The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 1934' »LYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS SECTION s Warns CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION /ally r»i* per an« tor eooMCtt- to » line) Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs. Ed Hardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 1W. . Ic ktf Nlqely fuiuUhed BED ROOM. Mrs. Ndtn, 310 W«t Walnut. li>:os ill \YUJVT. hi:, anialeur blntlon, Ho has icciMvcil mcs- Me CLEANERS, TA1M)RS I. tn« »ven«e One time per Una Two time* per 1U» per day 1hn* tlizwt pel Uti-1 Ptr d»7 . . Eli time* par Uo* par <tejr .. kfonth rale per Ua* .......... Minimum «b»rg* He Ada otccreo :ur Uirte or B* nines and sUi^ped before explra- I'on will be charged (or the number of times the md appeared aoa idjuttinent of bill made. All Claainea AflvertlsliiK cop] •MbmlUed by persons residing oul- i'de ol the city trust be accompanied by cash, nates may be eaflly computed I.-nm above table. .No rtEporiEiulluv «m be Uteri icr more than one Incorrect In- mtlon of atiy classified ad. Advertising urae;tC for irregu- *r Insertion i»ki' tb« one time rtt*. Linn suite, band Uoonl 1*4 Ultar- tt shaped are Bice awl «wl ttwac k*< toy*. PfaoBc 111. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE Youthful Radio Amateur Won Prize H>BPS finm amateur stations in nil, ! JANESVIU,E Wis (UF)-llor- !'"' fts ° r "><-' v "" ltl 'l st:llcs act Browne. Jr., 15, known asi"«»V foreisn commies. He re-' "Handy Andy." is- Wisconsin's!"'""* 1 ™' n ' sl I' 1 '"" 1 "> « !>h011 yemigest licensed radio operator' wltre commiinlratlon contest. ; and one. of the youngest In tl:o] Employed as an operator alsla- \iorld. il'on WCLO-licrc, Browne Browne built Ills own receiving and transmitting' sets, which Negro's Book Gives . Picture of Bcalc Street AUTOMmiVE o( Save lime and MWKJT by i»ta{ our ctmricte sUck Auto Replacement Parts llnMurd Hardware Co. Automotive Dept. - - Phone 476 6c k8-6 was selected us nHcriiali: buuk-uf- furvivltnUu KCIW.S so typical of Hie iiioiilh for June. farada Timber S»!N lncrt«s« ; MONTH EA1,, Quc. (OP)— Accotfi- Ing to statistics from tlic Montreal I Board o[ Trade, Canada sold' man timber (o Orcui,. Britain In''April than did any other country.. At the same time a year ago, Canada Brit- OUOlOARDING'JiOUSE ROOM & BOAKD GOOD Meals and ROOMS. Reasonable prices. Mrs. T. R. Watson, 12 East Cherry, Plxne HZ. 20c k7-20 FURNITURE PHILLIPS' USED CARS Ycu Can Either U.ive a Bctlcr Used Car or Vou Can Have Some Extra Money for Something Els*, If You Buy Nou Instead of Next Fall. You Afeo C»:t a Better Choice for Our Collection Is Complete. '31 DODGE SEDAN. Kuns Gcod. Looks Good • ?19 5 Lawn Chain Unpainted S' THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 25c •30 ORAHAM SEDAN. A Good Buy Real $145 '28 CADILLAC COUPE. Tires, Motor A-l .. '32 5191 FORD V-8 COUPE. Rubber, Runs Good .. •New $365 AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready fnr summer driving at] bargain prices you probably will never see again. Come in. Compare our prices on auto parts, tires, tubes, motor oil, 5 gal $1.90. WOLF ASIAN We Sell Wholesale and Retail Phone 176 - - 128 E. Main I'ERSONAF> Maklnj, Rc-blockinj & Trimming Hats We can make your old hats like MH. St«m blocked irto any new Stjle. Sirs. H. G. Wlcihara - B*ss Hall At Our Residence 611 West Main - - Phone 280 lOc k8-10 •33 FORD V-8 TUDOR. Looks and Rurs Like New $4H '33 CHEVROLET COACH. A Rfill Good Bny ?<55 TRUCKS •32 CHEVROLET 151 Inch TRUCK. CC DW. Bargain $3«5 '32 CHEVROLET 131 Inch TRUCK. CC DW. New- Tires ...'.....; 5289 •31 FORD V. V. C. C. TRUCK. 6-ply Tirts ?182 •30 FORD STATION WAGON. 6-pl> Tires S138 We Are Open Nifthls. Come After Supper and Make Yonr Seltctien. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY "' USED CAR LOT Coiner 1st -fc Walnut StJ. Phono 810 - 811 WANTED White HOUSEKEEPER; to alsj care for Email child. Good home, well paid. Call 333. Mrs. Lewis Freeman. 16-ck-19 "SALESMEN WANTKD~ ~A REAL OPPORTUNITY" Vfe are hiring part-time and full- time salesmen in your territory. Eariiing possibilities in our work range Irom 115.00 a week for part- time salesmen to Letter than $30.00 rt week for full-time salesmen. I-or particulars write R. U HARKINGTON, 4801 Capper Bids peka, Kans. BUSINESS DIUECTORY CALL 127 For highest quality Kentucky, Southern Illinois and Red Ash Coal. Lowest l\!-'\ content. NOT1CE DELTA VALLEY & SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY hereby gives notice that on July 5, 1934, it filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission at Washington, D. C. its application for a certificate that the present and future public convenience and necessity require tile acquisition and operation ol a line ol railroad formerly knov.-r as the Evadale branch ol the St Louis-San Francisco Railway Company extending from Dcckervilie to Evadale Junction, approximately 18.- miles, all tn Poinsett and Mis sifsippi Counties, Arkansas. DELTA VALLEY & SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. 10-17-2 Is u lllcniry num vice Uiut con.ljliw to niukc stiTvL one ol Hie oiilsliinil- negro IhoimiKlilmos of tliu orld. To Soulhenieis (lie lirak Is u evolution, CLinyiii 113 it docs im MKMlMlis. Teim. (UP) —Tlio Mi6H of the Southern "cily li:l.S COItU! «l]l ol without ullort. Lcc wrote oiid rewrote H elBlit times. Ho worked (or more than live years dcvclop- Ills opiTiilur's I'xiunlniitioiis In Mll-'Slrccl." (he book .written Dy OKI. ain':, limber rcqulrcmcnU. MAUL OOOTSV OOTA Tl\' Pit, VOO STW OUTft SIGHT.' THEN STeP rN AN 1 DO ,vw HELLO, HOOPLt/ ARE VOU GOING, OR COMING *? JUST (SOT 'BACK OFF fAY VACATION / CAUGHT SOME SWELL. TISH, AN* SOT PHOTOS TO "PROVE , HELLO, NEIGHBOR / WC'LL FIX, THIS DQOTSV BOQO SO HE VJOU'T OtH AROUND VO SQUEAL ON US TO I HUSH, Z T MORROW- / ' BUT STUFF,' I WANT HIM TO ArA I <50'.NCS,OR — VWF —:TELUNG ME ABOUT THE PISH HE CAUCbWT- I COVMNG HOME WITH 12, NONE OF THAT SUSPENDER J> STRETCH STUFF; TELLING, HOW BIG THEY WEKE I'M LUCW TO BUT I'LL COME {JACK - MV, WHEN \ DO, IT'LL BE /\. SORRV BOV. ototyr VIE T*AR ) THAT WAS OUT WtN \A TOLD 'IM/ JUST A VJILD KWG KNEW HE XGUESS, BUT ' TO SP.V- PRINCESS B tlt'LL NOT COME BMKJ WITH THM <\ TOR j-'\ A -^rV : ,; OULL HEM^ ABOUT LATER BAXTER TO SOMKTIUNCJ! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OP NOOWVi ,V\S<.V. W. Vb '. IT IIAI»I'KNK1>! WASH TUBRS Good dry coos nnd heating wood and kindling. Corn, hay, mixed feed, farm seed, table and stock salt. Home of high quality products and low cash prices. FARMERS CASH KEKD AND SEED CO. \ Home Owned Business Wholesale ami Retail Keep Kovl with Hunter Electric FANS. Unconditionally guarantceti. 1IU1IBAKU HUW. CO. u-ck-a-6 Kofi ndcrrnl bargains in good t electric refrigerators and ice boxes. d and new electric f CHEAP. Also fan repairing. Bargains in used Deko light plant and batteries. B. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Main St. Tom Mix Favors Drive To Clean Up Movie DEFIANCE. O. (UP)—Full sup port of the cliurches' campaign In clean-L-p of thr, motion plctiin: dustrj-. even to the extent of •. ernmtMlal control, was given b Tom Mix, western picuire;; : ^•hc-n intcrvien'Cd here where h was rpijcarinj with a circUG. "Too many producers," Ml said. "Lclicve you must, tuive Mac \V?sL in every picture to c: ic 'ixw office' appeal. Tn my oj>in ion. the United Stales ssovcr.inwr should take over tlic: indus'r cicun up our filtus nn.l m;ik thtm iiic highest medium [or gcxx that we have. "You tan wash you." iniirl til same way you wash your iinsi The only difference is ilio kind u reap you use. In the notion v ture Industry, it is up to men IIJ. Will Hr,yc3 to provide (he prcpe kind of soap." REI 1 AIRING 50rc reduction Jnly Only On Furniture repaired, refinished. * bolstered. Patrick at Parkhttrst's. Call "7. 0-ck-8-» Factory aathoriicd FRIGIDAIIIE SERVICE Factory Trained Mrrhinks Day 67—Ptioiif—Nijht MJ E. 15. GEE SALES CO. 107 Main St. I'tco Home lain Kslimales Rooflm;. Painting. Repairs THE AHKMO LUMBER CO. lOc k8-10 KOK RKNT APARTMKNTS: FURNISIfED room upstairs; UNFURNISHED 4 room downstairs. 1013 W. Walnut. Phone 303. 6-30-tt MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Klrby Drug Store, F. Simon. Call 7fi«. 30-ck-tt Almanac: July 1W- MW-AMreadel iio.Flomatim? artist, bom. of beauty contest winners starts tor Hollywood, passing • L >&^%.A\. Y -AJM !*• ' TELL ME, EASY, DIP DADPV \ H^£ft< HIS OWL 1 / MISTAKE, EVEfe PO AWTHINa — \VtLL, ' BE^TV, WA /BAES DIAMOND WAS OK'E. j TH!: G^Rt*MER, WAO Tut 0 / BABE WASN'T REALLV BC.O E. JOp. i OTIIES." REALLV B' OMCE "SHE WAS LADKONl'5 WULt BUT WAMTDD TO 63 <iTRAIG THIS, LA^E SAVE HEV A JOB. )l-'.M.iV TOOK HSR TO PIMNED. JOB, THE \ QARDENCfi, TOCMD THIS OUT, ftMD, HHOVIlHG 8AB HAD BEE" A CROCK, THIED TO BLACKMAIL VOUB OAD B'/'P-AoSp. vVELL.LOnROWl SHOT MIS WAVOUr OP PRISON—LOOKED UP BABE—VOCCED HER TO j TIP MIS GANG cw THE \ PROPER TIME FOf? A I 8AWK HOLD-LJR/ BABE QAVJE A TIP BV~l5f}£ WASCALKjHT IM THS ACT BV LAME, IM PAWIC, SHOT LAME, THAT'S THE SALESMAN SAM ITS A SNAP COHV,-VOU BIO SftPf TAKIN' PETER PIKER'S RCT(JRE,BU?| LETTIM' HIM QET C\V>W. THAT'S ALMOST VOUK FINISH EITHER- VA GRAB THAT CROOK OFI=,OF! 6rr _ I KAD A HUNCH I'D ^ KHTCH VA LLVTH THAT RAT/ contest vvlnners whc likuki back Viorre. WELL, THIS IS WHERE ( WftS COHEW PIKER. PICKED POCKET THE OTHSRWWf A CROOK PLtOPiVS COMBS BACK TO TH' SCENE OP TH' CRiME, •SO I'LL :JUST OJfilT f /* NO -* DeAO...PLEfJTY' BIG BWlHAT V/AS J h CLOSE'. ;s Duci<s...THe LTO CHUI-1PLES BEFO.PE ULS gres JO WONDER uOOK AT THE 'LEI-IGTH c- KNIFE ili SID6...THATS A UP IN DEFEHSE.KS FOR HS tfi:ifC... HUTTY RACES FOR HIS RIFLE. CAT NO PtAY POS6UM-' IF HIM LIVE HIM FICHT THE BCTrS ARE MAklWO CAMP, A MOUVJTAIH LI OM SPRIWGS FROM AKJ OVER-HANGING LIMB.... p'GVtr AT MY FEET

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