The Reporter-Times from Martinsville, Indiana on April 2, 1984 · 11
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The Reporter-Times from Martinsville, Indiana · 11

Martinsville, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1984
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i n 1 ? i- Reagan 'throws glasses at TV actors WASHINGTON (UPI) -President Reagan says he has thrown his reading glasses and used "unprintable language" In anger over television reports on Edwin Meese, his nominee to be attorney general. Reagan also said he believes Democratic attacks on his White House counselor really are aimed at him. "Sometimes I get mad," Reagan said In an Interview published Friday in Gannett newspapers. "Look, I'm the guy they're after with their demagoguery. Well, all right then, come after me." Meese, a top White House aide Molesters may have gone on to murder LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Detectives have reopened an unsolved 1976 murder for a possible link to a nursery school being investigated for widespread child molestation, a prosecutor disclosed. District Attorney Robert Philibosian said Friday the brutal murder of Karen Klaas, ex-wife of Righteous Brothers singer Bill Medley, was being reviewed because her son, who was 5 years old at the time, attended the pre -school. Miss Klaas, 32, was raped and strangled in her Hermosa Beach home on Jan. 30, 1976. She died five days later. At the time of the slaying, her son attended the McMartin Pre-School in neighboring Manhattan Beach, where the owner and six teachers have been charged with 1 15 counts of child molesatlons. Prosecutors said more than 100 children may have been abused over the last 10 years at the school. Sheriff's homicide investigators and Hermosa Beach detectives told UPI late Thursday, however, there was no link between the 8-year-old murder and the school. "We're looking at it to see if there is any further connection, but that was covered in the original Investigation and covered well," Sheriff's Capt. Robert Grimm said. "There doesn't seem to be any connection other than her child went to that school." , Philbosian also told reporters Friday that a Torrance daycare facility was being investigated for : possible molestation the fourth Los Angeles area pre school to come under scrutiny in two weeks. A female teacher at the school was detained by police Friday and later released. The unidentified teacher at the Hickory Tree Preschool in Torrance was questioned after police served a search warrant at the school. A second search warrant In the same case was served at a private residence in nearby Carson. In a separate case, Philibosian said a suspect was arrested for molesting a child at the Little Angel Daycare Center in Lynwood. Earlier, the district attorney's office said that up to 20 children might have been victimized at the school. Philibosian said there was no connection between the various preschool investigations. NOTICE Of ADMINISTRATION IN THE MATTER OF THE UNSUPERVtSEO ESTATE OF FLORENCE S. WELLS PlCIIMd IN THE MORGAN SUPERIOR COURT CauM No. S64P2S NOTICE to horoby glvon that Richard S. Walla waa on tha 26th day of March, 1964, appointed personal fapre tentative of the aetata of Florence S. Walla. AH persona having claims egeinet said estate, whether or not now doe, fftMt file the oame in aeid Court within five (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice or said claim wHl be forever barred. Oeted at Martinsville, Indiana, this 29th day of March, 1964. JOAN GRAY CLERK OF THE MORGAN SUPERIOR COURT WIIHemH. Wehrte ATTORNEY FOR THE ESTATE RlOI-Apr. 2,9 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION M THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF VERNC. PARKER Dace seed M THE MORGAN SUPERIOR COURT Cause No. S64P29 NOTICE to hereby given that George H. Parfcsr was on the 27th day of 'March, 1964, appointed personal representative of the estate of VemC. Parser. AH persona having claims egeinet said aetata, whether or not now due, must Me the same In said Court within five (S) months from the date of the first publication of this notice or said claim wM be forever barred. Dated at Marti nsvttto. Indiana, this 29th day of March, 1964. JOAN GRAY CLERK OF THE MORGAN SUPERIOR COURT WHllam Wehrte ATTORNEY FOR THE ESTATE RlSS-Apr. 2, 9 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING The Morgan County Board of Zoning Appeals will, under the provisions of the Morgan County Zoning Ordinance, as amended, and according to law, hold a public hearing on April 23, 1964, at 7:00 P.M. In the County Court House,-Martinsville, Indiana. Said hearing is to consider the application of Contractor's United, P.O, Box 3004, Columbus, IN, for a variance from the requirements of Chapter VI, Section 6.01, said ordinance to operate a portable asphalt plant on Cecil Roger's property for a maximum period of six months for the reconstruction of 1-70 as a contingent use on a parcel of land on St. Rd. 42 In Section 16 Township 13 North Range 2 West In Adams persons may file objections or approval at Me office of the Boerd on or before said hearing and wtH be heard by the Board at the said hearing. A copy of the variance to on file in the office of the Board for puoNc Inspection. MORGAN COUNTY BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS George W. Beck, Executive Secretary P S. The Board of Zoning Appeals meet only once a month. Should the above Hated meeting be cancelled and you are interested in this party, H is your responsibility to caH our office to find out when the meeting wiH be the following month. We DO NOT request that you be renottfied. R21 5-Apr. 2 NOTICE OF PUBLICHEARING The Morgan County Board of Zoning Appeals will, under the provisions of the Morgan County Zoning Ordinance, as amended, and according to law, hold a public hearing on April 23, 1964, at 7:00 P.M. In the County Court House, MartlnsvHte, Indiana. Said hearing to to consider the application of Unnie Moorefleld, 715 S. Warman, Indianapolis, IN, for a variance from the requirements of Chapter VI, Section 6.01 , said ordinance to place and occupy a mobile home for her lifetime only on property she owns as s contingent use on a parcel of CLASSIFIED ADS WORK. PHONE YOUR AD IN TODAY, ANSWERS WORLDSCOPE: 1-im Wright; 2-ltaly; 3-)ordan; 4-Helmut Kohl; 5-TRUE NEWSNAME: Francois Mitterrand MATCHWORDS: 1-e; 2-a; 3-b; 4-c; 5-d NEWSPICTURE: FALSE PEOPLE WATCHSPORTLIGHT: 1-Howard Baker 2-San Francisco, Atlanta; 3-DePaul; 4-William Howard Taft; 5-Great Britain i ' i ' 4- nominated by Reagan to be attorney general, was criticized during , Senate confirmation hearings for receiving financial aid from men who later got government fobs. : Because so many questions were raised on that Issue and others, Meese asked the Justice Department to seek a special prosecutor to investigate all the charges against him, hoping the move would clear the way for his eventual confirmation. - Reagan said he occasionally gets angry when he watches television reports on Meese, and he said his aides tell him that once in a while when they see him "throw my glasses ... they know I'm angry. "But I also learned that you can eat yourself up with anger," he said. "I'd rather eat them up." The president said his response to those making charges against Meese is, "Quit picking on people who haven't done anything wrong and who actually have made a sacrifice in order to serve in government, and try to destroy human beings the way they are." Reagan said he used "unprintable language for a minute or two" when he saw a television report this week that Meese had failed to relinquish fade and gold cuff links he received from South Korean officials in November. Under federal law, government officials cannot keep any gift worth more than $140. The White House Gift Unit has decided the cuff links that Meese and 11 others received were worth $375. In another development Friday, an aide to Sen. Howard Met-zenbaum, D-Ohio, said the senator may be coming under attack himself for his criticism of Meese's nomination. The Washington Times reported Friday that Metzenbaum made a phone call to the Immigration and Naturalization Service last year to intercede for a nephew who was having trouble at a ob there. Metzenbaum did place a call, aide Roy Meyers said Friday but did not try to convince the agency not to fire his nephew. Meyers said the senator's office knew Metzenbaum might be a target for criticism because of the Meese case but was assured by White House chief of staff James Baker "that nobody at the White House was doing anything such as this," Meyers said. 165 closed; bridge out SCOTTSBURG, Ind. (UPI) - It will take several days to make repairs to an overpass along Interstate 65 that was damaged In an accident, highway officials said. A 10-mlle stretch of the interstate was closed Friday between Scott-sburg and Henryvllle after a truck rammed the Vienna bridge overpass and caused part of the structure to collapse, police said. Highway officials said all lanes, north and south, were closed because of the unstable nature of part of the overpass still standing. The bridge was about 19 miles north of Indiana-Kentucky state line. State police said the interstate would be closed both directions for about three days. Traffic was being rerouted on U.S. 31, authorities said. The truck driver was not seriously hurt in the crash. Swiss and Italian engineers bored the 12-mlle Simplon tunnel through the Alps from opposite sides. When the two headings met In 1906, they were perfectly aligned horizonally and only 4 Inches off vertically. land on St. Rd. 142 In Soctlon 30 Township 13 North Rangs 2 West in Adams Township. Interested persons may fils objections or approval at the office of the Board on or before said hearing and will be heard by the Board at the said hearing. A copy of the variance is on file in the office of the Board for public inspection. MORGAN COUNTY BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS George W. Beck, Executive Secretary P.S. The Board of Zoning Appeals meet only once a month. Should the above listed meeting be cancelled and you are interested In this party, It is your responsibility to call our office to find out when the meeting will be the following month. We OO NOT request that you be renobfied. R216-Apr. 2 LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF INDIANA DOCKET NO. 37360 M THE MATTER OF THE PETITION FOR INVESTIGATION A NO FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF RULES, REGULATIONS AND STANDARDS OF SERVICE FOR TELEPHONE UTILITIES IN INDIANA PROVIDING SERVICE AS A RESELLER OF INTRASTATE WIDE AREA TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES (WATS). PETITIONER: MIO- AMERICA COMMUNICATION CORPORATION. Notice is hereby given that the Public Service Commission of Indiana will conduct a public Evidentiary Hearing In thto Cause in Room 907, State Office Building, Indianapolis, Indiana, commencing at 9:30 A.M.. Local Time, on April 16, 1964. PROPONENTS CASE IN CHIEF. Notice is hereby given that the Public Service Comrmsaion of Indiana will conduct a public Evidentiary Hearing in thto Cause in Room 907, State Office Building, IndtonapoHs, Indiana, commencing at 9:30 A.M.. Local Time, on May 17, 1964. OPPONENTS CASE IN CHIEF. Public participation is requested. PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF INOiANA R242-April 2 DU Indiana Bank & Trust Company 76 So. Main 1360 E. Morgan Also in Paragon. MEMBER FDIC US tries to cut off source of nerve gas WASHINGTON (UPI) - For the second time this month, the State Department has accused Iraq of using chemical weapons in the Persian Gulf war against Iran this time nerve gas. State Department spokesman John Hughes also said Friday one step the United States will not take Is to bomb Iraq's alleged nerve gas manufacturing plants. "There has been no consideration of a U.S. air strike," he said Friday. But the government did order export restrictions on five chemical compounds, which can be used to manufacture the Internationally banned agent, and it asked other governments to do so. "Applications will generally be denied where there is reason to believe that these chemicals will be used in producing chemical weapons or will otherwise be devoted to chemical warfare," Hughes said. "To the best of our knowledge, the United States has not been the source of chemicals used by Iraq to manufacture chemical weapons," Hughes said, although there has been "an Interest" in the compounds. A high-level Pentagon source also dismissed the possibility of Israel carrying out an air strike against an Iraqi nerve gas factory as "a lot of crock." He said such a manufacturing facility is relatively simple compared to a nuclear reactor and could be duplicated easily at another location. The New York Times reported in its Friday editions that U.S. intelligence believes Iraq is racing to build a production system for nerve gas to use against Iranian human wave assaults. A company in West Germany is believed to have supplied Iraq with laboratory equipment that reportedly was used to manufacture nerve gas, apparently without the firm's knowledge. The State Department said March 5 it had evidence indicating Iraq has used lethal chemical weapons against Iran, apparently mustard gas. No mention was made of nerve gas, which with other chemical warfare weapons is banned by the 1925 Geneva protocol. "I think we have not had any doubts In the past and have said that we think there is use of nerve gas by Iraq," Hughes said in the first public U.S. statement on Baghdad's alleged use of the lethal agent. "We wouldn't have any problem about saying that there has been use of nerve gas," he said. An official who declined to be Identified said Iraq apparently used the nerve gas on an experimental basis and not in massive quantities. The restricted chemicals are potassium fluoride, dimethyl methylphosphonate, methylphosphonyl difluoride, phosphorous oxychloride and thioglycol. Indiana's first woman federal judge is installed INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - Indiana's first woman federal judge, former U.S. Attorney Sarah Evans Barker, took the bench Friday with her fellow judges after being sworn in by Judge S. Hugh Dillon. Her lifetime appointment as U.S. District Court judge for the southern district of Indiana culminates a legal career in all three branches of the federal government. ' Mrs. Barker replaces Judge Cale Holder, who died last August following a stroke. "When a judge is sworn in it is one more ongoing step in the process of justice, a process which is never finished," Mrs. Barker said, after taking her oath and was given her judge's robe by her husband Kenneth Barker. "This a celebration of human endeavor and a distinguished human mind," said Gov. Robert Orr. Mrs. Barker served as Indiana U.S. Attorney since 1981. Before that she served as first assistant to Indiana U.S. Attorney James Young. Her first assistant, Richard Darst, is acting U.S. Attorney until a successor is chosen. Indianapolis attorney John D. Tinder, 34, appears the most likely to succeed Mrs. Barker, according to members of the legal community. Tinder, a former Marion County deputy prosecutor and former assistant U.S. attorney is one of three candidates for the job. The other two candidates are John D. Craig, a Brazil lawyer and son of former Indiana Gov. George Craig, and former Muncie mayor Alan Wilson. The names of three candidates have been sent to the White House for consideration. Adkins Body Shop Meis Unibody Measuring System Meis Unibody Frame Equipment Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE 342-7975 1290 S. Marion Politicians figure way to sweeten farmers before poll WASHINGTON (UPI) - House and Senate negotiators have reached agreement on a major farm bill that puts more cash Into farmers' pockets before the November election. The bill would set the wheat target price at $4.38 per bushel in 1984 and 1985, in place of scheduled increases to $4.45 and $4.65. Next year, targets for other crops would be frozen at 1984 levels. The package also included promises of $2 billion in additional export financing, $253 million in additional emergency loan funds for farmers and provisions easing rules for producers with Farmers Home Administration loans. Agriculture Secretary John Block said he was pleased with the action. Critics, however, called the bill a "cruel hoax on the American farmer." The bill now faces final votes in the Senate and House and then it goes on the President Reagan for his signature. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Agriculture Department is reviewing its estimates of weekly cattle slaughter from the past several weeks because of apparent overestimates in those numbers, the National Cattlemen's Association says. An official of the USDA's agricultural marketing service acknowledged the department had overestimated the figures over several weeks and said there should be some findings from the review in two or three months. However, the official also stressed the current review was not a special case but part of a regular ongoing review of livestock reports. The weekly slaughter numbers for February and the first week in March indicated the USDA had overestimated slaughter 15,000 to 20,000 head per week, said John Ross, NCA director of marketing services. That issue was one of several NCA officials discussed in meetings this week while in Washington for their Bankers joyous as Argentina finds some sugar daddies NEW YORK (UPI) - U.S. bankers hailed an agreement among Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia to join with Argentina to raise $500 million needed to pay Argentina's back interst to its American lenders. Francis Stankard, executive vice president at Chase Manhattan Bank, said Friday the agreement "is unquestionably the most constructive development to date in the international debt situation. "It represents an extraordinary cooperative effort among the nations of Latin America, the U.S. government and the private banks," Stankard said. "We see this as an extremely positive inter - governmental endeavor toward a longer term economic program for Argentina," a spokesman for Manufacturers Hanover Trust said early today. "The active participation of the other Latin American countries makes this a watershed development and highlights the individuality of sovereign borrowers and the constructive spirit in which parties to the international debt situation are working," the spokesman said. The Treasury Deparment said late Friday the countries reached the agreement earlier in the day. "This multi-lateral financing package, conceived by Mexico in hemispheric solidarity, is designed to help the Argentine government restore the basis for sustainable economic growth and to foster democracy in this very important Latin American country," said department spokesman Thym Smith in a statement late Friday. "Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia have provided a total of $300 million," he said. "Of this total, Mexico and Venezuela each provided $100 million, while Brazil and Colombia provided $50 milion each." The 11 commercial banks of the International Advisory Committee for Argentina also provided $100 million in financing to Argentina, which is drawing $100 million of its own reserves for in the package. Smith said. Treasury Secretary Donald Regan is expected to elaborate on the statement in a news conference today, officials said. Argentina faced a deadline today for meeting first-quarter interest payments on its massive foreign debt. The $500 million will be used to pay interest on Argentina's debt that is more than 90 days overdue. 1984 CHEVETTE 2 DOOR 4997 Immediate Delivery IDiOwn CHEVROLET-BUICK annual board of directors meeting. WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Agriculture Department has delayed sending a bill to Congress that would strengthen enforcement of Its meat inspection standards, the National Cattlemen's Association says. John Ross, NCA director of marketing services, said USDA officials had expected to submit the bill by March 1. However, problems arose when meat industry groups expressed concern about a provision in the legislation that could deny due process to meat plants accused of violating USDA standards. The provision would allow the USDA to summarily withdraw inspection when a plant has been found guilty of a major infraction of the law, without waiting for administrative hearings and appeals to be completed. USDA officials hope to send the bill to Congress by next week, Ross said. MANHATTAN, Kan. (UPI) -Kansas scientists say the select use of water sprink lers can save livestock from unnecessary spring weight loss and heat stress. "If air movement is adequate and relative humidity low," said Dave Nichols, a Kansas State animal scientist, "sprinklers can be an inexpensive and effective way to reduce heat stress and improve overall feedlot performance. "Wetting cattle with sprinklers periodically reduces heat stress by increasing evaporative heat loss," he said. "Sprinkling also reduces ground temperature, thus decreasing radiant heat gain." KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) - Dry weather is expected in the Corn and Soybean Belt Friday, before some precipitation moves into the area this weekend, Global Weather Services said. Forecasters said light rain and snow up to one-third inch will develop in Kansas, Missouri and the Delta Saturday. Light moisture will move into the Ohio River Valley and Carolinas on Sunday and Monday. The far north wilt remain mostly dry through the weekend before a storm system returns rain and snow to the belt early next week, forecasters said. It's not smart to try to shoot policemen MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (UPI) -No disciplinary action will be taken against a policeman who fatally wounded a woman who had exchanged shots with officers late Thursday. The woman, Betty Stephens, 38, Michigan, City, died early Friday in St. Anthony Hospital from a gunshot wound in the hip area. Police Chief Barry Noghstine called the shooting very tragic, but added there would be no disciplinary action taken since there was no wrong doing by the policeman. "The officer had nor other choice," Noghstine said. "If she would have just put the gun down, it would have been completely over with." Michigan City policeman David Sadenwater, 37, also was treated for a gunshot wound in the hand and released. He was shot by Mrs. Stephens who also fired shots at her husband and later threatened Michigan City Patrolman Jeff Cuma, 22, who fired the shot that killed Mrs. Stephens. Officers were sent to the Stephens residence after the victim called her husband, James, and told him she contemplated suicide. Mrs. Stephens fired a shot at her husband when he arrived home and later at police when they tried to talk her into putting two pistols down. At one point, Mrs. Stephens put one handgun to her head but did not pull the trigger. Equine tour CASTALIA, N.C. (UPI) - A Nash County minister made good on a 2-year-old promise Sunday by riding down Main Street on a jackass. The Rev. Dennis Bail of Castalia Baptist Church had promised his congregation he would take the trip if 100 people showed up for Sunday School. The challenge seemed hard to match in those days, when only 40 to 50 people usually showed up for Sunday school. But on the rainy morning of March 25, 104 of the 168 members turned out. So Sunday, Ball mounted a jackass named Amtrak while dressed as a circuit-riding preacher of the 1890s. On the way from his church to L 8i L Grocery, he had hoped to get in some preaching. "I tried, but the only thing I could concentrate on was not falling off," he said. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A scientist says a group of chemical solvents that renders cancer cells harmless and allows them to begin functioning normally may offer a whole new way to treat the nation's second leading causa of death. 3423376 044-OJ O n Martinsville, IN REPORTER Mon., April 2, 1914 Bankruptcy courts get another 30 WASHINGTON (UPI) - Senate Republicans and House Democrats agreed to a 30-day deadline extension that will prevent federal bankruptcy courts from going out of business at midnight tonight. Under a last-ditch measure approved by Congress Friday, federal bankruptcy courts will remain in operation until midnight April 30 while the Senate and House work on more permanent authorizing legislation. Senate Republicans and House Democrats waited until the last moment in the hope of reaching agreement on major new bankruptcy legislation. When they failed, they had to resort to a simple deadline extension. "Quite frankly, we ran out of runway and this is the only way we can go," Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told his colleagues. Senate Republican leaders, unhappy with a House - passed measure, have negotiated with House Democrats for a week to try to fashion a compromise, but they were unable to reach agreement on new authorizing legislation. Without the deadline extension, federal bankruptcy courts would no longer have the authority to operate after midnight tonight under an interim rule in effect since December 1982. That rule came from the U.S. Judicial Conference, the policy -making arm of the federal judiciary, after the Supreme Court in 1982 invalidated the bankruptcy court system established in a 1978 law. The high court ruled bankruptcy judges were given too much authority to handle a variety of legal issues with too little protection from other branches of government. The Democratic - controlled House last week approved a bill that would keep the bankruptcy courts in business, curb potential abuse of consumer bankruptcy law and give farmers new protections when grain elevators go bankrupt. The problem is that the bill would also make it harder for financially troubled companies to throw out their union contracts a provision opposed by Senate Republicans and the Reagan administration. In addition, the House bill would make bankruptcy courts an adjunct of federal district courts, and bankruptcy judges would be appointed to 14-year terms by regional federal appeals courts. The administration wants to give the nation's 227 bankruptcy judges life tenure, making them independent, and give President Reagan the right to make the judicial appointments. This is carrying star-worship a bit too far LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Two teenagers who say they like actress Penny Marshall's "Laverne and Shirley" show face trial for breaking into her Hollywood Hills home dressed as Japanese warriors and threatening her with a sword. Municipal Court Judge Samuel Myerson Friday ordered Anthony Pierson, 18, and Daniel Sheppard, 19, to face trial for armed robbery, burglary and weapons charges. The teenagers each were held in lieu of $20,000 bail pending Superior Court arraignment April 16. They have pleaded innocent to the charges. Miss Marshall, co-star of the long-running TV show, "Laverne and Shirley," testified that she surprised the youths, who were dressed as Japanese warriors, in her home the night of March 13 as she was going to bed. She said one of the small, slightly built youths pointed a sword at her and said, "Don't move, or I'll kill you." One youth told her they wouldn't have broken into her house if they had known who she was because they liked her TV show. The actress testified the youths cut her phone lines and smashed one of her telephones, telling her, "It's better than beating your head in." MAKING A MINT: Britain's Prince Andrew appears on a coin for the first time celebrating his official visit to St. Helena Island and Ascension Island during April. The British Royal Mint has been commissioned to strike 5,000 sterling silver proof Commemorative Crowns for each island. The portrait of the 24-year-old prince is depicted on one side of the coin, the other bears the renowed Arnold Machin portrait of his mother. Queen Elizabeth II. WASHERS AND DRYERS Available At . . . I I I I I t ) I ) 0

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