Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 23, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1942
Page 1
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NAITOATUCK DAILY NEW?, TUESDAY, JUNE 23; 1942 Women s Personal and Social MINNIE T. AITERN, EDITOR Susan Rrennan Has Party Hronnan o at a hirlh ol'lonmon Susan, who was to ivUondPcl' were Jr., 1'Mavla, Hobby PefiM 1 find! I'auf Kln- aiid Lauren Lenu'yel, ,l'l'., UllllH, fini \rllni 1 lU'iuu'MHoy, Thum- Aulhniiy IliiruH, I'ali'lt-.lii i|> ll:»lr. ,\lr. .utd Mr-i. .John Klnni.y '•Miry, Mr. and Mt'M, Jc,se|ih Mr. ,iinl MIN. ,l:ime>s (dh- MI-H. lldw-ird lien- Mrs, !<', J. Hren- and MUM l-'loi- llurns, M an l/nlH Halt Kmllno IIOMI'SON ;,irl TliiHiip.'nm \vlll he host- Wnnmn's MisslniKiry HO,. siilf-m l.ulhrrnn church C, i New sfret'l, on June «»,), at H 0, 'F, Fellows are the meeting I. t). 0. s. Louise Wl'liam Andrew Mrs. Ruth Obst Will Be Hostess An all-day, meeting of lhe / Glenn- oi's of Hoaooiv Valloy (Iraiigo- will bn hold l.oinorro\v with Mrs..Rutli Obst of the Ntfw Havon road ns hOHtiifls, Tim Orange will sponsor a strawberry supper nl, the hnl! on Thursday from 0 to 8 p. m. The public Is Invited. On Friday evening, tho regular mooting of Himnon Valley Orange will be held. Mrs. Amy Hott, tho now li.T/turor, will bo In eliarga The subjec.t of thu evening will- be "ime m»rl thii 'I'onr.hnr. 1 ' 1 Mrs. Klorenoe Cooley, Juvenile deputy, will eonduot an Inspection )f the Juvenile granges on "KrTday (veiling In I he lower ball. Novel Stitch Baby Set \Vir-t KHIows' hall, There Humiliation and Hoo, of the mom- of tho Niui- and it a at 7:30 ,11 ,,f .|,| M > v«!hwms ,,i, iiuhhiT avenue. Nancy Smith's Birthday Fete ; Mr. -and Mrs. Joseph .F. Smith on- c-rtnlnnd a! a lawn parly roeont!> Iliclr 'homo on Cottage street in mnnr of tho birthday of Mich /au^h-tor, Nancy. An enj'oya'hlo so. al nrr.iisi'On was fakun part In bj fut Kroitp alicndlng w-hleh Inciudec fcirgnrel Rniory, Cello -U'oHon, Mar- Ki'olla DeeKan, 'Ua'bolln Anderson Jean Campbell. Carol Walker, liar- tiara Paiitl, Clarice Swap, Barbara UnHinway, Mleanor Hnkanas, Har- harn laiskay, Justine San ford, ,1 J trlrki I i kike, Sylvia Jolnison, Sandra Kloivoskl, Carol Hayes, Lynn (iralmm nnd Horl.ha Dubai. ol' thu oventnK In of. iwolgn r(mT V .. (1 ,.|y ' HOCUS „, will, a n , lirn int,', ;m.l .,,|,, s . DKVOTKKV votlon will be ecl«> Kraiu'is' i-hiiroh s-tart- Mass at 7 M) K.-Hlay wHI In- brouKlU io ft K- M;«^ ul. II a. in. KYIKHTAIMMJ MKC of or \ MM. s i,.,.,. '.ml in Harold Wo! IT JUT cnlc •My Smith, of Xorth of bui-y Eclwai-d Butwill Feted by Friends Mr. and Mrs. imi.well of lUissnll d.rne(. entertained Salurday evenlcK it their home for lOdsvurd liutwell if Li'wls sli-eoi, who will- enter the 1. S. army thlq month. AmoiiK those present were Mr. i uid Mrs. (ioorfjo Bufwell, Mr, anil Mrs, \Vllllam Suprenanl, Mr. and •,Irs. Anthony Johnson, Adolpn '•iokaloskl, John K'orls, llan-y Duki.- icy, Larry Owon, Bill Happy, Frank irllh, Ih'len and Afary Dalkns, Hill Kieih, frit 1 /, Hahn, John Koohanaw- ikl, August Haranauskas and Stani-y Lucas. Local Chemist Wed Saturday Ilii- SVuhM llojdloy hospital, UI.ITUNS limit: MM Mil--- i-iu'i tin i IIOKY .\ Mj l. who lii )u i has NA.MK .MKKTINfJ ji'i-ilinw ol' Holy f»r SI. M.iry's chi li;iH. II lui II. i in tin- |i;irlsli will be i-n an- vtr.vno.v i\ M.Ai.vr: .VIIITH ;md H;ii'i',\' l' v nll •i'l-'-Mi left today for M.ilii-'. wlit-n- lln-y wl ni'Nl, twii inoullis. d t . of rcsqne l s|»i'nd Miss Maria Harriet Smith of \Voodslde nvonuo, Wntorhury, and !]d\vard Mannweiler, Jr., of u chninlsf with tho Nnu- Chomlcal nompnuy, were narrlod on Saturtlay, Juno 20, a I ilKh noon In the- Cluirch of St. Phomas tho Apostk 1 In Oxford. Rev rhomas Lane olllc-laU'd at the cere- nony. Miss Janet C. Smith of Uarnford, a sister of the bride, and 'arnos Donnelly of Walurbury weiv .he atlcndiilK oouplo. On- returning from their wofkllnft trip to HocU- port, Cape Ann, i\Inss., Mr. and Mr? tlanmvHIiT will reside in Williams,»ort, Pa. Blanche Thurston On Dean's List Tailored Cotton Classics Set Pace In Sport Styles /806 PATTERN NO. 1806 For Baby's first going-out days, he will need a soft wool saoquo, cap and bootle set. Hnby \vill.look completely Irresistible Tn this crocheted el- with Its novel stitch and ribbon trim, Four ounces of yarn make 'the iot which means that you can .still lave an inex.nenslve wool set for Jnby despite the rising cost of wool (•am, l^fttLcrn envelope contnins com- ilete easy-to-rcftd and easy-to-fol- ow directions-for the above. Send lie (coin) for above pattern lumber to IS'augatu'ck Dally News, \oorllo Arts-Dop't, P. 0. 130X-172, station D, New _ York, N; Y. Germans Pushing Drive On Middle East (Continued from Page One) the wisdom of of I.KAVINtJ I-'OM l';itrici;t Mr. :iiii| MIN. .Viir •<livi'l. will Iruvt- '•"•if. \'t,, wln'i'c I'M 1 , of VKIl.MONT ollrlt, d;ill.u'h tr- rls f-'ollcft (it' tomorrow for IU'; stK-'wlll spend Hi IIMK Holy .\;HIM nhurcli i n Hit- 7: he Mass li hnl AKI-'AST - .society of St. Cnlrui filly will on next Surulny Tho .members y officiate of Kq Fllnnclin r J'h.ii!' : rtt6n, dnugJitcr Mr, and Mrs. Freeman Timrslon ,i tiuin(!sl(!ad avcnun, who rooontly ofiiplclcd h(M- junior year at the i 1 Of Now MoRliollo, Now Ho, N. Y., attalnnd a hltfli fivor- nil hni- Htudins and hnr namp iMl on Ihfi Dean's list, It hns announced. ,i«c Anniversary of Father and Son .'iml Mrs. (ic '' < 1 oiirl ivci .'inili svi-ddiiiK HnhhoK. of in ,NVW York niiy. li'iimld llnbliotl wur Hii'lr iirsl. wi-ddluK '' same diiv, 'sary ami Mr. atid his and Niimmi'i' School lit POST .TUMOR Delegates Named To Convention Thn slalo convention of tho Amor- loan Legion will i)t' hf-ld In Groton. Conn., on Juno 20 and 27. James l-'an-nn, Howard Tluirston and KIi-o .'llilof .John ,1. Shorkla-n will !>e doln- •<ritr'H from iVuiiMntnnk posi, No. :t7 AHornaln.M will IMJ lOdwiml Gerbor, Or'oi'KO B. Loss-Is and Alex Noldo. M/-M, llaxo). Gurjnonfl, prosklnnt o'C 'Mo Auxiliary, .nnd Mi'H. Kthol Weber svlll rnproHont tho nuxlll/iry. Mrs. A lion llohlnson nnd Miss Anna Noldo will be alternates. Prefers Long Skirts STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18 I'AIIK PLACE STEAKS — SEAFOOD COOKTAIL BAR Mra. Eleanor Gridley Mrs, Eleanor Qrldloy, ,06, of Chi-; cngo, nn nuthority on Lincoln, de- Bcribos tho Civil W«r as "gflorious" but tho prdton't .-cdAfllct as "shocking: slaughter." Sho says that she wants to lead a regiment of Men against tho Axis but she'd do it in long akirta because "women Ibok like zanies in uniforms." • •-•-••-- (Central Preie} openly- questioned Mllecl strategy. One resolution Is boing prepared. expressing lack of confidence in "the ^ontral direction" of general war •strategy, This iloosn't name Churchill spn- Illoall-y, f)ut Oil in-chill is rcsponsl- lo for Britain's conduct or the war, Ghurchl-irs deputy. Clement Atl- leo, has promised Parliament that the prime minister -will return aft soon ns possible to face Ihe storm, Atllee promised full debute on tho Libyan defeat, tho shipping shortage and Church ill's talks with l-'r/jfehiunt Roosevelt. Atllco urged that Parliament withhold Its fire until all facts arc known, and then put the blame whiu'e blame is due. In the Interim, he explained that Tobruk had fallen because of what General Auohlriieck termed as "impossible situation." Aiiohlnleclc also advised Attl'ee that, at one point, Britain had tin Nu/,ls nc'ur exhaustion— but lacked Ihe strength, to knock them out. Despite the reserves so far, Auoh- inlucJc assured ParHament thn.t Britain still has 'strong forces • in the field—In strong positions. But, though Britain is confident of Egypt's position, the situation at besieged Sevastopol seems more perilous. The battle-weary garrison has been reinforced,, and many women and children . have been evacuated. But tho grimmer side of the battle Is tol'd in iUissmn reports that defenders refuse to surrender— even when encircled. . Tho Naxis seemingly are making some progress, but at a terrific toll In losses. But the gravest threat that has developed so far, apparently was pinched off. when the Russians cl-oserl a gip the Nazis had driven in Sevastopol's northern I iOcs. The nussi-ans tell of particularly violent lighting in the new Khar- kov drive. Many points have changed hands repeatedly, and the Na/is made some slight gain In one sector before tho Red army stemmed the drive along new positions, Scattered fighting 'prevails along other segments of the eastern front aided by now outbursts of -.Russian 1 guerrilla activity. But: these are small-scale operations. In the west, the RAF is on the job ogiiTTV— hammering at Northern Franco- In dayHght raids. And hundreds of bombers singled out the •iN.-iHl seaport arid naval base of den for a concentrated attack night. -Brriclon now has been by 750 to IKK) plnnes four nights. At Gbtmgking, a Chinese conv munkiuo has accused the Japanese of more frightful atrocities— this time after tlic capture of . Lungllritf, In Western .Yunnan province, bordering on Burma. The .laps,, say? the oommuhirjuo, massacred 4,000 unarmed men, and then ravished ,he women of the 'town. On tho present batjltiground along the Nanchang to'TIangchow railroad, the '011111030 are holding dog- godly to the 02-mile stretch they control, ropoHlrig violent - enemy attacks. ' '/ . ' . , Lack of activity in the Australian theater may substantiate reports that thn ,'(n panes' o are transferring forces fi-om the South "Seas to Increase their drive agninst China, Genera I MacArth ur's commuh'kf uo has reported only reconnaissance operation's by both Allied and en- Pleasing- House Dress When one thinks of.-cotton shirt- maker dresses, one think. 1 ? of Mc- Mullch Classics and their clever designer, Dorothy Cox. After studying painting and earning a reputation as a top-ranking fashion artist, Miss Cox entered the Held sign. Her first- venture started a vogue for quilting in clothes and home decoration which has carried spreads,and vanity covers, At the time'she joined McMullcn In J930 the shirtmaker dress was coming into-Its. own, and the com- ipany had started a line of women's tailored sports clothes of exclusive cottons, cut and sewed; by. the export . necdloworkers who had -made Us -men's shirts famous. Her pioneering instinct; urged her to do something with the ' then strictly .tailored shirtwaist, dress, but she /Irst re-styled the fine chambr'ays used In the garments along more feminine lines, making them into stripes-for the .first time, introducing now colors, Jn line wth her artist's feeling for color; Then,, retaining the crisp, clean-cut lines of line stitching detail typical -of thc'shlrtnmltcr's craft,. • she introduced softly feminine variations on the cJassim theme. Miss Cox's tailored cotton classics immediately set a now pace in sports, fashions. Women look pretty in them, feel at home in them, find them eminently practical because, T having been pre-sbrunk and fasf 1 • colored, .they retain their line ill; and affinity for the wash tub. This season Loth Miss Cox and Appropriation of $43,000,000,000 Asked /Continued from Page One) McMullcn arc, hi their own words, "all-out for cotton." A softly tailored ehambray that buttons down M;hc front has .a dirndl skirt; a lettuce print on mcnssvcar ' ribbed white Madras is crisp as a salad for sultry vycather; sophisticated^ town ginghams, in dark colors have crisp wlilte plquo"collars and cuffs, and chambray suits come with' plain skirts,.paid jackets. cmy filers, Australian Prime Minister Curtin expresses pessimism over the entire Allied outlook. Me snys the situation is no cause for complacency. or cheery optimism, llosv- ever, he expressed confidence In an- ultimate Allied victory. Eighty-Eight Persons May Have Lost Lives (Continued from Pago One) Second Officer Prank W.ilU- of Lasvrencn, James Rodidick, Providence, R. I. . Ivan M. Skoglund, Revcrly, Mass. Sergeant Ceorge J. Friasis, Newton, M-ass, Corporal J'osep'h Stin, , \\'atcrbury, Conn. ,1'oseph H. Duh'aine, Providence, R. I. •,--.. • Luis .Deao'osta of New Bedford, M-ass. Joseph R. ' Qu-lhn, Hartford, Conn. Local Men To Report For Duty (Continued from Page One) Do'back, 237 Scott St., Ntuigatuclc; Wal-tnr I. Hnll, West Cheshire; Al- le.n, \V. Fettcrnwn, Jr., 6(i Carroll St., Nangrftuck; Leonard M. Calm?; 282 N-o. .Main SI.,•-Nwug/itnck. PUKCELLVILLB WON .Bos-toii, June M—(UP)—TMie five- yenr-okl, Purcellvillc -ran to a lialf- length-victory in Wic Gth and fen- •turc .race fit Suffolk Do^vns. With Teddy Atkinson in the saddle, 'Pnr- •cell-Vin-e-'-coyered -Mic mile and 70- yards in..'Olio minute, W\ 3-15 seconds. 'Tr-iphno finished 1 second nnd. Lis'h-t llelM'h was i-n. tlio slcow spot. PATTERN 1582-B 7f prizes were given for house dresses, the style offered in Pat- lorn No. j582-13 would take a blue ribbon 1 It has the charm, the individuality and the flattering fitting qualities every 'woman wants in the frock sh e wears for her household work I The neatly designed yoke at the lop with its square, neck is the smartest of details, the gathered sleeves with their button trimming are perky and delightfully comfortable, the ric-rac trimming emphasizes Ihe slimming panel down the front I This is a frock which is especially .becoming to heavier women although 1 the -style is anything but matronly. Neatness at the waist is assured by the side sashes which tie in back. Barbara Bell PaUorn r; r o. 1582-B is designed for sixes .34, 3G, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48. Size 36 requires 4 3-8 yards 35-inch material, 5 yards ric- rac. A full variety of pattern styles awaits your selection in the latest Fashion Book! All'sixes, too,'from 1 to 02. The Pasliion Book is J5c each or it may be ordered together with a IGc .pattern for 25c plus Jc for postage. For this attractive pattern send IGc, plus Ic for .postage, in coins with your name, address, pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Bell, Naugatuck Daily News, Post Office Box 75, Station A, New York, N. Y. PRIVATE BUCK .-. By Clyde Lewis ' •• . • .' •-. .'. : ' - *• ' J • Industry must, ivtore aggressively explain il.s purposes find a-ccflm- pJishrnent's. It must admit ils shortcomings. From Ihe'community industry receives « val-ua'b.lo franchise. TO t/he 'community it should make an accounting of il/s social responsibilities, just as lio'-iits stockholders it nuisl make -a finanicial nc- counl.i'iyg. — General Motors Annual Report. "Industry is a com-bdnnlikm of cap-', representing the physicfl.1 fnci]- itlos t,o prodivc-e; manngoment, rep resentin-g Ihe ond^direct Ing ifor.ce; and labor, an essenfki link in this chain of productive power. No one link flino-ng tho three in this chain can function productively .-AVil;lTout coordinated acfioi on the part of the other two."—Don- aldso.n -Brown, vice chairman of General 'M-otors. Ovenproof Individual Casseroles- Set Em : last , in the past STMSIK'S CKNTEK ST. DIAL ,VJ7fi2 Kvcryl.hinn's »"- dcr control when 11 tied to your fjir- dle by onr expert corsctJei-es at the air-conditioned RUSKin coRSETJ SHOP! MAIN STJ Spoi't Shoppers Find the Doris Shop a Mecca for Dresses. Easy Credit Terms. 'DORIS SHO; fVt >\ I M S 1 R ."There it is. Sir, a Jand route^ to Tokyp! J> We Still Ilnve-' Electric Hroilefs - Toasfcps • - Irons - Waffle Irons. Iluy Before They're AH Cionc. CCHNEER C «^ CREDIT JEWELERS ^^ 16? Sou«h Main S*. — 4-2206 .-•The-biggest single ilom is Iv bil- li'on Collars for aviation, Including 24,000 new pianos. Aviation, says the army, is gefiflng first priority. Th-e measure 'also carries funds for and for I/ho women's nrmy auxiliary corps. The -now bill would bring our war commitments since June of J 0-40 to the a sir ono m i ca 1 I o t;i 1 o f 229 billion dollars. To most people that is just 'another number. But d/o give an idea -of .its size — U\s half again MS -much as -|,ho United Slates spenl for all purposes from its founding uniil Juno of JMO. High" army officials, asking for the huge sum, revealed that from now on offensive the keynote of.- the army's plans. Noting ' that $43,000,000,000 may only bo a starter, the arnly said "unpredioi- ablo contingencies," probably will -Increase the total. Jn their testimony Before the appropriations . committee, officials disclosed that the army will mini- her./j,500,000 men by the middle of 1M3. Youths 18 ,l.o 20 years of age, who enlist-now, arc being trained for combat duty. They arc the best soldiers on certain assignments. The army also revealed thai, H js planning for mass evacuation of the wounded by airplane. And it said that, the chemical warfare, branch of the. army now is devoting most of Us attention to poison gas. As for the huge number of officers needed for the growing army. Officials told the committee that the strength of the West'Point cadet corps will be raised from 1,800 to 2,4 00 next year. Alaska, army officials said, soon will be served by a railroad and tljc bill includes money for a survey of land for such a line. The committee disclosed that alrcr^rt-prodirction is 'tip^tb— if not exceeding—President's Roosevelt's 1042 goal of 00,000 planesV Aircraft factories under contract to the army will produce^49,000 planes: in 1912 and 1943. Tbi.s is the army's share of the 185,000 plane; goal for I hose two years; • Some $13,000,000,000 Is set, aside for loud-lease purposes—raising to $63,000,000,000 the-amount of lend-lease given or authorized. FIVE VALKDICTOIUAIVS IN CLASS E«u Claire, Wis. (UP)— The Eau Claire high school graduating' class of IMS had ffve' valedictonunus. All hn-d "A" "averages for all four 'years of high scho'dl. . WILL PLAV Detroit, June. 23— (UP)— - The veteran ]*obby .Jones Ivas tentatively accepted 'an 1 -invilalion to -play .'with l-he in the Hyder Cnp MJivoflt. matchos at .Bh'mlnglranv Michig^in, on July 18th and 19lh. SPECIAL Mon., Tues. Wed. KEG, $15 OIL WAVE Mivchino, or $10 fiottuim 1 ! OATIIKHCIU $1.00 OUio-r \Vnvcs $5.50'" • Xotos • .Taiual FRANCES WOOD MKAUTY SALON H IIAIWISON AVRMJE IMIOM5 :J-!M575 le Bra«cli>~r <> Clmpol WAITING TO TIIIIILL PH01VI WAIT — NICWS WHITK ICVI5MY DAY. TO CRT A LKTTISK — WKll 1 !*: A LICTTlCH! SHEAFER - PARKER - PENS Airmail Stationery Saves Postage \K\V STYLKS — COLOItS If It's Writing- Paper — Come Here IIOMIC — TODAY — AMI AUT AND STATIONKHY STORE YOU CAN BUY Plumbing- and Heating Supplies Without Priorities of n JTnly FOR The completion of ponsfi'nrh'on or vc huildtnn which hns Itoen sdu-led nf J!)il, hiil. hnfon? ApHJ -joih, i;wa» — ALSO — Wo can sell n wafer heater, Imrninfj coal, oil or fln.s s(orrtf|o (nnlc to any person who equipment. ami ran fie holler, or does not, have this EAVES TROUGH LEADER PIPE LEADER PIPE - FITTINGS Foot 1CM) CAPS' 1!) (inHer IIun;«j< i r lOc Drop On (lets OHirr MtWnflS in Stock. .Elaves Trough SAVE ON Lighting Fixtures LIGHT FIXTURE New hif'jh value in howl type lijjhtinn. Wide spread of Hfjht. Ivory tone finish wild, crystal ornaments. INDIRECT FIXTURE Ivory finished canopy witli French crystal fjl'nss in »» assorlmenl or colors. $1.95 Life-saving 1 Suits are giving torpedoed sailors another chance. SAVE A LIFE — CONSERVE RUBBER United States Rubber Company ; Naugatuck Footwear Division -,".'/,

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