The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1931
Page 3
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?IONj)AY. JUNE ;>!), I'm H f,\HK.> f'OURlHlt NEWS <J fcj U EJtUIUU L£ L* E .J 11 IN M! Frigate Constitution Ready lo Sail Again ci ' *n i ?-i i r i \ •»TH|) Die! r^ne hany Am- "rica-i Naval Hirlorv Will Visit Allanlic ! J ov!s. BY iirx'n'.it if. Trri) NKA Surviri- Wnfr l-.-.ik wlii'.c .-'•:- i!r..-\. ».->:•-: '•'••". crco:i -"is will )'i.s ar.J .' '.-'.!.. j kriioath her ke-e!. There v.i;i '-•" -.' ; '.i:i:il"l.s. a*; l:ie I'.-.a-.'i'ilU-M" -v::::!:.: ^tefe^^iS^^^^ f-'-^M' •'• XK-- VWH-V-. •--•'-"- -v ; >;-; J •, ;r,-^. •->.<'" V : ' \-T''-*">''^if '''''" ij/i? .$'<•••'•''': /?' ir. •r'\~~^"'i''' "^i id litr nr.r-.c. 1 of "O:,; I-.-i.i.-:-J.-s." «.i; .--lie. Is b."jir.t:in.; -iv.o'ner er::i-:-. Clearing this, pr,rt afcrui J'.:ly 4, s'-i? \vjli mnk* 1 her '.'.My n;> tile e'jr.M t-'i I'oi'lsmaulh. N. M.. >.i-ii:u parts, liavk south c'.r;v.:i ; : '" Allanlic cois; lo New Yr,rk. Ncn^.rk, V,'il::iin'iln.!. ihidcljit::-. Yr.rkfiv. n. and prrI: then 0:1 t.i I': 1 .? i;u:f e:ju! i. rue, she will cr.iif? slowly now. who was o'luu the c-.i !i .li- of the sea. Pertans she u-.av even strain at a ! loii" hr.w;er brliiiid a Hi;. l'.;r h-.r ir.tricolc tackli:. ii:e ::r.ils which ui-.e-j made her look !ike a i;r.-at ccn-'jlv-:!, :'.re not for mcjcrn .sailers. BiU sh? ^viil I;.. h,"r'-; in tilt 1 sea for -.vhic-1: she was made, and it wl'l be strar-e? If a oho^ily crew doer, not ru:! through tl'o rr^inr 0:1 murk 1 . 1 i)i!;liU. So many brave men have lived p.lyjard hvr, .so many h^v- 1 fought, .so [r.riiiy h.ivo^d. A Gallant HUhry She was l.iunr.-l-.ed r:; the U. S. S. Constitution in Bc.-lon in 1707. she cost $SOO,nOO and !;ros.ied 1.- G7G tt;n.s. i?l:o had ti:r=r.y a Dalian: rkipjrer -Cnpt:t!ns Sam Mieho!::^:!, Hull, Stcwa'rt. !irili'.bri:)F3. It was i her fir^t nrcat oxplcit ;vhf n sh? I oiu-raced' a Hr: l .l.-:i srinadrDii it: JSCO, (KCi>|»;l. anil tl'.pa'iinucv full rail racid to cant'jre the Sandivicii. She v.-as dism:i:i!le:l in IPOl. !>•:•. ? wan. i!flc?.t. a:;aip. a year Ir.ter. '/.There jvav tile Tripoli r-civenture. tth° storriiinr; of t' city an:l r.^"! Sr^lity r-lore. Ti any shin had a ^charnied life, certainly it was "Old They called her thai rarly in hsr arecr. 1 And v.hen ;!:? War of 1812 f\ it;: the British frigate, Guer- k,.V that Raw ihe stru?3lin; 'Y/tnierlcan j-r.tion tl'.e co:in:l:nce to jfiaht on to victory. i Ker restored d^eks today are e» rie('y like th'-sr o>; vhich brave ?a:l, r/.-.-i—.-c-uie nlere bays—maneuver?:! Sthc ^ijvs v!::eh fore away the masts ? L of the British' vessel. l-Mr'ard :s Mvl-.cre the insnirmi: figure of Can- fttaln Isaac Hull war, paired, rcollv ffdirecling the Hires fighlinc. Evjii Khe .ship's i;oa!.". are likn those which Iliie.:-; off the fine llava! o-Hcer. Csip- Jtahi^Dacres. ironi the beatt-n shin. ? . . . He and Ifull w^re close friends, in old age. It i.-, all history. Captnln bridge and the wimiinst .va-nsht vitii the Jai - a. tieekj rr-:l with bloec. dyinfi urrjin^T en their coin-. raJes . . . Captain Stewart and tho fiffht off the !he capture of the Cj-aiie and l!ie Levant. tl:o c:id of th..> var an:- — In' fi28 came the order to break he; 1 up. But Oliver Wend-:li Holmes (he as youn?, Jhrn. and not tl'e prar- v.-hisker-'d T:atrip.reii of (he lexl- burncd a r . this shabby ;reat- rcer.t of sn honnrrj veteran. His i;i- 1:1 !!rime:l out Im^ vsr;'. lhat— "The harpies of the shore FhaH pluck u:e cr.'jb of the s?a. Halher. i-rnod Holm's in wrath— "Aye. lear hrr iatlcrrJ eu- rir;n do-n . . . rnd nive her to Ihc c«:! r[ fi.v-in. Uic li^ht- niti:- arid 111-? ra!-." ik her at r.<. l;:it tl-rv 1?: ^ 38 PAGE i;,..., "O1U Ircniidcs" as she Icoke;! nipper !efu niKlcr full sail more man a century ago, when .-.he was the Tmcst fli'lulnj frlgale in Ihc U. S. Navy. On the left belo* is the uniiHially lona bowsprit which matt.; her so maneitverable. The broadside Kim;, comparable lo the mocl- ini iui-rct suns, uhicli r.ike'l dec!-:? of ciie'uy ihlps. are Khou'ii in tM upper ilnlu. And bpl-jw- is (hi- stpru,-showinf; tile rudder, ol the gallant 13i-yc:n-olcl Ccr.stllutiun. A half d'r.C 1 :! tines .she w^s out I of romr.:ifsi~n. IP. 1871 sl-.o was prr.ctirri'ly ab?.:idor.:d. U:it ,ir.\nv,- I sciiieboriv 'vould not allow l:rr 1,:iU: to rot ar.d fall no.irt. l:i 151S ;':? smashed her ru:l;!»r anil' ne.inv . sank, l-.r: v/as Med as;ain a n c' | brcuu-ht ir^ck to Ai)«ric.i". Aftev I:ei:i7 p--:iiih!trd at. t'.-.r nos- ed arraln. 1hr:<- wort's v:ern \VT]li-.:u: "Tne rid craft lies hoii-rd orrr tenanUc's excop: for mpxorhs i wiv.c 1 ) crowd hnr deck." 5-> shp lav | for ynr--. TIip Children nrmrnlicrrcl Tiiril the U. S. D.iurlitprc of icp | rla'lc:! ai;.-.:':or f!r:ve to r,vtnreh--~ 7t w.v-. m' p. ship;,; ma'iPr. Y^rs I of neflr:-; hari r^lo'.ve-' !hp s-ur?-' tinifc?rs ••> re;, t! 1 ." iron br.njs to I''t'^e fasl^:.i^,i>- [ o decay. A t'lil- | lir.u ell'! i' 1 - v..-. r .,-.-,;,-.. y/lial Crop-.''•J rivp n iri!]l:o:i dollars ins' 'o flv np r.r, o!:l, dmvinc: bst- Xo'u-. hut .still hrlp was no! larkinsr. In the schools. Holm-".' I pom V.MS knov.-n to every toy ant' Srirl. -o::l Ironsides" was a fs:ni' : er | n wc'.'.-lrlor.M :ll » 11 , p An:1 i: , n ,..,„; dre;i ri'-c their i>enn:f.s. t':eir >\i.-'-:I cl=. ar.r! ; v r!r dimes thil rfir- m [»; I live. Fji'. 1 !;!. .^.in A. tcrrl, nav.i] cor- Ftrvrt-r !:.\; done li; s vmk v.Tll. | they aie ,*'.'. '.here Even the ori<;i- '•.'. z?":t\- siave is in place. Euouri J boird f-e! of lumbtr to b:iild -17 l/jx-roorii Ir'i'ps Iren i:s t .d. For |>w\^, of the o'.d ship hnd to be re- Iplfte'. d. r,-v the replacement wj.s | made wi!h accuracy, and with tov- 1 Cflt'P, »pr tou-priiisT mast.q: nmch hlffb^r .v3£-fe«33 .j^-fftf^ - .rfvxffs'. .-Oeitf :->s%'.:. ]}R!:arline:it of Commerce Reprcscii!a!;ve is Visil- int' Blvlhcvillc Stoves. Cc':n?r. ni live '.vovk \vi-h Blyihovllle niF.rclir.nt 6 : to nid in t)i? FO!LU:^II of . importluil jiroblems afle^tlti-f the I furniture tratio ir. h^ing undertaken In- the Unit*?:! Stoics rn:nmcrc: rte- \i3rtment with the avviviil in Yank I'fnhtcrs lltinorrd VEKDUIJ. France, tui'i—A inon- ur.ient has just been erected over 'he nuns of Ihc vill-.nje of Mont- j n'irHort to . faucan in honor of the American' fnve:ii np[>f. u'ditr.s killed iherc In the Wnrla War. On September '21, 1918. American troops mui'.T the direct i civnmand of General Pfirfliin-j, | ,1'inril for days when Hheims wa.s under enemy lire. Archbishop Ce'rs'.in Kmr.uuiuel Suchar-d. recently r.p- nliplius. has Issue! a asking all admiie'-s of Cardinal Lucon lo join In the. project. I'd Hear , ,UP, S fi»nr nnn nn I/you oil Caiuihcrsvillc Man Brings Suit Against Inloniaiion- ;il Harvester Co. cAiiirniKusvii.i.K, MO. -- TIIP InUTimllwial Hiii-vcst 1 .'!' company ul America wus matte difcmliin! in a SM.CUD d.nuafip suit tiled sal- inday In behalf of Hiurli A. ' of (111-- vili- hy lh? lav, llrui u( Ward & Hi'i'vct. The damaars are .i.skcd fns 1 nn tillered lii-.Mrli of foiitruit The pVtHlGi] rci-jles lint uiiexpi'Ctrdly without fore knowledge on the pail cf Ihc plnln- till. t!ir HuiTrMcr cumpnny took 11 mi Mr. Tlti.i'ii a contract rov- 1-iitn! ihe dlMrihuiloii of Its inrjle- | men's hi r< .iilsrot county lor 'tin' I yi ai 1 in:ii and denihvd him HI Ihc expected ciimrnlwhim o.i sudi The llu:;h A. Tlstnili Implement cciupnny -wus forced Into bankruptcy near Die close of ID:io. lnri;<'- lv. Mr. Tislatll states, Ijccmise of the fact thai his roin|i.i:iy foiceil to (ake up a large nmiilii 1 : 1 of noles which the purchastvs of farm machinery Imd nuulc and were unable lo lake care of when Ihey became due became of the raii'ial depression In Ihe fanning business. The pellllon alleges that the plninlllf made a trip to Lltllp nock, headquarters of the company's district nscncy. shortly after the first of the vear. nnd mnd« niTaiiKC- nients lo linld the agency, rc- lainlni! In his iniiiic Dr-rfonallv a contract vhich had linen Riven his nnn back In Orloker. 10W. for Ihe year 1031. This contract wus not renewed In wrlitiiK but « - ns worked out .sal!sfac.lorHv, lie nllcces. Mid a verbal a'zrpi-inpn! entered Inlo lor conllnue.nce ni th? accney !n Pcinlsent county nnn Immcdlaf vicinity. Mr. TisUdt placed ndvcrtlfp- nients In PPmlscol county nuns- papers announcing lhat lit would continue lo hold the p.?rncy fni Ihe International 'iarv-s>'r rn-u- rmny. The contract for this (fs A I! iloouy • •- •'•sWfer.Tr •••••*• ••' m ' --.'-a '•' -.>Ti*i ,. H ^fe- :: ^^)^;^;i >»•.*, .:!$!(;*••« .'•..•:>.'•*« ^M?^v : ^ •* ^•^-^Ws v - ,*•..;&$&&: German line and recaptured this ! 'jj k ,, .',,,,.. ' ,, , ' , ^'^.r'b.^oru.e 0 "^ i j^r v« '^v r ™ ;:; War. In Ihe first nicounler !iGO ,"' ,i , • , " a ' "" °"' American troop", were killed, IGU 1 1! '"= ' !Lil " ct ' troop , taken pri.-oner e.nri C.Bni \\oumlecl. Cardinal lo lie ' France, A:m;rn, M;»J Srliool PORTLAND, Me.. (UP) — Myni OF RESCUE t':; Just a lot of "hoccy" nuy wiiy von lisuie. but oomcoiic 1 proposed rodeo" at Hit Los AiiKCles ccnnty fair In September. And so lert- you iii'e Krnc.slliU! Drl.scoll nut one of Ihe "broncos." piuspcetlve is Peach Area Has Ample Supply of Lulw fConthmed from Page One) lo hnvn Iho HUle comforU nnrt semi-luxuries that make llfa'some- •'• tlili! 1 ; more than bare existence. ' And they must grind and grind and urlnd merely to pay Ilirlr-tax- es. Their own sltmtlnrds. far from ^ '• rkins, have .slowly been sinklnu In- ''.'. to n state of shabWtiOM fiat cnu- . no! 1 but have. Its rellection hi the ' ' pi-<ilm!ftlc minds of the vlcilras. To tliMe people, as a class, Hso- '• vcr's itnlem?nl nnd prcmwl carac like a new sun lo dispel Ihe dnik- " nc-fs of dlspalr. II was, lo them, a warrant for new life, n reprieve, "' fro'ii cllsasler. 'llin slory of Germany Is not h«w III crciiornlc history. It Is Ihc siory ' of unusual expansion, of unusual ,.,. prosperity, of an ever mounting - stnndanl of living, of wat-cs. of ex- .,'' IXMidltures—and of .speculation—lo- ".' ceilier wllh Ihe Inevitable result— d;[laticii and collapse. Yet t.''crc arc optlmlsl.s. even In Germany. There are Ihose who paint oul Ihc recent revlvnl of out- ' put It) many branches of Industry us mining, textile, machine , and sleet. They menllon a favor- ' able balance In Gcrmanv$ forplun ". trade in ihe face of world-wide de- '" nrcslon. nnd other factors Hint lend '— lio'ie lo Hie slluntlon: '•' To IbPEc—HIP opllmlslls'of Oer-•'.',' many—Ihe Hoover nronasal len-'s ' n-'tled tircntitli. Given Ihc benefit ' of n year's slKv from Ihn nbll^a-" ' lions suspended, like n Rulllotino. over the necks of Ihc German MO- •• pic. nnd lliey believe that thorough',sound economic recovery will lie on ihe way. •'?•$. '-I Stone, roller mar liei ard:!'l jfor the year, she went to '.o b"!v.1tli the anil hi a sling. IK much more liberal limn In Hie t-.i< It Is staled, in that the IIMCS taken in Ihe mirchase of fnrm machinery nr? luni?d over lo the company without recourse. Somcv-hcrc near the first of February. 1931, the petition alleges, Mr. Tisltidt wns called upon by a vcp- (UPI — A of Cast In.-. I and city today of Walter Mitchell ir. rtr ' Uic> '^ the memory market .specialist of trc bureau u: -|Liiron, Heroic prelate irorslsil and domestic camir.crcc. I'-itnut of this ci;y u . i I The work lo be done in Blylhe-1' vcc:led m marblt- and clidicatett U| i viliu a part of a general survey cf " Ls Courage and loyalty (lurini; IhORtail Cmirln.- News Want. Ails. 1 tj-.e -.viiok^-^le ar.ri relnl furnitv I industry of the entire Gulf Ssntli- w-.v-t. iiichidinp Mississippi. Louisiana. Texas. OklQiiom.i. Arkansas. Mis.scuri ar.rl wcs'ern Tennessee. Problems of profitable furniture distrihuticu are ta'receive pavtica- Ir.r atlenlion iti ihe rurvey, accord- j ins; lo the government's trade an- I a\ys!. M:-!hecis. of Intprestins the seven, broke her nnn while | rcrrnlallve of the defendant co'i;- skaling bul ralher than j.pany, who surprised him' very perfc'.t altcndancc record ; much when he Informed him that he had come lo "dices: him oul and that the company wus luvnlnp. theislocl: over to another fir.-u in llm city ns llicir agent school NASHVILLE. Ark,—With preparations under way preltmtnaiy to the Ueiilnnliv; of i>cacli slilp- mtnls from southwestern Arkansas yearjn:xi month growers and shlppsrs tinri Ihc federal Employment Bureau at Texnrkann have lei It be known thai there ts more tha incnvh talxir available atiiotv^ res tdrnts of thy district ami that "no outside help will l>c necessary. It Ims been annonr.ccd llmt preference will b: riven the home folk which means Unit there will be no r.-ork available for anyone who comes lo the district from-other sections of the slnto, or from other slates. Hundreds of letters J of A«1KI) NKORFRS HEAD , NOHT1I WILKESBORO, N. C., (Ul'i—Karah Thomas, n ncgress. is dead here nt the age of 110 years. Her With was recorded In" 1821. DayllRht savings lima Is beln? oliserved (his yenr bv 4^7 rltles and lowns In the United Stales. | :"• cd people'In all sccllons of the.'. ,V state who express a desire to come here to work In the orchards nnd ."' parkins houses and who sippar-;.,." entlv have lost sight of the fact •'.. (hat the reaion Is thickly settled ami is able lo supply all the labor necessary. No oulslde labor whatever will lw rcouirnd ami It will be useless', for outsiders lo come lo Ihc dls- Innulry Irlct in search of work because Jli. __"'[_ * 8 ^ 1 ^_ _| mvc feenj-ccclved- from nimiiploy-1 [here will them ^:cet Ma-ilii] Gorki's "niiliio:: ruble '-•inije " .Gorki. Moscow literary fa-1 buying public in fnrnilure and the vcriie. recently eouel'.idcd r. con-1 tastes of the buying public as to tract for 'hat amount with Hy jity-lc. quality and prices of inrni- Sovict [rovernmer.t publishing turo. nrc r.moii!; the pDinlr, to b? iicirse for exc'liisive rights lo his • taken mi with the Incal furniture RuF.-:a. Car. S'.udy will be made ol i novels of Russian life. Ner.v • merchants. Gorki der.>rt his healf.i rrtr,--ai. menus cmp'.oyed to faciiitate pur- i .iii:nv I-.aiy ai-.ti live the ysar chases through credit extension, and rcur.ii in his you V .han those en mnr-ern the du-uree of pro;>ii?.~s v.iih which p^.yment" marie. D.i'a. will als-o be gathered to show the role.tive inves'.mer.t in store, c-cuip- r.ient and slock found .an ose en mnr-ern r.ns. . n , en , alyj sloc;i fcnm(] necoBrJ .| -f fa? creat sur.'i-J of which ;by difTerent types of furniture firms i mt:e her .-n fa'> and man-uvcniWc. • to f „-,,,), ,-,. oln lo rrvva the ;.. „,,,,_ ; The punr. are oil dc-k--with rr.m- mr.-s. rponces. extractors, shot. :?wder and v/r.tcr , , . All :>:;ts of leath- : . iV |,i rn BlythcvillD establishments ' $ TV-low ro.-<«... T coffe- >. C ci 1: i r>; ,.-,; s> \-r>..-v •; c'ali arouud. s>r: s:.-i re- ; ^'^"n^riv'^'a p^rt"n. '"" "L.r^'Vp-Ti..? 1 '" 1 ,' ":'., I'" >'•'•<: Hl"tl'.cvillc furnitaio trade. onT)".^,.i c... ..^ ]• ^ii-s. .11-^ --vjp rr5l] i.r- O f t'negeneral survov are cmrn, .Mnr--;. i.:cy s;rj--sj PX . )( , C , ( . I J , 0 v;o . ; ;^ . ilc ; : ,d-vidua! '"' r ^j''"f~-"'-.'-'" ? '^'.^-'''i"-l t;oal! ' ! " V ' ilh n vnlinw '' y=r.1;lic!s for ] C ?.i ' ''*' -^ .^.'^ - ln . • m'-nsurin'.: the rr]r.:iv.- eiTiciniey o' L|A, .P.-. -ir.a in .:; -r en.•>!],;. n . v;1 ....fvclipnnisine meth3;l=. ?I:P «r.!h-»,^r.iuixi ihs •.oriel. | ,.- n . c lllrn i turo Mll( . :> . [s (hc r .,-.,. n " Cl:1(11P p n :. ^ i°' - 1 - ^^'--c^ °t siirvcys nndertar:?n .. ," 1 - ? ' l> - ; jjy ;i. ? tlomcstic rezic-'ial divi.-'cn of •;; •• ! " '^^'^i-rj-larx.. .,,, Cra ., rrrc( , department for tiie J'.^U "' : ' : ^- !1 ^_ ^' 1 - s _'«;'j ]i::rpn-? of brinpinir out Ihe cco- ;rme:r)nl ri'.t:"ns .-. i,; crp-.v. . no!n j. rfi0l i rccs nnt | mnrketiin op- l.?r.vlir! -:•:! nf..| ,-Q,,.,,^,:^ of n !: . , ClU :[ fi ol ,lhwc?t vll:r..vl rs tn.-v V.--CT in the j ,,,.[(,,,.- Mr Mi( c hell said. wlirii "kein yo::- nov.ylr' . '- Ti , r rf .p 0r ( 0 [ t |.(, r ,, s i S1!v vey, : a hl-ral r:i:e. not a merr .[);.,(,-;(,;;;;,,„ or Dry oooels in the """"'• Gulf P-uthwest.' charts the rhan- i tiels ihroiis'n which muro than half •-,...-, t .-j': ! s .T Gulliver w=-i j a biliicn dollars worth of dry :,-i=)~>r. v.-ii'i^ a crew of IS , reaches ti:c hands of Gulf 'so'iilh- -.("-'-HT n-i'i he- wrii'"-- 1 lvo; t coi-fimeis each year. "A .srcand s'-,:ciy. j'.;st rele.isc-d. 'Pc:ro!e:i:« luimtrv of the fi'.ilf '.Vd""p>;' -". v'v'ro^'- Ra " hw --V l«lm- es .he. devchp- N v T.,,,.V_n. W,, ir.r. mpn! nn;J cxlolli ot - !l<> errat in- its cited upon thr Jrlv K-?3: I .f-j.^pp r( ,,. flr ; s dralin;; wilil Ihe ro!:oti industry and the hardware ~ " now ... they've to be good! f S!"!frl'. To Visi! Ci'ics . he" •. 1 '. 1 r!i"'- -*7D n;rv,. Until .1:;!'.- 3 r .h" r:i-|! in vi-i'?|s iv—tabvs n '^r: - r). route lo f/in- •>-:nler. reluniin- to Ho 1. At pr.ic'icallv a!l o will be possible tr. to .nijDj,-,) .T.I:! view (he olci fishier. The British na[| W n\-s' FreiRht •Association rcrpnily clas.sififd port- nbb typcw-ilers as nnisicr.l instrii- )ncnts. niture stores of r.rn- other city hi the fate w:lh fl-.r oxceiVioii of Little Pock. Ti-rep Biythcvil!- sor.--. 111? crnsii.s bureau lisis ri-pwlcd. did S2-I1.S1T wotIh of furni'ure bufine". or a:i nvrra^e of aboir.' C it0 700 iwr stcre. The stale average :s only $'7.- 5tin 5:ore. Blythevill,- stores rr.l-1 an .ncrane of Sii.10 worth of furniture for each man. and child In the ri'.y. slightly more tlur, (}-,p per e.ii"t>. avc/asrc of all il-.r- cities rci«rtcd upon, wiiich was Cniirlr-r v$\vn The right way for a cigarette to hold its "audience" is fo keep on giving smokers the kind of "performance" they want. This one doss! THEY'RE MILDER ... and THEY TASTE BETTER

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