Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 24, 1957 · Page 28
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 28

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 28
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Twelve- Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Brother, Not Asthma, Seems To Warrant Climate Change Dear Ann: My husband is 38 years old and a successful small businessman. We own a prosperous sl.ationery store which we built together from the ground up. My husband had asthma as a child but his mother says he outgrew it in his teens. He had his first attack-in years when an older brother who went broke in his own business, moved to this city to "help my husband make a success" of his. I never cared for this brother or his wife, and they seem to be in our hair constantly. I don'l know if my husband is afraid of him or what, but he seems relue tant to oppose him. Our family doctor says a change to a western climate may help my husband. When he gets-an attack he's ready to. move anyplace. I'm not in favor of pitching everything to start again, heaven knows where. What is your opinion?— MRS. UNDECIDED It may be that the best thing for your husband's asthma would be to stay where he is — and send his brother out west. The climate didn't seem bad for his health until the "business expert" and his wife arrived on the scene. A change of climate.has helped some asthmatics, but it's no surefire cure-all for all sufferers. Some victims get relief for a short time and then they are wheezing and gasping, the same as before. Before your husband sells out and moves to lands unknown, he should check with three doctors. Make sure he includes the brother in his case history. They may tell him that a change of emotional climate is what he needs, and this could be accomplished by ending the association with you know who. Dear Ann: I'm a girl 21 who plans to be married in the Fall,. My fiance's family is a wee bit on the social-climbing side and my folks are rather plain people. It happens my last name is James. Every now and then someone asks in a joking way if I'm related to Jesssie James, the notorious bandit. Jessie was no relative but I DO happen to have two uncles who were mixed up in rum- running during prohibition. They served time in the penitentiary. This happened a long time ago, but there was a lot of publicity about it and many people back home still remember. Shall I mention this to my boy friend? I will follow your advice— M1SS-IN-DOUBT Skeletons have a strange way of falling out of closets and sometimes they make the most embarrassing sounds. Tell your fiance about your uncles, and it he has any sense, he'll .realize you're not responsible for what they did. In the future, if anyone asks If you're related to Jessie James, say "No, but a couple of my uncles served time for rum-running."' Of course they'll think you're kidding and you'll tje very neatly off the hook if the old muck Is ever raked up again. Bite Put On 1,080 Hoosiers INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Indiana State Board of Health records listed today 1,080 cases of animals siting people since Jan. 1. There were the usual instances of bitos by dogs, cats, bats, fish, lorses, hamsters, monkeys, rabbits, raccoons, rats, snakes and squirrels. The board said one person was jitten by a zebra. ROTARY RENEWS PLEDGE LUCERNE, Switzerland (UP)— The 48th Rotary International convention ended Thursday with a pledge to review "that spirit of )ersonal dedication, which carried Notary to the far corners of the earth in a brief span of 50 years." Rotarians sent 9,480 delegates Tom 78 countries to the five-day convention. Dear Ann: My husband and I are both 21. We've been married three and a half years and have two children. My whole family has insisted that I write to you for advice because they're sure you can help me. My husband and his uncle go hunting or fishing every weekend. They never hunt or fish in this vicinity. It has to be at least 200 miles away. I'm beginning to think it's two - legged blondes they're after. When I ask for some money to buy clothes my husband says, "What for? You never go anyplace." And he's right—I don't. What can I do to get him to treat me like a human being? He has slapped me during arguments and FASHION BEAUTY SHOP ONLY $4.95 OTHERS TO $23 PERMANENT* with soft ringlets INCLUDES CUTTING STYUNG CREAM SHAMPOO No AppoFnlmont Necessary 9 Til 6 Helene Curtis Slyled Soft Brilliance Permanent $10.00 NO FUZZ OR FRIZZ 314'/2 Pearl St. Ph. 20111 WORLD'S FASTEST! Fm.it Wall Finish • Ov»r 100 Colors • Dr!»i In half-hour • Waih bruih or roller out In top water • GIvii your woH a coat of Vinyl plastic OttLY $6.15r«(fAUON GRAY-Mill 1302 E. Broadway Phone 211 i I'm getting terribly depressed about the whole tbing. Please tell me what to do.—CINDY According to my arithmetic you grabbed this '-'bargain" when he was 17 years old. Small wonder the marriage is falling apart; neither'one of you was dry behind the ears. You need a marriage counselor or a clergyman to sit down with the boy you married and explain the obligations' of a husband and a father. He may not be "ready" to grow up just yet. but this is the role he chose and he'd better buckle down. His uncle could grow up, too, arid not encourage the boy's delinquency. Good luck —you need-it. CONFIDENTIALLY: BETTY LOU: Just read the above letter... she was 17, too. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with yo'ur problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Copyright, 1957, Field .Enterprises, Inc. Bulgcmin to Appear On "Face the Nation" WASHINGTON (UP) — The Columbia Broadcasting System will carry an hour-long televised Moscow interview with Communist Party boss Nikita Khrushchev. CBS announced Tuesday night Khrushchev has agreed to appear on the program, "Face the Nation." The program, to be filmed at an unspecified time in Moscow, will appear nationally from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. c.d.t. Sunday, June 2. SEPARATE SIAMESE TWINS YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (UP)—Sur;eons Thursday separated James and John Freeman, Siamese twins >orn April 27, joined at the abdomen, in a four-hour operation. The >abies were reported In satisfactory condition following surgery. Daughter Born To Chapllns LAUSANNE, Switzerland (UP) —Oona O'Neill Chaplin, 31, wife of comedian Charlie Chaplin, 68, ave birth to a daughter Thursday. It was the couple's sixth child. U. S. Demands Russia Pay $756,604 for Shooting Down B-29 WASHINGTON ('UP)—The United States today demanded that Russia pay $756,604 for the "hostile" and "unprovoked" destruction of a U.S. Air Force plane over northern Japan in November, 1954. Soviet MM- .jet fighters attacked B29 as it flew over northern Japan and nearby waters on a reconnaissance mission. The crew of 11 parachuted from the B29 after it had been set afire by the attacking planes. Ten of the airmen landed safely. Lt. Sigfredo Angulo was seriously injured and died. In a 5,000-w.ord note, delivered in Moscow today, the United States rejected the Soviet argument that the incident of Nov. 7, 1954, was •caused by the B29 firing on. the Soviet planes, and that the incident took place over Soviet territory. The note said the guns in the American plane had not been fired. And it said the United States "is ready to prove, in an appropriate form by evidence, that the incident was unprovoked and took Dlace in international air space and in Japanese territorial • air space over Hokkaido, Japan." The United States said the MIG fighters attacked the B28 without warning. It said there was no rea- ;on which would justify "such hostile action," PRISON SCHEME BACKFIRES NAGOYA, Japan (UP)— Isamu Mako, scheduled for release from fagoya prison, agreed to switch dentiti-es with fellow inmate Kazuo Ko for a few hours so Ko could get out to cash a check. Mako became suspicious when <o didn't return to his cell Wednesday night. He got down- •ight scared when he was served with an indictment today eharg- .ng him with assault and battery. Mako explained his predicament .o the warden. Now Mako slill is waiting for his release and the po- ioe are looking for Ko. GM WORKERS GET INCREASE DETROIT (UP)—General Motors announced today 350,000 hourly rated workers will receive wage ncreases of at least 6 cents an hour May 29 through the annual mprovement factor clause in the company's contract with th« United Auto Workers Union. RUBBER STAMPS 'Made In Our Own Plant 2-DAY DELIVERY CHRONICLE PRINTING CO. 417 Market Ph. 4362 RO X Y /I r i l .'. i & S C F T NOW SHOWING Open 1 p.m.—35c Til 6 2 Features—'Comedy COIUMUW rKTVHJ pmtnu "Moniter and the Ape"—Sunday—"Forbidden Planet" LOGAN Friday & Saturday Last Days «UNEW! GREATEST OF ALL! FIRST TIME IN,GOIDR TflRZflH LOST SAFARI GORDON SCOTT as rwf ww JAK:AH STARTS SUNDAY "BREAK THROUGH THE * CHINA GA TE... Of «!/•/" ' china gate ,. OrsiHMASc:o.c>£ ^^^ itsrr/np GENE BARRY-ANGIE DICKINSON-NAT"KING" COLE * CLoef eNrcftemsfs PRODUCTION • ftetfASCo OY soth cemuw-fox Josephine Lowing n Needs to Lose 15 Pounds, Sensible Diet Is Advised (The Friday Question Box) Q. "I am 19 years old and have very fat arms. I weight 134 pounds and am 5 feet 3 inches tall. Please tell me how to lo_se in my arms and give me some diet information." A. You are around 15 pounds overweight. H you ha i ve a large frame you will not need to lose that much. You will lose in your arms as you lose generally. Eat a sensible, well-balanced diet, but eat smaller portions and no seconds. Leave off in between meal snacks. Replace desserts with fresh Jruit. The following exercise is the aest one I know for large, upper arms. Stand tall. Raise your arms forward, shoulder height with 'the palms facing the ceiling. Now swing the arms down and back vigorously. Pull back .as far as comfortable. Return arms to starting position and continue. Hair Problem Q. "I am 17 years old. I have long hair which I brush faithfully ind wash every three days since it is so oily. My hair seems to lave stopped growing. My mother thinks that if I get it cut off it will grow in longer.' Will you please advise me about this" A. The length to which 'hair grows is an individual matter. Suiting .the hair will have no in- Huence on it. Brushing and scalp massage and good nutrition will promote the health of the hair. Q. "I am curious because I always hav« to take my clothes in somewhere. I can never buy them to fit. I am '15 years old, 5 feet one inch tall and weigh 102; pounds. Will you tell me if I ami underweight and about my measurements? My bust measures 33, waist 22 and hips 3314 inches.. A. Your measurements are perfect. You are a little on the light j side.'-Perhaps a gain of from five| to 8 pounds will solve your prob-| lem. . Q. "Is there any way .to get rid of wrinkles at the elbows?" A. The skin is bound to wrinkle some, but if you will keep the elbows soft and pliable with lubrication it will make them more attractive. Massage a good cream into them each day or night. Wants To Lose 45 Founds Q. ."I am .14 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and weigh 159 pounds. I would like to lose about 45 pounds within next few months. How can I stop -eating between meals?" A. If you lost 45 pounds you would be underweight. However, you do need to lose around 30 pounds. Slnc.e you have so much weight to lose and are so young. I think it would be a good idea for you to have a physical check- Handicapped Nations Need Help, Says Ike WASHINGTON (UP)—President Eisenhower said Thursday America must help the "physically handicapped nations of the free world 1 just as it helps the handicapped at home. "As they grow stronger, we grow stronger," he said in a brief address at the annual meeting of the President's Committee on the Employment of the Physically Handicapped. » Friday Evening,''May 24, 1957. Name Sen..McClellan As Father of Year NEW YORK (UP)—Sen. John L. McOlellan (D-Ark.), father of five children, was named father of the year Thursday by the National Father's Day Committee. The committee, which promote Hospital Notes Memorial Admitted: Master Courtney Wilson, Young America; Palmer Eikelburner, 1008 West Wabasb. ava- nue; Mrs. Byrell Zimraermaii, 1717 Clifton. Dismissed: Dean Berkshire, 410 the celebration of Father's Day East Main street; Mrs. Alice Bol- June 16, cited McClellan for his! en . 23 Seybold street; Mrs. Zida work as chairman of the special I Senate committee investigating la- j bor racketeering. It said the sena- itor was respected throughout the country as a "fair and high- minded American citizen." . c ipi es of help to underdeveloped nations as it does to physically handicapped Americans—to help "l 6 ™ . become "earning and con- tnbutin S "embers of society." up and reduce under your doctor's supervision. Every time you are tempted to eat between meals take a look .at yourself in the mirror and think how much you would like to be slimmer. It you do eat between meals, make it fresh fruit. * * * If you would like my general teen-age rules for losing weight, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for the leaflet No. 58 "Popularity." Address Jos-ephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: (Released by Th« Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Box Office Open 7:00-12:00 CHILDREN Admitted FREII TODAY AND SATURDAY 3-FEATURES-3 FOR THE PRICE OF ONE Come Early—Stay late—See All 3 Features AMD HERE K YOUR BONUS , Show Starts At Dink ' Gain Op.n Hal* Hour Earlier SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE "WORLD WITHOUT END" (Color-Flnt Run) Hugh Marlowe—Nancy Gates alio "THE ATOMIC MAN" (Color—Flnt Run) Gene Nehon—Faith Domerque SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY 'THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUtS" (Color - First Run) Jomet Stewart - Jimmy Bates UNSUITABLE ANIMALS FREEHOLD, N. J. (UP)—Warren O'Hara won a $5,000 settlement Wednesday from James and Benjamin Pascucci, owners of a Long Branch food market, in a suit in Monmouth County Court. O'Bara's suit charged that a cat leaped on his dog's back in the market and in the ensuing rumpus he was thrown to the floor and injured. Animals are no longer .allowed in the Pascucci Brothers' store. Hetzner, 1730 Twenty - Second street; Master Stephen Kidwell, Grant street; Mrs. Mary Martin, 600 Front street; Carl Odell, 600 Bates street; Mrs. William Phillips and daughter, Kewanna; Mrs. Virginia Sibley, 900 West street; Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, route 5; Jack Tutewiler, 1314 Colleg* street; Miss Norma Jo Veek, Royal Center. St. Joseph's Admitted: Lawrence Allen, 238 Barren street; Robert Wandrei, 1501 Liberty street; Mrs. Gertrude Albright, route 4. Dismissed: Master Robert Tarn, 3105 Crescent drive; Miss Hope Miller, route 6; Mrs. Ed McDowell, and daughter, 211 East Colfax street. SNEAK PRIVIEW FRIDAY, MAY 24 • % Mb ef MeiUt e rertcl H fm heck, li«o».», lerfa • AeMiilM Fm • Mlckti few • Shtar Spnh, SMfcf • Msetfl CttMeU I.**. • Irftsr IM, • Stohtottaf MM • Hnh »t«« fm • few JtMn NOW OPEN! MNCNM ivnnr NMNT MMMttf MC*CT n HMK~ KIM SATURDAY, MAY 21 CLEN MILLER OtCMISTtA COMINCf WOODY HERMM TerrofeeecofM Observatory •ml Gift Shop on Bs.ellf»l PanHHte Island VexoHon fatty Save en (Met Hesms CCettefef NfMAMA KACH, D*yt. E MONTKfUO, INDIANA Iw/fi/wa Bcack SHAFEB LAK{ • MONT'CHlO OPEN DAILY 1 PM NOW 2-FEATURES 50c Til 6 BIG ALL STAR DOUBLE FEATURE!it UNTAIWE YOUT |-»t*Tloi tdt iriitlmmi ptwirhoind-i |MAMIEVANDOREN| KIDI TURNED u ROCK-N-ROLL WILD! Plui "DEEP ADVENTURE" SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. 4 BIG ATTRACTIONS Ht CKITEI STOHT...KO CiaiEt ttMV! liDNAID REAGAN plus JACK AND OLD MAC CARTOON your favorite fabric.. .polished cotton IN A FABULOUS NEW COLOR. the color of INDIA ROPE The Reason's smartest new color.. .lighter than khaki... brighter than Ian. Rich, Iu«trou« polished cotton... casual and rugged... yel handsomely dress-up, too. And it'i completely washable. Come in now and make your selections from our fabulous assortment of Bermuda shorts, slacks, spartcoats, and leisure jackets. All tailored with traditional McGregor .quality. MCGREGOR BAY KREEZEWEAR in the color of INDIA ROPE 2-piace Galey & Lord Sport Suit MS. India Madrar Sportsbirt, $5.M l«/f/roi*l> Bay Bri-': Down Knh Shirt, $4.00 Boy No :crmii<i» Short, $3,»I

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