The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE; TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS HES Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's Missionary Society, First Melhodlst cliurch, having < study at church. 2:30 i>. in. Circles W. M. U., First Baptist 'cjwreli: 1, Mis.'Key Hunt; 2, Mrs. Floyd Simpson; 3, Mrs. R. O. Cash; 4. Mrs. Claude Stewart; 3, ul church. Y. \V. A. meeting First Uaptist church, 2:30 p. m. Junior O. A.'.s jiicctlng 1'irsl Baptist'church, 4 p. in, TUESDAY'S EVENTS ' Intermediate G. A.'s meeting First Baptist church; 4 p.'in. WEDNESDAY'S EVKNTH Sunbeams meeting First Baptist churcli, 4 p. m. THUKSDAY'S EVENTS Town and Country Bridge club meeting with Mrs. Jumps B. Clark. 2 p. in. Have liridgc Luncheon Mrs. W. D. Chamulin and Mrs. Marvin. Ro'jiilson entertained 20 guests with n bridge luncheon Fri- day./riie CliamWiv home was decorated" with' lair Mowers 'and the. place cards were In keeping with the ; nutuinu : season. Lunch was served at Email tables In Ilic living nnd sun room. Mrs. Edgar Horum won first prize and Mrs. George. Thomas ot New Orleans, houscsucst o(. Mr. and; Mrs. J. Nick Thomns. woa second high. Both received hosiery. Another out of .town, guest was Miss Elhc-1 Braun. of Memphis, who; is also ..n guest of Ihc Thom- ases; • * * EJniwoort Ass'n ",v Board lias Mccliiif; The executive board of Ilic Elmwood • Cemetery Association had a meeting Friday afternoon, , at the home of Mrs. u. W. Mullins. The. hum! made quill was awarded Mrs. j. w. Adams. This group plans : to ^ av.-iuxl a crochet, bedspread, made by Mrs. W. A. Stickmon, soon. A son was born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond Ashley yesterday niter- noon at the Memphis Methodist hospital. The Ashleys . reside in Osce'ola. '.•<;.. ' * » Son; Ilorn • v • -T;$ : Afson was born yeslcrday attcr- Jiooft to Mr..<in<l. Mrs. Bill Crihfield, formerly; of here -hud ifrM or pMcolti, at llicir home in that city, The 'baby, who weighed scv-, on and 'ilirce fourths pounds h:is been named Bill jr. Mrs. crihlield wasj formerly Miss Jaync Barnes. » Uiilvcrsily if as "Gicetr-r" P.ITTSB'URGIf. Pa. (UP) — Crowds averaging -:' WO 'nerscns a (lay. on • Inspection tours of the University • of Pittsburgh's • -K-slorv "Cajhcdnil . o'f; Learning," .world's tallest educational building,' )mve made necessary; the" appointment of an 'official "grcetcr'' to the -university slail. .; • ; '••• . : , - Albino Deer Hugged GILROY, Cal. '(UP)—William R. King is credited witli killing Hie first albino.'deer in California. II is known that for seven years punt a herd of albino deer existed, but imntcrs had never teen able to eel in .range" of them. LET'WINTER, WINDS BLOW, Dessert.-Favorites Church school, 9:45 a. m. Church service, 10:30. Sermon by pastor, "Living To God." Voting People's League Memphis. Miss Gwcmlolyn Fisher,' who • is In (raining nl the Memphis Methodist hospital, Js ' .spending the lm ,., B , wccKeml with her mother, . Mrs, 6'30 p in J. 11. Fisher, and family. Mrs. E. T. CiKle, of Lcachville,, „,„„>,„,. ,. ou ,,. „, wonder i ^M^l 1 ,* 1 !., 10 - thc Mem -. <*» s «"» «* ^^ »r cm. r.s. Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. Mld- I'enn., sisters of Mrs. R*msey Ouncan, Is a patient at the Mcm- 'ifs Baptist hospital. Mrs. Bcrnlcc Demi, of Joiner, was taken to Ihc Memphis Bap' ' hospllal yesterday. "l-'our Ways in I'lcafi- a Hiisliuml" mi K i,[ IK, »„. im,. ,, f ( | lls (( . mt ,|. injr iiliotocniuli. For Hi it nutUr, w|, u wouldn't IIP |jlca;i'il wllh sued » choice—CJincolalc Layer Cake, I'utlsn Cake, Devil's Food anil Co- t'»:uiu( Layer Cake? • HKST MKTHODIST CHURCH Seventh and Main W. V. Womack, Pastor Promotion Day exercises will be held throughout Ihe Church school tomorrow. Certificates will be giv- •••• •••—••, • *~ "; un>i.Miiuic «nu en children passing from onp rli> New York city. After being.home partmcnt to another The new for a day she went U> St. Louis | Church school year' ' w m begin '' «)• NKA Service Is chocolate cake the first favor- lie with your family? It Li. If yours Is a strictly orthodox American household, reiircscntnflvc ol the nation lis a whole. Chocolate caks and apple p!c—those arc America's preferred desserts, uccordlng to the loud experts. Well,- chocolate cake can bs a treat. Indeed, nut, unless there is unusual unanimity In the home, one member, ul least, Is likely to vole for some other variety, for instance, cocoanut. Among the chocolate cake devotees, loo, there are differences of opinion, some preferring a dark cake and some a light cake wllh choeolnle Icing. To please all la.sles, here are a variety of recipes. Nb\v (hen, out with the cake bowl and egg burtterl Devil's Food Cake ' Tiyo cups sifted «ikc flour, 1 (ca- spoon soda, l-'j cup Initler or other shortening. I i-.j cups brown jsunar, nrnily jjackcd, 2 eggs or 3 egg yolks, unbeaten, 3 .squares unsweetened chocolate, melted, 1 cup milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla. Slit Hour oni'e. measure, add soda, and sift together three times. Cream butter thoroughly, add sugar gradually, and cream together until light, and riulfy. Add eggs, °iic,nt a time, beating well arter :HCll;rllit!r) add chocolate and blend. Add flour, alternately with milk, a iimall amount, at a time, beating o'ner-cnch-,,id(|l(ion unlil smooth. Add vanilla. Hake in -Iwo greased <lj>cp p-liich layer pans "In inoiter- ale'oven '(350 degrees P.) 25 to 30 minutes. -Spread boiled frostitii; between layers and on lop nnd sides of cake. • Hoilcil Froslinf . Two egg..whiles, unbeaten, 1 1-2 cups sugar, 5 latiespoons water, 1-1-2 teaspoons light TO™ svnip 1 teaspoon vanilla. Combine egg whites, sugar, fra- tcr and corn syrup in top of 'double boiler, beating with rotary egg beater until thoroughly mixed Place over rapidly boiling water, beat constantly with roiary c»g beater, and cook 7 minutes, or until frosting will stand In peaks. itemovc from boiling water; add vanilla ami heal until thick enough to spread. Makes enough frosting In cover tops and sides of two flinch layers. '• ' , ,,. Chuciilulr, Layer Cake Two cups sifted cake \Hour, 2 teaspoons combination or tall-rate baking powder, 1-4 teaspoon salt. •1 tablespoons milter or other short! cnlng, 1 cup sugar. 1 egg. unbeaten, 3-4 cup milk, i-teaspoon vnuilla. Sirt Hour once, measure, add baking powder and salt, and sill lo- golhcr three times. Cream butter thoroughly. Add flour, alternately with milk, a small amount at a time, healing nfter each addition until smooth. Add vanilla. Bake In UTO greased 8-inch layer pans In moderate oven <3SO degrees p.) 25 minutes. Spread choeolale frosting between layers and on top and sides of ciiko. Chocolate Krodlnjf Four squares unsweetened chocolate, I cup confectioners*- sugar 'L tablespoons hot water, 2 eggs, (i tablespoons buller. Melt clioeolalc In double boiler Remove from boiling v'alcr, add sugar and water and blend. Add CSKS, one al a time, healing well after each addition.' Add butler one-third at a lime, beating thoroughly afler each amount. Makes enough frosting to cover lops and sides of two 8-Inch layers. For cocoanut layer cake, use the recipe for eliocolnteJnyeV cake ami cover with tills frosting: Coroanul Frosting Two egg 'whiles, unbeaten, 1 1-2 cups 'sugar, 5 tablespoons water 1 1-2 tcasiwoivi light corn svriip, 1 teaspoon vanilla, i 1-2 cups' moist, sweetened, cocoanut. Combine egg whites .sugar, water, and -corn syrup In top of double-boiler, beating with rotary ccg lieater until thoroughly mixed Place over rapidly boiling walcr beat constantly vv Uh ,- 0 [ ar .. c _. t ben or. and cook 7 minutes, or until frosting will stand-In'peaks Hcmovo from boiling water;, add vanilla and beat until thick enough to spread. Spread on cake, sprink- i'l'ii with cocoa»l while frosting Is Citlberlsoii No Trump Bid Shows Hand of Great Power This is (lie fourlli nf n series of ailicjcs ilcaliiij: witti cli:uigrs in the Cllllicrlson Sytlcm, as announced in Kly Cull)cr(sun'5 h(- o:l bonk, "Thp (Sola H,,,^ O r Hy WM. E. HcKllNNEV Serrclarj-, American llririjtc l.c.iync Culbirlson no trump lii^s arc. with very rare exceptions, made on strong hands of 4-3-3-3 dlstribii- Hon. Ihc no trump bidder's partner ttiercforc is able ottcn to make VKJ.103 »K72 O * A Q G 109743 VQ382 0 *82 V A74 A Q J G 5 + KJ8 *KQG VG5 . « 10843 1 +9732 Rubber—N. & s. vul. South West ' North Kast I'ass Pass J N. T 24 Double Pass Pass p ass Opening Jesd—4 K. ~°2i SUAVE winter coat of'black -. woolen fits snug'.y about the .\vaise and flases outward at the liemhne, The soft collar of black reisian 'Hxitchcs the Cossack' C* \ ./^^'V*'.'/ \ " (From For.tmanrT W«olens) I, j doubles o( the opponcnU' ovcrcalls. I when otherwise such doubles would be Impossible. Today's hand is an example of what may happen to a bold over- ealicr. North had a typical hand for a Culbcrt-son no trump bid When Soulh heard East's two diamond overcall, he did Hot IKJSS, as many. players would do, because the, hand looked so weak. South knew that he and North together had five honor tricks, and that, since North must least three diamonds (with B 4-33-3 hand), the North-South hands contained seven diamonds .against a maximum.'of six for' East and West. Having this advantage both Today's Contract Problem Soulh, as dealer, has bid one J.inde. West has passed and North has bid Iwo hearts. What action should Easl'lnkc holding 3Ji honor tricks? • EAST AKQ V AQfi * A 80 . *Q10BG2 -j ._ ' All vulnerable. ^ Solution in next issue. 26 In trump .length and high cards South doubled without, fear. After oiKiiing the kin E of spades Smith shitted to trc sir of hearts, played the eight, North Ihe ten ami East played low. Nort then led the Jack of .spades South overtook with the qu leading another heart. This lime dummy Clayed queen, North the king, and tile ace. East led the ace and t Hie jack of diamonds. North \v with Ihc klnj. and cashed the Ja of hearl.5. south throwing his la When North played the ace J.IMXIM. East trumped and Sou overtrumped. South (hen thre K«t in with a diamond, and tricks '° S ' VC "" Uvo =71 1 , e rC ^ UU wa$ lllat ' VoHh n South collected 500 points for s ting tast three tricks, and if Nor had played the hand at no Iru He could not have made same. and ueen Eaft en von k st of South threw East. club f North Safety Snil Aiils Swimmers VIENNA (UP)-Poor swimmers. says V. Veldomon, Vienna Inven- lor, may be swept out to sea In Mfcly If I hey nre wearing his new "safely shorts." Victims of accidents, currents or cramp ncod only inflate Ihc short's double front. Then they can float on, (heir backs until picked up—or swept back Bgoin. Bits of News Mostly Peisonal LAKE STRKKT METHODIST Yernon t'. Chalfciit, Pastor The Flev. Sanrll, Wiggins, Presiding Elder of llic Jonesboro District, will preach at the evcn- lilB hour ami conduct Uie Fourth Quarterly Conferejicc of tills charge. This will be the closing quarterly conference of this year us the Annual Conference nicels I nt Dalesvlltc, October 28th. Let 'every member and friend rally to School and Die first, Sunday of loyally MontTf In our Churcli. Another sermon, of interest to youth and age alike will be given In the Evening Worship Service, beginning at H30 p.m., on "The Forgotten Factor." Sunday church School begins at 8:45 a.m., promptly, and provides just the right opportunities for worship and instruction for every ige. Young-People - of - Ihe - church Vespers begin at 6:45 p.m. • •••! „ _, ...... ; : . r an ren ray u> Mrs. p. R. Fltc, of Osceola,- is a . Uicso .services to do honor to the •ttivnl at fit. Joseph's hospital, church and our Master . church service 7-15 p m Monday. 7:30 p. m' Wonder )hls Baptist hospital. Mrs. Dave Martin, , of Milan. Miss Francksc Iloseiithal lias returned from -a mouth's stay in Was! line ton,, D. C., Baltimore aiid . week fellowship. Ken Gar^/son will arrive home Monday from n honeymoon spent hi points of Kentucky oad Memphis. Mrs. Gitrrliioni who Is employed In Memphis, will conlhuro to reside there for the present. , EinmeU Colvln, Bill Hunt, William Ruighl. Victor Ivy, Latham Slncy nnd Prank Rogers, who Rt- leiitl Arkansas Slate college at Joncsboro, are at home ; for Ihe weekend. Lntham Stncy was accompanied by Edward Morton, of Turrell. who 1.5 lilt guest. Mrs. Ed Slncy motored over lor them nntl Mr. nosers and Mrs. Stacy will motor (hem buck tomorrow sfter- lioon. Leonard Dodson, of Joiner, lias been admitted to the Memphis : Uiipflst hasplla]. ,Edwin and Ann Wicdmau, who spent two days in Memphis where they underwent, tonsllectomles, returned home last night, accompanied by their mother, Mrs. Har•••• Wleilinaii. Mnrvln Wicker was taken to the Mempliis Baptist hospital ycs'tcr- Iny. , Mr. mid Mrs. Cecil Wroteu will return tortay from Pjiie Bluff vhcrc they spent two weeks wiUr Mr. Wrotcn's relatives, and they will leave Tuesday for 'their home in Cleveland. O., also after a visit wllli Mrs. Wrolen's parents, Mr. "lid Mrs. C. C. Langston. Mre. Wiolcn has some time •\nd Mr. Wroten Joined her al'o"> three .weeks ago. •' Doniitd Estes, son of Mr. and Mis. L. E. Guy, underwent ;\n opernlinn for appendicitis ycslcr- <l»y at the Blythevillc hospital. His condition is very good. Mrs. George Slmmlin, who 1111- 1or«-ont nn operation last week at •lie Blythcvlllc hospital,- is reslin- very well. " Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rogers, accompanied by Mrs.-Rogers' mother' Wrs. Roberts, went to St. Louis :hls week where Mrs. Roberts was left for nn operation she will undergo Wednesday. Mrs. Rogers ,vllf return there to be with her. Mrs. Lola Clayton, of Luxora s n pulicnt at the Memphis Baptist hospital. ' Mis. Aimc VaiiBhn has been nci- inilted (o the Memphis Baptist hospital. Miss Ethel nrnun, of Memphis is Ihe lioiiscguesl of Mr. and Mrs J. Nick Thomas. Jordan Garrett, of Cooler, lias "-"milted to the Methodist Babies Need Homes •>n A lhl ;«- [ia S'- oI( < baby boy and a 20-moulhs-old boy need homes at once, according to Mrs. John H Long, comity probation officer The new born baby is sure lo be prelty it is said, and the older baby, also attractive. Is a blond. Anyone i,,-Sicci in Uisliig tlicni nifiy cct in touch with Mrs. Long. ^Rcad Courier News Want Arts. inmiber of new officers and teachers for the new year. All old jiirmbcis are' urged to tic on hand and new ones are cordially invited lo join. The |>astor will use for his morning .sermon subject, "An Offering or a Collection." At the evening hour the subject will be "What Shall I Save Out of Life? 1 ' We Invite the hear these messages and to have fellowship in the services. The hour will be 7:30 o'clock. . The young people will meet for their League services at 6:45 p m The W. M. S. will have their Mission study period at 2:30 Mon- diiy afternoon. FIRST BAI'TJST CHURCH Walnut and Eighth Alfred Carpenter, Pastor Sunday school promotion day service, 8;3o a: in. Worship service, 10:35 a. m. Pastor's sermon topic: "Things Concerning the Lord Jesus." Haptist training union, G:30 pin. Alvin Huffman Jr., Dlreclor. Worship -service, ' 7:30 D. m Pastor's sermon topic: "Memories of Calvary." Brotherhood Annual Banquet Monday evening, 7:00 o'clock. J. O. Fullerton, program chairman. Sunday school council meeting, Tuesday evening,, 7:00 o'clock. - Mid-week church service, Wednesday. 7:00 p. m. Officers' and .Teachers' mcellng. 7:30 y n i church night service. CHUIiCH Of THE NAZARENK Vine & Second Sts. ' Harmon Holt, Pastor .Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. E L Evans, supt. Church. 11 a. m. "•"N. y. p. s. program, 7:15 p. in, Mrs. J. C. Crincr, president. • Evangelistic service. 8 p. m. '• The sunshine band has been doing splendid work, singing and preaching. "• They will be with us Sunday night. Everyone is Invited to attend all services. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN- CHURCH Slnart If. Salmon, Pastor "Youth.Wanted-", a sermon especially prepared as a ringing challenge to young people, as its,name implies, will be preached ov the Pastor In the Morning: Worship Service which begins promptly at 11 o'clock, Tins Is the third of a series of four messages. "Men Wanted!" and "Women Wanted " having been already delivered, and ^Children Wauled!" bein e schM- ijlcd for next Sunday. October 4th whichis Rally Day in the Sunday SAtURPAV, SEPTiSMRKR 26, PILGRIM I.UTHKKAN CHURCH H. J, Kleindlenst, Pastor Sunday .School. 9 a.m. Rally Day •Hi be held tomorrow. All children are asked to be present. Morning services, 10 a.m. Pas- loi-'s topic: "Where Are the Nine?" Evening services, 7:30 p.m. Sermon topic: "Christ's Woe upon the Outwardly clean, but Inwardly Defiled." Adult Bible class 7 p. m . We preach "A Changeless Christ for a Changing world." FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Carroll B. Cloy*, Pastor Bible School, 9:45 a.m. I. O. Westbrook, superintendent. Next Sunday, Oct. 4th, will Ire Rally Day in Ihe Bible school. Teachers are urged lo get put their total enrollment. Visit absentees this week Morning worship, 10:50. Sermon, "God's Judgment of sin." Evening Worship, 7:30. Sermon, "The Disciples' Peace Poll." Mid-week service Wednesday evening at 7:30. Young People's meeting Sunday evening at 6:45. No change In time and l» on hand promptly. Meeting very important, as final work on booth at Pair will bs discussed. LUXORA MKTHODIST CHURCH James T. Randle, Pastor Sunday School, to a. m. Mrs. Sue Brown, superintendent. There will be no services in the mot-filnt nr evening, as the pastor will fill his regular appointments on the Dyess-Kelser circuit. LUXORA BAPTIST C1IUKUK I/. P. Flemminjf,. Pastor The Sunbeams will meet at D a. m. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wll- kins, leaders. Sunday school, 10 a. m. J. M Majors, superintendent. Morning worship, 11 a. in. B. T. u.'s meet at 6:30, Mrs McHcnry and Mrs. - Clark, counselors. Evening worship, 7:30 p. m. W. M. S. will obserye Week ol Prayer for State Missions, on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, church auditorium. Wednesday night, 7:30 p. in prayer service. Services This Morning for G:E. English, 51 G. E. English, 51, O f the Shady Cirove community, south or Manila, died at 4:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon after several months illness of cancer. Funeral services were held this morning at 10 o'clock at Manila with the Rev. Mr. Henderson officiating. Interment was made at Manila cemetery. TI,C Moss Funeral Service was in charge of funeral arrangements. Mr. English is survived by his wire, Mrs. Helen English, and live children, Dorolhy. Lehman, Lillian, Glenda and Georgia. Fifty bodies the size ot the moon would be required to form one mass as large as the earth. 3HDERS TAKEN P«K "BERN AT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FRKE Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley 1109 Chlckasavrba Phone 782 Dirt Vanishes from Clothes Washed in Water with Zero-Hardness That's why dollies laundered by us arc so clean. . . . the wafer we use is softened lo zero-hardness. Ton. (he ptn'e soap we use is harmless to dothes hut positive in it., cleaning. Treat your clolhcs to a hath hke fhi.s. . . . vo ,,'|| |, c pig.,... ed with (l\ c vva y (hoy look. Phone 327 BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY ATTENTION LADIES A Special Showing of GOSSARDS will be featured Monday, Sepl. 28 all Day Miss Whilsiu's Shop sto* Marry Gount Her . trousseau order mnrkcrt rush, New York society cxpeclecl aiquick:jnarriage to follow (he- «urpnse engagement of Janet' Olcott-(above), losler.-daugh.lcr ft' the. late beloved' singer. Chauncey, Olcott, and the handsome,; young Count Phillipo da Montaigu o£ France. Everyone thought*she intended to marry socialite Bill J'awuaugh. Read courier News Want Ms. ROXY Ailm.—Always ID & 25c—Ic Tax SJin\v i;rcry Night Malinrcs Friday, Saturday, Sunilny Saturday Only Carlooji and Comedy —Continuous Showing— Sunday-Monday OPPORTUNITY .KNOCKS^ v ,, »nd Harry. Leon) Wilson's boy. wonder takes the,world pyjhetail! ?*L OWEN DAVIS, Jr. LOUfSELATIMEft • OIERT McWADt _ Jessie RALPH irf^»orJ>;,f/ r .' f ro .,, t," i».,;,Jj 'D^J™^", Fox Alorictotic Xc«^ and Comedy Jersey Girl Wins Marathon Swim .Viclor in Hie tlireo-mUa swimming marathon for a prize o( $1000, .prelty Miss Susan Rob- crlson, Srabrighi, N. J., natator, is shown after she tad cvossct! lite finish line j n j 1)0m . 2 ;j minutes and it seconds. The race was a feature of sporU events al the Canadian National Exhibition in Voronto M mermaids splashing throusli Hie 6'1-deerce walcr of l,a'k« Onlark/. The ancient Egyptians knew how to hammer native copper into knives, weapons, an:l otlis r implements 8000 years a!?o. • i/ COOLEST SPOT JN TOWN Saturday Only 'Straight From the Shoulder' Wilh Ralph lii'IIn my and Katharine Locke Carlocn anil Sciial—"rhaiilom Rider" witli Huik Jones Atlin.—Maliiwc & Nisht—10 i 25c Witli -Ic Tax —Continuous Showing— > Sunday - i-iJ ir.itiiuiinl News, Technicolor Car- Icon ami Comedy Wilh IP, Tax Contimioii.s Slinuing Sundny Tl'KSDAY. SKIT. 2!)— §125.00 HANK NIGHT! Roxy Theatre Policy Beginning Sunday, Sept. 27 Show Every Niyhl Matinees Fri,, Sat. and Sun., Only Tuc., Wed, Thurs., Pal A'rV/ft/-,s Two aduKs iidmillrd for (he price of 1 All cliildrcn 10c KK1DAY MATINKlvS AT 2:!f) I'. M. SATURDAY MATINKKS AT 1:00 1>. M. SUNDAY SIATINEES AT 2:15 1'. M.

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