tou closed steady. open high low clc'se Oct, .. Dec. .. 91C 889 Jan 835 873 856 836 Mar. May Jul. 919 892 835 874 857 838 914 885 877 SCO 848 826 915 BBS 816n 868 849 826 Spots closed nominal at 917, off 1. (Very Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 13 (UP)— Cotton futures closed steady up two points to down four points today. open high low ckse Oct 932 832 932 927 Dec 900 902 897 897 Jan......... 892b ..." ... 883 Mar. ;...-!... 884 88-1 's75 S75 May Jul. wnlkcd along the Frisco When he regained consciousness his purse and' $30 In it was gone, along ttilh a 21-jcwel watch nnd a man's ring which he had on his finscr. Sla?8Crirjc: lo a telcpone, lie n:tilied police who a short time' ^ m .f. later arrested Adams. When picked up ton, iwlicernan, and V. E. Tomllii- 111,1-, physica educatjon by Herbert | Proposed repeal of the existing I»illsclpllne, but. merely » gestui embargo on arms shipments lo tol- of sympathy for n pnl. ligerunls remained Ihe primary ksuc Dinner time cniuc nt •! : p. m. an mosl lso , aUoriisj bll (, U ic initci] country in his doloi 1 - ninntlon In light to thc lin- vnUicf.liuin ncecpt |>cuco on Nn/i Icnns, plans L« )i'6aiicast to Ctuindit and the United Stftttti Snliii'ilriy tt his liouso. of..Commoiifl "stnlc- inont ynatcrdiiy, it, \vns 1111- ilci'atootl today. Uiiinovcil by angry German :hrcats 6J ruthless war, Ohambpr- .aln planned:to make the basis ut i« speech/he favorable woild vc- ictlon to Ills Conunohs stntement Imt It Is for Clennahy to mnke icr choice between offering terms for; a renl pence, sii)>|>p)'tcil by something more than AdoK Hitler's speech, or war. Ohnmberlnln at Ilrst Intended I o make his speech Insl night,' It was reported, but wns Induced by cabinet members to put it off. It was believed that thc speech would be broadcast throughout the British empire, nitd would be the first of n scries of such speeches by key cabinet men. Newspaper comment this ;morning showed complete support of the Hovernmcut's position. .'Typl- cn! wn.s.tlie cdttorlnl of the ''Times, liiltcontlal .coiiscivatlve orenn it snld In part; ' "We ' recognize thnt the world can never be the same again us \VQ know : It before bombs bcRnn lo fnll oh Poland We fight v.-Kh o\n> thoughts centered on the tu- luio having regard to the r.tst only as'our clforts. for'the.future arc conditioned by It. 'In mn hope's ot, a . 'better In- pienaS-ntte 1m hoard of Insult t'o Germany in which hn rejected Mail' Hillor's oulstrclchcil liam! \vill\ impudent insults, an ol'- licial government slntomonc snid today. • Leaving no doubt, as to the bitter ringer of Hillei and his N_izl coueuijilcK and tlich dttappoint- ment ut (tip collapse of (heir hope of peace on theli own terms the statement was mndo ns orders wore given tp Intensify Berlin's air laid precautions ical wav. "Wheie aeiiimny wants peace" wheie (lie fuelucr makes con-' proposals for • rcconsii lie", ' tlon (ind a peaceful secure' Emopc Chatnbeilaln and his clique choose win,' said HID fctntemciU "Ohambei Iain's .speech was built on llei. Whereas he charges German policy with breach of \\oid he knows the Billlsh cmplie' wns built up on foice and lies. "After Chnmbeilnlns speech tha people knoiv wlmt (heir wntit, Versailles taught (he Clcrmnn people what Britain^ will to annihilation can accomplish Thcicfore the Goinmn pEo ; i'lc know the loiul \\e must Iravol lo def«nt tlila will of their cuc- inles," government utlll/f'd - ' lermtlcnul Is pait of the icply to those whoUre Impellent for an lmniEdlale, ; :detrtl!ed definition of our ivar alms The Polc'i ,'U»ust . have, their say In It Ko :iiiiist 'the .Czechs and Slovaks and 'other nations and so mail emphatically, .must, the Germans." Britain now had c\cn moic plainly than before made It known that its v,ni alms Included freedom ' not only for •'• the Poles but for the Czechs and Slovaks, and that ll required IT guarantee which Hitler, on his ov 1 !) word, was not personally -position ;(o- oij , ochwarlz. director of physical edu- s hip pmg problem was drawing mo cation at Arkansas State O-lleae at Jonesboro. Several new members became affiliated with the organization at last meeting. They were C. M. Senate Majority Lender Alben W. Barkley (Dem.. Mo.) appealed to his colleagues yesterday to cooperate In an effort (o ccmplcte general p.. , . . , - »LC 111 till I'tlUll \U U~l!IUIL-Lt: UVIICMK Dial superintendent at Kelser; R. acMe on , lle bill ."ns soon as pos- O Richardson, principal at Reiser; slbj( ,,, Hc ordcrwl a . SnUudny ' ses . »iJ! ,.,"M ° al f " c /- Prinelpnl of sloii 1U)(1 exi)rcss ed the hope Hint elementary scho:ls at Osceola, and H. M.. Owens, principal at Dyess. Two other superintendents (each- expressed the hope debate wculd end then; Isolationists, cheered by n gain of two votes and derstn, ot Dyess, were but were not present.' During the of flglit enrolled mnr^j ;verc unwarranted," snld i Sen. Bennett C..Clark (Dem.. M:.), session, | nn isolal i onlst lcadcr . , mvc n offer, on which 1 Intend to speak believed that II ^ If. r.^ t * ' . ml InUIWllUlllflL lltlUll. A III.,I. *. ?<„« « " S J" 3 j; e(!1 ' s ' '"I of important amendments to meetSiigs were announced. All except thc November session will be on thc second Thursday In the'' month. Because cf the Arkansas I Most so" 1 " 0 " ocncvcci tnai, n Education' association meetin* ' in «' cllld bc Me neltt «' cck beforc " lo Little Rock next month, that meet- : M1 . ln . tc could slart votlnj on ing has been poslponcd until the' ' third Thursday. Dates and places follow: Nov. IS, mcnts, and that n final vole coiilu n:t bc reached before (lie end of lilt month. Blytheville; Dec. 14, Wilson; Jan. I A growing demand that congress 11, Luxora; Feb. 8, Osceola • \farrh remain In session alter disposing - - • • ' 14. Btirdette; April ll. Kelsc'r. of the neutrality Issue' did not re, ccive the approval of Senate Ml- I ncrlly Leader diaries b, McNary (Rep., Ore,).' He suid ho saw tio reason tor ™»S«=s.s to slny once il has Rcled Vlpoll thc pcnding | CSis . lation. Senn. Wliltam E. Borali Verncn Joseph Mack, 21, who <ncp., Ida.) led the new nuvemcnt V. J. Mack, 21, Dies Here Thursday • At Ihe smut; lime, emphasis wi put'on (he idea thnt Britain had In no way rejected pence—but lull rejected « Hitler peace. . The government'wns eucourntjecl wlien nt (I a.m. .today the ofllclnl Moscow iitdlo gave a lon^ nud im- parllal summaiy lo Chainboilaln'. dluneiv So"he'orde"r'e"d' the'm'Wfced Commons slalcmcnt cmphnsi/ins In their cells • < s rcmnr ' !s *- n at deeds not woids Cygnn nte during thc tile 22 faster* sent word to (he warden that they didn't wnut their P nnlru Tho »ierv uiencv of publicity 'ind "ropn"fmtin to tell the coimtiv that »h« iHllcs had .rslroted without minllDrnHoM Hitler's nelclislng "nnrp bid niirl thnt the spceoh of Ncvlllp OheinbWdh In tl|.r. Brit- ''h HOURQ ?f Commons veatentay •w n t'oaied Insult to 'the G»r- mcn. naDoti • -* •_, Otto plrtifch NafI ufess chief, '"'(I foifl^fi cnrrespolidcnls Hint Die onlv WAV to avrrt a "blood I'nlh" wns (of fwrne' ncu'ml power In Intervene, olid li« added. In p>'i>p»?p lo n niiestlon, that Ihe "nlied Slates Wns ceilalniv qunll- 'led Died loli charaed that Great Bu- Inlu was rof' lui on United Slates "iimioit in Ilic wnr and wns tiv- '<'« (o boletci fhls suppoit by ''a h'lnij MOOTSnn n"iil|isl Oeimnny iijtlci snent .h'ouis last Wi"ht In lilq nl»li- Advlwrs, Considering his ic- (mt lo Ihe inlocllon of his leans hi' Oi«it ijillnln and Frr.nce— :i ri-toit \vhlch was exuocted to bo al Ihe bEDlmihyr a meiciless ilr- K'nnu llnrlll)ln^ rnmpalrtn ngninst Hie IVl'leli navy, and, possibl'.', Laic last night, Ihe gimrds went nrouml lo lits cell and asked what he would like for his last meal. Hc said he didn't want cue nnd when (hey'urged,him he said no, (hanks, he wouldn't cnre even for n .snnck. So as Friday the 13th began a few minutes nflcr midnight today, Cysnn was tnkeii, hungry, Into the execulion^chambcr. "I got a bum rap," he said, sitting In the clialr. "Say the boys." Cygai) had endeared himself to Ills fellows by buying cigarettes, candy nnd food fcr them. Hc got money from his brothers nnd pnr- enls. He killed Policeman John Chiskn In n holdup April 5, 1928. He (led lo Michigan where lie wns arrested for robbery. After he finished his sentence he wns turned over to Illinois authorities. He wns convicted a year ngo. able spirit nnd Britain determined lo light on. The News Chronicle, liberal party organ, published ii report from Its Istanbul correspondent- thfll, according lo reliable but uncon- firmeil sources Turkey nnd Russia signed n defensive pact yesterday, providing that Turkey keep its Dardanelles straits closed .ind Hint Russln guarantee Ihe present status in Hie Bnlkakns. Is District Chairman For Livestock Show nine days ago In search night alter keep congress here. Thf; isolationists were jubilant . ,t..i-j,.vu <iu«nl3. VVI1CH IJlvIvlll . . !>,.„„ ,11 j f 1II P IhOlttllUnUltS >%CIU JUUIlillI^ °?™*^:* "1 ^ r "!^' ^u!" S and n c mnS ^ fr ° m ?«' announcements by Sen. Denn. ? son, night patrolman and deputy sheriff, Adams had. thc. purse and $11 in cash, the watch which was identified by a picture of Mrs. Johns: n In the case, and the ring, officers, claimed. Everything was recovered except $19 In cash. Adams came to Blytheville three weeks ago after having been released, from thc Arkansas penitentiary where he served a term for forgery. chills and complications. Hc died at the home of Walk Brings .Bigger Headache BOSTON (UP) — John P U k ! n ,«•«"!'• fov-n \valk ( 0 relieve a slight 867 858 858 i headache but returned with a scv- and Senn. Vic D:nahcy (Dem.. O.), Wallace H. White IRcp.. Maine). Mack cf Nashville.-Tcnn. .Mrs. Oswell said the young had been having chills since he applied for employment and that he was able to ivork only a shrrt time before he became so ill he was compelled to remain In tert. cobb Funeral Home sent the remains to Nashville this afternoon. Chicago Wheat open high low cl:se Dec. 831-2 827-8 S27-8 831-8 May 831-4 831-2 S21-4 821-2 Chicago Corn open . high low clcse , —„„„ . - . ... . Dec.:..503-4 SI 407-8 50 & sandbag by two holdup men. |a rJx-famlly-aparlment house. Atay 53. ...531-8 621-4 521-2 AVON. O. (UP) — The old Red Mill of Avon,- one ol the busiest - ...... .. , -..„ «. „,„ „.,.,.«., •ei i j • .- 5 - 831 831 ere one.'While strolling In the cool 'spots in this 'village a half century* ri n rt ° *' Bt ^' «»- night 'air, he'.Was slugged wtthjago. is gone. It \«ill be replaced by- LUXORA, Ark., Oct. 13.—R. B. Whitmore, vocational teacher for Luxtra consolldate<l schools, has been appointed chairman for Eastern Arkansas Day at Ihe Arkansas Livestock Show at North Little Rock on Oct. 16. The leadership of thc large delegation tc attend Is to be sponsored by the Eastern Arkansas Young Men's Club. Advance tickets may chased from Mr. WhJtmore. be pur- The average temperature over the entire earth Is about 45 .to 50 degrees, Fahrenheit. WEATHER Etowah To Be Scene Of Electrical Program The pracllcalncss -of ,-electricity was dcmonslrnlcd by ; Miss Pauline Strong, hcme economist ol the Department of Agriculture, Washing- Ion, D. C., In n meeting nt the clly nuditorlum last night arranged by Ihe Mississippi Counly Electrification Cooperative. A similar meeting for Scuth Mississippi County Will be held tonlglil nt thc Etowah gymnasium. Five complete meals were cooked by thc economist who t:ltl o( the advantages or using electricity ns she prepared meals In the oven, on thc surface ot a stove. In n well co:kcr, ill a roaster nnd In ths Ice box. She gave an electric puppet show and demonstrated various appliances. D. ,S. Lantrin, county agricultural agent, presided at the meeting attended by 300. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county h:mo demonstration agent, and C. V. Sebnugh, Inspector for the new rural electrification project of the co:peratlvc, also spoke. Lamps, given as attendance prizes, ivent to Mrs. Jos Gentry, of Lux<ra. and Mrs. Tom Alexander, of Hnif Moon, Arkansas— Ck: tidy to partly clou-Jy tonight nnd Saturday, cooler In nortlucst portion, tonight, colder " ' Memphis and vicinity— Increasing cloudiness lailsht, Saturday rain and colder. . . • Dlclilch led Ihe Nazi pio»a»an- la camndlon -with the statement bat OlininbDrliln's snecch left not Ihe slightest loophole open for neaco n ego tint Ions The world now. lie said, wns faced wllh a blood j.ilh foi which Uiere was no need if exisllne uroblems \\eie attacked "sensibly" along the lines Hitler proposed. As Hillei conferred with his advisers, the Nazi official radio and such semi-official acencies as the diplomatic nnd political corre- nrlcni'.e' vented their wratli on (ho British. Morning ncwspaoeis lieie pub- 'Ishcd nothlnt of ChambirlnhVs snecch. awa(lin». thc official, reaction. The .National Zelluiifj 'of Es- .en. personal organ of Field Mnr- iial Hcimnnn Gocring, Nazi Ko 2. said: • "It Is onlv too clear that a war of deslru'cllon aznlnst Jha Ger- mnn peoiile. is -the'. aim . of the Brltl'h. > Whatever we might say. "'Imfevcr the fuehrer might offer, Brltnin-wants n war of annihilation against the' German ' Rcioh tnd the German people. The blome 'or this oollcy of .madness, dictated bv hate, is borne by the m>.« who on the 12th of October muds ''Ini'-elf the snokesrann for this nollcv—Chnuibcrlain.'' Berlin morning, newsp.wcrs. ia- slend of publishing Chamberlain's i»Rt«ment, ouoted previously published articles by David Lloyd George and Bernard slia'v in fi- vor of peace. Time Signal Roars By ^fARBLB HHit>.»Mo."'(OP)—Farm families here have substituWd the' Bound Over To Court On Embezzlement Charge A. J. Rig'tpT'of Msulla, was held' to circuit court <n a chaw .of cmbsz2le!«?nt -when arraigned - in court At H^niln'tWs morning before Ma*rs-r4feVE. P.'Alston. rtwrp5 *T"; out of the nl- roar of nirplnno motors for the i esc( i embtzzlerrent .of . apprcxl-" screech . of locomcttve whistles ni-tely $\w from Mrs. Cells R*>\ .'th^y. ssl their clocks when the also of Afsiilla, InvolvlJij a govern- afternpon plane between Memphis rtieht che:K. and St. Louis files overhead. His bond tfas s&t at $500.

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