The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1945
Page 3
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^THURSDAY, MARCH 8, Paralysis Fund Well Over Top Total Of $9,444 Is Subscribed By County In Drive Louis W. Davis, Mississippi County chairman o( the 1945 Infantile ! aralysis Drive, hns announced I , final report Dial the county „ -j—. v ***«v tilU LvuuCy oversubscribed its quota this year uy the amount ol $3,-M-l.S-1 ) mv | turned in $9,444.84 on a SO (KM) quota. Mr. Davis ivns assisted'by I.. E. Isaacs of Blythevitle who served as co-chairman for North Mississippi County; by j w Meyers, or Wilson, co-chainnn'n for South Mississippi Countv; and bv Major W. Sheeley. who served is chairman of thc drive at Blvthn ville Army Air Field A total of S3.737.73 was subscribed in South Mississippi Countv with 55.707.11 contributed in North Mississippi County. The drive was sponsored in Mississippi county this year for the second time by members of the Blythcville Junior Chamber of Commerce. Malaria Control Work'Is Planned He re This Year ^Dwellings and outdoor toilets in many parts of Mj-sissippi Coull iy will be sprayed twice [luring this familf M ° C ° St l ° co °l' m »nK /anil rid Oils, section of mosquitoes'"" Townships of Big u-ike, Chicfca- sawba, Hector, Burdette, Fletcher Monroe, Golden Lake, McGavock' Scott and Whitton, where mosquitoes are moH : prevalent according to surveys, arc lo be sprayed under the new program. W. c. Pound, of the State Health Department Malaria Control program, outlined the DDT mosauito control program al a recent meeting of the Rotary Club In Osceola. Two Officers Homed in False Arrest Suit LITTLE ROOK. Mar. 8 (UP)— A suit for $35.000, charging malfeasance in office, false arrest and unlawful entry, has been filed in United States Federal Court at Little Rock against Saline County fahenfr Ross McDonald and State Patrolman G. O. Brock The suit WHS riled by Mrs. Edna Walker find her soven-j-onr-oM so/1 Robert. According to the complaint; the two officers illegally searched Mrs. Walker's home at Beaton and ook her and her .-;on to jail, where ^™!" a !"^ ™ li > ll l? ™°»'ng SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Kingdom of God, as Proclaimed By Jesus, Demands Full Allegiance Text: MaUhew BY WIMJAM E, GILKOV I) 1) A cynical politician once said' Every man has his price." It was a slur upon- good men, but If he had said that everything has Us price n "IB sense that, everything that Is worth while costs somclhLV he would have been nearer the truth For everything does cost some-' hing; and this Is, perhaps, most true of the things thai | V c ,1,°" commonly call "free." Our "free- government hns cost pioneers of f OUE " lf< > rl ^lr rights Immense cost in suf. Pemiscot Holds Ssireau Meeting W. W, Fuqua Delivers Address At Session Held In Deering mid sacrifice. The defense of our freedom is costing oceans of Wood and sacrifice at the present hour. The "free" schools to which our children (jo arc a heavy, and» f hope n happy, charge upon our taxes, The taxes themselves lire an evidence of the cost of the services, and all (he advantages of civilian! living, that we enjoy. And wji,it Is true of 'nil these free" benefits of our dully life and environment Is true of our souls' salvation and of our spiritual life God co loved the world Hint H Missouri Group Names Officers George King Heads Pemiscot Jaycces; Others Elected CARUTIlEHSVU,LR."Mo, Mai'cil 8-aeorgc King, associated wllli the Sotitlionsl Missouri Telephone Company of this city, was elected inx'sldenl of the local Junior Cliam- ufv or Commerce, at the anmml wwtton nieetiiijj this week. Wllli lie other newly elected officers, e will be Inslalld Into otfleo at r «'1 CI ", cllll) - ! "Wtlng, .schciliilcH lor Monday night. March IB (l ° tll . l ; l ;,,f'. rf "-"'s elected were: Ln- ijicr Williams, vice-piesldenf noy Goodman con-esjxmdliiff secrclmy; Jin CiilUnn. financial secretary Pied I'.eivc, tronsmw; , m< | n 1 ' 1 " Chll " es Mnn «taB. O/iKU niERSVILTjE, ivj Oi| March *•"*"• it « «um mm(e ttic very cente p'™? 10 . fll """".' meetll1 e of the °f » is Caching and the coal of dls- county Farm Bureau clpleshlp.- Jesus assured us Is not of WHS held fit Dwirino- ,,,n\. i^_ this \vm-M IK- «i i.~ _._ . ----- ..jn i, 1*1 in nidi, j ju Bave His Son: Jesus died that we might have life and redemption- prophets, priests, and saints have made the sacrifices of love for (he heritage that we eiijly. Wc sue conscious today of what earthly kingdoms demand of their ?»c i c^v;r!i^ o o^^,x?r iith 1 s ,"* '•*"" m the nmkiiiif, or in prospect Yonw' ™»-«- « ronimlltce comiirlsliiir men of is, who have never voted', have been called up to serve their country wllli all that they have and some of them have given and sacrificed all that they hnd. The Kingdom of God, which Jesus proclaimed and made thc very center u was he d at Deering, with eerng, with the S "'•. "s aims, Its standards pnnc pal address being delivered 1 !, i L- :cllsc of worths and values, arc' ay W. W. lAiqua, representing the <llrr «ent from (hose of the kinp- Missouri Farm Bureau Federation <loms of enrth: but the Kingdom of Others taking part on thc program P° u ls likc the kingdoms of earth were elms. W. Baker of Kennett, "? tllls > tll: " H demands the full r. R. Cole of Pascola, W. A. Hud- ""^B'a'ire of !h ose W | U) woll]< i be i of Deering a,nd Mrs. Coyne lts sl| Wocts. Chrlslluiiltv is not chnnnn of Caruthersville. religion for slackers— slack as is th ' T D ""' ............ 0f Btich J. I. Biirlkon of Wardcll was re-elected president; other officers named were Vf. A. Hudson, Dccr- ng, vice president; Chas. G Ross Cnnithcrsvllle, secretary-treasurer' iml Mrs. L. B. Grlsham, Carnlh- crsville, home and community cliairnian. A membership drive report was jlvcn, showing membership to date vas 669, thc largest membership the Pemiscot County Bureau has ever had. r • asks for her son Arj-cst of Mrs. Walker last September was in connection with .the search for her husband. Robert Walker, who was sought on a charge of robbery and grant! lar- Gosnell Church Women Dinner Saturday A chicken dinner will lie held Saturday night from 5 till 8 o'clock, at the American Legion Hut under sponsorship of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of f,n«nell Methodist Church. All proceeds from the atlair will he used to carry on thc work of the society, it was announced today. Envelopes did not come into common use in the United Slates until 1840; 10 year Inter practically n)! letters were enclosed. ceny.-wnlker Interi escaped to Texns where he was arrested and on his return to Arkansas pleaded guilty .....-,.,,„, andwas sent to the penitentiary ou » Wtt »t« thc (lle " lscll ' cs The true Christian Is ns completely devoted lo Christ and His Kingdom n.5 1.5 the -young S0 | cl | cl . who takes the oath of allegiance and goes forth lo serve his country with all that lie has. We shall never sec the church and Christianity effecting then- fun conquest over sin and evil niicl performing their possible part m building :, butter wo ,.| (i , m _ til those who would be Christian understand this better, and cive themselves more fully to thc faith that they profess. There -Is a real cost of discipleship; but thc pearl of great price is neither disillusioning nor disappointing. Many Never Suspect Cause Of Backaches ., ^ ay Hart's Bread!" ^•#^5t Harfs Bread Has Everything! Improved Baking Process Makes It Better Than Ever SPECIAL! Saturday Only CHERRY PIES Delicious Home Made Pies — Try One Each Assorted Cookies Fresh Every Day Hart's Bakery i Blytheville Owned, Employing BlythtYille People ,, , , Jeffeite vvns named to ne arrniiBements and pan the '"° " K((l America -,n, npart ' 1)rol| Kl't to 18-15 ' '™sseml)lcd here In Bear den Wins Award 4s Lawmaker Il'l'll,!.; HOCK, Mar. 8. <UP>_ ine working press lodny presented 5iilU\siu;insli|p awards lo four rep- i'<'-si'iiliitlvc.s nml five stutc senntors l"r their work during Ihc 5Sth Ar- KUIIMIS rit-nernl Assembly, H'mi>nibli> mention was given [lire,, ivpresentiillves find two Eenn- wlien members of Ihc selection I'lllli'ir failed (o ngreo entirely "II wliu should have thc first nine The iimise stnU.JUAiifolil|>- nwnrd lv"7('. ''''"' lve(l OVJi^'rolls short- poumled his navel<midlinj the 60«i«y session, in Lb« .•-.Seiintc thc n wards wriv pussinl nill shortly af- u 'r noun in n .special .ceremony. The Home awards went to the foHimlng rc'iirraentiillvt'.i: i-ce llt-ardi'ii of Mississippi Coun- J.'iiirs Campbell ol Clnrlnml Coun- Meilo Smith of Jelfi-rson County. J. U Erwlu of Di'slia County. Hotiomblc mention certificates went to Hoy Hialc.s of Polk County; One I'lcpninn of Mississippi County imil 1'jnil von Diifccm of Perry Bounty. in the Senate, the awards ivere i"'fn lo Ihcjsn senntors: O, R. Jones of Unlcjsi'lllc. Krncst Maner of Hot Springs. Ci. W. Lookndoo of Arka<lelplilii. K. J. Unite of Forrest city. Rny .Miliiin (if Hnirlsoil. Honorable mention certificates went (o Senators Clyde fiyrd of El Fleeman Fights New Truck Tax Attack Helps Defeat Proposal To Boost Commercial Tag Foe liVm.K HOCK, Mar. H (IIP »„. H look the closing days of (lie 5r>ih Arknnsns Ornernl Assembly, alum' with mi Interest In n business llmi once ('imaged his tlnu-. i u mn ^ Mississippi County's freshman ivp- lesenlatlve, One Flci'mnn. deliver a senlhiiiB ntliick nil a bill from the House floor. And I-'leemair.s uUnd: playwl n major purl in llic defeat in ih,. House of nn iKlmlnlslrnllon mens- iirn enlllntf for nn Increase |» u w li>K fee for trailers mid tvuchs cn- KiWMl In commoroliil haiillni;. nwmnn has spent the tsvcnter pai't of tho M-duy session "simlf- in(f In" tho House procedure, ton- tendtif; lilmself with Just volliiir on bills. Hut when this particular proposal wns Introduced, f'lmmin Jumped from his sent ami demanded recognition, Recognition was Bmntod. Tills Is wimt flic freshman rcp- rc.ientntlvfi said: "Arkansas Is now, inxlnn IU truckers to dealh. in this stale a largo truck pays, from $135 to JMO a year for Inns whcrons In PAGE .THREE boring states the tax Is less than And he wenl on; '"J'ax mid license fees for tho avcirtuo lurgc truck now runs more limn $1000 u year In Arkiuisss. And this, proposed Increase In lag costs will dioku up Ihls linn of inm-l' P " S "" W '" dl W ° UopL '' Kl K0 BpfS'^lu' 1 llo*'- th ° '', ll|)raitll)ttl roLiiid of nj)|ilaii«., ntul siipnortcU llmvi'i I "'° <|llt>5ll °" ''>' VOU| 'K "Tti silent m im rruin Mfokslppi Count.!" 1 mis nnmore. Ttio leuls- Intors wen- liv:«lln tl „,, 8roimi | | 1B l;iii'«', iiiul lie snw to it tluil that Uorado and Leonard T. liarnes o( Hamburg. ground wasn't trampled. '", Fleeman, M you probably guess- % eu, operate a-fleet of irucks.^- ,. & More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here is n pleasant way to overcome loose pliitc discomfort. PAS- TEKTH, nn Improved powder, spilii-. klcd on upper and lower plates holds them firmer so that they feel more comfortable. No gummy, gooey, pas- ly taste or feeling. It's alkaline <non-ncld). Does not sour. Checks" 'pinto odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEGTH today at any 6ns • store. $v*?rm PW A P-S)'!. ' f CiX-*'Jt-«"«^»i:L^ s -:***+*rrm-*^um *««dVtartHH jispfU^ailioii. Iiiiprovcs ignidoti. Give' !>Xc immalmrj friction in upjicrcyllndcr w.,,, .„« ,, n power F. B. JOYNER Corner Smmil ,t Ash Sts. STATION , Phone 2611 NOTfCE TO PROPERTY OWNERS IVrmilc.s may be ruining your property. Call me to check up willuml cost or obligation. itATS, MICK AND KOACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP K. Ki'tilucky Phone 2350 HEADQUARTERS FOR Steel Wool Package 6c Spinach No. 2 Can 12c SALAD DRESSING Durkecs 100zJor29c String Beans No. 2 Can 9c KRAFT DINNER TOMATOES No. 2 Slniidard /?« PUREX (Juarl 16= RiNSO Small iJ 2 For SOAP Palmolivc ,'! liars OCTAGON Cleaner Paeknifcs 16 C ALL .f-ii.:---,.' for Co£fee Pleasure DRINK VICTOM Pound Package. . 3 Pounds 59c ONE TBIflL WILL CONVINCE TOJ VICTOR COFFEE Is Better! . & FFEE Knlgcr's Pound 33' Chase & Stillborn 1'outul 3Q Shibley's Best 25 Pounds 1.30 Godchaux. Pure Cane 5 Pounds 33 e Amlwy I^itrtfe Can FOODS Gcrber's Can 5' SAUCE Heinz Botlle 23 C Bulk Rum flavored . 18k Lb. Plenty of Top Quality RK SAUER KRAUT MINCE MEAT ni FH s * ect vLLv Sixteen . . COTTAGE CHEESE Extra Select BALTIMORE OYSTERS EDAM CHEESE 2 ^ FAT BACK s»">ni«9. .... u,. CHILI GraL ' : Lfc. Rolls 29f ALL KINDS LUNCH MEATS ALL KINDS CHEESE —RED, GLENN & GERALD IN OUR MARKET Plenty oi Fresh & firm White Irish . With 7 °P* Bunch Sea/t/sweef Iceberg .jr.fc. ^ CELERY -..,.« 9^ Fancy CELERY CABBAGE FRESH BEETS Lb. .Each Apples Kcd Rome Pound 12c Potatoes Red Triumph Pound51-2c

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