Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 23, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1942
Page 3
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NATJOATUCK DAILY NEW«r TUESDAY/JUNE 23; 1942 It Mils ovonhvg uL ipythlan o'ulook. 'Tim inont'olks :ol' tho K>c tuvlt 'havu planned a surprise'evoi In tho I'onu of -u. mystery rklo, tl 'ustln^tlon iiiaknown to. tho ladle will tod served lute In HID evonhvg, Huhhor Scrap Drlvo Tho sa'lva#e committee or the Civ ilkniMWwiw unit will continue th •Iplyo Mils ovonlng Tor rub'bor. Mos ol 1 tho c'ouniminlty Ivav noon eanva.ssod t'or tho dlscarde tirWwlOH und tires, and thi I'S expooted to complete Us •Jrlvo, It 1 thoro are any persons Ji -own who dild not -have thoh •rlbu lions ready when the collee were, made iln.tholn 1 respective ;l,s last -wook, . and who stll lo (toiwlo,. tljey may notify .Jynis Kvuns, 'chairman ol 1 tho sal- «\iK-o uawmlltcui, or First Select- Fills. ,fmu' ','M—Thr 1 [In 11 (Hi | man Atislln Ford, ,inMMi'/MH<Mi dnlv«' Is now BEACON FALLS O.S.O.DKIVE BEING HELD IN BEACON PALIS to w tllO Fourth Of . in II,, losvn, with only SHprtman Auslli ID lie ap|i'oihil(H' W X "i» |M> l "' (UI * llt lt) a 0|< *° Hi*' hnys -In .tin ..r Hi" '•'"iiilry wllh prop ul to na Thus, iion-li'll, . i( |, y wl || .|,r KlVOll a mciil- rani -nul hiltlnn. , .(ii.ii.i «'i ' %()I> Hewi-on Mr. «iml Mrs. Harold Wllcox of jou-th .ulrolu 'ha-ve as their g-uasts, vlr, and Mrs. Habart \*. Kord and iKlitoJ 1 , LI Has, of Kingston, Mass. vlr. -Kord Is taking part In the • run I Mas torn Skeet .championship it L'ordshilp whMo visiting 'hero, A party was held recently in h'on- >r of Kd \s\ird Do-bosx, son of Mr iiicl Mrs. Waller Doho'sz of lta>ll- ;l avenue, who enlisted recent n the U. S. 'Navy, The- al'lUIr took Jluon at W'hllo Kagle hall. The loca ulli was al'l'lllated with hl-s t'nth- in a meat market'on Main street. Reproducer Monday i ( ,,.:,t n itnii i 1 "! 1 VIMIIIK men In the nimi ;; u;i ity wlu, IK»V,' ivanlmd t-lio , H In "I I'"! 1 Sl'ltM'.IIVe HOP- ilifO "I ' ' : u . ( , will 'Ml*' 1 I'l'i' 1 ' 1 l|r " iii'.vt Mo-n\,Vii tin 1 I|)WI1 I'' 1 " t' 1 ' 01 " N o'clock I' 1 ,,,,, m ,,mimf, "iiiil 1» o'clook hi ,,„ , v .-iiliK. Tin- mji.lorl.ty of Mir .j,| n ix will h" lln 1 same n.«\}^ t , win. ti.iv" .'iin'l'lt'd local -men j,i ii,,. |..H! rfu'islrall'ms, and vory ||M ,,. | inl , will I" 1 l'»*l. d"n»« to I hull kiiowl'Hlu't 1 ol 1 lln 1 i-oulliie (»f Cjiies- t'-nn tn If aMsWft'otl hy Ihn .j'l-gls- i r ,i,H, n js Iniiinrl.-inl Thai, all th' \olHlH Wllllflt Illr aK<'S "I" IH lO '2, ON THE AIR TODA? OilH) p, in, Monoy Man .VMX—Nows; iMu.slo iN'CHV- I'rnyci- ; Uuvolc Don (i:15 p. in. \\-lOAK— News vVAlK!— Viili-c of Hrondway NVTIC—Hoiul to Victory . (irmiiM 1 MI l(.,.'k Hiiiuiion »•«•• •'••* %«%««< Tnnlfjht nu.' wli-f moo: OPKNS JULY 6 ^ \\'iitorhury t (Mil? YlU' I'.-i' IUI I ,., Ki<t M tin Si. OROW^ OUILOINC SCHOOL of BUSINESS (i:!10 p, in. •-VOIV-NOW8 A'MAK— Ted Stoolti's Studios VVAHC— Voni Barl.on A'KiC — Musical Houiulup ATIC—SporlH \\MX--I, inn and A'hnor s\ f ATll-^PU'«Hur« ami Profit (Ji'irj p, ni, SVIOAI' 1 — Spoi'ls \VAHC-- Woi-kl' 'JVjflny \V()M— Unit's Morgan W,IX-\VTUV-l/o\vni| Th-nmas Marvin Cumras, a graduate o* the Imois Institute of Technology, nioago, has an invention that reproduces any noise, even, a flea's marching atep, A 'thin strand of magnetized steel wire records the sound. Dr, George E. Ziogler (above) is shown recording the noise of a Diesel engine. - l.owi'sl i'rlct-M In Thn C.'lly John Girdes Music Shop U't- Huy.Si'llJvM'liHinri 1 nnd Jtcpittr All Kinds Of In.slniinoiUs Violin, PliuioH, Hmllos, Clni'inol, TriiiniK'l, Accordion*, Nn\ii|)liono.<i f Wood \Vlnds — .Musical Supplier TH, -1.JW08 .m SO, MAIN ST, U'A' WATII-- IIIIs and Bits 7:(M) p. in. WRAP-WTir:— Krod Waring Time \VAHC:—Arm>ff 'n 1 Andy • \VOn- Sporls W«l '/, — K«JUS y Ac os a—Kulton Lnwis, Jr. 7:15 p. m, Keono Show VVAHC— Cilnivn Milllor's Oroh. WiJX— -Tracot'.'Of Lost Persons WffJC— ,/ohn.son family • NN'A'i'll— \Vorknra for Victory Wf)fl Hurn.H and Alien Yours HOWLAND-HUGHES M W«lerbury's Friendly Department Store" "Coffee Coat" $ 3.98 WABG—Amohionn Molocly Hour WJ2—Lono Banger . W10C—Treasury 'Star .Panido 7: / i.'5 p. in, . \VA r n\-WOR-WiCG—Inside of Spor'ls 8:00 p. ni, VVI3AIMVTIC—Johrmy Presents \VABC—Are, You- a 'Missing Holr? vV.JZ—Gugal. Rlnirnba Revue vVATR^WOR—What's My Name? VV1GG—I'm an American CoimnM- toa Program ^ 8:ilO p, m. \VOn--Oan Y.'6u s Top 'IMiIs ? A 7 ABG—Th'u'N-Htiihv of tho Enemy SVl!>AF-WTIG— H-oraco, HokIL Treasure Chest • i\',]7,~ To be annoirncctl A'ATIVWICC—Ne'd' Jordan 9:00 fp. in. \VICAF-W:riC—^Batl/lo .of the Sexes \VOR-—Gabriel Meatter WABG—Du f't'y's Tavorn ,V,l/~~Kanj'ous. J.ury -Trials W1QC—Goncort Hour - WATR—Nc'.ws; •, Dantiing- Discs , . J);J5 \p. in, WORD'S ports' WATR—Treasur.y Star Parade ' "->,--. 9:30 , p. '|ni, N\' 15 A I' 1 -WTIG— I'MI)'}) f i i 1 Mod c c^ ain d .- •'.M-oliy";-- 4 - 1 .- ,.': ,--.;'.. . '•'' \VADC—GHoors fro'ril.v-tli'o" Camps S^^J Z—T11 i.s ^'ait Ion a I \V a r " \VIC1G—LO't' Ppeodom'-rilng ' VVATR-WOH--AIVI n o •• Rey's Or»h. -" «:4r> . p. m, • vVRAP—Navy .-'Rntle.!' Program . "i 10.;0() p. in, > W,r/,~- l ( ]rflkfIno-Hawkl.nV 'Orcli... vV 1C A F-WTl GJ—A- -Da fe w I th J u d y . \VATR-\VOn-VVlCG^-J; 13. Hughes « ; 10:15 p, m. , • ••"•-• \VOR-Yp Okln Vaudevlllo Show \VA.Tli-\\'IGG—-News I'.rom Australia J v • : '-10:HO., p.- in. ; ti l * I In* nioilcrn vcTHion ol 1 (lio hotiHocont , , , stroam- f ' ll(1( l in I In- tempo of 1.110 l.imoH. You wrap it 'round v/) ii in /in iiis(/in( , , , romly For action. . , In oolorfnl plaid srci'siK'kcr \villi aqua or maize plaid, or cliarm- 'Vif liniif|ii(.|s ol 1 flowui-H on pink, blue, or wliiio! Si'/os ! -!«' UO, ;:,S in .jo, WaHhahlo in Ivory Flakes siids. ' BUDGET DRESS SHOP — FASHION FLOOR What did you say? [THAT'S RIGHT, MISTER YOUR RADIO REPAIRED- and t.ANv TYIM-: Mwl.slors and ('.oil'. Free Pickup And Delivery • JUST PHONE US • . S'l.MON'H Ji .MONTHS' UNCONIM'I'ION/M, .OIJ SIMON'S RAD I 0 SERVICE Water town Ave, Watorbury, , ... ••/til" ' ,noil...|M--. 3*217 Dorsey's '• • Oroh. '"• V 1 ..:?-:! •:.-• vVABG—Talks SVATR—Jyos: B.i'Own's- Orch, VV/ViBG—Mary S.mal/1 , - . VV'OR—Aiiswor .Man i •' • VSM'K—FrodrWp Stewart ' . ' . \VATil-WK3< s ,—Under AVestorn Sides . i 1l:0rf- p.. ^11. WATR-W.'VBC-.\VOI.V-\yiGG-WISAP .'VVM^-W.TiG—TTIinc;. News;/ "NVeathftr ;','•-'.. • • 11:15 ii. in.. WABG—Bobby" Byrnes'.•Orcli, VVOR— ftd< I'Mtv.gerald • -^ WEAK—Music You. Wan! WJX-- Lou Brooso's Orcli. W r riC—Danco, Miwlc 1 WlGG-,looSudy "Orch. WATR—To he 41111 riouncud lli.'W p. nt. WABG—Alvinn Rcy'.s O.rrJ). \VDF.t—-B-o-b Allen's Ore-h. WIDAP—St. Ii-ouls Se-ro-mide WJX—l\ay Meatharton's Orch. WTIG—'Polish Nat'l. House WATR-Wl'GG—Nows; Dick .lurgens' Oroh. ••J1:4r5 p, ni. WOR-^DIck R'cyboi'l.sou's Orc'h, 12:00 Midnlfjhi. , WABG—News; Dance Orcli. WO'R-WTIG—Freddie Nagel's Orcli. WISAK-W^rrC-HNows; Soprcs; IVoy Shilokrs'Oroh, ! W.FX—News; B.uddy F.nankiln's Orch. WATR—Sign Off : ,4 « * ' GOAT HAS QUADS,'TURN'QUINS Woodslde,. 'Galif. , (UP) — James ,0'LaiiK'hllri's black find whlto Nirbl- an'goa-l,'rocenlily gavo blirl/h to (> kld- — •tbreo nannies aijd •(•wo ^s~'a Very pare occurrcnbe, ac- ;l.o. ';"'-g-w\t "odnnoKssoijirs,-' A yonu ago.'Hho Ir/Vd quadruplets. "Th« U, 8,••Cioyorninciit snyfi Niht after iluly 1' you will no l'oiij;«i; .'hnve. fv<Jc' pi'dloelloii- lifMiitist war danuif/o. "TliIs fi'oo jiroUjctl^n was aiitli4)i'l/«<l.h,v (jonjii'os.s nritsi 1 l>euri 'llaHwr.'V We arc niithop- j/od hy MJi« wiii'-'cliiinnflu corjioni- (loii to 'InkiV^PpllonM^ii.s for wju- dainaoo iiisi'iriinco. In.siii'o your properly iiiiforst^n (Mi- oiny'.aHuck*. Halos for.(lwullin«,s, rnrnUiire ;and aiiios are -.10,'cents |i«i« ItinulPitd. ,; For furthoi 1 . J»> roi'iiiiilioii'SDK or'cull, the Union €ity insurance Agency^ Joseph Rosco, { ' • J Union SiWol.'Tol. 41)28 or a» FIELD HOSPITAL TO BE INSTALLEI) IN ST. TOY'S Three additional flfilrl ..„,„ , for cases of .emergency, slmllAr'to .ho only one In the borough wt. present at the Y,'M. C. A.^yjJJ ^c^'es- tahlished by the Naugaluck'D'efcnsie Council it. has JJPGII • qnnouij^ecl ^i)y G.liairman Claronce B. /Jones, ,Rev. rhomas M. Griffin, jiastor or St. vo I u n icer&cP tli c yM 'use o f " i llie' h al 1 o t' the church for one of'the stalioiib. The hall has been completely renp- vated^and'a Uilohcn was mslallod recently.' •' > • The children of, St. Mary's parish haVc been attending Mass in the chapel In the hall but in the future will attend' service with their elders al tho 0:30 Mass- .upstairs In the church. <( ' ' General Motors has 54,873 machine tooi]s working or being rebuilt -or rcktoolPd for war production. An addJ'Moraal i(5,950, \vUie'h are 71 ot t;o GM's iipods are ava'il- Mary's church , |n ( ; Union r GIty^Jias use thorn able lo other producers who can/ WARNING ISSUED ON MONEY ORDERS The 011 a m I) er o f • Co m m e,rc<-\ all v i ses I ha-1; inr-ormntl'pji is obfnimljlo a!, lllielr .offlcc'-as .well-ins at Uio ]3o?t, 0 f f i Oe an d Mi e p o 1 i oe d>e j);rr I m en I regardin-g stolen iin-on.ey. : -.'0;r d e r forms. It would IDC to the advan- 1 age of 1 ocal nicrc'h-a n ts I.-o , co'risu 1 i. one of Hie-fl-hovc-.-offices -bcforo at-- .ccpting any'nToney ordej'.s. FOR EXTRA \ , j; uh .hoHd.y ^^nient^^^:-^-.! "^^Tiiaijfcit: OUT Of] ^'^^1^^5-son 5 lie** JtANT.CC.TY OWE OF AT1AHTIC CITV'S HtWCSV flREPROOF M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE < PAUL AUCHTER, *• *i> Lincoln AUTO SUPPLIES ' ELECTRIC AND Siore • HARDWARE • TQ LtLS • SPOPI'NC- 'J.J.IH FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO OPPOSITE THE GREEN^PHQiSfES 3^5030-3-1011 •v.V Theft-Proof '• Syphon-Proof GASOLINE TANK CAPS Strong lock with 3 Key* $1.29 LAWN MOWERS Large. assortment of America's finest Lawn Mowers—aU ball bearing —all ; 5 Blade—all .with Rubber, Tires nil fully guaranteed. -^ ''' % " $9.95 - $16.95-£ 19.95 ' up to $27.50 AWNINGS Attractive -colorful -strong construction — 30 or 36 inch sizes. $4.59 : ; JL eacli Awning Paint ?1.39 qt. WORK CLOTHES 8s:, TENTS J'. Large, roomy, waterproof tents, ; easily erected. $34-»5 GOLF ..... Finest assortment of famous brands of steel shafted chjbs. Also baffs, golf balls/and other golf needs. : ' ' ,\" E ASY 'TERMS;-- .- • , - ' STEEL SHAFT BRISTOL ALL IRON CLUBS ...$2.50 GOLF BALLS (Repaints) dozen!,. v-vv;,;.: ; .^. .j: ^-50 OTHER CLtJBS u up, toi $7.05 TENNIS RACQUETS Well balanced tennis racquet with sturdy, durable* f rani e.' 'Strung' with genuine resilient 'gut for ..many, seasons' usel . -~ ' ; OTHEIIS UP TO $10^95 -RADIO H:ii!:;i;:!:!:i ;::«i» I Mil GRAND OPENING SALE To Celebrate the Opening of bur NeW WORK CLOTHES DEPARTMENT—Largest variety %f Work Clothes in Waterbury— 1,500 v ^1^-1^ Trousers, 1,000 Shirts~-hundreds of Overans^Coyerail|» —Dungarees—Sport Sweaters and Socks, Wide chblpe of ; all popular colors—patterns and sizes- We specialize ifi matched sets; f^r Summer Wear—as usual—LINCOLN STORE Work Clothes are top quality at Lo.w^/Pricjwfc ii JI TH LECn CAVALRYCORD IHA I Utttll ARMY CLOTH S l'llf* MATCHm,. .||1| S • or:^,^,-, Shirt and Trousers to Match —Sanforized — Guaranteed not to shrink—Nicely tAiloredf—full size—made .of strong durable fabric that "can take ; it." All scams of strain arc double Gtitohcd. I^ar^e 'roomy pockets—Popular colors. Complete Suit .of Shirt and Trousers to Html $4-90 POWERFUL 6 TUBE MODEL BUDCET PI AN INSTALLED FREE FITS "iind MATCHES AL GARS OLD and NEW SEAT New patteriis and attractive dolqrej^ Fabrics and Fibres —-coinplet<e5 % st6ck& for ; all cars. diSsTALLEp FREE! by Exp^^f FOR CCiACHES OR SEDNS. / -. : ! TAILORED MECHANICS' COVERALLS Here is a really fine work garment — strongw.^ durable— roomy — perfect in. ev«ry detail, Roomy pockets and plenty of them. They are. foriKcd, iruarnntced not to. shrink. Strong OVERALLS Made by one of America's leading- makers' of Work CJothes— AH Sixes, Blue or White. INSTALLED FREE! OTHERS UP TO $9.95 '. : ' EASY TERMS Complete choice of trousers and slacks for work or play. Coverts — Tweeds — Serge—Worsted and light weight fabrics. Handsome patterns. Full size roomy tailoring. Careful attention given to every detail. Buttons—stitching — an d strong, roomy pockets. Over 1,500 pairs in V stock,to choose from, all sizes. Prices start at ___ NOTEp-Plenty -ofKffas^ttyailiaible for outboard motors '$$t' best mblor;;i;buyv; of year,v ; only ;^»^|jiiriUed bf : 'these; N «weam'- lined, iy power fuL/^cji^y^'vto : start and econoiniCal, to drive .van miles ' aiiy hour^l^eatures! tension ;' ]; ^maffneto, carburetor. . ; .- EASY WORK SHIRTS Nicely tailored -^ double stitched — neat collar — has ,'• two pockets. . Full size and roomy. Sizes 14 Others .'$1.29-?1.95 to |2.95 DUNGAREES Made of strong durable material, double stitiefied and reinforced bar tacked at all points of strain. OTHERS $2.49 — $2.95 to $3.95 SPORI; SWEATERS MEN'S SOCKS Fine quality y a r n — strong reinforced toe and heel. Serviceable. Plain colors as well as attractive patterns. ^ Newest; sport sty ling ^Mf| full cut >— light f contrasting colors. .,i!rt. -\.-'.m,',v.i. I <t ''l 'I "j Q v-ff trly-fFf'i'f-iJ ',' *'. .^-\ Others up to 49c pair A real fine quality finish COMPLETE SUIT ' •^•:.i-.^^ " ••: . "" r ; .;-:•',;' ; ''J : ; V"-^'-^ -& : ••

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