The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 4
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PACK FOUR BLYTHEV1LLE, (ABK-). QOUBIKR NEWS TUESDAY,' JULY 17, 1934 THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS XBE CXXJBn» HKW8 CO, PDBT O. R. BABOOCK, Klkir m. W. SUIiraBk taniumc Bete NtUohtl Adretltung jfcpnitnUUve.: DtvUie., Inc., New York, , St. Louis, D»l!3», K»?w* CHy.Memphi*. >ubU»hHl Every Allcruaoa Sxccpi Entered a* second matter at Uic post yfllcc »t B:ythevll!c, Arkansas, under act at Congress, October S, 1911. Served oy tiia nnuea SUBSCfUlTIOM BAITS By ctrrler In tne Cliy o: Blvtlievlll*, 150 per week or KM per year lu advance. By rntll within a radius o! SO rallw, »3.00 per «»r 11.50 Jor »U months, 85o for tljte monUn: ay uiail In postal tones two to six, Incluslre, 18.50 per year, In zones seven UK* eight, $10.00 pei year, payable In advance. Movie Morals Tlic current crusade for a new standard of movie moral!ly shoots wide of the pvctly obvious fact that the main trouble with the films is not Unit tho.y exploit indecency or give an unvciil glamor lo vice and crinu;, but that they .fail lo give realistic treatment lo the problems with which thuy attempt to deal. There is plenty of vulgarity on the screen, and occasionally some oiilnghl nastiness, Hit there is mi inl'mitely greater amount of cheap and silly Kcnli- mentalism. Indecency is nol hard to .recognize, but stupidity and bad laslc are more insidious enemies, particularly to the immature mind. As a public problem, however, the whole thing is pretty much like the question wliicli comes lirsl, the hen or the egg. Moving picture producers ami exhibitors are engaged in no foul plot to destroy the moral and intellectual standards of the American people. They are merely trying to make a living by giving the public entertainment of a kind llial, will produce results at the cnsh register. In the long run the public will gel precisely Hie kind of entertainment it is willing to pay for. If thai kind of entertainment results in a progressive lowering of Ihe public taste the blame doesn't rest altogether with the moving picture in- duslry. . Of cpurse_ ii you regard the films as 'an educational institution the problem assumes a, different aspect. The eduijational ]k)tentialities of moving ..' pictures are tremendous. In Russia and to a lesser extent in some other European countries every film is carefully examined to make sure that it carries the kind of lesson those in authority think the people ought to have, or .that at the very worst il carries no contrary lesion. In this country, however, the industry most certainly is not organized as an educational initilution. And most of us arc glad that il is not. We are rightly distrustful of efforts to mould our minds or our habits to lit the preconceived ideals of anybody. And after all that is what any - form of censorship comes down to. If you don't like the kind of enler- tainment the picture theaters provide you can stay away. If you don't think it is good for your children you can keep Diem. away. If enough other folks feel and net Hie same vmy^ you will get a change. If you fmil yourself alone in your t>oiiit of vjcw you will just have to look elsewhere for diversion. Dangerous Business In Randolph county circuit court Judge John L. liledsoc has asked the grand jury to return indictments against any persons believed guilty of paying the poll taxes of others in an effort to influence their VO'-.K. Let us hope .that such radical ideas about enforcement of the law gain no' foothold in Mississippi county. Where would we be if all of our candidates were locked up in the jailhouse? SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ,AU On the Fence The Star is inclined lo believe II was a little previous In Its article last week on 'The Goldusl Twins." We staled Irum "a bright ray of llijlu" cnmimliH; from Kendall's paper lie mljjhl supixirl Howard llced loi 1 governor, Bui the ray proved (o l« only a Hush. The last Issue ol Ills pupcr shows lie still Is on lliu fence, and, If anything, Is swaylni; tc ttic other skin. The campaign now Is cii its Insl month before Hie primary on Aug. 14. Sum is still securely locked to the top fence rull—not a word from him. Of course, neither he nor Kendall supixirlcd cither of Hie two candidates in tlic last election, and Loth were In tin; race for i;oveinur. Perhaps after Howard Heed convinces a few more ik'opk; of their error of two years ayo these two \vll] tome lo reason and i:et on the winning banil wagon. Then there Is (lint prissy old ludy over ill niylhcvlllc (Ihe Courier). II. too, Is hunylng tenaciously to the (op rail of thai aforesaid fence, and you cnn'l Bet a word out of nabcock. True, he will reprint editorials conccrnlni; the governor's race, bill they all seem to favor the administration. In the meantime Howard Deed Invaded south Arkansas this week and is swinging sledge hammer blous lulu the present governor's rccoril (he past If! months. From reports lendihiK us lie is ^ainlng votes with I'uc-h speech he makes. The guvcrnor will not give nut his Itinerary, but the press dispatches Male he Is dally making speeches. It muni be trying to "Uncle Dim" lo have to be pill to (lie trouble nf making speeches niter having built up that enormous revenue machine down at Little Hock to rc-clcct him without all this exertion of appearing before the people these hoi sulliy days. —Lcachvlllc Slur. Mc.<if,iiir«i q». • '••.•'.''*•'•'.'Vi-'' i r?\-'''.'''t''iy;. : f : "-.::.- '•:•'.'. ' "I wouldn't jfivc her so many educational toys. You kno nobody likes an awfully intclligciil girl." Eliminate the Cause lo Heal Intestinal Inflammation r less than half what tl»« "ha- j ics" are crying for. What Is the solution? Let tlic irmers organize to Blvc as many f these gins as Is possible about thousand bates, jjffer then 20c hundred 2ic on wrapping, and ollar a ton on set&T Then it will c I he Ingest paying Industry of ly thing In the soutji today. Fur- icr demand that they pay you ),- the weight of the bagging and es in seed and that they not de- uct more than 5 per cent for astc on dry clean picked cotton. Under this kind of set up the ins would make more than 40 >cr ecu ton the Investment. What uore can they ask? The system upon which these ins :irc operating now Is rotten. The farmer* should help them come back to sanity, especially as the fanner has to foot the bill. Mure next tune. REX BAKER, Blythtvllle, Ark. THIS CURIOUS WORLD ? CHURCH EXCUSES if Get. W. Bufeui KV 1)11. MORRIS FIRHBC1N Killlur, Journal uf the American Medical Association, tlic Health .ar.d There ixrc so ninny Ihlngs (o be considered In seeking n remedy fur inflammation of Die intestines that a careful .study of every case is essential. Unless your doctor, in tins way, determines the causes that are to be. eliminated, (here i: a tendency in some types of cases lilllc harm, bul even this simple nuasuie should not i;c employed il thru' is Ilic slightest, doubt of an infection of the appendix or any other infection within the abdomen. * • • Doctors who take care of tiabies usually stop all food for S-l hours in the presence of ay-nip- loins of tins condition, but see lo thai the child has a little un- As you have often heard me say (hat Jiiu-thats-my-husband smarl man and he numbers Ills friends by the dozens and he says the reason he has so many friends is that ho never allows himself to get mbicd up in anything that would mix him up, and I tell him this is wise on his part. 1 often tell my friends when they try to get me to express my opinion about sonic friend that I simply will nol talk j about my friends except of course when they arc re"ally in tlic wrong, I remember one time when some oi our Church folks thought soon alter I married Jim-tliats-iny-hus- band thai I was falling down on my solo work. I perhaps did say more than I should have about the titlle upstart that thought she could sing, (hen there was some of the other members of the choir as well as the pastor that, TH6 PRAYING ANANTIS, ALSO KNOWN AS A/O/X X4/A/^ AND is ONE OF THE MOST RELENTLESS KILLERS OF THE INSECT WORLD. A/VIARILLQ TEXAS, is CLOSER. TO THE CAPITALS OP NEWAAEXICO, COLOBAOO X KANSAS, AND OKLAHOMA / THAN IT IS TO AUSTIN. ITS OWN HALLEV'S COMET HAD A SHOOT TAIL, CO/WPARED WITH MANY OTHERS, VET IT WAS SO, OOO, OOO /U/££S will likely remember whiit Jim- thals-my-husband nnlle'' the "-"- nlng out I gave the whole bunch before I quit the Choir. I am :< firm Iwlicver in a person keepina Tlic praying mantis is so named because ol the peculiar posture it nisumes when at rest. The front pan of the body is elevated, the fore legs held up nnd forward like hands raised in prayer, while the head moves from side to side like one seeking divine foregivcness. NEXT: How long has fire been speak one's mind Choir no the tongue bridled hut there are j Nc\v Maple Syrup Fiuies:; times when one feels they must j KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UP) — A new method of processing mapie tap, gking it a flavor about, tenfold as strong as Ihe ordinary i method, has been discovered by I Iniuifi' near lime, but, Ihey rc- Read Courier News Want Ads. | fu::e lo divulge its exact nature. Choir. (Copyrighted.) SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB LOVZ STORY i lo become chronic. .sweetened tea or other fluid, such This is particularly (rue in casts iu, barley water or rice water. iisiocialed with a wrong did, esp:- Aflcr (Ire symptoms have dlsap- cially whan the diet contains tool reared. Ihe diet is expanded by a much sugar and starch. If the trouble continues for a lilite gruel, toast, gelatin, or soft Then skimmed milk time, or tecomwt chronic. "there isl :;i » be added,.with perhaps a great, loss of weight, with-cluingwl w '»^ '«cat of chicken, :lni. finally mwsiu* I am confident that (he young [leople of the country will nol submit to regimentation and the domlnalion of a colossal bureaucracy directed by men who never were elected nnd who hold no mandate from the people. —Col. 'Theodore Roosevelt. A college woman, rightly muled, makes lew trouble than all the oilier classes put together. —Judrjc Joseph Sabalh of Chicago. » # > The spirit o! hypocrisy, smugnoss. and smoothness £0 prevalent now should be banished. —Bishop Wnrrcn L. Rogers of the Ohio Episcopal Diocese. * * » As soon as airplanes ctm bo constructed which can exceed 350 kilometers an hour, it will be possible to leave Fiance early In the morning and have clltmer In New York. —Gen. Victor Dcnain, French air minister. OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams in the reaction of the body, niul with other complications. You can easily recognize I lie griping colic, which doubles u \\ci- Eon over, us a symptom ol .i.IUin- mnllon of the liSfstlncs. Atony with this symptom, however, there is headache, weakness, toss of np- pctitc, nausea, and, because ol tlw pouring of water out ot the body, intense thirst. The exceedingly mimr-ious iu> tlons of the bowel nnd their w-ilory character i.s a conspicuous symptom. Incidentally, n ("rent doul gas forming in the bowels tenthi lo cause bloating nnrt pain. + * + From the nut lire of (lie symptoms, certain simple treatments me apparent. [test of the bowel by control of tlis diet is necessary. UosL of the whole Ijotty is also ilesirabl'j. If you will go to bed and apply scnir. heat to the nhtiomen in the fonn of nn electric pad, a hot water bag. or imy other indited, you will cxi&ricncc a good clcul of relief. It is not well lo drive Ihe bowel with strong c.atl.nrlic.s utiLll possibilities of appendicitis or peritonitis have been definitely cllminniod It Is nol, therefore, safe to take s I or oil or any similar strong '.hartic when suflcring with iu- s! in nl pain. smooth diet is taken, includine si rained vegetables and similar soft food substances. Many drugs can be prescribed in Mtch cases to control action of the howel, but it is not safe to take of these drugs except under .u'vLcc of a doctor who understands th: condition. Ihe Edhor'i Letter Box fiV GAWSH,ICK, X WEVER THOT VOU COULD STAY ON THET HOSS WHEN HE WAS A BUCktN' 'TAIM» HIT'S OAT ecouNo: \ 6F DEY HAD OIS \ KINDER GROUKID IN \ DEM BUCKIN' CONTEST \ SHOWS, AH KNOWS AM COULD WIN J SOME Gill I'rulH.s (To the editor:) There arc 15 thousand E'ns in the south. One half that number Is all that is needed to gin the cotton crop. There are twice as many Bins us is necessary. There lire iwice as many gins here in Blylheville as is needed. These ttins idle along on a few bales a day with an expense that would gin from twice to three times the amount lliey do gin. Wily don't they run full capacity? Because there is not enough cotlon lo go round. Yet they arc asking the government to give them a rise in price lo pay them a profit on all Oils idle machinery and upkeep. The farmers have paid for al the gins in fllythcvillo yet they A lu many instances, washing of. ow n no part in them. Now thej r oowel from below by an civ ma nrG abkcd to pay for them all over .•-iijhlly warm sail solution is a, ngain nnd in addition pay lor new mforliiiK measure which can do ANNOUNCEMENTS The Conner Nc*s Ims been au- horlzcd to nnnounct the • followlng ^ candidates for public office, sub- tct to the Democratic primary tit August: For Representative IVY W. CRAWFORD CURTIS J. LITl'I.K For Reelection for Second Term Fur Cwnlj Juflse ZMi B. HARRISON GEORGE W. BARHAM For *l«mbcr of Congrcw CLINTON L. CALDWELu For Sfunlf »nd Collfctor CLARENCE H. WII.SON 'or Re-clccllon for Second Tens Fnr Cnanl; Trra.«ircr JOK S. UlLLMIUNT? ROLAND GliEEN For Circuit Court Cltrk IIUOII CRAIO AUD1SON SMITH R. D. fSKECT) Sl'OUT For ()n»nty Conrt Cltrk I'RED FLEEMAN For Re-H«tlnn for 2nd Ttrm CAREY WOODDURN For Ammor K. L. (BILLYH OAINE3 O. O. (IKE) HUDSON For ConiUlle of Ohkkukwtik Towiuhlp J&OK ROBIRT80N ns that are not needed. Now let us yet a practical view f what, it is worth lo e'n cotlon. ct us take what would be an av- rage gin lor Blythcvillc. a 4 (mid 80 saw outfit. 320 saws cost- 15 about 20 thousand dollars. This In would gin 15 bales in 10 or [ hours. Now let's run il only n one-half capacity—that it let stand Idle one-hajf the time— urther we will only run it 100 lays of the gin season and let it land idle the balance of the time. 4ow we have: 37CO bales at lac—52.50 per bale $3,625.00 850 tons of seed—at $1.00 profit—ton 1,850.00 Wrapping 3700 bales at 2oc profit bale itt.f.iN IU-:RR TODAY .IA.NF, TKURV come* «• N*w York determined (• aHnw her vt'nllT AMY JACKSON that • •»« »-:in mnkt u .mee*.** •* her life. AniT hud hoew ktr br»t frlrn.1 nn- ill ilOWARD JACKSON hrokr the rn,?:ii;r»tirii( hud fvtced -ip«n him nnd married Anjr. !• New Vnrk .Innc nhinlnc * fin* HI on l» 1 mlnle •Her a*td too* l« latalt- Jnfr *• Urge Iveoatir. Slit ttan nm nffalr wl.k ROGER. TlllHl.'i: who I- man-Itd b«1 lire- of him. \Vhea he otter* to IIP sir (he c*pf«»e of I It* it cktt.1 Shr cunflile* tn Amy, r^allilsii: nhe U hrr nnljr Jane iB»l»<* on j;lv(B- Itrr dauplitpr away nnd Am 7 inkr* Ike rklltl, prom In Ins Tlic b^by U namir.1 NANCY. I'tir l«o yrar.1 Jane alar* aira? from ?Jnrl»iiTp. l'hr>. *n * b««l- «*-•« Crip. »hr ROC» tf> Amy'w hnme iiiiJ nnk» in Htre her .Inutrkter. AIM? U nftuld Ja«c will laiUl o» liLklr.K Ihc fhilti. t;<> (IX U1TII TJIE CIIAPTRU XXIII MY a u (J Howard exchanged glances of discomfort, but nol oT intlecision. "\Vo don't mean to lie rrncl." s-ilil Howard. "We can only flo wliat we think Is right. Of course a jirotesisor's Ba!;iry 13 no ^rc^t sliakcs. hut I have ft small l>2i^onal income. \Vo even have some saving?, nnd Nancy isn't likely to suffer any privations. You 51 vc MIC child to Amy. Jane. You've 'not concerned yourself nbout her since then. And wo can't let you concern yonrso.f about her now. It \vouh! only mean n—a renewal of - of Interest—which doesn't seem advisable." Jane smile;!, her sudden winning oriUiaiu smile. She saw her cli n lire. "You certainly talk like a pri»ie?sor. Howard. You make me feel ns nnall as N'ancy. Now look' here, yon don't want any money from me. Tint's Iwcn made clear enoKi;!]. Rnl would yon mind if I put yon in, the way of making some nuMioy yourself, on your own cnpJ- Ml 1 mrati. PO that you'll not have o pincb or scrimp yourselves tor he-(he rhilri? H happens that can (!" ii. risjlH away, f'll tell you. E'a one of those n'lecr unexpected hin.qs como along onco In a blue moon. A man named Sears Into my office- one day and said lie wanted to sell a house, a house, anil he wanted to do it quietly, no publicity, and if /e could he'd let It go fnr about •A lliiril ot what it was worth. I ?a\v he'rt been drinking and at first f was just going to ease him out— 925.00 ».;rt then, t decided to look Into it" <ii inann Shc? wa? - ?hp tho "e lu * ™ S ainins SIMUU.W lier l -i s i ll [ l j) iniportance. Howard er could stop him *ud get away—" "What was tlio special reason ho wanted the money?'' asked Reward. "Oh that!" Juno tossed It off lightly. "Nothing crcrtitabK live man's rotten, really. It's lor some gi/l lie's Interested In, Ho wants to set her up In a dress shop, or beauty parlor, before ho leaves, you see. "Ami ]n tlic I'm arranging for the money. He wants cash, If you nlcnse. tho whole tiling in his hand, and he's goins to get iu And 1 know, post.vcly, that the dny after I tnkc litlu I can sell that equity for three, or maybe four Limes what T paid for IL Now, do you see? If you want to put even a few thousand dollars Into it. I can treble It wllhln six weeks. I'll treat it as part of the investment, not as a loan." She looked at Howard expectantly. CT1K had euJoyed recttiuE the Scars transaction. She would havo lo*cd to go on and tell about her -XisitLcss, her profits, her sales, peacocking her own ability and cleverness before him. "I suppose," he saifl considering- ly.'"that il this fellow Seara succeeds In selling the house and hands over the money lo his girl* friend, Ms sister and her children win lose a good hit of what they would naturally have Inherited, won't they?'' "Of course. That's why the sister's tried to hold on to the property. Hut that hns nothing to do with ft- He's bound to roll, and It he doesn't sell to me, ho will to someone else." "I don't doubt It." There was an odd silence. Jane . By Sophie Kerr ¥ wore pushing her out, clos- thcnuclvc.i away from her, not unkindly exactly, hut Inexorably. She struggle*! 10 understand them, they baft ted find evaded her. "A re you, afraid I can't sw i n g this deal?" she asked. "Or that everything Isn't exactly ns I've mid you. I'll have my sccrelary send on the contract of sale, and pictures of the houso and record? showing what other proi«rty In that neighborhood hns sold for recently. And I'll put up security for whatever money you'd Invest, I'd make tho whole thins ahsolute- ly safe- for yon." "Opposition nlways was a tonic for you, Janie," said Amy, smiling, "but this timo you're headed the wrong way. Wo don't doubt your truth, nor yet your ability. I'm perfectly certain thai you'll buy Mr. Wliat's-lils-nnme's house and sell it at a grand profit. Hut count us ont on it. \Vc can't do it." Jane wondered if perhaps they actually didn't have any money saved and didn't want to let her Bookrtccnci weigher ..... S 400.00 Dinner .................... 400.00 Two pressmen each S'2.50 500.00 day ...................... 500.00 One oil and clean up man '250.00 One suction man .. Fuel oil Repair bill Insurance and other labor 250.00 350.00 700.00 650.M ' $3500.0C To bn lance S7.900.00 we have a p;otit of $7, 600.00 or a profit of 30 per cen on tho Investment only runnln: IOC days in the year at' only 3 bales a day yet paj-ing all ex pens* lor the whole ear, and on ly charging 15c a hundred pounds was puzzled by unresponsive was listening ateorbedly. She went on more dramatically-: "I dug up Uio Irulh a scrap at a tlruo. It was a Epito sale, llo and his sister are the, last ot a family that was once qnito solidly rich and they live In Ihe house. She's a ^vldow wltb several children and she's older than he nud has been trying to manage him and keep hold of what money and property that's left. He's never done any work. All he wants in W? 19 excitement. He's crazy to qe over and get lu the war. but his ince-uie 15 all lied up with his debts he waats t bunch of money tor a special reason before be sees. So be ande «| bis ruled to sell bis equity In ft? houss before hla sis- manner. "You don't understand," she said. "This Scars is simply no good. Tlio family's run ont. It used to be quite distinguished, I beliovo. He's going to keep liia slater from getting that money because he's so fed up wllb having her try to control him. If I don't lake (his sale, someono else will. 1 can't pass up a good slrokc of business (or myself simply because there's bad feeling in tlio Scars family." "No." said Howard. "I suppose not- Rut, frankly, it's just a shade too ironic to tne to bavo young Nancy profit by a pale which Isn't fair t» somebody else's children." "But that'- so—so remote!" "Oh Jane." Ifroke in Amy, "don't let's argue about It. Howard's perfectly right- We ilon't wanl money made lu a way that's hard on other people." "But I want lo do something for Nancy and you. tool" "We understand about your good intention?, Jane," said Howard. "And give you duo credit for the same. But seriously, tho biggest tbing you can do for Nancy la lo leave her alone and cot tangle her up in any feyeri'h emotional jams. It she ever finds out 'hat she's got two mothers instead of one II might be painful and unsettling. It might give R bad twist to her life. "I'm sorry you fee! that way." she s=nlil aloud, "but if you change your mind \vhilo I'm bore. U won't bo too lato. I wish you would change your mind." "How 16*11 g are you going to bo here?" asked Amy. "Not long, only till I get Aunt Rosa's affairs straight again. It's not as bail as she thought. She was only sick, and blue—that Kid Trninor in old Mr. Massey'a office had sol on her nerves. Hut I sell led him, this afternoon, and Aunt llo« perked right up." Amy began to laugh. She co;'E4 not help U. "Oh Jane, you're piicb- Icss. I'd have loved to hear you dealing with Jimmy Trninor—hn Is so fresh and thinks ho knows it all!" Wt'll rxSati her up the very best we CM, r«* own mesa?." tbil within our Jaue laughed, too. and began to pull on her fur coat. Howard helped her and sho was Intensely conscious o[ his nearness. • • * TY/IIEN tho door bad closed bo- " hind her flourishing exit, Amy pointed an accusing finger at ner husband. "Von fraud, you faker." slio jeered. "Suppose I'd have told her the truth, thru you wanted to name her Axellna attrr that old Norwegian sea-devil, and 1 wouldn't let you. and how yon kept calling her Nancy FXlicot because she had red noso? It wasn't red either, only a nice lioaHhy pink! Yon and your favorite name! Now she believes that hi sonic occult way you responded to her own tapte. She fairly purred at you. 1'rotessor Jackson, that woman yearns for you still." "And why not? Look what n prize I ami" "Oh yea. f had somehow forgotten that. Howard—" she became comically serious and' indignant, "she said Kane? wasn't good look- Ing! Vor a second it made me so enraged I could hardly speak, and then—1 don't know—It seemed to straighten out everything. I knew she didn't vant N'anoy it she could eay that." [Copyright. 133*. >y SopbJe Kerr) (To Bo Continued.)

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