York Gazette from York, Pennsylvania on August 30, 1836 · 3
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York Gazette from York, Pennsylvania · 3

York, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1836
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rgo go, 10 2 Jog, BO Tri t. Tier Jf) ,rket h,fa om . wn MMdW upeeW. bls.B ltd JV 2tS ee 0 Lc1 ! time u ; uihr. M ci r met kit dce, on rj of oar djouru. that dij eflect kn ' pmttfc a Ten. 7 to tbn aoet Coin I d Of thi o tbet ho i, on big end that., 0 looked 1 of Sep oho bee hie conn-o bore from one i in doing 1 best of inr cone Her-. the folke I to Bute. , he people returned beaed ct. teine, end f ceetiiv ho ie not T. Sur. ket. v 27th. consider, ly of Beef rices ke ote today itj. Iloga ement ie eek in all er the begin of strictly i stores at has Uken yesterday 4a, at V I i to-day at ess. The f the week but it has :k on hand art of tbe nuitd were Misiderable price, bet d offer to rmat $8,. of frak he week U rbicb there' e-dey V W- were mads bis. and at ow held at luppliea if .el are rery ct, sceredT mill in full herefors t trices aiaci i tbe early r reda,frM anged fron In Tuesday ior Virginia :elofnriai tnd a W rf $2. Sine eniioaad a to adaaa. of aa!id !0aV0) sold Jt y at $IJA i the Itah iee reach it $1,04 f j rbito. retty stdr I 18 cants k yellow, range tf I loUin f I J. at dOettj I lotafdad S,OO0Sdl lftfticlee, including eeveral tn. prcP"1 for thi hare been crowded out, v rftbe reception of several oenta ju8t M we were pro jr form for the press. roc RACY OF YORK SB FIELD! md pleasure we present, to the Democracy of York rket settled yesterday by the rounty convention. It is r present worthy, diligent, representative in Congress, NRY LOGAN, the favorite c and Working men of irbo triumphantly elected lrt ago, though opposed then e and most popular feder-unty. Especial care appears taken by the convention to unexceptionable ticket, and eeeded. They have presen-mocracy of York county a . 0f tha undivided support of I that it will concentrate the jth of our forces, we have no ky interest is represented, as on our ticket the farmer, and the professional man a name on it, representing class. Democracy re-proscription ; but always Lira to he good and whole-ulilic honon should be sked !ass of citizens and, while ng cheerfully the righto of professions, regards with pe-fie Farmer and Mechanic, the , hew of the country. The rhich we received the ticket, tended comment upon it at We have only room to Jhat our reliance upon it is are eager for the trial of its t good old republican ordeal, (box. dings of the Convention wil in our next number. They 1 to us too late for insertion fhlff Ylctery Chaa te a Defeat! rifor Tan Daren! papers have been proclai at flourish of trumpets, that ate for Governor in Missouri, 1 1, bad defeated the Domocrat-Bogg, by a large majority. It intelligence from that state that the federalists have as u-khouting before they were trot M, The boot is on the other nr favorite, Ashley, has been Inced. Bogg, the Democratic candidate, has been elected by majority. Harrison and Mil. ho Van Boren candidates for rrre so far ahead as to preclude f their election by overwhelm-lid. REX IN ALABAMA. mery, (Alabama,) Adverti- returns of the elections in county f .that state. The in. it is confidently asserted, of parties in the next Alaba-re. SENATE, res, 1A 16 OF REPRESENTATIVES. n, 48 97 ?wd to tha Presidential elec-dvertiser say : 5te of the State cannot be ques-lu ill the southern counties, it ely contested, and in North ur majorities will be overwhel- eannot entertain a doubt as to weeas of the democratic elee-1 hich now appears at the head unraa." Major Noah, of New York, of noted veracity, has the honor to be the author of the Coach story, i fin was also the author of the story, that Gen. Jackson was a foreigner die was a prominent endorser of the sons of the signers story, and of numberless other stories which owed their existence to the prolific brain of the facetious Major and his co-laborers in the cause of the petticoat heroine. In the hope that the mechanics would swal-low their coach story without enquiring into its truth, and thus be induced to resent Van Borens alledged neglect of the interests of American artists and mechanics, the story was got np by the great knaves of the .feds, and is now reiterated by every tittle knave who controls a tory press throughout the country. The whole story is proven to be destitute of truth by the Editor of the New York Evening Post, on I whose authority we are enabled to say, that Mr. Van Burene splendid English coach was made by Brewster, at New Haven, and is rather an awkward vehicle; Mr. Van Burens splendid English horses are thorough-paced Knickerbockers, raised in Westchester ; Mr. Van Burens English servants in splendid liveries, are an Englishman and Irishman who never wore a livery while in Mi. Van Burens service, nor did Mr. Van Buren ever have ft servant in livery in his life. TOE KET STOVE. We have received the first number of a Democratic paper bearing the above title, the publication of which has just been commenced in Harrisburg. Its Editors and proprietors are Messrs. William F. Packer, O. Barrett and Benjamin Parke. The initial number contains a number Tf able and spirited articles, and furnishes evidence that its Editors have the ability to render the Key Stone a valuable acquisition . to the cause of Van Buren and Johnson in Pennsylvania. A prominent feature in the character of this new Democratic journal is a firm, decided, uncompromising hostility to the U. S. Bank. Its leading article is on the subject of the rrfral or thx charter of the Bank, and is the most lucid and cogeqt argument against the inviolability of that fraudulent, iniquitous and dangerous charter, that has yet fallen, under our notice. The length of the article precludes its insertion in the present number of our paper we have marked it for publication next week, and commend it, in advance, to the attention of every reader of the Gazette. Conviction and Escape of Prisoners At the Court held week before last in this Borough, there were convicted sad sentenced to itbej Eastern Penetentiary John Lochlin, for perjury, two years; James Hays, for rape, seven years ; and Thomas Moore, fair larceny, two years. These fellows however managed to make their escape from the prison, on the night of the 17th inst. by cutting a piece out of the floor of the room where they were eon-fined, thro which they passed into the ! cellar, from thence, the doors not being locked, to the yard, and by means of their blankets scaled the walla. - DISSOLUTION " ' 07 PARTMTOSHIP. j The partnership heretofore existing between John tiaullagber to Adam Wirt under the firm of , Gaullagher Jt IWHrt , ie this day, by mntual agreement, 'dissolved! The business wH be continued by John Gaul lag-her, who will pay ail debts owing by the firm, and to whom all payments are to be made by those owing the firm. ' j ', John Gacllaohes, , Adam Wirt. Aag. S3, 1836 Aug. 30. eJtg3t Public Sale, v In pursuance of an order of the Orpbene Coart of Fork county, will he exposed to sale kt Public Vendue, on -Wirdeesdey tie SI f Srttmtw next, oo the premises, tbe Hesse autd Part e( at Let ef LGROCliD, 1 ' residence of Richard Koch, deceased, cit uaie on the East side of Sooth George street in the borough of York, adjoining property of th heirs of George Hal ler, deceased, and the heirs e Joseph Kraft, deceased. This property is advantageously attested for public business, being only a few doors fists th WBre wb-0 Tbe Subscriber returns tale most Cort House, and in tbs immedi.U neighborhood ! nothing more has been heard of thn. IE)IICCXB3iAiB,nO mrarPrmiaTyTTfft a vy FOR PRESIDENT. MARTIN VAN BUREN. FOR VICE PRESIDENT. COL. RICHARD M. JOHNSON. Pennsylvania Electoral Ticket. j . SENATORIAL WLECTORS. GEN. ROBERT PATTERSON, JAMES THOMPSON. CONGRESSIONAL ELECTORS. THOMAS D. GROVER, JOSEPH BURDEN, SAMUEL BADGER, JOHN NAGLEE, GARDNER FURNESS, OLIVER ALLISON, Henry myers, JOHN B. STER1GERE, HENRY CHAPMAN, JACOB KERN, JACOB DILLINGER, PAUL GEIGER, CALVIN BLYTHE, THOMAS C. MILLER, HENRY WELSH, WILLIAM CLARKE, JOHN MITCHELL, LEONARD RUPERT, GEORGE KREMER, ASA MANN, WILLIAM R. SMITH, SAMUEL L. CARPENTER, ROBERT PATTERSON, (F.) WALLACE MWILLLAMS, DR. J. POWER, ROBERT ORR, .JOHN CAROTHERS, J. P. DAVIS. DELEGATES FROM YORK COUNTY TO THE CONVENTION TO t AMEND THE CONSTITUTION. SAML C. BONIIAM. JACOB STICKEJL, JOHN R. DONNED. SENATORIAL JAMES KERR. Election, Friday, November 4, 1836. The Editor of the Methuen Gazette states that he will take any kind of eoun try produce, except children, in payment for his paper. Namks or Post Orgtcxe and where SITUATED IR VoRK CoUNTY, TO WIT. Names of Ofictf, Bermudian P. O. Chance ford Codorus Ctwes Roads Dillsburg Dover Fawn Grove Farmers Franklin town TFAere Situated, Washington twp, Chanceford Codorus Hopewell Cairoll Dover Fawn Paradise Franklin Forks of Muddy creek L. Chanceford Hetricks Hanover Lewisberry Loganville L. Chanceford Vfanchester Vlargaretta Furnace Newberry Eeachbottom Rossville Spring Forge Shrewsbury i Stddonsburg Windsor Wrightsville Wol Arams York York Haven Yocumtown Castle Fin Days Landing a Codorus 'Hanover Borough Newberry Springfield L. Chanceforil Manchester Windsor Newberry Peachbottom Warrington Paradise Shrewsbury Monaghan Chanceford Hellam Codorus York Borough Newberry, New Berry L. Chanceford East Manchester. DEMOCRATIC TICKET OF THE COUNTY OF YORK. CONGRESS. HENRY LOGAN! ASSEMBLY. MARTIN SHEARER SAMUEL BROOKS, JOI1M THOMPSON. COMMISSIONER. JOHN BECK, JUN INNKEEPER. CORONER. Dr. Benjamin Johnson, Dr. Andrew Patterson. DIRECTOR. JOHN W. HETRICK. AUDITOR. JOHN M. ANDERSON. FORGERY A br,!he nMD, f JVnrtTilu' I mains, deposited inthe family vault, in ivmg about three miles south of Cambells- St. Peters cemetery. She wore on one of her fingers a diamond ring of great value, that could not bo forced oil without From the Boston Pilot. THE BURIED ALIVE, A Singular but a Truk Fact. There are in New York, and, we suppose, in several cities of the Uuion, many natives of the town of Drogheda, who can testify that there is no fiction, however improbable the facts of the following relation may appear, in it. The well authenticated transactions, which we will relate, occurred in Drogheda, in the year 1768. A young married lady, the wife of a gentleman of affluence, residing in Drogheda, of the name of Hardman, whose grandson (Edward Hardman, Esq.) was lately collector of the port of his native town, was suddenly attacked by an epilepsy, and, after a violent paroxysm, she swooned away, apparently lifeless. A physician was called to her assistance, with all possible speed; but on his feeling her pulse, he discerned no vibration, and in consequence, he pronounced that the vital spark was extinct. The lady was then removed, and after being waked the usual time, the funeral hour arrived,' and the coffin containing her supposed re- tw ulsd - SB w tfo 433 AH '6 ll 3RE GF THE YARN, lived, yesterday morning, the id, (Illinois) Republican, from ieopj the following annuncia- I 115 DEMOCRATIC VICTORY! partial returns of the Jate e-om the several congressional ,. 7 kfely conclude that II-U five Van Buren and Johnson, 'Poaching Presidential election, 7 of from ten to fifteen thousand. Ir congressional representatives, l two thirds of the members of 14 ware, have been elected by the en party. town, came to the Lebanon Bank on Wednesday, 10th inst. representing himself to be John Stauffer, jr. son of Mr. John Stauffer, who lives one mile from CambeiLtowo, on tbe road leading from Millerstown to that place. Brenizer came with a good sddiess, and resembled somewhat old Mr. Stauffer. He presented a note for discount at the counter. promptly removed the lid of the coffin, seized the ladys hand, and with a sharp knife proceeded to cut off the gemmed finger. But judge of hi s terror fear and dismay, when on inflicting the first wound, the blood gashed into his face, while the lady started up like a frightful ghost, from her shroud exclaiming Oh! I am murdered help ! help ! The grave felon, in the panic of his horror, ran precipitate, ly off without taking the light with him. Mrs.. Hardman was for a little while bewildered with dread and amazement, but the burning lantern throwing its glare on the coffins of her buried ancestors, convinced her that she was in the gloomy chamber of death. All memory of her late illness hqd faded away from her mind. Her soul-thrilling terror at such a frightful and appalling moment, may be imagined, but the colours of eloquence cannot depict them in tha broad light of true expression. A Shakspears fancy might convey an idea of her horrified feelings in poetry, or a Claude de Lorraine present a speaking picture of her ghastly and terrified appearance. Recovering her senses, however, and snmmoning all her fortitude and courage to hex aid, she wrapped herself up as decently as she could. Previous to their departure they tied and gagged a fourth prisoner and comrade of the room, wbo was found in this condition in the morniRg by the jailer. A reward of $150 is offered for their apprehension. Ckamb. itepubl . e We find the following communication in the 'Chambersburg Whig: A survey for a railroad has within a few days been made from whore the Chambersburg and Gettysburg turnpike crosses the Conococheague, in Franklin county, to Mummasburg, in Adams county and it has been satisfactorily ascertained that a railroad between Gettysburg and Hagerstown, taking that dilection, will not cost much more than one half of what it will cost to tnpke it on the route surveyed and now locating by the Canal Commissioners. It is therefore very advisable that the Canal Commissioners would arrest any further location by their Engineer, otherwise it will be abandoned, like some part of the Columbia rail road, for this better route, The attention of Mr. Paxton and the Commissioners, is especially called to this notice. From the Crossings, the road will run to the head of the Antietam, and down the Antietam. The ascent over the mountain will not exceed ,50 feet per mile. erallr, for their pa fovora and sapped, and respectfully solicits a contiuuanoe thereof. John Gacllagher. York, Angurt 30, 1836. CEDAR WARE, Aa assortment of Cedar ware, jo received and for sslo at tha new and cheap store of A. W. STERLING, S. W. corner of Main and Boater sts. York, August 30, 1836. BOXED HERRING. Very fine Boxed Herring, just received and for sale by 1 . A. W." STERLING, Aug. 30, 1836. MARRIED, On Sunday last, by the Rev. A. H. Lochman, Mr. John Batlor, to Miss Rebkcca Ebert. On the 28th ult. by the Rev. Daniel Ziegler, Mr. Michael Billet to MissMaria Eberly. On the 2d inst. by the same, Mr. Daniel Stauch to Miss Elizabeth Simmons, both of Westmanchester township. On the 23d inst. by the same, Mr. John Kleindinst to Miss Mary Ann Hot-tendorf, both of Codorus township. On the 25th inst. by the same, Mr. George Lenhard to Miss Elizabeth Gerber, both of Dover township. DIED, In this borough, on the 15th inst. Mr. George Albright, miller, aged about 70 years. In Wrightsville, on the 17th inst. Mrs. Elizabeth Schall, consort of Mr. James Sc hall, aged about 50 years. PUBLIC SALE. I. pursuance of aa order of the Orphans Court of York county, tbe subscriber will offer at public Sale, oo Monday tbe 12th day of September next, at the tavern of Christian Keesy, in Hellam town, ship, the following property, belonging to the estate of George Christine, deceased, SSSJ 4KEX&HS I? W OODL AND, Lying on the Susquehanna river, in Hellam township, kork county, opposite Marietta, adjoining property of John M. VV hitehill. Fried, and others. Sale to comme ce at 1 oclock, P. M. Terms made known at sale. Jacob Christine, Acting Administrator. August 30, 1836 e&gts.. disfiguring the joint that bore it, which the fond and lamenting husband would not suffer to be done on any consideration. On the evening of the interment, the confidential butler of Mr. Hardman; whose venal cupidity triumphed over his fears, resolved to despoil the dead ladys mounting to $850, which purported to oftbe preciOUs gem, for the pos- be signed by John Stauffer, jr. gession of which his heart longed. As Bowman, both n o g , J soon as his master and the family had re- property. Tbe note u . tired to bed, he procured the key of the he received the amountofthepeeds. aad farni8hing hiinself with a dark , A few days after orec i e matter I16 De set out on a fearful expedition ror, and convinced him that his beloved som suspicion was cit 1 lhi j which would sppal a courageous heart and two men were espa , m0re noble and chivalrous than his. The obtained information from Mr. SUuffcr j ofthe tomb wa8 no doubt a rich one himself thet the ne was jeo that he boldly entered the graveyard, then proceeded to i take Bren.zwinto cus- darknes of the night tody, whichthey did o-iMdaythe 15th the mLn.iraaned ghosts, or the dismal New Goods. The subscriber has just received, and is now opening, at his NEW STORE, on the North West corner of Main ind Beaver streets, an assortment of SEASONABLE GOODS, to which be respectfully invites the attention of the public. His new stock comprises CASSIMERS, CASSINETTS. II er In oj. Ginghams, Calicoes, AN ASSORTMENT OF PAHCrsr GOODS, AND A FRESH SUPPLY OF GROCERIES, all of which he is prepared to sell at an anusually small profit. A. W. STERLING. York, August 30,1836. $20 REWARD. nk was fished out of the canal near ter last week, which contained a 1iled clothing, and a bag of cash 'ing lo 6117, in half eagles and 'liars. inst. He confessed his crime, and they obtained nearly all the money, and lodged him in the, Lebanon jail, to await bis trial next November term. Lebanon Cour ier. A Good one. A boy was asked, Does the leopard ever change his spots t Oh yes, when he is tired of one spot, he goes to another. 1 PRIVATE SALE. The subscriber intends moving to the West, be therefore offers at Private Sale his PLANTATION, situated in Fairview township, York ce. adjoining the Yellow Breeches creek, John Heck, and others, about two miles from Haldemans mill, and about three miles from the West cud of tha Harrisburg bridge, containing 160 ACRES, chiefly all limestone land; the improvements are AN EXCELLENT TWO STORY Z)0 WITH A KITCHEN attached to it, a ter rapping violently twice at the door, nenTandaddresT He wore a 'blue coat, and dark i NEYV BANK BARN) her husband opened it, who on beholding drab pantaloons. Tha notes that he passed upon lower part stone and upper part frame, a Wagon what he thought the ghost of his wife, me wereoes on the York Bank, payable to W. i Shed and Corn Crib, a never feiliug spring of ex- I Wegner, date Feb. 2u, loot) -Jives on the Lan. ' celleut water, a good and convenient spring house, nearly fainted under the appalling mflu- Nr to George H. Krug, dated . first rate ORCHARD of thriving Apple Trees, ense of terror, but She, observing his fears March 17, 1831 twenty on the Farmers' and ! there are also a great number of other fruit trees nd agitation, exclaimed Oh, Henry ! Mechanics Bank of Philadelphia, (paper very red) ' of different kir.da. About 125 acres of said tract I live ! Tell me ! tell me ! what is the Pysblc fcj s. Hurl, date Nov. (spelled Noov.) 20, are cleared and under good fence, and all in an cause of all this t Why have I been en- i lfe3 Ue gnsure of the president and cashier . excellent state of cultivation; the residue is wood. tombed alive! Those dear and well known sounds chased away fear and ter- Bank of Delaware, 4810001 recollected. Daniel Kauffelt. wife had not come back from the land of Ill pursuance of an order ofthe Orphans Court of York oounty, the subscriber will offer at Public Sole, on Saturday tbe 24th day of September, at three oefeek, P. M. at the tavern of Jacob Stair, in tbe borough of Y ork, tbe following property belonging to this estate of John Schall, jr., deceased, to wit: a Mtwo story brick DWELLING HOUSE,, AND HALF LOT OF GROUND, situated in North George street, adjoining property ot G. K. Kane and David Landis. There is on the lot s Stable and Carriage House and other conveniences. QJhThe Sate will be positive. Possession given on the first day of April next. Terms made known at sale. JOHN SCHALL, Acting Administrator. August 30, 1836. eta. Six doxen casks soused salmon, caught in 1836, just received and for sale by A. W. Sterling. August 30. 240 Acres of Xiand FOR SALE, is m . 13 Ej a sj id o The subscriber will expose at Public Sale, on Thursday tie 8th of September next , his Farm, in Baltimore county, on Jie York road, 17 miles from Baltimore. It lies npon tbe Gunpowder Falls,aoiig the line of the Baltimore and Susquehanna rail road possessing the advantages of both roads and eligible situations for Mills or Manufactories on that stream. The quality of the land is naturally fir rate, mostly in a highly improved state, well watered, and has a portion of 70 to90 acres in wood. Tbe improvements in buildings, Ac. are well suited to the Farm and neighborhood; tbe society of which is good. Tbe premises can be bettor judged of by viewing them. Christopher C. Loje. : OTf not sold, tbe premises will be offered for RENT, and at the same time, a number of HOUSES, .feA g D U8 HOGS, and various implements of husbandry, with CORN, RYE, OATS, &e, offered for ssfe. 0For further particulars, enquire ofthe Editors of the York Gazette. August 30, 1836. e&gdt. ORPHANS COURT siiaj, : By virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court of York county, will be sold at Publio Sale, on the premises, on Saturday the 15tA of October next, the following valuable REAL ESI ATE, 'ate the property of John Aogbiubaugh, Esq, deceased, that well known TAVXZXIXX STAND, AND 1 tows? lying adjacent to the tavern, sitoate in the village of Dover. The Tavern has been kept as a public house for a number of years, and is an excellent stand for business. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock on said day, when attendance will be given and terms made known by 1 JAMES AUGHINBAUGH, ELI OVERDEER. . AoMunsraaToas. Br thx Court, GEO. FRYSINGER, Clerk. Aug a 23, 1836. eta. j The ground in front, on Georgs street, eoataim about 33 feet, and in depth to a fet efj.dt C, Weker, about 65 feet. The front is a good MWeatherboarded Two-itory House, with a large two-story Brick Back Building, nearly new. The safe will commence at 8 o'clock oo said, day, when the terms of safe wifl be mads known and attendance given by. Charles A. Morris, Philip Srtser, ExetuUrt. . York, Aogu 30, 1836. eta. gQBAGS VERY SUPERIOR KIO COT. 'FEE, for safe by August 30, 1836. A. W. StxsjJHo. Shoo, Jtlaekaret JT Herring , Jo received and for aale by " I A. W. Smum. Angnst 30. I JAMES SU2BBX mss (From Lancaster J Begs leave to inform the citiaene of York aad its vicinity, that he has taken aa office in SOUTH GEORGE STREET, nearly opposite Or-lUIleis Drug Store, where be rosy be esusaltad by those who may desire kis profession! services. August 16, 1836. tf. FHEKTOH CAFE3. An assortment of elegant French Chpes, ae lected with care, are now opening, at tha New Stare of A. W. STERLING, S. W. corner of Main and Beaver sts tjHtnpotcderf1 Iteas. mperial , J Jo received and for aale by . A. W. STERLING. August 9C, 1836. su laiBv The subscriber will sell at Public Safe, on Wednesday the 14th of September, 1836, at Mr. Lehrs tavern, in Freystown, n ONE STORY DWELLING HOUSE, situated on Main street, and well suited lor a grocery or a mechanical business. There is on the tot a Shed and Stable. Atom 1 LAGE GARDEN, with hearing Apple Trees, knd a half acre, of ground adjoining the same. ' Tbe buildings and land are ifi good order. Possession' may be had 00 the fir day ef ApriL An indisputable title will be gives. 1 - CONDITIONS. Two - hundred dollars la hand, or the entire purchase money if preferred. If the whole is not paid, tbe property mu be pledged as security for the payment ofthe ts- ' paid balance. For further particulars enquire ef Jacob Korbcr, dyer, in North George strdfc. CATHARINE WE1SSBR. August 23, 1836 e&g4t. and doleful sighs of the breeze in tbe melancholy cypress or the solemn yews, whose saddening shade deepened the awful gloom and stillnes thbt threw a sombre sacredness of shade over tbe scene a-round him. At length reaching the lonely tomb where he was to find the splendid prize he came in quest of, he cautiously opened the door, uncased his la tern, and then, with calm and fearless deliberations, spirits to haunt him, but to console and comfort him with her connubial affection & endearment. An explanation Distantly took place; and the intended spoiler of the sepulchre was not only forgiven, but subsequently liberally rewarded by Mr. Hardman and his wife. The lady lived many years after, and bore several children. We have again to declare that though the preceding relation wears, we confess, the drapery of romance, and the air of imagination, that yet every native of the town of Drogheda, (near which we were born) will vouch for its historical verity, and oral authenticity. Shrewsbury, Aug. 30, 1836 rA.g4t. SIX CENTS REWARD. Sanaway, some time in July last, from the aubecriber, residing in the borough of York, an indentured apprentice to the Confectionery business, named GEORGE BAYMILLER, about 17 years old Jark complexion stoutly boilt- He had on when he went away, linen pantaloon, dark summer roundabout, and a chip bat. He took with bim a fur cap, and a variety of summer and winter clothing. Tte above re. ward, but no charges or thanks will be given Ux his delivery to JOHN AUGHINBAUGH. York, Angurt 23; 1836 4t Augurt 23, 1836, c3t- Italian JUulberry Trees. The subscriber is prepared to furnish Italian Mulberry Trees, raised from seed imported from the plantation of one of the mo experienced cultivators of Italy, at from ten to forty dollars per thousand, according to size. Any person ordering to the amount of ooe hundred dollars shall have them delivered to any pan of Pennsylvania, (free of charge) in time for transplanting this fall. All are insured to grow with proper care; if any do not, they will be replaced without eharge. Tbe Chinese Morns Multi Contis, will be furnished at a reasonable price. Address Black Horse Port Office, Chester Co. Penna. JASON M. MAHAN. New Italy, Aug. 30, 1836. 5t WM. T. ANDERSONS fflTWTrasrercaisjit ygxsramraTRj For polishing Brass, Copper, Steel,, Tin and Brittania Ware, aUo for resto-- ring and polishing Silver Plate. The following are a few of tbe many recommendations which be has received, from the fit Chemists and Merchants in the United States. I have examined and tried Mr. W. Anderson's Chemical Powder, for polishing silver, lira as and other metals. It proves aa excellent article for the above purpose, and I am pleased to recommend the same to the public. Lewis A. Lauriat, . Chemist and Refiner of Metals, flrstim This is to certify that we have used VYm. T. Anderson's polishing Powder for polishing pli and find it the be article oftbe kind ever invented for that purpose. ' Marquand tb Co. Ne. 181 Broadway, New York. This is to certify that e have given Mr. Aa-. demon's powder for polishing plate a fkir trial, and are convinced of its good quality, and have no has. iution in recommending it ia preference to any . thing we have yet made use of for the purpose above mentioned. ' J: & I. Cox, No. 15 Maiden lane, N. Y. Fellows, Cargill Ac Co. . Fellows, Read k Co. CANAL BARGE -UNlTEf)." We hereby certify, that we have need open our military equipments, Anderson's Plato Powder, and find it superior to any other article within our knowledge, prepared for a simitar pnmeo. I James C. Zabrkki, Gspt, 1 W. Thos. Hall, 1st, Lieut, William Clark, 2d do. 1 Wm. T. Ililbyn, Qr. Master, John Van Deursen, M. D. J. V, D, Bergen, Cogualmfy,' Oct. 9, 1635. 1 A number of other recommendations can bn seen at the JEWELRY STORE oftbe subscriber where tbe Chemical Powder ie for safe, wholesale and retail. F. B. COOK. York, Angurt 23, 1831. Washington Artillerists, Penosjl-j vania Riflemen, Parade at the Academy on Saturday the 10th at September, next, at 10 oclock, A. M. with three bull cartridges for target firing. I By ei der of tbe osptafed. I ISRAEL WOLF, V. A. STILLING CT. I snrgaato. Yarlr Aug. 30th. 1836. ' , 9-

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