Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 23, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1942
Page 2
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^ c Page Four NAUOATUOk DAIBY NEWS, TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1942 PnblJHhod Kvory Kvunlhg (Rxc-opt Sunday) by TIIK NAUCIATUGK NKNV.S OOHPOUATION ftk 11 North Main Srtoot, NAUGATUGK, OONNKUTIC5UT NUPOLP11 M, W'JNNICK, Proaldont and Treasurer a/J,PII S, PAfWO, VIoo-ProHldout UIAVARD C. MNGKNJ1KM), Assistant TwiHiiror HOMiANh, Soorotary, and aUL' HATKS Payable In Advance | month ......... ..... * -IB ( > months I months ............ $2.^ I yoar ,,,, $IMX I w(!fik*-lBo ts. Uy fJarrlor I yoai Tho Unll-od PI-OHH hay "th« oxoluslvo rkhl to use for republlimtlon In any form, all nowH dlspatohnH ermlilml lo thlH [mpor.'.It IH also nxoluslvoly mi- lltlod to UHO fpr n'publloatlon all the Iwuil or un- dalod nowtt publlMhod boroln, 'HWHOAY, «HINI«: I 1 . 1 !, COl'I.D M'l "MOHlmirniilH Out Pointer* on How In Strdoli Su- «r" rnmlM a mornlntf Immlllm'. Haven 1 ! K«>|, thin ilxdd UP with rubJioi' rutlonlriK, hnvi« ymi, hrotlit-rV -GhrlrtllHM Srlniin' Monitor, NICE TRIBUTE .'Thai. WHH a moo and thoiitflitrul l.riluilo whioli tho odilW'H ol 1 tho MaiiKatiu-k high achuol (JlMHsUok'or J04'J paid to "urn- hoy*" in tho Norvioo ol 1 tho nation, whon thoy dodicmtwl lliu hook to UIOHO who Jiavo joinod Ainorica's armed loroos in (ho .fitt'lit to protoot and pmsorvo mil- (lorrmoracy, .In Haying, "wo fool that it is indood . our privilotfo to acknovvlwl^d (hoir riflcV tlio odilors nliowod a Him HOMHO oi 1 appreciation ol' tho HOI-VICO wlm-h (ho rnon to whom tho hook is dodioatod aro roiulorintf Iholr country. Wo tool cor- tain that ovory ono of thoso moil will ho ploasod to learn ol 1 tho hitfh ofltouin in Avhioh.tlioy aro hold hy tho inomhors of tho clan* of :ll)4'J. EXCITING POLITICAL BATTLE LIKELY ' Now that Form or (Jovonior Raymond TO. Baldwin has docidod to nook ro-oloo- tion to .that oflioo, Mu» indioatioiiH nro that tho Oonnodiout nlato olootiou this yoar will foattiro ono of tlio hardont Fono'ld political hatlloM in tho history of thin eornmonwoalth, Mr, Baldwin HOOIIIH cor- tain to ho nominatod, for ho is an ahlo and poptilar loader in his party, ITU political opponout undonhtodly will bo Kohort A, TTurloy, tho present- govoruor, who ia oonsidorod hy many to ho tho strongont Candida to tho Dorno- cralic party dim nominate For tho olTloo of chief executive ( '^ ^ I||H «tate, Tie, like Mr. Baldwin, in rooog-ni/.od as a party leader of -Kroat; ahility and .has many frionds, Another likely candidate, whose popularity in this state has M'^wn hy leaps mul hoimds in recent, years, is Mayor Jasper MeLovy, who is expected to run for governor on the Socialist ticket, Tfis candidacy not only promises to make the state election exciting hut it may keep the result in douht until the election figures are tahulatod, Ttjooks now as if those who love.a political contest are going to find stale politics a very interesting topic of discussion during the coming campaign, BETWEEN THE BATTLEFRONTS At wnr with Japan, Oorniany and Italy, tlio (Initod Htains is monaood in tlio Pacific by tho Japanown floot, Tho only roaMon this country in not tliroatonod in tho Atlantic hy tho Gorman and Italian (lootH i« that, at thin time, Groat Britain in aUo at war with (lor- many and Italy, In tho prosont war, Iho United Stains oocupioH a position ho- twoon tho two battloCrontH, Htnuigoly enough, th° first dirocl attack, upon our soil, in .Alaska, oarno i'rorn Asia and not from .lOwopo, For many (location, Iho pooplo of tlio Unitofl^8trtt'bit.)iH-vo- stnhhornly citing to a conviction that Japan would novor attack us. Tho Japs, wo holiovod, wore 'Moo smart" to risk an all-out struggle •with this, groat and powoiTul republic, What wo Forgot is that tho disarina- iriont treaties pormiltod Japan to build up a Navy, in tho ratio of tbroo-to-flve. While' wo fltooil'stiH, chanting about poaco, tho Japs built a floot, When thoy roacfc^^N*^uikH^ oj' a., treaty, ,thov calnily abrogated tlio pact and aceolor- 'iiUnl Iholv propttvutiouH for war, DO YOU REMEMBER? 20 Years Ago .Inooli Droynr of. Port Jcfforson, K. I., n brother of I. Droynr of IhlH borough, Has become editor of I lid Port .lorToi'Mon TliiH'H. ,Ho also holds, tho oillco of JuHgi' of tho town court. o—O—o Sidney Andruw was Uwilenul u fnrowcll purly In pylhinn hull iH'l'om fll » VViwt Point, , o—O—-o A inbH. lo Ihc mwnory of dooonHhcl inembci-H of NiuiHutuiik lodK«, H. P. 0. KlkB, has boon plaood In Pyl-hlan hall, whuro tho imuHliiKH of the todtfo arc l,,'.|d, II was'inado by. Harry 1, CSrampton .and I0d- wnrd ,1. Swcifinoy, 0—0—0 ,IOH«'ph MoDiM-motl IH homo from tho Unlvurally of Syracuse, for Iho miminor vauallon, o—0—o Vlulor Aiult'i'HGM has left for a vacation In Hor- iiuula, . , 0—O—-0 Ht'M Holon McClabu and ICII'/.aboth Murphy of worn among the graduates of tho Now llnvt'ii Normal Bchonl. Briefs, Very Brief snys Unltoil Nullon* intiHt pooj-ujralu or jin'clIotH worltl iiaHOolntlon of frnc» 'H Htiy funilly hiuuls ilo not I'noa: tlrul'L this H«yH we t'auo nnvuro privation lo win war. Nn'/,ln planning Dutch migration to colonize arena In Kiiropn, lirn/IHauH HiiHpuol Spanish Hlilpfl uro helping Axis , r.hlnng ( CJhlnoHn' (Ight for ohuality ProHldont foririH lop IIOWH agonny, with KlincM* Davln n« chief. (or "pormalionl". K«sollno ration on July I, V, :) f!AA nnnonncoH wldo pilot training to aid /\*rmy and Navy. • War pi'olltH navlngs hy rnvlHlng (lonlracln put at. WWII, UW, how volnr lurnout may lu.'lp Moptiblicans, (.Sallnp, poll OPA HiidH fiornpllanou poor; will InlonHlt'y oduon- llonol rlrlvc. Golden Gleams A Khort Haying oflun oarrlo.s nuioh wisdom. —Sophool'ns. 1 know oniio a vnry covetous, sorcllil follow, who used to Hay, Tako ouru of l-ho pnnoo; Tor |.lm poundH will takn (3iiro of UiomHOlvos, A penny saved IH Iwopunoo, ^Uiar; ' A ]>ln a day's u groat a year. —UnnJ. Krnnk Itn, Thorn nro hut. two ways or paying doht of Induslry In rnlslng Inuonio, Inui-caso of thrift in laying out.—Oarlylu. A man may, U' ho knows not how fo JMVO as hn it.M, keep hl.s IIOHC to tho grindstone, —Lord Ghostorllcld. hiy In thu liomagu vloo pnyH to virtue, —La Roohefoutwld, Pnlnt the? gains of lloll with'Paradise, Anil play Iho slavn to gain Iho tyranny. —Tennyson. ni-lnd guide's, whlcjh strain at a gnat and swallow a camol.—New Tnslamont, Hu hypoorllloal, ho oaullous, bo Not what you aooni but. always what 1 you see. —Byron, There Is HOHIO-virtue In almost every vloo, except hypocrisy; and ovon that, while It Is a mockery-of.; virtue, Is at tho Hamo time a compliment to U.— lla'/llll, Kor Just oxporlfjnoo lolls, In every soil, That they who think must govern those that toll, —Goldsmith, See how the mass of mon'Ayorry themselves Inlo H graves, while hero and there a great, un- Houl forgots himself inlo "Immortality. —Emerson. "CHURCHILL'S BACK"! WASHINGTON CON FERE NCE b y no pub Mo appoar- or social ac- We, The People •*•"•'•». Churchill's >&• .• Third Meeting With F v fl. W11 is ton Chi i.reh 111 own e n gn 1 n to the Will to Mouse. Stephen -Early; so-orol.rtry to • l.ho PrpsI'dttiTl,} allowed for much spnnuhitlo'n-.Nyllon •h.eisnld tho pcxsslblliitios for'..the establish-; ^ merit of a ser/ond i'ronl 'In. •Eyropo ..were qucrfllons ot 1 'Mio •• morneiiu 'Tie ' in d I u7i tod 11 if it t.l Churohlll .vis. 1 would' be one of Jay Franklin n u oo \\ WIII i i*l i.n 1 n a. o f- Ui c • N lands Is ulso-In 'O«uulu .'Uitl- will bci a White II-OUSQ guost in tho near I'ulii.rt'.. The guest'.boolc. at • IbUU i-JmYcms'l vfip I 4 'i nYonuii will 1 s^on b'' the Who's' Who 6i; : l;i)3 world', nnd tho famous (irayStf iij mi I of the inansi'on •—'-'tli'- onc .^' i|J - ' ll ' |l -' s so much and toUs -so little — will be •l-hf-No! 1 hislioHan:-of- all .lime. I'.or Iho office of tho President Is now tlio grout luforimvlipn "center, thq .strategic headquarters' of MIL- Unit- od .-Nations''' cause. 'Molo't-off camo and went sllc'rifly, "Uic President of Peru 'oamo t.o ^arryytlie story bai.'U to Latin America. ; .Washington oosor.y»'i*s who have spent years'. ( on the '-news fronts^ of RU'rope say the^prnsent-Libyan drive nnd Hie Nu/.l' drive on ,.1/he Russian (liiiioa-sus are parts :of an Axis .time table. They point out'that if the Germans kike Sevastopol .-.ind .drive -Into the -oil l<lokls> o'f tho Caucasus, I/he Red Armies and nir-fo:v:es will bo deprived • .of th'cir^oil ..'•supplies: The Na/.l-ltalian drive in Libya towards .the oil Molds' 6f Mesopotamia \vlll likewise'sever the-oil .supplies of the British Klcol. In that area and \vl-M .forces Britain to deponci fur-. Ihci' upon, oil .supples, It •Is pointed out that not only will the oi! loss -to'Russia cripple the lied defenses agn'lnst the , Hi Her Armies but wiM provide tho opening for an attack on- the Russian Eastern front by Japan. The same observers feel. thaL.the Churohlll visit reveals som<J of the desperation of ,the Libyan sitwi- tion, The "lii.ghlonl.nlg •decision"promised by the Churchill visit may result In the sen-ding of 'AmeH-^uv divisions to >!'he North .African front, to protect -the material there and to-hold liho limes If the situation foooonios mare da-nger.ous. Some who' have Avatchpd; the German drives -on, Norway, France and .Rusahi and who Ivave kept a clo.3.°, oye on the ,Far Ha-stern situutlon feel that should -the Germans. suo 7: ooo'd- In Africa 'ami push to the Sucx canal : 'blio Japs would attack Russia in a 'cornbi'iicd effort to crush ,thn Soviet Union, then, turn towards •'« moolihg with tho Germans In tndla. ' ' ..'.-.:>• v )";•'•'' ; Soasonod an.d :hardcn'cd' reporters feel, without putting 1 on- the halo o'f mllltary strategLslf?, that botn Amettlca-n .orfloftr and. •rftgu ! lrtr : - i .p&r- sonnel need 1 tnoi-e expei-lwico-iu life ways of inodern warfare before .the •looming H e c o n-c) v ••' f r o hi'-'«' eoti.' 11 be o pen er I up in Wo's tn r n I'J u i»opo.' Th esc' 1 men neMher over-stato iror v'^,nder- nsllmate 1,1 ie Axis'alronglh.'- ' . . " '.{In- MIC battle for'-thc pnodunl.lon \yh.lch- will make.' a" rQftlliiy,..'v;-of^<tho mJIJIary pl-anfl, ,Nyliat;over"l;|}ey miglil be, 'the War Laib'or 'BOtolivl 'indvcVII Into more solid grpimd 1 'during t-l¥ past wook, Two Industry monikers o'f Mm 'hoard Jojiljiotl^,wiJJj^h < o M Jji|J^Qir i( and s public niombcVp :-fn'.,aigrftpjq^|,p the" maintenance -^of - mombnrsh'ip labor 1'ola.tiftris' contracts, Tho dedslon. Action Js expected soon oi] tho ; b u-imiins q.u cs t i on o f \vagu Increases for • emiployes 1-n the sleol 1 n d u S try aimd -0 t'h er «l ndii sir I e s . • S o m o feel -hero'. Lh-ait •• the : ship building fitablllxatjon •figrcemenl, 'reauhvul In Gliloago- a Hew weeks ago, and now hi: force, in all ship, 'building eon-. 'tcrs l wiill provide Wie pattorn-'for wage stabililzation decisions. T-be strip : ! buikling unions -agreed' to a'o r cept 'pay raises 'totaling aOVout v: 100 million idol Kars .rather .than' the 'J.25 mllii'Oii doll-ars 'nil-lowed, for . --Winln •orl-glnal SGiilo-of-Hving, sliding- con-tracts. • ' ; . '.'.--. . | . - : , ! Senator. JIa.rry.S, Truman issued his long awaited 'report 'on tho progress of the- -'War Production' Board tuvd 'in doing so bias ted tilic work .9 f Ph i 1 i p diced, S?120;000-a-y ny r 0 <. n4 errul. .Klec.tric 'C'ha'jrman' presently cn- ' Y CAT TMADB MARK RIO. . iyd^ the;- fact i-fi-al, .six months, of. .wai'-^ad- 1 .' TI-OL yet' detoi^ t n i h or I Mi.b r '- r'o'i c^O f " fch' c wool i n'd u s- try in: t;be war 'plcturn. The Tru- rna:n, .'Ooinmlttoe di ; d no I. toilte a dnfi T n'il.e ' .si/and on the- roisign.ilion of R'Oibcnt Gulhrie, corpoi-ation direcv tor * and stock ., exohiin go moriibn," who left tliG W. R. B. some mon-Lhs ago;- The report did take -a rap" at lliose" W'il;h wh'Om Guhr'ic had had differences 'Of. opinion about the vim need for "all out" production. 1 Now -'Truman. may be ]tvug-hod-"olT by miiny in the- War Production Board as just nnioWier Senator, 'in- noc'fint .of the. i'ntricaoies of business, , ; but -it .ha.ppcns that tiic Sc'i- 'ii- tor", was ;i 'inine' -owner nnd op- orator during the last war and knows-., just • a'bou I. whoil. the picture is 'before : he .hears o.f the con- I'llct/i-ng,'0ny wbi^ch -has been sung 'before 'hi s Senate committee. , Tile Tru-mam 'ropont did n'ot'criti- olxOi-, Don oild Nelso.n, .'head' of W. P. Bv, ; aUlibU'g.h' Nelson look 'the position !:he .report" shou Id no t be ma do public .; because of t its effect upon his 'a dm in! strati .on .of . w,'vr, jirod^uc- tion 'affairs. But, as usual, wlien •the public is let In on so in e of tho activities. --ol' oorpprate. business, in Hie' war effort; great, reorgaaiiza- Lion.i plans are' Immediately. i\\\- nounced. T.his time the promise 'Of»rcor|ani/at]on includes plans to rill I o w S'ITKI 1 1 . ib us in ess " a rid labor a "biggc! 7 " vioic'e" in policy an J ac- bion. • . "•'••-" : '.- . Each plan iOf rcprgfinlxnjtlon tends Only to ''establish 'the' facts - long stal-- ed about -the ; • -p'owoi i ...of ."big business" in- the picture. And most re- 0 r-ga n i xa li'pn s -come ab o u t- after th e con tracts '/have' 'been -let and p«sf .policy- -has 1 -become routine and embedded. 1 1 is 'impair, -h owcvnr, J.o •Infer 'that Nelson' -'has- not clone a good '!o!b,''Hc .lias stra-lgh'tencd oul the lines of -contract letting. Me 'ha« been ;hlghly instcu men tail in chang- 1 ng the t proced'ures o )' the. Army . and. Nav,y -as we 1 1 as',r\\ ; ; P.!. B. .And lie , is, an , the' level/ 1 as Wei I as . .under per.S'Sure from .sdirii. 1 ' of his powerful subordinates. .,'.•'••''- ;'•'. (noloased ;by Go.nsoricl^tod New- Poalures, Inc.).,-; />;•.•..; ,'\,..:, • : Ryan Aircraft plant,'brought on the Startiitg' a ^n'ew war plant! bi- v.blvGs^riuich more;than just copying t ,a set of' bluepi'ints of an existing plant, according to Alfred P, Sloan, ;]r,, 'chairman of General'?. Mo tors'. Disclosing, that, jnlti- a;ljl|jn;of "p.nn. ; .G\r;\yar'..'JDro 1 |bct. was jV^ce'eded by '-"six months' study in Galjf o r n i a b y/ J .75 .'tech n! c i ans, r n e s{f(jf|i;v' 1 Wfien ''you ''develop 1 -a thing ' '" '' place so that: • everybody ?s;', th at. .aria -6nly,r in ^people's ,-,,„-_,. .*-\d,P? X\yli°n, you ; take 'the t-llin^^o" an'pther'. , place you have to wi't'te a^l those' things down; in black and white in 1 order to doHhe jobs successfully; 1 ;' ,; : ;^ ' ' ^ .; \ 4 'in rpcerit y ears ey pn t h ou gli pcb-r pl,e; ( )ivo^l. by 'j;he i im r i | c.hino, tliey v »tllj; 'dbrlybclR'Sonio sense of Uii'pat from ^t/'B'ulyit this-grave A Jiour ' tho ma-/ 'cfilnc, bfeo^mcs', of their I'igh,!,, tf) work iajid"']'lvc''ln a free Amqrlca. 1 ,'—Paul .parrett, vice' presi- S General -Motors. - . ByJnnius WE. ANSWER "NO" We must ''be', brave.!' No. sacrifice ' can bo. loo groat To '' ward th c s w.i ft , i m ]30.nd i n g fvi l-o. Our Oand to save.! . Tho 1 . l,y rail Is rail . ,. ... . And jVrqss'. their : long proparod- wfl.r D n sea' .'and ' ; i;jnti ; .bqih near a n.d fa r,. Tboy'can^ul, fajlT ; 0 foolish boast" •".' •'-; T-l i a I. ar ya n b l ; o o'd sb-a 1 1 ru 1 c tb c .•world, ;1 : : - '•"•' The .sw.asl.'iHa'. t.o-'bo unfurl c4 On every coast! -••'• ' i ' Small pag-an-- The cruel band of -Jap and Hun, Destroy the '' progress long begum Toward 1 nea 1 van's light? VVc. answer.' "No !" Our cause Is just an'd ( shall prevail; Through carnage, 'blo.od, and fire, and bail—Wo answer- "NO!" • — Byron. A. Barlow.- Bandleadcri John Korby can't ini- •dersland 'wb,V we refer to money as •fJ6ugh—'d'ough, he sighs, sticks to fingcrsi 1-iamvilJo Man—Wlionever my wil'o needs money she calls me handsome. : Friend—Handsome V Hamvillo Man—Yeah I Hand some overt : "II, is not/; easy to go with a smile on" your Hp.s day in nnd day out. Yot cul'livation of a cheerful outlook' is a definite safeguard against illness. It Is slim minting anrl ^ives one- f confido-nce to fa-ce- the world and to tat'klo. the rough \\iith the smooth. It keeps? the circulalio'n in. good fettle and'-thai, Jielps t»o rein waste products which accumulate ill ere. • "Germs -have a "poor chance in such ' circumstances. Fatigue, as you know, moans a lowered vitality, poor powers of" resistance do infection. •• '"'It sis' a greail, -asset, to be able l,o make Hgnl, of adversity, to be merry when things arc sad. It is not iinpossi'l>lc of achievement any more than is -bravery, and 1 .its value Is just as high; BorrmvaM—R is Oiard bo be poor ill the time. Harduppc—It may be< for you, but for myself;.'! find il, is the easiest thing in: the world. A-,nonsense-story going tluvroiuids Sir Lancelot', lost one dark night'Jn' a deep woods. He wah- ;lercd-aibiout .'iJielplossly. nnd' after .^omo hours, en-countered a -handsome Sf* Ber.nar'd dog,. The dog attached himself .to Sir Lancelot, and they ..went on togctbo.r . for some Lime. .Tlicn- Mm. Ic-nifglit, exhausted, ml on the back of the, magnificent aninval. .It dutifully took him. .-Urailghtway to d tavern. Sir Lancelot -knocked at -the door. . • "Could you give method 'and board-V" lie, inquired . of -.the' proprietor.-' The tavern Jceeper peered out into the dark-ness. "Who -am 1 to turn ou|. a knight, on a dbg liike th^s?-' 1 he - an-swercd. - . • Dick—Tsk,, tsk. --',,'.'•". *'•' Doc—Tsk, tsk. : ; Henry—If .y,ou guys can't talk abou-t tiny thing "bill, "Mi e' way the governmejit'runs thds w-ai', I'm going home., , The man who graduates and stops lea'-rninsg -tomorrow cdu-caled the day after. to-day is un- J3oogy—What's worse than raining cats and dogs? iWoogy—-HrflWn'g toombs and parachutists, i By "Jerry' 1 Doheny - • • -. . .., - .- ,- ^* Mr and Mrs. Philip Yeaton; like many other store. keepers take a real vacation about once in a dog's age," Recently fire in Phil's store necessitated renovations, that closed the store for 10 days. You'd think this might be a e-ood chance for them to snatch ^ few days of rest but Phil spent all the time supervising operations, and his wife u^ed the time to do -ne^essarjr" work about the house. They're apparently pals of the fellow who said hard work is good for one. ,. - . -- - ,'• : -... ' ; ' . .'• '•-' ' »V Eddie Mariano and Fninkie Purs, fast as a door on a basketball--court or baseball diamond, seemed mighty slow about coming dowir to receive'trophies lor (h« •Naugatuck high school, at graduation exercises tnday ni'o-ht The boys aren't getting bashful at this stage, are they? Eniil Mannweiler, board of education chair- 1 man/seemed headed for- trouble- When a seat mix-up «|. •tered the plan of those scheduled to get diplomas firsl, but kept calm and soon was out of trouble. . \Vo are| o-lad to sec that Wally Sinskie, who enlisted 11.1 the 1 olish army, was awarded a diploma. . . Mariano Purs, Charley Fogarty, -Ace" Durette, -Buck" Reilly and Doug| Phurston were among -,the athletic stars graduated this year. . . v . Pete Miele took in the Dodgers' games with the Cards I :n Brooklyn Sunday. Pete's heart is well-nigh broker these days for his former idol, Joe Di Maggio is in the" tooes of his worst slump in years,. . Frankie Gentile o South Main street has left the New Haven Register of. flee to take a job with the New Haven railroad. , , Chairman E mil Mannweiler of the school board announced Friday night at graduation .exercises that the vale, dictorian, Tom ReiUy, planned to matriculate at bt, Thomas' seminary, Hartford; Ray Lutze, salutatory intends to enter Rensselaer; Jane Baldwin essayist plans to enter Mount Holyoke college, and Richard Schaefer fourth-ranking student, will Venter Fordham university That ought to be a swell time Thursday when the firemen-'s softball team anxl tfe^Cpast; Guardsmen,at tlicj Bethany barracks get together:iii a tilt,that;will probably keep the scorer -busy all of. the; time. . v It's our turn to blush a deep shade of pink. Recently we lauded Bill Jones of North Main street as a baseball expert in this column. What' we said probably still is true but we can assure you that Bill isn't an expert on seating. He went to see a game in New York recent j and instead of getting the usual $1.10 seat, he decided to blow himself to;a $2.20 box ^ ;J? We hear BW w teUuj friends now that the box seat was deep in left field, that he couldn't see the players anywhere near as well as. if to had had a $1.10 seat, and that he's off box seats for lit* We understand Billy Patterson isn't going to pay much attention to planes any longer due to a recent experience, but just what this was is being kept a deep mystery. . . ' ' Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds! Civilan Defense For Emergencies Of Waij Hy LOGAN CUENDENlNfl, M. II. FROM THE PACIFIC coast a friend of mine who was the most eminent authority on war. gases-m Dr. Clcndening will answer questions of general interest- 'only, and. then only through his column. ; 0 _ : = - o the last war writes me some sim.- pl'c rules for- civilians in preparing for war emergencies in the civilian population. 1 feel that they are so much simpler than many of 'the elaborate and 'frightening rules that have hecn put out that I •should like to pass them on. The* emphasis is on preparation and prevention. Proper preparation increases morale and self;-. confidence." Self-aid is' "also strongly, emphasized. ( and th.e...;. facb.^tha^t.. civilians -'should -'make- the ••!ft6sl->6.C i what is available. . To help reduce the -fire hazard: Clear paper and rubbish front, base- mcnls, attics, vacant lots 'and barns. Have water palls, sand' and shovels in homes, garages, barns and in all buildings and working places. ; ' Phosphorous Hums Phosphorus burns with yellow flames. Smother with dirt or" water. Ekin burns from phosphorus are bad; treat* them with five per cent, copper sulphate solution. Oil burns 1 wili'i a yellow,. heavy, smoky ii am oV Smother it with sand. Breathe, throu/gh' wet- clothes to .protecl/ -nose, threat anci lungs from' smoke. - ,•' . • : ,. ,.^ Thermite!, and , magnesium ; burn with, \yhite, sizzling .flame. -.Spray edges with water and smother with dry sand or dirt. Burns should be-protected, preferably with sterile oils; shock shauld be treated with ordinary means; plasma loss should b'e, treated with blood plasma trans- fusions.v Particles of foreign matter in burns should be removed. t ^ War Gases , . ' .4^ War gases may be mixed with incendiaries or demolition bombs. The best protection is obedience to air-raid rules"; got inside with doors and windows desert? 1 With ordinary wind conditions this will protect* against, dangerous concentrations. If windows are broken by bombs, breathe .through w« cloths. Wash eyes, nose, inmitli| and throat with a solution of teaspoonful v of baking soda in glass"of water. ' . War gases are not brutal or inhumane. -They are less llk-?ly l°l produce death or permanent .jury than bayonet, shot, shell , flames.'It is not necessary to make| i a chemical identillcation of gases in .order to provide ef treatment. Tear gases are loni|)0-| r'ary in action and their ^fleds may be handled by a two per cenl baking soda solution. Sneeze gases cause lemporan| discomfort with headache, can be treated with a two per ce»i| baking soda solution. Lung irritants may briiiK syni^tbiVis for '18 hours. • If * .sure is. jSUsp.eeted, the bosl ^nieh>Js/!ivcsl s in' be'd. Blister gases on the skin very,.soluble in fats and are ^l.reat&d with a three'.per- cent s,oj ..lutj'ou , of hydrogen .peroxi<l'' oven simple washing wllh and wafer. Be careful whom hlister fluid goes as it is also \ ;• l t \ ,'••;. . •'• - . .;_ .QUESTIONS A'hJI) "ANSWE1 ; W. A/ L.-:~r would like son^l informatl-on about cataract of eye, 1 low long does it have lo vvelop. before it can be - removeaj| •Are> both "eyes apt to be alYliclo- the same"-.time.? Is.there any cial care that given ilio oye that wo.uld be -beneficial? I diet help or hinder in any respi 1 Answer;, pjcujists like to •cataract rijybn before thoy it but ivow long this period should be is. not onsy v state. Fiir(hermore, it i^ v " dangerous "to : -try to do this on >'P own, advice because if . oalal ,,, are allowed to go on too I 011 ^ tli ( eye on that side-w t ill beconi-' »' ' Double cataract is fairiy coinnu No special treatment helps 1)^ 1C operation, the only relation; diet,to cataract .is. that common in diabetes. nO.R'-S NOTE/ Dr. ^.^..-- . pppampblcts wliicli can be o»ta»' 4frs.vl.vachjn;imp)j?et, sells for lo.j •••i'hy " onc?J.|>aTni>hJct - -desired, «» ^ cents in coin, and a self-addressnt^., ope ; stamped with a three-cent si. Dr. Logan Cjfnde«|ng, in cn» c paper. The pamphlets'arc: '. I lircc stipation," "Re^lucini and Gam-iig • fant Feeding." ''Instructioi^ '"' ' Treatment bfv Diabetes," " 1<c ' vu " Il I 1 ; r n •giene," and-"The Care of llu Skin."

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