The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1941
Page 8
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:PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1941 BUSINESS^ Quantities Held Adequate With Development Of Many Substitutes CLEVELAND CUP)—Virtually all metals necessary to the defense program- exist in adequate quantities in the 'Western Hemisphere or can be replaced by satisfactory domestic.!, substitutes, according to W.- H. Eisenman, secretary of the American Society for Metals. Eisenman, in a discussion of the place of metals in the defense program,'said, "the government some time ago inaugurated a policy of acquiring and storing certain materials' normally imported. ••The army and navy munitions boards class the following as strategic metals: nickel, tin, antimony, tungsten, manganese, chromium and mercury. Most of these metals are used extensively as alloys of steel (or armor plate, guns, machinery and other uses. "Cana'da supplies 90 per cent of the world's nickel, and most of the antimony used in the United States comes from Mexico.'Manganese no ' longer reaches us from Russia and South Africa, but there are deposits in Cuba and South America which will, with refined low grade manganese ore, meet the nation's needs," he added. - Tin Stocks Stored Eisenman pointed out that tin conies from the Dutch East Indies, but that, smelters are being built ill this country for refining Bolivian tin i ore. He said there is enough manganese in "reserve in the United States to last nearly two years and enough tin for one year. Tungsten " imports from China have dropped off, Eisenman said, but deposits estimated ai * 30.000,000 tons have been found in Nevacia and a $250,000 refining plant has been completed there. He pointed .out, that.molybdenum can be substituted for tungsten in many cases and that the,United States has a world monopoly on molybdenum.* i Commenting on iron and steel needs, Eisenman said that alloys and methods of manufacture pros', cssed considerably during 1940 "The use of gray iron has shown a steady increase." he said, "as a result of laboratory and production line proof that it responds well to heat treatment Today, high quality gray iron castings are being heat treated, completely or at pcints. where special .qualities are required, and with satisfactory result?." ;..,,. J ., Stainless Steel' Favored "Eisenman said that stainless steel is coining into-use in aircraft manufacture. It is heavier-]than aluminum -" alloys'/' but . stronger. Both metals.-are being! used in increasing ~ amounts iri the j defense pio- gram. --'- • - • • " • Discussing', non.-ferrous metals, Eisehman 'saidt "First' oh' the •list She Makes Mercy Her Mission By Giving Blood Transfusions "My idea is 1o train one pelican to do the \vprk of a hundred pigeons/' New Winter Suit Fire Eating Helps Pay Expenses At Harvard CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)—Reed B. Dawson of . Mount • Vernon, N. Y.. is paying part of his college expenses by acting as n "fire-eater." He i.s a junior at Harvard and his acts have made nun a popular attraction at Boston parties. His specialty is setting fire !to his hands and letting the flames creep up his arms. "It really^ only tickles," he said, "though most people think you are burning to death. I do it all with chemicals." Swallowing fire, he says, is just like breathing" in warm', air' •• —• if done properly. Dawson needs more chemicals before.''he can put on a big show because, without them, "even a" lighted'-match--burns the roof of my mouth.*' : • . : By NKA. Service WASHINGTON .—To 'hundreds of people throughout the U. s.,' 42- year-old Mrs. Rose McMullin of Washington is a symbol-6£. mercy, hi the past 12 months she has traveled 29,000 miles,' by plane and rail and car, to give .''53,05)3 cubic • centimeters 'of her 'lire- blood—53 quarts—in 256 transfusions. All she has charged • were expenses. • In 1935 Mrs. McMullin's, niece, then four, was dying .of a , siaphylococ-eus infection resulting from a Fourth of July burn. Only chance for t her recovery lay in discovering some one who had recovered from the same infection No one could he. found. So Mrs. 1 McMulJin herself submitted to inoculation with the germs. She almost died. But once recovered, she . was immune and able to give her little niece life-saving transfusions. : ' Appeals for aid have come." to her by . the thousands..' They come from "all over the country. As many as she could, she has heeded.. ." •'• Doctors seldom permit a blood donor to submit more than, a single transfusion every six- we'eks —after all,-the human body, holds only about five or six quarts of blood. But during- 1940.the remarkable Mi-si McMullin averaged a transfusion every, day and a half. Although physicians have often warned her that death may ' ;end tier work, Mrs. McMullin, plans to keep on giving her blood : to" sufferers from staphylococcus ; arius and streptococcus viridans until it does. She likes to think .of her unique career as an ••''assignment from God." ' " '• To Meet Earliei American Legion'• Auxiliary will meet tomorrow night at the American Legion Hut at -7:00 o'clock instead of 7:30 o'closk; : the usual »King Mme. •/;••; ; ; ' ' .. : The change is being made in order that members -may 'attend the Founders' Day and Fathers' Night program at the high school audi-V <••"::'• ''•:.•'a^ whi?h. W. C. Teague editorial writer and radio commentator of Memphis, will'.speak;-''. *i.:W»' *J. ^V •. <£*>..>\ V*.* and'water. The youngsters who^man^Uncle Sana's fast-expanding armored units' will, dress like this x in. --._,. „ -„ winter. New four-piece uniform are, aluminum-and-copper. Berylli- has trousers, blouse, jacket'and urn; copper, for ' instance, is widely helmet, all made of cotton-cloth used, in 'making springs, especially lined - with 20-ouncc wool and where, the,spring-must show uni- gpecially.Mreated to repel wind, form.'/reaction, to'force, as ^ in'.the - - v case of springs' in electric ".meters and''airplane, instruments.'- , \ '-Of vital. importance to rearma^ ment and industry, has been the jde- velppine,hl of hard .cutting ,tools; he said, w " "Cemehte.d, \carbides ., have reached a-4940 -production-' figure^ of several "times 1 that, "of 'pne previous yeftr : « Tools * of this material are used : in'the boring-and rifling of gun barrels and the production of armor-piercing ~shells and bombs," he added. - -. Eise'nmann heralded new welding developments as -virtually revolutionizing the shipbuilding'industry.' "Only three years ago," he said, S "an American shipyard caused a' sensation by creating the first American all-welded ship.-- Today that same yard has completed 18 big cargo ships which are at least 85 per cen; welded and has 43 under . construction. The same thing is taking place in other shipyards. More Welding- In Planes "Airplane manufacturers are using welding to an. ever increasing extent in the fabrication of- huge planes on which the defense program so greatly depends," he said. .The need for substitutes and for stronger, and• lighter metals has stimulated research to a great degree, Eisenman declared. New alloys, vnew-.techniques of manufacture, and discovery of previously unknown mineral deposits are some W A NT ED 1940-41 Loan Cotton LOUIS APPLEBAUM BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Phone 1G7—LD 19 !•' 107 So. 2nd ''St. CHAMPION A group of ducks is known as plump. Workers Will Be Aided In Finding Better Jobs The Ely they illc office of the Arkansas State Employment Service is offering a new service to workers in this vicinity, it was announced today by Herbert Whitehead, director/ • ; ;.;' '.',.; ''- > ;,•.'. •• 1 Beginning Tuesday, .Feb. 25, ihe local office will be open each Tuesday .evening from 1 to 9 p. in. for the purpose piV accepting applications from workers • who are at, the present employed, bui who are seeking better jobs or jobs to which they are better •: qualified or for yiiich they have had. special ralnihgv.: •'••••;'•• • • This announcement is expected to. e of particular -interest to those vho have found it Impossible to all at, the ; office during the reg- ilar hours. Individuals who have had trailing or experience : in the commercial or professional fields or who had experience in the skilled trade groups are especially invited to register for work at this time. Unemployed workers are requested, to' call afc the local office to register between 3:30 a. m. and 4 p. m. each day from Monday through Friday. Strange Pig Is Born . CAMDEN, Ark. (UP) — Winfred Mfedlin, farmer, reports that a freak : pig.,was born on his farm. 'The animal lias five feet, all perfectly formed, the fifth foot protrudes from one of the other The strange animal is five wee old and is expected to survive. WE MAKE'CONCRETE STORM SEWER ~ ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co. Phones 253 & 60 D. S...laney. - Kd Wiseman Osceola, Ark. Mrs. Rose McMullin ... with a cat for good luck. Attend District Meet Eight Blytheville legionnaire from 1 ' the Dud .Cason American Legion post attended a district Legion' meeting", at' Trurnanh : yesterday. : y."\ , :: '-V f ,'• ";••'; .*'.. ••• They were John Buchanan, Ed Bice, : Neill Reed, Commander G. R Carter, -H. L. Halsell, LbuLs Lendennie, Max Parid; and Vincent Panlgoni.' . ; ; Mr. Reed was the principal speaker at .the. 'meeting, attended more than 125; legionnaires. Read 'Courier News want ads APPROVED Alfalfa $eed Lespedeza Seed Oats Seed Corn All Kinds of Field Seeds Keystone Bulk Garden Seeds BABY CHICKS PURINA FEED Fresh Dressed Poultry L K. Ashcraft & Co- 112 JE. Main Phone 154 We Buy Poultry AN ATTIC FAN ° «*• $ 59.30? YES! Completely Installed. We bring to your HOME or STORE COOL, AII-OOMDmOMED COMFORT and we guarantee results. We have a wide assortment of attic fans, priced from $59.50 up—Installed. There is one to fit your particular need! . ' | NO DOWN PAYMENT UP TO 3 YEARS TO PAY Write us for information, without obligation. Peabody Fan Ventilating Company 157 Gayoso Avenue Memphis, Tennessee PER WEEK A RECORD MAKING TIRE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone RITZ a ROXY THEATRES Blytheville, Ark. Price Schedule Starting Sunday, Feb. 16 (AM Taxe,s Included) cf the results of the new demand, j '• Eisenman revealed that one im- porta nt • and . comparatively new technique is powder metallurgy. Finely. powdered metal is ' modled under : . pressure and subjected to extreme .heat..''.This process, known as; "sintering." causes-the metal to "flow into; a- uniform structure." Eisenmaiv pointed out that one of : the advantages- of this method is" that the finished product can be made to have'any .degree of porosity;This type -metal is. used extensively in the manufacture of oil pump gears, automotive clutch fac- i Ings, oil-distributing bearings and' dicscl fuel filters. - I RITZ THEATRE Day of Week Matinee Night Monday . . ...... ; ...... ......... .20c Tuesday . ,. ........ ............ .20c .(Except when 3 day picture ...... .20c Wednesday . ..... .,.........:... .20c Thursday . .:.-... . . .V.-J ,_:. . ...... 20c Friday ......... ^Y., ..... ."T..^.. ,20c Saturday . ... ....... U -^ ...... .30c All Children (under 12) .10c ROXY THEATRE r»av of Week Matinee Night HEADACHE * ^CtpvAiM. Act* fMt b«e«<M* K'« liquid. ' See Wr ^ctfckly lw«d elnrs, Mrva «re •Hlati*. awl yo« f*ri McBdicr. Follow di- MMm M teWL ICe, M«. 10* *U«. rudCAPUDINE Sunday . . ...'.....".".". .""."30c Monday . Tuesday . ...•......•; Wednesday . ... : Thursday *. -Friday ............. Saturday 30c .3t)c .30c .20c .20c .2Uc .2U C ,30c II IT for Styling for Road Action with Economy-for low Price / ***«• i &:- c- ;••*'<. •<h\ ^ r.'S *»yzi ~v & £ ' • A v «*..i W\M It's the only Jow-priced car with a 90-h.p^ Valve- in-Head "Victory" Engine . . . »he only low-priced car with exclu- sive Body by Fisher and all the other features listed here. ... It out-styles, out-accelerates and OUT-VALUES all other biggest-selling low-priced cars! smn W wM Givfe this nation the facts, and this nation will give its verdict on any point in question. ;.. And when this nation hands down a verdict, wise men everywhere accept it as a guide-post to value! Well, the U.S.A. has given its verdict oh motor cars . . . given it unmistakably by awarding Chevrolet sales leadership over all other makes of cars for nine of the last ten years . .. and now the U.S.A. is giving this same verdict again by showing clear-cut preference for the new Chevrolet for'41! "The U.S.A, picks Chevrolet!" And, if you'll make your own eye it—try it—buy if test of the new Chevrolet for '41, we're convinced that you'll pick Chevrolet, too. And get the nation's No. 1 car-value as a result! Please see your nearest Chevrolet dealer— today! AXDVOf&l AU Children (under 12) .10c EYE/T :•«£ LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Phone 481 Blytheville, Ark.

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