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New Bern, North Carolina
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4 fQtSgr NOTICE! 0LEEKS OP SUPERIOE C0UETS i) ee ndycrlfscment Ilonse to Let. i slug, Two balls struck: the right arm and went into the body. I think there was one wound very near the throat I should judge was from a ball also or a very large shot think there were two others on the right side but I -would not say certain. I could not stand it to look at them but there were three the left; side near the back above the hip. showed plain that the clothes were burned 'the fire which came from the shot.

His under shirt and vest, were burned badly. There were three other shots one something near the jaw on the left side the other two above below the temple, very close together. visited the place where my brother was shot and saw the blood there, but did not visit it that day. Cross examined by Mr. Bryan for the dc-fendent's: He was 4he member of no secret" Morgan iz-ationv He 'was not a member of Union kbit lcaso8, for sale at this office.

IHank t0TWJiiiof: Attorney', for sale at tVoflice. Cf, jOl iinJs orCfcUBJanta, for sale i at tiiisofSce. Sunday. Septemjerj 5, the sun rises 5:32 tnd scts at 6:25. The night? are chilly folks are The cool weather is sending home many of tbc gfflsidjS Tisitors, --w-- IBRSONAI.

Mr. "Samuel Radcliffe and family have returned from their pleasure ex-carsion to the Northern Summer Ilotels. jjniey- Ca, have opened a store in Redmond's builtlini? on market -wharf for the gale in quantities of FlourtX)ats, Salt and Staple Goods. J.E. Nash has sent us Appetons Journal1 week.

It is full of good The. gtccl engraving of West which accompanies admirable." The streets are receiving a-. regular byer-, hauling the chain gangbut those bricks on. the sidewalk at the corner, of Craven and poflok streets make bad walking; i A letter a'Hatteras man appears in our columns this morning. It lefers to and is particularly addressed to the Commissioners Hyde County Any answer they may wish to make to it, fhay be Vdone through the ft columns of tbe Times if they desire.

We Dim gtnw Haily mimts. fthe city of SewJStrrte, publishing all the Laics and Ordinance by authority. SATURDAY. SEFTEJIBEH 4, 1869. Qtxr Business rr MOUSE owersS: A good Horse Power for $100 Cast Iron -Seginent'fiAd; Pinions', for G'in Powers, all other Cotton XTachinerjr at iQTCHELL, ALLES CO.

Carra way has a fine stock Hard ware, Crockery, Groceries, which he is selling law for the cash. His store has proved succe for the very reason tl at he keeps such an assortHitnt as customers want and sells low. Collier Bailey, have just received a fresh slock of groceries and to day can compete with anybody. They are building up a large trade they deserve it. jsClaudeus Foy has got his store Soutb Front street a stock of Family Groceries, Provisions, which in price and quality suit Lis patrons.

It Lis aim to keep best quality of goods in his line, and sell them at the lowest cash prices. If vcu call him you will find it to your advantage. J. W. Moore is more than keeping up thel-c- putation of Stalls No.

8 and 10 People's Mar -He keeps full stock, sells low for cash, and has a growing enstwn. Try his groceries. prices will suit. Johnson Powers, Stalls No. 1 and i pop ple's Market wish their customers and the Puollc to know that they sel! no beef which killed to keep it from starvin" but that Oir nm 1 1 1 1 i tim fHrv nririir in.

ri AnB y-. Lorch Brothers Mills keep their stock of groceries and provisions full, by receiving fresh invoices bv everv steamer: nnri nv make it a point not to be undersold. They keep nice goods for family use. John EArpyett is baeK again in his store looking about an well as ever, and his trade always large is constantly growing and in proving. There are several reasons for this First, he keeps a full store and sells at fair prices Second, has an excellent place for carts to make it their headquarters.

Third. 5s weD and favorable known all through tms section of the country. Fourth, if you want to find a full stuck, low nrires imnA ffooda and fair dpnlinrf Jolin T- i oy Jusl lue Place lo ff- We advise our friends who visit Morehead engage the services of Capt. Dixon, and I his sail boat Beauregnard. The captain has been a long llnie following this occupation, ana is Weil and favorably known Tho tention and care he alwavs 'shown ibplmiipa has made him and iris boatrery popular.

Pacts Kon TUB JvAdifs. I have used a Wheeler fe Wilson 'Kon-iiKrllTdnlunn 0 nours a aay, making garments from the heaviest beaver to the fine cambric. 1 have taught at least wenty different persons to run it, and you know beginners do not improve a Machine. It has never been out of repair, and good for ten years more if used properly, Mrs. A.

F. Stkickllakd. Ware, Mass. Dress and Cloak Maker. Elk Mountain Cheese For sale at CAR HA WAY'S.

Qcality is tiie Test of Ciieapness. Gates Green are constantly receiving by sail vessels, and every steamer Groceries, Pro visions and Liquors of tbe finest they offer for sale at prices that defy competition. Attention to business, and fair dealing has raised them from a small tade, to be one of me largest business houses in our city. May success attend such men give them a call when you desire to make a purcharse In their line. John O'Connor's on Middle Street is the place to stop at when you visit New-Berne.

is conviently located and good cool rooms. His tables cannot be surpassed in thecity. His bar is well stacked. His stables are clean, cool and comfortable. Can accomodate a few more boarders.

Terms moderate. Young stalls 24 and 26 People's Market" have rect ived by steamer E. S. Terry a tresh sunnlv of liroeeriea mirh Flour, Sugnr, Coffee, Tea, Lard, Butter, Bacon, all of which they offer to the public cheap for cash. 5ive them a call before you purchase your groceries.

r. Collier Bailey are constantly receiving' by steamers and schooners a full supply of groceries, -which they sell cheap fpr cash or in exchange for countjy produce. They have on hand another lot of Masons Unrivalled Lemon Molasses, Flour, Sugar and Coffee. If you want a trood smoke call and buy a bag of Genuine Purbam Smoking Tobacco. 1 1 Platform and other scales repaired, adjusted and warranted to work well by Jons Prime, at Man well Trenwiths machine shop and brass Craven street between PJjllok and South Front streets, New-Berne, N.

opposite Times office. Double and single guns stocked and repaired in best style. James V. Moore, nt Stalls No's. 8 and 10 Peopled Market, keeps a splendid stock of groceries and provisions for family use.

Jimmjc has just started in business. His motto is. to excell, and we assure customers that he will serve them well. UTTER, FLOUR, by the policeman while' attempting to arrest Therefore Jphnsoowas fined five dollars, and set at liberty. Justice Court-Before Justice Berry, Qt.

John Simmons was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Cully having in his possesion a fcorse supposeti to have been stolen, as he was offering hiro for sale for $20. John wis committed for furthtr examination, and the owner of the horse can call at the jail, and identify him. 1-I'r OXn LETTERS Remaining in the Post Office at New Beme Saturday, Sept. 4ih, 18G9. Persons calling for these letters will please say they are advertised.

If not called for in thirty days they will be sent to the Dead LelterOffice: A '1. Leary, ifary Wm Lewis. Jemmy (care Tilda Elisbn Maddix. McClean, March Midgett, Bill (care Allen, Marg Banks, Patsy Bass. Rev.

Alex. Barber, Laura Brinson, David Brown, Judy Bonner, Miss Bryan, Johnson Kev Guyonor) Bryan, i Julia (care Murnhv. Edv Johnson Bryan) Burt, Parker James. Bumey, Sarah Ann George -(care SanVl Brinson) Piffler, Elis (care iC Thos Atmore Canada, Augustus (2) Charles; Rice, FJCi Qalvin, Ross Roterts7t3co" IT-Chcsnutt. Susan Rogers, Caroline Cox, Com (2) Cutler, Sally Ann Slade, '-i Sparrow.

Holland Duffy, Benj. (care Dilemar) Salter, Mary Ferrenee Alice Sparrow, Alia Fisher. A Spencer. Hiram (care Fisher, Peter Foy, Alexander Foy, Comfort John Spencer) Smith, Maggie 1 Smith, Tom Smith, Martha Simmons, Jordon Sutton, Iiainey Spruil, Mehalv (2) Fromville, Nelson Gallop, Ann Jack Gordon, Capt Jas Glover, Casper VV Taylor, Henry 11 Taylor, Ellar i I Waleran, Sopha Harris, Ives, Wayne, Martha Washington, John; Washington, Tib'phay Washington, Wm Wallace, John Wheeler, Thos II Wheeler, Mar Wilson, Matilda White, TC White, MatKda Jarvis, jsissia Jones, I 'iy wood Johnson, Tamer 'Johnson, Eliza 1 Johnson, Mack (care fcilia Bess) Johnsoit, Easter. (care Cilia Bess) Willis, Moses Laughirighouse, Willis, Wm Geo.

W. Nason. r. I DAY, SEPTEMBER 3. 'i AllUIVED.

Schr.i Mary VanKirk, pf Philadelphia, Walker nasi er. witii general freight. Schr. II. II.

Thompson, Gaskill master, from NevvjYork. wi general assortment of mdse, to various. Henry Clay, Munin master, from Clubfoot's Creek, -Willi turpentine to order, Schr.1 Patron, Ireland master, from Fur Creek, with gpain." --'ij Schr. Emma Elizabeth. Black master, from.

Dawson's Creek, w'tli wood to order. Schr. red J. Jones, Willaughby master, from Uajucock's Creek, with turpentine to order. -j Schr.

Savay, Flower master, from Bay River, with sweet patotoes to R. J. Brown of People's Market. Schi. Mary E.

Quelu, muster, from Slocuin8 Creek, with wood to master. Sclir. Star, Lindsay master, from Hancock's Creek, with turpentine to order. Schr. Johnney, of Beaufort, produce to master.

CLEARED. Schr. Anna A. Uolten, Gordon master, with hingles, to Antegiece, VV. I.

PORT OTP XQ W-BE11NE, C. IS It 4 II 1869. MOON'S PHASES I for September. kaleigh mobilk Charleston i 1 II II New Moon. 6 0 52 morn 0 15 morn 0 46 morn First Ouartcr, 12 4 8 after 3 81 after 4 03 after Full Moon, 20 3 25 after 4 49 after 3 21 after Third (jharter.

2H 1 3 55 after 4J 18 after 3 50 after San rises'. 6. eiui cets Moon risen a m. l-lJijrV length, 12 honis and 47 minutes. THE EXAMINATION OF THE KU KLUX KLAN, or Constitutional Union Guards.

FOURTH DAY. COXTIXCATIOX OF THE COSSPIBAt'l EXAMISATIOJf. At the usual time in- the morning specta tors began to pour in and by the time the examination commenced the Court House was ell filled. Mr. D.

D. Colgrove; 'and E. Hubbs were the State and sworn. Mr. Ilubbs as questioned by W.

J. Clarke, says I knew Sheriff Colgrove. His name was Orson Ri Colgrove. He was Sheriff of Jones County. I have known him about is not now living.

He died on the '29 th day of May last. He was shot to death. I saw his body after his death. I did not see him afier he wh9 shot before he died. I saw him 24 hours after his death.

I saw part of his wounds; saw two of his wounds in the left side of his face. I do not know how far lllfj- ev well up just below the temple. They ranged upwards. I saw no other unds. Cross questioned by the defendent's Coun-selt Mr.

Bryan '1 I do not know whether O. R. Colgrove bclorged to tlie Loyal League. D. D.

Colgrove being questioned by W.J. Clarke, says Mv name is David D. Colifove, Sheriff Colgrove was my half brother. I think I saw his body about half an hour after he was shot! I juage by the report of the gun which no doubt killed him. I saw the body at his residence in Jones County I saw his wounds.

They were freshly bleeding at the time I saw them. The largest one was near the heart, it was causedI judge bv, a bullet or it I on It by I 1 V.i 1 ar iLi Omcx Atlaotk; Attn K. fL TL rsPANY. I i Nbw Bkhke, N. March 25.

lf9. On and after March 29. 18C9. the Mail Train of the Atlantic and Korth Carolina Railroad will on aa follows j-t I 5. Leave Sorehead City Arrive at New Berne 6.50 Leare ear Berne.

Arrive at Kiutoa, mi 7.os 8.45 8.50 .10.10 XT i Arrive at Goldsboro' lCSIC A.UICI.UU. -j-. Leave i 3.00 P. Arrive at Kinstoik, Leave Kinston 1 Arrive at New Berne 4.23 4.2K 6.10 6.20 a an Leave New Berne. Arrive at Morehead Citv Makin? a close connection with the W.

If. train going North, and aleo connects with the C. R. R. goinsr.west.

a jl. 25 rrestaent A. in. t. it.

FOR NEW YORKw HURRAY'S N. C. STEAMSHIP LIKE SAILING EVERY WEEK. ii' EUbn'S. Terry, Ghapin, LoiSsia -Moore, Wallace, Freight- received at all times under cover.

For freight or Paseacre apply to WIIITFORD DILI novll tf. No. 6, Cravsnt St. TO RESTORE VIGOR AND HEALTH LATINO W1THOJT REACTION. STIMU- DOCT.

DODD'S I AND INVIG0RAT0R. A Nerve Tonic ami Stomachic. ESPECIALL ADAPTED TO THE RE- LIEF AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALL NERVOUS DISEASES, Headache, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, BUliousness, Diarrcea, Constipation, Colds, Fevers, Agues, Liver Complaint, Consumption,) Loss of Appetite Female Weakness, Fainting; Fits, Palpitation, Spasms, Dizziness, I Whooping Cough, Measles, The discovery of Dr. DODD oppened a new era in the treatment of NERVOUSNESS and: the myriad forms of disease that follows in its train. It is a PUR It TONIC, harmonizes perfectly with the NERVE FIBER, giving increased energy to the STOMACH, LIVEif, 'BOWELS, and thjr viscera, and supplies FZ2ESH LIFE for the waste that is constantly taking place.

It operates SOOTHINGLY and with SLEEP and good DIGESTION. which it n-omote? JiESTOAES the nra cted to SOUND HEALTH and MIND. For the Diseases of Chilhood, and Youth, and Maturity, and Old Age, it is without rival, as it is for the distresses of materni ty and the Peculiar Troubles of Wtimen. No Opium or preparation' of Men-uiy, or jStrjT-chnine (so generally prescribed for nervous JS iiseii- us- inanuiauuic. DODD'iS NETATNE and INVIGOATOtf is compounded from articles of the VEGETABLE kingdom, in great part and contains NUTRITIVE and EQUALIZING POWL7SS not known to any other articles before the public.

DodcTs Nervine and Tnvigorator aids Digestion ensnres Good Appetite, gives Tone and Vigor to the Smtem. guarantees Sweet and lie- freshinq Sleep, and Restores Enfeebled and JServous sjonstiiuiwns to xiooust iiijIVIjI ji. Pases of certificates from those who have been helped by this medicine are supplied by druffffists. Price $1. June 29-bmos.

THE fiames Elastic Supporter, (u. for monthly use. biniolH. convenient and neat. For sale at millinery and fancy goods store.

Samples by mail on 'receipt of one dollar. Dn. J. H. Marietta.

sole agent for South Carolina, Miss La. ash Advances MADE ON COTTON-AND NA A ST ORE BY S. T. JONES afc BANKERS, Corner of Middle and South Front Streets, NEW-BERNE, N. A.

PROCLiLMION. A Reward FI ve nuarea Dollars For each of tlie. Murderers of Col. rjiVltaisiicpard. V.vvr.

CTlW N. C. 1 A HERBA8, informatioa liasiust reached V'J this Depart nient that on Monday, the 16tb Ausrust, 1869, hociy of armed men wenUo the mill of Col. M. u.

suepard, (near Trenton, in the County of. -Jones,) the of the Jones County millitia, and a regularly elected Justice of the I'eace, ana I 1 1 ailU IUC1C, MIW U1U1 Ull vv. akd Now, therefore. I. WIL.L.1AM w.

nuii- T)EN. Governor of the State of North Caro lina do issue this my orxcnng a reward of Five Hundred Dollars. for the "apprehensions and such evidence as will lead to the con viction ot each person engaged in the aforesaid murder. Done at the city of Raleigh, this 17th day pf August, 1869, and in the -ninety-fourth year of our Independence. W.

V. IIOLDEN, Governor, By the Joviernor. W. K. Richardson, Private" Secretary, aug.

18. 405 d4twl. NOTICE. U. 0.

Internal I Revenue. 2nd Dis't N.C. ne, Sept. 2nd, jjep'y Col's Office JUNE and JULY MONTHLY TAXES ARE DUE, and must be paid 1 i SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER ATH, at my office between A M. and 2 P.

M. S. r. TV'JtlGHT, Deputy Collector T0 of a 1 ere now prepared: ta fnrhiBh Oie oIlowiB short notice, and aa cheap aa the BLANK forma, caae printed aJ Raleigh, or elsewhere, for i H. Certificate of Appeintment as Magiatrate, with Oat Office -j Letters of Adntritetratlon.

-Letters Testamentary. Fieri Faaas Venditioni Exponas. Summons, with Notice of Comp aint FiTerf. without Complaint Filed. Superior Court Writs, with Bond.

uror Tickets and Witness Tickets. Summons to Jurors. Apprentice Indentures. Subpoenas. Marriage Licenses.

Cone tables Bonds. Appea jtfonds. And every other kind of printing done neat, crai and with DispATcii. Send in your orders. Address Nbw Bzukb Dao.t Tiares 'Sept 6th l8al-tf Berne, N.

felO IndifPt'bkto every Household! Perfectli Agents making fortunes Illustrated circnlara free. uiuaunuj. i. Grrant 'and Prosperity. ijusmess revives under the new regime.

Other than- general causes have, however' given a tremendous im petus to the eale of i Cristadoro's Excelsior Hair Dye The chemists have come out in two leading scientific journala against the lead and sulphur poison for the I head (for that ia their proper designation.) with whirb the country is Infested, while Drl the first 'r analytical chemist in America, announces to the world that Cristadoro's Dye is Utterly Poispnless, and that he knmcs it to be eo, because he has analyzed it. CKioTAiJUKO HAIR PRESERVATIVE as a Dress ing, acts like a charm on the Hair after Dyeing; Try it. om Dy ail Uruggiats. July lS-lm BEDU0TI0N 01 BATES OP FREIGHT On Pork and Flour Fbom New York to New-Bekne. by steamers ELLEN S.

TERRY and LOUISA MOORE; Pork, 75 cts. per bbl. Flour, 60 cts. per bbl. BE CAREFUL JVJBLA.T 3JTJEJJDTCZJVjSS xrsi TT tt wi JLJ J.J.JJ2j, WHEN you are cxhaustejl by of head or hanui and feel tl over work he need of something invigorating, don't drink whisky nor any intoxicating thing, whether under the name of Bitters or otherwise.

Snch articles give just as much strength to your weary body and mind as the whip gives the luded horse, and no more. Alcoholic stimulants are injurious to Nerve-health, and are ALWAYS followed by DEPRESSING REACTION. Mi's Nervine anl Mgorator i is a TONIC and GENTLE STIMULEKT wuicn is i huuiucu uy nfiaunua. which is NOT attended by REACTION. with natural strength that comes to stay.

We are not recommending teetotalism in the in terest of any faction but long and extended observation teaches us that he who resorts to the for rest or recuperation, will find, as he keeps, at it, that he is kindling a fire in his bones which will the flames of perdition. Turn from it. Take a tonic that will refresh, and not destroy. Dodd's Nervine is for sale by all Druggists. Price One Dollar! See book of Certificates that ac companies each bottle.


ANTHONY CO, 591 BE0ADWAY, HEW YOttK, IsTiM lb mtlll tk Trad thair citauim imrft tt Ik ben. at thaif rmthrmlitm, mmmufmtmn mmd tmfrtmtfm. ytm pabliak ar Mladinc: Misrarm. CaUkilla, Hod Whila MoaalaJaa. Waahiactaa, aralafa.

Waal faiat. Maramsth Caa. Cratral Fark, Trantaa Fslla. Great VI Hoaaataata. Dalawara, Cafca, Saw Oraaaaa.

Vaaasaala. Taa a.a4aa, Chiaa, Jaaaa. Oar ImaartW Tiawa aaabraaa teif aaaartmaat. WUaaa, laiy, a4 alkar riaal ahaUfraaharm, aaaa laliaf at radactiaM af Wia. Kaflaaa, aj.

w. Wa arttaarlaaaV Rkiaa. fyraaaaa. fara Brlaa4. aaltaao, Iralaa Walaa.

ramaakt. armaav Aaatria, IaX. aala. Tailariaa, t. Claaa, Triaaaa, Cryatal Pakaaa, Tyrel, Karaala Faataiaaalaaa, Canaaigaa.

VaraaiUaa, Haalaa, TEDs XiAITLkS OP THE SXBZJB. A aaw ialeaaalr latarrallac aarlaa. Alaa, Itlaoiiaatei aa4 Traaaf. ara alaa axrlaaiaa Aaaala ia Aauriaa far FRRRIER'S OLA6 TIKWB," af wkiefc aaaa a aalaa4M aaaartiorat. irnt far Frith'a Sariea mt i-4 a l- ia.

raalacrapaaa Viaa ia witscrtaad. taa Rkiaa, Eaflaad. eatlaa Walaa, BTKREOSCOr B8. Wa maaaf.ttara Tary largaly, aa4 aaaa a tmrf atark al tkt mitl Hfit at tka tmmat rmtm. rHOTOORrHIC Manafaatara af Alaama la wall kaewa Uiaafhaat Ikaaaatrr aa pari or la aaaiit aa4 kaaaty ta all aiaara.

v. All wa aall arc mad la ar am Tartar. aa4 aar atyVa ara ataaiaal fim thsaa af may atkar aiaker. Baycra aaaaM aal tail ta aaa aa lack bxiora atakiaf thair aarckaaaa. CHROMOS.

Tnraa baaatiral alrtaraa. that aaaaat aa artefaiM fnm aart Oil rmnUtut: at aaa tenth thair aaat, wa import larfaly fraal Taria. Laa4aa. Rerlia, Viaaaa a4 Rama. aa4 aapply tka trada at taa aawaat raiaa.

E. T. AHTH0NY i COa, 591 BroadwatK. Importers and Manuf ra of Photographic Material eb 28 tf ai -v a y-w rt MUSKET KH II I I NfS tTAftftAXTED To phoot close and kill OO yird. Price, $2.50.

WB AM aaaaaa I 1 1 1 IIUUB mid Tlf Wttntd. Army Gnns and Revolvers. Send etamp oT price jjet Eifleg, shot Gnn Revolvers, to Johnbtoh's Gxrs Works, Pitt6burgh, Pa. PURE WA TER Obtained eartly and cheaply by the AMERICA W. Gbscn, the original inventor and patentre.

Send for circular. J. L. Skin- kb, Amherst, Mae 3., Gen'l I'stfor U. S.

J. B. CLARK, i South Front Hear Gaston Hotse. Kew-Eerne, H. C.

Agent for DANCY, HYWAN GENERAL COMMISSION 3IEIaCIIAKTS, 24 Exchange Place, Xer York, i Will received atd forward produce, and liberal cali. advances on au articles oonsijnird to No charge? made at. this place for forwarding prc auce. H. J.

B. CLARK, agent for the North Carolina Life Assurance, aimuur anu iruei company. Sept. 1 tf. a and will the on His IS he I I to is League.

Iam a memk-rot the Union in 1864, I think in New Attended one meeting and no other. yt; Questioned by Judge Thomas: I took no4 obligation in the League which would oblige a man to violate tiny law to do any trimc or do anything in violation to the duty I owed to my God, my family or triy Questioned by-Geo. Green, Theoath tl ey take as near as possiVle is as follows 44 We solemnly swear to support the Constitution of the United States against any foes foreign or domestic." The oath taken by flic members of the League in North Carolina is the same I suppose, but -1 never attended the League in North Carolina. Judge Thomas said I wish it understood that I do not belong to an organization that agrees to commit crime, and-it is generally knoicn wit I am a member.of the Loyal Leagve. say that no body of men can bind me in an organization that is pledged to commit crime." Geo.

Green. disclaimed -any thing per sonal in his quest ion, and did not know that Judge Thomas was a member of the Loyal League. C. C. Clark said the same.

rso more witnesses were introduced by the State, No testimony was introduced for the de fendants. r'l Judge Thomas said, there being no cvi dence for the defense, lie should require the prisoners to enter into a bond for their appear ance at the next term of the Lenoir County Superior Cour. Mr. Hubbard for the defense wished Monroe discharged as he was not proved to be connec ted witii the affair. The Judge stated 'hat procuring men to go on a jury for the sake of perjury, and cjtec other instances which would constitute a con spiracy, he Judge placed the bond at $1,000 eueh, and $1,000 to keep the peace towardn Joseph P.

Parroit. Geo. W.Tallou and Joseph Lassiler and 11 good citizens for 12 months. i Geo. Green, Eq saTs JesscA.

Kennedj' is in Court and is charg- eo wnn me same oirense as me outers, con spiracy, lie waives pn examination. IK J. Clarke for the State We prefer, to examine the 'witnesses in this case, unless the prisoner will ac- knowledge that the witness given in regard to him be acknowledge by 5 htm, as given. in the case of the others to apply to him. It.

was decided to serve anew and he'wil be examin dthis 10 o'clock. The ladies will be interested to know what thy have got to weiir this fall and winter, therefore we "publish the following which was written by one who knows all about it The prettiest fashion we have had for many a day is the universal popular and fashion ot wearing white, and it jvill be carried into the fall winter as far as practicable. White cloth cloaks and white plush sacks will enliven our promenades, while white jackjets and basques will give a Julv aspect to the frostiest day in January. Fall like summer ones, are niade with jOverskirU, tight-fitting bascfues or polonaise. Capes looped at the shoulder are still worn, but not so much affected lately.

also, are skeleton 'basques, but the cold wea'hdr will necessitate a change in outside garments soon. Ladie cloth will be much worn for suits this winter; the favorits shades will be brown. "live, invisible green and blue Empress cloth and velours will find many purchasers," and water proof in almost indispensable. It is too soon to say anything positive aboLt furs; but it is stated up- good authority that the fn.rri.erf arer coming out with something original in their line. Brass buttons will be worn in ladies cloth dresses.

Inexpensive dresses have sashes of the same material. Feathers will be much used this and fall winter, in every conceivable form and Fur hats will la-worn this winter. 'Lucifer" is the name of the new shade of red that ttill be in fnsnion this autumn and winter. 1 Chintz colore satin cord will be much i in trimming. Scotch plaids me coming in, to stay.

English water-proof should be laid past for rninv dav. 1'eacocks reamers win ne usea xor irimmuig. Frills an I flou nets are still in favor. Htto NO TI To Shioners bv "Murrv's, N. C.

Steam Ship Line. Jk per OKDKR. THE FREIGHT ON ALL GOODS Am miiot tw. naifi neiore fienvfrv oi irooas iruui iue hnrf ShinrM'io u-ill nlenKe call at'onr office. Day freight and get au order for their sroodj.

All claim for loss or damasru will be oronintlv adjusted Goods not called for uUl be utorcd at ovner's ex pense and risk. WIIITTFOKD, mA to. Sept. 4-tf. Found.

llaTEDXESDAY. Skit. 1. AHORSE, Supposed ft to have been stolen, a Bay Horse, bund in Doin wn vr In flpuh. called on back, verv little mane, jiU.

nirh hind foot while, about 144 hands hish. Said horse when token op by the Deputy Sheriff was in the posseFsion of John bimmonb (colored,) Dovpr Station, who tells conflictij? stories, and staled that he had rode the horse from Goldsboro tbe same day. For farther information apply to A. It. DBNNISON, sep 8-tf Sheriff of Craven County.

miTE BAIXANCE OF THE YEAR. THE BUICK HOUSE at the foot of Pollok Street now occupied hr Mrs. Snsan Guthrie. Location Jiealthy. Imme diate vosession given.

Rent moderate- For further particulars enquire on the premises or to JOHN F. GUTHRIE, scp2-St At Baer Eppler's. 80 Pollok Street. Local tvntl Traveling Aeeata can make larc commissions on the sale of several compact ii I AA-c XT I- Cot? 5-i7 Chesuut street, Philadelphia, Pa. lb (5 wish to give all parties an opportunity tw be lieari At the annual meeting of the NeW'Berne 245.

Jicld last night, the following offlcers.were elccte 1 for the ensuing year; Thomas Powers, W. M. J. S. W.

James Man well, J. 0. 8. Campbell, Treasur3'. P4 L.

Cooper, Secretary. The steamer Luisa Moore, Wallace master arrived at her dock iii this city last night about 10i o'clock with a good freight list. We give below all that we were able to get lust night. The Jjouisa Moore is making excellent trips, and'. well keeps up her B.rry, TI Clark.

A Co, A Weatherby. Baer Eppler, Cleve. G'WW Dill, II Emanuel, WH -Oliver, Cievc. Co. V.

Collier Itoiley; 0 Holland Dawson Tui ToHowing statistics will tlie said of naval stores. hff H-tl from ti.f of Kew-Berne, N. from Sc-i)tinhcr 1st, 18G0, to August Cist, Tar, 1.610 $19.880 06; Pitch, 2.CG5 Rosin, 31.247 Spirits' Turpentine, 10, 8 12 (432.480 gallons) $172.992 00; Shingles, 3.788,850. Lumber, 2.342,408 feet, $35,1,3.5.12 Staves; 1,000,000 $10,000.00." Total Quarterly and value estimated to be for less than was actually exported. A Correction.

We are informed thai Mr. H. R. Br3'an was trying to enter Craven 1reet jail in the night when he was stopped Dy the guard, and that he was halted by the guard, who were ordered to prevent any com- with the Lenoir County prisoners uuout first calling the sergeant of the guard. "emakeJhis correction in justice to those' claim tothave been misrepresented in the Matter.

Ne'xt Tuesdav at 11 o'clock A. the tacts will be made public. The guard were lcng under orders from Lieut. Berry, hoin. turn acting: under! inslructions.

from'ni1txcelIencvfl( v. Ilolden. lATTERAP. Hvde Co N. Sen.

1.1869. Editor New-Berne Daily Timrs: Allow me to ask, through the columus of Jour paper, a few plain questions, of the commissioners of Hvde County. Why were there tlO -iTtptrictrjirs nf F.ltetinn nnnnlntpd by yon in the Hattcros Township Why there no Inspector of the Election appointed there We are the only Republi- Township in the county, and want renresented and have a voice in the Townshiri mnftPra Wl.n Wnrf Tnwn. offlopro nritnrA'nnnr Thflco thiS8 the "Republicans of the Township Jesire to know, and ask them plainly of the ounty Commissioners, the men whose duty Is to see to it that nn elpr.tinn ia nrnviriprl for i' la every Township in the county. CITIZEN OF HAt TERA8.

The following account of the Mayor's and Qsticey Court were crowded out of our yester issucri 'ttnyo'r's Court, Sept. Holley as-Ranlt Mary A. Littleton. Fined, and put nde bonds to keep the peace. Wm.

U. Johnson for resisting an officer in je d'8cliarge of his duty. Johnson seems to Ve St the wort of It, haying been beaten i TEA, SUGAR, C0FF.EE, And other good things always on hand at' I (VtRUAWAY'S. This is tbe place to gc. "yi.ur.

money's juuc oO-tf. I.

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