The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1967 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1967
Page 4
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Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, April 11, W8T - Pag« flw Happy Hand Talk of Hawaii Gentle as an ocean breeze, graceful as a swaying palm is the silent hand language of Hawaii—the hula. Demonstrating for classmates at Pan American's International Stewardess College at Miami, Fla., is Karen Naka- tnura of Honolulu. FLUTTERING motions In front of the lips mean a favorite word, "kiss." THE GRACEFUL ALOHA In hula-ese carries a number of meanings, such as hello, goodby, good luck, I love yon, and other useful sentiments. FINGERS stooped toward the mouth act out "poi," Hawaii'* national disb. A GENTLE plucking motion with the hands symbolizes the word "flower" in hula. Hal Boyle NEW YORK (AP) -Life is like a squirrel burying acorns. The acorns are memories. Planted in the heart, they take root there and in time become mighty oak trees, and pleasant indeed it is at times to lie in their green shade and recall the past. When it comes to saving up memories, every man is his own midas. No other human being in the world can quite match his hoard, for each collection is unique and personal. But it is fun to share memories. And youve got a pretty good collection yourself if you can look back and remember When: A dude was a fellow who wore gray spats and pearl buttons. In a small town nothing really memorable usually happened except on Saturday nights. During the week you talked about what you had done last Saturday night and what .you looked forward to doing next Saturday night. Every school desk held an inkwell, and sooner or later every young lad succumbed to the temptation to dip into the inkwell a braid from the girl who sat at the desk in front of him. Only spendthrifts or very wealthy men bought suits that had only one pair of pants. Nobody thought cigarettes but it was caused cancer, agreed by many that if youj crec jit. smoked them regularly you were Those pretty likely to come down with tuberculosis, which then was just as feared. Children didnt expect When people took a plane trip they took it for granted that they would probably get airsick from bumpy weather sometime during the journey. A nickel cherry pop was fiie most popular soft drink in America. But if you wanted to make a big splurge you bought your best girl a 10-cent ice cream soda—just to let her know -that when she went out with a real sport like you nothing was toS good for her. If a warm spell came along during a cold winter, everyone sagelly remarked, "this is'pneu- monia weatSier. You knew you were in an up- and-coming town when the undertaker (he also ran the furniture store) sold off his horses and bought a motorized hearse. A small boy couldn't make up his mind whether to grow up and be the engineer of a train or the conductor who took up the tickets and also, with an air of judicious gravity, would pull a big gold watch from his pocket and tell passengers exactly what time it was—to me exact second. It was thought that, if there should ever be a second world war, the weapon most to be feared would be poison gas. A big chunk of the U.S. pop ulation still preferred to pay cash and thought it somewhat immoral to buying anything on mailmen: 7,000 are bitten an- i nually. This costs Uncle Sam $1 million in sick leave and medical expenses. Now that spring is-here, don't absently-mindedly start nibbling on strange plants. They can he deadly. Among familiar ones that are toxic are lilies of the valley, oleander and rhododendron. Oh, for the life of a lion!. It seems the king of the jungle is a lazy monarch. On a typical day he will spend three hours walking and stalking (he leaves most of the killing of prey to his wife), two hours eating and 19 hours resting or sleeping. If you don't eat 17.2 pounds of candy a year, your sweet tooth isn't as sweet as the average. Driving can be a strain on the heart as well as hard on the parents tained. their to keep them enter- They could spend a whole afternoon happily blowing soap bubbles through an old corncob pipe. It was a mark of real affluence to be able to have a cast iron stag in your front lawn. You didn't have to be a contortionist to get in and out of automobiles. They had running boards to step on. were the days! Remember? * * NEW YORK (AP) — Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: Seven out of 10 people who get tattooed regret it later and seek surgical aid in having the arl work removed from their skin. Among the diseases spread by unclean tattoo needles are hepa titis, tuberculosis and syphilis. If people kept their dogs chained, the U.S. postal service would be a mite less deep in red ink. The canine appetite for SURPRISE — Marshall Sherrell, custodian at Lee Rood School in CaruthersviJle for 17 years, received a pleasant surprise March 30 when the teachers, students and office personnel at the school honored him on his 70th birthday. (Photo by Taylor) nerve. British scientists found that anxiety in heavy traffic caused the hearts of some motorists to beat twice as fast as normal. Perhaps one reason for the anxiety was fear of what the woman driver in the car ahead of them would do next. Rome solved that problem in 205 B.C. by passing a law prohibiting women from driving chariots. Geographical fun: You'd never expect to find a pessimist in Happy, Tex., Happyland, Conn., Happy Valley, Pa., Happy Inn, Mont., Happy Corners, Wis., or Happy Hollow, Ky. Secret: The toughest phone number in Manhattan to get is the one for the dressing room of the Copacabana chorus girls. Employes of the night club are forbidden to reveal the unlisted Hand Shake Expert to Be By ROMAN JIMENEZ MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — President Oscar Gesti- do of Uruguay will undertake a greetings marathon at Carrasco Airport next week as heads of state arrive from all over the hemisphere. While there is no fixed protocol for this kind of collective summit meetings, Gen. Gestido who took office March 1 — has decided to be on hand at Carrasco, nine miles from downtown Montevideo, to shake hands with each arriving president. Nineteen chiefs of state are scheduled to meet at Punta del Este April 12-14. Diplomatic efforts are being j made to convince Presidents Rene Barrientos of Bolivia and Francois Duvalier of Haiti to come. Gen. Barrientos has said he will not attend a meeting where his countrys aspiration for an opening to the sea will not be considered. Duvalier is afraid if he leaves his country, a revolution will follow. An inter-American presidential get-together was last held in 1956 in Panama. Worried Uruguayan officials estimate Biat the first presidents will be arriving Monday. Most are scheduled to fly in on number on penalty of banishment. Curing the royal blues: When King Louis XI of France was in a melancholy mood, nothing could tease him back faster to laughter than wat-hing a troupe of colorfully costumed small pigs that had been trained to to the U.S. State Department: Have we tried this yet on Gen. de Gaulle?) Worth remembering: "You probably wouldn't worry so much about what people think if you could know how seldom they do." commercial jetliners. Presided Johnson will use his own plane Tentative plans call for them to be whisked some 90 miles to Punta del Este, the pleasant easygoing summer resort where the summit gathering will be held. Some will fly over in smaller planes, some in helicopters, am some will go by car over a splendid, panoramic road. No special ceremonies are planned for the arrival of thg presidents, but armed forces platoons will pay homage and a military band is rehearsing the anthems of all tbe nations. Uruguayan authorities dismiss any idea that there may be violent demonstrations before and during the conference However, there is a growing campaign by Communists tt stage protests against it, anc especially again at Johnson's presence. The whole Carrasco Airport area may be declared a military zone. Its approaches will be guarded by reinforced police and military detachments to prevent anyone except officials and accredited newsmen from entering. NEWS BRIEFS TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) "We didnt have a real vie* and we all love the mountains, says Don Lambert. So in the backyard of Sie Lambert family home he built Mt. Flora — 5'A feet tall at the peak, containing 70 yards of topsoil and covered by eight or varieties of ground cover plus dwarf trees. OXFORD, Ohio (AP) - The Miami University Senate has approved a plan under which a student can sign up for any non- required course and finish it either with credit — if he gets REPORT TO POLICYOWNERS Thanks To You-Our Best Year Ever! • Total insurance in force increased 20% • Ordinary insurance (premium paid monthly or less often) increased 175% • Reserves for protection of policy owners increased over $2,750,000.00 million • New Offices To Serve You: Dalton, Georgia Jackson, Mississippi Jackson, Tennessee Memphis, Tennesses • New Plans To Sen/a You: Hospital Income Insured Savings Executive Special Whole Lifs • New Services To Serve You: Established Group & Pension Trust Dept Increase in Manpower-30% Electronic Estate Analysis HIGHLIGHTS )F 1966 1566 TOTAL INS. IN FORCE ?279,414,162,00 INS. IN FORCE-ORDINARY $113,591,671.00 INS. IN FORCE-INDUSTRIAL $165,822,491.00 RESERVES ASSETS PREMIUM INCOME % 9,7J9,896.00 $ 8,613,431,00 1965 $232,691,900.00 $ 70,400,560.00 $162,291,340.00 $ 39,318,873.00 $ 36,680,199.00 $ 45,314,235.00 $ 42,147,904.00 INCREASE $46,722,262.00 $43,191jlll.OO $ 3,531,151.00 f 2,638,674.00 $ 3,166,331.00 $ 1,096,465.00 OFFICES BIYTHEVIU.F, ARK. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. MEMPHIS CENTRAL MEMPHIS NORTH 528W.Chicka$awba 1724 McCallie Avenue 2011 Union 3407 Summer Ave.! P03-7923 62W355 275-1206 324-2133 ' MEMPHIS, Branch 997 Jackson Avenue 525-7,257 CLEVELAND TENN. Merchants Bank Bldg. 472-3346 MEMPHIS CRUMP MEMPHIS SOUTH 966 Crump Blvd. 3300 Commercial Pkwy. 527-1434 897-7521 DALTOIUA. ' JACKSON, MISS. MAIDEN, MO. JACKSON, TENN. 220 North Pentz 325 Woodland Hills 8I& 110 Howard Street 212 Highland Avenu* 278-2632 362,3871 276-2895 424-4545 National Trust Life INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE / MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE THE COMPANY YOU COUNT ON FOR PERSONAL ATTENTION CHICKEN NOODLE or tomato? The soup that comes out of this big pot would give anyone a liimmyache if they tried to cat it. It's molten aluminum, used tn make transmission and engine components at the ford Motor plant vt Sheffield, Ala. over a "C — or no credit. A Miami spokesman said, "its one way the students can widen their horizons. NOW, COtOR TV SO EASY TO TUNE YOU CAN DO IT.;. BLINDFOLDED .ALL NEW 1967 HANDCRAFTED COLOR TV FEATURING COLOR TV'S LARGEST PICTURE GIANT 295 SO. IN. RECTANGULAR SCREEN . '. * LL NEW ZENITH AUTOMATIC FINE . T nu,« 6 CONIBOL Zeniih Automatic Fine-tuning Control electronically fine tunes the color picture— instantly, automatf- . cally, at the flick ol a finger. Just set it once ao0 forget it ... AFC keeps tbe picture tuned as yotr change iiom chance* to channel. It even perfects your fine tuning on UHF channel! aufomafiaUy. AFC "tarts in" toe opt/mum ptclue and sound. making "picture- perfecT UinJDB simple. ZENITH. FULL PERFORMANCE FEATURES NEW ZENITH HIGH HANDCRAfTED CHASSIS Ko printed circuit, no projection shortcuts. Handwked lot unrivaled dependability. EXCLUSIVE ZENIIH SUPER COLD VIDEO GUAM) TUNING SYSTEM Ejcluin-e Gold Contacis tot ultra sensitive longer TV life and grater picture stability. ZENITH SUNSHINES COIOR W PICTURE TUBE Mew europium rare-earth phosphor for greater picture brightness with railam&.teiUMsraot, The quality goes in before the name goe*on( TtV) RAVCNMA * X4539 Elegant Italian Provincial styled "lo-boy* cabinet in genuine hand rubbed Cherry FniU^ood veneers and select handwood solids (X4539H), or in genuine hand rubbed Mahogany veneers and select hardwood solids (X4539R). 9* oval and 6' oval twin cone speakers, VHF Spotlile Panel and exclusive "Dial-Slop" UHF Tuning, S 679 95 With Trad* TIM BURGUNDY • 654S Exquisite French Proviftctol styled "lp-bo«" abmet In genuine Chany Fruilwood veneer* and solids-hand rubb«d to • beautiful - ° 9 " ~»' '"in-con, speakers i "•• • ™u ^ uvoi iwin-cone speakers a •"« 314' SDMtor. VHF Spotllte Panel and or/p •£.<& or • Uttf Slide Rule DM. * ;! Cll •' l) Wltfc Tr..J« HALSELL FURNITURE COMPANY 307 WEST MAIN ST.

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