The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE .SES (ARKO COURiER NEWS MONDAY. JULY 16, 1534 The Babe Got His 700th Mli UIOIH GIF Bill Pollard Falls Behind Afler Pace From Siart Slink Selling With If, holes remaining in IIP pla.ol, \V. A. "Jfuiilf" nnuvll, rhainplcii o1 Hie Norllifasi Ar- kansas-Snuthe:i<l Missouri lour- naniful lliere Usl yrar, w»nl In- 10 (lie IfSi) In I IK Trl-Sfale lourncy here IliU afternoon. DcwHt louitHl the nine hole, ftjura- GII his secmiit rouiii) today hi 3G strokes In lake a onf lip Ifatl intr nill pollard. al*j of (lie. local flnli, ulis- had showed Dip way In Die lour- n«y from the slail, turned hi a 3D. Tlie Til-Stale tmininincnt lillo Jighl npjicnred (o be n two-mnn affair with pinyers wearing tlio colors of the Blythovlllc country club ° llglulng It oul for the title here l(xlny ns the flnnl 36 holes of the 72 hole medal piny wns hclng I'wled of! under n relentless sun. Hill Pdlnrd, medalist, nnd W. A. ''Jimifi" Dowell. champion last year, were e;isy favorites to finish one.-Uvo In Hit event. Pollnrd added n par 37 on his first nine holes ttis niorntng lo a inedn) cnid of H7 yesterday and kept nne stroke nheail of Dowell. Dovvcll turned In n par 148 for 26 holes yesterday nnd toured the course In par this morning 10 conUnnc on Pollard's . heels. John Cnmilll of the niytlievil!e club and If. Alexander nf Sike.s- . ton nilded W.s thLi morning 10 cftrds of 152 yesterday and were 8 strokes' took of Pollnrd, hnrclly within .striking dlsinrce, Chasteen • Harris, former somh- ern ainateur ehninptnn, nf Memphis, withdrew from the tournament this morning after a •)() added to his card of 1SS yesieidaj had placed him fnv but of Hie nmnlng, 1! strokes linck nf Pollard. Results of thr n.nallfylnp round follow: Championship Bill Pollard, niylhcvllle., 37-37 36-37—H7; W. A. Dmvcll. Blythe vitle, 40-36-3G-36—H8; .lolin Call dill, Blytheville, :iO-39-38-39— ,.H. Alexander, Slkeston, 38-39-38 37—152; Howard Wllcoxon, Jones • bora, 37-38-40-33—153; O. Linns '.cku, ri9-37-41-3fr-in3; II. T. Gulp Poplar Bluff, 39-38-39-38—164 Mphn .I,c-nll, Blythpvltle, 40-3U-38 40—154; B. A. Lynch, Blytheville 43-38-37-37—155; Chasteen Harrl Memphis, 41-39-39-36—155; V. Salmori, Helena, 39-40-39-38—158 Fred Smith jr.. Dexter, Mo., 43 •33-39-36—157; Sonny Lee,- BikMtOi 3E-:l7-4«-aii-158:.^ Cleovge -Kir! Sike.stcn. 43-41-37-M-159; Ro •Wilson, Helena, 37-41-40-41—159 .Second Flight K. B. .Gee, Blythcvllle, 41-35-V it—162; A. S, Kelly, Helena. 4 .43-57-43-104; .lames Onard. 4 42-44-39-165: W. E. Hunter, Kei nell. -13.40-41-41— Ifi5; R, Stele Dexter. 44-39-40-42— 1C5; C. Blylheville. 46-38-11-41 — \IX; M. Sisler. IVxlcr, Mo., 3941-41-43^107; H. W. Halnej;, Rly- theville.-44-40-44-40-168; J. A. I^efh, Tilylhpvllle. 42-45-39-42— ]G8;' W. II. Parks, nijtesville. 4540-41-43-169; Bernard Oooch, Blythevlllc,.,4a-39-4e-44—111": J. W. Bnzlrk sr.', '.loneslxiro, 45-37-47-42 —111; John Waterman. Memphis, 44-41-46-40-171; Cecil Shane. Blytheville, 40-42-45-40—173; G. G. Cnudlll. Blythevillc." 47-39-43-42— 171. Third Ruth's big bat boomed lustily, and nwny nut tliciv ovti nvln Field wall In Detroit willed 111!: 700th olllclal homi: run nf career. Leonard Heals wns the lucky juy Mio recovered Hie lu:ll d ixisldei, Keltlnf Into with the upplc, he are shown nlx>ve. hit his 27th homer. Eentcn Marcitm v,erc the "^ Sclionlhny Fans Six As Ti COD; Cardinal:; fake Prw. Drlioil Tlie '.heir lead over ihc Nev.' Vanki.-e.s in lh<! Ariieilc-ini leaxue yi-MiTdiiy when Scliixilnny well In Ihe I'iffn, when Yanks ;oii ! n-:d The Oisnf, lirfcsteti lii; Cun- ivith Mel otl's sixth innir.j noa;. hi(- ir,c (irriuv? lilov.. Tl rtetct- mlrif.l s pitciiinj liuei l.nween nnd Srniimarhnr in fsvr.r .11 ihr- !f,n«--i Iliihwll ivis rallfa ni in finirh the fcai^f n v.T.i f:i'liiiniaiMir.|-'.. |3lh niiiriiph. ', I'll.- PiuMjiirgli r-irnlr-, anil .Tioo- i.'ii Br.ivc-Ji iHvidfrt two fsr,-,H5 st finsioii The Pirylrs won Dip .fir?t, •,'i.-, 0 r.nd ihf >:!•<* if-; ihf .sf.v.ri.'i i \f, d. Tin- Piilim-:, deifineii tlip'f.'in- .••nnriti nni-, (ta liip third Miaii:h, lull.- I'l fiiiililii-lplitli. Till: Ci'luT I'.Un 0- In 1. l-Jlll Ollhl^ K.n ll;V - By Iireii7,,j Ineieused YorK. Tin :it. l.oni', Uaiilliiiilh tlflYiit- e.l the ) J .i(,ik!>n Uixlbivs twice all Brooklyn Tlj-.- C:nd.-, won th<t.nriL I lor six Innings, mid Ihen i:' tu.u v,ILh Diw.y iiean slnililns [ Ihe )o)> oi/er lo l r 1r]Xi Mnr,-.(.iit ih'- Dwiyei-.s and holdinf them I ..... ,„ fi |nvari-siir:.=(l if- i.-,,,r hits Kenu'e n-ns on lije : li-ilii; end of ihe duel. Tr.c (!iirl:-i,,n v.(.rk.-ii il:. : - seeoitil taiuf- unit wfin. il i,, 3. Thi- IJrxli;- (•r;j uui fi hiis I., i; MI- ihe car- (iinai 1 ; U;i 'A-et'i- iiiuiljli- lo buiu;li lisnii. -Mr.!!!..', war. .the If.sini; hurl-1 ..•j. Tin' ilonblc delenl djii|)[!rd the' Ijcilni'iv, ID M-vi'iilh |ilui-i-. i Nrw Yorl: filiini.s ilr-fr-aud he Chlciiuo t'uhs by I'l.mtiy rmjii :elilnd 1,1x1 hirneil bad: I he threia [lie second place {'hlra^ouiis The 'I1|!err> Won over ihe ynnlis. In !(. finv.'e I'uiiiiril six Vini- r;es dining the half dO7.en hi- ilnus he woilrd. The Arkiuisusi gave n|> t) Ijlit kepi n well scattered. Murberry but 2 In the last three. In- Mnrpliy was the loslna >lteher Cloose Ooslln of. Ihe Tihit for Ihe circuit.'. ISR7.5UO.a57 licrroirol by fnnners In The Cleveland Indtanij r'threat- [thi- Carolina Federal Land Hank gel l"ck lino,-the |>en- liilslrlcl cfnrine tlie year eivliii'i- Use.! U. S. Funds lo Refinance Indebtedness COfjUMUIA. S. C. IUP)—Of the hy inking two WiiMilnt'loii " Senator*. was 10 lo I) in each Harry Gray son •ni'<! lo •(.ill race lorn the. Che .score ,':nne. "Dart News" thile. Cleveland baseman, hit for the cir- wllli Hie bu'.m Irmdeil In Ihe firsl innliu! .ol the sti-mul gumi 1 . nnd Avci'lll nr Hit Indians and ManiLsh or the Nals also hii the circuit. Elgin pitehei.s worked In Ihe first, tjanif: and ?\x in tlie .second. The St. Louis Drowns and llos- ion Red KOM lit St. Ijinis. divided tv, r o The Browns CHICACiO—They hnvc InuiB up le "No Clause. 1 ; 11 shingle for 111!! mnuer at the University of Wls- onsln, bill Ihal doesn'l spoil an iterc.siing .story. II has lo do '1th rowing on Luke Mendotu mom; the various sorority crews You see. the Madison Instl'.u- lon dropped out of the l:lg lime men's' sweep swinging, o nuances, bill iinlll Mike Mur- ihy'.s recent iMlgnallon from his lead coaching position Ihr-re \vns Ms. No fewer lhan 102 of the I'ul ones were organized Inlo 17 Iwsit loads by Murphy find Ralph Hum who was varsity coxswain for tw ,'ears. Murphy cud Hunn cooke tlm plan of n sornrtly elmm Jlonihlp. and sel ihe ilny ml T-ak Mendoln. There was much exclteinen Male sludent.s with no more in terest hi rowing than members of. Imld-pntpd row at tlis> nnrley- ene flacked lo the shore to see the cn-eris In ohbrevlaled costumes. The chls watched Murphy, who Is more 'lhan poising good looking, wllh evklent ticrmlrnlinu, he called lhi> boats Into line. The Badger beauties had tloed eameslly, and had stndi'jd ihe MXirt even lo Ihe point nf learning rowing slaiiR. Oo-eds Rill for Murphy Well, (hey finally, got the the .second, Q Lo 3, ullcr the Heil f,r>. Sox had I'l'iibbcd lite first. 12 to i t O.stermiicllw w:is Ihe wlimliu-1 Itcd Sox Inirlcr and ninrhnlilr-:- Ihe '.vinnhi!! in-own piu-her. ' The Chicago While Sox dropped! Ura games .to .Ihe Philadelphia Athletics in Chicago. The suon-.s, v.vre H lo 7 and 10 lo R. John-1 Jinic 1, Kt'.S per cent was used l.i lelliiflnce their imlebledntss,; the Kami Credll Admlnliitrnilon' ha.s iiiinounced. Tills district In-; rlittles Norlh Cnrollna. South Car- , nlinii. Ci'orsia and Florida. Tlii- ivinalnliiB i'J.GI7.i:il was M?cd for ])in-ch.isinB land and L-oulfuiSciit. coiuslrucliny or hn- prtivlny bulidln^s. general ftgri-' cultural iiws. Incliullng Ihe provt-i >:i.'ji of capital, ied?iiii)Llon or pur-I ;-3ia\f ot' hnul previously fore-' ilc : sc<l, pnichnse of stock in no.- '. l:on:il farm inan associations,loan Helen i Smokies Twice As Chicks Win One; Tvav- ; Tni> K:iihUlir Vnls dffestf.'i ili? ! idi,-.iviiir :->i;-inl:ies iwiee (o lake iitif-.leiui ii) ilip second half raee 'ill ihe Southern Apodal ion yp.s- trH'Liy. Tlie Memjihi-: Chicks won niii- stun? bill liilli-il lo keep the 'liist hulf winners hr,m Jumpiiv? into ilu< i:-:ni. i Tin- Vr.'. f , tU-fcr.ied tlir- Knox- 1 illle Rniokir-s 1 In 4 and 10 to'2. The ViiK iiciiinic-d 0111 Li hils. in- clndln!: !>!:< lirjinf- rum. hi the priir o! t'ainfs. Gabkr and P.jif-rce -,iri<- ilif winning pld-iiets. %-,-,ti .•HI! BI.HIi.-.]i v.-frc- ihe lo.-!Fr.s. The Nf-w Orleans H«) ffiinifs from Ihe l.iule fl(»-k Ti'i.v'eJejS lo go into liiird place in Hie Sf.iuhern lOmso. The Pels v/oii. ^ 10 2 :unl II to 3. .l.-ilinson land Miliuir were Ihe \iiii!ihiK j.-Uchers. H w:is Johnson 1 .-, IHh victory. . Tlie Memphis Chicks defeated .tlie Hurons 7 to 2 at lilnninj!- linm. Boward nnd Kelley combiii- -cd to pitch the ivliinlne fame. Tu- K Unions inudc live enois, all hclii- •:ul lo tile Memphis cause. Tlie Clmllnnoo^n Lookouts wr.n the flrsl yanic o> « twin bill irom the Atlnnla Crackers, 8 lo G. They ', lied the icuoml. X-3 in einiu in- t uinas. Petlll wns Ihe winiiinr •lu-r and Cohen and LlnnVy liiirlf-il Ihe .second goinn draw. TtlAT, f IW5T BA.56MEM OF il SOFf BM.L IM ST. L£> 116 IS PRESlDENr OF ..... SlSLER ,181 itsfisiil slars |X'r:.,m with IT CO&S A»T DfMAMO MAJC-K Lg Tin 1 Buddhist, mnnfcs of Ttlx>t! Arlyoua (onlains the nnvsl ex-! now are nslnr; electric praying : tensive pine forests In the United j wheels. •' States, Forget s Agency General Insurance 'I 7SJ Q 8 Last Time Today Mat. :»:SO, 10-2ftc Nile 7: IS. lfl-r(5c M ARI ON V DAVIE OARY G. D. Miles. Kenneil, 44-4S-42- 41—173; f!ene Miles, Kcnnelt, 4742-40-44-173; j. o. Barnes. Bly- lheville. 46-45-43-41—115-. Frank Whltworth. Blytheville. 42-42-4346—173; Jell Roland. Blylhevllle, 40-47-38-48—173: Floyd Acton, Bly- lheville. 47-43-42-41—173; A. O. ReHher. Balesvtlle. 43-44-43-44— 174; J. W. Bit?:tcl; Jr., Jonesboro 47-44-44-41—17U; Tom Florida Blyihevllle. 47-45-42-42-116; R. K Crockett. Blytheville, 39-47-43-47— race over wlih. IVlIn defeated Oaiuriia In a . wildly splashing scrap. The Alpha Clamma Dellii-s vvera mil. for a rlolotis celebra- .Ion, sn ihey marked their .vlc- oi-y wllh purchases nf "foildler Boys." A reporter asked TXirls Bnrdlck. cnplaln' and stroke of the winning crew, whether "Soldier Boys" were whisky or Bin drinks. H turned out (hut they were ice cream concoctions. Rowing's iKipularlly among the young women of Wisconsin coulil be Iraced lo a nmnlier of factors, but cynica,! mules inslsl ihe chief reason, was Murphy. Alpha Onmiiu' 7,ell Ealon of Oklahoma City. Kappa Knpp.i metlalLst, celebrnleil his tlrlh- "Mike nlways was the |iop- | Sandy nidge ular coach on llio campus," saltl day yesterday by winning l!'« Western Amateur u"'' chulnplnn- ahlp at OHalminn City. Bardstown Wins Over Sandy Ridge, 7 to 1 nnrclsiown defeated Sandy Ridge in a gnme nt Bardstown yester- tiny. Tlie score \vns 7 lo 1 Snndersnn hurled for nanlstmvn r.nd held the iildgers tn .sis tills. BlNlsoc pllchcd lor Randy nidr;c. j The um .vor Trrt Healy The 4 Mills ftr.ithe t'nrnmniml News Oiu (lang t'onioily Tuesday • Weds. BAFFISNG MURDER 1 MYSTERY! one, "bill now he ranfcs wilh tlie movie stars with lhc .sororities." Noi J>Tnelie«lly Illliipcrccl Murphy, who al 15(1 pounds wilh Washington on a .Inn: 1 ai 1 - ternoon In 19M. reumlns the lUjht- Ab 4 4 II 4 4 .. stroke who evc-r i-ois-ed in Ihc •;„ Brnnwn - Blylheville, historic Poughkeepsic Itcgalla. re-: • <6 7: 178: Fred Taylor, Bly- £c d to comment on his vogue ith sororities, bin. readily dis- isscd rowing for women. "Girls learn much faster than «-44 thevllle. 46-45-47-42—180; James Driver. Blylheville. 48-41-49-43— 181; Farmer England, Blylheville. 48-42-43-41-180; E. B. David. Bly- tllertllc. 47-47-42-44—180: W. M. Erenner. 48-52-54-48—202: M. Galloway. Blytheville, 43-48-44-44— 119: Doyle Henderson. Blythfcvllie, SD-43-45-44—182; Bill Barnett. Bly- thevllle. 48-47-4G-46-183; O O Hutibard. Blylheville. 46-44-44-50 -184; C. W. AfTllck. Blythcvllle 45-48-16-45-184: W. L. Landers ss hey ".^,,.^48-41-45-44—184; G. Skier, Dexler, 48-44-49-44-185; C. A Cunningham, Blylhevllle. 48-40-4B «-lSO; J. Bell, Blytheville. 02-5! 47-43-193; E. A. Baldwin, Ken r.ett, 47-44-49-47-1W; C. H. Ber 'In. Blylhe\1lle, 50-40-43-41-180 C. M. Buck, Blytheville, «-42-4l «-173; R. P. Kirshner. Bly Ihe vlllc, 42-41-45-46-173. Bull fighting was originally «s UWfclwd In Sptln to increase proficiency In the handling of arms in war. en. They develop smoothness In time, never although, naturally. Campbell lb (ret as 'much power.' M'Clcndnn ss Vnung If Barnes cf Vance ~\t Haney ;lh Otilnes Ih Williams i- Olson ss M. Claines niedstv p Totals . Bardstown Carey ef Mannlne 3b 5 31 Ab . 4 really was Impressed with their )irit. They".like : to row for the ame reasons ihal men do. H's rand iport and" Murpliy was iiskert if he moil- l.iL'k rf Mustek If ,• Rui-ck If ',. Crow 2b . :M..--.»lls c rated his language \vhcn instruct- |Sanderson ng the women oft<-r n session I WANTED: STENOGRAPHER-TYPIST wi knonledep of bcok-tccping; must have al leasi one yeai«5 experhno; references. Write age, previous work*,, salary evpected. vlth Ihe masculine crews. What lid he say when one of Ihe girls stopped to powder her nose? "Strange as 11 may seem, oarswomen are not cosmeilcally handl- ToUils M 7 12 Yehudi Menuhln. youthful concert violinist, cannot remember when he did 1101 play Ihe violin. capped." replied the coach, "and I ilc made his first apiwarance as I never curse. Why if a coach i a 50lols t with Ihe Run Fmnctcn aver cursed al me. rd tell him "'~"~*' ' to go lo—" And Murphy turned to bawl the dickens out of a bunch of oars- At Columbia, Mo., In 1901, Uie t«eiprntut«. TCtkt«red 100 degrees or higher every diy for 34 coil- McuUve dayi. Reindeer have contributed to the support of man In one country or uwt her for about 30,000 start. . . . . men -who had disobeyed Instruction]. The girls rowed half a mile In clinker , boals, which are sltghlly heavier thin shells. Just what U going lo happen to Wisconsin's rowing with Mike Murphy gofte is not clear. But i it's certain thit. lo teep ihc | femmejs turning out, Ihe depart-1 input of nthlellcs .will have to' land a coach as handsome. May-1 be U cm get Clark Gable for Ihe' Job! Symphony.! Orche.Mra at Ihe age of 5. . ;:. The expensive armored nutomo- bile ot the Marlon locked in a strong not in use. Ind., police is garage when Read Courier News Want Ads. EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Philip* Motor Co. Bj Htraoe WaktRtU PITTS mm MARY BRIAN NED SPARKS LEW CODY Paramount News Comedy—"How Do You Lik Tliat?" wilh Gco. (iivol nr Clus. Jmlek thi type of business man who takes pride in your organization; Naturally/you want your employees to be worthy reflections of^the high standards;you^maintain. When you need new workers^appeal to"your^applicantsltriroushTaimedium;which reaches^the^finestlclass'of readers., We pride-.ourselves on the satisfactory response with _whicH^our;advertisers' classified ads are met .>. and the mutual benifit derived by employeryand employee our columns.

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