Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 24, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1942
Page 1
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NAUOATUOK DAILY NE^S, WEliNIJS'fiAY, JUNE 24,' 1942 w omen s V/cdding Anniversary Of Mr. and Mrs. Stasonis iMl! ilM. of I'lilon City, ci'li" uiinlvi't'.. y WHM held h aluiiil ¥00 o — 0- Doggie Chair Back Set o— till-Ill am (Ji'il Ml Mil' KWHl , ilallM'hh'I'M dt' III Ulan ami AdolllU' • I, -1,1 llii-lr mn'Mii' ,m- ID lln'lr I'nllH'i I- 1 1 IN I Ul.iMM Vlnl.ui HH .Iran I* wllh a IMM Mr - 11 " 1 lN " P |,',l l" NV " |V ' Mass., 0(1(1 liHVi m Mrn, aiul \\ :(\\ 1,1 K ilra/nllM, IT ami vc.-tli'r, MUMS. H 1 ,, Mr, ami Mrs ,l,l,i slim 1 *, all (if rliHIh". Kdsvai'd Mrs, 'I and Mi 1 -* ,nd Mr*. I 1 - \iilnii Lucas Sink' 1 *, Mr \mi and nud Is, Mr. illld Mrs. ! MI-M, Anlluuiy lt J, Mr,i. Mr-.. • I1M<U, Ml 1 ,i-t*hy. Mr, ;»» Mr .Mt 1 allil M!'••*• ,,'M.I .Sh"». ' l() hl> IIM. .li'lni ITU*, Mr. and Mi 1 ' 1 Mr. .did Mr*. •'• IllUllim", Ml'**' , Mr, and mid Mi'H. M, Alln'l'l, K, SlH'lii- Mllohi'll, Mr, and and Mm. Aiulrow Dinner Party At Helen Tynan's Miss Ilolnn Tynan . entertained a number of .friends at a dinner party ut her home on Central avenue last night. . , Those present wore; Miss Eleanor Kirsohbairm, James Morrissey, Miss Kayo Lynch, George Dubois, Miss Elinor ••Kort), Frank Sullivan, Hlta O'Donpoll, Dr. Gordon Ty- nnn, Miss Holly Schloffer, William English and .Miss Helen Tynan and Dr. Joseph Bowcn. PROMOTED TO 'STAFF SC.T. Word has boen received that Sergeant Jamas Markey of Hillside ave- nun has boon promoted to'stulT scr- goant at the Jacksonville airport. VISITED RELATIVES John 1'Y Fiixgerald and daughter. Sally,' of Park avenue, recently visited relatives In New L'ondon. Child's Play Set AT HOTEL WEYLIN Mrs. David A. Hyde of Allerton Farms Is In New where Him was Joined by Mrs. ; David A. Kohter of Snoden'.s Landiiigr N, Y, They will spend a few days ut the Hotel Woylln. ;'•'., VISITINf; FATIIICR Private Burton V. Noble, who is stationed at" the air. corps in Denver, Col., Is visiting his father, Al- iS'oble, 'of Now Haven road RETURNS FROM WASHINGTON Thomas O'Connor of Goen street has returned fi-om Washington, I) C,, \vhoro liu was a guest of Gong. J. 13, Talbot. . ; N VnchilH, Ml'M. • WuslhiM, Mi and TlmmdH XurlisKus, Mrs, ,lohn A ' N«P»I- Mr*, A, Ki'y,cn Mr, unit MTM, Anna Mr. Mi 1 , and Antliony STRAITON'S KKSTAURANT I'ATTIOKN'NO, 17!M Ki'i'ftsc and dli'l. .spol.H on ehaii'M do not help to make home allraollvo. HcM'oro those appear, make thin Doggie Cliulr Si-1. for enoh t'.lmlr; or If your nliiili'M urn ulrnady HO!led, rover up ltir dirt marks with deoorativn linen or (iriiHh chair sets. The terrier is niislly cnihi'oldoiM'd In a crnas-sl-l'toli, 'I'lii* l<nxy Daisy flowers adrl color and varlcly lo Mm work. I'liUwn juivolopn conl.nlns liot- IIMIH trmisfers for 1 ehalr hack net, MM- nlmlr back measuring approximately to hy l-'i Inohos; (jolor chart, slllch llluslrulloMS mid full directions, Snnd No (coin) for ahove pattern nunrlK-r 1 lo Naugatuok Dally News, iNVi'illn Arts DnpM., 1 J . O, Box 17 1 J, Station 1), New York, N Y. Miami Sundu, Mrs, Anna Ksvajauskas, and Mrs. Frank Yfiiulios, Mr. ,Mi'M« (Jharlns (irltnnas. Mr, and, Mi-s. Alliert Hatklewich, John Svfilluiuskas, Jdhn Olehlnskiis, t;on.Mt«ii(!n (ihmlnskas, Ann 01- ohliiHkas, Mr. and Mrs, K. Sablllaus- UIIM, Mr, and Mrs. August Poscav- uKi', iMl 1 . unH Mrs. Joseph Mutulio- HlH, J. ,1. KiHimult, Mr. and Mrs. AK-\ Illnkus, Mr, nnd Mrs. Stas- kunas, Mr. and Mrs. A. Datrt, Wai- luce Siindas, Albert Mot/, Frank MrriluUHkuH, Kranols llalclftH, IDdward llnlolas, Al Povllatls, Mr. and Mrs. K. Tollus, (inorge Ho/aim, John Maluskl, Knink imlkus, Joseph Kra- ul'-vlnh, JoH(-|ib DroKfills, Mr. and Mrs. .loMoph Sodlosky, Mr, and Mrs (icni-Kn (lain, Kloanor and Denevlevo Ilursr//nwskl, Private Slasonls, Adclo, Ll'lllan and Adollno Slasonls. RKTMRNS HO>IIO Mrs. flhai-lns Jackrnnn tms ro- lurmul lo hf-r home In Worcester, Mass,, afUu- being Mm guesl, of Mr. ami Mrs. Thomas Burns of Ward ,OTS SOU) Mrs. .Ida Payne has^ sold two building lots on Highland avenue; to Charles t Evancha .of Nettlelon avenue, acco'rding.-i to a deed filed at the- ofllcG-- of Town Clerk I\ay- mond J. St; • John. ••-•: I), OF I. JMKKTINfi . A regular meeting of Kennedy circle, D. of I.,-will he held Thursday evening at-7:30 in Illhernian hall. Card playing will follow the meeting. Second Birthday Is Celebrated A 1 birthday party in honor of Mo'llio McDonough, daughter of Mr and Mrs. John McDonough of Elyria. Ohio/ was heikl Monday at the home of * ( her ^grandfather, Judge John F. McDonough of Millville avenue fylojlle was two years old. 1 Those present were Karen Kirk, GaroPAndcrson, Martha Lundin', Joseph Talbot;, William Schneider of Mill'ord, Sally Walker and Linda McKenzie. INirs. Lament Kirk; Mrs. Joseph Talbot, Mrs. William Schn'eider and Mr&. Ernest McKenzie 'also attended. , Nasis Strike Harder On Russian Front AT DAY NURSERY A mooting of the Naugatuck Day Nursery association will bo held on Friday,'June 20, nt 10 a. in. at the imi'Hery on ' street. ; *-»-*• • Local Girl To Be Wed Sunday Miss Jennie Lagonick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lagonfck of Maple Hi'll road, and Walter Ilomlak of Brooklyn, N. Y./wIll be tnarried In Queen of All Saints, church, Brookl-yn, on Sunday, Junr: •^s, at 5 p. m. IIOSTON Miss DoroMi.V Moss of Ward street, nf domestic science in Nau- lilwli school, Is attending Mm mcelluK of Mie American Home MHsnclatlon which Is bo- Ing hold u-l Mm llotnl Slut lot- In Boston this Final Card Party Friday The Hnal card party of the Mlll- vlllo hlhravy' association will bo hold Friday evening at 8:30 o'clock 1 In tho library. The general committee will have charge. Pinochle, bridge and set-back 'will be played,, prizes awarcfed and ' refreshments will be served. Donation of $45.60 For U. S. O. Fund Tho United Lithuanian society of Naugatuck ami Union City held a card party rocon'tly for tho benefit of the U. S, 0. fund. The proceeds which amounted to $45.00, were gl-ven to Ray mond W. Paul, treasurer of the fund, in Naugatuck. +-*-+> ROCKED RY EARTHQUAKE PATTERN" 1G28-B '' : " ' Just for . fun,- make this gay little three piece play set for your toddling little--oner Pattern /No. HJ28-H offers a quickly made smpok, romper and. overalls. Match the three In -the Bame material or contrast a flowered cotton smock with plain color rompers and overalls. Then, whatever the weather, you have a proper outfit; sun Buit'' alone on the hottest days; overalls with a smock above when it is cooler. If you want to start sewing now— you couldn't find -an easier pattern with which to begin.'The little smock Jias ,a simple yoke top with kimono sleeves, .and it is easily trimmed with a touch of ric-rac and a cute pouch pocket ['Overalls and rompers are cut and seamed in a jiffy, buttons attached at the shoulders and they are .ready to wear I Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1628-13 is designed for sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years. Size 2 years requires 3 3-4 yards 35-inch material for 3 pieces. Send for the new Fashion Book to aid you wiU>v its many clever 1 (Continued from Page One) shells ,lnto the powerful British CorjJfled line on the Egyptian frontier, v ' .And Marshal Rommel's 'main armored 'force appqars lo J)o wheeling south into the desert, for a flank attack. Great clouds of dust, billowing up from- Mie .desert, give tell-tale •evidence .-that.a major force is on 1 ' the move. . -And, the'impact of more bad news has. brought' 'increasingly grave corhp'licaUbhs at ..home for • the Churcliill government.' A. motion now is before parliament, to charge the 1 .government, with direct responsibility for the disaster of Tobruk. Observers believe Churchill, upon his return from. Washington, may be forced to give ground and name a .new defense minister. Churchill himself, now is holding that post. Churchill's, position as prime minister apparently Is not imperiled despite the criticism rising about .him. But the latest resolution of censure bluntly demands a complete reconstruction of his government. There is considerable speculation that/lf Gliurchill steps down as defense minister, General Wavell will get the job. 'A great deal, of criticism of tho Ilbyan campaign has been levelled at Air Minister Sir Archibald- Sinclair. : Critics contend that RAP com- muniques were misleading, and thus had a bad effect on soldiers back in the field. To this, Sinclair said Gen. Auchinleck had assured him that the RAP held air superiority in Libya. The Chinese struck at the invaders 1 in East Ch-lna today as the United Nations leaders called a special conference on Pacific war plans. President Roosevelt sum.moned a meeting of the Pacific war council for tomorrow at the White House. Prime Minister Churchill and Prime Minister MacKenzie King, of .Canada, will attend. The'meeting follows yesterday's White House announcement tUat ,. the Rooseve(lt- Churchill war talks," included a study of Chinals. military situation, Chungking reports that Chinese suggestions for summer sewing I {defenders on the H-ang'chow to ; Nan- chang railroad have recaptured..the strategic town of Kvyeiki. That's on the. eastern end of the 50-odd mile stretch of .the railroad still in Chinese hands.' . The trend of the. war for many days now, has been to' tlie northward, away from the Australian theater. The allies down under have been concentrating on building 100 military airfields,-and. thousands of miles of strategic highways on the sub-continent. Actual war activity lately has been limited to ar recon- riassanee.. General MacArthur's com- munique reports one Jap tighter plane-.was shot down yesterday try- Patterns in all sizes from' 1 to* 52. The Fashion Boole may be ordered for 45c -or, together with a 16c pattern for 25c plus lc for, postage. For this attractive pattern send JGc, plus lc for postage, In coins with your .name, address .pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Roll. Naugatuck Dally News, Post Office Bo*.75, .Station 0, New York, N. Y.. . . . -> ---. Wellington, 'Now (Zealand, June 2/i—(UP)—/\n earthquake rocked Wellington Wednesday night. There were no casualties, but masonry fell from thn par I la monk bull-din #.4 and show windows were shattered ..... Tho shocks were felt in other towns I Hbtohltlss in Inn provinces. * sell. Many Attend Benefit Bridge Forty-five tables were in play this afternoon at the' various homes of NaugatGk womeni who '.sponsored, the bcnent bridge party" for. the Children's Community Centc;r, in Harridfjn. The several parties were greatly enjoyed and..\ycre• a decided success., Table prizes ;which were furnished .-by. Miss. Emily Sophie Brown, were awarded. \ ; •Punch and sandwiches'-were'.servod under the direction' of Mrs. S.. Lewis and Mrs. Theodore' RuS- NKVVS rilOAl HOMK — TIIK \VMITM TODAY — AMI KVMHY DAY, 'I'll fJlir A I.MTTKM - WMITIC A IJOTTl^R! SHEAFER - PARKER - PENS Airmail Stationery Saves Postage M-!\V STYU'lS — <!OLORH ' If It'a Writing- Paper — €ome Here SW E E N E Y'S w ^Sv STORE PRIVATE BUCK .-. By Glyd ? Lewis KEfilSTHATION WEEK .Summci- School Ucgfus 'June. 2!) JUNIOR COLLEGE ;• OP COMMERCE 24 CENTRAL AVENUE POST cirrs Ovenproof Inilivldiinl Casseroles ; .. ; /Set-bM-. Life-saving Suits are giving torpedoed sailors another chance, ?AVK A LIFE -^CONSERVE BOBBER United States Rubber 'Company Naugatuck Footwear Division [OHJ.iJCIna.PiMiurci SyikJfcWc, Inc . Work) l STMISIl'S GLASSWARE Evcrylfiiiifl's der control filled lo you dlc by our expert corselieres .nt tlie nir-conditioned pu^nii isHoS *I24 SOUTH.MAIN ST.' Shoppers Find U»c Doris Shop a Mcccn for Dresses. Eusy' Credit Terms. WO; r vt A i rw s T R i \Ve S(yll Hnvii Elcelric Rroiloivs V's - Irons - Waffle Irons, I 'Buy/1 Before They're All (ion«. 'Honest; Captain,,! \yas just practicing a Commando raid!" HEER ing lo intercept allied pianos .scouting ovf)" 1 th'e> Japanese bases on Timor-island. U-BOAT Sixteen ships WARFARK revealed sunk less than'24v ; hours,'!.- .:, Three hundred and 20 in less than seven month si , v •All of them in American waters victims t of submarines and Axis raiders 'who, so far, are, winning tl]C batlJe of distribution. This is the grim total, brou^it up. to date' today with the navy's disclosure that' another ship lias been sunk. She was a small Jugoslav v.cssol and she went down before two torpedoes in Mie Gul-f of Mexico last Monday. .Her crow of 37, however, was saved. N The relentless campaign lias ndd- d to the embarrassment of the Ar- •entine government which ha.s tried to remain neutral. The' Hucnos Aires government, ii was | iiiViouneed today, will send what I is c,ai.)(3d; an energetic prolest .to Berlin v agaihsf- 'the torpedoing and sinking of 'Ihe Argentine freighter Rio/Percero, off New York.- Republican Senator Brewslor, .of Maine, feels that the coastal con voys : inaugurated by the navy arc not a satisfactory solution "to the U-boat problem. Requiring ships to travel in convoys, declares Brewster, is equivalent to sinking half 'the merchant fleet, lie explains this by noting that a convoy cannot travel faster than its slowest ship and that vessels frequently are delayed in port, awaiting escort. The Maine senator feels that ar expanded coastal patrol is the right answer. - MAY Holyoke, Mass,", June; 24— (UP) — H'Olyokc may lose the ••slate American Leg/l<in conv^tlon, scheduled to he, held 'in tho>cityvin. August. Th e reason is tlie ; Legion demand \ for ,$2700 for' conveiyUon expensed '' ; The ..slate director, of accounts—' Theodore N. NVaddell— says lie lias ' l-oki -city officials that they would ' not be perniH.ted lo inake sucb a ' payment,. But, the .Legion officers say that such «a payment is customary. • That odd pfccc of lurntturo mlphl-' flnd a buyer ff you use the fled medium. OBSERVES AUMY DAY Caracas, Venezuela, .lune 24—(UP) —Today is Army day S'n Venezuela It is the anniversary of the bailie of Carabobo in which Vcn.v/uelan \nd Colombian forces won freedom from Spanish rule. MISSES K.AIN OR SHINE ZIPPER COATS $5.98 Weather-proofed by Crav- enetle, Zipper front, 2-!.'"l.v Pockets, Chnnqe Porkr.t. Cotton Gnbnrdiiic, NiUurnl nn<1 White.' Si/.es K) <o 20, P > ;: WASHABLE PRINTS $5.98 Dresses you want (o Ihn'sh Summer smartly! IVppy, poppy prints, stripes, P»«- tcls. In llnon-Unlsh spun rnyon broadcloths. Tailored, dressy styles, 12-20, •ON TIHC Conn. LITTLE' 1 fashion fof "HUlft" eoM«I yours ovor itvcryHiimi —day nm! nifllil! "Must" for vacrt t ion 1st s — f!hoos« Pastels. Rut chcr Unen. 12-20. $7.98 .$12.98 "ON THE" HR1IKSE" ln St. Nnuonluck, Conn. -$l ^^ CLUB PLAN $1oo $1.00 We Will Match Dollar for Dollar the Amount of Your First Payment Up to 20% of the Purchase Price During Our Most Liberal CLUB PLAN SALE Straight 25% Cash Discounts ON ALL . ' _ BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM and DINING ROOM SUITES — / This fine, •Mahogany EXAMPLE Sheraton Three I^iece Bedroom Suite- ...;.;...$mpQ Down Payment 25.80 Gift Allowance. 25.80 Balance 77.40 <01ub Plan Payments May Be Arranged as Low as $2.50 Weekly SORRY, NO HOLD ORDERS—NO EXOHANOES-ALL SALES FINAL Selling Honestly Advertised Furniture for 35 Years. ^ ICTORY BUY UNITED •TATBB BPCNfE S AND STAMPS 91-99 West Main St Waterbury; Conn.

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