The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1941
Page 5
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TUESDAY; FEBRUARY is,-', mi One New Defense Plan Envisages Saw-Tooth Screen Of Steel Lines By .1. EDWARD MURRAY United Press Staff Correspondent WHEATON, ill. CU'P)_A 48- year-old aviation "handy man" and inventor is ready to present to •the War Department "a revolutionary air defense weapon composed of miles of invisible saw- tooth cable hung from flaged parachutes." Will 1. Davenport, Avho has been •building and flying airplanes and experimenting with plane devices since 1914, said he had perfected "an airplane death trap superior to and cheaper than the London balloon barricade." He is ready for the Wai- Department to came' and get It. consist of half mite -lengths-fit -specially designed, quarter-inch steel cable with a ''buzz saw" edge. The cable, attached to cheap cotton cloth parachutes dyed black or pale blue • depending on- n\|it or day use, would be dropped at 52-fooi intervals— 100 to tae mile— by fast planes sent out to intercept a flotilla of enemy bombers. A fleet of intercepting planes, operating in banks a miie above each other, he said, could Jay an impenetrable wall of cable to any height planes •can fly. bacn plane would carry approximately 15 of the 250-pounu ensembles of parachutes and cable roil. Explaining that the, cable WOUKI unrou iti feet per second, he said it would remain BLYTHEVrLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS from the parachutes for a fraction camou an Yiour, me length of time dei;ending upon air currents and wind conditions. To maintain the wall, cable would have to be dropped ai intervals from the top. "This -wall or trap's superiority to trie London balloon barricade;" •he said, -"resides in the fact that my cable would depend for its effectiveness upon. «a\ving the entangled planes io pieces while the balloon cables depend upon their weight to damage ships sinking them. '"Furthermore, the. balloons have And It Can't Fire a Shot! '••Ma'uh* M e 4 ' I P J ' Dved ^asy io shoot down while Neithei the Secretary of War nor the parachutes woulrf nnt. So AnH the president nor any" of thc rest of us will have to worry about invasion of the United States by air. if 1 can get the right people to listen to my ideas." Davenport- asserted. "My defense plan begins work the parachutes would not be. And che cables not only would do no harm in landing-, but could be retrieved." Estimating that one ensemble of parachute and cable would cost rrom $50 to $100, Davenport said he wanted thc War Department to w , - j —»-" w ..m*- JJK »<uiLt:u LUC war jjeDQi'tment to mg when you lave located the take over thc plan, because he had squaa of planes coming to bomb a no funds to build a trial set He city," he explained. "In "half a said he had applied for a patent minute 10 planes can :box in the on which he .spent 18 monts ex- approaching bombers with an al- perimenting, but that he would be most invisible wall which will dis- glad to release the whole scheme able and wreck the enemy ships , .free .either to the United States 01 trying to come through it, Great wratain Speed Factor Stressed "Ten planes can lay a mile of this wall in 10 second's." The wall, Davenport, said, would Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 HARRISON'S AUIU PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION 45-Minute Battery Recharging General Repairing, Welding Across from Red Top Gin FARMERS WE HAVE SEVERAL Blue-Ribbon Rebuilt Tractors and Machines of All Sizes GUARANTEED LIKE NEW! AND PRICED TO SUIT YOUR POCKETBOOK DELTA Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone 802 "My wind tunnel and training ship were in valuable "use during the last war," he'said. "I'd like to do something again, and I think this is it." 10 Student Workers Begin Classes In Mechanical Courses A new class in machine tool operation, one of a series of National Emergency Defense Training courses, began at the Blytheville Machine Works yesterday with 10 men taking the course under instruction of Dick-Hall. Training is designed'to fit- men for production payroll .jobs (semiskilled), on metal-turning lathes. snaper. planer and drill press. Instruction offered is fostered by the local school board, under sponsorship by the State Board for Trade and Industrial Education ana; the.. United -States .Office of. Education. George .'-Council "is "local" coordinator. The. en tire-cost is paid iy the National Defense Program and there is no expense to trainees. Qualifications necessary for enrollment include: Trainees must be 18 years old or older, have a fcentii- grade education or equivalent, and two years experience in die' machine trade or in a related trade— auto mechanics, tractor mechanics gin -machinery maintenance, etc. Three other .such .course,-; now are training men herein arc welding and machine tool operation-at Joe Atkins' Machine Shop and Blythe•ville Machine Works. Application for other courses are being taken at the Arkansas "state Employment Office - on ' Second Street. &>x^m$m®% tx«$wvmm£i&$._ __ It looks like the gun turret of Apparently, at upper right, i guns such as British use. The workmen "are standing on"whaTTooi^ defense. , APPROVED Alfalfa Seed Lespedeza Seed Oats Seed Corn All Kinds of field Seeds Keystone Bulk Garden Seeds BABY CHICKS PURINA FEED Fresh Dressed Poultry L X. Ashcraft & Co HZ E. Phon- We Buy 'Poultry Eggensperger Is Named Associate Pastor By Bishop Selecman The Rev. Harold Eggensperger, associate pastor of the First Methodist church here, received an appointment as associate pastor of che First- Methodist church in Lit- tic Rock Monday night by Bishop Charles C. Selecman. of Oklahoma CHy. The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Eggensperger will leave Friday, remaining aero this week to assist with the training school now in progress at the. local church. : Appointment •• was marie - necessary because of a series of changes- The pastor at fa-macKOvcr ^ ,_ n chaplain .in the United States Army, his place at SmacKover was taken by the pastor at Mena, and the associate pastor at Little Rock went to Mena as pastor. aix- Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina. South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Missouri. Scores of colleges have written l.o praise the completeness of this story of America's great tobacco industry, winch in 42 pages with over 100 large photographic illustrations fully describes iobncco farming and cigarette manufacture. Of particular interest to 'many readers is the long preparation .of tobaccos for Chesterfield, a process lasting from two to three years Careful steps of planting growipp, harvesting, curing, ageing, conditioning for correct moisture content, and blending of the various domestic tobaccos with imported Turkish leaf are thc groundwork Then comes modern fool-proof 5ynoptic G °sptfs. ' Matthc\\ manufacture, making possible 'pro- and Luke> werc W'H-tcn. duction nf miuir.i-n.- or -,-^,.1,,.„„.. "_r Mrs. Veasmrm nm! Mix sfciou of •millions of packages of ?Jgarettes> per day. The Chesterfield factories at Dur-, im. N. c.. portrayed in this book i alone cover, one hundred and fifty acres. Every visitor ' to "Tobaccd- lancT tmas a tour throush these factories an adventure in American manufacturing ingenuity and He never forgets the bright golden color and rich fragrance of the newly-opened hogsheads of tobacco Osceola Society—Personal " ' S^^^S^g^*^""**"*^^"*^ MelhoUisl Wotm-n Meet Mrs. W. j. Splcci was leader of the Bible lesson on "The Church— the Carrier of God's Word" at the meoflnK o Uhc Woman's Society oi Christian .Service in the chapel Monday afternoon. Assisting her in the r.roynun were Mrs- Roy E. Dau-.son. Mr*. M, S. Wagner \\nd -Mr.s. t ioiin w. Edrlnglou. Announcement was juuclo regard- in« thc "World Day of Prayer" !Jrup.r«in observed in » community meeting nt the Methodist church on Friday afternoon, Feb. -8. Tin- Rev. w. j. spiccr, pastor c! UK- r! lurch, Is in charge of ur- vr,n«-.enit:nts for the meeting which v.'iil be participated In by all the cli ruches.' The business .session was conducted by Mrs, G. B. Segravcs, president. On Monday, Feb. LM, Circle "A" will mm In th<r home of Mrs. W. J. Spiccr; cirelc "B" in the home of Mrs. Joe Watson, and Circle "C" la Hie home of Mrs. A. F. ttar'ham. The meeting was dismissed with the Lord's Prayer, «• * * Calvary Auxiliary Meeting' Mr.s. Joe Cromcr way hostess to eight members of Calvary Auxiliary ai her "homo Monday afternoon. Mrs. Cromer presided in the absence of Mrs. J. H. Lovcwcll nnd appointed Airs. W. \f. Prewitt chairman of thc committee to plan pluce nnd arrangements for the meetings during Lent in which the members will sew for the Red Cross. It was voted to meet each Monday during Lent. Qulnn, Mrs. A. E. Tetford and Mrs. C. E. Butler on Monday afternoon. The four programs were based on Stewardship, the 100,000 Club, and the slogan. "A Delrtless Denomination by 1945." which is the emphasis of Southern Baptist Convention during January and February, Eucb Circle voted a membership in the 100,000 Club and will pay one dollar per month into the fund for retirement of the bonds. Several Sunday School classes have also taken memberships. Mrs. Hnlc Jackson and Mrs. Frank Williams werc on the program in thc home of Mrs. Jettle Driver. Tracts on Stewardship were given each member. Members of Circle Two answered roll call with questions and answers on the debt-retiring progress of thc Home Mission Bonrd. Those on the program were Mr.s. Charles Hampton. Mrs. William Stewart tnd Mrs. R. E. Moore. Mr.s. O. M, Hill was enrolled as a new member. Mrs. T. M. Blake, program leader tU Circle Three made silhouettes of George Washington upon which were found questions and answers. -She was assisted in the program oy Mrs. Garland Mason, Mrs. M. L, McDcnrman nnd Mrs. A. P. Glascoc- Mrs. Alec Smith xvus leader at Circle Four and distributed tracts on tithing and stewardship. Devotional leaders werc Mrs. Dwtyht t\. Blackwood, Mrs. 1. S. Burton, Mr.s. Hnrolci B. Tillman and Mrs. Leonard Pcnderyrust, » * * HII.N Kir Onlay Tarty Mrs. Roy blllurd 'was hostess to 11 boys of the first grade for n Valentine birthday party at her home Frkiny -afternoon In honor of thc seventh birthday of hor son Bill Dillard. The seven candles on thc birth- i"y miring L,cni. me seven cnnaics on thc blrtli- R. V. Madden will be in charge day cake worn arranged in n heart of the Sunday morning service at shape; heart-shaped cookies, mints, H o'clock at Calvarv Church. »ncl other ideas carried nut; t.h». H o'clock at Calvary Church. T » Woman's Council Meets | Mr.s. Joe Young was .hostess to thc Senior Circle of the Woman's Council of tho Christian Church in hor home Monday afternoon. Mrs- Harry Driver, chairman, appointed Mrs. Mary Dean, Mr.s. W. A.-Butler and Mrs. George Raines a committee to plan the Fellowship Dinner hi the church Wednesday night. Mrs. W. A. Butler, who-has been named to teach the mission study text. "Training for Christian Service," taught thc seventh cnaptcr on thc viewpoint from which the Synoptic Gospels. Matthew, Mark jiiu io Mena as pastor. f rpt; ii fl ' • iho J ,"" ,, w°.w Plans for the Rev. Mr. Bsgens- ?tma,e * ' One '^W .in pergcrs successor here are indefi- i .. T( l' , , IT nite, the Rev. E. B. Williams. DBS- ^J°. baccoland - U " s - A --1s also Witt Ward, negro accused of stealing six chickens- from another negro .early Saturday- moniins and arrested two hours later by "constable Arch Lindsey, entered a plea of guilty and was fined $25 in Municipal Court yesterday." George Augusta, negro, was fined S10 on a charge oC -disturbing..' the peace toda,y in conneci-HM w - tl .n nite, the Rev. E. B. Williams, pastor, stated today. However, the Board. of Stewards will discuss the situation lonigni at a ing'at. 7:00 o'clock at the-church. Demand Reissue Of Free Book So many requests have been received for the big free book, "Tobiiccolnncl. U. S. A.," oITerc:) by Chesterfield Cigarettes in a recent national newspaper advertisement, tjhat another million copies for immediate distribution arc being rushed through publication. Individuals and groups will receive copies on request -to Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company, 030 Fifth Avenue. New York, N. V. "Tobaccoland, U. s. A." Ls the story of a typical • Southern tobacco-growing- family, showing how Uie family's life revolves progress of the tobacco .. . season to season. The importance of the cities" and universities of America's tobacco capital are shown in pictures and texl Scout News Brownies To disturbance at the ArnericaiTcafe fhc on Ash street early . last Sundav morning. CALL 372 Tor l-aiicy & Staple GriKeries find First Class. Tender Men Is, FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN TOWN , CITY FOOD MARKET Fr?n](lin &' Itarrell Davis .1. I). PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET PHONE n: S KYE 1'BOX iHALf PECK FROZEN FOODS Fruits —.Vegetables Fish and Shell Fish Regardless of Season you KID pnwxj your Ublc witli delicacies -nth Frozen WE mi EAGLE STAMPS dose prompUv at iUOO A.M. S :iwn in 22 states of the Union, j Belts arc made ry cigarette tobacco :;t;Ue,s yarn. ;e Work _ Brownies will continue work on their macaroni .belts at the, meet- oiri of varlei-aird ' "-o"' A ' u Mrs. Veasman and Mrs. Clark f Carson Lake were added as new members. Mrs- Conway was u guest. "v * m Box Supper I'l.inncd Seventeen members of the Prcs- byterinn Church planned 011 old- fashioned box- supper for Tuesday night, Feb. 18, and named Mrs. L,. T. Lawrence and Mrs. Sam Coble trie "loveliest laciie.s" of the Auxiliary to be conipaiiiou guests of houor with Donald R. Werta and Charles E. Sullenger, who wer? chosen "handsomest men" at a recent meeting of'.thc Men of thc Church, brotherhood organfetion. Tlie Rev. A. W. De Giiirc, superintendent of the Presbyterian Orphans Home at Monticello, Ark., will be the principal ^peakei- at the meeting;. • Mrs. Dick Cromer, Mrs. T. V. Conner and Mrs, Percy Allen were j named a nominating committee to j report nt the March meeting when officers will be elected to take office in April. Mrs. W. J. Driver ;vn s leader of the program on Christian Giving, assisted by Mr.s. A. F. Spicsc and Mrs. H. C. Davidson. Mrs. L. T. Lawrence was devotional leader. The meeting was held in the home of Mrs. James Driver with Mrs. Herbert Shippeii as co-hontess. W. M. U. Circles Meet Thc four circles of thc Biip- tist Woman's Missionary Union had an attendance of 46 -in thc homes of Mrs. Jcttie Driver. Mrs. Homer ncl other ideas carried out the Valemine :not!f- Becnuse of the fact that every Valentino In Osccoln wns sold out, Mrs. Ditlard gnvc balloons «uj favors. Peggy Lou Origsby, fho only girl present, had charge of the games. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams hud ns their guestis Sunday Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Robinson of Memphis, JUKI Franklin Robinson ol Clnrksdale. Mi\s. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Wccms of Tulot. Ark., came over 'Sunday afternoon for the weekend with 'their sons. Rex Wecms. nnd A. D. Wesrns «,nd Mrs. Weems. They returned home Monday morning. • Mrs. Fnink Williams spent 'two days last week in Cmwfordsville with her mother. Mrs. E. D. Bozeman- Mrs. B. 1>. Blackwel) o.f stcele, Mo., spent the last foiuv clays ot r.hc week with her mother, Mr.s W. S. Smith, and her brother, Alex Smith, and wife. Among from Luxoni who werc hi Osceoln .Friday night, for the lecture of Dr. C/D. Heurrey werc Mrs. S. J- Smith, Mrs. FJ. R. Bogan, Mrs. J. w. Spann, Miss Bush and Mrs. C. B. Wood. The Rev. George Patterson, pus- tor of the Christian .Church in Blytheville, nnd Mrs. Patterson nnd Mr. and Mrs- Ec( Ferguson were also guests for the lecture. Fred Stuckey of Lepanto was thc guest of J. B. Buhn Friday. Henry Robinson of Forrest City and Miss Mildred .Logan of Metn- To relieve Misery of 666 COLDS Tnblelu Salvo Cough DropH Try "Rijb-]VIj-.Tijiju'?-ft Womlorful Uuiinui AVE MAKE CONCRETE STORM SEWER — ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co. Phones 253 & GO I). S. Laney Ed YVi.scnian Osceola, Ark, GREYHOUND SUPER COUCHES ON ALL SCHEDULES ST. LOUIS and MEMPHIS VIA CAPE GiRARDEAU Jour, of these new Luxury liners SS *& dailyl Sav emoney! Enjoy IVTl ridllli? G3^P c-non/4 -« j i ** ^* c > «yccQ 3nd convert" IcITCc OL /\m&nr*3*at « ,-.,—,. _A r* . ^* ** **cvySSL« TITI^^IL way of highway travel. Greyhound Bus Terminal 109 No. 5fh St. Phono fi«(l I OPERATES "<^ Memphis Auditorium March 6, 7, 8 FOUR SHOWS-THIlEi; MGHTS and SATURDAY MATIM^J THE UUGH SENSATION OF THIS GENEff^TfON OLSEN & JOHNSON "ll? Streamlined Revue llPPl^SB WPP vm-- - ^44x-^/ - ' B "-LY HOUSE • GARR AND 100 FUN MAKERS -, HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY CHORUS MAIL ORDERS OK'L-Y PRICKS: Night—83^0. 5Z.75, 5?,.20. $l.lQ Matinee—?2.75. S2.20, S1.G5. SI.10. 85c '''or iJi'oiupt delivery of lickt'Us. piot.'-o rnvlo.^c •. self -stanipod rnvrlope. Hell/.-a-PoppJii Slagc Sliow, Ellis Auclitoruun. Mrmplii.s. Tenn. phis, were guests of Mr.-and Roy Diilard Sunday, Mr. .'and Mrs. Hyman Weihberg drove to Paragould Sunday for the weekend with the tatter's mother, Mrs. David Rosentha): Mrs- Weln- berg 'remained over JOT .three days with her mother, while Mr; Wcin- berg came home Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Chiles of Memphis spent Sunday with his parents,'Mr. mid Mrs. E. S. Chiles. They were- accompanied by Mrs. Chiles' grandmother, Mrs. Norwood.'who spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. v. G. Mann . at Mnrle. and Mrs., Hayes. Swift Funeral Home was in charge. . MOROlJNE TONIC Services For Infant Are Held At Basset! OSC15OLA, Ark., Feb. 18.—Funeral services Jor Barbara Vivian Hayes, ininnt daughter of Mr. uml Mi's. Lannte Huyes living west o[ Cseeolii, were hold at Bussetl ""m"'""v Mo»riav nfternoon by tho -Rev. U T. Ijawrcnce- The child, who was seven.-months old, cijeci early .Monday morning from influenza nnri puemnonia. Sho was the only child of Mr. / W41-42 HUDGET KST1MATK BlythcviUe Special School District No. 5 General Control Instructional Operation ' Maintenance 1 Fixed Chureos ..'.'. Capita! Outlay $ 4.630.00 55,002.50 5.04G.07 1,150.00 1,985.49 835.00 Debt Service 17,00(5.1(5 Total $86,735.82 18-25-4 Timtone CHAMPION A RECORD MAK11SG TIRE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. WANTED 194041 Loan Cotton APPLEBAUM BLYTHEVILLE, Phone 107—LD 19 107 So. 2nd St. LUX THEATRE LUXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sal.-Sun. 2 and i IV M. livery Night 7 P. M. Always We - 20c TUESDAY PAL MITE 'Flowing Gold' John GAKFIELD ii Frances FARMER ? Pat O'BRIEN Selected Sliorts WEDNESDAY-THURS It Tonij?l,l...CI,cr!.!i Iu Memory For A TlioiMinJ Tomorrow*! ante CHARltS DAVIS! BOM DLL THIS flND HERVEN TOO -• . ty K K Jeffrr r LTNN- fiin!. \VeWli-r • Htnrr D.tit.ll • w,|,« r rjtc CouiuurU An ANATOU LITVAK Ptodugio A U'ARNEH HnO5..Finl Nirion.l - ».tki«.« • MUM b, Mu Also ji More Boom for Frozen "Foods For Making Desserts Meat Compartment . 1941 MODftCD-6 The Chilling Cof/s ore in the Walk! Sensationo.l New Value! Per • Day Wiffc Frrg.Vofre CoW-Wa// principle, and 40 other Also see new 6 cubic foot Frigidairc 1941 Model R-iS at lowest Price e vsr ! Only $114.75 5aiy Tarras HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO jr. Adanui.

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