The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 6
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PAGF- (ARiL) COURIER NEWS PUTTING ON THE SCREWS By Kfeiiz TUESDAY, JULY 17, 1934 Scores Rrilliant 291 to .. Win Tri-Siiile Golf Tour . narnpni Here, Ciifrmxinc a tifna.v poifnimsiiiv under a blUterlng sun with a bril- iism 33 nn his final inuncl W. A. "Junie" no'J'ell vriill:e<l away from tho field in the iTi-filnip golf tournament litre Sunday and Monday to the title v.'ith t total of 2S) strokf.-., 5 tmriei 1 psr nnti 11 .'stmltcs r,t;r>flil of Ills rival. O. ijiinMou of Sil:e.sinii provided o last minute jiupriw by fin- iiJung in (lie runner-up iraUion . -with « card of 303. I.uni^ien shot steady gnlf sit the way bu.t ap- • peared to be conic-red well h&r-t " in the pack until lie slim InroiijT at. trin finish to lient out Hill Pol lavd .medalist, who war, third with a rani of 303. Cliasteen liiii'il'. of Memphis, Jonner southern nmnlmr champion, -withdrew niter Ills lifih rounds found him fnr behind Ilio lenders. JFlarrl:; found the sum! greens timl the hoi sun illfnenlL hflridlrap.'i. '" Off, Slinne Win £. 73. Gee won the tlrst tllRhl championship with u caul nf 323, •Cecil Shane itmbbed third filghl honors with a toliil of 330 iinil the Blythevillc four mnn lemn copped the group com pel I lion to give the Blylheville country r.lnh a clean sweep of leading honors in the tournament. Doweli's fins) rmiiul was thn • best scored during the imirna- .nient and found the Northeast • Afkniuss-Southeast Missouri ohara- •pioh of last year putting on The pressure just at the time when "two flays ot strenuous- golf under a sweltering- sun hud most of Ills 'rivals faeged -out. H»t Gets I'nllara Pollard, -who like Don-ell, was playing under the banner nf HIP. Blythevllle country dub, set the pace until the sixth round when s he relinquished the leafl. Pollard had paced the field through Ih 4' qualifying rounds with n total and through the flltli be. fore Do\TOll overlook htm on Hie sixth. • Dowell had finished the iiuailfylng . round . n stroke behind Pollarrt and the pair had kept their distance well nhe&d of other -. AMSSISSIPPt MUPCA7' AFTER E.'XPSft'lMEAlTiAJG THREE V6A!? r j TfiP CHICAGO CU6S[ RWIfr-IIAtlPrTR HAS PCA/CL/TiffO /. BUSH'S 6RIP Ready to Do Their Stuff in Majors Clnsp Race in-Majors May Givr- Minors' Slavs Big Chanre Service Sporl^ W<ili-f spring; r-tcrnsl in ih.» j of yrtiins minor Ips'/iier?.. [Tiif- l.ins wlio lnl«r in the 'lni5li 'jiiitip/ foi- (heir Coffer- and r-nke .l-,v,iv= hnve The viflon r,f majm rr.criif iiiiifniTiis iir(H7Jji[.( Itfmt', in .spur 11 inn on. olhr-r liny IVi;.'^ Rill 'rr-n 1 ; 1 . ni.irii-., fount! nf-cd or reln- vrri-iiiPiii.-.. nnil tlie iiblnle Jpurlpr tlu- \\oilu clinniplons itninedl- y got in trairli ftith MnsiivillR. the Southern .V^oeiotion, unu iFii a l.iil oiilfiekier lie fiirm- .ei.-- i-iiriirr in tiiF year, after l.iirf .'.jii-iii^- tryoiii provr-d rlie ;r.n*oiiini;. l.Pila-r Wiis ihe i;ny. lie tiiajor rr-hc'rivstil when ho Kinged nway ut tlip apple for .3,ii) ljl 1 , Insi ycnr. nisiippoliitrii 11 liclna farmed out. Hennery bore Nnshvlllp, vowing to get. );u i l: ii[i nKuln. nnil. hifi .41-1 swat ragft tliis yenr n-:rs- wlint :-tiin!lil .'IVirys r.ViV. Thorr air apt. to l)e ^-verfll enlls , c eni. in ihr- ininnrr, bnfore the ::eetfp i-rtof. 1 : in liolli iPEif.nes wind up. And in nddition lo lecniLs a roiipip of raw vcnWPs inielit be lifted riiilii out. of the minor?; lo til! In yiips left, by an ulritmlng list nf disunities in the rank; of rna]nr this seasnn the 14? ianim, West MempliLi, Wynne. Enrle, Jonesboro. PuiOBould,. Os- reola, Tyroma and Marked Trse. Officers, of Hie niv/irlatlot) are: P. P. .Incobs of Orldcr, president; E. J. White ot West Memphis, vice presldetil.; Qeorne Henry of Dly- Ihevllle, .lecrelnry anil trex'.urer. NorHieasI Arkansas' 'Invent Usually Held Here.'Goes To Poinstfn Coimly; • llic (lilrd anntinl NorlhciiEt Arkansas Tennis tournament will l» In (tfu'rkort Tree, Atiuiuit 11 cantenders. Going Into a 1 up lead: on. Ihe sixth round Dowel)' , mt | 12,. rini.1 10, accordlnt; to .lack carded * par 3,7 .on the seventh -Pinlcy flobjnsoii. 1 . manager. • - . .Nfiiclf liUcre«l Is .being- manifested In this year's ' tournament ' to ga 3 lip on Pollard who pulled through with-a 39. .Pollard, exhausted by ihe gruelling pace, with 11 eillrles already received. . soared Into the 40's for the. first [These are:' • Elkins 'Crawford, de- time.on his final;round. .Hc.loat fpiider of slnijIM Ml?,,E. J."While • l^-pou'ndg'.diirliiK.-Uic.' tourney.••'•' ahd"E.- H.i Be'hV,-'''bf .WeSf'•'* : ' - . r* «..-.-!.. , . . , . . • .- i . , .'•',•-•_, < .„• ... yfi. -Msk-r of .Batesvllle 'was sc'c- tqirl. in. llih "fVr>'f ftWit '.vjllh H58 '.Ehanfe's. card .of 530" to tai«j .second nfeht.-honors-w'ss ahrfnd'of nil fli-si jllghti'Jilttyer's: v.-li!i the exception 'pf-Gee, S'isler -mid W. II. Parks . phls; foi-jnor ' _ i .Apiiel' n^/N R.. P. . O*f;hi,HV ft. I' n..-Ailiq[t,.:or ' Markert .T, Wood. of/I^ifma, -'riii'd 'OtW'ar -Prri'lr \r!r'"'\iiA~--' YnVtr — Vkvi\'ki, - — ^^llilnknYl Harry Gray^oo i ^ NEW YOHK, Ji|ly 17—Major league magnates, peeved nt rntlon- v.-ide ciltlclstn in' regard to the ix-rsnnnel of 'the tenni ami probahly would no hove worked the Oklaliornan n nil had not the demand teen si strong. There Is lhe : rL* of Injury nUo Prritikle Prlsch pulled up Inmc. Walllmr Oi^t im Own Charity And one of the most'strenuous objections offered hy UK ownris IK their fear that, .showing .stars in •a ' cut rale may affect the wnrlii scries, which fell off In alte'nd- nnre and receipts last. full. They deem It to irot out. nuth, .Oehrtg, "Qomez, Oeli- rhuier, Cronln, Pox.v, Mliiinioiu. Manual. Cochrane, Hubbell, Terry, Nfarlln, Prisch, Trnynor, Klein. •OU, Wdriieke and the remainder nf the pick of their lumlnnrius for ^.2(1 In July, with less attrncllvt In ihe Pacific Fnuik Demnrpe Coast. i.lappina o UIMngg'ln . . , sior nf in Frnhi'lfPO .Heals, with a avinc 'marl. . . may catch I'l: (lie -Her! Sox. Floyd Neskii-k . .. . n:eA piteiier ?:lio has airies.- for MeT:r.irk . . uly with .Yanks £«on ihree-nng- ivon nirie . msy sse I Frank Demnree . . . sluggine! .his v;ny buck into Ilic Wg leagues jwltli a .400 nvcTiiee in the" i'nclllc i Const League. Keep on ™%^ 0 * Chief Arquette Burns'.Vic- -j iim; German Slrongman a pitching duel behveen George Farnshaw and Johnny Welch in ! the former's- favor. The score was *«!«et. le >" «>« «*».<« mate i i tn j ... 'last. niKiit's wrestling prr/gra All Hslicnnl league cinbs imd ""''* an open date yesterday. at the afternoon, the ' 5[)lierf nt n .401 clip for. ihe Los Angeles Angels. Frank's Een^ti a 1 , cloming probably is Ihe result of mi "I'll show 'em" atlliuue t'nfc- t'j' sifter ihe Cubs let him go early in 19M. 'The- kid wns a big help to tlie Grimms in 1932, filling in for ihe injured Klkt Cuyler, and ivititiinrj up Ihe year with a home run In [lie fourth same of tlie worlil series against tile Yanks. At present the Cub?;, getting -,c!i;e mighty fine pitching and fair Inning, don't actually need young nr.nk. nm Ihey may wobble aefiin lieforo the ear's over, and Trunk Joseph will ix' a valuable iTKiii lo hiivf! in-ouiid. The Yanks brought Floyn Newkirk up from fit. Paul at" Ihe beginning nf the yeav, took « look at, him. and then farmc-d him to Mew- ail:. The three-fingered gent is |,ikhiim Home [Treat ball in Ilic circuit, winning nine ;.' Att« r\ liriyili g bWii ;• c i&Wd Ijilo, i'.pfiiB •sotiifthlPK- bill '/ of; .the.' ordl- 1 .nary_^for, their jkatrqrX the.'.biisl- hers,-' .f)i' ! ir own..' .'.liu'd" ll>«rnselves/ , .. i l«r J ft ,\ \ ^ tiiesjo.Vy fti " '-' •Jiw;fc-;.in>tley:-:Rc^lh»on J c , ^ . Errltniiily" c'oiiKlder-' I lie. ..owne down- tiio .Ton than lhal, If they did -ia. ilie public, could": liolnl ni. liiem. nntl say: "Why. yo'vi walked' out even oil -your wn' i-huniy.' 1 • "trie, "finest. i;hmv..'.wlnr. | . . .. . ..,.- .. slnplos; nmiifriup. last .yfcir.v o( this , (1 , w , - nie : .'.port 'litci 'cypr 'kncwn: '- ol iBftesyille, -who cr.rdcd. fl ^fl.|clly.-.Kntrleii- L ave-lo-l>c--s«nt.-noh- 1 -n,- Sntng -Ihls,-! lh«y exhibit Uic; Floyd.- •'Acton, .of Blythpvllle 'won InsOn fltli , l .$l' for- ^ilinleo" .pins' smrtc.. mciiial clilrley h'orscneas i I.honors In,tlie second.flight 50 ceiils'lr 'nlso •hV'dpuliii.s. • with-335 strokes. ',' . '>• • • • Tlie^ double:! -linyi!. nol'.'^i 'Hcen ' . -Elytbeyilie's " four-man learn cossted; thrbiiEh with .room to spare, flni&ing 1ft strokes' nhend of Siktifon ;o\vr tjie 3G .hole route ot ihei ' jiw'mylhg round. Blyth?- vllle's total was 804, Including Pol' V 147, .Dowell, 148, Lenti, 154 • Lynch,' ipS- SIVkiston - had a '. Ip5. SiKcston h»d a total of 622 ;with Lumsflen, 153, Kirk,'IBif." Lee, )5fl, and Alexander. 152. Dexter nnd Kennett al f*! participated in the com .iJ n V,"iionn so c\Tdcnt"iii Ih'is j, roli , 0 | 1011 . of ;. : the • nar.tlin« ' ever nrrnni;cd-.--l:nsl.yeiir Rr,l>liur,n n«'i; r ii,oe (lie 1 first, pVo'fi-'tilonal to£i Cm wf pul-Won .the/ cciHoa-v ••• ' , ir! |f ^.nomi^iV-was organized Tlic pvi?lltiflnailes. \^.lll Iw play- -jj^jj . .- •• - - cil- Aiigiuit '11.-. an.y- 12. -.with • I hi ' : qne week later. . '" This affair includes Helena'/Mar- Wallace Tunis 'Golf Referee It was movements of. the kind IhRt. prompted-.Barney Drcyfiuy to Trophies were nwaixled first, second and third plncc winners In tlie championship flight and first nnd di-L'ond winners in the other flights. Pnllhnl as medalist received a tro- 1 phy and Blylheville team got one . for the group pUy. Thf. total Individual scores follow: "for each- player that com- 1 pleteSf the 12 hole route: " Championship Flijhl W. A. Dowell, Blythevllie, Ml: O. Lurmden, Sikeston, 1 332; Bill Pollard, Blylheville. 303; John Caudlll. Blythevllle. SOS; B. A. Lynch, Blylheville, 308; H. Alexander, Sikeslon, 308; H. Wllcoxon, Jonesboro, 308; John Lentl, Bly- thevllle, 312; Sonny Lee, Sikcston, 313: V. N. Sohnon. Helena. 314; George Kirle, Sikeston, 315. First Flijht • E. B. Gee, Blytheville. 323; R. Skier. Batesvllle, 358; W. H. Parks. Batcsvine, 330; M. Susler. Bates- vllle, 334; A. S. Kcllcy. Helena. 337; J. W.-'Biulck sr, Jonesboro 327; 3. A. Leech. Blythevllle. 338; C. L. LIntzenlch, BlytheMlle, 338- H. W. Halnes, Blytl>eville, 339; Bernard Qooeh, Blythevllle, 340 Seoxid Flljht Cecil Shane, Blyttevllle, 330' Fioyd Acton, .Blythevllle, 335' R F. Kirshncr, Blythevllle, 338; C M Buck, Blylheville, 1 341; Jeff Ro- l«nrl, Blythevllle,' 342; J. W. Bu'-! tick Jr, Jonesboro, 344; O. D. iSiles, Kermett, 343; Oene Milrs, Kennett, 345; B. H. Crockett. Bly-, . thevuW, 347; W. L. Landers, Batfc;. vilte. SS7; Marsb Olltway, Bly.' ' . thevUle, 3SS; Ru&sell Farr. Blythe-1 Mile. 345; Deyle Henderson, Bly-| .„ theyllle, 3«; O. O. HubtaM Bly- * 'ticklish dicltloo thtt v IhevUle, 374; E.-A. Bdldwln,'Ken- fs " ! Secretary ot Agriculture .: . ' n*tt. 3»; w. If. Brenner, 393. ! Hedt ' A - Wall»ce, »s h. poo- .-. ; M«ny. playen withdrew from d * r « nefe, trith lioreesboss ejbt* *- each flight as the • toum&tnttot '° ^* ^^' ^M ? t to. prof* ta»i %. hetred a cloM, • . b«'t an all-around titm etwrt, .' ' —— • — I tte cablhet^cr •U''.; When a llon'3 till becomes mo-! ir.'.. ttonleis, » signal that he-ls ! ,Jt>\ pnitr)' and »bout to attack, . iJ»< V> UUMO, • ; lifts' ,faifloiK remark of n quarter or" n, century ago, "Baseball L", bill- in 'u.s Infancy." still holds r/NKl Insofar a,-, Ihe 1 now tW.OOO,- Mfl Indnslry's rehtloiv; with IliR , propli: nre concerned. ! Bemuse' Joe Croliln nntl Bill Terry did not Immediately hop iijion ihe hand wacon and declare Ihe 1D34 contest a fans' game, and oeree lo follow connlry-wlde balloting to the leltcr In selecting-the noble atliletes. many newspaperH which had gone la considerable Ironble and-expense' In conducting Ihe poll, reminded organized ill lliifthes Blanks Memphis Chicks; Wviglifs Homer Wins for Crux, IJ111 Hughec. no> Mchthnncier. ile- fented Ihn Nfcmplils Ch[fk r . yos- tertlay. 1 to 0. as il». Blniilnghnm UaroiK huiif; up : i \iin al Rir- mingham. .Swa\zo. lefthander. «ar r.n the lo-iinr! eiul nf '.he plicliine duel.' 11 n-as Iluslies 12th victory nf the year Tlie Kiifixvltle Smokies irmm Bpri(»a!s' ;Heels; Senators Stop Detrpii. , iriie rir-tinit Tigers- loft yester- ria'y r,r. the- Hew yoik-Vankec-si won l.-in held their? Amerlcanl league lead by a scant margin 'of two percentage points. Ti;p Tigers Were - trounced by tile Wfishington Senators 10 to 8 ut Detroit. The game started "as! a pitchers' battle but turned out In be.a free hitting contest. Kress. Sewell and Schuile of ihe Sena-. tors hit homers in the sixth In-: . nine 'io spnll a mound duel. I ' CAHTJt'HEnSVILLE, Mo. — He- teidcd- '- nses io Himiiictif. Cottonwood Point Pitcher Fans 19 In Game Sunday Greenhei-g TT.t n homer In the jiliith for the Tiger.-,. Tiie Yankees defeated Ihe Cleveland Indians 7 to 4 pt Cleveland. Indians 7 io 4 at Cleveland. Johnny Allen was the whining p!lch?r. l.ioyd Drown was tlie losini; Trosky of (Jlevelr.nd ter Halford. high school boy, last yenr a student at the Canithers- ville high school, pitching for the Cortomvfiod 1 Point 'baseball team Cyclone Burns ilefeatra Chief Arfiuette in the feature match an rn at H&iey Fielil. Tinrns T:nn in? first and last fiilli to defeat the Indian matman. Burns'appeared somewhat heavier then his opponent. In a preliminary Biii nunnicut, hiiskv' i-'oifgii'liiiii tumliie performer, dlsp-ijed of Ed Cankathe, al- "tfgr.rt. Oernian strong "msn, without much trouble.' rifch Mothei- of 15 Dablf* IDAHO PALLS. Idaho (UP)—A fitch, . Errmll fiir-bcfirins atiitnal. recently delivered 15 offspring at one time. The number iras twice the customary quota for the ani- Suniiay, sinick out nineteen of mal and nil the Youngsters ihe opposing twenty-seven bnts-; larger than normal. men who faced him in the Cot- i . tomvood Polnt-Austinville game. Cottonwoori Point "won fl lo 2, and Htilford was touched for only, two . . , tllf Ausimville batters. .; won hit for four bases, Ruck New.xun of Liie Browns and Sunar Cain of the Athletics, ™,, ... hooked up In a pitching duel all lh | s P nst sp , rlnK .' ... St. Louis. Ncwsom was returned' ™ ! , n . ly hon , or5 '"'"= ''">a<l 1™1P. tlw winner, 3 to 2. 'Both Mack ™^,™ R " le;l|> of 17 fcpt " n ^ 2 inns were scored In the opening inning. After that the Philadel- . inches. 'ore the wlndiip, the. youns^ter may p.f-t back. In big l.y^iit diirta. A quintet of other young-uei-s nay ael. Ihe call- before full or. If •.ot then, wirtly. by noxl Mnipo! uiit' is ,loe -IJIMV8BIO.' tne San "Miiici£C(> SiTitfi' I'ioiiling outfielder. 'Dead Pan" jne.. nnly 1(1, 'broke lie CIKLSI Lcagiu'-s consecutive hit- Jill! iiiiirl: In 193:i, when he-swjit- :cd snfely i;i 50 straight games. He Is belter than ever (his year, Blushing the nnion for around 3'Jrv It is said ilm fjenlE h<\ve urned dovn r,n nfirr nf $SO.OOfl for him. .Jti:-t as wrai as ihe club's man- jempiit can tx> convinced that the <oln of (he realm isn't what. It med to be, Joe will move to the Jois. probably with the Red Hox. : , Tilt swond 15 Bill Hughe.;, a little pu.i Hie youngster stage, however, n pitcher who wen his first i: Slav!.', wilh ihe Birmingham Fiaronr- in the snuthcrn loop, anc llited that team from nowhere to phia club was held.well In hand hy the (nlknllve Brownie. . : The-••Bo.'trin- Tien Sox find 'Ghl- C.IRO \Viille.- gox'bi'okc oven'iri two Dujs Pnifesled Tax Bill Kan. (DP)—Mayor i I A. W. Miller had Just signed a new fj city rtos inx. He. save the bill to the clerk and walked out of the city hall. He. war, Vnei by"a delegri- t.ion of nhie dogs, yelping arnl barking. ' ' Fireman Found Hk Car Aflre MENASHA, WIs.. .(DP)' — "L?w- re:ice Loehiiinr;,: Mennsha flrr.finan, nnswercri nil alarm with (hei'de- •s'nt Chieago/ Bpston took tltoi parllncnl tt i 1 -d.rbnnd..h!si6wr(.aut6- dr ; mq 'Q 10 ,4 ilc-spitc homer:;' mnl?| l |! 'on'. Tire. -His sister,;, war, r>y .lio'inu-h ;and .SimmoiiE of tiiei' ll ' lvin ? the^car-iwheu't'a'-'.ishbrt Mitt Vll'e. The score wns •! to :>. Heiis- ser bested Stafford In n nlichers' il'' li:«s heaved the invincible Lo: Aiigetes Ooosl Learjue club to 13 vic-i.-irlcs, dropping only three ^ .EXPERT . RADIO REPAIRS Philljpi Motor Co. " ' ' "' 'By ' Karate fP. The last two gents all set to sign Tuesday - Wwk Mat. 2:30, 10-25* Nlte 7:15, lO-35p MURDER ^MYSTERY! standouts were inrx:rled into the lineups nt one time or another, It was a remorkaljle show, nnd no one departed dissatisfied, excepl the tnogiils, \vlio ]«-rsbt on i;et- tlng mad bemuse Ihey n« given gobs nnd colis of publicity free gratis and for uothlns—advertis- ing that could not he - purchased Seaporters Win Liberty Grocers, G-0 R eecc Ba ]| Team In Tlie lleleiin Srjixirters d?fr-nied .lohu Smith's 1 I.hvny fM-h i; r .i- rers nf BlylhevlIK-- in ni any price. ' ! Played at Helen.! Smid.iv The The'owners—the Nallonal Lcarjno j •'• core W11jl fi lo n cpposed Ihe eame from the out- | Kersieck was on the pitohiiig set—take Ihe portion that they; momA for Helena anj l:o'.d :he JhouMn't. be panned from one side! L|| »ny aggresation H,?II iu che,-k cf America to tlie other for doing i alb3on ar " ! Wesolie work=<i for i kindly thins. The Players' Pro-: ths BiylhevllU team, Err.iih ssi-d iwtlve AMoclatton, «hlch does a| _ after , Rfti for the t40,000. | 1 the magnates. The Osceola U s $30.000 in salnrlcf.. One club do-[ will play Union Citv nr.le.'i tus park annually, while the Cfcceola Thnr«d.iv nftrr-imn performance ksck-i the gates of o'clock. "' lost revenue is made up, howevy, fore^ea'h'^W^hinliH wi)".ai by lenRthenlne the schedules to '• and losius 0115 meet the situation, ; ' There Is no question llm the Stole Dress from tall Matron production is a lieodache lo man- MONTQOMCRY. Ala ,'\.-*, lagers whose nnay.s nre In "the'Wllllo Lee 17-year-old 'nor'- 1 >I!!;' 1 ; ?l^ n:i . n !::? 8 . 1Us - II djj-:™ arrested for shopllft!i, s :" httle interest. In the front office nf tlie Uwton Drnves, with his rtowy nelding and .asn hitting. Win Over Yarbro, 11-3 The Recce baseball team defeated Vaibro Sunday. The score was 11 lo 3. Virgil Stewart pitched for Rf£ce while Yarbro used three! hurlers. Qrover Whittle vas one of Yarbro's pitchers _Sheep_ Shipped for Gr»ilr,, head of sheep have • teen from si I-', Em . Ten meetlftB, • (topped oa tilt mid- .'VJ,, v -™*' ln * -ttMules, especially to the Juvenile ccu'it home s!-o Vltclilng turns. Terry unquettlon- fled 15 minutes Idler with a'dr-w nnlw vtinr AT&«.lt.. ».1^-_ i i_ -_i. i. i> ,. . « iii via , to T"* belon K |11 B t° a court matron. Po- after «h«e WUJtot lie* are still looking for her. 'ougni in Mils reason. The sheep \\i\\ bo nHnwVvl (o graze the Colornrio rringo hofore ijolno ve- turnKl Iiprp. unless they nre'sold. Don't Fnrget Caudill's Agency General Insurance RED SPMKS LEW C8DY Comedy—"How Do You Like That?" with Gen. fiivot and THIS MERCHANT TIPS HIS HAT TO THE NEWSPAPER TTB '» a keen business man . . , •*••*• calls most of his customers \iy name . . . knows the power of advertising ... a member of the com= munity council . . . his friends (the closer ones) call him "Al" , , , He say si "I have found that News= pipe? Advertising keeps ray ciu* tOuiEr» iu direct contact Viith ir.y .etore. Ae soon as I have vahiM to offer, a newspaper ad hring§ irn- taediate and telling returns. Time after time, when a quick turnover ( W«s imperative, a recourse to iu economical cotumna hfoiight me gratifying results, I *lwaj» use the " 1 The Newspaper Is The Most Pmverful Adyfrtisins Medium In. The World!

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