The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1939 JgLYTHBVlLLJS, (ARK.) COURIER KEWS OPPORTUNITY IKES THE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Rent Three unfurnished rooms. Private entrance. Bath. Reasonable. Apply 232 Dugal) St. }2-ck-lfi rate n«r line for'conseou- comfortable front bedroom: bwT- fee Insertion*: slns , One time per line .............. 10c walnut. Two times per line per day. 08c Oiree times per line per day...06c fix times ff.t line per day....06a Month rate per line ............ 80c Cards ot Thanks ........ 50o & 76o Minimum charge 506 Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expire- ion will be charged for the num- rer of times the add avpedred and «djustment of bin n^e, All Classified Advettlsine copy luormtted by persons residing out- y persons residing out- — tide of the city rrtusl be accom- House at 223 East Davis. Call 812 anled ^- P«nied by cash. Rates may be eas- Uy computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular, Insertions takes the one time rate. .No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect Inser- tioa of any classiried ad. For Sale Moore's Airtight, healer. In good condition. $)5. Call'437. )2-cS-17 Lumber. Oak, Cypvess. $18 per tliousnnd. Delivered loi- 520. Adjoining Clear Lake Farm. D. n. of Armorel. ll-pk-ll-11 St. Cull 571 or 197. . iunc 71 D-ck-lO Upright piano ahd four foot Frig- 'idaire electric refrigerator. Bo!U in excellent condition. Pliunc or call at 811 West Main. 500 theater seats, suitable for .churches. Complete shoe shop equipment. Complete meat market equipment. Studebaker ambulance combination. All real bargains. P. Simon, Phone 7S4. 15-ck-10-15 Farms For Sale We Own and Offer for Sale 80 acres 4 railps n p est of UIXOM, small house anrt barn. Price 40 acres one mile west of Biir- dette, good tour-room house, ami small barn. Price S100.00 per acre. 80 acres cast of Burdctlc tliren miles, two small houses. Price ?IOO. 40 acres 4 miles north of Dell houie Si-barn. Price' 56fl.<)0 per acre. 170 acres two miles northwest of Burrtette, large good barn, very fine house of seven rooms, clher outbuildings. '.'. Also : icn 'farms in Missouri. Troiii - IZS'Scres -to"teS"&cns', 'all 'in cultivation and improved, will coin- pare with best land in Mississippi county. Priced from $60.00 lo $70.81) per acre. Also a sci'lioii nf oiitnvcr land oh concrete Highway 62 soutlmcvi of New Madrid, Missouri. Well drained and a good piece Of land, win sell at a reasonable price iirvl all on a credit or will cul il up !o parties Oiat arc responsible and lhat will'slart lo biiilrtiiif (lie Necessary houses on it, The above cleared land can be. bought by paying 25 per ccnl cash, balance on terms of five years. Conway & Houchins BIydicvillc, Ark. .The Big Dipper »as been known ont'cr than any other star group. USED CARS We're Keeping Our lMcd?c ti> .. — ,,_ 4».\_v,|/j( i ^ v/ in i mij^ii i<' • You lo Give Von More Value -?*S° Ifing dcvicc in lloifor n«l?n CAR^ "Because. _ in JlclJcr USK1) CAWS. 1033 Hudson Tcrrnplani! Broughin Black Color, Radio & Heater driven only 15,000 miles. Special 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan. A Beauty! 1937 Plymouth Town Sedan."Only 1537 Chevrolet Coupe. Green Color $449 $519 $379 $389 side ' entrance. Phono 351. 515 Newly decorated 3: room anart- mevtt. Private falh. 801 Chlcta- Plibuo 774. .'•, ll-pk-18 2 furnished rooms. 300 S. Division. J. E. Lawrence. lO-ph-H 4 room apartmet, 124 E. Davis St. 10-pk-H room furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky. Vione (183. 10-pk-17 , G^ck-Ki Nice be'droom. Coiu'ctiieiH to bath. Steam heal, plioiic 280. 10-ck-lf 5 room unfurnished apartment with bath. Oil burner heater, shades, and hol-walcr healer furnished. Call Mrs. Matt Mouaglun al 4G8-J or 529. 23-ck-tf Three room apartment, furnished or unfurnished. Private bath. Phone 280. 19-ck-U Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on W. Mnin . 15-nk-tf 3 room furnished apartment. Modern and in first class condition. Corner Maiji and Second. P. Simon, phone 7G4. 15-ck-tf Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC. AND ACETYLENE WELDING lie anS heavy welding a specialty, Barksdale Mfg. Co. WANTED! Will buy or will trade lor al] makes and models of clean 1932-33-34 and 35 automobiles. Listed Below''Arc u Few of Our Late Model Used" Cars '37 Chev. Sedan Bcaulifii liirat'con color. White 8. W. Tires '38 Ford Del. Tudor Car in excellent condition throughout. City Driven. '37 Ford "60" Tudor 18 to !M miles on Ballon of Looks and runs like new '38 Chev. Coach Color Black, New seat covers, cnr that anyone would like lo own Phone 19 or Res. 1019 Notice Lewis-Chambers Construction Company, Inc., is responsible only for purchases If the vender is supplied with a written purchase order signed by W. C. Drehnnn or J Phillipee. , 2-pk-ll-2 Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOB YOUR. CONVENIENCE WE ARE PREPARED TO ISSUE YOUR! HUNTING AND BIRD DOG LICENSE AT OUR STORE. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35 '38 Plymouth Touring 2-Door. Motor reconditioned. Tires like new. Sec it today '37 Ford Del. Tudor Equipped with healer. Motor anil tires in excellent condition . '36 Ford Del. Tudor New blnck (Vnlsh. '1'ii'es practically new. Sec am! drive this car CALL 810-811 For Demonstration of PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner 5th & Walnnt Phuno 810-an for Demons'j-atlnn Blythcvillc, Ail;. other utfnll ciealuic luw felt ihelr Their slender beetles biciul in with fangs when his cjcs had not wtmi Trade in your oiil suit on one. S23.50 up. GEORGE L. MUIR lllythevllle's Only Tailor Radio Service aifARANTKBO IIOMK & AUTO RADIO SERVICK Wolf itiidlo Service . . I'lione S7 Personal Arouse Slavish l.lvpr, work orf tlio bite to rid yoursrl! o[ const!-, imtlon, gns pains, and Dint sour; punk feeling. Take one box of KIHllV'S : AciivK uVEH i>ii,i,s ; 25c al idl Kirby SU<rcs For Sale or Trade W or 80 acre* i'ii|)rov«l land. Will trade for pity proiieiiy. Cull nt J. M. Buclinium Oi'occi-y nt 035 wnncratc, companion. News. U.K. Courier 10-)>kiH Wanted Old liishioncd Mnhoyany bed. 763. -J-dn-da Wlil|«nnKi>s are. 'clumsy and '' on tlic ground,' uul tliey PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock (itmranteod Heat l' r ice» Kirby Drug Stores (ho branches mid make them very difficult lo see. Mnny a j| zm -,i Or GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON Film a re Oil Stove Oil IHcwl I'^ucl Tractor fuel R. C. FARR I'hoiifs: Day G0<l, Ni(hl 218 Distributor of 's "so" PRODUCTS Now Located »t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HOWARDS, 1'roiiriclor -1)1 Alukes of Kebulll Typewriters, Aildlnj Machines sn« Calculators—UepnlrliiK—rart«—Klt>bon« cd him of itnngor, TUo PribllOf Inland:,, property of the United States nnd hbmo „ „„ _. 1>lw ^ v ul iijc >*u/jyjs lUTr seals, ucio, coiuldcrcd so unlmpor« uinfc to explorers thai they were"" (llWbveied and forgotten three' limes befoie they were given » name • i \ Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEK" Orer Joe laucn' 8t*r» Phone 540 —PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main £ First Phue HI HEMORRHOIDS CtiraMYIttioul Sii'vjjcry, ami Guaruii(«cil 'A vwy safe mid li(in»le.« method; without confinement to Ijcil, ]os.s of llnie fiom «oilt mid wild veiy lltllo discomfort. All types of piles, • fissures, fistulas, etc., treated, by our olllcc methods. Clinic Oil Main DRS. N1ES & NIES Blylliayl lie, Arlc 1'ltOM 08 Dairy Satisfactory quality and service.In Dairy products. Cattle free cl Bang's Disease, in best of physical condition. Call. Mrs. Grace Lowery. 902-J, for Hulsell's Grade A Raw Milk, Cream, Country Butter. Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime. Ilalscil's Dairy Promised ^nd, Route 2 Ice ICE-iCE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Washing, Ironing Expert washing nnd Ironing. Ohenp. Rough dry and finish. 8 quilts $1.00. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind City ' Ice Plant, D-bk-10-9 EUROPEAN RULER HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle 1 Present ruler of Belgium. 10 Ocean.' 11 Hoisting machine. 12 Fruit decoy. J 3 Hauls. 34 A saying. 15 Salamander^ 16 South America. VERTICAL 2 Small island,, 1D36 Chevrolet Sp. .Sedan., Real buy! —TRUCKS- IBS? Chevrolet l|i Ton Truck. Dual Wheels 20 Position of affairs. U Coftec box. 29 Male ancestors. 30 Pale. 31 Conversed. 32 Turned into cash. . 3< Emitted Jjght. S3 His wife, 35 Guided. Queen - , 36 Genus of was killer! ' rodents. accidently .17 More somber; 54 His heir is his capital. ]' ? r i bun j.'- son ' Prince n Springs up. •12 Solar disc. 45 Heavy calamity, 45 Solitary. M Building site. 3 To ^ wf •!3 Genus of auks 4 F ?' lcc d>)01 '60 Vampire. B.nesounds. 51 To twist 0 Pope's scarf. about.- 10 Device for yl cooling air. A] 21 Baking dish. Pj 22 Circle pnrl. 2<l Vulgar fellow-. 25 Mineral spring. 26 Male cat. 27 To piece out. 28 Fortificalion. 30 To many. 33 Forerunner, 34 Chest of drawers. 36 Frenzy, .38 Shoemakers' look.' 39 Numskull. •10 Elk. $379 1936 Int. IK T. Tracts tf>OQfl Duals, Long WB ...yttVU 1936 CMC L",i T. Truck, Duals. Low Mileage. ... 1037 Internalloual ' ' Pick-ins Truck 1936 Oodge Pick-up Truck . . 7 Part cjf hand. <il-Explo$il'C 8 Numeral, shell, 0 Pupil's 42 Ton. . assignment, ,43 Balsam. 12 His kingdom's '<H Toilet box. '.47 Musical iwtc. . 49 Lava. 18 To scuffle, 52 Print fncaslirc $349 $279 Many Others to Choose From Easy GJIAC Tajment Plan Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Vhono 033 EMPTY SOCKETS BREED HERE SIR_GET' BY THECABTOM 'ALWAYS HAVE PUNTY ON HAND I SOSHf YOU BROUGHT A BIG ONE REDDV.' NEVER USE LESS THAN 100 TO ISO- W*TTi FOR SME 3HIH6 ' MISTER_GOOD LIGHTING IS CHEAP.. BUT YOUR NOT A SPARE BULB IMTHtHOUiC BY KHED HARMA& " You LETT GO RED RTOER Oh, Thai's DiirerunU BY V. T. HAHIJK WHO|5THIS--AMS OH!SOVOU'RETHE_\ / SO THIS 15 HELEM.' WELL, / —-~^HTHE MIMERVA THE GREEKS. /MIMEEMi OF/WELL, I NEVER.' MOOTS AN1> HRR RUDDIES Yiu Never Ciiii Tol] RY EDGAR MARTIN I TrtlWR MEM WM AK>O Where lj,'nor;incc Is BY ROY CKANE KUWJ HOW (T IS, EAW, WITH HIM 1 OVER IN EUROPE . WAR BROKE OUT, T'W WUOA VJORRItO. 'VVTOM.W (T'-S AMOTHEB &\3LEGI?A,« FBOW t'O\'l SHOULD IXMOWiLKT 1 H8AK.O \ WEY'PGOT ) OUT Of- THE S. WAP, rows AMD' - - AIJVTOH6, TEIL HIM SHE'S OM HER WAV HOWE. AMD 5= MO COLLECT OBOV1 IT'S CERTA1WW A REUEF TO KUOW THAT AFE AU' •SOUIsID . THEOLPMAWWA.'i CH ACCOUWT OF HIS BOM VHKCK1.RR ANT) HIS FRIENDS' ~~~~ MKRRIM, BUWSKJH ; T«Ars TOUGH,' THE CA.RS SAID •'ep'' AMD EYeS SAID A voice t TMEM Ppf, WHAT Fo^? SHE KNOWS Ms NOW ANO i RATS .' 1VE SO, COLOR. HA.K! I WAS TALKING TO ON THE LIKED ME, B'Jf THE . KINGSTON 432.5•AMY MOPE? THE £YES ALV/A.YS oecioe . VOTES .' OR AM J. 8EINC3

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