The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 3
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AY, TtiiA' 17. 1934 iARrt.) COu"RuDK TvETTS FHKI5 Lift Camp Offers Opportunity to Dispossessed Farmers U. S. Gives Soil Tillers a Chance,lo Work, Save, and fiuy Land.. By Hl\ SKvire - PIERRE,"8.- D. — Farnif/s. who h$v*' fought a losing five-year battle *£*lnst drouth, Kind, grsss- hoppere snrt el)inch Wigs are going 'to get uiuthet di&ncc to win. ' The federal and a(al« govern- iatht-5 Jiave Joined forces in usin^ four. means of .giving distressed faiiiieis a chance to begin 'agulii. .First/, the laying. ui> of large ' tr*c)i. oi • poor 1 ' fu mland which . doeen't now yield a living. Second, giving- the farmers whore Usd has bferi bought, or others who. have • never owned land, f, cMhr> to rent or buy on terms a -belt*r farm on whtr-.h to n?gin. .again. ' • - Third, establishment of a Rural Rehabilitation ramp; where families can earn .a little more than a living,' savins} and iratnlnt for the lime wln-n I hey • can i|ii:,llfy for H fAim of tiu-lj- own. Fourth, establishment, of u-.m- f-lcnl camiK for xingle ' men • to salvage fallen limber In nut ior;=si~, a;ut provide tho lumber for the lien 1 01 improvvii homes that will give Hit fa'ra-.eis ihr-ir new .start. ' . • ' 'ffstliitf Ouuud fur Mai.. Souili Dakota Is ahead of some fanning states • in 'these ulutis to give the fnrmor :i new start be- oau>.e hero the nrt-d was greater t'lKl tin: conditions more favorable.. Hi:l ether' states are t-x- ):te|l:d .°«l4,n 10 follow lhr> 1 jiciv: tx-ity laid down here. First comes ihe bnylng up of poor 'lands, water and diist- eroded,- and returning them tr> the Erasing fur which they' live belter fitt«l. No farmer nerd ? biit v.'lit-n tlio.w mtikiM* iip large trucl nil jfirce to do so, tne land u kotiglK. in ;. block, later to lie leased for eiu/in? by ihe government under supervised con- dltloas. ' The 'farmr-r ' whose 'land' is bought is free to do as he pleases If'he wants to go on fanning, the government .will -help him Ket surted: on a new faun bettei than the. one he left.- South Dakota nun 3,600 farms which it took over front "farmer.-; who could nol repay loans from the slate rura cridlts department. In' the course of turning them back to oth'ci farmers, 2,500 farm homes t »ra to beHikod'lib.'i and 'l.WJO^nffw 1 ones Ham and Baked in Summer and ;i nrw rluinre lo jiiAkv n'uoil— (ho^ uie t\\f-. Hi) fi ^)ilrli shnuM s|klin(( up hei'e tin'. liui;il UfhuUlliE'tlLjiii i-nmii ne Yuiiktui., S. )>.. ulifu- ilispnsse^ Uiul lK>uleii fain k lo unik Lt.Kk 'Continued l^-iim 1'nne One) ••.mcelinl net- ntiiiliir pi (•.••* r-rm- n NI«, tuidiMslixxl sl 1 ^ v.-.': ,;ii'.\ilhnij t.i m.ike iniy pulilk' utt.-r: t.-. i••; v.hicli inlghi be inls- Mtri ,ud ami GSgrpvatu Ihe ctli- i'.il : lustio;i o;i the west Ci SIM ;i. .'.the,- iiiaiiitrtsl ritire .Mimirwla Trr.nps Ouf Mli.'NEAPfll.lS. July n. (UP) • Nniiiinal g(i:ml.<:nen with gllsicnini: Ijnyiijjels inarched llui.nsh Mu,r;i:,r,tAls toiley to pioti'd food siipplie-. and cojie with tin-cuts of I ii.V.0 .:iriuii£ liui-kmeii in parn- .'K.'f- iln- i-lly'b n,nrl:i>i iihuvs. Tin ti«nK. •< bintahon of the ilsl t'.ehl iirihleiy oi ihe Min- r.prmii nauon,il BUnnl, iveu- called out by Adjt Clen. IE. A. Wslsh eiter i, with Oov Finyil r'ORTl.AHll, Oi'i!.—iiciialui- Ilil'D- f-rl I-'. WoaniT. NV« Yiiik. nusli- IIIK by itlrpliiiit! to alti'inpl }KMa ii.s Kcneral hlrlke leiitlmont ino,iiv.s JVnrs I'xpirssod fencrcil siii-ll:i> of 1'iioiiic nelcm will I'litiii.-. u .-..ilk- 'iiii vr.i.'d lieie. ' WAHII1NOTON—l-'ei'Ki iii iiiiilior- 10 rn:ll :l!lU'i- lU'idj v .,,„!i -i Ultci- riiliiiv ; "l l l )l! '' s lo Ix-lenpierr-d elites. l»,i ' ' p _' t R'i.i.rE, 1 ' show (Vi 1inirji'i|t:i(! 1 lik« !l- Grand ma a I .'i2 prob- ;i]-niy mmmmmi Black Horse Turned • 6 '•^^^•fc,-:.S:' K >v J ;' i . Overmglit "Mr:i-;. (UP)—William TnkolMty knew he |)nt his black linv.v In ilic li.n-n tho nlfhl 1.1-lnsT. but v.ln-n lie reliirni'd In ii- i.'iorninK it v\-lilii- luir. 1 ^ \VILT Iti hi- diFroii'i-ixl uiiii Hits unliiuil hud luhiled by .-'.oine li'uter. Tun «f II,H rust, families, if, jni,, s.mll, lUkoia'K ItflulillUalfon .amp. "•••piral uf Illf. liaril-|»(.<..,e<l- funnfi-s nf the if.iilmrsl, llii:Fc famlllrs ;tfis«l. tliemselvfs AS satisfleil in,l thankful for their r,pr«>rliinlly after Iliree months of ramp IhV. . -• ~ Trusifflt •-,•;&!• tmlMtngi f)n,d. fixing;.up these . fMrin: >hc^esv'an<*h?H:slctevof: 'the if-.,' rf oW«;n, 'co'm*s ;; (nto .- play; iuJi-rrL.oJjttA'> .^riir/ sin^l,! ^o, be -esfahirsViert' In :ihe : ' .Terau_s-_Nazi Activities Here A "Menace" Ua'kota, , -.Workers .'."ryllV.', salvage falter) "lirtiber .which '. lies," Alrcaily f:essorKd,>o'n the froilnrt. ainl this •wilr hiaVc 'liirribeT -'for . th'e new homes," '- - .'; "-.-' • . .• -. • '. ••• ': Workers ^'m' -the i'cam'r/. ' v/iil \vOJ-k' -35 -hrjuia 1 ; a weeh "for food, .cluthlng .' and • kMlgiiig,- kitli (lie privilege-of.'working -ihree adrtl- tlonsl hours -at.-SO .cfnt^ en lioiu' .for : catlv -•• - . • : •• Kilt still .njflW: novel the experiment. being condiictc-il L-n the s)tb "of. .the. Cild.iferuionlti.' colcny knCt^u AJ; Jrime^iVillf, nc-av Yank- te'ril S. I).' TIe're 20 families arc llVWft In tl^ first nurnl Rc-hahlll-. - latlon cahipr..' ' ' '•' ' Save f« Acquire Finns "Applicants : mur,t be people who have' lost their farms, or who havt never been able to acquire them,'.but who are -ambitloin to do so. Thsy .get food, shelter, c]6thtiiK, work ami education. lieod.'. -of families work for 'JO cents an hour slid get tli.:lr pio- vlslons . from camp heado.uarler.i at .cost. .Surpliii eaonlnes are kept on the boota, anil when the umily Is 'ready'to'go on the iarm. they Will .b* pjld in product, ma- chlitery bt other comrnodliips or equipment needed to nm their ne"w fsrm. 'The M familif,'. now In Ihe csmp are well satisfied with their progre.«, and nearly all arc caving Up something for that future ••br«ak" - Ih4l, will come day give them a farm of Iheir 0*11. And through Iheir c.imj) experience, they are Iturniiij; more aboui Urm inanasemeiit and the necessity tor hard and efficient \vorl: thuV will, suiid Iheni hi goou stfSd When Uielr lur'n to get Iht new ehance thai he gov- fihiiient now ofless IliBin. Maisachuietts Church Has Canary Choir . ,fi. Mass. (UP)—Tho Union Square Baptist Church of this city liart one of the most tiniqiie Mrvicej! In tt.s history—n bird choir. The Rev. Harold Wlllard Ailhur. vnflnr of the church, preached a sermon dnlftlod, "A Uirdls-Eyc View of Ocd's Plan for M»n," so to (xpreu hU-Uieme moie foiw- fully lit lad 25 canaries aming pint ttefs urouped aroynd me pulpit. ; When ihe congregation sang the blrdi accompanied them and sang dtirln? the entire servlo*. Hy NKA t7j ituilti-i* Inuk- \;rn-m lilt- vnilh' i'i- may lie, v.v nil in-r-il mi ocdi- !.iunnl hoi ilHi in breul: Ihe mo- nu£on\- of IIMJ many Milatls and other cold i-eoljK 1 , 1 ;. If ihe liome- nialit-r prepai-i'S a hot dinner, the Wl-ovi'iM of whli-li ran l>e nllllz- r<l tnlr-r on In the .wpc-k, slio's nol only saiiKlj'lni; her family's occa- Mtmnl ernvlntj for n warm "meal hut fflviua hcr.-1'lf lime nm! I'roit- lile In Ihe kitchen. '['nkc. for Inslani-u, Hint old illsh, lium iind hiib'd Iwints. Thoiijih tt toiiiuls ipilir M.'iulei-l.ih, it often n|i]ir-al-i In lii;jRliif; hut. weather np- pi-ilifs. nerve II for dinner nm ri.iy mill ,iun ni- ilircp nljjliis luL- i-i. ir, |iiirl nt u «i!il bullet Hip|ter, it iht-ii-'s i.lill Milne hnm left, iiiiiKi- liiniiliffli! fiinilA-lchc'.,. l.;ll:,,l h:\ln: Onal: :i lnr|:i; Imiii In Wider over- |nll!hl. no nol. remove Mm skin.[layer n( rnlt pork. liepent lit lay- Next morning, parnmi inn nifai lntcfs until Ihe, dish 18 full. Pom- water lo wlilcli 1ms lieni added f "bout hnlf a cupful of moliwes one-half iHiunil «f hrn*n Miearl 11 !'!' almul two cups of consonune ami, nlxinl. {unity wlmle cloves, dn which Ihe Imins were lulled) Alliiw Uventy minutes of lulling ov.'i- Hut top. lluke In n alow oven fur each pound of hum. l lul ' I've or six linura. Bern- right When tlw |inil>olltni: process'Is |' n " ]i> ' H '" M I 101 finished, remove, the sltln from Ilic hum, plucc In u linking pun ninl mver wllli brown KUKRI- mal I'lnves. lliikn foi- 45 minutes, .'AIIU-'IKLD. conn. iUP) I Ix-er l.s [ielllni! twek Its old kick. line, frcniienlly wild IIjTrnvn jiilVe. * hn '- fii f' M ' A white .Irnnei licuns In nirninpnny takrd liniu Cnvii mis ]iiimplni; pitiiuire Into' the banel mid De. Cavn went to a - [rau.l^ r-oiikcrt In the i^iilm- nld- ^l 1 ^ 1 »'llli_KPr-lmiV Injuries. i fCiJilimeil New I'licliind mnmior.' i% *i~i» | Vv':i-,h ilioni llinrim;<hly niul tlien ; f^lf%lr% phcc in culil vaiirr. iiiliiiinr n line- j *J^^^^ ly clin|ipi-d union. When Hie lir-ini:; ; I-lipild, Tahiti!:, S'nlvr, Nose nropq I'.ie iiliiuu linlf-cnokeil ,ienu>\i-' t'liCTks ,M',ilarla In 3 days, Co]i* tiom Iho lire and li-misfor to '11 : Rinl day. l!.':nl:-,rli. i nr NVural^U Inriic'liean pnl, plueliiL? llrel n lay-i In :m mlnulfs, n- nf- IXMIIIS (iibilul, one and tine'-! I''inr. l.lixtilivc llilll Toillc liulf Inches drep) and then p, thin .Musi Sponly Itcmpilles Knonn ! r^nn you toll which it the grond j mother'' V/r-11, ut 'K.. iliat'.s the •distinction of Mrt Oieta Coffey (topt. v'ou iff. her in Cliloagc proudly iw.ciue with her 17-ycnr- j li'ul dhughtor, Mrs. [uarcte Fciroht- i.-nn. and the litter's baby daughter, Oveta Thai til? F.preDd nf Nnzi propaganda tliroiirh was .1 "menace In Ihe nr.iion 1 - wsr, tho opinion cxpres^rl by Molry, former nsswant s«L-i<Mnr.v of stnte. when, n:', 'f.noiui Ipf.llfifd in Nriv Yr.rh bi-loii- n cr.iicrc.ssl.-ninl commiitef iii uu-AiiJi'i-lri.ii oclivillor. Western Police Chief I Blind to Petting SALT LAKE CITY. Utah (UP) -Romance linr, ihe official o!:aj o. 1 the Salt Lake City police, department. In answer to the prolesls of un- j romantic clttons that there 1^ !"petting in ihe part," PollenChle'f '. W. i,. Payne sold: | -Let Iheni p;ct. JVttui; wos pre- Instltiillciiisj i-aleni liere tefore 1 wa<; bom arf, v.iil continue to be after I nm jone. Who am i to ny in stop it? --Anyway, tln> crop of one arm driven, will Eeiul oin- ncctdenl rate booming nnl,--;-,r, we look with kindly eyre on couples in parked cars." WANTRD: SALESMAN: in unusual oppcu- luniiy for a hi^li-class, reputable ulnnun who has earned ?5,ooo np»-arcb< annually, ro tell a cn-omjsir^, oew, rutiofially ' ' ' ijfonucl. . her.'-. f01 dole 5 n ruir - vn ior '"** ° ! H™™\. II I-I n] t- . lorn;w third wnrd nhbrman.. nn U I ! ll U •' Charge of fllceel foot-ffln: o! | liitoxleniln« liquor. Mcl.cod i^i iv„', I ported 111. *immy nedmonrt, al!-?-\l mi!ilo.i'| One dollar finrz have M=n a'.- p.-c|)?r, lias toco :.;ie-1 $JO i.i| vv . c ,| die following f:>t f9ili!r.-> miinictpal oo:iit en a charge oi, ln Li .licit of tlu- fr- Dud LlayrVs f.'i IK.I d for leek-. ICM (irlvlii? has been fovfelloi 1 O'l' hli fnl]ur? ;D nppjat to ai : s>ivi- A G Stall, J. T. \Vrlcrlit. J. V. Iip.tchotl, HSiry Calvin, Pat Harwell. Ccoie:' Hl,amHn. S. P. I^c, Jr. Carey Vcl'snlanc). Uoydi Silckinnn. T.r.wviriwe Hal'-flt 'iivl M.i If. IV Briii:<lov, nf we:', of DlT Lnlre, lias r,e>ii hol-J lo oie s;! .'i::y o-.i a LL.-I-.V of s|.iml>'r h.1.1 ll.-cn .'."'. :,•• V:li9. Jc<$e Clelmrnn. IIOEI-O. v.-.-ic hrlii: to Ihr nranii jmy on n ron.-u: of! ini:n!er yejievd.iv. Snm Gvnr.^jn. VGHK, Neb. IIP) — /\ frenV. ha- been lined JoO on ;i chsrgc ol \ v,2irh wish two compete move- can-ying . concealed weapons v.'ith j mc-nts and Individual dials bos 525 of the fine susKiirtod. tome Into possession of E Kalim. John H. McKc-nzie. In; btcn i tcwcJer and vp.tch lepalr man of^sed a 420 fine and zn :hy.-.| thlc city. In Jail for embezzlement. . Tho wntrh. hcllovcd to be nearly: Ten dollar fines nsic?-et\ P.uby.150 year-, old. wns made by Hand': Harris and Ruby Bronsnn f-.r <lc-'. and brars Ihe name of thn'makcr. tiirbinK :ue :)5ncc hnvc i>«»:> .siii-j Kahm camft Into possession of Opri?.(Inn Ssvrd Baby Seal SITKA. /Ma^ki! fUPl-A C'nesir- isn ojjri-fillnn nn n mrifh?r f.i\il that hnd IH-CPI klll'Ml Li- }lili r.i-i'ii, Indian liuiili'r. saved ihe pup '! IK' ;i»i|i was well niirl grou'iii'^. '"Stomach P~aiM~~So"Ba«~P I Could Hardly Work" Says C. S. Crow: "After tr.SIng Dr. F.mll's Adla Tablets the pains av none and 1 eat anything." Try Adla treatment on our money back . pu.irantce lliihy uros Drii,4 Co —Adv. Ml .: Freak Walch ibs ': Tv/o Movements 1 watch when he cc'Jon nf old tlr.. tic c-ach 1011 f etch he siys, keeps chased The' FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. IVSUKAhCK DEPf. \WHEN ;you^c«dj«l»i»«j:<<}titd>ypc[of employee: ind you want to rc4c1i:ttTe-firrflt,.jE»Biiiblc^Dositi6n*seelcerf: and wau le po$ition.jeel<er$: and you f ( . --•-• ••.-- twu*y<*r iiff^ <nn» irii.nwim - • '^. *,.» • .. uoh t want to wi$tetheJjmr*nd ftoney involved in repeating ads until you can sift "out one jodd min Jrom a hundred inferior one$: li't time lo realise that only> ftnr paper sueh^aTthis is the kind you should advertise in!lpuf.elajiified eo!«»nnractuilly"guarantee . ut» ^, ^.*.' .y *^M^V^* ' "^ -^ -^ ~ — " ~" • -^~ you (iie'mo$t'valuable^«yailable ' '

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