The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS E— ~ >- * KE BOMWANT MEWeMMK rf MOcmwAev AaBiuri,, .,_ • — ' » * W^ fcytlwYilfc cwu-ter MtaUelpp* Vallev L..rt« ~ ~ Tf^" 0 *^"^*** M»K*««A8 **p IKXrnmABT MHMOUM 6lyrti*,We I**., Me _ Sr.TT,?,?' ™-£ U ' det I_~ liSS —— ' 1 CO«RTROOM MA7*-CwR«ttly looking like a playgroviici "jungle gym" Is th« Circuit Courtroom hi the Court House, here, where a major remodeling project Is underway, 'stacked under the scaf- are (he spectators' benches. The courtroom is being remodeled to provide a walkway behind the Judges bench and better facilities for jurors. (Courier News Photo) Air Force Hints 'Flying Saucers' Becoming Nuisance as Inquiries Come Pouring In Bv JERRV T DiYri^u ,,.,... By JERRY T. BAULCH WASHINGTON WI — The Air Force didn't exactly say so but K left the Impression those fly- Ins saucers are becoming quite a nuisance. So much time is being spent answering saucer queries that It's interfering with regular intelligence work, Maj. Oen. John A. Samford, Air Force Intelligence director, said yesterday. Most of the inquiries are from Press and radio. Many are from worried or curious citizens. The Pentagon press office has an officer working full time answering saucer questions. Perhaps just (o show how busy U.S. Instigates Plan to A-Power Fleet of Ships Progress Report Shows Westinghoius T« BuHd Engine By FRANK CARET v ted Press Science Reporter WASHIJfGTON OT—The United E(ate«, reporting progress on atomic-powered submarines and aircraft, *od«y launched B new project.: development of giant atomic-powered warships. The Atomic Energy Commission announced It had asked the Wcst- ingnotise Electric Company to de- irelop an atomic engine capable of vessels such as This immediately revived speculation that atom-powered battlewagons and giant commercial lin- e «Jifce the Queen Mary and the States could easily mile cruises at top propelling "large aircraft carriers. UBS United make 100.000 cres speed— and without refueling. Tremendous Power Seen Such estimates are based on the fact that a pound of' fissionable uranium or its titantic twin, plutonium. could generate as much power as 1,500 tons of coal or 200 000 gallons of tuel oil. The AEC's announcement came only a few hours after release of its 12th semi-annual report to Congress in which the commission reported progress on the development of nuclear-powered aircraft and on two different types of atomic engines for submarines. The fact that AEC awarded life centred for the Jarge vessel atomic See WARSHIPS on ]'a s c 10 It is, the Air Force released » long list of statistics revealing- it had received 432 written reports on "sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena" so far this year. All these went to the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Dayton, Ohio. They don't include the hundreds of oral reports of sightings. The Air Force statistics appeared to explode the theory that the recent flurry of saucers was caused by the heat. The peak of sightings .over the years seemed to nil at no parlicalar season or month. At least the figures showed the * * saucer business is booming In The largest number of sightings of any month since the saucers were first reported in in« same in July of Ihls year — a total of 1H, just three above June. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard said it planned to make public today what it described as a photograph supposedly showing five JJiystery objects — round and white with fuzzy edges — in flight over Salem, Mass. Air Force information said the photo was taken last week by a Coast Guardsman. * « ji Coast Guard Releases Photo of 'Aerial Lights' ,Kt — • '^KANSAS, FfrHUY, AUGUST 1, 1952 Aboard C/ierry 'Sane/wagon T.ITn .ir< Q/"Wt* i jit 1-1 „_ •» . LITTLE ROCK W _ Hflp . Boyd T»cke* la* oljmbe<1 The Nashville congressman, wlw finished third in t*.e bernatona! field m Todays Democratic prtfernetia, , an tm thus ,.,_„,., A av &C (L ^aiU tlC would nol attempt to "dictate" to his admittedly extensive following n Southwest Arkansas, but earlier i in the day he had boasleTlha h T.'"??,™ ^'"J" 8 * WSS no d «" " was the only defeated candidate CU Sald ' * sot mit of °«"'s •The? photo clearly sh...,., . vll . round -objscts. Sach? a tv' eft ,-Htti have two identical shafts' of ^^ extending across its center and protruding a t the forward and rear ends. The lights are in V" formation. The coast guard said it has no opinion as to the cause or source of the "objects" and wns releas- n K the picture only because of the widespread public interest in aerial phenomena. The picture was snapped by shell * nnAI ». ert ' s «>e»<. Mass., air station photographer. The coast guard said Alpert sighted several brilliant white lights through the air station's photo lab window at 9-35 A M July IB. . ' Alpert watched the lights, which seemed to be wavering," f or fj ve or six seconds before attempting to photograph them. By the time tie had focused his camera the lights were "considerably dimmed down. -o -X-— ^. "iiiuum.ii.ieu aerial pne- jtj,,,^]^^^ lows four IF-- "'-'~'^"*^'-'' T 'r^^/^% i Tst^Pjjf.-?.*.*>*£ ; "&•'&'• v •"-?•-- * riei»4*ifc ^W>~?mmM®mm:-tiiij£&iM§>W>.iL "«>-*^*aM^KV'i>S a > ** '^. ^^mi Weather Arkansas forecast: clear^o partly cloudy this alicrnoon, tonight and tomorrow with widely scattered LtTTLE CHANGE not hiuch change thundershower.s In temperature. Misouri forecast: 'Object' Seen Here Reported At Other Points ri^m. Cre W3S someth 'i 1 S up there, all Numerous Blythevllle residents wno reported seeing "a light in the sky' night.before last were backed up by reports from throughout this part o? the country. Many of the. reports from other communities, in fact, went farther rtc5cri P t '°»s. While who observed Neill Reed . — -*v«all.u HIBL lie was the only defeated candidate who can carry any Vote " 'On a number of occasions I publicly stated that if r did not make (he run-oH. I would vote for any one of my opponents against he present (McMath) administration, including Judge Cherry," said Tackett. "That I will do." Tnckstt declined to confirm or deny a newspaper report that he might r u n as an independent against Rep. Oren Harris in the November general election. But the congressman did point out that he always has been a regular Democrat'. Arkansas Gazette snid last of -P 'i 1 ^, dis 8 r »"t!ed supporters of rackett m Columbia. Miller Howard and Pike Counties were talking of booming Tackett for the Fount! District Columbia County has been in the old Seventh Congressional District represented by Harris until the 19=1 congressional redistricting in which Arkansas lost one of its seven house seats. Miller, Howard and Pike Counties were in Tnck- etts old Fourth District. These three along with four other counties were combined will, nil O f Harris old t e r r i t o r y into the new Fourth District. Tackett denied that he and Harris had made a deal whereby Harris would support Tackett's gubernatorial candidacy in return for. Weather Break Brings Renewed Action in Korea Regain 'Old Baldy' .SEOUL, Korea lip) _ The U. 3. "im Air Force said United Nations pilots shot down three Communist Jets and damaged two over North Korea today as clearing weather brought renewed Intensity to the war. I The u. s. Eighth Army said bayonet-wielding allied infantrymen recaptured the crest of Old Bnldy hill m a bloody eight-hour fight on the Western Front. The Russian-made MIG-15 jets were shot down In the first all-jet battle since July 23 Planes from a flight of 32 U. s. Sabre jete battled elements of more than 10 minutes near the Korea-Manchuria border. - - -•—_•-•-» WM-I. ui a. between the two congressmen to represent the new district. "There definitely was no deal Byrd Remains^inBusfV As Colleagues Join Up Long Says Eisenhower .^^ M • . _ way. I did everything In my power to keep him from having opposition. Sid McMtith thought he CHar- Hs) was supporting me. I did, loo. Take a look at the returns His district beat me. The people supporting me had every reason to expect I'd net his support too." "I realize now that I should have made that (congressional) race In the first place." Missco Votes In First Primary Are Certified Outcome of Races Unchanged But McMath Lead Cut The Mississippi county Demo ;ratlc Central Committee met a the Court House In Osceola th morning to certify returns from Tuesday's preferential primary Canvassing of the returns re ."• ted in some changes i n ( ne un Could 'Crack' South I like lhat Democratic licket and I'm going to be for it," Long told n reporter. Gov. Adlai Stevenson of Illinois nnci Sen John bparkman oi Alabama head the Ucket as nominees for president and vice president. . Asked If Elsenhower might crack the South, Long said: , "I think that Eisenhower stands several a very good chance Southern states." Listing Is Kefused He refused to list them Long was the second Dixie' sen- See DIXIE on Page 10 oUls hut did not affect th of any of the races. !cial to outcome _ ...,.„, Tile complete, official county re turn, cut the lead of Gov. Sid Me Math over Chancellor Franc Cherry to four votes. The imofr cial totals compiled Tuesday nigh should have reflected the sani close margin, but a transposition „ figures in copying the total Cherr vote made it appear that McMat had edged out the Jonesboro hide by 62 votes, cherry's vote appeare as J.336 but should have read 3,38; Having been canvassed by ' th ,. the returns wi * State Democrat! • —..tie Rock. ^•omplett official McMATH CHERRY Ml/RRV HOI,T TACKETT Governor BEARDEN WAVTT HOJTT ..... SUte ( . 3.38Z .. 77» .. *28 .. 5.571 .. 2.138 . . t.518 1,810 Allied losses, Ported. In Tokyo, Gen O. if any, were not re- P. WeyJand j-, u*..! •**. i , weyiBJiu, commanding general o( the IT S. Par East Air Forces, announced Ihe addition ot about 75 sleek P84 rhunderjct fighter-bombers to D N air strength for action over Korea Rcils Lose yi Planes A monthly Air Force summary reported that the Communists lost 32 planes in July, the United Nations, 19. Supported by fif-hter bombers and artillery fire. Allied doughboys stormed Old Baldy from two 5 id»s Former Mayor, Seeking Tribunal ^ost Visits City A former mayor of Blylheville was visiting here today in behalf of us candidacy for chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court ( He is Neil, need, Heber Sprin g s j ThSv^J^y *,-„ mday mayor H O f HlythS EL"^ £ fe^ed^ i^Zdl^ 1U.U. He Tvil] nnr>n«^ r:Hffi,, o-.^.-,,. L-r ^_j , ... ils tnua-cakccl the chief justice post. the ..... all Blvthcvillf* • ^ iiii - M-.-JI..I, «nu ouscrveci i ~* a '" " y^^". the object, referred to "the li»ht "i sta(e commander of the American ' it ';'^- V . r r cporr1t '! op<!nl >' «llcd the ob- i L«SK.n. Mr. Reed attended Univcr- Pri c,llv'" « SaUCCr -" Si ' y ° f Ar! ™ maS *** S *ool and rc- Hractscnlh MI reports gave the "ived « bachelor of law degree from „- , Recapture of the strategic out- He also served six years as deputy P° sl - west of Chonvon marked the rosecutmg attorney tore and now I fl «t Intense ground fighting since is serving his eighth year as citv '"' Saturday, the first of six days attorney of Heber Springs A past "' ' ~' time of the observance 8ilq and 8:45 p.m., and listed ,K u '- os se the hour as approximately B'TO the time the object was sighted here Coinciding Re] _ t ^ vii with the Blythevilie "light" came Cumberland University" lie practiced law 33 years and .„.>, ^ „ censed to praclicc before the US Supreme Court. He was accompanied here ion, Ancil Reed, and a by a nepheu-. Partly cloudy through tomorrow wiili scattered thundershowcrs north portion to-j » '"' ~" >'.""ic mtuugnoiit tnc night, and northeast portion tomor-! i s!S5ipr>1 Vall «y- Press services _nti-> lint r 1_ _i_ . .. . . "*••"> fllln rii^\l.'Cninn*-p . * ! . . ! ;c. Little Rock, pilots In flig.-it and several lesser communities " i There were indications (hat the' .... —_,.. wmvji HJY. wnii sraTifir^t] • i- ~~"" •••**• •• •• •• i > j 'i>"< HJHI LUC ' ^VJ^\ +*•****. ^^ * * I thundershowcrs north portion to- i ^^ was visihle throughout the ^SgrO UUlZZCd _,,,.. ...^ .. . i Mississippi Valley. Press services f\ C, i ^ *^ ™™^ s .?'^™'.«"* «>'- Utl ^folen Car . or- row; not much change In tempera- tonight 60s northeast to 0s extreme southwest; ture; tomorrow 85-90 northcasrVo'imm!" 90s southwest. Minimum this "morning—68 Maximum yesterday—100 Sunset today—7:02. Sunrise tomorrow—5:09 Precipitation 24 hours to 7 am —none. Total precipitation since Jan. I Mean temperature imldway be- taren high and low)—84. Normal mean temperatures August—80.2. Tills Dale r.asf Vr ar Minimum this morning--78 Maximum yr.'lrjday- Hi. Precipitation January 1 to daie-JO.H. ray an today recounted at length "observations made on (he object by viewers throughout the area. No authoritative sources, as vet. have attempted to attribute" the ar,,,,,,,. anof ance of , to — ••.-!•" lu n iriooiing suir, or other natural phenomena Apparently, many Blytheville rcs- Idenl.s in addition to those reporting bavin? seen the object viewed the luminar display, but had dismissed the Incident as "nothine special." . for Higgins Builder Dies NEW ORLEANS w.- Andrew | Jackson Hi»gins. 65. famed builder this] of beach landing craft during j World War n, died today. Junes Lawrence. 23-yc:u-old Blytheville being held In the ing concerning the theft of a car i on the street.'! of Blytheville yester- i Lawrence wns arrested four miles ! south of Frenchman's Eiayou ycster- I day by State Trooper Tom SmMoy \ At the lime he was arrested he, «-i- drlvins a 1847 Ford coupe reported ! stolen here a few hours before Clarence TinX-piton of the Sand'-' Ridiie community, owner of the (r.r reported to offiriTs rarli"r nsier- dny that his car was stolen from Its parking place in the 400 block on \faln street. , or heavy rain. The surprise Allied plncer movement on Old Baldy came ]uu 10 days after a Chinese battalion I '« ™.l barrm crest - » followed the rhursdny visit to the sector by ; C.c.i. James Van Fleet. U. s Eighth Army commander. Eighth Army headquarters Mid the crest was secured at 9 a m but j Communist big guns sprayed U N j positions for hours afterward and Ihe Reds were reported bringing up ifi'-forccmcnts In thea ftcrnoon Associated Press Correspondent Milo farncli reported from the front that Allied fighter bomber' swooped In on Chinese positions n-1 morning. A frontline oHiccr said Chinese sniper ad morlar fire hampered evacuation of Allied dead and DEER . ' •"""" BRAIH.EY SIIEDU '.',"..". Proseculinj Attorney PARTJ.OH' .. . 20|! SI-ENCKR ...;.'•;; »•*;« MEADOWS /.'.'." !ij'j In the race for Democratic national commltteeman, Noble Gill of Dlytheville polled 7.076 Mlssisslpp County votes. Paul Chambers o t Helena, his run-off opponent, re- ceievd 601. Rabie Rhodes received 216 and Dan Cowling, jr., police For attorney-general Clib Barton polled 4,m county votes and T j Gentry, who will oppose Barton in !'J e A "B. 12 run-off, received 3,253 William f. Purifoy received 088 voles nad Bun Reed 445. Claude Kankin, seeking re-election as state land commissioner received 4.986 votes In Mississippi County while Ira Golden polled 2.127. C. C. Smith trailed will Grand Jury Empaneled LITTLE ROCK I if, — A special Pulaski County Grand Jury was empaneled here today to investigate a condemned slayer's charge that, he paid S1.500 for a OD-day fiirlough Irom the Arkansas penitentiary. Inside Today's Courier News • . . Those FIviii£ Saucers . , , . - . I-'arrn news and review- , . , rages 6-7. • . . Shanty, wins N"o. 19 . , , sports . . . Page 5. . . . Society . . . P.i£e Z. • . . Mirkfls . . . fate ID. . . . Flvinic s:uirors? We're in favor of Ihcm . . . editorials . . . Liberty Cash Grocery Here For Sale; More Room Needed ? y of . borty Cash Super M;lrll <!t , H l" d Maln strccts helc ' . today he was offering his store lor sale after "spending five or six eiir eiirs to get a ^'^^^K^^T^ ness r need to have a larger place " Mr. Bailey al-o said he needed parkins space, as Liberty Cash docs not deliver. "f would like to stay In Blvthe- villc. and would most certainly i.e interested in mni-int; into another location If a satisfactory one could be obtained." Lllwrty Ca.=h is one of Ihe larger chain groceries in this area. HONOKEO MFOKt: RF.',1KEMKNT-Mr». C. a. Redman, „ sucietary of the Mississippi County • guest of honor at a surprise party given Court House employes and members of tl Unit. The office workers presented Mrs Kednmn, who on Mrs. C. G. Redman Leaves TB Organization She Set Up Here Two Southern Leaders to Vote For Democrats By The Associated Press sen. Harry R Byrd oi' Virginia sat on the fence today as two of his Southern colleagues pledget! support to the Democratic party ticket of Gov. Adlai Stevenson and an. John J. Sparkman. Sen. RU.SSCII B. Lo!lg or Louisiana told a reporter in Washington • "i like that ticket and I'm eolng to be wi it nut he said Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican caiuhdate for President, stands a \ei-y good chance in several Southern stales. He did not name the sinies. .Sen. A. Willis Robertson of Vir- 8111 a came out with a statement lhat he wi!l "vote the straf"ht Democratic ticket next Nove°m- ber." Dul Byrci, the leader of the dominant Virginia Democratic orgarl Zfltion, said crisply: "i will not at his time make a statement with lespecl to either presidential con- ciitime. In Ihc weeks ahead we. may expect clarification of !ha views of both candidates on tha many governmental Issues which neither has yet discussed." Ike Ij Press FivnrlU The touchy situation in the South was pointed up by the result of an Associated Press survey of nearly 100 newspapers In H Southern states. The survey showed that Eisenhower will have editorial sup>ort of more papers than ever before backed a Republican presiden- lal candidate k. Dixie. At Ihls earlf date to the campaign, 41 of tha pnpcra polled hava endorsed the general or will do K Twenty-two have come out for Stpl venaon. others are undecided, in MS, Truman had tho support of * of the group polled, Republican Thomas E. Dewey 24 an d state* Rights Candidate Strom ThHcmorxJ 22. : Another development m Virginia saw Morell Clarke, a lifelong Dem,, ""•al... r eslgrj M chairman'of tha Couhiy n-moctnuo committee, and endorse. Elsenhower He said Stevenson has "embraced Trumanism to the extent that I can't support him." Nixon Strikes Chonl Sen. Richard M. Nixon, the OOP vice presidential candidate, hit the same chord in a speech nt tho Ohio Republican convention in Columbus, O., last night. He said Stevenson and Sparkman would continua president Truman's policies If elected. He attacked Stevenson as the "captive candidate" of Truman. Jacob Kroll (CIO Political Action Committee head!. Jacob Arvey (Illinois Democratic national coiiimlltc<Mnan) SM POLITICS on Paste II) .ars oi service In that post here. K ^:i- mr^ &.sc^,xsri£ he county executive committee in ™unty program in 1945 In retiriii" he unit offices In the Cdurl House' " S SCCI ' e »> r y of the county ns^ocia- lerc yesterday morning. She Mill be' l!™' sllc wm nlso relinquish Mr-r of- -—— ••-- -- c I flee as president of (lie Arkans-w ' Conference of Tuberculosis WorJ:- Durlng her tenure as executive secretary here. Mrs. Redman was I the recipient of numerous I or her work. She «- as ifcponsible lor the extensive educational program on tuberculosis cnrriert on in the public schools, and under her direction. Christmas seal cirive- increased in effectiveness and funds raised each year. AllhoHRh the leave of ;,b.;c.icr was •succeeded by Mrs. Frances Gammill. Mrs. Redman was the first exec- Little Progress ] s Reported on Truce Draft MUNSAN. Korea Iff, — United Nations and Communist staff olfi- ers made a little progress today oward BRrccment on the wording r the Korean armistice draft. U. Col. Duncan S. Somcrvilie of •umbcrland. Md., lop u. N staff Kiccr, said the U. N. approved omimmtse - suggested re-wording i live paragraphs of the bulky -uce document during a S-minutc ;ssion at Pnnmnnjom. The changes wore minor and hart o bearing on the thorny prison- i- ot war exchange issue, which as deadlocked the main nccotia- ons. The stalf officers meet again >inorrow. The main delegations are schcd- Icd to meet Sunday alter a weck- >ng recess. lor a six-months pcnoil I me Follows Wreck Hosic Lee Cook. Hlytlieville Negro, was fined $5(1 and costs in Municipal Court this morning on a chdigo o! reckless drivlnu. He was iirrfMed [ollowui* an accident at Sixteenth and Main Streets July 25. sranted ., -'"i-'Ji^ilLll* [HTIO'I -Mrs. Redman said sln> docs not ex pect to return to her position. s:ie will serve in an advisory capaeitv to the new executive .eerciary dur' mg Ihc leave period. In other action at. the mcel'i •> the executive committee heard 'reports on group project.. .«.,„• pictures of the Arkansas conference 10- cenlly held in Hooncville and made plans for erection of an office here lor the Mississippi County unit. Mrs. Claude .Sparfes, new association office secretary, ivas introduc- «I to the commiticc. Siie will a-Mst Mrs. Ganunill in unit v.orX. Mix county association presided over the meeting. Joe Evans. Steve Ralph. George M. and Dr, James C, Guard were appointed to a committee to work out plans for construction a unit office on the Court Ho-.isu \ grounds here. Mrs. Rodman and County Judge Fabir While of Os- crola also will ^eiie on Hie i-nminit- lee in an advisory cAp;icif.v. MiA. lii/tliiiiiii had \nt\f. ailtr.eatn) e.-ulj- lishiucni or an oillcc building lor the unit, which ocupies a small ol- I fie In the Court House at present. JOIN'S FRISCO—Paul J. Whitlock inbovcl has joip.ccl tb.^ Kils- eo Railroad staff here as traffic repifsontativf. it ms nnncuricrtl totlay by w. S. Jolirhtini oi Bly- tlicville. gcniTi'.l a-t-n!. wit), the addition of Mr. Wi>;:;.\-(:. Hie Hlytlirulir ofiicc now h:i. two trnffic rcpiC!.entc.':v(... Former cine! rate dork in th' Traffic Department in Memphis. Mr. WhiilrtcX-'s appointment became effective today. Mr. V.'hitlock, '.i-hp hns be™ with Kri:-co since 1911. is man-led and has tv.-o snns. Paul. Jr.. U. and James, to. M,'m!;t-,v of Ihc Prc.-bvtL-rinn Church. Ihc Whitlows rviidc at 151S Hcarn. ^%ii^l Ti 10 ovcroge person doesn't ioso much on a reducing diet except nis sunny disposition. r

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