The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1941
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1941 Dorazio Tangles *- ...... • . Expected Italian Porkers, Play Pliillips Again Tuesday Niglu In Easy Fashion BY JACK CUDD1T United Press Star! Correspondent PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 17. (UP)—Heavyweight championship competition may reach a new low at Convention Hall tonight when Joe Louis makes his 14th title defense 'against G us Dora/Jo but the crowd and gate will set new indoor boxing records for Philadelphia. This 15-rcuMQ-bout between the* destructive Brown Bomber and an; . apparently mediocre Philadelphia :: fl IJ challenger "appears .so lop-sided; tf"|] that- the state, senate has threatened an investigation. However, 15,000 fans are expected to eon' tribute'- about 550.000 for the .spec- nacle. Louis, principal in this "Woolworth' 1 world 'championship—with its top.of $5.75, promised-to knoc out Dorazio "as soon as pos.sibli?. No Betting- on It Connie M«c/c /s 78, Still Enthusiastic When Baseball Is Mentioned No Pink Tea Party In Store For Wrestling Picard Pockets Fans Here Tonight Prize Money At pi na!s re . s ults in tlw 4-H club By \V. J. Special lo Tiie Courier PAYETTEVILLK, Ark., Feb. n. i —iiuen'uptmg their chase after' the Southwest Conference basket- oai! cnfimpionship, the University of Arkansas Razorbacks will nice, the i J niH:p.-5 Oilers, national AAU champions, in a charity game at Tuesday night. Arkansas has played tin 1 Phillips U-um twice previously this st.-asun, winning' 38 to !M at Littlf Itock and losing :tt in :$5 ul jfcirtlttsvilte. Added interest attaches to the game, from aa Arkansas viewpoint, because of the presence in the Phillips line-up of Don Loeicard, i one of Arkansas' all-time basket- I ball greats and captain of the ! iwt; Kauorbaoks. In 1937 Lockard led the .Southwest Conference jn .scoring, with 157 points In 12 BY HKNHV MoLKMORE United Press Staff Correspondent LOS ANGELES, Feb. 17 1 (UP; te is Connie Mack speaking." The voice came in over the wire from Carlsbad, Calif., a.-: strong as that ol the man who tells you that time marches on. Listening to him, ii was almost Impossible to believe that the speaker was 78 years of age, had been iii baseball since 1883, and was a. manager before any of fciie. + ----- - --- I Will vjri/i'i players on his Philadelphia Alh- . j f the ^ He h lurioc \VAr» hrvrn . . f J =• . were born. There wasn't a tremble ih bis voice. He gave no sign of impa- ; thing. He is faster than his clad as, and that's saying a lot. He is having had to leave his i dinner and .stand in a phone basketball tournament held at Ilia • gamiw. He was named on the all- Armory here Friday and Saturday, j conference team in 1938. with 24 teams from 18 .schools en- i Adams Leads Conference Most- expert figured he would Lerec j included: ' i Opposing Loukard In Tuesday keep his promise. Hence, there was cla ' ss A gi r i s ._Go.snell defeated i night's uuttle will' be Johnny 'no'record of a single bet on ^ e ,y ar bro 32 to 10; Class A boys—' Adams, the Razorbaek.s' sensational outcome, since the odds were pro-' Yarbro defeated Lone Oak 31 to'scorer. \vno many Arkansas fans hibKSve. The wagering was 2-1 2 4; Class B girls—Box Elder de- i believe to be the greatest of a long that the dark-haired muscular j feftted p aw heen 43 to 12, and Class! line of illustrious Razorbaek for- to answeV his 53th billionUt 1 question on baseball. Predicted 1940 Downfall Naturally, my first Question dealt with what Mr. Mack thought of the fielder and is improving steady as a 'hitter. I like. Eddie's rotirage and his team spirit. He Ls a fine boy to have on a team." McCoy lias Promise Benny McCoy? Mi'. Mack answered a question this expensive second NEW. ORLEANS. Feb. 17. '.UP) — Henry Picard, Hershey, Pa., veteran, dipped into golf's pot of gold for $1,200 today. Picard needed all the smoothness that characterizes his tournament competition to beat out Ben Hogan of White Plains, N. Y., to win the fourth annual $5.900 New Orleans Open golf final yesterday but, he turned in a 66 and a 73 for Even though Promoter Mike Meroney will have an "Angel" on his | double main event weekly wrestling program tonight at the Legion Hut, | a fellow who intends to sleep through the night's, entertainment won't find much time for snoozing if his. eyes and ears are in first-rate condition. No Pink Tea Party is tonight's* :„._ . .. wrestling card, starting at 8 p. m. with a duel between the Irish Angel of New York, a 215-pound bewhiskered gentleman who met universal unpopularity 'in his first appearance here recently, and Wild Red Roberts, Little Rock toughie who likes the going rough 'and is capable of anything In the books —and some tricks not in any books you ever read about wrestling. • , an aggregate of 276 and a two- Then the rematch between Mexi- big league pennant races this year. ! ^"wm* ui* exuem:ve setuiia ' baseman as quickly and frankly as He was the seer, you know, who at thLs time a 'year ago flatly pre- - h dieted the' downfall of the New ' '« fi( - ld Jewels. werc one of lhe 8 Qme§s York Yankees. He said the supposedly invincible, club would be beaten and would finish no better than third. But Mr. Mack is making no forecasts this season. . "The American League race- will "litmny lias learned a lot. lie will tie very useful. Whether he will ever attain the heights some of you boys predicted for him depends largely on the youii£ man himself. He's a migruy Line boy." stroke victory. | lie became the first two- time winner of this Open. He set a course record of 65, seven under par, during the second round Saturday and hung up another standard with a six- under-par £1 on the outgoing nine in yesterday's morning 1 round. On one hole he sank a 45-foot putt for an eagle. Hogan hung- on Picard's heels all the way and finished with a 68 and 70 for 278 and $750 prize money. Clayton Heafner of Linville, N. C., won third spot money of $550 with 279. Italian doesn't even last "rounds; ' and 5-1 thnt he 10. c nv . e jB boys — Pawheen defeated Lost, wards. Adams led the Southwest doesn't•( /•>„„„ .•>•> ;„ i- i rv.Mfpiwir.p' in sr-hriny in 1.Q39 with Tliis is the : first heavyweight title fight staged in Philadelphia Cane 21 to 15. All-tournament teams included the following players: Class A boys—A. Bunch and G. since the initial Tunney-Dempseyi Bunch Yai . br0i f onVE ,rds; Rogers. brawl in 1926, which set an all-. Lone Oak> cenLer - Griffin. .Yarbro, time outdoor record of .120.757 j and Stafford; Pawheen. guards. cash customers. But it is also, Class boys—Blue, of Brown, part of Bomber Joe's 'fight-a-j nnd Hawkins. Boynton, ' forwards; month* tune-up campaign for his Parks , Lost Cane, center; Edgins bit* outdoor defense against Billy, ftlld Uhles< Pawheeni fiuar d s Ccnn in June. Hence, when the class ' A girls—Seville. Gosnell: :match was made, two state senators demanded an investigation. M. Whittle, Yarbro. and Conard. Pawheen. forwards; Moody. Cos- be too close for anyone to. sanely Mr. Mack is staying at Carlsbad Conference in scoring in 1939 with 1B7 points in- 12 games. He was captain of the 1940 Arkansas team. He Ls leading the conference in scoring, with 121 points in eight games. He has scored 117 points 'in eight non-conference .games, giving him a total of 238 points tor the season. In audition to his scoring ability, Adams is a defensive siur and expert at taking the ball off the backboards. He funiLshes the spark that has resulted in the Arkansas quintet winning 15 of their 16 games to dale, including eight straight vicioiies in Southwest Conference competition, sextet ol Scorers Although Johnny Adams Ls the Ra/orback-s' scoring mainstay, any one of six players L> apt lo have a night when lie can't miss the basket. Thus, Carpenter, the sophomore forward, tallied 20 points in years younger than the champion, R ^^ 5ak"(A"boy^; Be' £L^uor7%oS" T^oin* nSd r!lirSr eV5 e W8 T IUC ' G ° SUeU < A girlS); Edglns 'i ~Thrill the /e?ond prated of slipping. ! Pawheen ..B boys), and E. Oalyean T , x ^ and ' 1G in Lhe [lrst Regardless of. what, happens. ; of Box Elder (B gtrlsrt. Rice galne . .Pitts had ! his . biggest make a suggestion." he said. "Too many good teams with a chance. I will say, thougu, that- the Yankees will be better than they ."were a year ago." Did Mr. Mack feel that his Athletics were one of the good teams? "Yes, I think we will have a good team. By george, 1 think we may with a few of his pitchers and catchers at present, but will move to the spring training c-amp at Anaheim, CaL, in a few days. Yotr see, some of the aged pitchers and catchers of around 30 years of age need to thaw out under the sun and revitalize themselves in the celebrated baths. As for Mr. Mack. surprise a few peopl,|. I don't mean i ai 78, he needs no thawing. He is by that we will win the pennant *• as well preserved as a man in his or anything,, but we'll win a lot of; fifties and right now Ls planning ! on the sort of team he will have | ball games." Better Than Dad The senate postponed action until neU; oldhnm> yarbro. and Gulp, after the bout. i p aw heen. guards. Louis Heavily Favored Class B girls—Galyenn. Box Elder ! Louis is the prohibitive favorite; and Cci! . neU and Edgins. both of because of his amazing record ofip aw heen, forwards; E. Galyean. ^5; knockouts in 49 professional, Box ^^^ Christian. Gosnell. and fights, whereas Challenger Dorazio j Hodgej B rown. guards. little more than a good local | sportsmanship awards went to card. ^Moreoyer, __the ^De- Boynton Class B boys as a team, "' "" and to Bonnie Hodge, Clear Lake firLs, and Rogers of Lone Oak, trclt negro will have advantages of punch, weight, height and reach. Dorazio's lone advantage, boygj Dividual awards. to be 1-us ngc of 23, thrje outstanding players named were ! in 1965. I asked Mr. Mask how he felt i Lt did something to me to talk young Eddie Collins, son of the | with Mr. Mack last night. He rep- great member of the "million dollar in field," would do as a major league player. , . ..:..• I His . answer" was enthusiastic in tone and content:. . . . resents something more than a baseball team or even a game. Could it be" that he represents the truth, that If you'., .give the best of Craig Wood of- Marnaroneck, N. Y.. the first round leader, sllpiied into a four-way tie at 284 with Jimmy pemaret, Houston, Tex., 1940 winner; Ralph Guldahl, Chicago, and Tony Peiina, Dayton, O. They collected $342.50 each. Bracketed at 285 and $210 each were Byron Nelson. Toledo, O., and Vic Ghezzi, Deal, N. J. A triple tie at 287 gave Sam Byrd, Ardmore, Pa.. Herman Barron, White Plains. N. Y., and Martin Pose. Argentina, $143.43 each- Claude Harmon, Orlando, Fla., at 288, received $110; and Ray Mangrum. Oakmont, Pa., and Jimrm Hines, Great Neck. N. Y., each had 289's and received $85. can Carlos Rodriquez of Mexico City and Jirnrny Lou, the serious, never-clowning Alabaman who is ui to avenge his only Blytheville efeat passed on him several weeks go hy the ever-fouling Mexican. Lott Is Speedy Rodriqueii, a capable wrestlei vho uses his eye-gouging tricks 0 the dismay of the audience, wil oe the villian. If he isn't, cautious lowever, he may meet with serious reverses at the hands—pardon he-head—of Mr. Lott, who used to play professional football and still s one of the top performers when 1 comes to adapting the flying tackle to the mat style of football. * ' Louis .will receive 4(1 per cent, rf the net sate, yrobatly about $20.000. The challenger gels 12-] u per ceiii, which should leave him a small profit after training and managerial cuts are .deducted. . . . t yourself, all of the lime, you can "Eddie will be a star. In a few j go into extra innings in the game years, he will be one of the great { of life with no regrets. Tucky Nears Southeastern Cage Crown; Has One Defeat Jimmy is one of the. slickest and quickest of the pro grapplers .in this 'territory "and 'when he seems to be on the verge of losing a'bout, he's the toughest fellow you ever saw. Just let an opponent think he has the brawny Alabaman ready for the kill, and Bam—just like that—the foe has Jimmy's head and neck in his midriff and the tables are turned, the ring goes today following tae of pitchers Clyde Terry said capitulation Castleman and Ace Adams. No word has yet been received from Catcher Hank Canning. Shortstop Billy Jutiges arrived in camp last night. Dodgers Are Happy HAVANA, Feb. 17. (UP)—The Brooklyn Dodgers camp was ' In high spirits today because Shortstop Pee Wee Reese announced that lie felt no trace of his fractured left heel suffered last year. Reese fielded grounders at, short- 'round. and 'round as the foe finds j stop, scampered around the out- he has no breath left, and Jimmy field and ran around the park wins again. during the Dodgers' routine 90- Auything Can Happen minute practice yesterday and said: r, "Boy, I feel swell. Sav, vou can Ask Rookie Waiver Rule Be Rescinded CHICAGO. Feb. 17. UNEA)—It is understood that when Ford C. Prick and Will Harridge visit judge Kenesaw M. Landis at a joint session in Chicago, they will demand that the baseball commis- probably will see a litle of every- \ thing in the way of wrestling as itj should and shouldn't be performed. Both bouts will be decided over ST. LOUIS, Feb; 17. (UP)—The Si .Louis- Cardinals have 23 more players to sign for the 1941 season. the two best- falls out of three. 90-! ic was announced. today, after receipt of signed contracts from pitchers Max Lanier of Denton, N. C., and- Herschel Lyons of Los minute time limit distance. FAREWELL TOUCH JERSEY CITY.—Frank Poreda knocked out Tommy Adams of Angeles. Lanier won nine and lost six for the Birds last year and Newark in the eighth round aM Lyons won ID and iosL 12 for By United Press Florida's six triumphs and The. University of Kentucky bas- j reversals for second place. two Indiana Racer Wins s «L rec * u I night' against-, Baylor, when he"|ketball team today was'-where Jlie |^ With only a week of the regular" NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla., "li. 17. '.UP)—The Oov. Dave [ Sholtz outboard motorboat trophy tJonizio. arriving last night from! belonged to Paul Wearly of Mimcie. his camp at Stmimit, N. J.. ex- tlnd -. today.. plained that he .wasn't Interested -"^i-'v co^vmled a total of l, 100 In the financial end. -'I 'want that points, to- retire the trophy at the title." he said, "and I've got the « qi tne llth annual outboard bobbins and weaving style and motorboat regatta yesterday over the punch to take it. Scared? Hull!' ari Indian River course. Fred Jam ' chase him right out of the; coby Jr., North Bergen, N. J., won ring-." Which were brave words,' the .final heat for Class C craft indeed. i over Wearly but the Indiana speed- This. will be Jolting Joe's third! ster got off to a flying start Sat- title defense in about two months.! urclay with five firsUs and one He stepped Al McCoy at Boston I third. on Dec. 16, and Red Burman at 1 . York on Jan. 31. Big Abe! CHICAGO.— Center Bill Carse is Captain Frelberger had his biggest nights against non-conference opponents, scoring 18 points against Southwestern, of Memphis and 'r7 against the Piftsburg. Kans.,Te;u:tii ers. Even. young Noble Rpbbins, sophomore substitute, caught the scoring fever when he tallied 10 points ih less than n half'.against Texas A. Ji'-M. experts said it should have been in"j : season remaining, Kentucky is a the first place—in first place among i good bet for top-seeding in the Southeastern conference quintets. J annual tournament" and Florida, Adolf Kupp's machine ground slowly but exceedingly fine this season and climaxed, Hs pre- cLslon play last Saturday night" with'; a'37 tp 28 victory over sioner rescind the rule calling for j Laurel Gardens there before join- i Rochester of the International waivers on recruit players. Presidents Frick and Harridge will act as proxies for a majority of major league owners; who want no compromise. • ing the United States Marines at | League. Pensacola. The young Jersey City 1 heavyweight enlisted. Read Courier News want-ads The sheep population of • the world is 500,000,000, or one-fourth as great as the human population. Simon is slated as his next public' lost to the Chicago Blackhawks for sparring partner at Detroit next several weeks. No less than 41 month. (stitches were taken in his ankle, Louis expected to scale 201 cut when Pat Eg an of the New pounds tonieht, about than his opponent. 11 more York Americans gave him the back of his skate. with ' no more games- to play, will fbe , ranked high as will Tennessee, i swhlch has also won six' 'games.; 'while dropping three.'-Tulane also has .a 6 .and 3 record Teimesse'e, , u team, which Mad j while 'Auburn.'.; Alabama -and Missis- ioppled 'Tucky earlier -'hi,- the j.slppi State are.keeping their aver- year. '--.Vy. . • . . .'.ages 'above ,.500. ; .' . ;". -. . Added to,a decision "over Missis- ;•-• Mississippi .'clenched cellar "hon- sippi-earlier in' the-week, this gave 'brs"-"last week by dropping its .13th Kentucky six victories and one loss in conference play, compared with conference game. The Rebels have won but one. "..' --' : . Net Dogfight Ahead of Schedule - - - By Art Krenz NEW/YORK, Feb. 17 (UP) few years ago Leslie Macmitchell was a frail kid. weakened by an early attack of pneumonia and suffering from water on the knee —caused by a football accident. PpRT LAUDERDALE, Pla., Feb. j - MIAMI, Fla.. Feb. 17 (UP) — 17. T . (UP)-^Bobby Riggs, former na- Headed by National Amateur tional tennis champion from Chi-' Champion Dick Chapman of New cago. and Frankie Kovacs of Oak- JYork. almost 100 golfers tee off in land, Calif., wsre only one victory ; the first 18-hole qualifying round apart today in the" tennis standings | Qf ^^ 17th annual Dixie amateur on the winter tournament swing, (championship today. Riggs has three and • Kovacs. four. Riggs won the 17th annual mid- Today the subway statisticians of j ^ «' tournamcnt over Kovacs (Mtr WM-lr «ro m-nliwfT Hnvi o o rriA * ' New York are hailing him as the Scottish Zephyr \vho will one day CHOCK KtiSKE AND AV BOSfoM. COACH VOH ELLIN& 6AY5 VORK. yesterday, 6-4, 6-4, 4-6, 4-6. 6-4 The /record field includes Jim Perrier. former Australian amateur title-holder; Prank Allan. Pittston, Pa., Pennsylvania.amateur champ- turn, in the track mark of the age.s —The Four—minute mile. Manhattan has been turning cut lo cheer great mile runners for many years. Now, at last, it is produced its own brilliant miler—Leslie Macmitchell. The dark-haired, smooth-striking |J ine> Mass junior from New York University \. has the town agog. For the 20- j year-old lad has beat the cream of i the mile crop in the last couple | weeks—Mehl. Munski. Fenske. Bor- i igan. Beccali. Gordon, and Moore.! In his last two starts he won the set-on hall classic and the Boston Hunter fixture. At Boston, the barrel-chested N-Y-U speedster nor only showed and later teamed with Jack Kra- i ion ' Charley Whitehead. New Jermer of Rollins College. Fla.. LO s ^ amateur titleholder and Bruno win the men's doubles ' title 'over ] and Arnold Minkley of Chicago. Bill Talbert, Cincinnaii, O., and i A second 18-hole qualifying round Gus Ganzenmueller, Port Wash- i wil1 be P^yed tomorrow with match ington. N. Y., 6-1, 6-0. Mrs. Sarah Palfrey Cooke, Brook• 5 play starting Wednesday and con- e wo jl? ens s1 "- defeatnig lo-ye.r-old Miami. 6-3, 6-0. Cooler Ends Play COOTER. Mo.. Feb. 17. - The Cooter Wildcats closed their basketball season Friday night at Cooler by. dividing honors with Haytl teams. The Hayti girls won. , 19 to 17, and the Cooter bovs won. his heels lo Walker Mehl, Chuck 3g to JQ Fenske, and John Munski. but he The g irls * game was a battle was timed in 4-minutes 10 and, throughout, the score being near a seven-tenths seconds. This isn't bad - - ;t [h , entjre last haU of the traveling for the youngster who is Jo Wrighlf M . Fitzmauricc and M not expected to reach his peak : We ingfield, three outstanding ! lor five or six years. | p laye rs for Cooter. fouled out. The Glenn ClnniRgham holds the | C( ^ ter boys played several Qf lhch . second team players throughout world indoor record of four-oh- four and four-tenths for a mile outclassing the Havti on a track less than eight laps, i hrt , rc .„. a 1artyo mQrff5 ,, And he is the joint holder with Fenske of the record of four- by a large margin. oh-scven-four. on a track more than eight laps. Macmitchell hopes to bury both marks before he Is. through. And his own home-town idolaters arc predicting that he will. Says Emil Von Elling, N-Y-U- track mentor: "I've been coaching runners for some 30 years. But Macniitchell is the greatest miler I have ever trained. He runs like Cunningham —same build, stamina and smooth stride." Emperor and king penguins incubate a single egg while standing erect, by holding it in a fold of skin between the abdomen and IIAML1N LOSES TONSILS CLEARWATER, Pla. — Pitcher Luke Hamlin explains his delay Tti returning -his signed contract to the Broklyn Dodgers. It was due to a tonsllcctomy. Carlos Rodriquez - vs.- Jimmy Lott tinuing through Saturday. THE BEER BCfT FtY IS SAID TO OAKT AT TNE RATEOF STARTUP • oyiciay—TRV PUT MUSCLE Ever Ride on a Magk Carpet? S MART—GLAMOROUS—brimming with brilliant 12-cylinder performance—the beautiful new 1941 Lincoln-Zephyr sweeps you along in a brand new kind <5f glider ride, so comfortably cushioned against rough roads and chuckholes, you seem to cruise on air. It's the closest thing to a magic carpet ever built by any autpmobile maker. Won't you come in and try it? Everything about this car—its beauty, comfort, safety, convenience—will convince you that never before has any car offered so much luxury at such a moderate price. You'll understand why owners everywhere say it gives more fun per gallon! The Irish Angel - vs.- Wild Red Roberts Legion Hut—8:00 P.M. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810 Blytheville, Ark. CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb. 17. CUP) \ —Connie Mack was hopeful today | thai Johnny Babich might become | a 20-game winner for his Philadelphia Athletics during the corning campaign. Babich, who won 14 and lost; 13 last year, has been showing up well in baltery workouts here. Others who have, been impressive in early ,-workouu are Chubby Dean, Nelson- Potter aiv.i Leonard Smith. • / 11 Are Unsigned MIAMI; Fla., Feb. 17. CUP)—The' New York Giants, still have !! players unsigned, Manager Ball

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