Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on June 22, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1942
Page 3
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-# NAUaATUOK DAILY NEWS, MONfiAY, JUNE 22, 1942 Pa^;,JPiTe^ ON THE AIR TODAY (5:00 |>. m, »inny Money Man VV-K vi-' W nil -I'l'uyor; UnMu ...,-/ .\v\vs '.Musk*. p, w. New* I'.-uiVss .ll.-.lda WK.U VYAH' Hopper's lloHywood MX-'-Spoi'tH from Rra'/ll 1 ..Mu.Hh 1 . .\V\VS -..l-'rank Parker I,iiui and Aimer Musical lummlilp NVATH \VAH' : \\-KAl-'- L'roflt I!:'«.") p, in. •Id Today .|,o\vrll Thoiiuis * Morgan ^ fur Victory , in. Waring Tlino KUIIer ami Andy Kill Urn Le.wlH, ,lr. 7:l"» P. »*. \VK \K-NVTM ;--News \V\iu: Cham, (ii-l Trln \V,I/ Til-' Vr; ( r I'.'W \V\TH I'll"'" 1 Your Answer l\:w p. in. \\' \lti; Hloiidif 1 \VJ/ -T.inw" Timu' \VK\I 1 ' Si'lini'flVr Revue \Vl'li; H.ilii'Ulng \VH.\Tll-vVMK AVU:r.~Ui!d Ryder 7;^~> p, in. WJX -Mlanr Courtney; Juniors \VK.\K-\VTM :--.NVws s-.uo p. in. NV.IX I (-I've u Mystery \\' \iu; V<>\ l'<>i> WKAl- 1 WTU; Cavahuule of Anier- jr.i ^ W-\TH-AVnR—Gal. Tlnnry \V.\Tll-VYiUl-WlCf;—lU'd .Ryder 8:1,") p, in, WATH Wi>n-\Vir,<: -China's Trlh- II[M lo .liihn H. 8:110 i). in. \V\lu; n;iy Mm'lk'S Hi« \VK\K-\\TH: Vnli-r Of NN'.IX- TriH 1 or Kulso Wiu; Symphony ('.nneort \V.\Tll-WHll- .H'llldoir hrummnnd !):IM) p. in, NVKAK-WTir. Tek'l'honc Hour N\ Alu: llatlto ThraU'r \\'i»M Oahrlel Meatier \\.IX Nat'l. Radio Koruin WATM New*; hani'iux Disi'sJ 11:15 p, in. N\'n|| Sports Wio; -Analysis of Propaganda ft:SO p. in. \\KNF-WTH: Dr. I. ij. \\MX--Ymir Rllnd IK»!»- W ATM- W Ott-WJ GG—Th e Be t top Half 10:00 p. in, W10AF-\VTI€—Contented Hour W.IH—Gcru.n'tur Spy WAIJG—Freddie Martin's Qr.oh. WATR-WOR-WICG—Raymond G. Swing , 10:15 i>. in. \VOn-Yc Old« -Vuuclovlllo Show WATU-WOR—Our Morale 10:BO p, m. WA130—The Will to Freedom \VOR-<War News WEAK-W^iC—Hot Copy WJX—News WATH-WI'GG-Muslo Tlwl Endures 10:4,1 p. in. WJX—Krnckllc Stewart WOR—Ansvvor -Man 11:00 p. m. WATR-WABG-WOH-'WJCGrWEAK- WJX-WT1C—Time; News, Won Mi OP 11:15 p. in. WABC—Abe Lyunnn's Oroh, WOH—Music for America WEAF—Musto You W-ant WJX—Carmen Cavallaro's Orch. •\VTiC—Story Dramas WATR-WIGCJ—Garl Hart's Oroh. 11:110 p. in. W.-VBC—Johnny Long's Orch, W EA P- WTI C—-U n I i m 1 ted 11 or 1 zo ns WJX—Guy Lomburdo's Orch. WATR-WIUC—Radio Newsreol 12:00 Mlclniflhl WEAK—News; Francis Craig's Oroh. i WAB—News; Jerry -Wflld's Orch. WOR-WiCC—Tcd Wuenis 1 Orch. WTIG—News; Scores; Hospitality Time WJX—News; Charlie Sp-lvak's Orch NS'ATIl—Sign Off Darwin Home Wrecked by Bombs ! * ' I* I* I* r r r I* I* JAMES MELTON * TONIGHT AT 9 WTIC . . . WEAF AND N.m.C. HfD NITWORH * 'THE TELEPHONE HOUR" GREAT ARTIST SERIES Fine Program Featured Now At The Gem Pulling l.ho accent on rhythm, 'What's CooklnY' Unlversal's new comedy tunefllrn now at the Gem features an even dozen musical numbers presented by al- nosl three score artists from the mislcal world. Singers nnd instrumentalists 'in NIC production Include the Andrews Sisters, Jane -Kimee, Gloria Jean nnd Woody Herman and his orchestra. The entire group do the lyrics and harmonics on the popular "I'll Pray For You," "Amen Spiritual" nnd "Pack Up Your Troubles." Gloria, the Andrews and Herman's band present n special arrangement .of "11 llaclo," while Gloria solos "Love Laughs at Anything" and "Lo, Hear Ihe Oonllc Lark." Other numbers are the Andrews' and Herman's bounce treatment of "What To Do," "If." "You Can't Told A Memory In Your Arms. 11 ' Others In the cast of "What's Cookln'" are Robert Paige, Leo Carrlllo. Charles BtiUerworth, Billic Burk<\ Grace McDonald and Franklin Pangborn. The second film is Hetty and a great cast in "Song islands." MORE PROBLEMS AWAIT SOLUTION BY HENDERSON W^shinglon, Juno 22— OUP)— Price Adtninistvalor 'Henderson ha»s a I am > i . : su in mcr vacu . W o n i s Is wi I h- ' congressmen ; : a,rc -'HtyKlCrson 'to -grant voca- :,ail':. extnv, dole, ]. enough,-.-. to gHit the;m; wlier co rigr ess lii e t) T[ largue 'that' Wi is wo u 1 (1 ease ., pressuritJ'^'xiin-; rail lines -antT busseis, an>3^";\youJd'^tstaye :.'•; bft e«o- nobiio u rdistrQSsl,; JTi : "IS6\y ! v Kngland., -ISew : s Knglaiid;, inippr'tanl, ' "" .,.^ . . . .., , Th b: feo y^^niri en t .a, 1 road y; has moved , ' - to ; ^s'p yi -i.-" aom*^ When Jap bombs fell on Darwin, northernmost port in Australia oma weeks ago they wrecked this private home completely. For buite1'VomS time the Jap bombers stayed away from the city after .taking-k'dr bing from U, S. and Auatralian fliers. Now, once again,vHirbh planes arc raiduig the port and United Nations' pilots are taking to skies in increasing i numbers to ward off the attacks. .Grable of the 'My Gal Sal" Is Lead Now At Loew's Poli Tod^y .in-f you your Li.*: thf :itTori.I of see; on the Gene and Glenn with their adopted bucldlcs "Jake 1 'and '"Lana." On. this - same show Loew's 'is ploasod Lo present one of the most sensational personal! lies of lh,e Wost, In one of his very Jirst. EasL- erri appearances, Ocorgio A'iild. America's brilliant tenoi 1 sax star and his orchestra featuring glamorous singer of songs, Savina. On the same program are a-number of other Lop dots, unions them Bogash and Burdine, In "Seeing Double Trouble," Virginia Austin and her lay clown Glippo in "Glippo Gapers,"'.and nuuiy ollicrs, . .... The slnrrc performances are prc- ented uC-i:'40,'.'i:fJO, 0:30, f und 'J ;00 p.- m., so make your plans now to itlend .one .of Lhesc'. On the .screen is a' smash' bit, "Mis.sissipj)i Gambler" wi y lh Kent Taylor and Frances Langl'orU at the head' of an outstanding cast, . • 'Gominir .soon to this popular theater-. In '-person are' 1 such:' famous stars, as the Andrews Sisters, Hal Macintyre -and his' Band, Martha Raye; 'Benny '-Goodman and -scores of others.-Miiliq-'the f;oew -Poli/.-lhe- albr.Ti. weekly habit ,'and attend I ho' 'rmumifot.h stage "shows to be presented liere 'pvery. Wednesday nnd " Tliursday at 'regular Ldcw prices. • V; - _> ; Naug-atuck Fire Altirm Boxes 45 Walnut Street, corner ;•' Cliff 'St; 40 Millville Aye.,; corner-" Park' Aye. 47. Cliff Street, corner Pleasant 48 Grove Street, corner ;May Avc. 4U Goodyear Avenue, fji High Street, corner Orchard St. 53 Main Sereet, corner Linden St. 54 Coen Street ' . ;.. 5(1- J-ligh. .ytrcct, cornej Oak ( St, 'Gi Bridge Street near Lumber"' Yard 02 School Street, corner. Anderson Street 03 Malleable Iron Works 04 Spring' Street, corne Street 71 Prospect Hill 72 North Main street 73 Locust Street . :*' . 74 Woodbine Street, cornet 1 Golden Hill Street 75 North Main Street and Golden Court 112, Foot of Ward ; Street 113 -Olive Street, corner of Cherry' 114 Spencer Street, corner of 'Clierry 110- Dunham Mills • . . V :r " : 117 Melbourne Court . ' .',- .-'-'.- . >-'-' UCi G. M. R. Shbc Co., Rubber .Ave. 121-Corjfier Andrew Av. & Scott St. " k no tty gviso line '' ' - .. Tlie ""Offices of Defense Transporta- i : OT V ;-'- hjis .;; o'rj^ftrri/cd'i a "truck, con- 'i^iir-ps;^: The idea is to r icHs' ' 5iQQ6,000 Ir u cks ro 1 1 v- And %"H).6'dklet \yl 1 1 be -d isti'Jb 7 u ted'- to l/rti'Gk' operators before Jong lQ,;slrdw.;tbem 'how .to prolong the life. •ol':;the' : ' yeli icles und save" gasoline-' and -tires. STARVING 'GREEKS , ..'.'• . _ . . . ,•;• \ , ' " • (Norwich Bulletin) Ever since, the crushing oj the Greeks 'J>y 'the combined.operations ofVlih'e. Nazis': and . Italians, conditions . in .Greece have been going from .bad"to-.worse. The .taxi's ; have employed .every? possible m'fift'ns • of draining that cou'ntry. of; its supplies,' taking not only 'the surplus but,what,.has been requiredv'.by/4'the- people for"• iboir own . cqnsuni'ption. .They have bcnn pen-aJized. Lo'. the.^ppi-nt.-•- of slaj-va- I'ion, -famine, find' pestiJence. Tlicy have been ;forccd to give- up : what might havp-been-used to maintain health".-until'"--; it became necessary I'pr/ relief.Organizations -to get tl)e right to send in «nnd .distribute f 1 our>-a ruJ--- o th or neccssi ti cs,- i ncl ud- Street, corner Lfnes • .' St., corner ^Bridge Avo. "M .\faJurH- \\if,h brr h irt .ill' * on Ch FINISH THAT JOB RIGHT! IV .Murphy Qtilrk J)r>-lnf/ Finish. . . It ProviiJrs f-.xh'ii Lustra CANS, INC. ST. To f Sal" arid Victor cast. The program is n.osf.V with Milton l\ Joyce. fivorite team, Onnn r<f>-nn with thPir irrepressible ".Jak»*" and "Lena", are on the Loew Poll slage bill for Wednesday and Thursday of ibi.H week, with four pwrform- lo be givon dally. Songs and I'ornedy pattor... .pncked with fun from start to finish—a personal ripp»\'iranrf? of these boys Is always h/iiN'rJ with enthusiasm by their Klon of loyal fann. Already famous from coast to on network shows anti by Ht-j^'^ 'ippcaranee.s In person... .both ovfr r.t period of yoars... .Gone and Gk-nn havo further endeared thern- snlvrs In Ihf hparLs of hundreds of (hoiH'in'I.H of Hstonnrs and Ihcalnr- «ofTH In (his section of Now ICng- lnn/1 since making WTIfJ Jlarlforcl thfir h^idquartern in August of 19iO. On the air MIR boys arc hoard Moriday.H through Fridays at i2:00 noon, and on Sundays at 12:J5 p. rn. So Walorhury again opens Us arms In a warm welcome to those grand, ^^^^* n"vi»r-lo-bo-forgolten cnlnrlalners, \o, ' Location 12 Rubber. Regenerating- Co. 13 Suott Sirnoi, .corner Lewis I5-.G.M.R. ;Shoc- Go.,. Rubber >and Wntui 1 SLroet- ' IG'.Rubbor "Avenue and Cherry St. 17 Town Farm, Rubber Avenue 18 R'lsdon Mfg. Co., Andrew Avc. 21 Church Strent nt Park Place 23 G. I. R. Glove Co., Maple Street 2'i Town. Hall, corner Maple and '.-Church'.Streets' 25 Meadow,. Street 26 Salem School 28 High School 31 Johnson Street .32 May Struct, at Phoenix Avc. 34 Main Street, corner Manic St. ,'15 Main Street, corner Ho ton.kiss 30 New Haven Road, corner High Struct 37 Carroll Street 35 High -Slruol at I 111! St. 39 Corner Hlgn and May Streets 'HHignland Avc., corner Galpin St 42 Mondlcy Street, corner Aetna 43 Aetna Street, corner Cliff St. 151 G.>J. R. Shoe Co., rSb'utlr Watc' .-.' .-Street .-• - • - ^; ; ' :.,y-'-.^'-^:. .;_,;•", 312 May. Street near Jce; HoUB&iS:^;.. •il2'Hi'llsidc : Avenue -and JvtiHvljlic : 'Avenue . .. _; ; v . -r^'fe ,413 New Street ". : .^^- .'^^ Rockwell Avenue-'at Salem streiit 4JO No'i-th Gburch -street.^ / ':^V^ -'_,. ' Signals ..-.','.• .',-,-r: y*U& 2 Blasts at 8 -p; m; Teft-al^mn;'7v- 4 Blasts at, 8 a. ;m.-12:3pvp^;in^JNo school, grades 1 lo ,5.' ; :'' : '^ G Blasts at 8 a. m.-12:30 .p.; m.'^I^) schools-grades 1 .to •8,-,/f '*$& y n y .depar tmen t. ;. " :^ 10 Blasts at 7:45 a. m; JV6 school£Jn »*•*• —— •'^'"•^K uoxus DIVIDED" 139 AVAVsJf Brcnnan t ing mcdicinos. -\ Not only; \in conllncnlal . Greece .but in-its Js'land possessions, also taken over by. the Nazis,- have these same-.. dire /conditions developed, liven •'flsh'ernicn have been prevented, from- obtaining food jn that manner and such .distress has re- sulted'that, ;many of the people have •-].)ee'n relying upon weeds for sustenance;--I^i-tllc. surprise can thus be':'niariifestc,d . that''many, of them have, tried :t6.- escape 'from these is-' lands t-o:'Turkey. .:•;• ' ; J n ;• ; .v i e w. ;q .f : r aoi a 1, feel i n gs, Tu r- kpy";. isn't "disp;6scd f - to ?serve'; as ? 'a hayen ; a'ith pugh i t .has -.forwarded much 'Jn ; j;.tl'j"c-y\v.ay;-of. supplies. Subscribes to Drive Dnd the"Avay of gotl.Ing along \vilh- out serious friction; Failure to comprehend the problems of the other man is one'root cause of most of life's clashes of temperament .and of aims. Any movement ; or philosophy which seeks to clear away prejudices is a good thhig. The council seeks this very end. It has .'no now and elaborate machinery, and practically no authority, It merely brings together such parlies as should k-now each other and understand each other's problems. When such frank and friendly conferences have been held frecjuently enough, the foundation will be ready for real usefulness. Hostpn has no patent on Hn, idea, and the number of inquiries coming to-the council from outside ihfe area suggests that the nml being met in the JJuy Slate Js a real one o I so where. ^ iii:u> HV POLICE v j lirldgeiwrl.,- June 22--'(Ul>)^-I?oMcp' arc -SicldiDg four men;in corinectioft \vii3i-thR Ihcfl of ' r machi-ne- gim pirls from the AuLo brdhahcc Corpora hi-on. Three of the -in«A t f-fchey-' sa y, 'a ro employes of Hi c cow pan y. TJjiv fourWi is -,-1 former employe. AiithoriUcs «.re -holding 1 lhe : -men ponding fiirlho.r invcsMgalioii/ anit h«ve hill mil tod others nilgiit be implicated.. .GHANDMA "WANTS' •Oakland, Gal. (UT>)— Mrs. Colfa A. Woodward, wiho recently 'colcb rated her mil ibi'Hhd.ay, is wMling to enter a nationwide "greatest" grandmother contest. She o;inie h(>re from flivcn, Iowa, has seven chll r dren, 21 grandchildren, 13 grcat- An , Mass., .lune 22— -(UP)— enibalmor and auxiliary poiicc sorgts-nit— ICric Swan— has- : been found v doad in" bod wfliu -a » hiillcf wound in his hoad. A "medical- ex- aminnr has rotijrnod a ilnding of sulcido. . v , v C. P. Radiophoto Signing on the dotted line, Gen. Douglas MacArthur subscribes to Australia's 35,000,000 pound liberty loan drive. Ho invested one thousand pounds. The photograph was in Melbourne and radioed to New York. graiu'hildro.n and grrandchildrcn. .- great- Lowest. Prices In TI|c^G4ly John Music Shop ^ We Hoy, Scll, v All Kimfe Of Violin; I>iinio.s, Trumpet, Accord ions. 8iixii|»tKMne* ( Wood \Viiuls — Musloul >HippHe« 'IVl, 4-9808 / f: . :J82 SO, MAIN ,ST k WATK«IH>«Y organizations to render a needed service. Located as they are there are serious difficulties in gotting supplies 1-0 the islands, Jjut it should be possible- to acquire what is necessary from Turkey and obtain the right to distribute It where it will present starvation and wholesale deaths. With Tur- i l\ish -cxportations shut off,' it should be possible to arrange for the needed supplies from its surplus before H is loo late. It is a distressing situation which calls for relief. JUST GETTING TOGETIIKR such-; distress : 'prevails there v j"s' an ;;,Ql)portiinity-vf or-relief (Bridgeport Post) .There is no dearth of mach-inery available for the reconciliation of differences ''between labor and management when tilings get out of hand, but very little .for heading off such olnshes. • * The prevention of such troubles before they get out of hand is the aim' of 'a new. departure in Massachusetts,—the newly organized, industrial relations council of metropolitan Boston.. • .•The/idea behind .the council.-is simply, this; .that when labor and management, come to know..'and understand... each oilier Hhey will HOWLAND -HUGHES •Waterbury's Friendly Department Stqrt? >^;;{;. Bows Bows. Bows -on . ' . ', ^^^ White "Stylex" Shoes $3.79 . Beautiful. bows . . . pretty, perky on your; ^' • wliito Stylcx shoos! I^ows ed^ed With vivid color . . . bows a glitter with gold nail- ••: heads! Bows on neat spectator sports shoes ... on smooth dressy pumps! .Thc^Ji-e . young, and peppy ... just what you X\ y ant • ' • '• V "'''•'"'» for summer! ! "'•;,' ' ••..:"..",/ ,';,', FASHION FLOOR Los Angeles, Gal." (UP)—Tlie-of- f(?.r of the 'North American Avja!- tion, Inc., for bonuses to.-:.employes I'oi- suggestions for . speeeding^up a n d rm pro vi ng. a i r p-lfiri e • p r oduc^io.h rnsLiited in 2,000 suggestions. A tplfil of 139 wore accepted and the $10,0<0 prixe \vas spl-it 139-ways'.* " -' KfJCi PRODUCTION UP ^ Sacramento. Gal.. (UP)—A . census, just, completed, shows Miat .California has 11,712,000 lay i ns< liens . which are speeding up , production in One war effort, T.hcir output for the first throe months of the year showed an increase of 6 per cent Presents Colors to Top Middies T •>f % ' f < i* v > ** x'. (THAT'S RIGHT, MISTER YOUR RADIO REPAIRED . rtfJ, r S ^ • "«-fc. /ms^ $^&z$%%m and Con- Free Pitkup And Delivery • JUST PHONE US • • SI.MO.N'S .') MONTHS' UiN'CONmTIONAL fit/AHAM'KK SIMON'S RADIO SERVICE i^3D Watortowri' Waterbury Ave. 6217 COMICS ARE FRIENDS When Yvonne Dionne, one of the famous Quintuplets, was confined to the hospital recently, she was a very lone' some'little girl, ' , It was her first separation from her sisters and, the familiar surrounding's of her nursery home. Yvonne didn't smile—there were strange people arid the loneliness, austerity and silence that are so characteristic of hospitals. Then her nurse brought the Comics to her. And all of a sudden the sun shone again, there was laughter and mirth in the sickroom. For the Comics meant a visit from friends, friends like Private Buck, Etta Kett, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, -Big SIsjter, Muggs and Skeeter, Brick Bradford and Secret Agent X9, and all the other characters that are part of the'Quintuplets' daily lives. There is the secret of the tremendous popularity of the Comics. They are friends, friends that give happiness and cheer, friends tha.t help to heal sickness and sorrow. Whatever 9]se you give your children when they are ill or otherwise confined to their beds—be sure to give them their Comics from THE DAILY NEWS (C) KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. 'Vf •^V,-:..$ "ty/ •'>,? / ^ ?,?* vJ Rins *? Hero's one of the eye-catching: momenta of June Week nt the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, the presentation of the colors,to the") outstanding company. Ruth Helena Reed, "Color Girl" ; who come*, from Madawaska, Maine, made the presentation. At the Ceremony (1.'to r.) arei: Rear Admiral' J.'vR. Beardall, superintendehr of' th« ,•; Kuth rflelena Reed; and. (with,back to camera) Stanley J. Cfowin, Jr., of Orono. Maine/company commander. : o . (Central Press) "*C- ^j- \ »• A^J ^ fSffOTr* •&>'[ < J f,^ *>->•> „*&*; -* fe8^ ?:; *^' '^&>f«t ''> '4* /-;, : /S*'/S', ''&* ?,-• •3$Mk ?SK!» !V-' H ' iiJfci-d>^f*

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